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  • mintmentos
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Thinking bout how strange but natural it felt to hear cat noir puns come out of adriens mouth

    #kuro neko was such a good episode and like it really got me thinking like adrien is fully himself when he’s cat noir huh #miraculous #kiera talks tv
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  • ladrianenjoyer
    16.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    shout out to my people who thought that cat walker was a lovesquare child even right before the episode aired (Its me im people)

    #Gosh I wanted that sooooooo bad #Kuro Neko was a good episode no criticism here but…heh he he child from the future heheh #I demand a child from the future episode in season five #I NEED IT #miraculous ladybug
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  • anju45
    16.05.2022 - 6 days ago
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  • tempestnoire
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    Now it's my turn to take care of you
    #my favourite catboy #i love him so fucking much #nighttime vibes#chat noir#catwalker #patte de velours #miraculous#mlb#miraculous ladybug#ml gifs#kuro neko #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #ml
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  • itsuki-minamy
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Coming soon!^^

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  • shameboree
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    even tho i just watched princes bride a week or whatever ago i want to watch it yet AGAIN instead of like, catching up with ladybug which i am drawing obsessively. having brain is such a burden

    #tbh the only eps i want to see are all the felix ones and KURO NEKO BC CAT WALKER IS SO CUTE?!?!?!? #i am also feeling sp feisty atm and want to lay out some Opinions that might get me TORCHED but ill die on some specific hills #kels talks
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  • chatbugmlb
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I know that our girl is alot strong but really it will be very sad seeing her going through this again with more stress and guilt this time...🙁

    Really this brings s*** from my mouth for the Marinette salters🤬

    #miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #ladybug #mlb season 5 #the guardian#miraculoses#kuro neko #mr.pigeon72
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  • sara0rkoby
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Imagine ladybug captures hawkmoth and she is like

    "hawkmoth I hope you like the color orange, because your going to wear it for the rest of your life! "

    And he is like

    "um... I actually like purple "

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  • stupid-for-catnoir
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    #HER face#HIS face #i love them #she’s ready to kick some ass the fierce little bug #and he’s practically swooning look at all that love it’s almost leaking out of him #miraculous#miraculous lb #mlb s4 spoilers #kuro neko
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  • ariadsishereagain
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    throwback to the moment I wrote Banananoir giving his ring to Ladybug.

    #I kinda predicted kuro neko #but made it funnier I think #yeah I did that #ariamumbles #probably delete later
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  • blxxdingtoy
    07.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    The MLB fandom is not ready to hear about how Adrien's relax attitude as Chat has actually caused more harm than good.

    Like, Kuro Neko literally proves that and is sad.

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  • tempestnoire
    07.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Je ne peux pas imaginer être Ladybug, sans lui.

    #possibly my favourite scene from the whole special #just the softness of how she says it #that whole plot line just feels like a better version of kuro neko to me #miraculous#mlb #miraculous new york #marinette dupain cheng #ml#ladynoir
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  • runawaycatwalker
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Part 6. Sticking Together (Maternal Instinct, part A)


    Description below the cut

    Ladybug catches up to Catwalker, her yo-yo retracting shut.

    Ladybug: This is where the flash of light came from, so where’s the akuma?

    A shot of the apartment building where Alya lives, yellow light flashing through the balcony window.

    Catwalker: There!  There was a flash in that apartment!

    Cut to Maternal Instinct (akumatized!Nathalie Sancouer) menacingly holding a phone as she floats in her flying saucer-themed sentimonster, Mothership.  Alya and Marlena Césaire look up at the akuma as tendrils of yellow, green, and purple light bind the mother and daughter together.

    Maternal Instinct: Greetings, Césaires!  I am Maternal Instinct!   Since you're tied up, I hope you don't mind if I show myself around?

    Nora Césaire runs towards Maternal Instinct, about to punch her face.  Maternal Instinct brandishes her phone at Nora, sending colorful tendrils of light to envelop her too.

    Nora: Get wrecked, akuma!

    Alya: Nora, wait!

    Maternal Instinct: Join your sister in your mother's arms!

    Nora poofs to her mother's side, so now Alya, Marlena, and Nora are all stuck holding each other, all bound by colorful tendrils of light.

    Maternal Instinct: Don't even try to get in my way.

    Alya, Marlena, and Nora put on faces of determination, the two daughters using their free hands to hold up fists.

    Alya: You don't know our family very well.  We'll fight you with one arm tied behind our backs!

    As the three Césaires are about to attack Maternal Instinct, Catwalker leaps into the living room from the balcony, using his baton to attack Maternal Instinct from behind to send her careening.

    Catwalker: Leave this to the heroes.

    Maternal Instinct: Nghh!

    Catwalker pins Maternal Instinct with his staff and straddles an upside-down Mothership.

