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  • aphostate
    16.05.2022 - 1 minute ago
    Obviously she’s getting him sex for his birthday. Naturally, this includes multiple wardrobe changes. Also, he gets an actual present too: a simple leather watch with his initials engraved on the inside of the strap, and an enchantment to make sure it never stops ticking. ❤️    @unheaven​

    The  sex  has  been  fun.       Lots of fun. So much fun he thinks he might have pulled a muscle. Even so, when he finds her straddling over his lap once more, he pushes air into his cheeks before letting out between pursed lips. “Babe, I -- I’m gonna need, like, at --- at least half an hour before we do that again ---”     Oh. She’s laughing at him, as she produces the neatly wrapped gift from behind her back. Her laughter is not cruel, because she’s already kissing his cheeks, and they flush beneath her touch. He loves her so much. He’s sheepish in the way he takes the present from her, expert hands carefully peeling the wrapping from the box. It makes him smile, as he turns the watch over in his hands, and even more so as he straps it around his wrist, admiring it. How quickly he stops in favour of touching her once more, hands already back in her hair.       “Sorry babe, but --- but the watch stays on during sex.”      He grins, as he leans up into a kiss which ends with her back being pinned against the mattress.

    #<3 love them #&   BG:   ANSWERED. #unheaven
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  • windsing5
    16.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    Went a little wild and cooked tonight... like, a LOT. And I'll put it all away in meal preps but I'm having some of my veggies and while I love them, I put so much cayenne pepper in them and it's so spicy I think I will explode but in like, a good way.

    #feelin a bit manic tonight #thought i could channel that energy into self care #in the form of meal prepping #which just means sauteeing lots of vegetables to put in ramen for the rest of the week #and they're perfect #they're wonderful #i love them #but so fucking spicy #my head is gonna esplode
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  • vespasianphantom
    16.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Can I ask why you give your characters names and apperances sometimes?

    No hate but its just that when you give them a name and appearance its no longer a reader, its becomes an OC and it also makes it hard to relate to because people search the ‘x reader’ tag sk they can feel like its them dating the character/celeb

    Hi! when i first started writing, i gave my characters no appearances and when i read my own stories it felt like it was missing something. I don’t write (Y/N) stories, and for me as long as i don’t name the characters, (which i try not to) it’s not really an original character.

    I don’t really write stories people can relate, like love stories and such. I mostly write smut and sometimes i have to give small things away about the reader. I try to make them diverse and sometimes a little detail about them slips — in my opinion, it gives the story a little bit more character than leaving the main character plain.

    For example, when there are two women present in the story, it’s hard to distinguish between them (i sometimes too get lost in a story because of this). I usually don’t add a first name, but I make one of them an OC, which means i give her a specific look ans a personality.

    In most of my stories the details about a reader come from the AU, in others the person who sent me an ask specifically asked for a certain type of a reader.

    I wrote on wattpad for years so maybe that’s why i have the urge to make my characters have personalities and features.

    If you don’t like my writing style, there are thousands of other people who write here so you can give them a try too!!


    #love#romance#smut#marvel#tom hiddleston #tom hiddleston x ofc #tom hiddleston x plus size reader #tom hiddleston x reader #tom hiddleston x you #loki smut
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  • starshaped-raindrops
    16.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    *the noises that fall from your lips are like fuel to the fiery need that has sparked up in his belly. He wants to slide his hand right back down between your legs and make you moan and whine for him and everyone else on the beach.*

    Reflexes? *his voice is still low and smooth as he massages your hips and holds them steady against his own, to stop or encourage your wiggling he’s not entirely sure.* I didn’t know you had a reflex to grind on my hand. That’s kinda sexy honey.

    *when you turn to pout at him he lets out a small laugh and dips his head down to press a lingering kiss to your lips. He wants so much more, but it was difficult when you were standing out in the open with the entire beach as an audience.*

    I’m sorry for torturing you sweetheart. I’m glad you’re feeling good though. *he hums to himself before turning you around and kissing you again, sliding his arms around your waist so you’re pressed up against him.* we might start attracting attention if we keep this up darling. Maybe we should go back in the water to cool down… or at least to have a little more privacy? -Daichi ♥️

    (Hope you enjoy more sexy beach Daichi!)

    *His words have me spluttering a bit but i couldn't find a word to retort back with. So i just pout a bit more until his kisses me. It melts the pout right off my face and i close my eyes to bask in his affection*

    "It's okay, honey. Kinda my fault too for... Encouraging you with some grinding" *i return while i wrap my arms around him now that i'm facing him. i also take this opportunity to nuzzle my face to his before letting him slot his lips over mine for another kiss. i sigh when i feel how warm he is against me and i wonder if that's from the sun or our little teasing fun*

    "mmm how about we go in the water and cool down then have a little more privacy?" *comes my requests of combining both his suggestions. i bite my lower lip at him while thinking about keeping myself pressed to him while in the waters, kissing him more and just enjoying the cool waves around our waist*

    (>w< he's making me heart go djkfbaajdkn oh Mod-san! how do you write him so playful and teasing?)

