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    𝘁𝗵𝘃 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦𝘥: 𝖾𝗑𝗉𝗅𝗈𝗋𝖾 𝗆𝗎𝗌𝖾𝗎𝗆𝗌 𝗐𝗂𝗍𝗁 𝗆𝖾? 🎨

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    Taehyung Fics by AU

    Lists by AU:

    Boss / Coworkers

    Brother's Best Friend / Best Friend's Brother

    Childhood / Old Friends to Lovers

    Enemies / Rivals to Lovers


    Fake Dating

    Friends to Lovers: [# - I] [J - Z]

    Friends with Benefits


    Strangers to Lovers

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    >↳ 11/∞

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    Currently so soft for Taehyun, he just seems like the sweetest. Like at first it’s hard to get close, but he will adore you and protect you at all cost once you are. I just love him sm 🥹

    i feel u on this anon… soft bf taehyun on my mind 24/7 ㅠㅠ and i totally agree! i think he would be a little closed off when you’re trying to get to know him, but once you crack him he’ll be the most caring and loving person you know

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    I've never sent a request to anybody before, but if you have time and energy mayybe you could write a drabble for plm couple with their cute and sweet date, withouth arguing only sweet talk. Just cute and fluff.

    — the one where taehyung and oc are lovebugs 🖊

    // series m.list

    tags: @awseokjin @finelinememories @yoongimentita7 @notlivingsstuff @kakixaku @4ksj @marilo11 @vantxx95 @i44nishi @ohoratoint-blog @wrmnssoul @lovelysmp @samanthalovesihop @vizgo @spinstersisters @gotbangtanlads @joonsjuice @rkive994 @artsxpe @jihoontime @halesandy @lmfaos-things @clementineangels @livorna

    wc: idk! jus enj 🫠

    warnings: oc gives taehyung a handjob/blowjob nd he records it :p ,, dirty talk ,, taehyung calls oc a c0ckslüt 🥵 fluff ,, family time <3 ,, oc and taehyung r giving no EFFS abt anyone and anything but for each other nd it is SOOO swag of them !!!! 

    note: i had to reread this like 3 times to make sure i wasn’t leaving any angst crumbs >< i swear... there may be a slight undertone of it, jus ROLL WITH IT OK? i rlly can't let these two jus be cute in peace lmao. but in my defense,, it’s not in their nature to be sweet without a side of goofy/sexy time HAWUAHA. i wanted to break this into 2 parts but ,, eh. while i’ve got u guys here ,, eat it up ig hahahaa n e ways,, enj cuz i luv dem <33

    “Is this your boyfriend?” your nail technician asks, stretching her neck to get a good look at the tall man who enters the salon awfully confused. He looks around before tilting his head at the sight of your figure.

    You turn your head, eyes meeting with Taehyung who is dressed rather casually. Well, to be fair, you two were only meeting to run errands together. Tomorrow would be a better day to expect a better outfit from him. Today, he looks like he’s probably someone’s boyfriend—

    Today, he looks like yours. 

    “Sometimes,” you answer her, giggling as you feel Taehyung’s arms wrap around your waist. He presses a greeting kiss on the top of your head. He mumbles a sweet hello and it has your heart melting as usual. “You’re early,” you tell him with a soft tone, “give me a minute. Just gonna pay, okay?”

    “Okay. Let me see?” he hums, taking his phone out for his other hand to hold. You raise your hand and show him your brand new nails, placing them on his free hand. They’re quite simple in all honesty. “Both of them, dummy,” he insists. Slightly confused, yet touched that he seemed to care, you place both of your hands onto his palm. Suddenly, he closes his hands and grips yours away. He hovers his phone over the reader and pays for your translation along with a generous tip.

    “Why did you do that!” you whine, “I can pay for my own nails.”

    “Hmm? I never said you couldn’t pay for your own nails.”

    “Listen here, dummy, you paying for them right now indicates otherwise—”

    Taehyung cuts you off, smiling at your nail tech. “Please put her future transitions under this card.”

