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  • sidon-lovrr
    28.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Sidon redesign!!!!

    I made some minor color tweaks to his design, and made a character sheet with a few headcanons to accompany. I had a bit of a fight with the colors, but it worked out in the end! He has a blue eye and a yellow eye, but the yellow eye is hard to see due to the angle.

    #loz#loz botw#botw#sidon#prince sidon#myart#hw aoc #legend of zelda #actually put some detail on his bracelets #this will probably flop because it's tumblr but oh well #it did okay on twitter so I'll live #-🦈
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  • telemna-hyelle
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Being a big fan of the older Zelinks is hard because you go on Ao3 and it’s like, Zelink, Zelink, everywhere, and not a fic to read

    #botw is my least favorite zelda game thus far but it's saturated the market #i just want some tp zelink or oot or alttp or aol #or ss or fs or fsa or mc #or hw or st #is that too much too ask #tellie talks loz #tellie talks zelink #zelink my beloved #zelink#loz zelink
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  • tarteggs
    23.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    some vague hyrule warriors au (???????) doodles and meme redraws

    #loz#tloz #legend of zelda #hyrule warriors#toon link#young link#my art #HOW DO I EVEN TAG THIS #anyways. guess who has another au #SORTA?? canon adjacent perhaps #i’ve just been playing too much hw again
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  • telemna-hyelle
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Sheik's been working herself to the bone, and Link and his boys are determined to do something about it. Unfortunately for Link, Wind is a meddler.

    #my fanfics#my fics #tellie writes stuff #linked universe#warriors/artemis#zelink#lu warriors#lu artemis#lu mask#lu wind#loz fi#loz proxi #lu hw epona #happy belated birthday bonnet #this is my family
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  • telemna-hyelle
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Lingering in the Ocean Blue, ~or~ Link and Sheik’s Excellent Adventure: Part One


    Here, have a belated Happy Birthday Fic! I’m so sorry this took so long to get done, and it’s only part one of two, but I wish you a most excellent birthday and an awesome year. 🥳🎂🎉

    Love ya, little lava sis! Happy Birthday!!!! 💖

    Anyway, without further ado ~

    Lingering in the Ocean Blue, ~or~, Link and Sheik’s Excellent Adventure


      Part One

    It had seemed like such a good idea. Sheik was overworked and exhausted, a day off was necessary, and Wind’s suggestion had seemed so reasonable. And now, here they were: together on Epona, with Sheik’s arms around his waist, and was it just him or did the temperature rise all of a sudden?

    There was, of course, one pair of shoulders upon which Link could squarely lay the blame.

    Dangit, Wind.


    He’d been noticing something amiss for weeks. For one, he’d barely seen Sheik at all. When he did see her, she was dragging herself into camp at odd hours of the day or night, shoulders drooping and gait one of exhausted stubbornness. Sometimes she’d stop by to drop an article of clothing into his lap for him to mend, and then collapse in a heap by the side of his tent to wait.

    If he asked what was going on, all she’d do was bite off the word “Missions”, before promptly dropping her head onto her knees and falling asleep.

    Link wasn’t the only one who noticed. Wind watched her stumble past with narrowed eyes, and Mask hovered in a grumpy fashion whenever she stopped by the tent, sitting close by and sneaking glances. That, or he and Proxi would come running to get Link whenever they found Sheik passed out in a tree or a wheelbarrow or something.

    With every instance that passed, Link’s mounting concern grew, but the final straw came at breakfast one morning. Sheik had appeared at their fire, every muscle sagging with exhaustion, and dropped one of her shirts into Link’s lap. She then proceeded to sternly herd Wind and Mask away from the breakfast stew they were torturing and set about making it edible.

    There was some protest from all parties, insisting Sheik sit down and rest, but the sheikah was insistent.

    Link opened his mouth, paused when Sheik sent him a narrow red glare over the stewpot, and resumed his mending.

