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  • pandistein
    20.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    The taste of her cherry chapstick.

    Caitlyn X Vi 💜

    - Arcane

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  • macveigh
    20.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    I just wanna give a big shout out to the new followers I’ve gained over the last couple days. Hello! I’m Molly and Morgan is my muse who...well she’s my muse lol she’s a witch who is psychic and attempts to fight monsters when she’s not befriending them or watching reruns of Gilmore Girls. She’s just...struggling. A lot. To be normal and also do taxes. General adult shit. Have a life outside of magic and her ~traumatic past~, thank kind of thing.

    Im slow af because I got that spicy sadness and my activity is either hella or not at all but I’m always up for discord rp and just general discord plotty chatty nonsense. 

    Welcome to [gestures to my blog] whatever this is. If you have any questions feel free to ask me straight up or explore the blog. It has a dark theme. Proceed to oooh and aaah all you like. 

    So yuh.

    #im literally that dog where everything is on fire on this blog and im like #this is fine lol #i love my muse but goddamn is she stubborn to work with some days #also i cant make writing decisions so #there's that #molly babbles ; ooc.
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  • segasonichao
    20.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    “they put tails in sonic 2 without it really focusing on him either so if amy is introduced with shadow in sonic 3 it’s okay if she gets kind of overshadowed” im… also kind of sad about that first point too. did u think about that.

    #ideally for me the movies would have been #1. sonic & tails bonding #(sonic learns Responsibility by adopting a kid lol) #2. sonic meets amy & metal sonic #(sonic learns compassion & empathy from amy) #3. sa1 combined with sonic 3. sonic meets knuckles and the perfect chaos storyline #(introduces more chaos lore. the empathy sonic learned from amy extends to knuckles) #4. sa2 #(shadow and sonic. of course) #THAT would be my ideal situation but admittedly it would cut out the human characters like maddie & Tom …… #but tbh ideally my sonic movies wouldn’t…. have a whole bunch of human characters other than the ones established #idk. #sonic the hedgehog #sega official speaks
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  • my-fortnite-blog
    20.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Fortnite, what did you do to Jinx's hair?



    It's the same problem with Megumi’s hair, which they haven't fixed yet!!

    Can you help me to report it ?

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  • omghotmemes
    20.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Shit now the ad is buffering

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  • thelibra-goddess
    20.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Where you from?


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  • justapeskyninja
    20.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    scarlet isn't that bad plus she's pretty hot though


    The award for most shallow asshole goes toooooo..."

    Drumroll if you please as she pats her legs and gives points towards the anon.

    'You~! Way to go!"

    And that usual smile of her dropped from her face to an irritated unamused one. Clearly unimpressed by the words. If anything she seemed d i s g u s t e d.

    'So, glad to know there's people out there that have such low standards or just like to simp. What you wanna lick the bottom of her heel or something too? Never thought I'd come across so many frustrating people to ones that piss me off entirely. Think she had to be one of the worse people there at ShinRa. Probably can just pool her together with Hojo.'

    That woman took such pride in her damn machines just slaughtering innocent people and HER people like they were some kind of vermin, while just passively being racist as well. Just the very thought of her is more than vile. Not to mention taking pleasure in a capital punishment what she was going to do to one of her closest friends. It's like all she cared about was how well her precious weapons performed.

    'Anyone that's attracted to her probably is shallow and have questionable tastes if not just as deranged as she is. I certainly wouldn't trust her or them.

    My only regret is not getting put her in her place and punch her right in that smug ass face of hers."

    #Letters to Wutai; Answered #//lol she severely dislikes Scarlet and I do too tbh
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  • edwardslostalchemy
    20.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    I have started working out once again and I'm trying to keep a schedule where i do certain exercises a day. So i am in pain. But i keep telling myself I'm gonna look so pretty and I'm gonna loseso much weight.

    #fran talks #i want my clothes to fit well again #i want to lose the weight i gained lol
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  • quicksiluers
    20.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    winfield scott hancock ROLLING over in his grave at the height difference

    #my ramblings #he so tiny compared to jeff daniels #also...always hilarious that they have chamberlain talk to hancock even tho chamberlain was in the V corps #and hancock was the II corps commander like?? what we doing #but i get it...you get the two union characters chit chatting lol #that's a whole other issue...not enough union boys in this but!! that's another story #have i...posted this before... #probably?? i feel like i have #whatever!
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  • kayespuzzles
    20.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    Same with anon, associate you with Layton characters or you give off Layton vibes or somethin like that

    Heck yeah, you guys get me!!!!!! Thanks, minky!

