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  • viridianwizard
    16.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    last night I dreamed that there was an anime visual novel called “the perfect sex” where four teens go out and try to see who among them can have the best sex ever or something like that

    I was familiar with this game through some lets play I had watched

    #usually I just dream about some fucked up horror shit or about failing my exams so this was an interesting change #another part of the same dream was a tumblr post where the joke was to tag it as the most random and obscure media possible #and eventually someone made a list of all the tags and it was multiple pages long
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  • braindeadmaggot
    16.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    I see no difference.

    #one piece #sonic the hedgehog 2 #one piece wano arc #the similarities are uncanny #sonic the hedgehog #been holding off on this for a while now because spoilers #but i think the movie has been out long enough #eustass kid#Trafalgar law #monkey d luffy #sanic the hotdog #nipples the enchilada #tails doesn't have a weird nickname for some reason #miles prower #miles tails prower #knuckles the echidna #eustass kidd #eustass captain kid #Trafalgar d water law
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  • artbyblastweave
    16.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Broke: The endgame villain was Andrias, as a representation for how an affable demeanor can secretly cover a callous and imperialistic core.

    Woke: The endgame villain was The Core, a refined, depersonalized bastion of industrialized imperialism that can be vanquished as a metaphor for breaking toxic cycles and dissembling abusive systems.

    Bespoke: The Endgame villain was the Unnamed Guardian Entity, who caused literally all of the show’s problems by setting Calamity stones loose on Amphibia in the first place, subtly directing thousands of years of cross-dimensional chaos as part of a precognition-fueled scheme to eventually con a cloned 13-year old into agreeing to take over its thankless job.

    #I'm really hoping for more gravity-falls style meta about the entity's long-game once the post-finale aftershocks finish up #amphibia#thoughts#meta#amphibia meta#amphibia spoilers #amphibia the hardest thing #amphibia finale
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  • stridingcest
    16.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    in response to your moral orel ship post, i can confirm, you are the shipping god.

    i've gotta say, after watching the beforel orel special, i really thought orel and his grandpa (forgot his name) had really cute moments !!

    i really love how they're just having a good time together and how arthur (googled his name, lets go) genuinely tries to teach him some good things! (and that he saved shapey from being murdered by orel in the first ever horrendous misunderstanding.)

    so. yeah, i'd say i ship orel x arthur !! theyre pretty big next to joe x orel and clay x danielle !! ^v^

    OMG YES ARTHUR X OREL!!! I knew I was missing a ship I just didn't know which one!!! But yes I 10000% agree with that! The Before Orel special was so full with shipping potential for Arthur and Orel its crazy,,,, AND THEY WERE SO CUTE DURING THE MOMENTS THEY WERE TOGETHER AAAAAAA

    I agree! It's so cute how Arthur was the one trying to lead Orel in the right direction, and how they had so much fun together at Arthur's farm. It was so sad to see him drive off and how Clay didn't want him to see Arthur anymore >:(

    Oh oh and also.... Clay x Arthur. Literally both young clay and just older Clay I don't mind, just, THEM

    #daggodeaddove #thank you!!! i can fit so many moral orel ships in my brain its crazy #/pos#long post
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  • atwistingturningcorridoor
    16.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Writing a Deconditioning Whumpee Part One: Escaping

    tw for discussions of cults, abuse, brainwashing/conditioning, death, and Faith-Crisis. 

    This is one of my favorite Whump Tropes, so I figured I might as well share my personal experiences with having to go through the deprogramming process after I escaped a Cult (I will not be giving its name or any specifics as I don’t want to attract it’s attention), and some of the things I’ve noticed that have been overlooked in a lot of the deprogramming whumps I’ve seen.

    Deconditioning or Deprogramming is the act of reversing trained responses to certain stimuli, deconstructing harmful/incorrect beliefs, and reintegrating into society. 

    This can take many forms, such as Exposure Therapy, Discrediting the Whumper(s)’s authority, the building up of Self-esteem and expression, etc. 

    This is by no means an easy process, and it can take anywhere from months to years to gain a sense of normalcy. 

