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    Literally where were you all when I made that 7 Reasons gifset of the Binary Brothers huh

    #you guys see it now #yes you see it now #i am proud for one (1) thing i have contributed to this fandom and it's this. my labor of nerdy love. my magnum opusmum pride (?) #had to sneak in a reference. had to try. #binary boyfriends#demetri alexopoulos#eli moskowitz
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    27.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    happy (early) pride from your friendly neighborhood ace 🖤🤍💜

    #❤🧡💛💚💙💜 #you are all valid & important & deserve all the love #cyberpunk 2077#cp2077#cp77#cp2077 photomode#fem v#female v #fem v friday #oc: wren 'v' vogel #screenshots
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    This album is so cool and chill and spooky

    #Love them #Jukebox the ghost
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    Good hair day So tadaaaaa

    No reblogs🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

    #alls faeren love and war #ignore the dog hair I have a husky son
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    27.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    [CN] Shaw’s Everlasting Shadow Date

    ⚡Warning: This post contains detailed spoiler's for a date which has not been released in EN!⚡

    [Released Date: 24 May 2022]

    [This date was translated with the help of Google translate and by @cheri-translates!]

    Note: This date take place in season 2!

    [Part 1]

    MC: They excavated a statue of a deity from the Jianshadui?! When?
    Reporter: Just now! I heard that the leaders of the Archaeological Institute were notified, and now the statue has been shipped to the institute!
    Reporter: I have already uploaded the live photos and videos to the editing department, but there seems to be a problem with the shooting team who went to the archaeological Institute.You may find trouble communicating with them.
    MC: Ok! I'm leaving now. Your group has worked hard for such a long time to follow up. Let's take a two-day vacation after this report is over.

    After hanging up the phone, I picked up my bag and hurried to the archaeological institute.

    Since we followed up on the archaeological excavations in Jinshadui last time, we have had an in-depth cooperative relationship with the Cultural Relics Bureau.

    Recently, not only has the series of "Antiques in My Home” been jointly held together, but also the records of Jinshadui have not fallen behind.

    Unexpectedly, such cultural relics can still be found at the end of the excavation, which is big news for both the archaeological community and the outside world.

    As soon as I arrived at the gate of the archaeological institute, I met the filming team waiting at the gate.

    MC: Is something wrong?
    Staff member: Boss, when we were about to follow up, Professor Shen from Loveland University rushed over.
    Staff member: I don't know what they talked about, anyway, their expressions didn't look good, so we were asked to wait here for a while.
    MC: ……Professor Shen? Where is he now?

    The staff pointed to the office building, I nodded, turned around and rushed into the building.

    As soon as I walked through a corridor, I saw an unexpected person.

    MC: Shaw, What are you…….?
    Shaw: Shh.

    Shaw leaned against the door of an office. After hearing the sound, he turned his head and made a silent gesture towards me, while motioning to the room with his eyes.

    I quickly slowed down and leaned over curiously. Through the door panel, the noise inside came out vaguely.

    Old man: If there is any problem, my old man will take over the head office for you!
    Middle aged man: Professor Shen, it's not that we don't believe you, we just want to be on the safe side…
    Old man: What do you mean by “took precautions”? A corner was chipped off along the way!
    Middle aged man: Cough, it’s no longer interesting if you put it that way…

    Shaw and I quietly probed into the room and saw several archaeological institute staff surrounding an old man - it was Shaw's mentor, Professor Shen.

    Professor Shen, who has always been gentle and elegant, has his neck dropped at this moment, his face almost flushed.

    I quietly bumped Shaw with my elbow.

    MC: What are they doing…?
    Shaw: As you can see, they're quarreling.

