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    Team ‘Weekend Trip to Asgard’

    Relationship: Loki x Fem!reader (SFW)
    Summary: When Bruce invited you to a quick weekend getaway, you’d hardly expected your destination to be Asgard. Just like you’d hardly expected to be accompanied by two gods – one of whom you’re convinced hates your guts. But who would have thought that the God of Mischief has a thing for flowers, a talent for reciting Shakespeare, and knowledge of all the best places for stargazing? Certainly not you.
    But in a weekend filled with sunny fields and boisterous feasts, with accidental skinny dipping and drunken magic tricks, you would begin to realize all the different ways Loki could surprise you.
    Word count: 9k
    Content warning: alcohol consumption, a small bit of anxiety. SHAMELESS Valkyrie and Loki flirting with the reader (I have no self-control), and some Bruce x Thor if you squint.
    Also on Ao3

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    Chapter 6

    “Where have you been, we were getting worried -- Thor had me convinced you’d taken a nosedive off the Bifrost and Heimdall was gonna have to fish you out of the cosmos or something.”

    Bruce was after you as soon as you got through the door, barely giving you enough time to shove your bag off before grilling you with questions. 

    “Really,” you sighed, tilting your head before passing a scolding look at Thor. “Why would you do that, you know how he is.”

    “I was simply stating the possibilities,” Thor replied, voice a pitch higher in self-defense. 

    “What ‘you know how he is,’ you make me sound like I’m some overbearing nanny or something.”

    “I mean…” you drawled, scrunching your nose. 

    “Alright, you know what, that’s it. C’mere you little monster--”

    You dodged a moment too late, and Bruce slung his arm around your neck, tugging you back and ruffling your hair. 

    “Ah, get off,” you laughed, shoving him in the side. 

    “Hey, what’s… is this a flower?”

    He let go of you, and you straightened back up to see him holding an orange poppy. 

    “Pshh,” Thor scoffed. “Don’t be ridiculous, Banner. Obviously it’s a flower.”

    “Yeah, I can see that,” Bruce replied, matching the god’s sass and shooting him a dirty look. “But what was it doing in your hair?”

    “What, I’m not allowed to wear a flower in my hair?” You argued, trying to sound teasing, but you couldn’t help the blush dusting your cheeks. Let’s just say you weren’t exactly the type of person who usually went around putting flowers in their hair.

    “No -- not what I’m saying,” Bruce quickly assured you, holding the flower out. You took it with a shy smile. 

     “Well, I think it looked lovely,” Thor spoke up. 

    “You didn’t even see it," Bruce insisted, then turned to you with an apologetic look, much to your amusement. "He’s just trying to be a kiss ass, this is what he does. It's really pretty obnoxious if you ask me."

    “Excuse me, I’ll not kiss anybody’s ass--”

    “Okay, okay,” you interjected, raising your hands. “I didn’t mean to start a domestic. Bruce,” he raised his eyebrows attentively. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to worry.”

    “It’s alright -- already forgotten,” he easily replied, hooking an arm around your shoulder again, only this time pulling you into a sideways hug. 

    “How was your day? Was it good?”

    You smiled. 

    “Yeah. Yeah, it was pretty great.”

    “Good, I’m glad.” Bruce caught your smile and mirrored it with his own. 

    “Uh, sorry to interrupt,” Thor very awkwardly interrupted. You both glanced over at him. “But you haven’t seen my brother around, have you?”

    Oh, you’d seen him alright. More of him than you’d wanted to. 

    “No, sorry, not since earlier,” you replied. “But, uh, he told me to tell you that he’ll be at the feast tonight. Probably.”

    You shrugged, giving Thor a sympathetic look.

    “Right. Thank you,” he nodded. 

    Okay, so that had been a lie. Maybe Loki was rubbing off on you. While that thought was truly concerning, you figured he probably didn’t want Thor knowing that the two of you had spent the whole day together, reciting Shakespeare and rolling around in a field of flowers -- perhaps a slight exaggeration, but still. 

    You assumed that was why the moment you’d set foot in the palace, Loki had suddenly needed to be elsewhere. You could tell his demeanor had shifted to something more formal, and so you matched it when he gave you a slight bow and told you that he would see you at the party later. He’d walked halfway down the hall before disappearing in a flash of green.

    Even though the threat of Loki ‘smothering you in your sleep’ was no longer even remotely concerning, you didn’t mind not telling Thor -- or anyone else, for that matter -- about today. Because you had the feeling Loki had allowed you to see a part of himself that he didn’t go around flaunting. A part of himself that he held close to his chest, where he could keep it protected. The last thing you wanted to do was take a stab at it and risk wounding him. 

    “So,” Bruce’s voice dragged you out of your thoughts. “Are you ready for this party tonight?”

    “Not a party,” Thor raised his index finger in a way that told you they’d had this argument at least three times before now. “A feast.”

    “I’m telling you, it sounds like a party to me.”

    “Yes, well, that’s just because you’re a foolish Midgardian. No offense,” Thor looked at you. 

    “None taken. And no, I am absolutely not ready for this party.”


    “Whatever,” you and Bruce shot back. He grinned at you, and Thor looked wounded. 

    “Well, now you’re just being mean.”

    Ignoring him, Bruce continued to look at you, that ever-present line of worry indenting his brow. 

    “Why aren’t you ready, what’s up?”

    “I dunno,” you shrugged, ducking your head. “I’m just not really into… parties.”

    “Good thing it’s a feast then, isn't it?” Thor muttered, sounding so much like an actual five-year-old that you instantly forgot your worries. Bruce, on the other hand, groaned.

    “Oh for the love of-- will you shut up about the feast thing, always the feast thing,” he waved his arm before turning back to you. “I’ve had to hear this guy complain all day.”

    You laughed brightly. 

    “You two sure you’re gonna make it all night?” 

    “Not if he keeps this up, I’m not,” Bruce muttered, but he was grinning. “Anyway, you’ll do fine, kid. And if you don’t want to stay, you don’t have to. No pressure.”

    “Right. No pressure,” Thor added. “Even though it’s going to be very fun.”

    “Alright, okay,” you rolled your eyes. “Thanks, guys.”

    Maybe tonight would be fun. If you could just relax long enough to enjoy it, then sure, a party -- sorry, feast -- Asgard-style sounded like a blast. But then you thought about all the people that would be there. All those people whose lives were so different than yours. 

    “Oh, shit,” that reminded you of something. “Um, Thor… I don’t really have anything to wear…”

    “Ah, don’t worry about that -- someone brought you a dress already. It’s in your room. Valkyrie must have put something together,” he shrugged, and you allowed yourself a moment of relief. 

    Before it turned into crippling anxiety. 

    Great, a dress. You weren’t exactly opposed, but still… the idea certainly didn’t help your nerves. Bruce, who still had his arm slung over your shoulder, must have felt it. He pulled you closer. 

    “Relax, kiddo. It’s gonna be fun.”

    “I know, I know,” you returned his hug before pulling out of it. “So what time’s this p-- feast start?”

    Thor shot Bruce a smug grin before replying. 

    “Food will start being served in an hour or so, and then the festivities will last as long as we do.”

    Great. So it would be an early night for you, then. 

    “Okay,” you said aloud. “Guess I’ll go get ready.”

    “Sounds good,” Bruce gave you a quick pat on the shoulder, and suddenly it felt like you were back in the lab. “Holler if you need anything.”

    “Sure thing, boss,” you smirked before grabbing your bag off the floor. 

    You heard Thor and Bruce begin to bicker as you made for your room, their voices growing distant as they retreated into theirs, probably to also get ready. You smiled faintly, shaking your head at their relationship. You hadn’t known they were so close, but it was apparent that they absolutely adored each other. It was an odd pairing for sure, and an unexpected one at that, but very adorable. 

    Closing the curtain firmly behind you, you tossed your bag aside and stepped out of your shoes. Throwing yourself onto the bed with an exhausted huff, you let the pillows swallow you up for a moment, feeling the weight of the day crash onto you in full force. You were so unbelievably tired -- but you also felt full, like you’d lived the day well. It was a content tiredness, one that made you feel like you were floating. If you could just stay like this for a few minutes…

    Next thing you knew, you were waking up with a jolt that had you scrambling to your feet. Shit, you hadn’t meant to fall asleep. Stumbling over to the doorway, you peeked your head out and were immediately met with the sounds of Bruce and Thor bickering in their room. You let out a sigh of relief. Okay, so not that much time had passed. 

    Leaning an arm against the wall, you took a minute to catch your breath. That’s when you saw it -- the folded bundle on the vanity. You wandered over, hesitantly reaching out to unfurl the fabric. It was your dress -- a rich, olive green and made of light, smooth fabric that fell in wavy layers. 

    You held it up, shaking it gently as you tried to figure out which part of the complicated dress were the sleeves when a card fluttered to the ground. It must have been tucked into the fabric. You stared at it, the dress momentarily forgotten as you sat it onto the bed and knelt down. 

    It was a folded card, off-white and almost shiny, with an intricate, wavy pattern pressed along the edge. Inside, written in sharp, spindly handwriting, was a single sentence and a signature. 

     ‘If your desires are true, do not let your thoughts talk you out of this one. 


     You read it three times, your smile growing deeper with every sweep of the words. So it hadn’t been Valkyrie who brought you the dress, but Loki. He must have conjured it at some point after you reached the palace. Your eyes flickered over to the dress, finding a new interest in it now that you knew where it had come from. Then it dawned on you that it was his color. 

