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  • hyunjinspark
    21.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    i just realized hyunjin is probably gonna have to return to the idol world at some point right? 🤨


    🙂 hmmmmm 😚😚😚

    #star lost with you #🍄 anon
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  • allwaswell16
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Hello! I’m trying to find a fic where Harry has a robot of Louis (he can change the robot in different Louis eras) and Louis get jealous. Sorry, English is not my first language. Thank you.

    Hi, anon! Your English is perfect! I know what fics you're looking for! Happy reading!

     Sexbot (series) by mediaville

    Just let me try and I will be good to you

    Louis catches Harry getting off with a [sexbot] and is burdened with the knowledge of what Harry wants from him.

    If I want you, I gotta have that 

    It's just that Harry's had plenty of time to get comfortable with what he wants. Harry's had time to play around with a million versions of Louis, not to mention all of the actual real people he's fucked. Louis just needs a little time to get used to it himself.

    #ask#anon #lost and found fic
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  • angelnicknelson
    20.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    18 & 32!

    18. so cuddly — how many pillows/blankets/stuffed animals do you have on your bed? i love my pillows/blankets, and i swap them around according to time of year,/how i'm feeling/if i'm sick etc. it's serious business for me. i have 8 pillows on my bed. a throw, a second throw, a weighted blanket and my duvet (which is what i'm currently using). i also have a pillow that i made out of an old shirt i love, which i use for my neck cos i get really bad shoulder pains and the doc said it would help (spoiler: it doesn't, but i love it anyways). not part of the question but i also have a 'downstairs cushion' which is only for hanging with the fam on the sofa haha

    32. local gays — are you planning to attend this year’s pride where you live? i try to go every year, but ofc i missed a few during the lockdowns. i really, really want to make this year's. i don't mind sharing that my local one is 'bristol pride' which is usually so so good. um, yeah, i can't guarantee going cos of my dad's illnesses, but i'm going to try my best. (carly rae jepsen and priyanka are headlining - how cool!)


    #heartstopper themed asks #anon #i forgot the stuffed animal part — i have a build a bear in memory of our dog #a bunny my mum bought me. and a lil christmas tree cat toy that i kept when we lost one of #our babies in feb 💗
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  • one-vivid-dream
    20.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    idk if someone has requested this yet but can i get some squirting headcanons for yagami and the boys, tsukumo, kuwana, akutsu and soma!!!!

    No because this is becoming the new saga and best thing is that I got all three requests so close together too 😭😭 Why do I find this so funny, man.

    I've already done all the others, but Soma is a new one, so I did him!

    Anyway! Here they are!

    Making their S/o squirt (Soma)

    - Soma is, you guessed it, a sadist. So it's no wonder he ends up tying you up to the bed one day, blindfolding you and getting your favorite vibrator inside you. Meanwhile, he just sits on a chair and watches the show unfold. He leaves the room occasionally, but never wanders too far in case you need to call for him or safeword out. He's a sadist, not an abuser.

    - It's been roughly half an hour since the scene begun, and as much as Soma likes to see you squirm around completely defenseless, his hard cock is starting to want attention; it's about time to spice things up. So, he walks up to you, sits on the bed next to you and, like the sadistic fuck he is, caresses your cheek oh, so softly, shushes you with his sweetest voice, then takes off the blindfold. The cloth is damp with your tears of overstimulation, and he smiles proudly at that.

    - The vibrator is still on inside you, and as soon as you think he's going to take it out, he shoves it back in, reaching deeper everytime. Your legs feel like jelly, you've lost count of how many times you've come by now, and Soma isn't making this any easier. By the time he finally takes it out and you believe this is your chance to breathe, Soma turns things around once more. By pressing said vibrator against your clit. The sole sensation is enough to send you over the edge and cum with a scream.

    You don't even realize you've squirted, because you're so far gone, until Soma calls your attention to the matter. "Aw, isn't that just so sweet. Did that feel good, slut? Oh, what am I saying, of course it did! Come here, taste yourself on your toy, I know you want to. And don't think you're the only one who's going to feel good, I still want to get my fill"

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  • wonderland-wanderers
    20.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Hello! Can i ask, dohko,rasgado,elcid, degel,kardia and manigoldo with an artist and singer/musician s/o ?