    So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

    The first step to deprogramming is escaping the situation that has caused the conditioning. 

    This can often be a very long and dangerous process, depending on the situation. In some cases, someone (Caretaker?) may come and rescue your Whumpee, in others your Whumpee may need to escape themself. 

    There are many different factors to someone’s escape, and generally it’s never one cause, so feel free to make it as complex as you’d like! 

    There are many different ways that someone may escape, but here are the most common types.

    Someone may come and physically remove them from the situation.

    Pretty straightforward. This can be anything from rescuing them from an abusive partner/family member/friend, getting them out of a villain’s base, or taking them from a cult compound. 

    Generally, these types of situations will be highly dangerous and have most likely cause Whumpee physical harm at some point. 

    Keep in mind that a heavily conditioned Whumpee will likely resist being rescued, due to the fact that most people or groups who brainwash and condition usually instill a fear of outsiders and the outside world in general, and that they genuinely won’t notice anything is wrong with their situation because that’s what they know to be normal. 

    My experiences with this: I was not physically removed from the Cult I grew up in, but at one point when I was planning on how best to leave I considered asking my aunt to come and get me. This was ultimately vetoed, as I was able to convince my parents to leave also. (kind of)

    Someone/something could be a whistleblower, causing them to question their beliefs and make them realise that they don’t deserve the abuse they’re getting. 

    It could be a book, a movie, a YouTube video, a stranger making a comment, or a whistleblower exposing a terrible side to the Whumper/group, but in this case it just needs to be something that shakes Whumpee’s beliefs hard enough that they start to fight their way out. 

    These situations will most likely be less physically dangerous, and more emotionally/psychologically damaging. 

    In the case of the Whumpee actually knowing the person who brings this about, it could be an ex-member of the group if they’re part of one, a concerned friend/relative/bystander, a whistleblower, or someone they know getting hurt or killed. (it can be by Whumper/the group or unrelated. In the case of cults or even religion, death or injury may cause people to lose their faith and leave)  

    As stated before, conditioning will lead Whumpee to be highly resistant to their newfound knowledge or understanding. This will lead them to Cognitive Dissonance, a Faith Crisis, extreme emotional duress, etc. Remember, if the Whumper/group has done their job correctly, Whumpee won’t want to leave. 

    My experiences with this: While I was in a high-control Cult, it did not put a ban on the internet for some reason. This is how I found a Ted-Ed video about cults and how they function, and that, along with the discoveries made by a whistleblower, lead me to have a Faith-Crisis and eventually escape.

    Whumpee may be forcefully pushed away by the Whumper/group. 

    Be it disownment or being dumped, excommunication or disfellowship, or being left to die, somehow, Whumpee is left stranded without Whumper/the group. This can be a very shocking experience that will definitely violently change how they view Whumper/the group. 

    These types of situations can range anywhere from physically abusive to psychologically abusive.

    While all types of escape will be traumatizing to your Whumpee, this one is often the worst. 

    Not only were they abandoned (And will often be left without many options), they will also have to go through something akin to a faith-crisis without someone to help them like they would have if they had been rescued (at first, at least), or without the gradual transition that usually comes from learning about the bad side of the group/Whumper from a whistleblower. 

    My experiences with this: My mom was forcefully excommunicated from the Cult after it’s local leaders discovered she was practicing something akin to Wicca. This happened mid-way through my faith-crisis and only solidified my growing doubts about the Cult.  

    So there you have it! This is by no means a complete list, but hopefully it should give you some insight on how to write this trope. This is the first part of a series of posts that I’m going to do, so stay tuned if you’re interested! 

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  • gothteddies
    16.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago


    #gothteddy nonsense#💀💀💀 #when you have a long conversation with your partner about a post you saw #and you both end up ultimately concluding that the ideas being presented ultimately align WAY too close with TERF/RadFem ideas on sex&kink #i just texted my partner to complain because i didnt like the post #i thiught it was a personal opinion that gave me bad vibes #but no its just echoing terf and radfem ideas cause THATS cool
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  • spiritistanchi
    16.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    //It's technically munday so idk here's some of my fav pics of me.