    He was in the middle of frowning over the placement of the cut (rather too close to vital spots for his liking) when Proxi let out a cry of warning. Link glanced up, leapt to his feet, and managed to catch Sheik just before she toppled face-first in the stew pot. So there he was, arms full of the woman he maybe-possibily-we-shan’t-discuss-it had feelings for. Mask and Wind had leapt to their feet at the cry of alarm, and Proxi had grabbed onto Sheik’s braid in an attempt to help… but the fact remained that if Link hadn’t gotten there in time… she’d be severely scalded, if not worse.

    And what would happen if this occurred again? Sometime when he wasn’t there?

    “What’s wrong?” He demanded, a tight band squeezing around his chest—squeezing all the tighter when Sheik didn’t answer him. He glanced down—only to find Sheik’s face squished against his arm, eyes closed and features relaxed.

    Proxi dropped Sheik’s braid and fluttered closer, spinning circles around Sheik’s head. “Is she asleep?”

    “Seems like it.” Link sighed, shifting his grip, making sure Sheik was propped more securely in his arms. “Mask, Wind, can you get my bedroll from inside the tent?”

    “Aye, aye, Captain!” Wind snapped a salute, and he and Mask disappeared into the tent, rushing back out a minute later with arms full of bedding and blankets. Wind snapped out the mat and Mask dropped the thin pillow at the top, then both scurried back so Link could carefully set Sheik down and arrange the blanket over her. She was situated nearby but not too close to the fire, snugly wrapped in Link’s blanket and dozing away on his pillow.

    His heart was acting funny again, but this was not the time.

    He took a step back, running a hand through his hair as he turned back to the stewpot, frowning down at it as he poked it with the wooden spoon. Hopefully it was far enough along that he could finish the rest without irreparably ruining it.

    There was a long moment of silence as everyone processed what had just happened. Finally, Link sighed again, looking up from the stewpot towards his informal information network. The three of them (Wind, Mask, and Proxi) ran wild all over the camp and were often privy to a vast amount of gossip, some useful and some not.

    “Do you have any idea what’s going on with Sheik, lately?”

    Mask and Wind exchanged glances, while Proxi bobbed nervously. Mask was the first to make a move, poking at the dirt with a stick. A distant part of Link warmed with amusement and fondness when he noticed Mask had chosen to situate himself right by Sheik’s head—and Wind was sitting at her feet.

    It seemed Sheik had two faithful guardians watching over her as she slept.

    “…she… she told me that she knows Impa doesn’t trust her.” Mask’s voice was quiet, a scowl on his face, and he aggressively jabbed at the dirt with his stick.

    Wind and the Captain exchanged grim looks. “She’s trying to prove herself.” Wind said quietly.

    Link felt a sharp, stabbing pain in his chest give an extra twist. He glanced over at the Sheikah—she laid limp on his bedroll, the slump of exhaustion draping her limbs even in sleep, preventing any restlessness.

    “This can’t go on.” Link said, his voice firm with determination. She needs to rest.”

    “Try telling her that.” Mask grumbled.

    Link grinned back. “That’s the plan, so wish me luck.”

    Wind hummed thoughtfully, fiddling with his wind waker. “If we want her to relax, we’re going to need to get her out of camp. Otherwise you know she’ll leap at the first opportunity to take a mission that she hears.”

    Link ran his fingers through his bangs, huffing out a breath. “Fair point, but what on earth can we do to get her out of camp?”

    There was a brief moment of silence.

    “Hot springs.” Mask suddenly piped up.

    Both older heroes turned to face him, eyebrows raised.

    “What?” his shoulders hunched. “Those are supposed to be relaxing, right? And we’re near Death Mountain. There should be some nearby, right?”

    “Hot springs are pretty relaxing,” Link acknowledged, and shot Mask a proud smile. “Good idea.”

    Mask ducked his head, muttering something under his breath. Proxi, who was currently perched on his shoulder, heard everything, however, and her wings quivered with amusement.

    “The question is, how on earth do we get Sheik to a hotspring?” Link mused, frowning down at the soup as he stirred.

    Wind paused mid-twirl of his baton, a smirk flashing across his face before he wiped it away with the speed of his namesake. He cleared his throat, then said, his voice calm and casual. “You could go with her.”

    Link nearly dropped the spoon into their breakfast. “What?’”