    Well, okay, Loki didn’t own the color green, but still. It was the color he wore -- almost the same color as the cloak you had accidentally used as a blanket -- and the color he was known for. So really, it was his color. You wondered if he’d be wearing it tonight, and a flash of nerves shot through you, whether from dread or excitement, you didn't know. You weren’t sure which would be better.

    Who cares? you thought. So what if we’re matching, would that be so bad? 

    You promptly came to the decision that no, it would not. Sure, Thor and Bruce might tease you, but you didn’t mind. Then you suddenly realized that this was more than just Loki making sure you had something to wear to a formal gathering -- this was bigger than that. This was a gesture, a metaphorical olive branch being extended. 

    If your suspicions were right, this was Loki’s way of saying that he wasn't ashamed of your friendship. Was it a friendship? You certainly felt like you were on friendly terms. Loki had just gifted you a dress, for goodness sake, and you were pretty sure he didn’t do that for just anybody. Maybe this was Loki’s way of officially confirming that he liked you, like when a cat brings its owner a dead bird or something. 

    This dress was your dead bird -- a gesture from Loki to indicate that he at the very least didn’t dislike you. Could you let yourself hope that it went even further than that? The events of the day flashed through your mind -- all the kindness he had shown you, the small, seemingly insignificant gestures to make you feel more at ease, the genuine smile on his face while in the meadow -- and you thought that maybe the possibilities weren’t so impossible after all. 

    You sat down on the bed, scanning the card once more, running your fingers over the somewhat messy lettering as you tried to wrap your head around what on Earth -- or on Asgard -- was going on. Your knowledge of Loki prior to this trip had been limited at best, but now it seemed that you had somehow managed to make friends with the God of Mischief and Lies. How does that even happen? 

    With a twisting feeling in your gut, you wondered if this was all just some cruel trick. But then you thought about how Loki had reassured you more than he’d needed to, without even hiding behind his sharp-witted humor. You thought about how he had put flowers in your hair while you were sleeping. There hadn’t been anyone to perform to for that, so wasn’t it real? Wasn’t it genuine?

    In all reality, you may never know -- but that was the same for all friendships. Just because it was Loki, Prince of Asgard, god of notorious reputations, didn’t make it any different. Or at least, you decided that for you it wouldn’t. Because for once in his life, Loki deserved to be treated like just some guy. For once, Loki deserved a chance at a normal, boring, human friendship. That is, if he’d allow you to give him the chance. 

    Glancing down at your dress, you felt that the odds were good. 

    It took you nearly ten minutes to figure out how to put the thing on, but once you finally managed to situate all the fabric and step in front of the mirror, you didn’t exactly mind what you saw. The dress fit you well. 

    The bodice was comfortably snug, with an extra fold of lighter fabric wound just around your navel. There were two layers of sleeves, which you found a bit strange -- one was skin tight, ending low on your wrists, and the other was an open stretch of fabric that attached at the seam on your shoulder and again at your wrist, leaving a billowing trail whenever you moved your arms. 

    The dress was also surprisingly modest, the neckline ending above your collarbones, which you were especially grateful for. The skirts were low, just brushing the floor, but not enough that you were at risk of tripping. At least -- you hoped. You did a few test walks across the room just in case, and decided that you would be fine as long as you didn't do any dancing. There was no way you were getting roped into that. 

    Glancing at the mirror one last time, you tried to ignore how messy your hair was -- not to mention all the pollen that was probably in it -- and slipped back into your shoes. You had to laugh at how out of place they looked compared to your Asgardian getup. At least your dress covered them. 

    Raking a hand back through your unruly hair, you pushed aside the curtain and headed into the common area -- at the same time Bruce and Thor were coming out of their rooms. 

    “Oh, wow, look at you,” Bruce grinned like a father who was seeing his kid off to prom. You laughed, nose scrunching up. Then you got a look at him, and you raised your eyebrows. 

    “Damn, Banner, you clean up nice.”

    He really did look great in his loose-fitting tunic, a stiffer piece that looked a bit like a doublet over top, fastened off-center with a leather clasp. The tunic furled out at a slant beneath his waist, the longer end stopping mid-thigh. 

    “I clean up nice, look at you, you look amazing.”

    “Oh, shut up,” you mumbled.

    “Well,” Thor added. “Valkyrie has better taste than I thought.”

    “Uh, yeah. Yeah, she does.” you scrambled to change the subject. “You both look lovely. Don’t tell me Valkyrie picked out your clothes, too?”

    “Of course not,” Thor snorted. “We are perfectly capable of dressing ourselves, aren’t we Banner?”

    “Uh… y-yeah,” Bruce unconvincingly replied, shooting a nervous sideways glance at Thor. You leaned closer to your mentor. 

    “So who really picked your clothes?"

    “I have no idea, he just handed them to me and told me which end your head is supposed to go.”

    You giggled, covering your mouth at Thor’s annoyed expression -- which was definitely just for show, and you could definitely see the struggle he was having to not break out in a grin. 

    “Alright, well,” you interrupted, hoping to spare Thor the pain of wounding his ego. “I guess we should get going?”

    You both looked at the god, and a vague shrug was apparently the best confirmation you were going to get. 

    “M’lady,” Bruce grinned, holding his elbow out to you. You eagerly returned his smile as you linked your arm around his, glad to have someone familiar by your side to help you through your anxieties -- even if he didn’t know he was doing it. 

    With Thor leading the way, you tried to take a few calming breaths. You were about to attend your first party on Asgard. 

    You had no idea what you were getting yourself into.


    The party -- or rather, the feast -- was already in full swing by the time you three arrived. You weren’t late, but it seemed that half of Asgard had already crowded into the large banquet hall. Light, boisterous music filled the room thanks to a group of musicians sitting on a raised platform against the far wall, and a complicated-looking dance was already underway. 

    Food was piled onto a long table at one side of the room, and a line of Asgardians were picking their way along the spread of roasted meat, towers of cheese, and plates of fruit. It was all quite impressive, and you felt your stomach rumble in anticipation. You hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast and, thanks to the smell of cooked food filling the room, you were suddenly very aware of your hunger. 

    The moment the three of you stepped into the hall, all eyes turned towards you -- or rather, Thor, in his bright red cape, impressive chest plate, and towering height -- and an excited cheer rose up. Growing red at the sudden attention, you ducked behind Bruce, instinctively grabbing his arm. 

    He chuckled, giving you a reassuring smile -- though he himself didn’t look much better off, and he kept tugging awkwardly at the hem of his tunic like he hadn’t quite made his mind up if he was comfortable in it or not. You could understand that feeling. 

    While your dress was surprisingly comfortable, no doubt thanks to Loki, you couldn’t help but feel exposed to all the pairs of eyes on you. Which was a little ridiculous as, again, thanks to Loki, your dress was perfectly modest. But still, with a couple hundred Asgardians staring in your direction, no amount of clothing would have been able to cover up your stage fright -- even if they were just looking at Thor. Hell, you weren't even on a stage.

    But, thank the gods, after raising a jovial hand in greeting to his people, they all returned to whatever they had been doing. The band continued to play an upbeat sort of jig, and rows of dancers wove together like ribbons -- gliding back and forth in a flourish of skirts, weaving and spinning together so fast that simply watching them made you dizzy. 

    While the dancing was certainly beautiful and did in fact look like fun, seeing it up close only solidified your decision that you wouldn’t be joining in if you could help it. Lucky for you, Thor headed straight for the food, leaving you and Bruce to trail behind him, wide-eyed and probably looking like two newly born fawns. 

    Halfway to the table, a familiar voice swam out of the noisy hub of the hall. 

    “Fancy seeing you here, Lord of Thunder.”

    Valkyrie looked stunning, adorned in a chest plate the color of moonlight, with a deep blue cape tossed over her shoulder and her dark hair, worn down for once, framing her face. She looked like she’d stepped out of a painting. 

    “Ha!” Thor barked. “Like you didn’t threaten to tear my balls off if I failed to make an appearance.”

    “Woah, she did what? I didn’t hear anything about balls,” Bruce interjected, and you hid a laugh behind your hand. 

    “Yeah, alright, so I might have said that. But hey, you’re here -- cheers.” She grinned, raising her own mug while pushing another one into Thor’s hand. 

    “I’ll drink to that,” Thor agreed, lifting his cup up before downing the entire thing in one go. Handing it back to Valkyrie with a roguish smirk, he said, “What do you say to round two?”

    Valkyrie arched her eyebrow challengingly. 

    “Oh you’re on,” she purred, raising a hand and waving someone down, who brought them two more mugs. “Let’s see how sore of a loser you are this time, shall we?”

    Thor gave a forced laugh, squinting peevishly at her before they began to chug their second mugs. Deciding to leave them to it, you and Bruce stepped around them and picked your way into the line for the food. 

    The options were… overwhelming. You only recognized about half of the choices, and you weren’t about to begin guessing what the meat could possibly be. Filling your plate with a vast assortment of foods, taking a little bit of whatever looked interesting, you followed Bruce over to one of the few tables with empty seats. 

    Valkyrie and Thor soon joined you, carrying their own plates and, of course, large mugs of ale. Thor plopped down next to Bruce, slapping a hand on his shoulder and asking him how he was doing so far. You felt your heart skip a beat as Valkyrie sat down on your other side. 

    “Is this seat taken?” She asked in a smooth, low voice that should have been too quiet to hear in such a loud room.

    “No, uh, not at all,” you replied, fiddling with the fabric of your dress. 

    Valkyrie sent you a tantalizing smirk before biting into what could have possibly been a chicken leg. A very big chicken, that is. 