    [Part 2]

    MC: Why are they quarreling?
    Shaw: It’s nothing huge. The excavation was almost over and we found the statue of the deity while cleaning the area.
    Shaw: During the excavation, some losses occurred due to incorrect estimates of volume and material by on-site personnel.
    Shaw: The old man felt so distressed when he heard it, and immediately rushed over, saying that his team could help in the repairing. 
    Shaw: But those in the Archaeology center thought it was already broken beyond repair, and that it’d be even more damaged if not restored properly. So both sides were at a deadlock.
    Shaw: I wasn’t patient enough to listen to these things, tsk, troublesome…
    MC: So where is the statue now?
    Shaw: In the east warehouse, do you want to visit? I'm afraid these old-fashioned people won't let you in.
    MC: They won't stop me, because our company has permission to shoot Jinshadui cultural relics~

    I proudly showed my license to Shaw, and I gritted the tone of the second half of the sentence.

    MC: What's more, no matter whether it is repaired or not, I want to record the appearance of the cultural relics of that time.

    Shaw looked at me, and then at Professor Shen, who was still arguing inside, and took a step back.

    Shaw: Follow me.

    I called the filming staff who were waiting outside, and went to the East Warehouse with Shaw.

    As soon as I entered the door, I heard loud exclamations behind me.

    Photographer: Oh my goodness. . . . . . When I was watching it at the scene, it was still wrapped in mud and sand, but now it's like this. . ………
    MC: It's so beautiful. . . . .

    In the photos sent by the reporter, most of the statue was still buried in the soil, and its facial features and clothes were blurred.

    At this moment, although the sediment has not been completely cleaned up, the huge stone sculpture standing in front of her has shown her true face to the world.

    A calm smile, patterns akin to flowing water, carrying lotus flowers in his/her hand.

    It is precisely because the carving is so exquisite that the missing half of the face and the damaged ornaments on the head are extremely dazzling.

    Everyone was immersed in the shock of beauty and the regret of mutilation, and it took a while to recover, and they hurriedly started shooting materials.

    With the help of professionals from the archaeological institute to guide the shooting, Shaw and I became redundant. I walked aside and still couldn't help sighing.

    MC: Sigh, it’s such a pity that the beautiful statue’s head…. ooh!

    Shaw flicked my forehead lightly, and I stared at him.

    Shaw: Don't have a bitter face, let's go, I'll buy you a good drink.
    MC: Wouldn't it be Coke again?
    Shaw: Of course not, it's the signature drink of the Archaeological Institute.
    MC: What signature drink?

    Shaw pointed to the table in the corner of the warehouse.

    Shaw: Barley herbal tea.
    MC: Pff …..

    His interruption lifts my spirits slightly

    After taking a sip of the fragrant barley tea, I followed the dense cabinets in the warehouse and looked at other cultural relics curiously.

    MC: Why is this broken jar kept here? Without being repaired?
    Shaw: There is also a complete set of the same batch of pots in the museum, so there is no rush for the time being.
    MC: What about this bronze mirror, has it been repaired?
    Shaw: Well, if it is not repaired, the picture of the luan bird flowers and branches behind it will not be visible.

    Some are incomplete, some are complete, and the traces of time can not refuse to imprint on each cultural relic.

    I raised my head and glanced at Shaw quietly, and found that his eyes were still constantly falling on the statue.

    MC: Shaw.
    Shaw: What, the tea is not good?
    MC: That's not it, I just wanted to ask what you think....Do you think the statue needs to be repaired?
    Shaw: Me? I’m fine with anything.

    Shaw's gaze swept across the rows of bronze utensils in the manual collection cabinet.

    Shaw: The restored gold inlaid jade is beautiful, but the Venus with the broken arm is just as beautiful.
    MC: As long as it is a trace carved by a man, whether old or new will be history?
    Shaw: …….

    Shaw didn't seem to expect that I would pick up this sentence, and his pupils instantly lit up with interest.

    Shaw: Yep, that's what it means.

    While speaking, Shaw's cell phone rang. After he answered the phone and listened to a few words, his brows stretched.

    Shaw: Hmm... OK, don't worry, I'll contact the craftsman over at Westmoon Street.

    He hung up the phone and closed the cabinet door.

    Shaw: The old man actually persuaded the leader to repair the statue.
    MC: !!Really? That's great, then I'll arrange for a manpower to follow up on the restoration shoot right away!
    Shaw: What's the hurry, I haven't agreed with you to shoot yet.
    MC: Why do I need your consent?