    “Don’t give me that,” Wind sniffed. “There’s nothing wrong with hanging out at the hot spring with a friend.” He raised a challenging eyebrow at the Captain. “And you and Sheik are just friends, right?”

    Link opened his mouth. He closed it.

    He resumed stirring the soup with a vengeance.

    “Yes. We are.” The words were bitten out through gritted teeth.

    Wind smirked.

    Mask looked very, very lost.

    “Anyway,” Wind said, “You’re still recovering some from a couple days ago, right?”

    Link’s hand moved to touch his side, head dipping in a nod. He’d caught a glancing blow from a moblin’s spear. He’d managed to half-deflect it with his sword, and his chain mail had held, but his right side had been one massive bruise. Fortunately (or unfortunately), it was a minor enough injury that the medics had prescribed rest in order to save potions for the more grievously wounded.

    “Then,” the sailor grinned, “it’s you going to the hot springs to accelerate your healing, and we’ll ask Sheik to come along to watch your back.”

    The Captain blinked. “That… that might actually work.” He glanced down at the soup and gave it a sniff. No smoke, so it was probably good. He withdrew the spoon, tapped it against the side of the pot, propped it against the rock, and stood. He clapped his hands once. Wind and Mask snapped to attention, and Link propped his hands on his hips and surveyed his men with a thoughtful eye.

    “I’m going to request a day’s leave of absence from General Impa. Wind and Mask, watch over Sheik. If she wakes up before I get back, fill her in, and ask her to gather some spare clothes she doesn’t mind getting wet.”

    Wind casually snapped a salute, but Wind frowned. “So what are we supposed to do until then? Just sit and wait?”

    Link beamed at him. “Excellent question!”

    Mask shrunk back suspiciously, suspecting he had walked into a trap. He was right.

    “While you’re waiting, why don’t you fix up something for us to bring along and eat, since we’ll be gone until late.” The Captain arched an eyebrow. “I’m sure between the two of you you can manage something simple.”

    Mask puffed up at the affront to his skills. Wind muttered something along the lines of “I wouldn’t be too sure.”

    It was good enough, however, so Link nodded. “Right. That’s all, so I’ll be off now.”

    He cast a glance at Sheik. She was still firmly sunk in sleep, eyes clothed and breaths deep… and yet despite the fact she had a guardian seated on either side of her in the form of Mask and Wind… she looked lonely, somehow. Lonely and weary and sad.

    He chewed his lip for a moment, lifted his chin, and strode over to her side. In a swift movement his scarf was unwound from his shoulders, and he gently draped it over Sheik’s shoulders. He paused, waiting to see if she was disturbed—but she slept on, the rhythm of her breath unchanging.

    He let out an amused breath—she must really be tired—and tucked the scarf and blanket about her a little more firmly.

    When he looked up, Wind was smirking at him. Link was a mature adult, however, so he stuck his nose to the air and turned away, reaching out and managing to ruffle Mask’s hair before the sprite’s affection-senses tingled and prompted him to duck.

    Then Link swung to his feet, and strode off in the direction of Impa’s tent.

    Wind and Mask, back in front of their own tent, looked at each other in silence.

    “Sandwiches.” Wind said finally. “We’ll make sandwiches. You can’t mess up sandwiches.”


    It took a little bit of convincing, but eventually Impa caved, as long as it was restricted to one day of leave from camp.

    Mentioning the combined wrath of Mask and Wind that would result if Sheik didn’t get her time off did wonders for the negotiations.

    He returned to his tent to find Sheik awake and looking slightly bewildered, holding a small bundle of clothes and towels. Wind was holding a packed knapsack, and Mask was holding Epona’s reins.

    Fi was also there, oddly enough. Link cast a swiftly glance around the area, but nothing seemed to be damaged, so he brushed it off.

    “I got permission.” The captain said, grinning in thanks when Sheik pushed his folded scarf into his hands. Sheik didn’t seem to notice the grin, as she was determinedly looking the other way.

    She cleared her throat. “Good. I’m glad you’re going to be able to give your body a chance to heal a little.”