    You sure can! Hope you like it and enjoy<3 I turned this into head cannons to make it a little easier! 


    This man is begging to see your art. He wants to see how beautiful it is. 

    You know how to sing? Well, just know that you are not going to get away without singing something for him.

    He loves hearing your voice. Just sing to him. Sing while you draw or paint. He will just sit wherever and listen.

    Loves showing you off to people. “She is mine. You see her. You can’t have her.” He’s snapping at people that get too close.


    He’s just loving the fact that you can sing and draw. 

    He loves watching you draw or paint when he isn’t doing work or helping Athena with preparations for Hades' arrival.

    He loves listening to you sing because it gives him a sense of calm. Something that this man needed for a while.

    He loves it the most when you run your fingers through his hair and sing. Your voice calms him down and he is able to sleep peacefully.


    Give. this. Man. hugs. While. Singing.

    He needs all the cuddles and the songs. He has had a tough life and needs someone that will love him.

    Your singing helps him a whole bunch. One days he can’t sleep, he will sit and watch you paint the night sky.

    “Keep singing. I need to hear your voice. It helps me sleep a little better.” He would say as he curls up against your side.


    He won’t admit it but he loves it when you paint him. He loves your little twist on it.

    Kardia is a man of his word and when he tells you he loves what you drew or what you sang, he means it. 

    When he has had a bad day, he loves it when you pull him against your chest and sing to him. He loves it.

    He is only gentle with you. He holds you softly and always makes sure you have what you need. He doesn’t take you for granted and loves everything you give him.


    This man is soft for you.

    He is like a puppy when it comes to you drawing or painting. He will sit and watch every brush stroke or pencil detail as you go.

    “Can you draw me next?!” He would ask you this every day. He just wanted his girl to draw him. That’s all.

    When he woke from a nightmare, he would, all though he was blushing, he would ask you to sing to him. He loved your voice and it calmed him down.


    He acts like he doesn’t care, but he does.

    He loves watching your draw. He will literally put his book down to watch you paint. He loves how gentle you are.

    Degel loves listening to you sing while you draw or paint. He loves the way your voice is so gentle when you sing.

    “Can you sing whenever I read? It will help me focus better.” you knew it was just because he wanted to hear you sing more.

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  • formulavroom
    20.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    You ok? Hun? Screaming?

    am i ever really okay?

    #nah i’m all good just shortly lost my mind over all the possible crossovers mason in monaco could bring me #anon#asks
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  • saintshelby
    20.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    hey, you had/posted? a video/meme showing tommy’s perfectly round butt? can’t find it and need need to see it. thank you😳🫢

    ACTUALLY SORT OF. You can get a quick glimpse of it in this video. Hope this helps. 💕

    #i did actually have a clip of him standing naked by the window in a vid i was working on #but i lost everything when my phone crashed #which is why i haven't made any videos recently #sorry anon #hope this is okay #peaky blinders
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  • trippled-the-trouble
    20.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Oh my god there is a little guy in green hill zone. He looks stressed. And really dirty, has this guy ever heard of a bath?? - @former-hero

    Amanda was just kinda vibing with her siblings the two Sonics, they were just walking along when Sonic kinda just pulls on her dress.

    "Hm? What's up Sonic?"

    "Look over there-" He whispers softly to her, Amanda looking over as Sink lightly sits up from his spot on her back. Amanda blinks.

    "Uh hey! Are you ok over there?"

    #helping beauty ( gf ) #falling hero ( sonic ) #sinking farther ( phonic ) #a world of agony ( ic ) #the trouble only begins ( ask ) #lost souls ( anon ) #former hero #you can't run ( rp )
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  • lyrabythelake
    20.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    i saw that we could send prompts? prompt: lost prince au, but twilight could already transform into wolfie before he got taken to the palace

    Thank you for the prompt anon! The fact you want to see more of my au makes me more happy than you know <3



    Postpone the court meeting. He is not in Ordon as we suspected. I have caught his trail in deep Faron Woods, however I am coming across difficulties tracking him. Something’s not right, the trail is… broken. I will keep you updated.