    Shaw raised his jaw, and a sly smile appeared on his lips.

    Shaw: Because... I'm a major member of the restoration team.

    [Part 3]

    The lazy sun shines on the quaint eaves of Westmoon Street in the afternoon of the working day, and there are not many people on the street.

    Most of the shops were half-open, and the shopkeepers were basking in the sun on the reclining chair by the door, chatting with their neighbors, and some greeted Shaw with a smile when they saw him.

    Shaw led me around and stopped in front of an inconspicuous shop. I looked at the sign and was a little puzzled.

    MC: Didn't you say to buy repair materials, but this is a shop selling old-fashioned sweet cakes?
    Shaw: The materials will be bought from here.
    MC: Huh, are you sure?
    ?.?: Who is it?

    The voice of the two of us disturbed the sleepy old man behind the counter. He stuck out his head and squinted at us for a long time, then smiled.

    Uncle: Yo, isn't this Xiao Ling? Is this your girlfriend next to you? She looks so beautiful!

    [T/N: “小凌” → Xiao Ling means Little Shaw]

    Shaw glanced at me when he heard this, the corners of his mouth were slightly upturned.

    Shaw: Uncle Wang, I said that your presbyopia is getting more and more serious—hiss!

    [T/N: Presbyopia → losing the ability of focusing on nearby objects]

    I kick the heel of Shaw’s foot.

    MC: Hello, uncle, I'm MC, the producer of MC Company.

    Uncle Wang noticed our little moves, but laughed instead.

    Uncle Wang: This old man's eyes are very good, otherwise how can I be a craftsman?

    Uncle Wang: Come on, what do you want this time?
    Shaw: I'm here to find you to buy some materials for work.
    Shaw: By the way, do you still have Uncle Jiang's contact information? I have to find him to make some paint.
    Uncle Wang: Oh, Lao Jiang went to the west to collect raw materials, and he won't be back until next week.

    Shaw nodded and handed a list to Uncle Wang.

    Shaw: That's right, let him help buy these too.

    Uncle Wang put on his reading glasses, read the list twice, and raised his head in surprise.

    Uncle Wang: Xiao Ling, have you been short of money recently?
    Shaw: There is no shortage, someone will reimburse it.
    MC: …….

    The two of them had no end to their words, I looked at Shaw in a confused way - could it be that all he wants to buy are some very expensive materials?

    On the other hand, Uncle Wang sighed twice and shook the list.

    Uncle Wang: Xiao Ling, I watched you grow up. What we need to do in this business is to be upright.
    Uncle Wang: Back then, there were rich people who asked your old man to do that unethical thing, but your old man strictly refused.
    Uncle Wang: If you have any difficulties, tell me directly, but you must not be deceived by some people…
    Shaw: Where are you taking it to, I said reimbursement refers to reimbursement by the archaeological institute.

    Uncle Wang was interrupted by Shaw, he was stunned for a while, and then suddenly smiled.

    Uncle Wang: It turned out that it was the public who wants this, so I'm relieved!
    Uncle Wang: You wait, I'll go to the backyard to help you get the materials!

    The old man turned around and went into the house, and I finally had time to ask my question.

    MC: Why did he suddenly say that he was afraid that you would be bewitched?
    Shaw: Because what I bought from him was not ordinary material.

    Shaw rested his arms on the counter and his tone was nonchalant.

    Shaw: Don't look at the fact that Uncle Wang sells sweet cakes. In fact, he has an ancestral craft of making old stone materials. Any sculpture that has passed by his hand can be hundreds of years old.
    MC: I see… wait, isn’t that a counterfeit!
    Shaw: Tsk. You’re usually quite quick-waited, so why can’t you figure things out this time?
    Shaw: It's a craft, it just depends on how people use it. Some people use it to cheat people, but now I use it for repairs.
    Shaw: In the past, the antique market in Westmoon Street  was very chaotic. Their family had been deceived by others, but now it is impossible to go out and deceive others.

    I nodded, and became curious about the first half of what he said.