    “Well, I’m glad you agreed to keep me company. I’ll feel a lot better with you there to watch my back,” …and to give your own body a chance to rest, but that part was better left unsaid.

    Her only response was a nod, but there was a faintest tinge of red crawling above her mask. Link’s heart stuttered unsteadily. In order to stave off dwelling on that, Link hastily turned and said hello to Epona.

    Epona said hello back enthusiastically, letting out a billow of horsey breath and nosing at his hair. He could never quite tell if her sniffing his hair was out of affection or out of the hope that it was straw, but he chose to believe the former.

    “Good to see you too, girl,” He murmured, and turned to Mask, cocking a brow. “Where’s Sheik’s horse?”

    “I don’t have one.” Sheik said. Wind beamed a sunny smile at the captain.

    “We thought that Sheik could just ride with you, instead.”

    That sounded like an excellent plan, especially because it would save Link the time of having to go back and request an already-irritated Impa for a horse. In short order, Sheik’s bundle and the knapsack were firmly affixed to Epona’s saddle, and Link was astride his horse, pulling the sheikah up behind him.

    She settled into the saddle, her arms wrapping around his chest in order to stabilize herself.

    All of a sudden, Link realized just how close she was.

    Had the sun just come out from behind a cloud, he wondered distantly, because the air seemed a lot warmer suddenly.

    “Well?” Sheik said, and Link nearly jumped, not expecting her voice close to his ear. There was a part of him that was appreciating the sound; the rest was running about, routed, panicking, and leaderless.

    In other words, he was paralyzed with embarrassment.

    In the storm of his confusion, Wind’s eyes caught his.

    The sailor was staring at Link, arms folded, a smirk on his face, and everything suddenly became clear to Link in one brilliant blaze of realization.

    Wind had set him up.

    Thankfully, this was enough to shake Link out of his confusion. He firmed his grip on the reigns and cleared his throat. “All right, let’s be off!”

    “I wish you a restful trip, Master Link,” Fi intoned, and Link barely managed to bite down the hysterical laughter that wanted to escape. He resorted to nodding instead.

    Then, with a touch of his heel, he pointedly turned Epona away from Wind’s smug face and trotted off towards Death Mountain, trying very hard not to think about how close Sheik was right now.

    Wind, Mask, Fi, and Proxi watched them go.

    “There is a 98% chance you are planning something, Master Wind,” Fi said pointedly.

    “Yep!” Wind stretched an arm above his head, grinning in satisfaction. “I’m hoping that with the atmosphere being “romantic” and all that they’ll be forced to stop being so freaking oblivious.”

    Mask shot him a look, confused. “What’s that supposed to mean? What are they gonna do?”

    “Hmm.” Wind hummed thoughtfully. “Dunno. Kissyface, I hope.”

    The sprite’s face twisted in a grimace “…Gross.” c[]xxx[]:::::::::::::::>




    On the Subject of Sandwiches

     “We have bread. We have cheese wedges. We’ll slice the wedges thinner and make toasted cheese sandwiches for theme. It’ll be easy!” Wind announced, and so he and Mask did just that.

    They sliced the cheese wedges, arranged them on the bread, sandwiched the slices together, and set them on flat stones by the fire to toast.

    It was, in fact, incredibly easy.

    If, perchance, if the word ‘easy’ in the sentence referred to ‘setting things on fire’.

    Three minutes later, there bread sprang into flame.

    Proxi screeched.

    The boys screamed.

    In a panic, Wind twirled his baton, sending a breeze to extinguish the flame. It might have worked, if the breeze hadn’t been just a tad too strong and blew the sandwiches straight into the fire instead.

    The boys screamed again.

    By some miracle of severe exhaustion, Sheik slept on, oblivious.

    The boys sat in front of the fire, staring at the blackened remains of the sandwich as the cheese bubbled and the bread slowly crumbled away into ash in the midst of the fire.

    “We need backup.” Wind sighed.

    Mask grunted.

    “I’m getting Fi.” Proxi announced. “She knows everything.”

    The fairy darted off to do so, and returned with the sword spirit in short order. She floated before the two heroes, head cocked slightly in curiosity. “What is it that you require of me, young masters?”