    Warriors. ______________________________________________________________

    Time looked up from the telegram Warriors had sent over three days ago and studied the young man in front of him. He had wondered countless times in his life whether he would recognise his eldest brother if he came across him again, whether he could pass him in the street and not give him a second glance, or if he would somehow know despite the years that had surely changed him.

    But standing in his office before him, Twilight was startlingly familiar; an amalgamation of his own features, his brothers’ and their late parents’. He couldn’t help but think that if he had just caught a glimpse of him once over the past years, he could have saved himself a lifetime of pain and speculation.

    But there were things about him that were unrecognisable too. Things that were… wrong. Like the gauntness of his face and the rips and tears on his clothes. His hair was long and knotted and filth clung to him like a film. What was more, he looked scared, terrified actually.

    It made him suspicious; not just of Twilight, not necessarily, but something wasn’t right here, and it made him want to keep his cards close to his chest.

    “You’re not in trouble,” he said, because it felt like a necessary thing to say considering the fear on Twilight’s face. Instead of looking assured, Twilight’s jaw tightened noticeably. “I was under the impression you resided in Ordon Village?” he continued.

    “I did, Sire,” said Twilight hoarsely, “until about a month ago.”

    “And then you decided to leave?”

    “I wasn’t welcome there anymore.”

    Time’s eyes moved sharply to the small pile of Warriors’ letters on his desk.

    “My brother, Prince Warriors, spoke to your adoptive parents. According to them, you went missing a month ago and they have been searching ever since. They are worried sick. I wouldn’t call that unwelcome.”

    Twilight paled and his blue eyes looked dark under the shadow of his brow. Time wished he could trust Legend with this; his intuition had always been better than his own, and perhaps he would have some knowledge of the peculiar markings on Twilight’s face. Time knew enough that he didn’t trust Twilight, but no more than that.

    “Furthermore,” Time continued when Twilight didn’t speak, hardening his voice to stone, “when Prince Warriors tried to track you down in Faron, he reported… irregularities in your trail.”

    Silence again. Twilight looked as if he might be sick.

    Guilt, the paranoid part of Time’s mind supplied.

    “Wolf tracks.”

    There was no surprise on Twilight’s face at this revelation and that, more than anything else, made Time’s heart sink.

    Time knew dark magic. He practically hunted down instances of magic misuse when he was young and thought his legacy was the small heroisms that other people would find insignificant in the grand scheme of things. 

    So he knew dark magic and he knew it well, and this situation reeked of it.

    “Why,” Time asked slowly, “did your footprints turn from Hylian boots to a wolf’s paws?”

    “That’s ridiculous,” Twilight muttered.

    “Do not lie to me.” Though he spoke calmly, Time put every ounce of firmness he could into his words and Twilight physically flinched. He did not want to blame him, not yet; he desperately wanted this to all be a misunderstanding, and he would give him the benefit of the doubt. He also refused to take any risks, not when Twilight could potentially have been raised a traitor.

    “When Prince Warriors spoke again to the people of Ordon Village,” Time continued, hinting at coldness, “they told of a wolf attack some weeks ago. It didn’t hurt anyone, and they managed to chase it away with fire, but their story painted an interesting picture in my mind.”

    Twilight’s breaths were shaky and hitching, his eyes wide and his nails digging into the flesh of his palms. Time had seen this before, he suddenly realised with a start. This was the fear of a man facing death.

    Twilight spoke as if to confirm his suspicions.

    “Please don’t e-execute me. I was—it was a curse, I couldn’t—I couldn’t stop it, please.”

    Since he had become king, there had been times when Time feared the amount of power he held. Having his long-lost brother beg for his life before him was certainly one of those times.

    “A curse,” he repeated. Not a question, though Twilight nodded hastily anyway, head bowed.

    A curse provided a satisfying explanation. It did not incriminate Twilight, but it clarified the unfortunate parallels to dark transformation spells.

    “I can leave Hyrule,” Twilight told him desperately. “I’ll leave and I won’t come back, I just—I don’t want to die.”

    The last words were almost a whisper, and Time felt incredibly sad for the boy who had lost his family twice over. He must have thought he had been brought here before the king himself because of this curse. After all, from his point of view, what other reason would there be?

    “This wasn’t meant to happen this way,” Time sighed regretfully. “I was never going to—I found you because you’re my brother, Twilight.”

