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  • stardust-static
    16.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    Baileys sleep talking words of wisdom tonight:


    *springs up, looks at me, and then lays back down*


    "What was that about ?"


    "I don't know it's weird"


    "What's weird?"


    "All the stuff got replaced with new stuffs"

    "... the lemon juice"

    *loud snore*

    #😂😂 if i could have just a small peak into baileys dreams #not the lemon juice
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  • aikasugifs
    16.05.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    I don’t even have a name or a story or anything for this character, I just like to draw her. (The background and the jewels on the sleeves were copy-pasted, but I drew everything else myself)

    #my art #dressy piano coord #oc#ocs #i just used lemon's stage bc i assume the stage depends on the brand being worn?
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  • thesecretsthatwedontkeep
    16.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago

    with friends like these, who needs anemones?

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  • cintade90
    16.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago
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  • nautiscarader
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I've got a Milanda prompt if it's alright with you:

    Milo and Amanda are chatting as they walk down the empty hallways of their school when she suddenly trips and pulls Milo's pants down, revealing his tighty whiteys. Upon seeing them, as well as Milo's nervous expression, she takes him before he could pull his pants back up, either to the locker room or somewhere else where no one will bother them. Once there, she asks him if he wants to try dry humping with her before doing the real thing later tonight, while still looking at Milo's underwear.

    Honestly, given Milo's records, it was odd this hasn't happened before: his trousers being pulled down as a result of Amanda's trip, which revealed his white briefs. Without thinking much, Amanda helped him get to the bathroom,not only so he could fix himself up, but for slightly more selfish reason which became obvious when he found her imn his laps.

    "I just think you ;look neat in them", she spoke, moving her hips forward ever so gently, feeling his cock waking up to life.

    "Amanda, we don't have time..."

    "We will have later tonight", she countered, moving back and forth, "Want to get just a brief taste?"

    Without waiting for answer, Amanda closed her arms around his neck and spread her legs further, allowing his bulge to touch her equally wet spot, as the two young adults mashed their lips together, hoping the flimsy chair underneath them doesn't give up.

    Neither of them cared how fast were they approaching their edges in this limited form of sex, tempting them to go completely naked and spoil the fun that will await them later tonight. It was fast, slightly reckless and exactly what the two needed when Amanda dug her nails into Milo's back and the two shuddered, kissing, as their climaxes rolled through their bodies.

    'Okay, I will need to get changed, I hope no one will notice that-"

    Milo spoke, and then, as post-coital clarity hit them, the two realised something.

    Amanda has pulled him into a bathroom. They were seen going there together. Even if her intentions were innocent, something else was on every other student's mind.

    "Well, you were going to change them anyway", Amanda spoke as she dragged Milo's pants down, followed by ditching her own, while she procured a condom from her pocket.

    #milanda#lemon#nautiscaraderfics #aged-up characters and all that
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  • betweenthetimeandsound
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    The Lemon Tree

    --prompts from @mercuriian (25 and 26 April)

    With the lemons' tartness, I remember once again how we met our families under a burnt tree, with every suitcase opened for hope and its accessories. Despite the sun beaming down on our backs, a gelid wind guides us further into the desert--a place where the flowers don't have soft sides, just the virulent need for time to pass and for water to drink up.

    My home is not a cage of barbed wire, but a garden with overripe mangoes and the rosemary which you use for your lamb. You finally found a treehouse when you figure out the key to survival in a labyrinth of branches--but not through severing it through its roots, pale but strong.

    Send me its seeds; I only live amongst dust and fire, clinging onto a lonely hand for companionship. The day breaks like a wine glass during a siege; the scarlet overtones color my vision and my desires for tomorrow to not wash over me like a tidal wave filled with tarnished names. Poisoned water doesn't spring life anew; lemonade only neutralizes my nightmares, but it will be enough for me.