    MC: Oh yes, didn’t you say that the Ancient Market in West Moon Street was in a mess?
    Shaw: Want to hear? [An interesting show is about to commence!]
    MC: Of course, this is all for collecting materials!

    Shaw raised his eyebrows when he heard the word "Material", and for a moment, his expression seemed a little uncomfortable.

    Shaw: It turned out that you only thought about the material. . . . . . Back then, it was really chaotic, and the entire Westmoon Street was controlled by three major families.
    Shaw: When they shake their legs, all the ancient markets in the country will tremble along with them. 
    MC: Wow. . . . . . Then why were they so powerful?
    Shaw: It’s because they’re multi-talented, of course.
    Shaw: One of them is good at recognizing treasures with discerning eyes, one is good at antique and old-fashioned, and the other is the most mysterious. It is said that their treasures are all stolen.
    MC: !! Are these three families still alive?
    Shaw: Of course not anymore. Because ten years ago, the three of them held a "Double Ninth Fighting Method", and they all lost in the end…
    Uncle Wang: Hey, Xiao Ling, isn't this the story you wrote in your homework book when you were a kid? Your old man showed it to me!
    Shaw: ……

    Uncle Wang smiled and was hugging a box, but I didn't know when he had returned from the backyard.

    Uncle Wang: Your ”Double Ninth Fighting Method" was written pretty well, Old Chen the storyteller said that he wanted to adapt it!

    I blinked and looked at Shaw, he had already turned his head to the side with a suspicious blush on his face. [Behold! A blushing Shaw!]

    MC: Shaw! - so you were just making up a story to lie to me!

    Shaw pouted, he picked up a sweet cake from the cabinet and stuffed it into my mouth.

    The glutinous fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus instantly filled my nostrils, accompanied by his righteous words.

    Shaw: I just lied, what's the big deal?

    [Part 4]

    Before I knew it, half a month had passed since the start of the repair.

    Since I started preparing for the Civic antique Museum, I have also become busy. I can only go to the archaeological Institute to watch the progress of the restoration when I have time after I get off work.

    Watching Shaw and the others deliberating for several hours, they were able to fill in the fingernail-sized defect on the deity's hair ornament with confidence.

    MC: At first, I really didn't expect that repairing the statue would take such a long time. . . . . . .

    I yawned and looked at the pile of clay sculptures on the table.

    When the modelling is restored on the laptop, Shaw follows the results and uses clay to mould several of the deity’s faces.

    But he doesn’t seem pleased with any of them, which results in the restoration not commencing at all.

    MC: I feel that these two faces look about the same. . . . . .

    I picked up two clay sculptures and compared them, and I was a little puzzled.

    Shaw across the table glanced up at the clay sculpture in my hand, then quickly lowered his head and returned to work.

    Shaw: The eyebrows are carved differently, and the corner of the eye on the left is 2mm lower.
    Shaw: These two are junk, don't look at them.

    Obviously it has been carved so vividly, but it is still not the same deity in his heart.

    He was still looking for the direction that would make the statue perfect.

    And it seems that this is the first time I have seen Shaw so patient and attentive.

    The low-hanging bangs blocked most of his face, and I could only see a tremor between the eyelashes hidden behind his hair, and the light fell on the straight bridge of his nose, hardly moving.

    When he maintained this posture, I was also lying on the table, maintaining this posture to look at him, unconsciously, drowsiness hit me irresistibly.

    MC: Shaw…..?
    Shaw: Here it is.

    I turned my head and found that Shaw was already fully armed and sitting on the scaffolding in front of the statue.

    He tilted his head slightly, measuring the size of the statue with one hand, and making slight gestures with the carving knife in the other hand, as if thinking about how to make the first stroke.

    The towering deity with her missing head smiled face to face with Shaw, one minute, two minutes. . . . . .

    A long and silent time traversed between Shaw and the statue.

    It's as if he, a young man who doesn't know the height of the sky, looked at the skilled craftsmen of thousands of years ago through these complicated nicks.

    And launched a silent challenge to the opponent.

    MC: Are you going to officially start the construction?
    Shaw: It may not be possible, try it first, if it doesn't work, start from the scratch.