    The gaze that looked back at him held, for the first time since he had arrived here, something other than fear.

    “What?” Twilight breathed.

    #lyra writes#linked universe#linkeduniverse #lost prince au #lu time#lu warriors #thank you anon! #it was very difficult writing this from time's perspective without revealing any spoilers #:))))
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  • one-vivid-dream
    20.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I SAW THAT REQUEST WHERE THE VILLAINS FIGHTING OVER THE SAME GIRL, can you do one for kyoya and kenmochi? WE NEED THEIR VERSION 😩 Though I can imagine kenmochi trying to ignore his feelings and just let kyoya win the girl over bcs he feels he's not good enough aksjsksk KENMOCHI DESERVES JUSTICE 😩

    Kyoya and Kenmochi, my beloveds 😭😭 Kenmochi indeed deserves justice. This may be a little biased because he's like, my favorite character of the game. Kyoya still pretty tho.

    Anyway! Here they are!

    Fighting over the same girl (Kyoya + Kenmochi)

    - Kenmochi, contrary to popular belief, is NOT a dumbass. Not completely anyway, his emotional intelligence is actually pretty nice. He can see that Kyoya likes you from a mile away, what with how he invites you to fancy restaurants so often, buys you expensive gifts, things like that. And he doesn't pay it any mind at first, but with you being a friend of both and spending so much time together, his brain totally ignores the constant "Do NOT fucking catch feelings, I swear" thoughts.

    Well, fuck.

    - He does, indeed, ignore his feelings at first, or at least try to. He does feel a pinch in his heart when he sees you with Kyoya, all close and lovey-dovey-looking, but really, what does he have to offer you compared to Kyoya? Not much, aside from his pride as the head of Crimson Lotus and... Not much else. A big heart of gold, healthy daily doses of love, all wrapped in an envelope full of trauma and demons from his past. You surely wouldn't want that, would you? But fuck, he wants you... Scratch that, he CRAVES you.

    His friendship with Kyo-chan may end up broken because of that, but Kenmochi has NEVER had it this bad for anyone.

    - Kyoya notices, of course he does; Kenmochi's got the subtlety of a bulldozer after all. He'll try his best to spend more time with you, so that in return you spend less time with Kenmochi. It doesn't always work, and eventually he gives it up. He's still a master manipulator though, so you bet he'll try to sell himself as the superior choice; not outright trash-talking Kenmochi, because they're supposed to be friends, but he still makes comparisons, both direct and indirect. Needless to say, Kenmochi doesn't make a great impression in any of them.

    - They'll more or less confess around the same time. Ultimately, the decision will be up to you and depend on what you're looking for in a relationship:

    Do you want to not worry about money troubles ever again, a man who treats you like royalty and who can and will spoil you like his life depends on it? Then, Kyoya is the obvious choice. However, don't expect to spend long periods of time together, because at the end of the day, he's a CEO and he's a busy man. As such, there will be periods of time where he won't be able to pay you much attention.

    If, instead, you want a man who is so head over heels in love and devoted to you he might cry, with whom there will never be a dull moment and who makes sure to remind you he loves you on the daily? Kenmochi is the obvious choice then. Just keep in mind that he has a lot of baggage, and though his drinking problem has gotten better since he met you, nightmares don't just magically go away, and he still has a bunch of insecurities. Working through them is going to be a team effort.

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  • longhairedanimeguyoftheday
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Today's long haired anime guy of the day, per request, is:

    Creuserey Asmodeus

    #request#ty anon #high school dxd #Creuserey Asmodeus #long haired anime guy of the day #long hair#black hair #days our search has failed us: 526 #days since last mdzs character: 231 #total posts lost to the search: 14 #days since mod q's last sleepy hours posting mishap: 4
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  • paunchbunny
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    When you do start making content, you leaving previews for us 🥺

    AAAAH IDK!!!

    like I said I need to find a way to actually monteize it without giving away to my family that I'm selling stuff!!!

    I swear on my 15ft of gamer ass that I will look into it soon!!!

    #jjdjdjdjf #thank u anon I will keep looking into it I'm just kinda lost #ask?
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  • tlexx
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I have a THEORY!