    Your nail tech laughs, nodding and returning an agreeing wink to Taehyung. You glare at him, annoyed he’s doing this. You beg her to not listen to him and he shrugs with a content smile on his face, ultimately knowing whose side your nail tech will take. You feel betrayed.

    “Girl, I’ll pay cash next time and—”

    Taehyung squeezes your hand and begins to drag you away from the payment counter and towards the doors. He cheekily waves goodbye to the staff as you huff in defeat. They all chime in bidding their goodbye to you and your handsome sometimes boyfriend.

    It’s really no big deal.

    You rarely get your nails done anyway and if anything, you can easily persuade them to take his card out of the system. Though, you can not deny how his actions make you feel fuzzy and light inside. He is so kind to you. The way that getting your nails done doesn’t benefit him at all, yet he insists and initiates gestures like these. He’s thoughtful and is so without much effort. 

    How could you not fall for him? The more time you two spend together, the more you get to know his gentle character and all the more you want to keep him for forever. Not only does he display what it’s like to be loved by him, but he also inspires you to love him well. It’s so motivating and liberating to love a good man.

    Evidently, forever is what you dream of when you’re with him and even when you two are a part. Little do you know, it’s exactly what he wishes upon the stars for too.  

    At his car, he opens the door for you. You climb in, placing your purse on your lap as he gets himself settled in. Starting the engine, you two fall into your routine. You begin playing your playlist and he begins the drive towards the mall.

    “You know when I asked you to pick me up from my nail appointment, I didn’t mean for you to come in and pay,” you nag, “but thank you. I’m sure they’ll look good wrapped around your—”

    “Watch that pretty mouth of yours,” he laughs, “I might just hold you onto that.”

    “Please do,” you gush. Taehyung places his hand on your thigh and you continue the conversation from then on. Talking about what to get for your cousin’s son’s 6th birthday and which aunties and uncles he should avoid spending more than 10 minutes with for tomorrow’s event. It’s a little funny how you weren’t the one who invited him too. Your mother took initiative and practically left Taehyung no choice but to accept the invitation.

    It’s another reason why he warms your heart—glowing to the fullest and falling for him at the most steady pace, every day spent with him felt more and more like perfection. He is so kind to your family and regardless if your mother pressed for him to attend family gatherings, you know damn well he would have shown up just from your mention. He does this because he knows you’d do the same for him. He does this because he wants to get to know your world. He does this because he wants to love everyone you love. He does this because he loves you. He shows up. He makes the effort. He chooses you over and over again. As do you.

    After your successful gift searching and house errand shopping together, you two stop for food and he pitches the idea of unwinding before heading home. It’s been a long day of dragging him around the mall and decision making. Though you two would see each other tomorrow, time together right now was different. Taehyung takes you two to a nearby lookout. It overlooks the busy highways and twinkling city lights. After a busy day, it’s nice to sit in each other’s calm company and watch the hectic world before you.

    In the midst of chaos, there were you two.

    “You think if I was a bug, you’d still love me?” you ask him, cutting the silence between you two. You two are sitting in his car, cleaning up all the food you two consumed. He takes the bag and puts it in the backseat.

    He chuckles, nudging you, “I don’t like you that much as a human…”

    You scoff. 

    “So I don’t know. Maybe? Depends on the bug you’ll be.” Taehyung finishes.

    “I’ll be a lovebug,” you rave, batting your eyelashes at him. He smiles at you lovingly, unable to resist your cuteness. God, when did he ever blush this easily?

    “Oh, then definitely. Yeah,” Taehyung agrees, pulling you close. You snuggle into his embrace as he places his chin on the top of your head. “I’d still love you even if you turned into a bug.”

    “No, not that I turned into bug.. It’s that I am a bug from the beginning—”

    “I would love you in every lifetime. As bugs, as humans—even as boats passing through the night sea,” he insists, cupping your face. “Actually.. Maybe I’d love you a little less if you were a cockroach but you get it.”