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  • angelsmadefromneon
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    idk if anyones up but uhh what sounds interesting for a yandere!jack fic

    - jack being a generic creep 

    - jack using a love potion

    - jack being violent toward people who look at his object of affection

    - jack acting like a child to get what he wants

    - jack using his powers to get what he wants

    - jack being influenced by and/or following lucifer

    #spitballling #writing making lemons was SO fun i wanna do another #maybe not a sequel but def something similar
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  • lemonade-juley
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Somehow I managed to trade bullets with an enemy hunter twice in a single Bounty Hunt.

    It's funny because both times it happened they were either the last member of their team or their last teammate immediately got domed, so I freely got revived after trading.

    #uh also those were the only actual kills i got out of the 6 hunters we fought #maybe if i was greedy I could've domed one of the hunters who was trying to stop us from extracting #but I'm a coward who values her life so i didn't #lemon plays#hunt showdown
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  • percysblackgirlfriend
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Society if Tim and Jason were drawn like this respectively:

    🚫Batcest shippers and people who make d*ddy issues jokes dni🚫

    #JFNDJSHF#tim drake#jason todd#batfam#lemon#for jason: #real self shipping hours #letters from summer
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  • sgrmse
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    what a strange (difficult) season it has been. it rains every day now, without fail. and everything feels particularly heavy when water-soaked.

    for as long as i have lived, i have always had a fixation for a life less ordinary. i had wanted, almost subconsciously welcomed, the odd and the unconventional. i remember confessing to ex-lover number two that i would not at all mind doing a stint in prison and, separately, a stint in an asylum just so i could live through the experiences firsthand and write about them. “between the two, it’d be better to do the prison stint.” why? i’d asked. “because at least with prison, you’d have a definite release date. if you were ever committed to a mental asylum, you may never leave.”

    that said, he did end up entertaining my bizarre request to drive through the acclaimed Hospital Bahagia when we’d been in the vicinity. but, i digress.

    in t-five days i will, once again, be flying the coop for what i well and truly hope, will be for good this time. i have entirely resigned to the fact that for as much as i want so badly to embrace this notion of living The Rest Of My Adult Life Here (in malaysia), the truth is, it always ends up feeling like i’m slowly suffocating. i absolutely cannot bear the same mindlessness. all the narrow-minded folk. the people who are simply contented being less than. i don’t exactly know how to accurately describe this out-of-placeness i so constantly feel and am aware of when i’m here. all i know is that this resounding thought plays on in my head, in a steady, unfaltering loop: i don’t belong here.

    packing is so difficult, though. every time i have to do it, i am berating myself for having accumulated so much and swearing up and down that i will never again buy unnecessarily. only what’s needed. only essentials. i keep trying to rid myself of this stupid mentality where i equate material possessions (and the ability to afford them) to happiness. to feeling full. accomplished. successful. as i write this, i am also casting glances helplessly around this meagre room space that overflows with clothes, shoes, miscellaneous items (like bailey, my acoustic guitar that has laid zipped up in a case for close to half a decade now, unplayed with) and wishing i could just call a dump truck to take all of it (everything) away. i’d just purchase the bare essentials and quietly leave when it comes time to.

    if only.

    these days, i find that it helps immensely to pretty much buy into the belief that everybody is now dead and gone. funny how something that used to be so cripplingly sad to me is now so liberating. all the wastemen that were only ever piles of broken glass shards—all swept away now by the tide of time. thank God. i think of the pathetic interactions i’ve had over the course of these past five years and realise i really did hit rock bottom. every last “relationship” was only shittier and emptier than the last and i’m really glad that i’ve managed to stay completely and utterly single this entire duration. the longest i’ve ever been! by the looks of it, i’m well on-track to achieving my intended goal and i do get excited and happy thinking about checking that box off. i cannot be prouder of myself. for having come this far in knowing exactly what i will never again accept and tolerate and for being absolutely unequivocally unapologetic when it comes to everything that i need, want and deserve. such a shift entirely from the quivering, broken, sad girl i’d been for so long. it’s growth and i’m glad.

    this next thing that’s coming up in my view is something that feels like coming full circle. maybe because for the very first time in my life, i’ll be going back to something that i had once left. it’s no groundbreaking occurrence for most, i’ve come to learn but for me, this is huge. because going back for me means confirmation. “why are you?” i’ve been asked twice now by two different friends when i’d shared the news.