    Saying that, he tapped the steel pipe with the carving knife.

    Shaw: Hey, I'm a little hungry, so help me buy a bowl of fried noodles at the entrance of Westmoon Street.

    Why should I handle this guy ah! I grind my teeth, but still stood up.

    MC: Does Master Shaw have any other requirements?
    Shaw: Slightly spicy, add an egg.
    MC: Two fried noodles, add eggs, spicy, thank you.
    ?.?: Isn't this little MC?

    I turned around carrying the fried noodles and saw the owner of the sweet cake shop, Uncle Wang.

    He looked at the fried noodles in my hand and smiled knowingly.

    Uncle Wang: For Xiao Ling?
    MC: How do you know?
    Uncle Wang: That kid didn't like to eat dinner when he was a child, he liked to eat these snacks. Before that, his master was very angry because of these things.
    Uncle Wang: His master said he was going to deduct his pocket money, so he secretly went to help people find treasures, but he earned more than his pocket money, and he was angry with his master!
    MC: Pff…..

    Shaw hardly mentioned to me about his childhood, so in my imagination, he should be an aloof and difficult child to tame.

    But a few days ago, I heard Shaw who could write stories, and now I heard Shaw who didn't like to eat dinner......

    I let that originally vague little image suddenly came to life.

    After saying goodbye to Uncle Wang, I returned to the Institute of Archaeology with excitement.

    MC: Shaw, I'm back….

    Looking at Shaw's focused back, mysteriously, I hold my voice back.

    I put the fried noodles lightly on the table and looked back at him again.

    MC: Let's eat together when he's done...  

    Just looking at his appearance, I don't know when it will end.

    I held my cheeks and waited for a while. I was so bored, so I grabbed a lump of clay and started to pass the time.

    MC: Well, first this way...then another diagonal cut…

    Originally, I thought that after the wood carving with Shaw last time, my craftsmanship should have improved a bit, but the things in my hands are still crooked and haven't formed for a long time.

    MC: Add a little more clay…
    Shaw: Don't add it, the more carved it is, the uglier it will be.

    A voice suddenly sounded from behind, and I got startled, turning my head to meet Shaw's face.

    MC: When did you finish your work? . . . . . !
    Shaw: Ever since you left out my ear and pinched some clay to make it up.
    MC: .…. ?? You can actually see that it is you?
    Shaw: I actually didn’t want to admit that it was me, but since you insisted on writing “LX” on it, I’ll reluctantly admit it
    MC: Hmph, then you think I don't look like a sculptor, so why don't you sculpt one?

    I reluctantly gave up half of my seat, but Shaw didn't sit down. He went straight to the opposite side of the table, took something out of a drawer and threw it at me.

    Shaw: I have already carved yours.

    I looked at the little clay sculpture in the palm of my hand and my eyes widened.

    It was me lying on the table, fast asleep. 

    [AHHH so during the time MC was fast asleep, Shaw instead of focusing on his work he carved a sculpture of her OMG so cute!]

    🐾 Call: here

    #THIS DATE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! ASKJDFGJG #hngngngnng #mlqc season 2 #mlqc spoilers #mlqc ling xiao #mlqc #mr love queen's choice #love and producer
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    if you're doin team doodle requests still, can ya do Team Breadstick?

    qwert the riolu and Pizarol the Shinx :)

    in BRT I named my partner totino so now I name em after pizza rolls and other microwavables

    I actually haven't done pmd team requests in quite a while but... Team Breadstick convinced me

    #the name kills me omg. team breadstick.... #I love them #requests technically arent open but enjoy this teeny tiny doodle #ask#anon
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    Mutuals send outfit pics challenge

    #im only half joking #i love when people show off how good they look
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    My muses are terrible at flirting.