    Maternal Instinct: Chat Noir, I was wond—you're not Chat Noir??

    Ladybug smugly leans against Mothership as she tosses her yo-yo to tie up the akuma/sentimonster. Catwalker uses his baton to keep the phone out of Maternal Instinct's reach.

    Ladybug: Meet Catwalker.   If you could tell Shadowmoth that Chat Noir is far beyond his reach now, I'd appreciate it.

    Maternal Instinct moves her other hand into a blind spot on Mothership.

    Maternal Instinct: You're getting cocky, Ladybug.

    Closeup of Maternal Instinct tapping a purple icon on Mothership. Another closeup where her fingers barely glance the edge of the phone, its image now changed to a picture/caption of Nino Lahiffe.

    Maternal Instinct: Mothership, let me see another child safely home.

    Ladybug falls and Catwalker jumps as Maternal Instinct/Mothership poofs away.

    Ladybug: Aaahhh!

    Catwalker lands in the classic superhero three-point landing pose.  Ladybug lands flat on her face with her backside inelegantly up in the air and yo-yo tangled all around her.

    Ladybug: She teleported away.  Of course she teleported away.  Of course that's a thing that akumas do now.

    Catwalker helps a blushing Ladybug to her feet.

    Catwalker: I think I saw the name 'Nino Lahiffe' appear on the phone just as she disappeared.  Maybe she teleported to him?

    Closeup of Alya.

    Alya: That's my boyfriend.  He got hit at the same time I did, so they're probably with his mom.

    Catwalker waits for Ladybug from the balcony.  In the background, Ladybug and the Césaires are still inside the apartment, with Ladybug placing her hands on Alya's shoulders.

    Ladybug: Thanks, Alya.  I'm sorry you're going to be stuck to your mom for a little while longer.

    Alya: Don't worry about us, Ladybug.  You and... Catwalker can handle the akuma.

    Ladybug and Catwalker start traveling to Nino's.

    Ladybug: Follow me.  Nino lives this way.

    Catwalker: Why do you think the akuma is targeting the Ladyblogger and her boyfriend?

    Ladybug: Not all akumas target specific people.  She's probably going after anyone she happens to come across.

    Catwalker: I'm not so sure.  She seems to be looking for something.

    View of Catwalker and Ladybug from below as they travel across the sky.

    Catwalker: The akuma could be teleporting kids to their mothers as a quick way to follow them into their homes.

    Ladybug: That still doesn't give the akuma a reason to target them specifically.  Except... Shadowmoth does know that they both have a history with using miraculous.

    Catwalker: I can’t rule that out, but... my gut says that’s not it.   I think it has something to do with someone that Alya and Nino both know personally.

    Ladybug: I guess we'll have to catch up to the akuma to find out who's right.

    #runaway catwalker#catwalker#ladybug#akuma#sentimonster#nathalie sancoeur#alya cesaire#marlena cesaire#nora cesaire#miraculous ladybug #kuro neko spoilers #i hate writing fight scenes #i ran out of buffer since this took so long to make #and the fight isn't even over yet #so expect the next page to be a bit late #also fun fact #alya's little sisters were going to also get stuck in the cesaire group hug #but that would have wasted too much time so it got cut
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  • ichijouji-inoue-miyako
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Okay but like. Cat Walker with the little ponytail is just 🥰🥰

    #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #kuro neko
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  • whenimgoodandready
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Wasn’t Cat Noir great in that “Optigami” ep when he helped Ladybug with that sentimonster and-Oh no, wait, he didn’t really do much but destroy a miraculous. Well, how ‘bout that time he went through that “2 Person Plan” to stop Sentibubbler with Ladybug and-Oh no, wait, that was actually Rena Rouge (“Sentibubbler”). Uuuuuuh, well um, how ‘bout that time he was a part of Team Miraculous stoping Moolak with everyone el-Ah crap! He wasn’t there either! (“Ephemeral”) Yet, Ladybug still managed to defeat the villain! With so little he’s been around lately, does Cat really need to be involved at this point!? Let’s see:

    *Kuro Neko-Look at that, two villains had showed up this ep and everyone, but Cat Noir was there. Odd, wasn’t the point of “Desperada” supposed to show that there should always be a Ladybug and Cat Noir to save the day and not just one or the other? Cuz they’re supposed to balance each other out! Guess that’s not the case anymore now that we have other miraculous holders with more useful powers. This doesn’t sit well with Adrien and at one point he didn’t even bother with showing up, but did so anyway cuz it’s his job.