    “because i could be me, i could do the job and i wanted for nothing. i was happy.”

    i’m amused now by the thought of my 16/17-year old self imagining how fabulous my adulthood was going to be. conjuring delusions of grandeur. the swanky girl-chic apartment in new york city. the devastatingly dapper long-term boyfriend. the fifth avenue high life. parties. girlfriends. secret underground clubs in soho. now, at almost-33, i know that nothing of adulthood is glittery and glamourous. most people are borderline ghosts. held together by fraying threads of pretense, denial. addictions that live masked and comfortable in the cloak of recreation. “it’s really just for the weekend.” oh, the lies we tell ourselves. all pretty having been perfected over time. now, at almost-33, the only thing i think is absolutely fabulous is making good choices. right choices. giving myself everything i was always meant to have but was always somehow, just out of reach.

    if you’d have told me at 16/17 that this would be my life at almost-33, i probably wouldn’t have thought twice about pulling the plug. but now that we’re here... i just want to make damn sure that my faerietale ending is going to read: and so she lived happily, abundantly and freely ever after—in the light.

    the end.

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  • percysblackgirlfriend
    16.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    That post i just reblogged made me realize that the 'A death in the family' acronym(ditf)is one letter away from 'dilf' help JDNDBDNDNCNFNF

    #dad bod jason real???? #batcesters and people who make d*ddy issues jokes dni #jason todd #a death in the family #batfam #real self shipping hours #lemon #letters from summer
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  • tealeaf89
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Flight Chapter 9

    Emerging from the quiet restaurant onto the busy street outside.  Everyone appeared to have had the same idea of spending the day shopping in town.  I slip into the nearest alley to find some peace from the overwhelming amount of people walking around today.  I travel a little farther in until the bustling street sounds are muffled.  Leaning against the cold, damp stone wall I anxiously reach around in my bag for a cigarette.  The breeze sends a chill up my bare legs and ruffles my skirt around in the air.   God, he frustrates me so much.  After digging through some old receipts and a pack of gum I finally find them and pull one out.  Lighting up, I close my eyes and inhale the sweet nicotine that my body was craving.     Why is he always in my business anyway?  

    Sensing movement in front of me, I open my eyes to see him standing in front of me.  He grabs the cigarette from my hand throwing it to the ground and stomping on it.  "That's a disgusting habit."  He says while glaring at me.  He rests his arms over his chest, studying me.    

    Pulling myself from the wall I scowl at him.  "What's your fucking problem?"  

    He steps closer so that his chest is almost touching mine.  His dark gaze attempting to intimidate me.   "You."  

    Stepping closer to assert my dominance, "Yeah?  Then why are you here?"  

    His face inches closer to mine.  His voice is throaty and possessive.   "You infuriate me."  

    Waving my hand toward the exit of the alley, "THEN FUCKING GO!"  I can feel the anger build up inside my chest as I return the heated glare.  What is his fucking problem!?  "No one asked you to be here."  

    "I CAN'T" he cries out, running his hands through his spikey locks.  He steps back and starts pacing back in forth in front of me.

    Raising my brow at his outburst.  "You can't?"  I scoff at the absurd statement.   "I'm pretty sure it's easy...just walk that way."  I gesture again in the direction of the busy streets.  

    He stops pacing and faces me again, uneasiness evident in his eyes.  Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath before continuing.  "I don't understand this." Planting himself in front of me, he looks me up and down.  "Everything about you confuses me."  