    Amused by his answer, you nod and purse your lips at him. He’s always had his own way of being sweet. His silliness always seemed to match yours. See, as good as you two are at bantering, you two are just as good with complimenting each other's energy. Maybe it’s a soulmate thing. Though it may not be either his or your first life; surely, you two are each other’s first loves in every lifetime. Even as a bug—even as a cockroach—in every universe, you know deep down that love would look like him.

    “Speaking of cocks…”

    “Is that all I am to you?” he smiles pulling away from you. He reclines his seat and wiggles to his comfortability. You lean over, hands already on top of his crotch area. He smirks at you as you unbutton his pants and pull his zipper down. “Cockslut?”

    “Mhmm,” you agree, sliding your hand down his underwear and meeting his flesh. There, you gently rub his head while looking up at him. You bite your bottom lip, liking the way he was beginning to lose his mind over your small course of action.

    Taehyung shivers at your touch. Your hands have always been so nice to hold—having them wrapped around his length is a whole other satisfying and glorifying feeling. With your other hand, you tug down his underwear down and bring out him out. He instantly groans at the way you look at his length. 

    With heart eyes, you quickly tilt your head at him and smile innocently before accumulating your saliva. Without breaking eye contact, you spit on his cock, letting it string down. He watches and gulps, fighting every part of him that wants to grip the back of your neck with his hands and shove your pretty mouth to his cock. You can sense the tension and it makes you feel empowered.

    You love having him like this. Challenging himself to behave around you when you’re doing everything to drive him mad. It’s overstimulating sometimes but it’s exactly how you two liked it. 

    A few months ago, he had pitched the idea of pausing sex between you two. Kissing was the only thing allowed for a while since it’s all you two really wanted to do for a while for the sole purpose of catching up and backtrack to a purer version of intimacy.. But, obviously it wasn’t working out too well. The kisses often got heated and your hands would go places it should not have. 

    So the revisions were made. No sex, but fooling around were definitely still in play. Though you two are friends and slow lovers; you two have already tasted and had each other. It’s difficult to give that up when you’re in love with one another.

    You begin to pump his cock in a slow and sure pace. He throws his head back, unable to stop himself from moaning your name. It pleases you quite well. 

    “___, oh my god.”

    “Feel good?” you ask lewdly, “I wish this was my pussy.”

    “I wish it was too.” 

    “Do you miss me? Having me like that? Because I miss this fat cock inside me. I miss it so much. Filling me up and fucking me until I couldn’t breathe—”

    Taehyung inhales sharply. “Shut up,”


    “I’m going to fucking bust a nut if you keep saying shit like that and, nghh—that! God, keep doing that..” Taehyung pleads, completely losing his mind as you grip tighter around him and move faster. Near his tip, you slowly run your thumb across it. It makes him squirm. You spit on it again, watching small squirts of his precum accumulate. 

    “Taehyung,” you whisper. “I want you so bad.”

    He sighs loudly, shifting his position. He takes out his phone from his pocket and taps on his camera. Pressing record, he then grabs the back of your neck. You smile in response, gasping at his quick response. 

    “Open,” he commands. You do as he says and open your mouth. Then, he pushes you down and instantly you gag as the tip of his cock reaches the back of your throat. You inhale through your nose and moan as he places his other hand on your hair, gripping it and making you bob your head up and down to his liking. 

    “Wanna be used by me so bad, huh? Aren’t you so fucking slutty for me, ___? Why is that?” he cries, pulling you away with a popping sound to face him. With teary eyes from the sucking and literal beginning of a throat fucking, you nod at him obediently. 

    “I love you.”

    He grins cockily before bringing you back down. There, you suck as much as you can as he guides your head bobs. Suddenly, he keeps you still and lifts himself to fuck your throat. He pushes himself in and out and all you can do is enjoy how fucking blissful it is to be this close with him. How he feels against your tongue and how it makes him feel. His eyes are almost always closed because he swears if he looks at you for more than a second; he will cumbust. 