    #ooc#munday #body mod tw #body mod cw #//I don't take pics of myself much anymore rip #long post tw #long post cw
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  • chenson-doodles
    16.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    might I offer you an ishimondo sketch dump in these trying times

    #I know it’s long I’m sorry lol #I put this in order of drawing them so #you can kinda see my progression of learning how to draw them #I really don’t like the first one #the later ones are definite favs tho #I think I’m getting it #can’t wait to keep drawing them hehe #this ship has got me going #danganronpa #dr1 trigger happy havoc #trigger happy havoc #ishimondo#mondo owada#kiyotaka ishimaru#dr1 mondo#dr1 kiyotaka#chdoodles #guest appearance for taka’s dad since I needed someone for that last comic lmao #(it was based off a luca comic I saw once) #posting at 12:27 at night ✌️ #I need. sleep
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  • oveliagirlhaditright
    16.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    I noticed a little parallel, that... you know what? Probably doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things. And it probably was unintentional. But it does kind of go to show that Buffy and Angel are a lot alike, and is kind of cool, so I guess I'll talk about it, anyway.

    In season 10, Angel puts an arm around Buffy's shoulder when she's dating Spike (though he doesn't know that she was at the time, and I think he actually was thinking and hoping that maybe they were about to get back together... which clearly didn't happen then). Angel's clearly still in love with Buffy in season 10... and Buffy does have feelings for Angel there, but for very long and complicated reasons I'm not going to get into here (because it's a very long story, but a lot of it's for the sake of the world and stuff. At least, that's definitely a large pressing worry there. But she is genuinely happy in giving the thing with Spike a shot for the first time since he got his soul, don't get me wrong), she's choosing not to be with him at the moment.

    And then in season 12, Angel had been dating Illyria (I do think he cared about her... though--if I'm being honest--I, personally, kind of think Angel was partly with Illyria because he had no idea how Buffy, the love of his life, thought about him at the time, among other things, so he thought that Illyria was his best option... Not to demean Illyria, or what Angel and Illyria had for the short time that they had it), but then she essentially sacrifices herself to save the day, by locking herself in a Hell dimension at the end of the series. And Buffy is comforting Angel about that here by putting a hand on his shoulder.

    So, basically, the parallel is this: there are two instances in the comics where Buffy and Angel are dating other people, but their former lover has feelings for them in the instance they're dating other people, and is putting a hand on their shoulder.

    Also, while Buffy ends up single in the comics, there's definitely hints that she and Angel might end up together (because they're clearly still in love with each other). But there are also hints that she and Spike might get back together, too. I feel like Joss Whedon originally left the love triangle open ended in S12, in case he ever wanted to come back to it and actually make a decision with it or something. -shrugs-

    ...That really didn't have anything to do with this post, but I just thought I'd explain that in case people didn't know where season 12 ended up and wanted to.

    Shutting up now.

    #bangel#long post#parallels #joss whedon mention #joss whedon tw #completely completely off-topic: for some reason i love that buffy ends the season 12 comics--and thus the series as a whole--in her #sunnydale high shirt. lol. that just seems so appropriate. even though she of course hasn't gone to sunnydale high in years #but it seems to bring it full-circle #edit: angel's also grieving fred. even though s12 doesn't have time to mention it. because it's so short. you know that's a thing #don't really know where to put that in the post itself. so i guess i'll just put it in the tags
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  • spacedlexi
    16.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    going back to my violentine oneshot cuz i still really want to finish it and i realized i wrote a whole bunch more that wasnt in the main document and now its like 40 pages 💀💀💀

    #theres a lot of notes its probably more like 30 pages BUT STILL #it jumped like 10 pages #ive been writing this whole thing in the notes app of my phone #well im definitely going to hit my goal of writing one of those really long single chapter one shots #its like 10000 words #and im taking off 4000 words since the og draft is in there too #the document is 14400 words #JEEZ #ive been on and off writing this for years now i really gotta finish it #so i can stop worrying about finally finishing it and actually just read it in full #im so close #probably a couple thousand more words to go #ALSO i really wanna do more of the animatic for it i have a short piece of it drafted but its messy so i dont really wanna post it #it speaks
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  • princess-kittycat
    16.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    Kyle (South Park, duh lmao) for the headcanon thing? 👉👈

