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  • johnesimpson
    05.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Reminders to Believe in Always Moving Forward

    Mary Ruefle, Linda Ciccarello, et al.: 'Reminders to Believe in Always Moving Forward'

    [Image: a panel from Linda Ciccarello‘s interactive digital story called “Everything Makes a Noise When It Reveals Itself.” As you move your mouse over the screen at that site — or your fingertip, if using a mouse-less, touch-sensitive device — something like the light of a flashlight appears to reveal each succeeding bit of the story (if “story” even comes close to describing the thing…

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  • formulaconfessions
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Do you know which drivers have gf and which are single? 🙂

    I can try listing the ones I know :)) Max: Kelly Piquet Perez: Carola Martínez Lewis: single Russell: Carmen Montero Mundt Norris: Lusinha Oliveira Daniel: Heidi Berger Leclerc: Charlotte Siné Sainz: Isabel Hernaez Vettel: Hannah Prater Stroll: Sara Pagliaroli (?) Alonso: Andrea Schlager Ocon: Elena Berri Gasly: single (?) Tsunoda: single Latifi: Sandra Dziwiszek Albon: Lily He Zhou: single Schumacher: Justine Huysman(?) Magnussen: Louise Gjørup Bottas : Tiffany Cromwell

    I’m not a WAG expert so I don’t know everything! Also please correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll change it! The ones with a question mark are the ones where there’s break up rumors!

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  • worldoff1
    12.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Class of 2022

    Red Bull Racing:

    1/ Max Verstappen with his girlfriend Kelly Piquet and her daughter Penelope

    11/ Sergio Perez with his wife Carola Martinez and their children Sergio Jr, Carlota and a boy (soon to be born)


    44/ Lewis Hamilton

    63/ George Russell with his girlfriend Carmen Montero Mundt


    6/ Nicholas Latifi with his girlfriend Sandra Dziwiszek

    23/ Alexander Albon with his girlfriend Lily Muni He


    16/ Charles Leclerc with his girlfriend Charlotte Siné

    55/ Carlos Sainz Jr with his girlfriend Isabel Hernaez


    20/ Kevin Magnussen with his wife Louise Gjorup-Magnussen and their daughter Laura

    47/ Mick Schumacher with his girlfriend Justine Huysman

    Aston Martin

    5/ Sebastian Vettel with his wife Hanna and their children Mathilda, Emilie and a boy (rumored name: Enzo)

    18/ Lance Stroll with his girlfried Sara Pagliaroli


    3/ Daniel Ricciardo with his rumored girlfriend Heidi Berger

    4/ Lando Norris with his girlfriend Luisinha Barosa Oliveira

    Alfa Romeo

    24/ Guanyu Zhou

    77/ Valtteri Bottas with his girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell

    Alpha Tauri

    10/ Pierre Gasly with his girlfriend Katerina Berezhna

    22/ Yuki Tsunoda


    14/ Fernando Alonso

    31/ Esteban Ocon with his girlfriend Elena Berri

    #Class of 2022 #Drivers and WaGs
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