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  • krystalgaia
    25.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    it’s two a.m. when you wake up and miss being in love and being touched. and how kuroo used to keep the lights on for you until you fell asleep because you can’t sleep in the dark. and that one time you were scrolling through your phone and he said “i want my children to have your eyes.” or that one time you went with him to the grocery store across from your apartment, both in your loungewear, but he got distracted making puns out of junk food brand names that you ended up not buying anything. but especially that time you stayed in kuroo’s apartment and went to bed with just your undergarments on and realized you’ve never been this comfortable exposing yourself to someone else. next thing you know it’s two a.m. and you wonder if you miss being in love or being loved.

    #kuroo x reader #kuroo angst #i wonder when i'll tag a post with kuroo /and/ fluff #haikyuu imagines#kuroo tetsurou#— writings
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  • antihajime
    25.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    your boyfriend has never been a particularly good cook.

    kuroo, despite all that he is—intelligent, a chemistry-lover at heart, a great baker, and kind—has always been quite the disaster in the kitchen. even in high school, when you’d come over after practices and his father and grandparents were out, he’d always be sure to order something or pick something up before the question of what do you want for dinner? could even make its way past either of your mouths.

    but now, years past and on the final horizons of college, kuroo’s found his way into the kitchen of your little apartment. he’s been fussing over a little pan of meat sauce for the past few moments, furrowing his brows at your little encouragements to add whatever feels right.

    every time you say it, he turns back to where you’re sitting, your cheeks resting in your hands, feet dangling off of the stool you’re sitting on, and narrows his eyes.

    “you’re no help,” he says, and then turns back to the stove, eyeing the garlic powder before putting more into the sauce. (to be honest, you’re a little concerned about that being too much, but it’s sauce, what could go wrong?).

    “oh c’mon, tetsu,” you begin, and then hop off of your spot on the stool to walk over to him, “you can figure it out. you’re smart, aren’t you?”

    he huffs out a bit of laughter, and then shrugs.


    he’s still focused on the stove when you come up behind him. your fingers reach out, chasing after the wrinkles that have made their home in his shirt. you follow them up until you reach the middle of his back, and then lean forward, wrapping your hands around his waist and leaning your head between his shoulder blades.

    “you shouldn’t say maybe to that,” you whisper, and kuroo stays quiet. you can feel his arm moving as he mixes the sauce around—it’s stiff in that inexperienced kind of way, like he knows the movement but not the feeling to it all. “tetsu?”

    he hums, sparing you a glance backwards before he stirs the pasta that’s been boiling.

    “you plan on responding to me?” you ask. there’s a teasing lilt to your voice that makes a bit of laughter bloom somewhere in kuroo’s lungs, and it’s enough for you to feel the rush of breath through him.

    “yeah, yeah sure,” he says, and then you watch as he examines a singular noodle that he’s pulled out of the water. he turns, pasta balancing on the spoon. “this look done to you?”

    you hold back the laughter that threatens your voice and pluck the pasta away from kuroo before popping it into your mouth. you nod at him, choosing to ignore that the pasta’s probably just a moment or two past done.

    he moves away from you to empty the pasta into a strainer, and you lean against the island counter, eyeing him.

    “what’s got you all quiet tonight?” you ask, and he still doesn’t respond for another moment or two. he’s too busy tossing the pasta in the strainer and grabbing bowls from the cabinet, apparently, but then he does:

    “i promise i’m just concentrated,” he starts, and then grabs some pasta and puts it into the bowl. he continues over to the stove, pouring some sauce on top of them as he continues. “i just-” he turns, and then offers the bowl to you—full of pasta and sauce and even a little bit of parmesan on top, “i wanted to do something nice for you.”

    and looking at the bowl of spaghetti and sauce that you have in your hands, the way it’s warm and probably a little too garlicky and a little too done, you could cry. but the good way—the way with a smile pulling at your face and the way that makes you want to hug your boyfriend for all he’s worth. because, as you’ve seen for the past 20 minutes, this little dinner is full of bits of kuroo, and you’re pretty sure that it could taste terrible and you’d still love it.

    but instead of crying, you look up at him, and you smile.

    “well, you did it,” you say, and then reach up, pinching his cheek between your thumb and forefinger, and you watch the blush spread across his nose. “i’m proud of you, y’know?”

    and he laughs, “for making spaghetti?”

    (it’s more, much more than making spaghetti, and you think that you could make a list of all the things you’re proud of him for if you wanted to. maybe one day you will, but for now, you’re pretty sure that loving you is right at the top).

    “sure,” you reply, “for making spaghetti.”

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  • pink-spiderweb
    24.05.2022 - 20 hours ago


    author's note. at the moment i writed this it wasn't halloween but i'm bored and this is cute asf 💗 just to be clear, most of these might be just for fun/not serious :D

    advertising. some of these costumes are made to representate male x female characters. example: emily & victor from corpse bride, etc. request here!

    with. kenma kozume, kuroo tetsuro, akaashi keiji, asahi azumane, atsumu miya and suna rintaro <3


    mario & peach. the two of you have always loved spending your weekends playing mario kart or party superstars, so when halloween came around, it didn't seem like such a bad idea. somehow you convinced your boyfriend to go out on the streets the same night. it might be a little weird for kenma to walk through the streets with his cotton pants almost falling down, or for you to move your legs in the skirt of that heavy dress. still, as he looked at you, the only thing kozume could think about was how pretty you looked. also, you couldn't help but notice the calm joy in the eyes of the beautiful boy who accompanied you. 😭✨


    maids 😳 i'm just going to say that it wasn't you who proposed the idea, but to see kuroo wearing one of those cute dresses, you weren't going to object. you didn't have much of a choice either, he wanted to see you in the kitty ears and stockings until it ended up being tetsu who tried the costume for a silly reason. seeing that both you and kuroo looked amazing and the holiday was near, it was the perfect opportunity. just imagine: the two of you holding gloved hands, walking down the sidewalk in the monochromatic and pompous maid outfit with a little pastel pink apron around your waist, matching the furry headband on top of your heads. it was 👨‍🍳👌 *chef kiss*


    victor & emily. after watching corpse bride on one of your weekly dates at home the only thing on akaashi's and your mind was that emily's dress was gorgeous and victor's suit was just the right amount of elegant respectively. that's why, in a state of crisis in the middle of a costume store, you were sure that what you wanted was to be reincarnated as those characters. the idea of walking around the city in such a refined, gloomy but beautiful way was perfect. with your arms intertwined and your backs straight, you both wandered in front of the houses with candies in your bags and your cheeks flushed with happiness and warmth. 🥺


    little red riding hood and the big "bad" wolf fit your aesthetics in the best way, and even more with the halloween night. and yes, you may have changed the story a bit; the big bad wolf is not so malevolent and doesn't want to eat the little red riding hood, but he is just a cute lover protecting the heart of his sweetheart. as the night falls and the moon rises in the sky, the light reflected spectacularly on the loving face of asahi, and a sweet kiss lied on your cheek 💞.