    Omg Yessss 💓 Lol

    Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual

    Gender Headcanon: He/Him

    A ship I have with said character: Stan lol

    A BROTP I have with said character: Kenny 💓💗💗❤️

    A NOTP I have with said character: I don't think I have one, I ship Kyle with almost everybody lol

    A random headcanon: He love to draw his classmate's as funny cartoon characters and share them with Stan lol

    General Opinion over said character:

    Omg I love Kyle he is one of my favorite characters lol 😂

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  • stridingcest
    16.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago


    talk about....your moral orel ships......im interested now O.o

    OF COURSE!!!

    I ship orel with all of his family members (including Block) cuz I love puppingtoncest sm

    I also ship him with Reverend Putty, Doughy, Stephanie, (THEY HAVE SUCH CUTE MOMENTS IN THE SHOW I CANT STOP MYSELF) Christina, Tommy/Thomas, Danielle/Coach Stopframe and Joe!

    My non orel/puppingtoncest ships are Clay x Bloberta, Clay x Danielle, Stephanie x Nurse Bendy, Nurse Bendy x Joe, Stephanie x Nurse Bendy, Stephanie x Reverend Putty

    Oh yeah cant forget Doughy x Clay, Doughy x Cecil (isn't it obvious why I ship them? /lh), and Doughy x Agnes (the teacher at his school JFHSHDG)

    Those are all of my ships for now but I have a HANDFUL of ships from this series so I could be forgetting some :')

    #daggodeaddove #i am the shipping king #long post
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  • straydelivery
    16.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    You know what, Izana? I think I like Virgos now.

    (My intro makes me giggle <3)

    #tokyo revengers#izana kurokawa#kurokawa izana#izana#tokrev#edit#video #edits to cope with bad depression #now I gotta wait to post on IG because I took too long #i had to redo this because transitions were messy heh
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  • backlogbooks
    16.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    this book was slow in moments but it did remind me of my high school desire to get a great gatsby tattoo (it was going to be part of the last lines of the novel, either ending with “And one fine morning—“ or only that part, for the record)

    #tbrbusterchallenge2022#bookbanditchallenge #so we read on #maureen corrigan #im not getting a tattoo anytime soon and gatsby wouldnt be my first tattoo BUT and one fine morning long dash slaps as a tattoo idea #mary emma’s posts
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  • aboutthatmelancholystorm
    16.05.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    Okay actually on that last note:

    Pls give any extra cuts/versions of that scene. Of Con finding every different way to say Daddy. I need it because A. I'm sure it's funny af and B. Fic science

    #text post #marcian watches queer pirates #the man knew exactly what the line needed and he gave it his all #but good acting involves experimenting and sometimes more than one take that can be a gem #and i need to see those plus im sure hear ppl giggle in the background #my fave bit of cuts and blooper reels being able to hear all these ppl at work still giggling and having a good time #even tho the work is hard and long days and shit
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  • staryarn
    16.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    Hi Bestie!!!!

    Tell me something that isn't about nsr or submas or anything that you wanna infodump about that you haven't really been able to talk about?


    I've been desperately trying to remember how my oc story was before ethe submas brainrot and it's very foggy (mostly because my notes aren't very clear) this is a very very long ask so be warned

    currently I think I can sum it up to

    ' a puppet for the primordial of chaos wakes up with no memories of their past or their family ( I swear I wrote this before pla) but is assigned the role god of [■■■■]. Theyre met with two people who look exactly like them, one who works for the previous primordial of fate, MOTHER, and one who's just straight up trapped in a mirror / a whole ass seperate realm rip. They both attack the protagonist (lint solitaire/ lynh soliayre). Lynh meets up with the primordial of chaos (rip) and is tasked with defeating god (MOTHER-