    So ~basically~ yes, your vampires are infertile but Danny found her AFTER she was pregnant (baby-ified by an asshole that left her) and thinks she is his soulmate. So far I like her character because she also looked to Danny to see if it was ok to shake Y/Ns hand/ step in front of him. So I think she’s sweet but hopefully she doesn’t make any life or death problemas for the boys and Y/N.

    And since I’m anon (and if this is by chance a spoiler) I’m going to sign with a 👑 if you respond to this in any way (btw it’s ok if you don’t)

    P.S. really loved this chapter and can’t wait until next Thursday 🖤

    Love, 👑

    Vamps can’t have babies 🖤

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  • theinternetisfulloftrash
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I don't follow Dylan at all but I do follow the Mets tag so seeing you pop up and fucking destroy that cards fan has been my favorite thing.

    Ey! That's Karma, Baby!

    Happy I could entertain you, even though most of my content is probably irrelevant to your interests ;)

    anon is referring to THIS post as it relates to THIS old ask and THIS old ask ;)
    #lfgm#mets#the mets #new york mets #fuck that cardinals fan #lost again this afternoon #in a walk-off! HA! #how sad #it's pretty cool when someone outside my niche finds me #welcome! <3 #I'd tell you to search my mets tag #but it's full of posts when he's wearing a mets hat ;) #MY BLOG IS A DUMPSTER OKAY? #ask#anon#anon ask#mets anon#baseball#not dylan
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  • one-vivid-dream
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    squirting hcs for yagami gang, tesso, tsukumo, kuwana and akutsu please!!!!!!!

    Since I already did it for the Yagami Squad, I did it for all the others!

    Anyway! Here they are!

    Making their S/o squirt (Tesso, Kuwana, Tsukumo & Akutsu)


    - Thing is, Tesso LOVES receiving oral. Seeing you swallow his cock whole, massaging his balls, spitting and jerking off his spit-covered dick with both hands. However! He's not a selfish lover by any means, so if you ask him to, let's say, wake you up by eating you out? Oh boy, he's going to comply and DELIVER.

    - You're still a little groggy when you wake up, feeling the cold air on your legs and something warm and wet on your crotch. You're completely awake a few seconds later, when Tesso sucks on your clit particularly hard, earning a very high-pitched moan from you as you feel your hair standing on end. You don't even mind when Tesso, ever so dorky, says "Good morning, babe" with a mouthful of pussy, you just ask him for more.

    - At some point, you don't register when, he starts using his fingers too, to give his mouth some help. His middle and index finger alongside his tongue drive you absolutely insane, so it's no wonder you cum hard. So hard, in fact, that you squirt on his mouth and some of it gets on his face and the sheets too. Thankfully, Tesso gives you a piece of his mind before you start getting embarrassed. "Babe, you just squirted! Holy shit, if I had known it was this hot, I would've tried this sooner"

    Jin Kuwana

    - Oh man, this guy. He's PASSIONATE, in all caps and bold letters. You're so sexually compatible that sex with him is more akin to soul-fucking than anything else. It's gotten to the point where neither, you or him, have fantasies about anyone else, just about each other. Yeah, you got him bad, and you're just as whipped.

    - His thrusts aren't particularly harsh or fast, nor do they need to be. They're precise and his hips are angled just right to reach just the perfect spots to make you melt. It's no wonder you end up coming like you've never come before as he spills inside the condom.

    No, this isn't a normal orgasm, you've squirted all over him. And he realizes, if his knowing smile is anything to go by.

    - Things don't end there though. He takes the condom off, tossing it aside, and when you think he's about to get up to get the aftercare going, he instead goes down on you. No, no, no, you're still far too sensitive, you'll surely squirt again, this time all over his face. You tell him as much, but he does NOT care. "If that happens, I'll be the happiest I could ever be".

    Spoiler: You do end up squirting all over his face.

    Makoto Tsukumo

    - He does it totally unconsciously. He just takes notes about which buttons to push to make you squirm, and he's got one skilled mouth if you've ever seen one. It's like it's a requisite to be a master of oral sex to be a part of Yokohama 99 or something.

    - First time it happens, it's in the Yokohama 99 office. Sugiura is out investigating, and Tsukumo just so happened to have some free time, so what did he do? Get on his knees on the floor as you sit on the couch and go down on you, of course. And he's a thoughtful lover if you've ever had one: asking if you're feeling good, if you'd like him to do something else or add a finger too.