    “So, Princess,” She continued. You picked at the melon slices on your plate. “How was your first day in Asgard?”

    “Uh, really good, thank you. I visited the hot springs you told me about…”

    “Oh yeah,” she raised an eyebrow. “And how was that?”

    “It was fun. Really beautiful.” You took a quick breath and a leap of courage. “Though, I do look forward to next time…” 

    What on Earth had gotten into you. 

    You glanced shyly at her, and the look she gave you in return -- a quick flash of excitement in her dark eyes, a tilting smirk at the corner of her mouth -- told you that she knew you were referencing the ‘next time’ where she planned on joining you. 

    “Hm,” She tilted her head smugly. “I’ll hold you to that, Princess.”

    Blushing horribly, you finally lowered your gaze to your lap, taking another bite of food if only to shut yourself up. You had no business attempting to flirt with Valkyrie, of all people. You saw her grin fondly out of the corner of your eye before she took another swig of her drink. 

    But by the time she put it down, she was rolling her eyes and glaring up at someone over your shoulder. You could only guess who that might be.

    “Am I late to the party?”

    “I don’t remember inviting you, Lackey.”

    “Pleasure, as always,” Loki replied tersely. Then he stepped into your peripheral. You smiled up at him, and though he didn’t return the sentiment, you could see his eyes light up in a way reminiscent of the man who had let your braid flowers into his hair only hours before. 

    But then those eyes scanned over you, and you felt yourself wishing you could sink through the floor. 

    “Green’s your color,” he commented, a sultry lilt to his voice.

    “I don’t know,” Valkyrie leaned casually onto the table. “I think she’d look fetching in blue.”

    This was absolutely too much. 

    “Would you two leave her alone,” Thor butted in, earning him a threatening look from both Loki and Valkyrie, whose distaste for being told what to do was probably the only thing they had in common. Especially when it came to Thor. 

    “Just because you said that brother, I’m going to bother her all night,” Loki replied, laying a hand on the back of your chair and bumping his hip against your side. 

    You smirked, realizing that Loki had just weaseled his way into being able to spend time around you without seeming suspicious. Now everyone would assume he was just being stubborn. 

    It was honestly quite brilliant. What an asshole. 

    “Don’t make me throw you, brother,” Thor shot back. 

    “Oh, I’d like to see you try--”

    “Alright,” you interjected. “I’d rather not be responsible for some catastrophic sibling battle. Really, Thor, it’s fine.”

    He squinted at you before looking up at Loki with an expression that was half-amused, half threatening. Unfortunately for Loki, it seemed that his brother was picking up on a little more than the God of Lies would have preferred. 

    Well good, maybe then Thor could explain to you what the fuck was happening because you sure didn’t know. 

    But unfortunately, Thor wouldn’t be doing any explaining in the state that he was in. You had only been at the ‘feast’ -- it was definitely a party, and Thor was practically proving that point -- for less than an hour, and already the god was fairly intoxicated. You weren’t sure how drunk celestial beings could get, but you were sure that Thor was going to be pushing those boundaries tonight if his pace was any indication. 

    Just as he finished the last of his food, the band started up a new, very lively song, and immediately a line of dancers began to form out of the crowd. 

    “Oh! Oh! This is a good one,” Thor announced, eyes widening with excitement. Downing nearly a full mug of ale in one chug, he hopped up and headed for the dancefloor, gesturing wildly for his friends to follow. 

    None of them did. 

    Valkyrie was the only one who stood, and it definitely wasn’t to dance. 

    “Yeah, not drunk enough for that,” she muttered before waving at someone at the far end of the room. Her expression was pleasant, but she let out a string of curses in a language you were kind of glad you didn’t understand, given by the way Loki’s eyebrows shot towards his hairline. 

    “I’m off to be diplomatic,” she sighed peevishly. “Catch you later Big Guy, Princess,” she nodded to Bruce, winked at you, and flipped Loki the bird. 

    “I have no idea where she learned that,” Loki muttered, his tone of distaste and genuine confusion causing you to burst out laughing. 

    “What?” He muttered, sounding wounded -- but he wasn’t fooling you. Then he caught sight of Thor, who was still waving at the three of you while failing horribly at keeping rhythm with the rest of the dancers. 

    “Norns help us,” Loki breathed, eyes rolling up to the ceiling. Keeping a scrutinizing eye on his brother, who was swinging a laughing woman around by her waist before trading her off with another dancer, Loki sat down next to you. 

    The dance was complicated and reminded you of a faster version of an old ballroom dance. The participants created a line on either side of the room, and the steps consisted of both lines weaving around one another, partners being switched around in a flourish of whirls and spins. Your head spun just watching them, but you couldn’t deny that it looked a little fun. Maybe just a little. 

    “Enjoying your evening so far?” 

    You looked over to find Loki watching you -- which was something that no longer came as a surprise -- and offered him a smile. 

    “Yes, thank you. It’s… well, it’s a lot, but I’m having a good time.”

    “I’m glad. Not many Midgardians get to experience a party like this.”

    “No no,” you raised a finger, then proceeded to do a horrible impression of Thor. “It’s a feast.”

    Loki snorted, nearly choking on his drink. Lifting a hand to his mouth, he regained his composure as Bruce looked over at the two of you with glaring suspicion.

    “Yes,” he managed to reply after another cough. “My brother can be rather particular until he’s gotten a few pints in him.” He raised his eyebrows, gesturing towards the god, who was dancing boisterously with the rest of the group. 

    You smiled, glad that Thor was having fun. It was nice to see him so at home, so different from the stoic hero role that he had to play on Earth. 

    Loki cleared his throat, and you tore your eyes away from the dance floor to look at him. 

    “Can I get you something to drink?”

    “Oh, I don’t know -- not sure I want to re-live last night,” you chuckled, still feeling the burn of embarrassment from Loki having to take your drunk ass home. 

    “Of course,” he quickly reassured. “But, uh… Asgardian wine is far less potent than its ale. If you’re interested.”

    You’d never seen Loki this… awkward. Like he was trying to say all the right things but wasn’t sure how to go about doing that. It was quite endearing, not to mention adorable -- you could call the man who had come head to head with the Avengers and nearly destroyed Earth ‘adorable.’ But yet, he was. 

    “What the hell,” you muttered. You were at a party after all. “Sure, why not.”

    Loki raised a questioning eyebrow, and you nodded. With a small smile, he stood and headed for the banquet table, his green cape whisking elegantly behind him.

    “What the hell was that?”

    You spun around to find Bruce staring at you with a grimace of concern. 

    “What?” You asked innocently. 

    “Uh, Loki of Asgard just asked if he could get you a drink,” Bruce waved his hand above the table as if that would explain why he was so baffled. 

    “Yeah, and?” You laughed, finding his disbelief humorous -- and imagining what he would say if he knew the god had acted out Shakespeare with you. 

    “And? -- and, this is the guy that tried to kill all of us because we had to stop him from taking over Earth,” He whispered, leaning closer to you and accentuating his points with an array of hand gestures. 

    “Bruce,” you warned, suddenly feeling protective. “I know this is going to sound cliché, but that was in the past. I’m not going to judge him for the things he’s done, I’m going to judge him for the things he does, and he’s been nothing but kind to me, so…”

    Bruce opened his mouth, but whether it was from shock or to make an attempt at changing your mind, you would never find out, because at that moment Loki returned carrying two small goblets. 

    “Here we are,” He declared, setting one of them down in front of you before taking his seat. 

    “Thank you Loki,” you replied, smiling warmly. Your heart did a little leap as you watched the tips of his ears turn pink. Chancing a glance at Bruce, the scientist was looking around the room like someone had just told him that the meat on his plate was actually unicorn. 

    “My pleasure,” Loki politely replied, taking a sip out of his own goblet. 

    You did the same, immediately finding that you much preferred the wine over what you’d had last night. It was fruity, with just enough of a sour bite to wake you up. 

    The three of you fell into a comfortable silence. You and Bruce finished your food, and Loki sat and divided his attention between watching you and scanning the banquet all. While his demeanor remained lazy and disinterested, you would have given anything to know what was going on in his head.

    Eventually the song ended, and the band switched to another one -- which sounded almost identical to the last. Loki rolled his eyes and groaned miserably. 

    “Does everyone in this room have disgustingly poor taste?” He muttered, and you hid your smirk with another sip of wine. 

    The alcohol was starting to warm you up, and you were relieved to find that Loki had been right: it was much less intense than ale. It gave you enough of a buzz to feel unbothered by the party roaring around you, but not so much that you were at risk of feeling miserable come morning. 

    Your tipsy state was likely the only reason Thor managed to drag you out onto the dancefloor. 

    The moment the song changed, the God of Thunder was making a beeline for your table. 

    “Come on,” he drawled, voice slurring. “Someone join me.” 

    When he was met with blank stares, he rolled his eyes in a way that reminded you that he and Loki were brothers. 

    “If one of you two doesn’t dance with me, then I’ll have to partner up with Loki.”

    “Over my dead body,” Loki growled.

    “Come on, Y/N,” Thor goaded, stalking around the table to where you were seated. 

    “Oh, no, I can’t.”

    “Yes, you can!”

    “No, really, I--”

    You let out a barely muffled shriek as Thor hooked an arm around your waist and hauled you upward. 

    “Thor,” Loki jumped up, immediately on the defense, but any attempts he would have made to stop his brother were abandoned as you began to laugh brightly. 