    He makes the mistake of taking a breather and opening his eyes. He sees tears rolling down your face from the friction and pace, and feels nothing but pure happiness. It’s when your eyes smile at him that he gives in. He spills himself, filling your mouth all milky and sweet. You swallow.

    “Arghh,” Taehyung pants, “I love you.”

    “Mhmm, I love you.”

    He lets go of you and relaxes. You lift your head, wiping your lips with the back of your hand. You grab his phone from him show the camera his cock soften. You stroke it a couple of times before giggling and stopping the recording. You shove his phone to his chest and can’t help but laugh at the way he is still trying to catch his breath. Again, his eyes are closed from the euphoria. When he opens them after a few moments, you two share a look before a laugh.

    “You gonna jerk off to that video later?” you tease him.

    He shrugs, “so what if I do?”

    “Kinda hot.” 

    He chuckles, rolling his eyes at you. “You tease me as if you don’t ask for dick pics to fuck yourself to with a pillow!”

    “Didn’t you ask me which pillow and if you could take it home last time you came over?” you bite back. 

    “Kinda hot,” he repeats, leaning in to kiss your cheek. “Let’s get you home, my pretty girl,” he announces, sitting up and readjusting his seat. He tucks himself back in and buttons up his pants as you put on your seatbelt and go through your playlist. 

    Out of no where, you can’t help but let out a small laugh. It’s a little funny to you, really. Hearing him say such a thing as if he doesn’t already know the obvious. Unless he is that oblivious—he should know that wherever he was; you already were home.

    “What’s so funny?”

    “Nothing,” you snort. “You’re just dumb.”

    Taehyung parks in front of your home twenty minutes later. You aren’t sure why but the air always seemed to grow heavy whenever your nights together come to an end. Again, you both know you’d see each other tomorrow.. Yet, it still aches to part ways. Calling and texting once you are both settled at home is a different feeling. Good and comforting, but it would never suffice until you two would reunite in the morning.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow,” you tease, patting between his thighs, eyes darted at his crotch. “I’ll miss you soooo much—“

    Taehyung cups your chin, making you look up at him. 

    “Ha ha, very funny,” he rolls his eyes, “get out.”

    You lean in, pressing a kiss on his cheek. “Goodnight, love.”

    “Goodnight, my love,” he murmurs, letting you go for a split second. As you pull away and open the car door, he tugs you back to him. Then, he places a kiss on your lips, and your mouth curves into a smile.

    Parting from him for a few hours is only tolerable because of moments like these between you two. That, though you know you’d see each other when the morning comes; he’d love you all the ways he can while he could. Then, again tomorrow and the days after. Loving him feels endless.

    Loving him is timeless.

    Taehyung is late. 

    After sleeping in and casually sending each other random memes, it still felt like being a part from him is a near death experience. The hours without him always felt too long and even if you spent the entire day with him yesterday, it went by too fast. Having him around for company is always fun, but you often yearn for more of him romantically. You need more of him in that sense.

    When he finally arrives at your cousin’s house, the first thing you do is take his hand and pull him away from all your suffocating family members. You need him close. You want him close. 

    “You haven’t eaten yet, right? I saved you a plate.” You say, guiding him to your table. There, he sits on the chair and you sit on his lap. His eyes widen when you do so and his cheeks even blush pink. 

    “So clingy today, ___. Miss me much?” he teases you, pinching your cheeks. You rest your head on his shoulder and sigh. 

    “Yeah,” you whine. “You were late too.”

    “I was early yesterday,” he defends himself. You pout, giving him an upset look. He pouts right back at you and fixes your hair. You hold onto his wrists and stop him. 

    Shyly, you ask, “well, did you miss me too?”

    He shakes his head.

    You huff and drop your hands. Getting up from his lap, he finds your wrist instead and pulls you back down. 

