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  • lisovapisnya
    28.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    acrylic on paper, 21x29 cm

    #sunmi#sunmi fanart#sunmi art#acrylic#acrylart#acrylpainting#acrylic painting#sunmiedit#femaleidolsedit#my art #posting my old works because i haven’t touched my brushes and paint for weeks #I mean…. why not #also idk if it’s ok to tag any kpop blogs that usually post gifs and edits #ehhh I’ll just let it be
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  • wixful
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one by BILLIE

    for @hotgirlmingyu
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  • popsuga
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    => When They Miss You - SKZ

    Pairing: stray kids x gn!reader
    Genre: fluff
    Summary: how stray kids would act when they haven't seen you in a while and miss you.
    Warnings: none!


    He finds himself getting more and more easily frustrated when he misses you. He'll work harder and faster than usual in the hopes that he'll get to spend more time with you, if not physically then on the phone. He really hates being away from you for extended periods of time because his motivation goes to rock bottom. The only thing that gets him to actually do anything is the idea that if he works hard he can see you again. He always rewards himself when he finishes part of his work by allowing himself 10 minutes to text you and suddenly he's all bright and cheery again.

    Lee Know

    He doesn't want to outright tell you that he misses you but you can always tell. His messages describing his daily activities become more frequent and often times the other members have mentioned to you that he's been extra whiney and has complained to them about not seeing you. They always try and give him some extra free time because he never fails to be extremely annoying and they don't want to deal with a grumpy whiny Minho. When you see each other again he'll make sure to give you a kiss which last a few seconds longer than normal so you know that he's felt like he's been missing out.


    He doesn't like to feel like he's wasting time so if he's got a few hours until he can see you then he'll find some way to make himself busy. He doesn't want to think about how much he misses you so he'll go to the gym or work with Chan in the studio so he feels like he's earned your time. When he sees you he can't help but pull you in tightly for a hug and you can count on him being slightly mussed and sweaty from the hard work he's been doing. He likes to make himself feel like he's been productive enough to deserve your time which is stupid because in your eyes he always does.


    He'll just send you gifts? You'll just be getting ready to go out to buy groceries and you'll hear the doorbell ring and there'll be a guy with your favourite desert in a little bag from the bakery Hyunjin knows you love. Especially when he's on tour without you Hyunjin can't stan to think that you're not getting spoiled. They'll always have a little personalised message too. He writes the message down on a piece of paper and then sends it to the shop so they can print it off so you still can see his handwriting and coo at how in love he is.


    Jisung is literally that 'what would happen if you just... called Taylor up?' because he will just call you. He'll just tell the boys that he needs a water break and goes into the hall and dials your number. And who are you to not pick up? He always gets scolded when he gets back because his quick ten minute break from learning choreo has turned into a half hour long phone call giggling away in the corridor. He's not ashamed to tell you that he misses you and can't wait to see you again and without fail he ends the call with an "I love you."


    Felix literally feels all his energy drained when he misses you. Like he's usually this big ball of sunshine and suddenly he's curled up on the sofa mumbling about how he misses his y/n. He mopes around like you're his sun and he feels lost without you. As soon as he sees you he perks right up. You could surprise him after a few days of being away by bringing him lunch at the JYP building and he's grinning within minutes clinging to you like his life depends on it because who needs food when you're giving him all the energy he could ever want.


    Similarly to Chan and Changbin, Seungmin will just go about his day and try and get things done. He'll obviously be itching to see you again so he can splay himself across your couch whilst you stroke his hair but on the whole he's quite restrained at leaving and getting distracted by it. A text at lunch and one when he's leaving is enough to satisfy him because it means when he finally does see you he can enjoy your time together fully without having to change his mood too much.


    He has an extensive gallery full of photos of the two of you which he likes to look at when he begins to miss you. He gets all that's my s/o and forgets about how much he misses you because he's so happy to be looking at you. Man is too cute for his own good and when he runs out of his own photos of you he'll resort to your Instagram and isn't ashamed to go several years deep into it. It only gives you an excuse to message him when you have a spare five minutes when you see that he's 'accidentally' liked a photo from 2017.

    Taglist: @dreamescapeswriting @sparkyprotectionsquad @bang-me-chan

    #stray kids x reader #chan x reader #lee know x reader #hyunjin x reader #felix x reader #jeongin x reader #seungmin x reader #jisung x reader #changbin x reader #han x reader #minho x reader #skz x reader #i.n x reader #kpop#skz fluff #stray kids imagines #tags #im bad at thinking of tags
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  • calsforjen
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • 224-12
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    It's my 4 year anniversary with these guys~

    #pentagon#uninet #idk if I'm allowed to tag uninet on this lol #kjournal#kpop journal#ezra posts
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  • minaripenguins
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    kep1er💞 gif by me

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  • kulfigf
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I'm a k-pop enjoyer it has to be said like no other genre gives me this much serotonin

    #and Pose is a CLASSIC kpop song SO GOOD #loona#f #oh and mute the loona tag if you'd like because im about to be very annoying
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  • calsforjen
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago
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  • mappingway
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    must be embarrassing to have 2 songs to your name and have to perform a cover instead of your own material in a “fans pick my stage” round

    #yikes! #f: kpop #if kep1er wins. mnet rigged it #- insert long tag again abt having nothing against the ppl in kep1er and 100% something against mnet using them in ANOTHER competition show #IMMEDIATELY after they JUST GOT OFF a competition show and how unfair that is and smells of rigging -
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  • seunguwoos
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Dreamy - Wooseok

    A/n: Not my best. I'm so sorry. Did I proofread? I don't know. I'm so sorry pt. 2.

    - Requested -

    You were kneeling on his bed, his soft blanket pressing against your knees. His grip tightened on your throat, waiting for your response. You knew he wanted an answer, but you couldn't find the words.