    So like this post for a SMALL starter with them using a pick up line they find online. Just like this and then comment what muse you want it for and from. Or say random for which muse I use. I’ll use my wheel of muses to decide. MUTUALS ONLY! 
    #starter call #MUTUALS ONLY! #listen.. i love looking up terrible pick up lines #and I love making my muses use them #(I’m still at work so I’ll do them later) #you can comment for more than one starter
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    I am missing my PD teacher so much

    #She was so much to me and being one of her star students she loved me so much and being the natural charmer i was i was bound to be #Personality development classes was SO fun #All the pd dept loved me and literally same #I miss M ma'am C ma'am everyone
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    At first (yes, this is dumb), it shook my world because I didn’t even know there were other ways to show love and appreciation. But we’ll circle back at this in the end, if you’d like to hear that story.

    https://medium.com/the-brain-is-a-noodle/different-metrics-same-values-managing-conflicts-with-your-partner-fda42fa59d08 / #relationships

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    What a waste to live a life.

    To live a life with no pain

    To live a life with no scars

    To live a life with no remorse

    To live a life with no bad lucks

    What a waste to get ripped out to bleed and not die.

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    this is saur gillion pre and post-banishment vibes

    #first verse is him in the undersea #feeling like he has to do everything exactly how the elder’s instruct him #to be worthy of love and care and attention #‘miss my little kid and wife’ ough. when he was separated from edyn fr #second verse is meeting chip and jay #that ‘second little person’ is chip though because fnc realness #but yeah. he #jrwi#textpost#img#ari posting
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    A HALSEY AND TOP STAN ON TUMBLR 🤧 idk who u are but i love u, beautiful stranger

    #I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL STRANGER #but yeah they are a lot less vibrant fandoms on here than they were in 2018 #notblueitsviolentrain#may22#kaitlinhasmail
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    random  edits           (          001          /          ???          )

    #*     &.     𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐥𝐚  𝐞𝐥-𝐟𝐚𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐲     /     𝙫𝙞𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙚     . #would let this woman do so many things to me #love steven standing in the background pff
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    Things I wish I could tell myself ten years ago

    Set boundaries! Keep them even when it is hard.

    Selfishness doesn't have to be inherently bad. You need to prioritize yourself.

    No matter what anyone says, you are not responsible for other people's emotions.

    If you have romantic feelings for someone, it is better just to tell them about it (if appropriate) and move on.

    Feelings are just feelings. Let them exist. They won't last forever.

    You will find someone who loves you with their whole heart. Be patient.

    Do things that are fun, regardless of whether or not you feel like you deserve it.

    Feeling your emotions is much better than repressing them.

    You are not as straight as you think you are. Forgive your mind for repressing it. Your mind was just trying to protect you.

    You are much stronger than you think you are.

    Be compassionate to yourself. The world is chaotic and overwhelming and you are trying your best.

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    baby girl doing the most baby girl things

    #i love being in a very small market for thirsting on here bc i get to post whatever #and if another perso happens to agree with me they have to be subject to my awful posts #killian baby girl truthers and french man *h*r*s rise 😤
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    list do niego x2