    a grizzly and the honey bee. the idea sounded halfway good, until you found out that 'tsumu would be the bee and you the grizzly bear. 🥴 sitting in osamu's living room next to the other msby players, the blond next to you was grinning like a fool while playing with the straps of his tight striped shirt. he looked so good 😩 but you couldn't stand the heat emitting from the inside of your furry suit any longer.


    gomez and morticia addams. omg, this is pure art. suna dressed as gomez and you as morticia. he in his impeccable black suit and the flirtatious smile on his lips while you wore a gorgeous matching dress and a perfect eye shadow that rin helped you make up. best of all, for once in his life, suna was so much more relaxed and even got into the role of his character to the point that, at the end of the night, with his arms around your waist and his lips crashing on yours, he said: "happy halloween, darling." 💋

    ©pink-spiderweb 2022. please do not modify, translate, or repost my works on any platform without permission.

    #pink-spiderweb#female reader#anime #anime x reader #haikyuu!! #fluff#reader insert#haikyuu fluff #kenma x reader #kuroo x reader #akaashi x reader #atsumu x reader #suna x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu drabbles#asahi azumane #asahi x reader
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  • kira-fluff
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    hi kira!! i'd like to request something, you know how there is only when the haikyuu boys walk in on you changing, right? but what if it where when YOU walk in on the haikyuu boys changing?

    a/n: hi anon!! omg you are a GENIUS!! gold star <3 i almost feel obligated to provide photos of them shirtless but i don’t think i could bring myself to stop staring at it lol feel free to request more characters like usual! p.s. - we’re almost to 1.5k followers which is totally crazy!!! love you guys!! <3

    accidentally walk in on them changing - haikyuu!!

    tw: fem!reader x selected haikyuu characters, suggestive (slight nsfw), cursing, some boys being SASSY if you liked this prompt, i have haikyuu characters walking in on you changing pt.1 pt.2 pt.3

    kuroo tetsuro "uhh..." you knocked, but kuroo had just gotten out of the shower and had his earbuds in, so unfortunately, he didn't hear you. and, unfortunately, you took that as a signal that it was okay to enter his room. he was just finishing wiping the back of his neck with his towel, his bicep flexing, when you entered. it took him a moment to notice your staring. you stared at him. he stared at you, eyes growing wide. he gazed down at his apparel, or rather, lack thereof. slowly, he slipped out one of his earbuds, hardly registering your audible gulp over the sound of his rapidly beating heart. you immediately slammed the door shut, shouting, "oh my god i'm so sorry!" tetsuro blinked, once more looking down, before a burning flush took over his entire body. he is so confused. knowing kuroo, he'll want to talk about it as soon as possible since communication in any of his relationships are important to him, especially when the girl he's been crushing on for years is on the line. after the confusion is cleared up, he'll hope you can look him in the eye again.. he won't be mad if you can't, though. just... if he catches you staring at his crotch one more time he might have to leave the room. man, is it hot in here.

    oikawa tooru "oh my god fuCKING KNOCK?!" you and oikawa practically grew up together so it's pretty much a given that you wouldn't need to knock... right? i mean, he'd just lock the door if he was naked, right? apparently oikawa was once again on his last brain cell. you slammed the door open, declaring your presence in the most obnoxious way possible (just because you knew he hated it) only to be greeted with an extremely not-clothed tooru. it only took a second for him to start trying to throw things at you, whatever was in the nearest vicinity (which turned out to be his phone). you shielded your face more as a defense mechanism than out of politeness. the worst part is that even after you apologize, he's going to yell at you for another hour most likely about how your dirty eyes desecrated his sexy, gorgeous body. literally just tell him to shut the fuck up before i do iwa-chan will be hearing about this, just so you know. it's funny and instead of poking fun at you, iwaizumi will never let oikawa live this down. especially because, in retelling the story, oikawa can't help but hide his face in embarrassment. it's kinda cute though.

    iwaizumi hajime "erm, hey.." SO awkward. can he really blaming you for staring at those abs? ugh, they're good enough to take a bite out of. you bit your lip, your brows knitting together. fuck, this man has it ALL and he's PACKING ssdfhsjkdfhksj so pardon your intrusion. your bad. if you ask to stay, he'll turn BRIGHT RED and get all flustered. it's really entertaining. but seriously, he just finished his work out and all the sweat is pouring down his body but he doesn't even smell gross like how is that fair?! in all the confusion and embarrassment he won't even ask you to leave. he'll just stare at you until you take the hint or decide to take things further (i applaud you in you're that bold). just be aware, what you've just done has uncaged an animal and putting it back in confinement will be tricky - if not impossible. hajime will literally avoid you after this. he is NOT planning on talking about this or to you ever and he's pretty sure he can't look at you again without remembering how you were biting your lip and your eyes took on a darker hue and FUCK it gives him HOPE okay?! he can't believe there's a chance you'd like him but maybe, just maybe...? he remembers sometimes how you let out a little gasp when he'd met your eyes when you'd opened that door. that gasp remains in his dreams, though under much different circumstances. circumstances that wake him up hard.

    futakuchi kenji "i. will. kill. you." you have to be tough to even be friends with this motherfucker, much less the object of his affection. it definitely didn't help, though, that your defense mechanism when you witness something that makes you feel awkward is too laugh. of course, futakuchi being futakuchi thought you were laughing at HIM and so this prompted an all out war. as soon as he's slipped back on his boxers in haste, he's literally going to attack you. he grabs your wrist and pulls you into his room, slamming the door behind him. you're already back-tracking, trying to explain that you're just nervous, but he's already stalking closer toward you. of course, you're backing up. this continues until you're sprawled out on his bed and he's leaning over you, his knee in between your thighs. you gulp. he peers down at you, a glow in his chocolate brown eyes as he says, "you're going to regret laughing." it only takes a look down to call his bluff. it's pretty clear blood isn't just rushing to his ears. he's so head-over-heels for you he can't even stand it.

    sakusa kiyoomi "leave before i make you leave." the fact that he even let you in his house is proof that he trusts you, but damn, even leaving the door unlocked? truth be told, the lock on the door to his bedroom has actually been broken for a week, but he didn't tell you that. the moment you're staring at his naked form, his surprised look will quickly change to a scalding glare. it's his only coping mechanism stopping him from getting completely embarrassed that basically everything is out there right now for you to see. he can't help wander in his mind to the times when he's imagined you both naked together like this. and it's already starting to piss him off. you let out a defense, "well sorry, your door was open, omi." he scoffs, covering a fist over his mouth, "whatever, just get out."