    When he tries to be of help with Ladybug getting the miraculouses back from their teammates, Ladybug says she’s already set up a routine on where to find them and retrieve their miraculouses and when Cat keeps holding Ladybug back to insist on helping, with her almost about to detransform, she yells at him to “F*ck off” and leaves. This was the last straw that broke the cats back. If Ladybug truly doesn’t need Cat Noir anymore then “for reals” he quits! Don! Don! Don! That’s right! No more Ladybug pics on his phone, no more cheese in his room and no more Kwami as a guide in life! He’s just plain old Adrien Agreste now (it’s just for dramatic effect, he’ll be back of course. It’s not the first time he’s quit something and come back *cough*NewYorkSpecialandGlaciator2*cough).

    With no black cat holder to balance out her ladybug powers, Marinette is left without her most important partner and Plagg even calls her out for sidelining him a lot making him upset enough to quit since she barely took his feelings into account. This guardianship is really stressing out Marinette and now she has to think carefully on which new holder she should find. More importantly, this new black cat holder can’t know who she is and vice versa otherwise, it’s the end of the world (“Ephemeral”) and they can not be in love with her as it’ll be too much of a distraction and a possible repeat of Cats actions with quitting if the feelings aren’t mutual.

    Plagg comes up with a plan and convinces Marinette that he should choose the new black cat holder and brings it to Adrien, but trains him into a third persona! That means new look, new name (like Alya did as Rena Furtive “Rocketear”) and new personality! As such, he has to be serious, direct, but still polite and no puns! Also, no lovey-doveyness with Ladybug!🚫❤️. Everyone, this is “Cat Walker”! (trumpeters sound). Not bad, his new look was alright and he stayed focused on the mission most of the time and treated Ladybug like a strictly platonic friend. She was even “impressed”😏. Oh yeah! The villain was this giant living kitty bank that you would see in souvenir shops and fun fact, the character was based on a little girl from a Make-A-Wish Foundation! Yeah! I remember seeing that long ago on Jeremyzags insta and was wondering when she’d show up! Interesting, she looked entirely different from her akumatized look! She was supposed look all purple/black and alien like with mind control powers, but in here, she was a cat!? Huh, concept art I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Oh well, Congrats kid!

    Bomb #23, Adrien temporarily gets a new alias! Course he’d go back as Cat Noir since we’re all so used to him that way. Lesson here is, just cuz someone doesn’t need you all the time, doesn’t mean you’re not important. Just trust that your partner knows what they’re doing. I still wonder what would have happened had Cat Walker stuck around longer or even permanently! The thing is, Ladybug didn’t mean to exclude Cat, she just didn’t need him at the moment, couldn’t contact him cuz she doesn’t know who he is outside of the mask and thought she was giving Cat Noir a break with his superhero life not realizing that he actually likes being a superhero cuz unknown to her he has a neglectful home life and wants to get away and also cuz he’s in love with her. This was the third time that Marinette/Ladybug fell for the same guy! She was always in love with Adrien, she still loved him as Cat Noir when she found out (“Ephemeral”) and now, she did it again when he was not his “clown-ish” self as a “new guy”. Although, when you think about it, Plagg told Adrien to be more of his “Adrien” self when being Cat Walker (aka more “perfect”) and that’s what made Marinette/Ladybug fall for him once again. Which by the way, made her distracted during the mission instead of Cat Walker and she had to do everything by herself cuz of that! Oh the irony! That’s why Cat Noir came back. Sad to think she likes the “idea” of Adrien and not his true Cat Noir self, but remember folks! She’ll still end up loving both sides of him when the time comes and even Plagg pointed out he’s the best of both guys cuz that’s who he is:successful as Adrien and carefree as Cat Noir!😁. Did the writers forget that it’s important that a ladybug and black cat need to be together or else the bad guys would win and we’d be all doomed!? Now that we’ve seen a few times how Ladybug can defeat a villain without Cat Noir and just use other miraculous holders, it’s not so much a big issue anymore even though it was established to be a major priority! WTF!? What was the point of that when they were just gonna brush it off as nothing!? That’s bullsh*t! Also, Cat Noir had a point with wanting to get involved with retrieving the miraculouses from their team since he knows who most of ‘em are from past episodes and Ladybug should’ve had him do so, but since it was all in poor timing with her almost detransforming, she got frustrated and lashed out at him and with that, he got pissed off and just impulsively quit. Hopefully, in the future, Ladybug will clue Cat Noir in on retrieving miraculouses and he can not be so overdramatic too. Both are very flawed people that cause a lot of trouble for themselves all because Ladybugs working herself to death with being guardian and Cat Noirs crippling depression not to mention their complicated love square. God save these dumba** children!

    #miraculous ladybug#kuro neko #miraculous kuro neko
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  • sara0rkoby
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I have a question... If chat noir doesnt have any ears.. then how the hell he hears ladybug? Or is he? Maybe because his ears are covered, he rushed out without been qble to hear her clearly, but when being cat walker he listened! My brian just exploded

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