    "I'm literally just living my life,"  I respond to his weird statement.  "What's so confusing about that?"

    Stepping closer still, I can feel his warm breath against my face.  He smells like peppermint and burnt sugar.  It's kind of a weird combination, but it's not bad.   "That's what I don't understand.  Our lives keep crossing paths now.  You don't care about the status of heroes like everyone else does.  You don't fawn over me like every other girl-"  

    Cutting him off from his speech, "so it confuses you that I'm not obsessed with you?"  Scoffing and turning to walk away from him.  "Conceited much?"  

    He places a hand on my shoulder, "no, that's not what I mean."  His face is downcast and I can see a slight tint of pink across his cheeks.  "That's not what I meant..."  He repeats as if to assure himself of what he's trying to get across.  "It's nice actually.  What's frustrating is that I didn't know that's what I wanted."  

    "Glad I could help you become more self-aware I guess.  You're welcome."  I pat his arm that's rested on my shoulder, turning slightly again to leave.  

    His free hand snaked around my waist and pulls me closer.  My breath hitches in my throat at the sensation of his fingers lightly brushing against my waist.  "Don't go."  He leans forward and whispers into my neck while nuzzling his nose in my hair.  "I can't stop thinking about you."  My head falls back at the delicate kisses he leaves along my collar bone.  

    In a fluid movement, he has my back against the wall with hands riding up my thighs.  My eyes widen from the surprise of this unexpected action but I'm quickly distracted by the delicious feeling of his hands tightly gripping the backs of my thighs.  A flush of red creeps across my face due to the situation I'm currently in.  "W-What?"  

    He mercilessly pushes his body into mine, cupping my ass with his warm hands.  I can feel his thick bulge rub against my thigh.  "What are you doing to me?" He whispers roughly into my ear as his hands roam up my waist, bringing a moan from deep within my throat surprising the both of us.  He reacts quickly by placing desperate kisses along my neck and collar.  "I want you so fucking bad, and I can't figure out why."  

    Wrapping my hands into his hair I pull while leaning my head back at the sensation.  He continues to kiss along my neck and then bites down on my shoulder.  "Fuck."  I moan as I feel him harden against me.  His hand slides up my shirt as he moves his lips to mine.  

    READ MORE ON: WATTPAD- SARAHCATE89 AO3- SARAHCATE89 PATREON- https://www.patreon.com/sarahcate89

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  • oddisms
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    eden has impeccable pussy. (and she makes cute noises)

    #the grip? its boa #❖evil lil dance➺ooc❖ #lemon* #happy sunday eveeyoneee bc i didn’t post shit today
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  • pewpewgunemoji
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    when life gives you lemons you don't make lemonade you use them to make girls cry

    #obsessed with this song #lemons#byre#cavetown
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  • luna-1234s-blog
    16.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Whitewashing y la representación latinoamericana

    Voy a empezar diciendo que , obviamente no tengo nada que ver con muchos de los países latinoamericana , soy mexicana ,aunque e conocido gente Argentina, y hondureña, pero nada más,a si que si llego a hablar de otros países, en su mayoría son cosas que e leído, o comentarios de personas de estos países, aclarado esto, empezemos

    Que es el whitewashing?, básicamente, es dar características caucásicas a personajes de color , con intenciones de agradar al público caucásico , a si que desgolsaremos algunos ejemplos de personas, ya sea latinas o de acendencia latina , y veremos si entran en esta categoría o no , o como afecta la vicion que tenemos de las personas latinoamericanas

    Iniciaremos hablando de honey lemon, por un tiempo, hubo mucha discusión de su físico, pero francamente, estoy de acuerdo con que no se parece a la mayoría de Latinoamericanos, es cierto que hay personas latinas con piel clara, ojos verdes, y pelo rubio,de hecho se parece un poco a mi hermana