    kita shinsuke "i'm-" *sigh* "...changing in here.." he really did try to tell you, he heard your footsteps coming to his door but by the time it swung open, you'd already fully met a shirtless and pant-less kita, though thankfully he'd slipped back on his boxers before you'd barged in. he couldn't help but let out a little chuckle as you squeaked out a quiet, "sorry!" before closing the door. your reaction was just so cute. with kita, he's hoping you agree that there's nothing more that needs to be said between you. he may give you a little nod or a "don't mind" hand-motion, but he won't outright talk about it. it's still embarrassing even if you were much more flustered about it than him. just promise you'll still talk to him as well, ok?

    miya atsumu *trips trying to grab his towel* he acts like there's a five-second rule to seeing someone naked. it doesn't count if he's reached his towel to cover himself up before those five seconds are up, right? well, he's also a huge dumbass, so he trips over the shit he's left on his messy floor and falls. just bare ass cheeks as he lays there. no, he's not getting up. yes, he's alright. he's just gonna lay here for a while. later, when you can no longer hold your laughter in, he'll get real defensive and argue that you should've knocked louder when he obviously couldn't hear it due to his "off-key singing". that being said, he's not going to hold it against you, i mean, he can't really say "no" to you ever away. 'sumu is a mega-simp, a'ight? too bad his "cool exterior image" is gone now. not that he had that in the first place... but he doesn't need to know that.

    miya osamu "you ain't gettin' a look at this for free, ya know." it's irritating how a little smirk creeps up his face like he KNOWS he's fine as fuck (which he does). you're standing there gasping for air while he's just completely unaffected! it's annoying. you scoff, turning your eyes away and letting him know that atsumu just needed him to make dinner. you were a tough one to break, but this was something you could've never prepared for. and osamu was determined to win you over however he could because, let's face it, he's crazy about you. you can't image the amount of times he's replayed the scene of you standing there with your throat bobbing up and down and mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, a heated blush igniting across your face. your eyes feasted on his body, trailing down to his thighs and dick, widening when he purposefully flexed his muscles. it was precious - like a little treasure. osamu once got a pillow to the face for "laughin' like a creep" when he was supposed to be going to sleep.

    suna rintaro "are you gonna leave or should i?" sassiest mf alive istg. i don't know what you expected. suna is impossible to read so when you're standing there just... staring and his expression remains blank even as he's completely nude but not making any moves to cover himself up... well, you can't help but wonder what the hell he is thinking. just as you mutter, "leaving.." he grabs you by the arm. you tense up, turning around and meeting his gaze with your own, a questioning eyebrow raised. he cleared his throat before uttering one word - "stay." there's no need to talk after... if you weren't "a thing" before, you are now. as your lying next to him in bed, sound asleep, he's running his hands softly through your hair, thinking about how long he's been wanting this and wanting you and loving you. he's a lucky guy, what can he say? he's got you.

    terushima yuji *pterodactyl screech* leave it to you and your inability to knock. you were so used to going in and out of yuji's room that by this time you assumed he'd lock the door if he was changing, right? wrong. if asked, terushima would say he'd winked and asked if you'd wanted to join him. in reality, as you stared at his long torso and the patch of hair that led down to his dick, he'd flushed, letting out a loud shriek, and hilariously attempted to cover both his unmentionables and his chest. after the fact - after a long, cold shower more likely - he's so embarrassed. he may or may not chew you out with a bright red creeping up his neck. someone help him... he's already been holding back so much and now that you've seen him like that confessing seems impossible.

    #fem!reader #haikyu x reader #haikyū!! #haikyuu!! #daichi fluff #daichi x reader #nishinoya x reader #kageyama tobio x reader #kageyama x reader #yamaguchi x reader #yamaguchi tadashi x reader #tsukishima x reader #kuroo x reader #kuroo tetsuro x reader #kuroo headcanons #kuroo tetsuro x you #kenma x reader #kenma kozume x reader #oikawa tohru x reader #oikawa x reader #iwaizumi x reader #iwaizumi hajime x reader #futakuchi x reader #bokuto x reader #akaashi x reader #ushijima x reader #terushima x reader #daishou x reader #sakusa x reader #kita shinsuke x reader
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  • omiiya
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    the captains' love languages (giving)


    [ BOKUTO ]: physical touch

    bokuto is a very physical person. he loves having his hands on you and doesn't really know any other way to show love for you. in public, he may not be as physical since pda is looked down upon in japan. he'll try to touch you in sbutle ways like putting a hand on your shoulder, but nothing extremely obvious like kissing. in private, however, he'll try to cuddle you all the time, play with your hair, play with your hands, kiss you all over, etc.

    [ DAICHI ]: quality time

    daichi shows his love for you by wanting to be around you and spend time with you. he sets aside time to spend with you. even if it's a day that he's busy, he still makes time for you. whenever you spend time together, he gives you his full, undivided attention. when he asks you how your day was, he listens genuinely and cares about what you have to say. he rarely ever cancels plans that you or him make to be with each other.

    [ KITA ]: 60% acts of service + 40% giving gifts

    kita is someone who gets his happiness from serving others. he will do anything for you if you ask him too. he does the chores that you don't like to do, and he does the shopping when you're just to tired. when you're sick, he'll wait on you hand and foot. kita is also thoughtful and attentive. if he's walking around and sees something that reminds you of him, 100% of the time he will buy it for you. if he sees something that you've you mentioned you've always wanted, he'll buy it for you. if he sees something that he knows will cheer you up when you've had a rough day, guess what. that's right. he'll buy it for you.

    [ KUROO ]: physical touch

    kuroo is just like bokuto—extremely touchy in private, very tame in public. he oftentimes finds himself touching you subconsciously. not every touch is inherently sexual. when you are sitting next to each other, he'll pull your legs over his lap. when he holds your hand, he rubs circles over the back of it with his thumb. he likes kissing your hands, your wrists, the place where your jaw meets your neck. he's not great at emotional support, but he tries. when you need to vent, he listens and hugs or cuddles you to comfort you.

    [ OIKAWA ]: 95% words of affirmation + 5% giving gifts

    oikawa loves hyping you up. it pains him to go a few minutes without saying how beautiful you are or how much he loves you. if you make a subtle change to your appearance, he notices immediately and compliments you on it. he always attributes his successes to you by saying, "if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't be able to..." or "i couldn't have done this without you." he tells you how much he appreciates you and how proud of you he is when you have your successes. though, it doesn't happen often, he also will buy you gifts he think you'll like. if you see an outfit that you like while windowshopping, he'll buy it for you. most of his gifts are pretty extravagant, though, bc he's extra.

    likes and reblogs are appreciated!

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  • dragonslayer-5fanfiction
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I saw a post recently that said that Kuroo would never call you kitten. And I've been thinking about this, and I somewhat agree.