    - You haven't even come when he stops the tongue action. He obviously can't take it any longer, that much is clear, judging by the way he fails once or twice while unbuckling his belt. The funny thing comes when he gets to penetrating you and you immediately cum. "Are-Are you okay?" he asks, and in all honesty? You're exhausted. Understandable, since you just squirted all over his cock. Not only that though, your fluids got on his pants, some of it on the floor too, but a majority of it ended up staining the couch.

    Yeah, you're going to have a hard time explaining that one to Sugiura.

    Daimu Akutsu

    - This is one of those things he said once, just to tease you while having sex ("Fuuuck, look at that, bet I can make you squirt on my fucking cock. You want it, uh? Want that, baby girl?"). Afterwards though, he kept thinking and thinking about the idea. And damn, if it doesn't sound like the hottest thing ever to feel your fluids dripping all over his cock and staining the sheets.

    Yeah, call him a freak if you want, but he likes things messy.

    - From then on, he keeps toying with the idea during sex, as well as encouraging you so you actually do squirt ("Think you can squirt for daddy, baby girl? Yeah, that's right, that's what I want, you're so sexy getting off on my cock"). It's a slow process, but it ends up working in the end.

    - When you finally do squirt on his cock, he's on cloud fucking nine. Hearing you scream and gush all over him and the bed is enough to bring him over the edge and cum too. You're shaking, trembling when he slowly takes off his cock and sees his cum dripping out, mixing with your fluids.

    Remember when I said he is a freak? Well, this proves to remain true as he picks up the mix of both your cums with his fingers and gives you a taste ("There we go. That tasty, baby? Thought so, you're just so fucking sweet"). Yes, he does get a taste himself too afterwards. No, he regrets nothing.

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  • spitzonthefritz
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Don’t reblog

    Happy(?) two years to this ridiculous photo

    Hugo’s two years post op for his first LP surgery today. It happened at potentially the worst time - smack in the middle of a global pandemic so we had to work around lockdown, with limited access to help and no face to face consults.

    I’m realising 2022 is the first year in 3 years that Hugo hasn’t had to go through a surgery, which is a kind of depressing thought? But they were necessary to get Hugo as happy and comfortable and pain free as possible, and I’m going to keep working on that forever (just hopefully with no more major operations included, please Hugo.)

    I’ve said it a bunch of times before but it’s always true that I’m very proud of this little dog and how he continues to be the best despite all he’s had to deal with. He’s improving both physically and behaviourally every day, and I’m excited for another summer that we don’t need to spend in a cage. I hope he knows we’re always trying our best to do right by him.

    #throwback to when that person had a go at me on anon thinking i was about to break lockdown rules for my dog bc they totally misinterpreted #this was when the vet was like ‘he can walk no problem’ but Hugo laid flat on the ground and refused to move so needed to be carried #ft my lockdown hair and my favourite neck deep shirt i lost and miss :( #god it’s been a fucking Time huh #i don’t regret his surgeries but there are a lot of things I did wrong generally. first dog I’ve raised from a pup so #it wasn’t gonna be easy but like! could have made it a little simpler buddy??? lmao #he’s the love of my life though I wouldn’t change him for anything he’s the best I just wish he had an easier time of it #he deserves the world. im sad a lot of time got taken from him and that he’s had a lot of pain in his short life #he’s such a happy little dog despite everything he’s always down for whatever and has so much love in his little fluffy body #feeling particularly weird about this today bc of this setback that is continuing to be a problem. i still dont think hes 100% + idk why #and these kind of times with bad days with hugo put me in a funk bc nothing feels normal since we cant walk/play/exist as usual #still!! we've come a long way regardless. celebrating 2 years post op is still a happy thing #personal#wonky dog
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  • rohan-defender
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Rohan ✒💚

    Thank you anon for indulging me heehee <3

    Headcanon A:  realistic

    Absolutely frequents the local art museum. You are almost guaranteed to find Rohan at the art museum if you can't find him at his usual spots he likes to frequent.