    Thor, ever the dork, had grabbed your hands and was dancing you towards the center of the room. He looked utterly ridiculous, wiggling his hips and shimmying your arms back and forth, but his mood was infectious, and soon you were giggling so hard you nearly tripped on your way into the crowd. 

    But Thor caught you with a firm arm around your waist, and, despite his obvious drunkenness, began to show you the steps of the dance. It took several tries, a few of which sent you bumping into people, but soon enough you were dancing along with everyone else. As you wove in and out of the lines of people, Thor never strayed far from your side. 

    It was… actually fun. The crowd was so big, and everyone was doing the same thing as everyone else, so it didn’t leave much room for you to worry about how you looked or if anyone was staring at you -- you simply moved in time with the music and followed Thor’s lead. 

    As soon as the song ended, moving swiftly onto the next one, you and Thor were of the same mischievous mind.

    Banner never stood a chance. 

    The second he saw the two of you headed for him, he began protesting before you were even close enough to hear. 

    “Come on Banner, your turn,” Thor insisted, grabbing him around the shoulder. 

    “No, I mean it guys, really--”

    “Oh, come on, Bruce,” you pleaded. “If I can do it, you can. And look, I’m having fun.”

    “She’s having fun,” Thor repeated, gesturing to you. 

    “Guys, I really don’t think that--”

    With Thor on one arm and you on the other, Bruce was dragged onto the dance floor. He did a bit of pouting, which was really just him getting his nerves out, before realizing exactly what you had: that literally no one cared. Half the room was probably drunk, and everyone was having too much of a good time to notice the two Midgardians who were figuring things out. 

    Taking Bruce as your partner now, you helped guide him through the steps, swinging him this way and that until all three of you were laughing hysterically. By the time the song was over, you were panting for air. The laughter probably wasn’t helping. Bruce and Thor were bickering, as per usual, and it was cracking you up so badly that you were doubled over with a side stitch. 

    “I need a breather,” you managed, but by this point, neither Thor nor Bruce could spare enough attention to convince you to stay, so you made your way over to the sidelines. 

    Leaning back against a pillar, you propped your hands on your hips and worked on catching your breath.

    “Having fun, Little Mouse?”

    You jumped, spinning around to find Loki standing close enough for you to feel his breath as he laughed softly.  

    “Stop doing that,” you muttered, but you were having a hard time hiding your smirk. 

    “Oh? And tell me, do you really want me to stop?” He asked, voice laced with mischief. 

    “No,” you replied honestly, exhaling a small laugh. 

    “Hmm,” was Loki’s only reply, and he handed you your goblet from earlier. 

    “Thanks.” you took a sip. 

    “Mhm. Figured you’d need it if you are to continue dancing with my brother."

    "Oh shit, are you jealous?" You swayed slightly, elbowing him playfully in the side.

    "Hardly," Loki scoffed, and his gentle smile made you believe him. You tilted your head. 

    “Good.” your voice was a murmur, barely audible above the sounds of the party swirling around you. Loki tilted his face towards you, his expression growing far away as he peered into your eyes. 

    But then Thor and Bruce were bustling over, and you watched as Loki’s face shifted from contemplative to cold and pretentious as he slipped back behind his mask -- something he was so good at doing that it made you want to cry. He had lived his whole life hiding. 

    “Whew, you’re missing out on all the fun, brother,” Thor panted, slapping a hand on Loki’s shoulder, who swayed with the momentum. 

    “I assure you, I am having plenty of fun.” You didn’t miss the way that Loki’s eyes found yours. 

    Still hanging off of his brother’s shoulder, Thor waved down a servant, eagerly accepting another drink. He offered one to Bruce, but the scientist shook his head. 

    “I’m pretty sure I've already destroyed my kidneys from last night alone,” he muttered, and you giggled as Thor tried to convince him otherwise.

    Loki raised his eyebrows humorously, and you watched as a flash of green lit his goblet and it refilled itself. You gave him an open-mouthed grin. 

    “Woah, how’d you do that?”

    He leaned an inch closer in a gesture of teasing secrecy. 

    “There’s a wine cellar directly beneath us,” he replied. Your eyes widened in amusement, a grin deepening on your face and causing the corner of Loki’s mouth to twitch. 

    He was still watching you as he leaned back -- right into his brother’s side, who was still hanging onto him -- and you made a show of knocking back the rest of your wine. Swallowing it in a single mouthful, you arched an eyebrow at him. 

    Giving you a somewhat scandalous smirk, he turned his attention to the rest of the room as a blink of green light immersed your cup. You watched as wine began to creep up from the bottom, stopping just above the midway point. When you looked back up, Loki was staring at you with a fond, if not piercing expression. 

    You smiled your thanks, and he gave you a quick wink. Oh how you wanted to grab him by the front of his fancy leather getup and tackle him to the ground. But unfortunately -- or perhaps fortunately -- you were no longer in the hot springs or the meadow. No, you were in a palace. Technically his palace, and you suspected that none of the parties involved would have appreciated you roughhousing their prince. 

    So instead you had to settle for rolling your eyes dramatically -- to which he gave you an ‘I have absolutely no idea what you’re on about’ look before turning to try and pry his brother’s arm off of his shoulder. By a stroke of luck, Thor had just finished his most recent mug of ale and turned away to pass it off to the nearest servant. 

    By the time he turned back around, the band had started up another song -- only this time, it wasn’t the usual rowdy, upbeat tempo. It was a waltz.  

    The crowd of dancers broke off into pairs as people grabbed the hands of partners and began to sway to the smooth, placid tune. You watched the dancers with a faint smile on your face, noticing how some partners were laughing with one another while others were whispering sweetly, their faces bright with love. 

    “Hey, should we dance?” Bruce suddenly asked, glancing over to Thor -- who took a moment to realize the man was talking to him. “I think we should dance--”

    “Mehhhh, I don’t think we should dance,” Thor insisted, his voice reaching a pitch that you wouldn’t have thought possible for someone like him. 

    “Why not? Everyone’s dancing. Look -- those guys are dancing.” Bruce pointed into the crowd, where an Asgardian was attempting to spin his much taller partner. The two men laughed, leaning towards one another and bumping foreheads. 

    “I’m pretty sure those guys are married,” Thor replied, a slightly pained expression on his face. 

    “Yeah, and we’re work friends, same thing.”

    “I don’t think that is the same thing, actually. It’s… weird.”

    “What-- ‘weird’? It’s not weird, just don’t make it weird,” Bruce shrugged, hunching his shoulders. 

    “Mm, it’s a little weird--”

    “Oh come on, brother,” Loki interjected, rolling his head so he was looking at Thor with a smug glint in his eye. 

    Thor opened his mouth before shutting it with a snap. 

    “I don’t… oh, what the hell. Alright,” he muttered. Bruce tilted his head like a confused puppy, and his big brown eyes grew adorably shy as Thor approached and held out his hand. 

    “Well, let’s get on with it then,” Thor muttered, enough fondness in his voice to encourage Bruce to take his hand. 

    You watched them make their way onto the dance floor, probably feeling just like Bruce had when Loki had offered you a drink; as if you’d just been hit upside the head. 

    “They…” You started, still staring after them. 

    “Mmhm,” Loki nodded, rocking back on his heels. 

    “How long have--  How did I not… the fuck?”

    “Let’s see,” Loki hummed and then began to rattle off the answers to your questions. “Ever since he helped us fight our sister, you’re not very observant, and -- as I’ve already told you -- a poor judge of character, and no, I don’t believe they’ve…” he let out a low whistle. 

    “Okay,” you waved a hand, trying to get a handle on all of… that. Bruce and Thor. Holy shit. 

    But you didn’t have much time to try and process one shock before you were onto the next. 

    With a sudden sense of purpose, Loki turned toward you. 

    “Here, give me your cup.”

    “Hmm, why?” you asked, but you handed it to him anyway. 

    Glancing down at the two cups in his hands, he gave them an annoyed look and they disappeared. 

    “Loki?” you chuckled, confused. 

    You weren’t confused for long. 

    “My Lady,” he bowed low, one hand tucked behind his back, the other held out to you palm up. After a moment, he raised his head, gazing up at you through those beautiful dark eyelashes. 

    “May I have this dance?”

    “Oh, uh… I, um… I don’t really do the whole… slow dance thing…”

    “Excellent,” he straightened up. “Neither do I. Come on.”

    All it took was a gentle jerk of his head and you played right into his hands. Literally. 

    Placing your palm against his, you let him lead you towards the center of the room, never taking his eyes off of you. Then again, you hadn’t taken your eyes off of him either. 

    As you delved into the crowd of dancers, everything that was happening began to catch up with you. Glancing around nervously, you suddenly felt a little claustrophobic. But then Loki slid a hand around your waist to the small of your back, gently guiding your hand to his shoulder before lifting the other one, engulfing it in his palm. 

    “Deep breaths, Mouse,” he said, smirking as you suddenly remembered that oxygen was essential to your survival. 

    Finally, you managed to glance up at him. Loki was watching you carefully, and you offered him a weak smile to let him know he wasn’t holding you against your will. That seemed to ease his mind enough that he smiled back and began to move. 

    You looked down, watching his feet as they guided your steps, the firm hand on your waist helping to further direct you. You’d only ever seen slow dancing in movies -- you had never done it in real life. But after a moment, your body adjusted to the consistent steps, grateful that Loki was such a good partner. 

    “You look ravishing,” he murmured, tilting his head to peer down at you. You felt your face heat up. 

    “Oh jeez, that is a strong… strong word, I don’t know about that,” you laughed nervously. Loki frowned. 