    Haha just kidding that sounds more like my first draft in like idk 2014-2016

    Lynh soliayre is a puppet but more specifically a being who is made of both chaos and pure fate (mostly. Their legs and arms are made out of artificial fate which is very important). Chaos is generally hard to describe besides celestial matter as a material but fate can be described as a mass of strings (haha staryarn haha funny joke). They live in a creepy forest and at the heart of it lies a shrine / home (or paradise idk) to the god of ■■■■ / lint. I dont remember my personal term for it but they do have familiars (cyra is a fox who is a minrae aka he's made out of gems and stone. He used to be a stone statue. I have yet to name the other two but there's also Vincent. He's a moth guy who is 'a horrible and sadistic person' , at least to cyra. The other two are a crow (or a raven I haven't decided) that deals with the dead, and an oarfish that can cause earthquakes.)

    I dont exactly know how to describe it other than just people with animal features that can transform into those creatures so yeah.

    So under the God's and their respective areas / the things they can control, there is also like four regions (not set in stone just vaguely where they come from). The director of diamonds (lynh) rules over bugs (theyre described as spider like), the queen of hearts rules over fish (just general sealife really), the conductor of clubs (Cheshire cat) rules over mammals (and also lizards but in general just land beasts), and the Administrative Ace rules over avians (bird man woo).


    Puppets and puppeteers are just general role names for 'manipulators and the manipulated'. Here's things from my notes idk if they explain it well

    "A jester's role was to entertain and to simply make those around it happy. Yet those of this class are often limited on what they can do simply because of the masks they wear.

    Most masks are powerful and somewhat cursed magic sealed away in an inanimate object, with the object acting as a catalyst for the magic. Yet if they are sealed away in a wearable object they take hold of the wearer and use them as a host.

    These mask's puppeteer those who are easily manipulated, promising riches and a life full of freedom when in fact all it does is slowly consume you.

    Court jesters and those of the likes are usually the main target due to the assortment of masks as well as identities they take on to please others.

    For mortals they are 'posessed' by these masks. In rare occasions these spirits are direct manifestation of their negative emotions, making the user particularly aggressive. Utmost care has to be used when dealing with these 'jesters'.

    This magic can also reside in other objects that are intended used, such as a pocket watch or scissors.

    These are the direct mortal opposites to that of a god (or in a rare case a primordial)'s soul manifestation.

    A soul can Manifest in three ways

    - as a weapon / a catalyst to manipulate that user's magic

    - a mask that puppeteers the user

    - and in very rare cases, a physical body when their shell is shattered (and is used until their 'shell' reforms)

    A 'soul' the essence that makes up that being and the inherent magic they hold onto once formed / created out of their provided element. It also contains their memories and anything pertaining to who they are, such as personalities.

    Usually a soul of this class is reserved for non mortals such as assistants or gods. Mortals have a less 'powerful' soul since they normally don't have to manipulate the elements 24/7 , though magic is still a daily occurrence (although a bit more casual in nature vs a god using their born powers). The only difference in these is if the 'user' learns the magic or if the magic is an inherent part of their body / soul (if they are intentionally created with it)."


    To go back to the minrae / chaofae (chaos fate mix) thing here are my notes (I said chaofae but that's not the correct term according to my notes sl here's those)

    I wouldn't immediately categorize these as 'species' but I dont know what else to call them besides like roles or classes so yeah. It's easier to say what 'elements' make up a person or a god / what was used when 'creating'.. like a mix and match make your own homunculus deal except not 'artificial' (since it usually is made via divine power.) Mostly used for creating primordials (rare) gods, or 'non-mortals' (bunch of categories but usually pawns or assistants to gods. Again not set in stone bc humans can 'become' these but that's a seperate

    Umbrae- specifically made up of shadows or anything that is a manifestation or representation of the void / space

    Minrae- made out of minerals / rocks. A lot of different 'kinds' since one can be created from sand and one can be gems. It really just depends on what type of element is associated with the minerals

    Tempvum - those made out of the sands of time (RARE, RESERVED FOR PRIMORDIALS)

    Chao - those made out of chaos (RARE TO ENTIRELY BE MADE OF CHAOS)

    Sors-fortuna - made out of fate (RARE, RESERVED FOR PRIMORDIAL)