    Mask didn’t say anything, as he usually avoided talking with Fi, but Wind had no such qualms. “Sheik and Link are going off to the hot springs relax, and we need your help in order to make them some food to pack.”

    Fi was silent.

    “Yes?” Wind prompted, shifting impatiently.

    “The Goddess provided me with many functions in order to assist my Master in his quest,” Fi said, “But I am afraid it is not within my abilities to perform miracles.”

    Wind wilted.

    “I knew she wouldn’t be any help,” Mask muttered, and Fi’s head shifted slightly. Her wings fluttered for a moment.

    “However, there is little logic in surrendering before even attempting a task.” There was the faintest modulation in Fi’s voice. If one listened closely, one might even hazard she sounded slightly miffed. “Allow me to serve you to the best of my capacity, young masters.”

    And, despite Fi’s rather dour predictions of success rates lying around 27%, with Fi and Proxi teaming up to watch both soup pot and replacement sandwiches like hawks, the second pair of sandwiches lived beyond the toasting process. They were wrapped carefully in napkins and tucked in a knapsack, along with two canteens.

    With Fi’s instructions, they even managed to add more ingredients for the soup, so there was enough for breakfast and for Wind could fill two bottles and pack them with the sandwiches as well.

    “I think you have something to say to Fi,” Proxi whispered in Mask’s ear. The sprite pouted, but shuffled over to where Fi floated, eyeing Wind’s packing process to ensure nothing failed in the final lap.

    Mask hunched his shoulders and said, not particularly loudly, “Thanks. You helped a lot.”

    Fi stilled for one moment, and then turned slightly, just enough to face Mask. “Of course.” She said, her tone soft. “It was my pleasure, Master Link.”

    Mask looked away, somehow unable to bear the mixture of fondness and… something… in the sword spirits’ gaze.

    “THERE!” Wind proclaimed, buckling the knapsack shut and patting it proudly. “See, I told you guys it’d be simple.”

    Fi, Mask, and Proxi sighed.

    Shiek slept on.


    #bonnet my beloved #bonnet my baby sibling <3 #i hope you enjoy this! #linked universe #This is My Famiy #loz hyrule warriors #lu warriors#lu artemis#lu mask#lu wind#hw link#hw sheik#hw zelink #zelink my beloved #zelink #happy belated birthday to bonnet! #loz proxi#loz fi #fi supremacy! #my fanfics #tellie writes stuff
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    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Hello!! Can I ask for hcs for Ghirahim, Astor, Kohga and Sooga with an s/o who draws them often? Like maybe they find a sketchbook and its just full of drawings of them

    Dkdkke yes this is awesome!


    Ghirahim is beyond flattered, he is hyped at the fact that he is their muse!

    When he confronts them about it he just gushes on about how amazing their drawings are.

    May or may not begin to start randomly posing in case they want to draw him at any given moment.


    He found the sketch books on accident, he was looking for one of his books when he stumbled on a hefty stack of sketch books.

    After some debating, he decided to take a peek on one of them, and it turned out to be filled with drawings of him. Particularly with drawing of him wearing cat ears.

    Then he peeked at the others and to his surprise they had even more drawings of him.

    He liked that they drew him so much so he pretended to not see the drawings in case they might be embarrassed and stop drawing him. Though eventually they find out because Astor ends up buying a set of cat ears to wear daily.


    He already knows they draw him and in fact has commissioned his S/O to make posters of him to serve as propaganda on how cool he is and how strong they Yiga clan is.

    He does lay on a couch seductively insisting to be drawn like one of those 'french girls'.

    May or may not make attempts to draw his S/O from time to time just to join in on the fun.


    He caught them as they were sketching him. They swore he was distracted with training, but in the blink of an eye, Sooga was standing behind them.

    He asked them why him out of other better things they could draw. And they simply answered by telling Sooga that they draw what they love the most.

    Sooga gets flustered by their response and awkwardly goes back to training so they can draw him some more. But in his mind, he had the intent of asking them to show him all of their art work, which he will definitely do later in the day when they are in the intimacy of their quarters.