    “Please, spare me your self-depreciation disguised as modesty. You look lovely. Anyone with eyes can see it -- even Heimdall if he were here. Yet you still cannot?” he said it like a question he knew the answer to. 

    “I’m,” you floundered, overwhelmed by his blatant kindness. “I’m trying to, but… I guess not.”

    Loki’s frown deepened.  

    “What a shame,” he whispered. You dropped your gaze, somehow feeling like you’d disappointed him -- surprised by how much you hated the feeling. 

    A finger hooked beneath your chin, tapping it gently. When you lifted your head, you found Loki giving you an understanding smile. 

    “Your thoughts cannot escape me, Little Mouse, even without my magic. None of that, alright? I simply will not stand for you feeling worse about yourself on my behalf.”

    “No, it’s just…” How could you tell him that he was sort of freaking you out? That his kindness was cutting into you like a blade, and, as much as you wanted to believe his words, you just couldn’t understand where they were coming from?

    “Hold on,” Loki interjected. “Before you start thinking too hard, I’m going to spin you.” 

    You snorted, rolling your eyes before smiling up at him. 

    “Okay, but I’ve never done this be--yoah!” You yelped as Loki lifted your arm and twirled you around, bringing you safely back into his arms and returning his hand to your back. 

    “See, that wasn’t so bad,” he breathed, giving you a grin that you couldn’t help but return. 

    “I hate to admit that you’re right--”

    “Oh, but you’re going to anyway.”

    “Don’t push it, hotshot,” you smirked, rolling your eyes. 

    “How have those not gotten stuck in the back of your head, my dear? I mean really, it’s quite impressive…” 

    Feeling intoxicated by the energy in the room, you found yourself laughing without restraint. Loki’s smile deepened, and his eyes turned soft. 

    “You have a beautiful smile,” he whispered, causing you to snap your mouth shut for fear you’d misheard him. 

    “What?” You asked, and you must have sounded disbelieving because Loki’s brow drew together almost sadly. 

    “Remember, darling, that despite all her misgivings, Miss Eyre was just as deserving of love as Rochester. Though,” he added. “I do believe it took her the entirety of the book to figure that out.”

    Your eyes widened, gazing searchingly into his own -- this strange god who you’d just met, who was notorious for being cold and villainous; who, in the time since you’d met him, had shown you so much kindness you hardly knew what to do with it all. 

    “How dare you use my favorite literature against me,” you finally managed, chuckling weakly.

    He laughed -- one of what you had begun to recognize as his genuine laughter, with teeth bared and beautiful crow’s feet -- and, to your shock, tugged you a bit closer to him. 

    “I’m only taking a page out of your book, darling.”

    “Oh my god, was that a pun?” you grinned, leaning into his chest. 

    “Norns -- alright, poor choice of words. Leave it to you to ruin this very touching moment.”

    He poked you in the ribs and you barely repressed a shriek, flinching forward -- and smashing right into the front of him. He let out a soft oof, grinning again as his arm tightened around your waist. 

    “Stop that,” you muttered, and he gave you a look of helpless innocence. 

    “Why, stop what, my dear?”

    “You’re such a little sh-- woah,” you scrambled to grab onto his shirt as he dipped you, keeping a firm hold on your hand as the other supported your back. 

    The song was coming to an end, and Loki carefully pulled you up as the last few notes rang through the banquet hall. Though you were standing now, your hand remained stuck to his shirt. 

    “Jeez, give a girl a warning next time,” you panted, feeling a little wobbly on your legs. 

    “My apologies,” Loki replied. He was almost as out of breath as you were. 

    You shook your head, letting go of his shirt and smoothing it over with your fingers. If you didn’t know better, you’d have thought you felt him shiver beneath your touch. 

    “So,” he began, swallowing. “Was dancing with me just as or more horrible than seeing me naked?”

    You snorted, glancing around as an unavoidable blush of embarrassment rose to your face. 

    “I would say there’s not really a comparison there, Your Highness.”

    “Mm, I do love it when you call me that,” he purred, taking your hand and leading you off of the floor. 

    “I need a drink,” you groaned, resisting the urge to smack yourself on the forehead. 

    “I second that,” Loki agreed, raising his eyebrows. In a flash of light, two cups were produced. 

    “This wine is different than the last,” he said, offering you one. “Tell me what you think.”

    You took a sip. It was more bitter, surging through your body and giving a pleasant shock to your senses. 

    “Perfect,” you replied. 

    Pleased, Loki took a sip of his own. 

    Out of the crowd, Bruce and Thor emerged, making their eager way towards you. Bruce gave you a ‘just checking in’ look, and you nodded, grinning up at Thor as the god dropped his arm onto your shoulder. 

    “I hope my brother didn’t give you too hard of a time -- eh, Loki?”

    Loki rolled his eyes, seemingly unaffected by Thor’s words beyond mild annoyance. Even so, you were more than willing to defend him. 

    “Not at all,” you insisted, smiling between the two brothers. But before you had a chance to say anything else, the conversation was interrupted by the reappearance of a familiar face. 

    “Lackey, I need you for a minute,” Valkyrie commanded, shooting you and the others a quick smile. 

    “Beg your pardon -- could you repeat that?” Loki replied, playing up his shock. 

    “I asked nicely, if I have to ask a second time it will be in a distinctly less pleasant manner.”

    “Ooh,” Loki purred. “I like where this is going -- hey,” he grunted as Valkyrie grabbed his arm, hauling him towards the other end of the room. 

    “I’ll return him to you in one piece,” she shouted back to the three of you, winking before disappearing into the crowd. 

    “Well, that was…” you didn’t finish the thought, but both Thor and Bruce nodded. Then the former shook his head and turned to you. 

    “Now’s a good time to ask: is my brother holding you against your will? Because if he is--”

    “Yeah, blink twice if you need help,” Bruce interjected, causing Thor to send him a confused, and slightly concerned, look.

    “Blink? Why would she blink to-- never mind,” he turned back to you. “But seriously--”

    “Thor,” you laughed at his very intense expression. “I’m fine, alright. I swear. Everything I’ve done, I’ve done completely of my own free will.”

    “So it’s a mind trick, then,” Thor squinted, looking like he was about to grab your face to check for signs of… ‘mind tricks.’

    “No,” you ducked back, holding up a finger. “No, it is not.” 

    Wait, could it be? What if Loki actually was fucking with your mind? You immediately shut the thought down. That was cruel of you, to think Loki would do something like that. A realistic concern, sure, but for you to think such a thing after somehow managing to reach friendly terms with the god… that was just mean. Unless the friendly terms were not mutually felt, in which case you’d sorely misunderstood something. 

    No. You weren’t going to let Thor’s doubt of his own brother get in the way of your newfound friendship. And anyway, if it turned out that Loki really was messing with you, what did it matter? Sure, it would suck, but you’d probably never talk to him again after this weekend anyway. No harm done. 

    “Oh hey,” Bruce spoke up, eyebrows raising excitedly as the band started another waltz. “Anyone up for round two?”

    You grinned at him. 

    “God, I never would have pegged you as someone who likes to dance.”

    As Bruce blushed, you threw back the last of your wine and handed your cup to Thor. 

    “Would you mind setting this somewhere for me?” you asked, and he gave you a thumbs up. 

    Holding your hand out, Bruce took it and led you back onto the dance floor. 

    “How’re you doing, kid?” He asked once the two of you had merged into the crowd of other dancers.

    “Good,” you nodded, stepping around him in a small, lazy circle. 

    “Good,” he repeated. “I’m glad you came.” He gave your hand a light squeeze, and you smiled warmly at your mentor. 

    “Me too.”

    And as you spun through the dance hall, surrounded by whirling skirts and smiling faces, you couldn’t have expressed just how true that statement was.


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  • youcandalekmyballs
    26.05.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    Colm Feore's A+ Parenting

    a miniseries called Storm of the Century came out in 1999. if you haven't seen it, a 4000 year old wizard named Andre Linoge terrorizes a small town in Maine during a massive snow storm. eventually, the townspeople give him what he wants (a kid), and he leaves. the protagonist sees Andre and kid several years later, and the kid is now evil. who played the wizard, you ask?

    Colm Feore.

    Thor came out a decade or so later, and during the course of the movie, we find out that Laufey (the frost giant leader) left his child out in the cold to die because it was too small. who played Laufey?

    Colm Feore.

    finally, the Umbrella Academy came out, and everyone found out about Veginald Hargreeves's A+ parenting.

    who plays Veggie?

    Colm Feore.

    this poor bastard has been typecast as a shitty dad, and I'm super impressed because he always seems like such a nice guy in interviews!

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    That holy moment when these two show up on my dash at once—

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    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Lost and Found

    Pairing: Loki x reader

    Warnings: minor cursing, mild panic attack, fluffy fluff, smut, soft subLoki,

    Summary: you decide you need to have a serious talk about what's happening between you and "Adam"

    Part 6-


    You woke the next morning and couldn't stop thinking about your situation. You didn't even know this man, not really. What if he had a family somewhere, people looking for him. What would happen when his memory returns, would he leave? Would he stay? Your mind was running a mile a minute as you dressed and went to the kitchen. You waited for your coffee, thoughts swirling through your head when you felt two arms come around your waist. "Good morning darling." He said, placing a kiss on your head. "Adam, I think we should talk." You said looking down.