    Ale wytrzymaliśmy tą przerwę. Pisaliśmy potem matury. A w planach była perspektywa wspólnego zamieszkania na studiach. Pamiętasz jak w lato 2020 spontanicznie wieczorem pojechaliśmy spać pod namiotem ? Pamiętam jak siedzieliśmy na ławce przy tym jeziorku, i było tak pięknie widać gwiazdy to był dla mnie taki magiczny moment, potem graliśmy w cymbergaja. Pamiętasz nasz spontaniczny wyjazd w góry ? Pewnego sierpniowego dnia okolo godziny 20 zarezerwowaliśmy pokoj na bookingu w Zakopanem. A po godzinie 4 w nocy, wyjechaliśmy. Pamiętasz jak zatrzymaliśmy się w Krakowie ? I jak nie mogliśmy tam nigdzie na rynku znaleźć łazienki ? Hah, ale mnie wtedy bolał brzuch od chcącego mi się siku. Nasz wyjazd w góry do tej pory siedzi w mojej głowie. Byliśmy wtedy tacy szczęśliwi. W październiku zamieszkaliśmy razem, tak długo czekałam na ten moment.. Mimo że raz było lepiej, raz gorzej - dla mnie najważniejsze było to że jesteśmy razem. Tak cholernie uwielbiałam nasze wspólne wieczory bez stresu że trzeba już wracać do domu, albo nasze długie spacery po lesie. Wiem że się wtedy trochę kłóciliśmy. Bardzo tego żałuję, bo wiem że wiele słów z mojej strony nie powinno paść. Wiem że się wtedy tak strasznie starałeś. Szkoda że widzę to dopiero teraz. Pamiętasz jak w czerwcu 2021 chcieliśmy jechać do Łeby, ale za Toruniem wysiadł nam samochód ? Niby wyszło mega kijowo, ale chociaż byliśmy razem, i na pewno ta przygoda też zostanie na długo w naszej pamięci. Pamiętasz ten dzień w lipcu 2021 gdy pojechaliśmy po naszego kotka ? Nie byłeś aż taki zachwycony tym pomysłem, ale gdy to maleństwo miało swoją pierwszą drzemke na łóżku to nie chciałeś mi jej nawet dać pogłaskać... Kochanie ja doskonale pamiętam wszystkie nasze wspólne śniadania, obiady, kolacje.. Kochałam te poranki, w które mogłam się wepchać do twojego łóżka, przytulić się i nie myśleć o całym świecie. Wiem że dużo stało się złego między nami. Ale zawsze byłeś w moim sercu i w moich myślach - nawet wtedy gdy myślałeś że mam Cie gdzieś i że mnie nie obchodzisz. Zawsze zastanawiałam się jak się czujesz i czy jest coś co mogę zrobić żeby poprawić ci humor. Gdy zaczął się twój kryzys na studiach to nie było tak że mnie to nie interesowało. Po prostu też mi było ciężko. Miałam sesje na dwóch kierunkach, ponad 40 zaliczeń, nie mogłam jeść ani spać - a ty mnie wtedy zostawiłeś i pojechałeś. Więc zrobilam ci odwet podczas twojej sesji. Wiem że to było złe i gdybym mogła cofnąć czas to postąpiłabym zupelnie inaczej. Wtedy tylko chciałam żebyś się poczuł tak jak ja. Ja też wtedy nie dostałam od ciebie wsparcia którego tak bardzo pragnęłam. A mimo wszystko czekałam aż sytuacja się ustabilizuje. Gdy pewnej nocy zobaczyłam że piszesz z nią, moje serce pękło. Tłumaczyłeś że to tylko przyjaciółka, że dała ci wsparcie gdy tego potrzebowałeś, że nic do niej nie czujesz... Pamiętasz, ten moment gdy była okolo 1 w nocy, próbowałam się uczyć, byliśmy lekko pokłóceni, przyszedłeś mi podokuczać.. Gdy staliśmy naprzeciwko siebie, spojrzałam w twoje oczy, zobaczyłam tą magiczną głębie. Zakochałam się wtedy w tobie na nowo, mimo tych wszystkich złych rzeczy które się nam przytrafiły. Poczułam wtedy takie uczucie którego słowa nie są w stanie opisać. Wyglądało to jak z najpiękniejszych romansideł. Przed twoją wyprowadzką, gdy nasza relacja troszkę się ustabilizowała OBIECAŁEŚ że nie będziesz utrzymywał z nią kontaktu. Po ponad miesiącu naszego związku na odległość odkryłam że nadal masz z nią kontakt. 23.05.22 siedziałeś obok mnie na łóżku, widziałeś jak spływają moje łzy, słyszałeś jak wyje, widziałeś jak kawałek mojego serca umiera z miłości do ciebie. Wmawiałeś mi że mnie kochasz, że tylko ja się licze, że jestem najważniejsza. Wczoraj się z nią spotkałam. Chciałam zobaczyć co ma ona, czego nie mam ja. Ona opowiadała o tobie tak pięknie. Rozmawialiśmy później długo. Powiedziałam Ci że nie zgadzam się na taki trójkąt. Albo ja albo ona. Nie umiałeś wybrać. Kochanie, ja wiem że bardzo ci ciężko teraz. Wiem że zjebało ci się życie na każdej płaszczyźnie.

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