    Sugardaddy!Kuroo would totally call you kitten. It's his vibe and his favourite name to call you, but only in private. Beyond that he calls you things like sweetcheeks, baby girl, etc.

    Highschool!Kuroo would call you obnoxious nicknames. Like if you have seasonal allergies, he'd call you sneezey. Or if you love to bake, he'd call you cupcake or smth like that, but it depends on what you like to cook/bake.

    JVA!Kuroo would call you classic nicknames like babe, love, sweetheart, honey. But most of all, he calls you your name. He thinks that is the best thing because it suits you, and you've trusted him with it. He's one of the few that gets to call you it, and he appreciates it and shows it. So while the nicknames are cute, he prefers your name, because to him its special and it makes him feel special knowing he gets to call you that

    #sharkie talks#kuroo headcanons #kuroo x reader #kuroo imagine#haikyuu kuroo #kuroo x y/n #hq kuroo #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu!! #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu#haikyuu fluff #haikyu x reader #hq x reader
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  • explicitlyfine
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    imagine you and kuroo meeting at a bar. even through the dim lighting, he can see your unmistakenly beautiful features as though you're under a spotlight, marvelling at the way your skin positively glows like the moon is bathing beneath the surface. he's been admiring you for some time now before eventually plucking up the courage to walk up to you.

    much to his surprise, you both hit it off pretty well, talking about anything and everything. kuroo loves the way you talk — how the words roll off your tongue, into his ear canals like ocean waves gentle washing up the shore. he takes notice of the way you stumble over some words when you're excited, the way you tuck your hair behind your ear in embarrassment, shifting your gaze away, eyes sparkling like a glass of champagne.

    his index finger slips under your chin, lifting it with such tenderness that your breath shakes in an exhale, "i like the way you talk, don't hide it, baby," he whispers into the little space between you both.

    taking the opportunity of your stuttered silence, kuroo brings his other hand up, hovering over your elbow with an eyebrow raised – telepathically asking for permission, before sliding his warm and calloused palm along your upper arm once you nod timidly. the tendril twisting in the pit of your stomach from a certain date last week pales in comparison to the shuddery goosebumps alike sea currents that crashes against a rocky cliff rising along your skin.

    "i love the way you feel," the sweetness in his voice hangs thickly, lingering in the air you breathe.

    you flutter your eyelids close, subconsciously leaning into his touch that's dancing amidst the dips and planes of your body, bringing you impossibly closer to drown in his musky scent as your mind tip toe on the edge of sanity.

    the night only progresses when you reluctantly accept his hand to take you to the dance floor, face heating up like a radiator as you stammer out excuses of your lack of expertise. he only barks out a laugh and offers to guide you, pulling you close to his raging heartbeat. parting ways with your friends to be with a certain dark haired man didn't seem like such a wise choice but when he makes you the happiest person alive – maybe it was worth it.

    ▪︎ inspired by this song ▪︎

    #this song could give me climax no joke #pls give it a listen and tell me if you get the chills too omg #kuroo tetsuro#kuroo scenarios#kuroo imagine #kuroo x reader #haikyuu scenarios#kuroo fluff #ofc i would write sth when i have a mountain of assignments to complete 💀
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  • igumie
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Lyric prank with Oikawa, Atsumu, Kageyama and Kuroo

    info : fluff / crack / smau

    warning : like, one suggestive line in Kuroo’s, “babe” is used





    Reblogs are appreciated :)

    tag list (open) : @hajiluvr ; @duckymcdoorknob ; @rae-main ; @k-ryuuguji ; @cosmonettica ; @kodzukvn ; @escapenightmare ; @gojoussunglasses ; @jahnvi-d ; @chifemi ; @xiaos-boywife ; @p-ol ; @uxavity ; @sukxma ; @crazycookies73307 ; @missrown ; @kodzukoi ; @iwaso ; @boo-kugo ; @hello0i ; @neermozhi ; @oyasumiares ; @chiizfuyu ; @hirugummies ; @kiyunas ; @lilacveiledsea ; @darlingimawitch ; @https-celestial-blessing ; @coffeeauthorvibing

    #Haikyuu x reader #haikyuu smau #Haikyuu x reader text #haikyuu x reader fluff #hq x reader #hq fluff#hq smau #oikawa x reader #kuroo x reader #Atsumu x reader #kageyama x reader
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  • hazyilluminations
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Universe for the two of us

    "Bokuto-san, could you please put her down", Keiji politely demands with a slight sternness in his voice and looks at you - "Hoshi, you should really tell him, when he is being too much", his gaze softens as he's watching Bokuto put you back on your feet.

    You see Bokuto pouting a bit, "Kotaro, did you work out more lately? Whoa! You look massive". The boy brightens like a Christmas tree and squares his shoulders, as you boost his ego with such a simple question.

    "Am I not the greatest? Hey, hey, hey!", the house fills with his contagious laughter.

    "Hey, stop feeding his ego, or else there will be no more space in this house", screams Kuroo, grinning at Bokuto.

    "And peace... ", adds Kenma, walking in with a pot in his hands. He holds out the pot to you. "It's fern. For concentration".

    "Yeah... That is something I would like to have. Think it could work on Kotaro? It would make Keiji's life a little bit easier", you look at Kotaro, who is already having some ridiculously stupid argument with Tetsu. You sigh. "Not a chance. Sorry, Keiji", you both blurt out with an apologetic smile and bow to Keiji.

    "Boys...", Nanami frowns at her Grandgranpa's phrase, "and the most beautiful girls, of course. The so called Goodbye-My-Little-Brat-Hoshi-You-Broke-My-Heart-Party starts now. Please, take your seats and enjoy yourself and this delicious food", you roll your eyes, as your Gramps winks at you, but you do catch the sadness in his eyes. This feeling brakes your heart. The last thing you would want to do is to harm your family.

    You do this for them too.

    You push the thought out of your mind, as quickly as possible, and grab one sweet and tempting Taiyaki.

    "This is how heaven tastes", you murmur in delight. Kenma makes a couple of photos of you with a Taiyaki fishtail in your mouth. "I will remember you like this", concludes the boy, trying to hold laughter.

    "You do understand I'm not gonna let you live your happily ever after in your turtle shell, even if I'm miles away, do you, Pudding-head?", you speak to Kenma with a stern look in your eyes, while others .

    "I was actually hoping that you will let me live in peace, Headcase", he retorts.

    "I am almost offended. Then maybe I ask Tetsu to look out for you even better... Hey, Tetsu...".

    "You do understand that it is double-edged knife, Evi?", he asks you with a grin.

    You think for a moment and give up. Kuroo will definitely annoy the hell out of you, even if he is being busy with the club and academics.