    "Is everything ok y/n?" He asked backing up. You turned around looking at him "did I over step last night? If I did I apologize." He said concerned. "No, you didn't do anything wrong, honeslty I enjoyed it." You said blushing. "Then, what is it?" He asked moving closer. "Listen, I like you, I really do, but I don't know you, you don't even know you." You said sighing. He nodded, listening. "You don't even know what you name is, what's going to happen when your memory comes back?" You asked your eyes starting to burn. "Y/n.." he started when you cut him off "what if your married, or have a girlfriend, or kids!" You raised your voice feeling a tear stream down your cheek. "What If I'm the other woman!" You said feeling your chest tighten and your breathing speed up. "Y/n, you need to calm down." Adam said grabbing your shoulders. "What if you leave." You whispered, and Adam hugged you, holding your head to his chest.

    "Y/n, when I kissed you last night, It felt right. You are a kind, caring woman, and no matter what happens, we will figure it out, together." He said rubbing your back. "Promise?" You asked looking at him "you have my word." He said smiling, wiping the tears from your cheek. "Have you remembered anything?" You asked "no, everything feels fuzzy before you. I've started getting these flashes of things, but they make no sense." He said furrowing his eyebrows. "Flashes of what?" You asked. "Well, yesterday when I was riding daredevil, I closed my eyes and I saw.......colors. like I was riding on a rainbow." He said looking at you. "Your right, that doesn't make sense." You said confused. "And last night, I had a dream I was standing in this giant room made of gold. And there was a throne......" he said trailing off. "And I could hear people talking but I couldn't make it out." He said looking at you. "Hmm, maybe your a prince." You said winking "I doubt that y/n." He laughed grabbing your cup handing it to you. "Well the way you talk, it wouldn't surprise me." You laughed pouring your coffee. "What ever do you mean." He asked looking at you. "Nothing fancy pants, let's go." You said patting his arm leaving the kitchen.

    You made it back to the house, you both kicking your boots off. "After you your highness." You said bowing "would you stop that." Adam said laughing. "You go shower first, I'll look for food." You said walking around him. He grabbed your arm pulling you into his chest "we could shower together, it would save water." He said winking. "As tempting as that is, I'm afraid i must decline, the kitchen calls to me." You said running your hands up his chest. "You wound me my dear." He gasped holding his chest. "Go shower.....my prince." You winked. "Your not letting that go are you?" He asked rolling his eyes. "Nope." You smiled and kissed his cheek and headed to the kitchen.

    You finished dinner as Adam came in, wrapping his arms around you. "It smells delightful." He said putting his chin on your shoulder. You grabbed a spoon, putting some sauce on it, turning around, holding the spoon out towards Adam. As he was about to lick it you hurried and put it in your mouth. He gasped "that's cruel love. I wanted a taste." He said pouting. You smiled putting the spoon down, you wrapped your hand around his neck, leaning up pressing your lips to his. You ran your tongue along his lip, him opening his mouth allowing your tongue to explore. You felt his hand go to the back of your head, the other your back, pressing you to him. You felt his hand slip under your shirt, touching your back as your hand ran through his hair. You pulled away slightly "Adam, I need to finish dinner." You said catching your breath. "No you don't." He said kissing you again, backing you to the counter. "I do though." You said putting your hands on his chest "and I need to shower." Kissing you one last time, he backed up and sighed "very well, and the sauce is delicious." He said winking.

    You came from your shower In a tank top and sleep shorts seeing Adam reading on the couch. "Ready to eat?" You asked getting his attention. He stared at you a minute before getting up smiling. "I was thinking after dinner, maybe we could watch a movie, I don't have cable, but I have some dvd's and Netflix." You said. "Whatever you want to do is fine with me dear." He said smiling. You put on a movie, grabbed a blanket and sat next to Adam, curling up to his side covering you both as he put his arm around you. As you watched the movie, you felt him running his fingers up and down your arm. You put your hand on his thigh, slowly running your hand up. He cleared his throat, adjusting his legs, moving his fingers to your neck.

    You moved your face up a little, placing slow kisses on his neck as your hand continued to roam. "Y/n...." he almost growled. "Hmm?" You sounded, continuing towards his ear. "I can't promise what I'll do if you keep that up." He said through teeth. You pulled away looking at him, taking in his blown pupils, and the red of his cheeks. "I'm not sure what you mean?" You said in the most innocent voice you could muster. He squinted at you as your hand made its way to the bulge in his pants. You started palming him, licking and sucking his neck as you heard him release a low moan.

    He growled, pulling you onto his lap, engulfing your mouth with his, his tongue diving into your mouth. Your hands went to his hair as you rocked your hips against him. His hands gripping your hips. His lips went to your neck, nipping and kissing his way down to your chest. "I need this off." He breathed, nipping at your top with his teeth. You pulled your top off, exposing your beasts "beautiful." He said tilting his head swirling his tongue around your nipple, placing his hand firmly on your back pressing you against him as he caressed your other breast causing you to moan.

    You lifted his head, kissing him passionately as you tugged at his shirt. "Off" you said pulling back "Yes ma'am" he breathed pulling his shirt off. Your tongue dove back onto his mouth as your fingers slid down his chest, feeling his abs, landing on the waistband of his pants. "May i?" You asked looking into his eyes. Without a word he grabbed your wrist, and slid it down while kissing you. Your wrapped your fingers around him, he was huge. You started to stoke him up and down as you sucked on his neck. His fingers dug into your hips as they moved at the same speed as your hand. His moans filled the room. It was music to your ears the effect you were having on him. "Tell me what you want." You whispered in his need nibbling on it. "Please y/n, I need to feel you." He sighed, moaning again.

    You stood up, sliding your shorts and panties off, looking at him. His hair was everywhere, his face flushed, his lips swollen, he was a beautiful mess. You leaned forward, pulling his pants down, his cock jumping up as you did. You weren't sure he would fit, but you were sure as hell gonna try. You straddled him, stroking him a few more times, moving him towards your entrance "are you ready?" You asked looking at him. "Please y/n, I need you." He sighed. You kissed him as you inched down on him, moaning onto eachothers mouths. You gripped his shoulders as he bottomed out, wiggling your hips, you never felt so stretched and full. "You feel like heaven y/n" he sighed kissing your neck.

    "Are you ok if I move?" You asked after a couple of minutes kissing him. "Please." He sighed between kisses. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, his hands gripping your hips as you moved up and down. You rested your forehead against his as your hand tangled in his hair. He moved one hand to your back, pulling you closer. You sped up your movements as you gripped his hair making him moan loudly. You felt that familiar tightening in your core, you sped up, throwing your head back as he thrust up into you matching your pace. You came screaming his name, your walls clenching around him. "Y/n, I'm.......aahhh....I'm going to......." he tried when he moaned loudly "come for me Adam." You whispered on his ear. He came yelling your name. You slammed your hips down feeling him pulse inside you.

    You looked at eachother catching your breath. "Your are so beautiful y/n" he said lightly kissing you. "So are you Adam." You kissed him back. "So much for the movie." He said with a laugh. "We'll try again next time." You laughed. You slowly lifted off of him, holding out your hand "shower?" You asked smiling at him. He grabbed your hand and followed you. You got in first, Adam following you. He pressed his front to your back, feeling his erection against your back you smiled. It was going to be a long night.....

    @vbecker10 @lokisprettygirl22 @xorpsbane @123forgottherest @mcufan72 @daggers-and-mischief @cabingrlandrandomcrap @misswimberly @purplekitten30 @elenaysusneuras @usagishira @asgardianprincess1050 @mostly-marvel-musings @wannabemonsterfucker @hibernocaledonian @evansabove1981 @catalina712 @chaotics17 @lokiprompts @crystaldragonborn @el-zef

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  • emoryjinxx
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    The Devil Wears Gucci

    Pairing: Loki X F! Reader

    Summary: Y/N is a first year student at Columbia University in upstate New York, now staying in the dorms. You decided to go to school in the state at least for the first year to stay close to your friends and to Tony Stark, who has been your legal guardian since you were a teenager.

    As always you may find the updated masterlist for this series on my blog along with any other series or oneshots that I have! Enjoy! ~ Emory

    Other masterlist: TW: NSFW

    Chapter 18


    “ What are you doing? “ You blurted out in a rough whisper. Surely he wasn’t about to do what you thought he was going to do, there was no way he meant that when he asked if you could be convincing…right?

    “ Now is the time to prove just how convincing you can be.” You swear that you could see his pupils dilate as he spoke. “ We are taking a brief rest and will be there shortly once the pain abates. You do seem to be aching terribly, darling. “ Icy fingers that found their way to the throbbing area between your thighs overrode every rational thought you could have had in the moment. Feigning a concerned look as he spoke by drawing his brows together.

    “ You are more than welcome to come in, Rodgers. “ He unlocked the door with a quick gesture of his free hand, leaning back against the headboard of the bed as if nothing was going on.

    You didn’t trust yourself not to make any noise if Loki made any attempt to touch you and on top of that you were going to have to try to fake that you were in a crippling amount of pain.

    Steve wore a scowl when he entered the room, tightly pleated arms over his chest with eyes that bore straight through the God of Mischief with a dour expression fixed upon his face.

    “ Go ahead, tell me what your excuse is cause I can’t wait to hear it. “ He snipped.

    “ No excuses. Y/N is in pain and I am comforting her until she feels well enough for me to leave her side, you have my word. “ Those piercing blue eyes faced you, teasing you. Placing his palm flat against the soaked fabric between your legs, applying the slightest bit of pressure against your swollen clit. Burying your face into his chest in order to muffle the moans of frustrated pleasure and make them sound more like moans of pain. Curling your toes into the sheets of the bed until he released the pressure, embarrassment shooting through your body when you felt how wet you were; Making a point to place his hand against the bare skin of your hip for you to feel it.