    “So baby today, ___.” To that, you cross your arms and turn your cheek from him.

    “Well, you were late today and you don’t miss me so—”

    “I’m here,” he laughs, pressing his lips against your shoulder. “I missed you too.”

     “Okay, whatever. Shut up and just eat before I shove the food into your mouth.”

    “Oh!” Taehyung humours you, “you know what I had shoved—”


    “Oh my god, I even have a video—“

    You take his fork and twirl the pasta on before shoving it into his mouth. With his mouth full, he shuts up and smiles at you cutely. You roll your eyes. 

    God, you’re in love with such a pain in the ass.

    When nighttime falls, all the children are put to sleep or in the play room while the adults move their party to the backyard. After a hectic day of eating cake and begging Taehyung for countless piggy back rides, your nieces and nephews finally left him alone.

    With string lights floating across the yard, soft music plays in the background as the adults are all laughing and chitchatting to themselves. Taehyung has made a full circle with talking to your family. He’s always been family oriented so it felt suiting to see him finally be able to crack lame jokes and have a supportive audience.

    “You and Taehyung look good together,” your cousin nudges you as you two watch her husband and your sometimes boyfriend bond over drinks. “I’ve never seen you this.. Happy? Clingy even.. Should I be expecting a playmate for Kai?”

    “Happy? Clingy?” you laugh. “And excuse me? A playmate for Kai? You need some sleep. Having kids is fun and all until you start to say delusional things.”

    “Delusional?” she laughs. “This is the first time I have ever seen you in love. I can’t be wrong. I refuse to be.”

    “In love? Me?” you ask, eyes almost popping out. 

    It never occurred to you how obvious it had been between you two. Yes, you two share I love you’s but it never crossed your mind how others could see it too. It feels weird.. To live this honest with your feelings and intentions. It feels good and right like this is what life is supposed to feel even.. 


    “Kai loves what you and Taehyung got him by the way.. Honestly? He probably loves Taehyung more than you.” She teases, sticking her tongue out.

    “Who cares,” you sigh, “I like Kai more than you.”


    “How so?”

    “My son is the cutest birthday boy ever..”

    “What if Taehyung and I do make a playmate for Kai? Would you admit that our baby would be the cuter one?” you challenge. Your cousin bursts into laughter immediately.

    “So you wanna marry him?”

    “What?” you snap.

    “If you can see yourself having a kid with him, you might as well marry him, ___.”

    “What? I was just saying that because—“

    “I’m happy for you,” she cuts you off, wrapping her arms around you. You squeal in her embrace. “Feels like just yesterday when I was begging you to break up with Jimin. Now you wanna get married and have babies with Taehyung!”

    “Hey!” you gasp. “Don’t say shit like that or else I will tell Kai you think my hypothetical child is cuter than your own son—“

    “What are we talking about?” your cousin’s husband asks, pulling her away from you. Taehyung does the same, snaking his arm around your waist. 

    “Hypothetical child?” Taehyung chimes in. You groan in response.

    “___ loves Taehyung,” she sings, “and it’s so cute because this is the first time she’s ever been in love!”

    Taehyung chokes on air and you hide your face with your hands. 

    “Shut up,” you beg her. 

    “Oh, and she wants to marry you and have babies that are cuter than mine—“

    “Please, for the love of god, shut up!” you cry, burying yourself to Taehyung’s chest. You feel him laugh hearty.

    Your cousin laughs at you evilly before excusing herself and her husband to check up on their child inside. As they disappear into the house, you take a deep breath and face him with an urge to run away like a preteen after confessing their feelings to their crush. 

    You aren’t sure why it feels so new. Of course he knew you loved him, it just feels different knowing other people know—that other people feel the connection and everything falling into place between you two. It’s magical and even breathtaking to witness. 

    “You drank right? I can drive you home and then just get my parents to pick me up from yours whenever they’re done here—”

    “I’m the first person you’ve ever loved?” he asks nonchalantly. You cheeks burn as he smiles at you shyly. You glare at him before grabbing onto the collar of his shirt. You tug him down to level with you. 