    Headcanon B: while it may not be realistic it is hilarious

    I think Rohan would run an online blog and work so hard to curate it but he's CONSTANTLY getting trolled by Josuke and Okuyasu. Because its 1999 I can imagine Rohan is using "creepy" imagery to make his blog seem spooky. like with spiders, spider webs and ghosts. I honestly just think it'd be funny for Rohan to overshare on his blog only to deal w/Josuke and Okuyasu's shenanigans 5 minutes later.

    Headcanon C: heart-crushing and awful, but fun to inflict on friends

    He isn't very close with his family but he was close with his grandmother before she passed. Rohan frequents the cemetery, although most assume he's visiting Reimi's grave to make sure it stays looking nice, more often than not he's visiting his grandmother's grave to keep it nice. Although he makes sure Reimi's grave stays nice as well.

    (I'm basing a lot of this off of Rohan at the Louvre since he was shown to be working on manga at his grandmother's inn).

    Headcanon D: unrealistic, but I will disregard canon about it because I reject canon reality and substitute my own.

    He is a virgo. There is no basis for it I'm just giving Rohan my zodiac sign so I can share a sign with a character. I also just think it'd be funny to make him a virgo.

    #heaven's response#heaven's post #thank you anon i love talking abt rohan i know too much abt him #the grandma thing admittedly though is more a reflection of my grief #I noticed theres oddly a lot of grieving going on in the background in p4 and I was like. fuck it rohan you're grieving too. #granted my situation is entirely different but yeah #also im still of the opinion rohan would absolutely love blogging #you can customize the shit outta blogs. i can imagine tho his 1st blogs are just lost to time like a lot of the early internet 💔 #that and ik oku and josu were absolutely having fun trolling ppl on the early internet <3 #HXMXHZMSJ as you can tell i know too much LOL #but araki please give rohan a birthday something im begging. until rohan gets a canon bday hes got mine (sep 15th babey) #ask game#jjba #jojos bizarre adventure #rohan kishibe
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  • not-your-intersex-pawn
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    There is a trope called A/B/O on ao3 in which people use intersex as a synonym for a character with essentially both functioning genitalia. These fics are like unfilterable so I have wondered how I'd approach this as someone who engages in fandom stuff (not ABO... that is sadly just inevitable to see on ao3), because it must stir up both misrepresentation and ignorance on DSDs. Do you have any tips? Even these niche groups perpetuate a furthering of ignorance in the long run.

    Did you know, the omegaverse also misrepresents characteristics of wolf packs?

    #it's a lost cause anon
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  • wheredidhiseyebrowsgo
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hi! I'm looking for a story were Stiles is intersex and him and the pack live rurally/bare bones/ in the olden times. One day Derek and the rest of the pack see Stiles in a river playing with a baby and they all fall in love because of how beautiful he is. Derek decides to start pursuing stiles by getting closer with his father and spending more time at Stiles house helping out and doing task. Stiles and Derek eventually fall in love and have a child together.

    @generouscandyearthquake found this!

    When All the Pieces Fit by NARKOTIKA

    (1/1 I 2,695 I Explicit I Sterek)

    "Does he even realize? With the cooking and cleaning andandand—now this fucking baby?" Isaac fumes.

    Said baby waves its fist in the air, and Stiles bends to haul him onto a hip. The baby babbles something and Stiles nods his head with complete seriousness, as if everything out of its mouth is perfectly sensible and coherent. Then the kid starts mouthing at Stiles' nipple through his dress and everyone goes dead silent.

    "I'm going to wife him so hard," Ethan announces, and they all break out into argument over who has the best chance at mating the boy in the river.

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  • one-vivid-dream
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    It's me again 👉👈. I got this idea in my mind, I remember someone's ask what if Yagami Squad got Jealous when they see their s/o was flirted by someone.

    What if Their S/o got jealous? when their partner sees the ladies flirting with their man? and what's the boys reaction? (Spicy Headcanon if you want to :) ).

    Aaaand, I took long but I did it 😭😭 I didn't write anything spicy this time tho, since I was getting a lot of those and wanted to write something wholesome for a change.

    Anyway! Here they are!