    “ I just need to rest for a little while, I’m so sorry. I don’t mean to keep him. “ You finally managed to spit out. Steve already fully believing the story from your “ moans of pain “, who grew extremely concerned at that point.

    “ Let me get Banner. Maybe there is something he can give you for the pain.” He was gone out and down the hall long before you could even think of an objection to the idea. Loki closed the door, relocking it with his magic, wasting absolutely no time at this point.

    “ Maybe a bit too convincing, dearest. “ He teased, leaning you back against the bed to strip the blanket away from your body. “ I wish we had the time for me to cherish and adore every inch of you. For now, let’s see how truly desperate you are for my touch. “ Ensuring to be as tender with you as timing would allow, he hooked his fingers around the dainty waist of your underwear.

    “ Lift your hips for me. “ He said as more of a request than an order, figuring now is not the time to delve into sexual fantasies and you can both discuss that after the fact.

    You didn’t think twice, doing as he asked where soon enough you were in nothing but your bra. Then that was gone, too.

    Knelt down between your legs that he had eagerly spread, steadily making love bites all the way up to the apex of your thighs, slick with your need for him. Shakily holding the black curls from falling down into his face, being unable to hold back the pitiful fervent moaning of his name once his tongue started to swirl around. His fingers replaced where his mouth had been, curling them inside of you at the feeling of your muscles beginning to tighten. A sharp intake of breath filled your lungs at the feeling of him inside of you, biting your lip to the point of almost drawing blood at the building pressure.

    “ That’s it, good girl. “ He purred.

    Feeling your walls spasm and contract around his fingers until your body tightens so much, forbidding him from moving inside of you.

    “ F-Fuck! Loki! “ You screamed out with a shattered breath, the tension snapping as you dissolved into pleasure. Leaving you with blurry vision filled with stars, ringing ears, and shockwaves rushing up and down every nerve in your body.

    Slipping his fingers out from you reluctantly, his arousal throbbing no doubt.

    “ You are absolutely immaculate. “ He crawled up, hovering over to capture you in a loving kiss. “ There is not a chance that all of Midgard didn’t hear the ruttish calls of my name uttered from your lips, my dear.”

    #loki fanfic#loki laufeyson #loki laufeyson x reader #loki mcu#mcu loki #tom hiddelston loki #loki x reader #loki x y/n #loki x you #loki x female reader #loki imagine#the avengers#loki avengers #loki god of mischief #avengers #god of mischief #loki laufeyson x y/n #loki#loki fluff #loki god of lies #loki odinson#loki smut #loki odinson x reader #loki odinson x you #loki odinson x y/n #loki friggason#avengers fanfiction#avengers fanfic#avengers imagine #tom hiddleston loki
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  • anonymousfiction211
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Hey, can you write something about asgarding reader who was send to earth by Odin, many years past and when Loki comes to destroy NY, all the feeling he had for her came back but she isn't the soft and shy girl she once was and now he's fighting against her. No angst, I just want a badass female reader who doesn't give in easily and he's just trying to win her over please!

    Never knowing the answer The whole battle was temporarily forgotten when the two of you locked eyes together. Neither one of you had expected to see the other person, in this place, at this time. It was years ago when you said goodbye to your best friend. Maybe he was more than that at the time, but the two of you never got the chance to explore that. It was always a what-if-question. And you had accepted long ago that you would never know the answer.

    But now, here he stood before you. He was taller than you remembered, his hair seemed off to you, and there was something in his eyes you couldn’t place. He eyed you up and down. The harness in his eyes dimmed down.

    ‘(Y/N)..’ was all he said. Clearly taken aback by your presence.

    You waited patiently for him to say something. But after a few seconds, you realized that he didn’t know what to say.

    ‘I expected more than just my name rolling off your tongue, after all this time, Loki’ you answered.

    His eyebrows shot up, surprised by the snappy tone. You had to hold back your smile. Even in the old days, you found it endearing when Loki was at a lost for words. To be fair, you had changed much over the years. As had he, apparently. You thought back about all the times, Loki had stood up for you. You weren’t as confident back then and were lucky to have Loki in your life. He made you feel comfortable but did try to push you a little out of your shell. He was your prince on the white horse at the time, a role he clearly loved to play. When you were sent to earth, to help the human race defend itself against alien threats, you had to change. You couldn’t be that shy girl, who let everyone walk all over her. You needed to be strong, confident, and a leader. During the years you became the person you needed to be, and you never wanted to be the damsel in distress anymore.

    A loud noise interrupted your thoughts. One of the alien creatures was running towards you. You got into a fighting stance immediately, but Loki stepped closer. With one wave of his hands, the creature stopped. It turned around and left. When he took another step closer, you took a step back.

    ‘Are you hurt?’ he asked, seeming genuinely worried.

    And as much as you wanted to believe his sincerity, you had to remind yourself that it was still Loki. Whatever bond the two of you had, it had changed. You had to be on your guard. Knowing how smart, cunning and powerful he used to be, and assuming that over the years he had grown and developed that power.

    ‘No. But if I am, then that’s on you’ you answered.

    ‘I can help you, you know’ he said, ignoring your statement.

    You had to supress the need to roll your eyes. Typical. Here you were, almost unhurt, in the middle of a battle, and he still saw you for the shy, helpless, little girl you used to be. But you did realize that you could use that to your advantage. Hoping to get some information, to stop him.

    ‘How?’ you asked.

    ‘Let me heal you’ he said.

    You weighed the risks and benefits against each other. Seeing how genuine he looked, you nodded. Loki inched closer and started to heal some of the cuts on your arms. And the giant bruise on your side, from when you were slammed against the wall by one of his creatures.

    ‘Better?’ he smiled softly at you. You smiled back.

    ‘Why are you doing this?’ you asked.

    ‘It’s rather a long story’ he took a step back. ‘We have to get you out of here’ he added before you had a chance to tell him, that you had heard most of the story from Thor already.

    ‘What?’ you asked.

    ‘It’s not safe for you to be here! I don’t want you to get hurt’

    ‘Why not call of the attack? What is your plan, anyway?’ you asked.

    ‘I CAN’T!’ he yelled at you. You flinched a little at the sudden anger in his voice. You saw the sadness in his eyes when you flinched, but quickly composed himself. ‘I didn’t mean to yell’ he said. ‘Now, follow me. I know a place’

    ‘Loki, I’m fighting for my home. I’m not going anywhere!’

    ‘Midgard? Your home?’ he looked at you, like you have gone mad.

    ‘I have been here for some time’

    ‘And what about Asgard?’ he asked. But both of you knew he was really asking about the two of you.

    ‘I don’t think I want to go back’ you said, and Loki knew all too well that you weren’t lying.

    He looked you into your eyes, that’s when you saw his smile. He was going to manipulate you, or at least try to, to get what he wants. He always had a way with words.

    ‘Then we stay on earth’ he said.

    ‘Wha-‘ but before you could interject, he cut you off and continued.

    ‘I will admit, I have missed you, darling’ he purred a little too sweet for your liking. ‘Remember, when Thor and the warriors three had pulled that awful prank? And I found you by the river?’

    You knew where he was going and wondered if this would have worked on you in the past.

    ‘You felt so awful, you wanted nothing more than for me to teleport us away. So, we could build a life far away from everyone’

    ‘Yes, but instead you convinced me to prank them back and we both were on house arrest for a month’ you answered.

    ‘I have never heard you laugh more in a month’ he smiled, thinking back at the memory. The two of you were on house arrest together in the palace, meaning you frequently visited each other and hung out. Loki had spent the entire month cheering you up and had succeeded.

    ‘Remember, how it ended?’ he asked.

    You couldn’t help but blush a little. At the end of the month, you had gotten him a present as a thanks for keeping you entertained. He wouldn’t accept it first, because the two of you were friends and he had fun as well. Before he opened it, the two of you look into each other’s eyes. And suddenly you felt his lips on yours. ‘Next time, I promise to teleport us away’ he had whispered in your ear.

    Shortly after that, you were sent to earth and the two of you never had the chance to talk about that.

    ‘I like to keep that promise’ he said. He extended his hands, and for a moment you had to admit you were tempted to take it. But you quickly realized where you were and what was still happening around you. The Loki you left on Asgard, wasn’t the same that was standing he before you.

    You decided it was time to end this. You got into your fighting positions and quickly pulled two daggers from your suit. ‘You’re not listening to me, this is my home now. And I will defend it, even against you’

    Loki didn’t move, so you swung your dagger towards him. He had to take a step back, but didn’t do it fast enough. He probably didn’t expect you to attack him. How could he? The end of your knife graced his cheek and left a shallow cut. Loki hissed in pain, maybe more surprise than pain. It was barely bleeding. In this moment you had the upper hand, and decided to throw a next punch. He blocked it with his hand, so you tried to hit him from the other side.

    You punched him in his cheek and his face turned to the side. He quickly grabbed your hand and twisted your arm. When you hissed in pain, he quickly let go and took a step back.

    ‘What are you doing? I’m trying to HELP you!’ he half-yelled at you.

    ‘You’re NOT helping me! You are attacking us!’ you yelled back.

    ‘I’m trying to save you!’

    ‘So, you want to teleport me away. Keep me safe until after the battle, then what?’ you argued.

    ‘We will rule earth together’ he answered.

    ‘What if you lose?’ you questioned.

    ‘I’m not going to lose’ he said.

    ‘Always with the cockiness’ you sighed.

    ‘You have changed’ Loki stated, narrowing his eyes.