    “So what if you are?” 

    “Can I be the last one too?” 

    Your heart drops. 

    His lips curve into a smile when your entire face softens. He gets you to release your grip on his shirt and holds your hand, intertwining your fingers together. You’re stunned. You have no words and feel relieved he isn’t expecting any. 

    Then, just like a movie, the soft background music gets turned up and a mellow love song begins to play. You turn your head, eyeing your cousin and her husband signaling you with a thumbs up and wink. 

    “Dance with me,” Taehyung insists, pulling you close and placing his arms around your waist again. He begins to sway you two back and forth and you follow along, watching your aunts and uncles awe at the sight and begin grabbing their partners to do the same. 

    Under the night sky, with the stars and string lights twinkling you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with everything. Taehyung is quite perfect and this moment comes close to being so as well. 

    He is the love that came without warning and challenged time. Looking back, you never really had the change to process the kind of presence he held. Perhaps, there was a random morning where he was automatically the first person you texted and the last one before falling asleep. When he’d reply, pick you up, or simply do anything to be with you; that’s how you felt it in your heart—beneath the butterflies and fleeting moments—you had always known that your heart was his. 

    It didn’t matter if others knew or if it was just between you two. The truth of the matter is; love was him before you could even say no. Before you could have imagined it to be anything or anyone else; love had and always will be the man who is slow dancing with you, asking to be your first and last.

    “… So, babies?”

    “Shut up.”

    “… So, marriage?”

    “Oh my god!”

    He laughs, putting it to rest. You’d tell him eventually. He knows you will.

    “Babies or not; marriage or not.. We can do this forever, you know?” he says rather quietly. 

    “Do what? Get embarrassed by family members?”

    “That,” he laughs, “or this.”

    It is in that moment, between the exchanges of looks and sweets words, that you realize he isn’t talking about dancing or being embarrassed by relatives. You two share look—both feeling your hearts race. You feel a wave of relief as your first and last he presses a kiss on your forehead, making you believe that love between you two will be truly be forever. 

    Oh, what love bugs.

    Taehyung leans forward with a nervous look on his face. In a soft whisper he asks you, “please love me forever.”

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    heard you guys like TAEJIN 😎

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    I went to the memories tumblr and found this gem and thought of you 💖😘

    LMAO JAY?? These percentages are all wrong I am 1000% sure I’m 50% dumbass💀💀💀

    #maybe 51% #let’s tip the scales #jay! #club kth#mailbox💌
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    Khofifah Berbagi Pengalaman sebagai Pecinta Alam: Pernah Bertemu Harimau Semeru

    Khofifah Berbagi Pengalaman sebagai Pecinta Alam: Pernah Bertemu Harimau Semeru

    EKSOTIKA ALAM: Desa Ranupani di kaki Gunung Semeru, di masa lalu masih dihuni Harimau Semeru. | Foto: IST SURABAYA, Barometerjatim.com – Gubernur Jatim, Khofifah Indar Parawansa membagikan pengalamannya sebagai pecinta alam dalam Rapat Kerja Daerah (Rakerda) dan Halal bi Halal 1443 H Ikatan Alumni Sekolah Kehutanan Menengah Atas (IKA SKMA) di Ballroom Hotel Shangri-La Surabaya, Minggu…

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    alsoooooooo eeeeekkk- sometime back i had requested tae in robe (kink) i mean, thread so do u know when u'll be doing that?? no pressure tho love youuuuuuu <3 (~kth anon who?)

    yes yes i will definitely be making that thread! i just checked, i have it in my list (at number 6 out of 8 sjjsjsksk) all i can say is.... soon!

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    my fingers are crossed for purple hair tae this comeback. i mean fr, woh tae cant be all the purple hair tae we get (~kth anon who?)

    hard agree i wanna see him take borahae literally

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