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    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    if there were a team of zeldas adventuring, it would be a triumvirate between Twilight Princess Zelda, Wind Waker Tetra, and Hyrule Warriors Zelda

    they have the best leadership experience and fighting skill balance plus i think they'd bounce off eachother well strategizing and making decisions

    the other Zeldas consist mainly of scholars, inventors, sages, diplomats, priestess, and or knights who aren't used to leading a group as diverse as theirs or don't want the responsibility

    specifically A Link Between Worlds, Age of Calamity, and Four Swords Adventures Zeldas don't want to lead but definitely could step up if need be

    #loz #this is technically au stuff but like ehhh #loz au#zelda #idk what to call this zelda meet up au but i think thered be like 3 teams of zeldas each lead by one kf the 3 #when together they all default to differnt zeldas in different situations #for diplomacy and steath choose TP Zelda. for exploring or advice choose Tetra. for anything battle related or w/ music HW Zelda is ur girl #mod trix
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  • sidon-lovrr
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    NO MORE if I see you all say Mipha couldn't hold her own in battle, or that she "wasn't a fighter" ONE MORE TIME I will SNAP. Okay so.

    1. Mipha and the other champions died because they had their technology turned against them. Ganon struck suddenly when they were all away from their villages. They were all unprepared. Based on the paths they took found in chamions ballad, they didn't have time to stop at their homes and prepare, here is an image from creating a champion thay proves such.

    2. The other "fighter" champions and the literal hero of time died just as much.

    3. Zelda survived because she had backup from Link and guards, and once she had an opening (and after unlocking her overpowered ass goddess magic) went to confront Ganon alone. The champions did not have any backup, nor supplies.

    4. Mipha's grace needs to recharge, so it's likely that Mipha exhausted her powers and was unable to infinitly heal herself like so many of you think she can do.

    5. Mipha is acknowledged to be skilled with spears and tridents, as she was trained by the reknown veteran Seggin the Demon Sargent. Which most certainly counts for something, as based on his present personality in botw he would not waste his time training someone who lacks skill. Here is some info about this below.

    In conclusion, stop undermining Mipha's abilities! I know that healer characters tend to not have battle skill, and Nintendo's writing also doesn't help keeping this obvious but Mipha was multi-skilled! Why the fuck would her statue be posed with her trident, and said trident be preserved if she didn't know how to use it? Use your brains and admit that your ass and many other enemies would get clobbered by Mipha.

    #loz botw#botw#hw aoc #legend of zelda #mipha#loz#club analysis #you all grind my gears #do not dispute or argue with me about this #not to sound cocky but Zoras are my special interest chances are I know more than you #-🦈
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    15.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
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  • sidon-lovrr
    14.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Sidon autism moment where he calls the guy he met like half a day ago his "most treasured friend"

    #loz botw#botw#loz#sidon#prince sidon#hw aoc #legend of zelda #me too Sidon me too #'youre projecting' shut up #-🦈
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    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    it’s the way i played hw aoc for 17 hours straight today lol. help me

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  • thedisorientedfae
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Don’t mind me dumping a bunch of Hyrule warriors play through screenshots

    #and yes I now am actually logging off #hw screenshot #loz hyrule warriors #hyrule warriors definitive edition #Hyrule warriors #Hyrule warriors link #warriors my love
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  • thedisorientedfae
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #loz hyrule warriors #hyrule warriors link #warriors my love #loz#hw screenshot
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  • attllhak
    08.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Oh my gosh your Ace Attorney head cannons are incredible! I especially appreciate how utterly awkward yet endearing these two are with each other. If I can may I ask about the meeting fairies fic to change things up?

    I'm glad you think so! Gods, I'm so invested in these silly gay lawyers. They both care so much about each other but keep missing the mark by so far. Also their banter is fun to write.

    Meeting Fairies! That's a General LoZ fic, with Hyrule Warriors Link.

    As mentioned, I have a lot of feelings about the fairies in the My Fairies feature for HW, and I love all of them. I've even memorized where each one is at this point. I adore these girls so much.

    This fic is from the POV of each of the My Fairy fairies you can collect, using the randomized names I got for them in the order I found them, and how they met Link/how he rescued them, and why they decided to stick around to help out with the war.