    "Still... I am and will be your friend forever, even if the Zombie Apocalypse unrolls. So, don't you dare to ditch me, when I'm calling or texting. Be a good boy and open up to people a bit and I will draw exclusive themes and emojis for Kozuken for free. Maybe even compose you intro/outro if you stop experimenting with your hair color... ".

    He smiles, "What about co-streaming?".

    "I'll think about it", you stick your tongue out.

    "Evi, I'm really gonna miss you", he says almost whispering to himself.

    "Don't... I am at my limits", you try to compose yourself, not letting the feeling eat you inside out.

    Both of you stay silent for a moment.

    "Zombie Apocalypse? Really? You should stop watching old series... It's a Cyberpunk Era now. I'll send you some decent movies to watch. I'll ban you, if you not gonna watch them", he is really trying to make you smile. So, you do. And he knows it is a real one.

    At this moment, you, once more, understand, that such a friend is a blessing and one of the treasures in life to appreciate. You feel guilt leaving him and the others, but you make yourself a promise to stay in touch, to visit them and to show sincere interest in their life, sharing their ups and downs, happy and sad moments. So you will.

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  • bontens-new-executive
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Head empty just laying on kuroos chest.

    Like, it would be so so comfortable and warm yk? Him wrapping his arms around you in the most comforting and loving way, kissing your head and whispering, "goodnight, baby. I love you." His large hands rubbing slow and gentle circles on your back or hips. His slow breathing and calm heartbeat like a lullaby, easing you into a deep slumber.

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  • luvrzumi
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    ─ ft. Oikawa, Kuroo, Akaashi.

    ─ note. F!reader, Fluff

    They see an adorable baby photo/video of their s/o !

    OIKAWA! He was bored at home watching YouTube on the tv repeating the same video for the 3rd time today waiting for you to come back home from your brother's home.

    groaning cause an Ad popped just as he was about too skip he paused, in the ad it shows two people taking a photo of each other then combining their faces together in a result of a baby that looks mixed of both of them

    he quickly downloaded the app putting a picture of him and you then waiting for a few seconds, it showed a tiny you and him that was a gender of a girl


    "what are you awwing at"

    flinching he turned around eyes sparkling when he saw you taking of your shoes and coat

    "N/N SHOW ME A BABY PHOTO OF YOU RIGHT NOW" he demands crossing his arms.

    "wow hello to you too" rolling your eyes you walked toward the couch siting and pulling out your phone, as Oikawa sits excitedly next to you.

    "why do you want to see a baby photo of me all of the sudden baby fever?" you teased scrolling on the chat of you and your mother searching for that one baby photo she sends you begging for a grandchild.

    "maybe" he mumbled blushing

    "well I found a video" clicking on the video you gave Oikawa the phone as his eyes soften from hearing your tiny giggles

    2 years old y/n in her sleeveless white bodysuit playing on the pool that was surrounded by plastic balls, splashing water at her older brother and her mom with two plastic balls in her bodysuit on her chest makes it looks like boobs and other two plastic balls on her butt a few second later she started whining trying to remove them making grabby hands toward her mother.

    GOD how adorable you was and the little giggles, SO ADORABLE oh no tiny you is all what he will think about from now on, and that baby that the app showed him, he bet that both of you would make cute babies just like the one in the app...or even cuter.

    He pouted as the video finished "send me the video", taking the phone back you chuckled at his adorable pouty face and you kissed his forehead as you nodded "sure"

    "also I read in the chat and apparently... your mom is begging for grandchildren.."

    KUROO! you and Kuroo just moved out together to a bigger house since the last one was too small or maybe their might be kids around.

    as you and Kuroo were carrying boxes dropping them in the living room there was one box left outside and kuroo was the one who carried it, surprisingly it wasn't a heavy one like the others, of course he was curios on what's inside, sitting down opening it he found an old looking camera and some Cassette taps

    taking the camera on his hands as he observed it "uhhh sweet heart does this camera belongs to you?"

    hearing footsteps behind him you bent on him both hands on each shoulder looking at the camera and smiling "No it belongs to my dad I asked him if I could barrow it since there is something that you might like"

    you started searching for that one tape where you were in vacation with your parents

    confused he looked at you searching for a tape when you pulled back with a smile holding a tape that was written on it 'London'

    "tetsu give me the camera"

    giving it to you with no hesitation as he watched you opening it placing the tape inside and turn it on, sitting beside him as it started playing, the screen wasn't that best quality since its an old camera and the noisy sounds it makes

    8 months old Y/n with a Nutella jar in front of her with the top missing some where around the room her whole body was covered with the cream.

    "Y/N HOW DID YOU OPEN THE JAR" her mom screams as she looks at the mess her daughter made all over the carpet and all over her body, her dad was the one behind the camera laughing loudly

    "princess you made mommy mad lets get you cleaned" looking up at your daddy you laughed clapping your hands that was filled with Nutella cream making grappy hand toward him "DADA DADA DADAAAA" puting the camera down he picked you up

    "yes princess daddy's here"

    the camera screen went blue as it automatically pushes the tape out, you toke the tape and close the camera turning around you saw Kuroo with big sparkly eyes

    "tets-" he cut you off by grabbing you from your waist and pulling you closer to him kissing you on your neck and jaw

    the thought of tiny you making a mess and calling him 'dada' is what's on his mind now you looked so cute and adorable with two teeth, a family with the love of his life? yes please.

    "well sweet heart now that we're in a bigger house how about making small us running around the house....it will be nice"

    AKAASHI! uh..yeah here you are hiding behind your dad feeling your cheeks getting warm from the embarrassment, you see you and your husband akaashi are having a peaceful dinner with your parents until your mom excuses herself to go to use the 'bathroom' when she was actually going to the bedroom to get the old photo album that was FILLED with baby pictures of you.

    come on now don't blame an old lady she's getting old and she wants tiny y/n's and akaashi's !

    "M-mom keji have seen enough give it to me" you cant even talk right from how embarrassing you feel.

    you hear Akaashi chuckles as he looks at you "but you looked pretty cute love" he smiled

    Your mom looks up at you with a frown "But honey he still haven't seen the photo of you in the bubble bath" she pouts

    "Oh that's my favorite photo of my baby" your dad said as turns around pinching your cheeks pulling you toward his wife and your husband

    your eyes widen as you shake your head "MOM NO" hey that's m/n we're Taking to she won't listen to anyone, turning the album a few pages as she stops when she found the familiar photo she was searching for

    10 months old Y/n sitting on a baby floater surrounded by bubbles all over the tub with a few on top of her head and nose, a big smile is drawn on her face with two teeth on top and on the bottom, her arms are stretched trying to pop the bubbles that are coming from the dolphin shaped bubble machine.

    all of them awed but Akaashi, he was deep in thought thinking of how adorable you looked as a baby especially on this photo, the adorable smile on your face and those 4 teeth, he had always wanted kids with you, just the thought of a tiny you crawling, walking, saying her/his first word makes him extremely happy, he wants a tiny you asap.