    When their S/o gets jealous (Yagami Squad)

    Takayuki Yagami

    - Thing is, even if Mafuyu is Yagami's ex, you're pretty cool with each other. She's over him, he's over her, and both are dating someone new (because yes, it took them long, but Mafuyu and Saori FINALLY got together). You can't say the same about Yagami's other exs though; and by "other exs", you mean Tsukino. She still comes to Yagami's agency for help from time to time, and though you KNOW it's strictly work and nothing else, you can't help but notice how she blushes furiously, how sometimes a "Takayuki" slips instead of "Yagami-san".

    - Yagami doesn't seem to give that much importance though, but it's clear that Tsukino still likes him. You don't say anything, just dig your fingers in your arms and clench your teeth whenever she comes to the agency, try your best to play nice.

    - It doesn't matter how hard you try to hide you're jealous though, Yagami WILL notice. Fucking detective hunches. And the bastard thinks it's funny, because of course he does. He won't ever go out of his way to make you jealous though, he's not like that. When he's done teasing you and telling you you look cute when you're fussy, he's going to pull you close and kiss you, let you know that yeah, he has a history with Tsukino and she's still into him, but if he broke up with her, it was for a reason. Now, it's all about you and you only.

    You've got the hotshot detective wrapped around your little finger and that's an impressive feat.

    Masaharu Kaito

    - Ever since Mikiko came back into the picture, you can't help but feel... Uneasy. Sure, her interactions with Kaito are not purely friendship, and you like her and Jun well enough, but at the same time, what if? What if Kaito decides be made a bad decision breaking things up with her and wants to get back together? Mikiko is cool like that, she's fearless, independent, beautiful, it's no wonder so many men are eating from the palm of her hand. And Kaito just so happened to be one of them.

    - You know you're being ridiculous and unreasonable, know that Kaito is very much in love with you, have heard the way he talks about you to his friends, Mikiko included. So you try to push those thoughts away and go on like nothing happened.

    - Kaito notices, of course he does. You're not usually so quiet, so something clearly has to have happened for you to be like that. And when he sits down to talk to you, you let everything out. Once you're done with the tirade, Kaito first says "Oh, baby, no! None of that, come here!" then hugs you the tightest he's ever hugged you. You already knew this man could spend hours on end telling you every little thing he loves about you, but this time, he actually goes through with it.

    Fumiya Sugiura

    - Sugiura is attractive. You know, he knows (Even if his insecurity still takes the better of him sometimes), and everyone knows. It's not that uncommon for a Yokohama 99 client to start flirting with him, random girls have come up to him on the street in the past and asked him for his number to... Even with you present. Yeah, it pisses you off.

    - You're not angry at Sugiura, you would never. After all, he can't control that, and he's rejected each and every one of those girls right away, shut the flirting down as soon as he saw an opening to do so. "Sorry, not interested" is what he always says. It still gets to you though, how the other girls don't even care that he clearly has a girlfriend, that said girlfriend has often been in front of them; they did NOT care.

    - Sugiura trusts you enough to tell you about all his insecurities, and he's made it pretty clear that he wants to help you through yours too. So, you tell him about this. And when you do, he peppers butterfly kisses all over your face and then says "Now, why would I want anyone else when I already hit the jackpot with you, uh?".

    Next time a girl comes up to him on the street with you present, he'll make sure to hold your hand extra tight and say "Sorry, not interested, I already have the best girlfriend I could ask for. Run along now" with a smile.

    Toru Higashi

    - Unless the person flirting with him is extremely obvious, he either won't notice. Hell, he doesn't even realize sometimes even when the person is extremely fucking obvious (Remember when Mari straight up called him "Strong, handsome, my type" and he did NOT care?). It drives you crazy how all those women just come up to him and try shooting their shot with him.

    - Higashi being apparently oblivious isn't nearly as bothersome, but you still can't help but want him to do something, tell the other women off, ANYTHING. It's not his fault, you know it's not, but there's this little thought in the back of your head telling you that maybe he just pretends to be oblivious because he enjoys the attention, because you don't give him enough. That can't be it, right?

    - When you bring up the issue, Higashi sits down with you and asks "You know why I never say anything when they flirt with me? Do you?". "Well, you don't notice they are, right?" is your answer. The real plot twist comes now though, when Higashi says "No, the hell? It's cause I don't fucking want anyone but you. Why would I? I love you, if that wasn't obvious". He did notice all along, he's just not interested in anyone who isn't YOU flirting with him. This? This was the good ending.

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