    Flambrestio (idk if that name will stick) - made out of fire (SOMETIMES FOR GODS BUT CAN BE USED FOR MORTAL CREATION)

    Capens - those associated with the sea or water, like fish people of some sort literally anything that can be related to the sea (plant life etc)

    Theres definitely more that I haven't named and there's also just entirely normal people. It's kind of hard to describe how these people are formed because yes while they are given these forms by God's it's not exactly like a 'you are born from god' deal it's more of like you get to chose it (kind of??? Like there's definitely a choice in the matter but it's also a regional thing for what god you fall under so you have some choices). Unless you're like blood related ro a god then you have no choice (rip lint)

    You can reject these roles and that's fine it just means you may or may not be able to use powers associated with them. However you definitely can gain magic outside of the gods via other things or just use general alchemy so it's not like you're stuck as whatever. But it also does entirely mess up your body and it's properties

    (For example lynh is made out of strings and an incredibly toxic material that has a 50/50 chance of killing you on contact. So if you stab them they can either 1 instakill you via blood 2 just ignore it because it passes through the string. It's like if someone tried to stab a harp or something)

    Stabbing someone made out of time is tricky because it can just be like stabbing a pile of sand (or even sandstone / glass if theyre a fire time hybrid) or it reminds the knife / something odd.

    It's really just situational and can be used to your advantage most of the times. However it does cause challenges (minrae can be shattered and have to be carefully put back together, umbrae can just straight up die if exposed to *too* much light (as in 0 shadows in a room whatsoever. It's like if you went to the desert and got heatstroke bc there was no shade), tempvum can (rarely) permanently be stuck at a certain age, etc)

    My oc universe is extremely complicated so id have to really go through several years of Google docs and maybe dms to get all of the info but this is either off the top of my head or things in my notes app

    #oc stuff#lynh soliayre#lynh ref#asks#theroofcat #this is such a long ask #tumblr have mercy on this post please i refuse to retype it #the dunniest thing about this is im not religious I just thing the ideas of gods is cool #*funniest i cant type
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  • monstermoviedean
    16.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    saying this in a firmly pro-destiel wedding kind of way but they absolutely eloped. had a little private ceremony just them and the officiant. no audience. the roadhouse wedding was the public reception.

    #i think there are universes in which they would have a big wedding but not postcanon #i loved wedding day though I wouldn't trade it for anything #spent a long time telling myself not everyone needs to hear all my takes at all times but honestly i like this one a lot :) #so i'm posting as a treat to myself :) #not a vague! just saw wedding talk and thought about this and wanted to say it #spn
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  • wow-i-hate-my-fridge
    16.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    Kinda loving the biology tag right now because I get to see all these cool animals and people talking about cool biology shit. And like do I know what they're talking about? No, but it literally makes me so happy just to look at this stuff and know that someone thought it was important enough to put on Tumblr and now I can put my big ol eye balls on it. Do I know anything about yeast or slime molds or fairy shrimp. Absolutely not. But post by post complete strangers have become my guide to knowing all about it. And that's so magical to me.

    #biology#long post#kinda #lol this got a little out of hand #but like I love all this stuff #please #please tell me more about moss and lichen and jelly fish #I'm going fucking bonkers thinking about frogs and little fishies
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  • overachievingeyebrows
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Potential Past Lovers (spoken word poem)

    I sometimes worry that I have missed out on a lover’s love. I worry that sometimes I should have jumped into something irrationally, and forced myself to kiss and touch, to be kissed and touched by a run of the mill handsy, greedy boy. I should have let myself be giving and spread myself too thin for a boy who didn’t really love me but really did like and lust for me.

    Instead I sit here and wait for the love of my life to sweep me off my feet. I wait to randomly and unexpectedly run into the man who is the most perfect fit for me. Who fits into my life and heart and body like a puzzle. Who supports me and only asks for my support in return. There is no fixing, and no greediness, and no touching that I endure to make him feel like he is a man for ignoring my discomfort.