    "keji....darling?....KEJI!" the sound of you calling his name cut his thoughts as he turned around looking at you with a soft smile

    "lets grant your parents wish"

    ⋅Reblog would be appreciated ︱ Please do not repost my work - or translating it in any other platform

    #I get baby fever ALOT because of my baby brother and cousin #IDK WHAT TO PUT A PET NAME FOR KUROO OK????? #haikyuu#hq fluff#haikyuu fluff#Oikawa fluff#kuroo fluff#akaashi fluff #btw the oikawa and Kuroo one is baby me
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  • greyandemma
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    Part 3/5 of the KuroKen Drabble Collection

    Table Of Contents

    “Kuroo.” He was immediately concerned when he got a phone call from Kenma. Wasn't he supposed to be in class?

    “Kenma? What’s up?” 

    “Class is over. You dropped me off so I don't have a car. You’re supposed to pick me up.” 

    Kuroo’s eyes snapped to the clock on the corner of his desktop. Shit. “I’m so sorry Kenma, I'm still at work. I can’t get out until later, I totally lost track of time.” 

    “It’s okay I can walk, it's not that far.” Kenma said. 

    “Are you sure? It’s pretty late, you shouldn’t be walking around alone at night.”

    “Kuroo I’m a big boy, I can handle myself.” Kenma couldn’t help but smile at his worry. 

    “Alright I believe you. Call me when you get home safe, okay?”

    “Yeah yeah…” Kenma hung up the phone, a little disappointed that Kuroo wouldn’t be able to pick him up. But he knew that he was sorry and work is a pretty valid reason, plus his worry almost makes up for it. It’s only a 20 minute walk back to the apartment so he’ll be perfectly fine. 

    He felt pretty stupid when he walked into the apartment smiling. Good thing Kuroo wouldn’t be there to see it. 

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  • chaoticevilorange
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Haikyuu x reader

    First thing in the morning

    Usually wakes up before the alarm rings, his first instinct is to reach for you on your side of the bed, is like his body gravitates towards you, he likes to feel your warm body pressed against his chest, he is careful to not wake you up, if he wakes you he whispers sweet nothings before kissing the base of your neck apologizing for wake you up, of course you forgive him

    Iwaizumi, Ennoshita, Tsukishima, Kageyama, Ushijima, Yaku, Akaashi, Kita, Aone, Sakusa

    Doesn't let the alarm sound too much, awakes at the second ring and is quick to turn it off to not disturb your slumber, after a heavy sigh wondering if is worth to get out of bed or not he decides to turn towards you, you're mumbling a sleepy 'good morning' he chuckles at the sight, your hair is messy, you refuse to open your eyes but there is that smile he adores so much, he will snuggle a bit longer before showering in kisses and then gets up to start his day

    Matsukawa, Kyotani, Daichi, Asahi, Sugawara, Yamaguchi, Semi, Kuroo,

    Is the kind of person who has like 5 alarms with a spawn of 5 minutes in between each one, usually you kick him out the bed at the third one, he groans and states you don't love him anymore, when he finally disables all the alarms he crawls to the bed asking for forgiveness, you will but there is a price of course, breakfast in bed is always his favourite way to pamper you, because he gets to see you happyly munching your toast and he can get on the bed again

    Oikawa, Hinata, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Satori, Yamamoto, Atsumu, Koganegawa

    Doesn't even bother to put an alarm because you wake him up he trusts you, sometimes you wake him up softly and tenderly or even placing playful kisses on his neck and shoulders, but some days when you're running late you shake him up, or kiss him goodbye with force enough to wake him up, babbling good mornings and good byes, by far his favourite is when you caress his hair and kiss his checks, sometimes he pretends to be asleep only for you to shower him in soft kisses

    Hanamaki, Goshiki, Lev, Kenma, Bokuto, Suna, Osamu, Aran, Futakuchi

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  • bontens-new-executive
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Ditching friends to go to the beach

    Note: omg??? Me??? Posting????

    Genere: fluff

    Characters: kuroo tetsurou, hawks(keigo takami), benkei, gojo satoru, Atsumu miya, suna rintarou, Jean kirstein, tendou satori, denki Kaminari, ran haitani, itadori yuji

    Request Masterlist


    "Woah", you spoke, eyes fixated on the ocean. "It's beautiful, isn't it?", your boyfriend grinned, eyes glancing to your direction before quickly returning back to the road, "Just as beautiful as you, darling." You chuckled, rolling your eyes in response, "wow, what an original sentence. Haven't heard that one before." He nodded, "yeah, I know, I know. I'm just different, I'm not like the others, you see."

    Your hand came in contact with his shoulder, slapping him lightly, "yeah, you're different. You're more menacing than others." Mirroring your expression, he grinned before nodding once more, "aaaand you love it." To not feed into his ego even more, you decided to ignore him, you're focus returning to the bright blue water.

    "It looks so pretty and shiny, and warm, too", you sighed out, wishing you were at the beach, but instead you two were on your way to your friends' house. You loved your friends, but the beach just looked so much more inviting, you thought. "You wanna go to the beach, baby?", he asked, his hand squeezing your thigh. Meeting his gaze for a moment before leaning your head back against the seat, you groaned loudly, "I'd love to, but we can't. Don't forget that we're on our way to meet up with those idiots."

    "And who says we can't just ditch them and instead go to the beach right now?", he questioned. "You wanna go to the beach right now? Yes? Great! Then on our way to the beach we are!", he cheered, laughing at your deadpaned expression. "And what are we gonna tell them when they ask where we are?"

    He hummed, thinking for a short while, "hmm how about that by some unexplainable wonder, we ended up at the beach and an inhuman force had us trapped there for the next three hours?" You place your hand on your chin, acting like you were in deep thought, "and therefore we were unable to come to the meet up. We really were trying our best to come, but it just wasn't posible.", you finished his thought.

    "You know what? I think, that it will absolutely work out and they'll belive it.", he laughed. "We are geniuses. No one can compare", you agreed, taking his hand from your thigh in order to place a kiss to it. "I wanna hug you so bad right now, sunshine. Let me just hurry up a little bit", he said before stepping on the gas and speeding up.

    "Oh no, something is taking over the car, it's forcing us to take a right, what is happening?!", his voice dramatic as he made a right turn toward the beach. His smile only growing wider as he heard you laugh due to his poor acting. "Oh my, this is so strange! It's so strong, can you fight it?", you joined, acting just as shoked. "I'm trying my absolute best, I don't think we can win against it!"

    Parking the car close to the beach, he got out and quickly made his way to your side. Opening your door, he grabbed your hand to pull you out and into his arms. "Now lets go, baby", he kissed your forehead before pulling you along with him.