    ‘You have as well’ you answered.

    ‘Does anyone have eyes on Loki?’ you heard Steve ask you through your earpiece.

    ‘Don’t answer’ Loki said. He reached out his hand. ‘Come with me. I want you by my side, I need you by my side’

    ‘I repeat, does anyone have eyes on Loki?’ Steve asked again.

    ‘Remember the lake? The balls? The late night strolls? The kiss?’ Loki said.

    You took a deep breath. You had already made up your mind.

    ‘Loki is on the 43rd floor of Stark Tower’ you answered Steve.

    Loki slowly lowered his hand and you saw the hurt in his eyes. He quickly composed himself, standing as tall as he could. ‘So be it’ he said.

    You got back into your fighting stance. Loki took a step towards you, he made the sceptre disappear. He bends down a little and to your surprise he kissed your cheek. You were taken aback by the gesture and didn’t know how to respond. You just stood there and stared at him.

    ‘I will come find you in the dungeons when the battle is over. I hope you will reconsider then, because I’m not giving up on you’ he said.

    That’s when one of the Chitauri came flying through the windows. Loki suddenly jumped onto the flying space jet ski off the creature and grabbed the controls, while the creature screamed at you and moved to the back. ‘See you soon’ Loki winked at you before flying away through the whole in the window.

    Lok was just gone, when Steve and Thor came bursting through the door. ‘Where is Loki?’ Steve immediately asked.

    ‘The jackass flew away, before I could capture it’ you answered. Steve started to tell you about a way they could stop the battle, but that they need Loki’s sceptre to execute the plan. You were listening to Steve but did catch the look Thor shot you. You tried to ignore it but wondered what he knew. For now, you pushed it aside. You were going to focus on defeating Loki and would deal with the personal stuff after that. If you would get the chance this time, that is.

    Taglist: @delightfulheartdream @theaudacitytowrite @pescadoavocado @theestorm @justacripple @taurusbeing @callistoneith @mavelfan2335 @colorfulfreakstudentpizza @vbecker10 @prettylittlepluviophile @stjarnaloki @dayzmae @lokislittlemoon @ilovefanfictions @lokis-pet-mcu

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  • lokiaffaire
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    not to mention that marvel characters always have their sexuality little explored (apart from a subtle comment here and there) in the MCU.

    in thor ragnarok loki was treated like a simple lap dog cause of his sexual affair with the grandmaster but people seem to forget that loki has sex for fun, pleasure and for his own personal gain (for example: to win the sympathy of the grandmaster).

    and i better not even start with the fact that loki chose to remain in a female form for years and give birth to several children.

    i don't think we'll ever see that side of loki (marvel isn't bold enough).

    #loki#loki laufeyson #loki god of mischief #laufeyson#thor#thor odison #thor love and thunder #thor god of thunder
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  • theoneandonlyphoenix
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Peter:Ayo shures,u seen dis new song?

    It really is lit and gives weird and cool vibez? Liiiike y'know whadda mean!

    Shuri: ya homie! Like when it first came out! I snapped! I snapped when dat beat dropped bro!


    Thor: Are they- loki did we learn this unique language on Asgard because I don't think I can recall a 'Hoomee'

    Loki,looking up from his phone:

    They are speaking the language of the gods..brudda

    Thor,voice breaking: tHeN aM I nOt A gOd

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  • everywhitemcucharactersucks
    26.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    "You're acting like characters of color can't be villains" - are you fucking serious right now?

    Kang: Kidnaps people, erases their memories, brainwashes them, enslaves them to do his bidding, and sends them to erase people from other timelines like a Nazi/slave patrol boss

    Ravonna: Enslaved to become one of the Nazi TVA, also head judge of a Nazi/slave court

    Hunter B-15 and Hunter C-20: Enslaved to become part of the Nazi TVA, and become members of the slave patrol/Nazi kill squad

    You don't see any problems with having Black characters be part of a Nazi/slave organization like the TVA. That's not just fucking villains, those are villainous characters with a framing that ignores the fact that they're Black and would've been murdered by actual Nazis and I really don't know why I should have to express my problems with the analogy to slavery.

    Loki stans really don't want any criticism of the series' treatment of characters of color but will attack it relentlessly for torturing poor Loki

    #anti loki #anti loki laufeyson #anti loki stans #kang the conqueror #he who remains #ravonna renslayer #hunter b 15 #hunter b15 #hunter c 20 #anti tva
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  • folkvang
    26.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    My Depiction of Loki

    Known for his exceptionally cunning mind and his penchant for mischief. His actions, be they harmful or beneficial, often serve as catalysts for change and movement for the rest of the gods. Loki’s portrayals have ranged widely from negative to positive. (~skaldskeep)

    (please give credit if you use)

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  • ariadnawin
    26.05.2022 - 9 hours ago
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  • everywhitemcucharactersucks
    26.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Loki stans were really expecting Valkyrie to just be there to validate his trauma in Thor: Ragnarok and started hating on her the moment she called out the fact that he was being an asshole, some even calling her an abuser when he was the one triggering her trauma and PTSD. Newsflash: characters of color are not there to validate your white fave's trauma, and if they don't that doesn't automatically make them terrible people or abusers. Valkyrie was not there to be the one character sympathetic to Loki or whatever the hell you were expecting. She's a character in her own right, not a plot device for Loki's story.

    And, really, Loki stans never acknowledge that internalised racism due to Asgardian hatred of Jotunheim, being abused by Thanos and emotionally abused by Odin, and being a victim of colonization does not change the fact that Loki is a genocidal war criminal and has, for most of his life, been either a Prince of Asgard or the King of Asgard (even if he had to disguise himself as Odin for that). This is exactly what happens when we ignore class and power structures and just focus on classless analysis of racism, abuse and other forms of bigotry and discrimination. Loki isn't powerless. He's powerful and for most of the Thor franchise, he wasn't interested in tearing down the golden sham as much as he was in becoming the King of Asgard himself. He's not opposed to absolutism when it serves him.

    Yes, Loki is powerless in the face of the TVA and the TVA are a Nazi organization. But for someone who was very much an absolutist when it served him, the fact that the show acts like he's changed because of his love of Sylvie and suddenly become some sort of antifascist crusader is ridiculous, especially given that, I can't believe I have to reiterate this, he's a genocidal war criminal and his trauma does not justify his actions as a genocidal war criminal who tried to subjugate an entire planet. I don't see any redemption for Loki as it is, because other genocidal war criminals are rightly seen as irredeemable and the fact that many Loki stans apparently don't see him as irredeemable is just wild to me.

    Also, while we're talking about the TVA, apart from the Time-Keepers and He Who Remains, every single TVA member is someone who was taken from their timelines, had their memories erased, and were brainwashed into serving the TVA. Calling them all Nazis or cops is dangerously reductive when they had zero free will in their choices. They're not like goddamn Wanda; they didn't volunteer for this shit. They're not like fucking Loki either; none of them was a literal god who became king of the so-called realm of the gods. Call Kang or the Time-Keepers Nazis and you have a point, but everyone up to and including Ravonna has even more trauma than fucking Loki, they just don't remember what happened to them, as Sylvie explains to him later on. And both Mobius and Ravonna ultimately turn on the TVA and begin seeking out the truth for themselves. Maybe acknowledge that in this very specific situation, labelling these characters as unrepentant, irredeemable Nazis is a bit too much?

    And in Ragnarok with Loki and Valkyrie, Valkyrie has lost everything. She left Asgard because she saw all her fellow Valkyrie die in front of her eyes, and because she was stuck battling for one genocidal colonizing maniac (Odin) against another (Hela). She gave up on all of that and came all the way to Sakaar, where the MCU, creeps that they are, handwaved away the Grandmaster being a slaveowner by turning Valkyrie into a slave overseer. She does not have power over Loki Prince of Asgard, who by the way is also a willing partner to the slaveowner Grandmaster. Even if she triggered his trauma, she is struggling with her own far more intense trauma, and he triggered that. I'm not calling him an abuser for that, but it's certainly asshole behavior all the same. This is not reason to ship them, or reason to claim that she's abusing him or she's the aggressor in that situation, and it's absolutely disgusting that Loki stans did that. Loki stans keep going after characters of color like Valkyrie, Ravonna, Hunter B-15 and Hunter C-20 for not acknowledging his trauma, but they're not meant to do so within the story, and as it is, they have even more trauma than he does; and it's sickening that these stans keep attacking Black women for not centering a white queer man's trauma.

    #anti loki #anti loki laufeyson #anti loki stans #valkyrie mcu #anti thor ragnarok #anti thanos#anti odin#anti tva#sylvie laufeydottir#time keepers #he who remains #anti mcu wanda #ravonna renslayer#mobius mcu #mobius m mobius #anti hela#anti grandmaster#hunter b15 #hunter b 15 #hunter c 20
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  • bebx
    26.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson supremacy ♡

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  • creepygorewhore
    26.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    I ship loki x mobius, loki x sylvie, loki x sigyn, and sylvie x sigyn. Get on my chaos level. You always win the ship war when you fight on every side.

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  • bugboyandtomatoman
    26.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    I still think Loki peaked at episode 2

    #loki #mobius m mobius #loki laufeyson#lokius
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  • iexistinthevoid
    26.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    I got Thor’s ship today at the LEGO store to cheer myself up for being harassed by my crazy ex and I put Loki on the ship as some sort of healing that Thor and Loki could have a heartfelt moment and I cried. I feel crazy and that’s okay.

    #loki laufeyson#thor odinson#lego #thor love and thunder
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