    But I will admit my mind longs to be heard sooner than that, and my body longs to be touched sooner than that, and my soul longs to find its home in the heart of another sooner than that. Sooner than I would be able to fix the tangled yarn that makes up my life.

    Sometimes I worry that because I am scared of heartbreak and worried about finding myself that I lost a lover who would be so completely devoted and loving of me, and that if I’ve let him slip through my fingers, that I won’t be able to get him back.

    I worry and wonder, and then I remember that it does no good to fret, so I hide my torn cuticles from myself, and I smile at boys with mischievous eyes and let their vulgar daydreams wonder up and down my body, up and down my body in hopes that this time I’ll take the touch if its given, and become drunk on that recognition. I fantasized that I’ll respond to his touch like my soul has told my body that this is, this is, this is the one.

    I wait and convince myself that I desire to be touched more than I desire to be loved, and to be honest they almost tie, but when it comes down to it I wonder and worry and fret because I want the first boy to call my body home to worship me, the woman who welcomes him in.

    I want him to feel nostalgic once in a while and look out for me in a crowd, and to smile when he reads my name in the wild, and to be gentle and kind and open minded, so I always feel loved by him even when we have found more beautiful paths than each other.

    I want to be ready for him, and find him and hold him close to me so that we are pages in a closed book, and the story between us is incomplete but happy and full of laughter and a stillness that brings waves of peace.

    But How do I find him if I don’t grab a map and search? If I don’t make a list of desirable traits to weed out those who would trick and deceive and defile me for their own distorted needs. While I’m on this journey I find myself combing through past potential lovers to see if they are the diamonds in the rough. Turing each one over like a rock in need of an inspection, and not even i know the criteria by which I judge. To see if they have grown into the man I always wanted to stumble upon, who is the missing puzzle piece to my completeness.

    But sometimes, I stop and ask myself who needs to grow more to be loved by me, them or me?

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  • themanthemoththelegend
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I'd like to start this off by saying I absolutely fucking love Klavier Gavin, he is one of my favorite characters and I am overjoyed every time he is on screen. However, I have many thoughts, and I cannot let them rot in my brain any longer.

    Firstly, this has got to be the worst fucking picture of him ever. No shade to the artist, it was probably just an off day, but holy shit. His hands are the size of watermelons and it looks like he's about to be consumed by his own neck.

    Next, let's analyze his dumbass outfit. A popped collar that's making queens of the English renaissance jealous. Not to mention he only has half of his buttons buttoned, and they're all in the fucking middle. Why. As for his accessories I have no notes that haven't been beaten into the ground by hundreds of people who said it better than I ever could, except for the fact that he's going to trip and stab himself in the throat with that sharp ass G necklace, and somebody's going to get accused of murder.

    Now, his goddamn office is impossible to use, and I'm convinced it's because he can't put together an ikea table or office chair to save his fucking life. The purpose of desks are to sit AT them. You cannot do that with a solid fucking speaker and a massage chair on the other side of the room. Who let's you live like this??? That is the office of a man that cannot boil water.

    Another wack ass thing about Klavier is that this bitch is very clearly doing a terrible job of hiding the fact that he's a walking disaster, and it's working. Not once does anybody clock that this man lives off of cup noodles & takeout and doesn't know what fabric softener is. Maybe they're too enchanted with the rockstar thing to be like "you are a human and you're not doing good" which is sad as fuck honestly and since I'm trying to keep this light, I will skip over my analysis of his trauma and my wish for a backstory. Maybe I'll go over that in another post, idk.

    WHY the fuck is his name piano. Is his birth name piano? Did he name himself piano in/after Germany? He doesn't even fucking play the piano!

    Why, when creating a rockstar schtick, was "pretend to be German" the winner????? And WHY, does he keep it up with people that are actually German?? HIS BOSS GREW UP IN GERMANY. And does he ever let the persona drop? He has to right? Like imagine this bitch chilling at home with nothing but a bag of cheetos and 90 day fiance to keep him company and he's still going "Ach nein fraulein! er hat dich nicht verdient!" (Google translated I don't know German sorry bros)

    Ngl I have more, but this is a long ass post and I'm sorry to whoever had to scroll past this lol

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