    #day made lol #professor layton#asks
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  • fuckyeahilike
    20.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago
    #I've been thinking about this movie a lot #I've got to watch it again #lol#movies#videos
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  • boosfer
    20.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    uhhh better wip :

    #talk tag #yess peter squloint this is him lol
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  • mira--mira
    20.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago


    Haha YES. My beloved crack-ship let's GO

    Whether I ship it or not

    Yes! I'm not sure I would classify it as an OTP, but I do love it very much!

    Why I ship it or not

    I think it's fun! Mito and Izuna both are sort of blank slates to some degree and I like imagining their dynamic and how it would bolster the parts of canon I like to explore in what-if sort of fics. Note, usually when I think of the ship I'm thinking of a fix-it AU or something like Mirror, Mirror that's about building the village.

    My opinion on their canon potential (chemistry, canon interactions, etc)

    Lol what canon? This is my crack ship and I'm embracing it.

    My opinion on fanon interpretations/fandom around it (Favorite widespread hcs, pet-peeves, etc.)

    OK there's 10 tagged Mito/Izuna fics on Ao3, one of them my own, like 4 others OT3 so like...I sure as hell don't know if there's an established fanon or not, but here's what I like lol.

    Izuna is a very smart man, specifically socially. Whereas Madara has the charisma of a wet hedgehog that only his immediate family and Hashirama can love, Izuna has a silver tongue. He's very friendly and respected and deals with all of the social aspects of running the clan. In some AUs I imagine him and Madara as official co-leaders in others, it's more informal but Izuna always plays a part in running the clan. That said, he does have a mischievous streak and Madara is one of the only ones not so charmed by him to call him out for the pranks. He loves Izuna, don't get me wrong, but he's found himself on the wrong end of one too many pranks when they were kids.

    Meanwhile, Mito is rather dignified and refined...only because she has to be. There's a joke about Uzumaki personalities being wild and initially, I like to headcanon this was true of Mito too. However, she was the eldest or only daughter and was forced to bear the burden of responsibility from her clan. I don't really care how she gets to Konoha, arranged marriage with Hashirama that fell through, just an envoy from the Senjus' cousin clan, etc. only that she gets there.

    This version of Izuna and Mito's spark comes from the fact that they both recognize themselves in the other and can grow together. Mito is wholly unimpressed with Izuna. His charm. His flattery. It doesn't work and it annoys him so much. He becomes determined to impress her and does everything in his power to do so, and it quickly spirals into childish antics and pranks trying to make her laugh. And it does. Mito has been trained to be a politician, more or less. She knows all the tricks. But fun is something she hasn't had since she was a small girl, before the crushing weight of responsibility. And Izuna is fun. Someone Mito can understand and relate to, but also have fun with.

    For the ship ask

    #naruto#ask games#al-stuffy #i still dunno there ship name tho #mizuna#izuto #ngl like mizuna more #thank you for indulging me lol
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  • seekingthestars
    20.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    i have been eaten alive by mosquitoes, i hate summer

    #personal #this week. is definitely. not my week. #started off on a real high with tour dates on monday and wowee it's gone steadily downhill since then lol #svt has been great but that's about it
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  • doujen
    20.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    im honestly such a friendless loser but at least i read a lot and am getting smarter day by day i guess

    #copium....... #at least im top of my class 👍 lol
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  • apparitionz
    20.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    can i be honest this is the vibe

    #art #not mine LOL #history#skull #idk what to even take this #lol#he 😌
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  • thebestphotoshopbattles
    20.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    PsBattle: Overgrown railway in Parc Montsouris, Paris

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  • fringemerkin
    20.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    the awkward thing about the 'trender' accusation is that nobody wants to admit that certain vernacular (a la dykefag and its predecessor, genderqueer) very much do trend (for more and less nefarious reasons) and it's super dubious to decide that in that case half the trans people using this language must be 'faking' instead of just going oh yeah like obvi words phase in and out of use in certain scenes and all gendered experiences are social in some way. sillly silly silly

    #from the drafts #this one is better lol #microblogging
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  • felinae-felidae
    20.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Hey pardner

    #ezreal #League of Legends #lol#fanart #this was for an ezko cowboys au #can i tag this ezko? #im tagging this as ezko #ezko
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  • duckiesdoodlesdelight
    20.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    i have many simple desires. for some reason one of them is for all of my main pfps to be of me being a little guy. 

    #this is my favorite probably bc of the black glasses thing #i dont like my current glasses because theyre hard to include in my drawings lol
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