    #kuroo tetsurou x reader #keigo takami x reader #hawks x reader #benkei x reader #gojo x reader #Atsumu x reader #suna x reader #jean kirstein x reader #tendou x reader #denki kaminari x reader #mha x reader #haikyuu x reader #jujutsu kaisen x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #ran haitani x reader #aot x reader #haikyuu fluff#bnha fluff#aot fluff #tokyo revengers fluff #jujutsu kaisen fluff #itadori x reader
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  • late-night-secrets
    21.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    My dancer

    Relationship: Kuroo x female Reader

    Genre/Warnings: Fluff, hinted sexual themes -> 16+! (reader discretion advised)

    Description: In which Kuroo realizes, once again, how madly in love he is.

    When the lights dimmed down and the curtains opened, Kuroo was not really sure what to expect. The last time he had gone to a theatre it was some obligatory family event he had slept through most of the time. It was not like he despised performing arts, yet he was not too keen on consuming some either. If he wanted visual entertainment, he would rather watch a movie than go to a theatre. Back then, he had been young and had had not much patience. Yet, he was sitting here now and caught himself being curious and even, a tiny bit, excited. After all, he had grown, maybe became a bit more open-minded towards it all.

    After all, he already should have sat here years ago.

    However, grown up or not, he quickly got reminded why he had avoided theatres in his free time not even fifteen minutes into the evening. He might be more tolerant now but, with all due respect, he had realized that a performance of a hobby dance school did not entertain him. Fairly speaking, it was cute how the five-year-old pounded across the stage, jumping rather less synchronized when the music gave it away and occasionally spinning around all while having the brightest of grins on their faces, obviously having a blast. Still, Kuroo tried and failed to share the apparently never ending excitement of the spectators sitting in the front rows who could not stop applauding and taking pictures.

    Probably the parents, he assumed. Kuroo had always considered himself a pretty empathic person but right now he simply could not understand how someone was that enthusiastic about some children in costumes. Maybe he would understand once he was a father himself. So instead of clapping like one of those toy monkeys with cymbals, he applauded politely every once in a while.

    He skimmed through the program every spectator had found lying on their seat. Apparently, they had scheduled the children’s performances first, and as the evening progressed the dancers would get older. The urge to groan frustratedly grew as he realized he had to wait for at least another hour. From then onwards it should be more bearable for him.

    His eyes rapidly jumped over the names of the performers, in the dim light barely readable, until they came to a quick halt. A sudden wave of pride overcame him, and he could not contain his smile when he read her name. Although it was just some cheap, clearly self-made prospect, seeing it printed black on white looked so official. Did she feel the same when she had looked through the setup during his matches? Had she read his name and thought to herself, “Oh, I know that guy – That’s my guy!”?

    “Thank you again for coming,” the woman next to him whispered. It was her mother. Both her parents sat to his right. They had gone through these performances many, many times already. “Although she always says you don’t need to come, she’s actually very happy, you know.”

    It took Kuroo a few moments to realize that she was consoling him. Unconsciously, he had started shaking his leg, a clear sign of impatience. As soon as he noticed, he stopped. “No,” he wanted to clarify immediately. “I mean, yes. I know.” He sat up properly and tried to focus on what was happening on the stage. “Of course I have to come,” he added with a low voice. “It was long overdue.”

    And that was the truth. Considering how many years they were dating already, it was almost embarrassing to admit that this was the first official performance he ever saw. In this regard they had been nothing but unlucky; be it volleyball nationals, a broken arm of hers, his sister’s wedding, the dance school skipping the yearly stage performances due to construction work… Throughout the years there had been many reasons why Kuroo could not have attended, and the more often it had happened, the bigger grew the clod of guilt in his heart. Especially when she had watched most of his matches so dutifully and enthusiastically.

    “You didn’t miss much. I believe it’s a little tiring,” her mother told him. He was hearing these words for the umpteenth time now, not only from his – as they liked to call themselves – soon-to-be parents-in-law – even though a proposal was nowhere near in sight – but also from his girlfriend. Every time it was clear that another year would pass without him seeing her dancing on stage, she had always waved it off, “It doesn’t matter. ‘Nothing special’ to put it into Kenma’s words. I mean, of course I’m a little sad. But it is as it is. After all, it’s just a hobby.” Each time it had nagged at him how calm she had said those words when her eyes clearly told how disappointed she was. Not necessarily in him, but in the whole situation.

    Therefore, him being here was actually quite a big deal. For the past few weeks, she had alternated between foreseeing any kind of catastrophe that would prevent Kuroo to see her performance once again, and constantly asking him if he really wanted to come since it would probably only bore him. Again, she had appeared quite collected, yet he knew how excited and happy she was. He had noticed it in the way her eyes had shone a little brighter and her walk had become a little bouncier every time he had reassured her that he was very much looking forward to finally seeing her dancing on stage. For that alone, sitting here and watching children hopping in the spotlight had already been worth it.

    So, he responded honestly, “I wouldn’t say tiring. Just… not the first thing that crosses my mind to get rid of boredom.” Even though he did not play as much volleyball as he used to do in high school, he still enjoyed working out. He liked to feel the sweat dripping down his forehead, his skin burning after the ball hit his arms and his muscles ripping apart as he forced himself to go further, to jump higher, to run faster. He preferred moving around, not watching someone else do it. Yet tonight, he was more than willing to sit in the dark among many others to focus on the only illuminated spot in the theatre, namely the stage.

    “Well, I just hope you won’t regret it.”

    “Oh” A small smile appeared on his face. “I most definitely won’t.” And that he was sure of.

    As the evening continued, Kuroo thought about the old days. Back in high school as he got aware of his interest in her had he already known that being in a relationship not only meant to have an important person, but also being one? Probably not. He vaguely remembered how he had pestered her to come and watch one of his matches when they had been nothing more but shallow friends. Often she had declined jokingly stating that one might think they would be dating if she showed up because of him.

    But then, one day during a match against another school in Tokyo he had spared a look over the ranks somewhat mindlessly. – “Well, I heard that our volleyball club was actually quite good, so I came to confirm it myself.” – How startled he had been when he had seen her beaming and cheering. He still remembered it clearly since he had failed the next receive in his surprise. This was the moment he had realized there was no other face he would rather spot watching him play. That he had fallen in love.

    During that time, he had already known she also got a passion as big as his for volleyball. As they gradually had grown closer, he had noticed just how much she actually loved to dance. Having people around she was comfortable with she knew no shame in holding back as soon as any kind of melody sounded. On rare occasions she would even start to swing her body randomly without any music playing; spinning around and throwing limps graciously in a rhythm nobody could hear but her. Nowadays he knew it was a sign that she got a song stuck in her head.