    "You know nobody fucks you better than I do." He smirked down at you. "How could you think he'd compare?" He shook his head with a tsk as he let go, a small whine coming from you.

    "See? I already have you wrapped around my finger." He scoffed. "How pathetic."

    You felt the blood rush to your cheeks, but you didn't mind. He liked seeing you like this.

    "What should I do with you, hm?" He thought out loud, his head tilting to mock you.

    He turned and pondered on the thought, too many ideas running through his mind to pick a single one. Until it hit him. Maybe he shouldn't do anything at all. Why would he? You didn't deserve it.

    But you were sitting pretty on his bed. He could let it slide, right?

    He turned back towards you, a small smile forming as he took in all of you. He was surprised you even showed up but he would never let you know that.

    But he was going to let you know that your decision to leave was something to regret. Not that you didn't already know that.

    "What's the point in giving you what you want? Who's to say you're not going to run back to him?"

    Part of him didn't care that much given how you came back anyway, but the other part of him was genuinely hurt. He didn't want to see you with someone else. He didn't even like the thought of it.

    "I won't." You shook your head. "I'll stay. I'll never think about anyone else again."

    He smirked and licked his lips. You always knew what to say.

    "You're always such a good girl for me." He smiled down at you, his hand softly caressing your cheek. His thumb resting over your lips, a silent signal for you to suck on it. Once your lips parted and wrapped around it, he hummed. "Are you this good for him?"

    This time he didn't want an answer. His thumb pressing down onto your tongue to open your mouth. The jealous part of him was always like this, but you weren't complaining.

    "I don't doubt it." He scoffed as he held your mouth open. "You're always eager to please."

    You wanted to tell him he was wrong. That you're only a good girl for him. That you were stupid for thinking someone could replace him because of course the one person you find ends up being the tamest motherfucker you've ever met.

    But you couldn't.

    Not only because of his thumb, but all the words were stuck in your throat. Even if you could, you didn't know the order to say them, or if he even cared to hear it. It would just give him more to hold against you.

    His thumb slipped out of your mouth and dragged down below your chin, lifting it slightly.

    "Say it." He looked down at you.

    You played dumb, giving him your best innocent eyes in hopes he'd let it slide.

    "You forget that I know you." He scoffed with a smirk. "The look on your face says it all." His hand traveled down to your neck, wrapping itself around, but not squeezing.

    You tensed at the touch, your breath hitching as you waited for the grip.

    "Say it." He repeated. "And I'll give you what you want."

    You swallowed hard at the promise. He knew you wouldn't be here if you had successfully replaced him.

    "I-" You licked your lips, swallowing again as his eyes stayed on yours. "I need you."

    He pressed slightly, forcing a frustrated whine out of you.

    "We both know you can do better than that, baby."

    "I need you, please," You whined. "I was stupid. I never should have left that day." You continued. "I thought I wanted something more than sex but once I found it, it wasn't good enough." You let out another frustrated sigh. "He's nothing compared to you." Your eyes took up the begging part, needy tears glossing over them.

    His grip tightens a little more.

    "I just really need you." You whimpered, wanting nothing more than for him to push you back and give you something, anything. Even if he was just teasing. You'd put up with teasing all night if it meant he'd finally touch you.

    "And why should I?" He raised a brow, pushing you back by your neck and holding you there. "How could I take something that's not mine?"

    "I'm yours." You breathed out. "All yours."

    There was no hesitation to your response, and you meant every word.

    "Mine?" He scoffed as he tightened his grip again. This time for him. "But you let someone else touch you?" He tightened it again. His voice coming out deeper as his emotions got the best of him. "Let someone else fuck you?" His grip had fully tightened. "I bet you let him taste you, too, huh?" His lip twitched as the words came out, almost as if that was the worst part.

    You wanted to shake your head, but his hold was too strong.

    "No." You breathed out. "He's only touched me." You closed your eyes. "But nothing compared to you."

    The corner of his lips curved into a smile.

    "Then I guess I should give you what you want."

    You let out a small breath of relief as he pulled you back towards him, smashing his lips to yours.

    The kiss was everything you'd been wanting. It was rough, but passionate. His hands wrapped around your face as he leaned over you, the pressure pushing you back onto the bed while he climbed over you.

    You sighed into the kiss as his hand trailed down to your waist, lightly teasing before going back up. You wanted to complain about it, but you let it go, not wanting to distract him.

    He moved his lips down your neck, pressing light kisses down your chest and towards your hips, smirking when you squirmed.

    "Watch me, baby." He whispered teasingly as his hands pushed your thighs apart. "I want you to see how much better I am than him."

    The tone held a hint of jealousy, but it only made you more needy. The closer he got to you, the more anxious you got until his breath was hitting you lightly.


    "What's wrong?" Kevin asked, as he woke you up, his voice full of concern. "You're covered in sweat."

    "I-" You stop yourself to breathe, reality finally hitting you as you take in your surroundings.

    Kevin's room.

    Not Wooseok's.

    "It was just a-" You sigh and offer him a small smile in hopes to reassure him.

    "Just a dream."

    #wooseok imagines#wooseok scenarios#wooseok smut#kim wooseok #kim wooseok imagines #kim wooseok scenarios #kim wooseok smut #up10tion#up10tion imagines#up10tion scenarios#up10tion smut#x1#x1 imagines#x1 scenarios#x1 smut #i'll never give up x1 #you'll have to pry the tag from my cold dead hands #kpop#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop smut#mine
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  • minaripenguins
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    made by me :))) reblog and give creds!!

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  • calsforjen
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago
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  • minaripenguins
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    i have no idea who made these but they are soooo good!!💞 found it on pinterest :)

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