    Pero no quita que son características poco comunes en países latinoamericanos, además de que esos rasgos , suelen darte ciertos privilegios según el país donde estés, están representado a una persona que en estados unidos,y en muchos países latinos , tendría privilegios por su tono de piel , el cual muchos no tenemos

    De hecho , es curioso, no supe que era latina hasta años después, por lo mismo que tiene un físico poco común , y no me mal entiendan, es bueno también representar a las personas latinas de rasgos caucásicos, se hablará de eso más adelante, pero cuando tu único personaje latino , no se parece a la mayoría de población Latinoaméricana , no puedes culparme por pensar que solo era una chica caucásica estadounidense, y no, no creo que sea española , ya que su actriz de voz es de ascendencia latina

    El siguiente personaje , o familia, de la cual vamos a hablar, que será importante para hablar del resto es , la familia rivera en coco , me gustó mucho coco , pero no niego que tiene sus problemas, realmente no blanquea a los personajes, pero el único problema, es que solo representa al blanco mestizo

    Lo que sigue es una lección de historia,algo que paso en México, y de hecho en muchos países latinos, es que con la colonización, llegarían cientos de personas de todas partes, africanos , caucásicos, rumanies,hasta asiáticos, como concecuencia,proboco un mestizaje curioso (que se retomará esto después) provocando que a si como hay personas como honey lemon,las haya como felix y isabela de encanto

    A si que solo representar al latino de rasgos mestizos, podría ser una poco raro ,más cuando en mi país hay gente negando las raíces afro

    Y ahora hablaremos de los ejemplos que me parecieron positivos, y seria la familia madrigal , yo también viví en una casa intergeneracional, y algo que notaras, es que a diferencia de los riveras , es más común que no todos se parezcan

    Mi propia familia es muy diferente, encontrarás desde personas de piel clara , como de piel oscura, por eso amó como la familia madrigal, representa a muchas personas latinoamericanas

    Hay gente con físico más causicos , como pepa y camilo , hay gente con rasgos más afro , como felix y Antonio, de hecho la mayoría tienen rasgos más mestizos, y también se me hizo un detalle curioso , que isabela sea la que más resalte por su belleza, siendo de la familia la que más rasgos indígenas tiene

    Lo que me lleva a hablar de pepa , realmente, a diferencia de honey lemon, no tengo problema con que sea de piel clara , pero es porque hay más personajes latinos , de diferente físico, y actitudes, puedes empatizar con ella , y con el resto de la familia, su físico es solo para demostrar la diversidad de Colombia, que de hecho,de latinoamerica, por su posiciones geográfica, encontrarás a personas de físicos más diversos

    Y me voy a la serie de maya y los 3 , que francamente es muy buena , veanla , pero volvamos al tema , maya y los 3 es una seria con diversidad de físico, están las personas indígenas como la propia maya , gente afro como rico , y hasta gente mestiza , como acat

    Pero hablemos de los personajes de piel Blanca, chimi es mi personaje favorito, y si bien también hubo controversia por su piel , al igual que con pepa , era para demostrar la diversidad racial en Latinoamérica, además, es muy curiosa la inversión de roles

    En muchos países de Latinoamérica, es más probable tener ciertos privilegios, si tu piel es clara , pero a qui es al revés, ella, por tener piel clara , es vista como , muchos latinos veríamos a las mujeres de rasgos indígenas o afro , como fuera de lugar , invierte los roles

    Lo que hace que tengamos un cast más diversos de físico, lo cual , me gusta , hace que todos los latinos , sin importar, si tenemos un físico parecido a los nativos o no , podamos vernos u sentirnos orgullosos de nuestro color de piel , y cultura , sin que alguien sea mejor por su color de piel , de hecho,al final, la tesis de la serie es que juntos , sin importar las diferencias, podemos lograr grandes cosas