    (read the rest on ao3)

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  • phoebeyahhh
    21.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    the feels.

    you hated the weird sensation that swells on your chest whenever kuroo tetsurou talks to you. you ignored it at first, realizing that you only feel it when kuroo is around.

    you hated it because you have no clue what thet weird sensation is, you hated it to the point where you started avoiding him.

    but you can't run away from him forever. you two share the same class, sitting infront of him by the windows.

    he would poke your shoulders but ignores him. the more you ignore him, the more you felt hurt. why?

    but then, kuroo confronted you, "don't go avoiding me, y/n. what's wrong with you?" pinning you by the rooftop's wall, his aura feels overwhelming, you knew you can't escape from him.

    you didn't answer him, avoiding his eyes and biting your bottom lip, to your surprise, he rose your chin up to him, making you look eye to eye with him.

    heat rose up to your cheeks as your gaze focused on him, breathe hitching.

    "why are you avoiding me, hm? have i done something you didn't like?" his voice was soft, his other hand went on your waist to pull you closer to him.

    you can feel his hot breath, tickling your cheeks. you can't help your face to get more redder, embarassed by the closeness.

    "how cute, so embarassed for me. say, are you inlove with me?"

    looking back, you would always stare at kuroo whenever you get the chance but akways ended up being catched by him.

    the way your voice soften when you talk to him, eyes looking at him with full of adoration and care, the way his smile gives you butterflies in the stomach.

    but when girls would talk to him with flirty tone, there's always a pang that stabs your chest, was it perhaps jealousy?

    maybe, maybe he's right. maybe you're inlove with him, with kuroo tetsurou.

    "..maybe..? i don't know..kuroo, but everytime i look at you....or whenever your presence is near me....my chest feels this weird sensation.." you, once again, avoided his gaze, feeling embarassed.

    "that weird sensation you feel, do you think it's a bad feeling?"

    you looked at him and eagerly shaked your head, staring at his eyes.

    he then smiled, probably the softest one that he would rarely show to anyone, that carefree smile of him, you can tell that he was genuinely happy on your answer.

    "i love you too, go on a date with me?" you closed your eyes as his forehead touches yours, hands clinging on his chest.

    you smiled a bit, humming a 'yes' and kuroo hugged you tight, kissing your forehead. you felt incredibely happy, all this time, you never knew why your chest felt weird but now, kuroo taught you what was it, you were inlove with him.

    you thought, maybe falling inlove with him, kuroo tetsurou isn't so bad.

    maybe kuroo tetsurou was the best thing happened to your high school life.

    hewo! it's been a while since i wrote something, i hope you guys enjoy and thankyou!! ^^

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  • mae-gi-writes
    21.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Just thinking about How Kuroo's camera roll wouldn't necessarily have pictures of him but probably:

    Pics of cats

    Videos of cute cats that are REALLY FLUFFY and make you go HAKDJDKS ❤

    Paws PAWS PAWS all the way

    Random photos of Bokuto doing BOKUTO things

    Kenma gaming and Kenma's annoyed face in different sizes and dimensions

    Spam photos of Bokuto and Atsumu's face on his phone

    Spam photos of Nekoma team that he re-saves when they come up on facebook

    Mountain views whenever he goes hiking

    Beach volleyball photos when they have days off

    Chaotic beach volleyball where half of it is practically blurry

    Photos of your double chin

    Spam photos of your double chin for him to laugh at

    Photos of your hands in his because he loves knowing how tiny your hands are

    Random videos and photos of you whenever you go on dates

    He snaps pics of you when he thinks you're not looking

    Only for you to flash him your ugliest face just to PROVE A POINT

    Him falling about laughing because honestly that's the thing he lives for honestly

    Selfies where he squishes his cheek with yours until you're annoyed lmap

    SCREENSHOTS of middle school you

    Aesthetic shots of you both on the beach, in the park, anywhere beautiful that he wants to capture with you and FINALLY

    Pictures of your hand, with a ring

    A screenshot of his text where he tells Kenma "she's finally mine."

    Just Kuroo things 💘

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  • lssugaluv
    20.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Masterlist <3 シ

    Hello! Welcome to my masterlist. 

    This is where you can find my oneshots and stories. Thank you for reading and supporting! Please share and interact. Suggestions are always welcomed. 

    ⁎ = fluff.   ⁑ =  Angst.    ⁂ = Smut. 

    ✲ = oneshots.

    ✿ = series. 

    Focuses: I like to write tons of fluff, as well as romance, drama, angst, and of course smut. Please know that all the characters I write about are older. I do focus on female reader! :) 

    For example; If I write about the Haikyuu characters, I like to use their timeskip selves. 

    ∘ I will update every Friday.

    ∘ Please visit this masterlist for the updates! 


    ✲ -  Having the HQ Boys Forcing You Out of Bed. ( ⁎ ) Multiple characters.

    ✲ - What the HQ Boys Will Do For You For Mothers Day.  ( ⁎) Multi Characters.

    ✲ - I Missed You. ( ⁎ /  ⁑ )  Kuroo Tetsuro. 

    𝘈𝙩𝚜𝙪𝒎𝙪 ᴍ܂: 

    ✿ -  My First. Atsumu Miya x Female Reader . (   ⁂ /  ⁎ ) 

    Ʈσƙ𝐲σ Ʀᥱ𝗏ᥱח𝒈ᥱ𝘳𝘚:

    ✲ - Drunkenly in Love With You. Draken x Female reader. (  ⁂ ) 

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  • mondrise
    20.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    domestic oikuroo? 🥺🥺

    tetsurou had heard of his name before. if not from the news, then from whispers in passing, mostly praises mixed with gratuitous gossip expected of a professional player at that level. the two of them ran in circles around each other as early as high school, merely a couple of captains fulfilling their duty to keep an eye on potential competition. his job only gave them a reason to meet five years into their respective careers. as strangers, they started with some small talk, hi’s and hello’s, but even then, the formalities felt a little strained.

    with so many similar interests, conversations nowadays consist of everything from conspiracy theories to dinner date reservations, if they remembered to use words at all. tooru talks a lot, to the point where people wonder if he just likes the sound of his own voice, but tetsurou has his ways of shutting him up. more often than not, it leads to soft snores and even softer touches, one or the other unconsciously snuggling closer for warmth. neither care that his bedhead worsens, and whether he ever admits it, those sorts of evenings are his favorite.

    sometimes, tooru stays awake through the night, murmuring stories about aliens and androids and argentina. definitely real, he says. apple sucks, he says. we should get married there, he says. tetsurou always agrees, even if he already upgraded to the newest iphone. when the sun rises, casting shadows on the walls, he stares at their silhouettes and catches himself with a smile. tooru notices and only stops speaking to sneak another kiss. as tetsurou leans into him, he thinks maybe it’s not so hard to admit that mornings like this one are his favorite, too.

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