    #do i want to be spicy on the beach with him? yes #but the peoplessssss >o< #beach flirting has me kjdfnag #beach date beach date 🏖💕 #lovely daichi ♥️
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  • the-home-of-innovation
    16.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    If I see one more person calling Schlatt transphobic I stg

    #love it when people take a thing out of context and make a whole character out to be something they're not #anyways he's gay and trans cry about it #Schlatt#dsmp #jay.txt
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  • alexwhitton
    16.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Come to the realisation that I’m still dealing with the lost of losing her, And I know it’s going be hard won’t lie to myself or anything, it’s tough it’s painful and the sadnesses, just got to keep telling myself I’ve done everything I could, I keep working hard everyday put all my time into work and make my dreams come true and have a good future and saving as it already coming together that what keep me from sinking and I’ve can honestly tell myself I’m so better for seeing my mistakes and flaws I’ve fixed everything that wasn’t working within me

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  • berrryshortcake
    16.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    at first i wasn’t really into the whole poly mingyu thing but this changed my mind 1000000000%


    PLEATHE IT'S SO HOT............................

    #love and letter 💌 #Anonymous #want someone to sit on my face fr..................... #and maybe call me mommy idk
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  • gayboyftw
    16.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    once I actually start making art of my ocs it's gonna be over for you bitches

    #sage's wisdom#oc #do i love to draw? mmmmmmm #next question
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  • warthoong
    16.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    broke: Feanorians and the unsolved Thorn problem

    woke: S-speaking Noldor start to accidentally use Þ while speaking Quenya due to the increasing influence of the Sindarin

    bespoke: S-speaking Noldor are considered quite strange(i.e. Sindar wonder why can't they speak like the rest of their people), S is an indicator of the different accent(probably a posh one, like, Noldor&Sindar using Þ are Americans, Noldor using S are British)

    #silmarillion #as much as feanor would dislike Thingol he would also very much like Sindarin #because Sindarin and sindar using Þ is a proof for him that he was right #guys trust me pls I absolutely love 2nd and 3rd houses of noldor #it's not my fault that most of the elves in Beleriand use Þ
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  • berrryshortcake
    16.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    TEACHING BABYGIRL HOW TO FUCK YOU WITH A STRAP??? helping her put it on and instructing her on how to move and how to make it feel better and she's a whiny whimpering mess and constantly asks if she's doing good because she just wants to make mommy proud and feel good 🥺

    if you get her one of those strapless 'straps' (djfkjsdf ykwim) she'd get so needy and whiny feeling it fill her cute little pussy up 🥺🥺 you'd suck her off first, letting her get used to how the toy would feel once she starts fucking you. and god…. she'd try not so hard to buckle and just rut into you once she's inside you !!! she'd try to move her hips and properly fuck you and make you feel good like gyu does 🥺🥺🥺

    #love and letter 💌 #Anonymous
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  • vasilisain
    16.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    can you tell I like the designs of tumblrs adfree ads?

    #i just love the shitty infomercial vibe they give off #'graphic design is my passion' level ads #love em
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  • gowebworldtechnologies
    16.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago
    #Latest Work #Consult The Best Indian Love Back Specialist Astrologer @AstrologerOmShastri Ji #GowebworldTechnologies #https://www.vashikarantantramantra.com/ #design#branding
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  • tinta-y-cometas
    16.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Los mejores momentos también suceden cuando apagas las luces.

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  • fxaa
    16.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    was thinking about playing ffxiv again and logged into the website yesterday and my characters names jumpscared me

    #i forgot about doctor love #izzypost
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  • romanticrobot
    16.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    The idea of a robot arguing with an astronaut about what space is is incredibly funny. Thank you Asimov.

    #give Cutie a shirt that says ''this robot is a flat earther'' #i also love how sassy he is. he's just like ''move i'm gay''
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  • hierneneuro
    16.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Haven't watched supermega in so long and now I have so many videos to catch up on :DD

    #they remind me of a carefree time in my life.......... #id play skyrim w them on in the bg all the time #also love when ryan used to stream #id make supermega fanart loke every day #good times#love supermega
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  • rainbeelovesu
    16.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Flower girl


    as i stood in the honey light

    of the sun, so bright

    i saw a girl, a frail lass.

    pretty flowers in her golden hair,

    one look and i knew

    she'd never known loss.

    Raised on stories of the sun and foxes,

    not tragedies and thunderstorms.

    living life like a fairytale,

    she feels ethereal, so happy, so pure.

    i know, as the rain child, has no business

    hoping to hold her porcelain hand,

    but a girl can wish.

    spending all your days in the rain

    makes you forget what the sun is like

    but a girl can wonder.

    so i hope and hope, that one day ,

    the child of the darkness,

    will be seen by the flower girl,

    and she'd smile that sugary sweet smile,

    and the rain just might let up

    for just a millisecond, and that's enough.


    #love poetry#love poem#poem #poets on tumblr #poem of the day #words #poems and quotes #poets corner#poetry #idk i just want love #op is tired and forever alone #the saga#wlw#wlw poetry
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