    Pero la serie no es perfecta, de por si se me hace raro de los dioses , estén codificados como personas europeas, pero mostrarlos como el villano, a una codificación de los europeos que vinieron a esclavizar a los indígenas, podría se una interpretación adecuada, más cuando muchos latinos enaltecen a los colonialisadores caucásicos, mientras rechazan las raíces nativas , si no me creen , busquen a Octavio paz ,presidente de Argentina , y lo que piensa de los brasileños y mexicanos

    Lo que me lleva a hablar de zats , el cual, esta codificado como una persona mestiza, maya también de hecho , pero al final, es curioso como , un chico de piel clara , queda con una chica con la piel más oscura, lo cual muchos interpretaron como una relación interacial

    Que en los tiempos de la Colonia, la mayoría de relaciones internacionales, con alguien de físico caucásico, significaba abuso sexual, y abandono del producto, por eso se volvió controversial

    Pero francamente, creo que las intenciones eran otras, mostrando como todos somos diferentes, como independientemente de nuestro color de piel, nuestro país, nuestro género etc , podemos unirnos y hacer un cambio de verdad, zats al final, es el único que puede entender a maya , aún si ella se crió con humanos , y el con dioses, siguen apoyándose, son diferentes, pero los une la gloria de un guerrero , y el honor , son más parecidos de lo que piensan

    En conclusión, no está mal representar personas latinas de piel clara o oscura ,de ojos cafes o verdes,lo importante , es dar a conocer la diversidad , la tradición, los valores , que nos representan a los latinos , darle más luz a personas diferentes, podría hacer grandes obras , como maya y los 3

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  • pmseymourva
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


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  • dylandrhodes
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Hello. Hi. How are ya. No rushing and I’m not prying AT ALL but like….

    Are we gonna have a part two of the wedding fic 🫣😏

    Asking for research purposes only.

    Hi cutie! Thanks for asking! I work 12hr shifts and night shift sometimes so my time to write changes weekly! I am working on it bit by bit but I am also a perfectionist who can’t shut the hell up so I’m probably going to be a lil while to make it what I want. I really enjoy the enemies to lover dynamic and wanna try do it right you know? Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait! And don’t worry like double if not triple helpings of smut in this one….

    🚨🚨🚨Warning smut below 🚨🚨🚨

    He’s a very smutty little preview for y’all for waiting 💗☺️☺️☺️lol 

    His fingers moved to grasp the underwire where it met between your breasts and pulled the white lace of your bra down, letting your tits spill out.

    You whined at the feeling of the cold counter against your bare skin, Dylan’s hand groping across the swell of your tits, gripping desperately.

    “The way you were fucking posing with your friends bending over like I couldn’t almost see your panties, making your tits press together so nicely- fuck” Dylan’s voice was low, hungry.

    “Made my cock like this, made it fucking ache for you, thinking about how perfectly you fit around it all night, the way your body looked taking me- fuck, the pretty pink of your cunt, knowing how it looks nice and soaked just for me, right there just in a little pair of panties ”

    Dylan's hips rocked against you, his zipper to your panties as the force of his thrust pressed you down harder into the marble countertop.

    You bit hard into your bottom lip as Dylan’s hand moved from where he’d flipped the full mini skirt of your dress up over your hips to grip a handful of your ass, humming as his fingers dug in, tugged you back against him with his new hold on your body.

    “Fucking beautiful girl, no idea how hard you’ve got me, no idea I'm thinking about bending you over whatever I can and getting my hands on you, making you cum for me” Dylan’s voice was hoarse.

    You shivered as he mock fucked you against the sink, bouncing you back on his clothed cock as if you were taking it.

    “Look at your ass, baby, these little panties, so pretty and sheer, Like you knew I’d need to see this pussy again soon” Dylan lingered in his thrusts, slowly rolled his hips up in slow grinds, the dirty press of it made your pussy pulse.

    #my writing#ask #like blood and a lemon
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  • treacherous--doctor
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Good evening fellow homosexuals, have a fresh handcrafted shitpost

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