    So far I've got Proxi (you know where Proxi is from, and I have her as a Water Element Fairy), Brill (Adventure Map, Light Element), Loyla (A Map, Darkness), Prescilla (A Map, Water), Klim (A Map, Lightning) and Viola (A Map, Fire).

    The others I've met while playing and will be adding are, in order; Rida (Adventure Map, Darkness), Vie (Great Sea Map, Water), Milli (GS Map, Fire), Daye (GS Map, Light), 'Klim 2' (Nimbelle) (GS Map, Lightning), Mira (GS Map, Darkness), Marie (Master Quest Map, Water), 'Rida 2' (Blanche) (MQ Map, Darkness), Rooke (MQ Map, Fire), Caydee (MQ Map, Light), Nege (MQ Map, Lightning), Clara (Twilight Map, Light), Fana (Twi Map, Darkness), 'Sage' (Termina Map, Fire), Ariel (Term Map, Lightning), and 'Marie 2' (Term Map, Water). Those in quotations are ones I plan to change for varying reasons, and those that have already been changed have the new one in brackets. I have two more fairies I haven't met yet too though, and they'll be added on once I meet them.

    I love all of these girls so much, and even went out of my way to draw them all in the little glowy ball style because I've discovered I actually really enjoy designing fairy wings and making them all look unique. This fic is basically me taking them all and giving them personalities and writing about them, and putting how much I love them on 'paper' (I write digitally).

    I'll add a snippet for each fairy I've already got written under the cut!

    And also this funny bit from Klim's section, because I think it highlights Link's relationship with the fairies very well:

    #atta answers#anon#meeting fairies#hyrule warriors #yeah it can go in that tag #loz #i love these fairies so much #they're my friends! #i care about them way too much #link is just collecting fairy friends #and they all love him too #he's nice and he's safe and he lets them hide in his scarf #he's their friend #i think fairies in his era like him in general because of this #they know they can trust him #he's just a good guy #also hw link does speak in my opinion #he just doesn't like to for several reasons #but he talks to the fairies #they only people he's verbal with #he just feels more comfortable being verbal with them #they all understand this is a Big Deal of course #and are all patient when he needs to pause because his throat is unused to talking #they all try to sleep in his tent with his too when they can #they feel safer with him nearby #so it's not uncommon to poke into his tent early in the morning to see him sleeping with little lights on his chest and his cot #they're all friends and love each other #i have a lot of feelings about these fairies if you can't tell #i just love them so much. i'm so attached to them #the only reason i'm still playing hw is for them
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    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago


    #the legend of zelda #loz hw#zant
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    #the legend of zelda #loz hw#ganondorf#zant#ghirahim
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  • theladyofrosewater
    30.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Tried a new shading style! I’ll be honest this took me around 13 hours to finish and was a lot of work so please let me know if you guys like it and want to see the speedpaint of it.

    #art#Fanart #the legend of zelda #loz#loz art#loz fanart#hyrule warriors #Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition #hyrule warriors fanart #hw art#hw link#hw impa#impa#link #hyrule warriors art #please reblog this if you like it!
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  • moefongo
    29.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    I see requests are open, heres a funky one:

    Villain’s reaction to s/o asking “would you still love me if i was a worm?”

    Anon this the best ask I've ever gotten kzjdkrkr


    Assures them that he will still love them.

    Also insists on becoming a worm too so they can have worm dates


    He's annoyed, they've asked him the same question a million times now.

    He says no just for funsies, immediately regrets it. Now his S/O is crying and he feels bad.

    Comforts them and apologizes saying that yes he would love them even if they were a worm.


    He loves them regardless, but its 3am and he wants to go back to sleep

    Holds them thight, kisses the top of their head and calls them his little wormy and immediately passes out


    Doesn't hesitate with saying yes

    He will be the worm defender

    Then goes on about how he would make them the best worm enclosure


    Turns them into a worm to see if he does love them as a worm

    He does love them anyway, but wants to mess with them for a bit

    Immediately turns them back to normal and concludes that yes he loves them as a worm


    He says yes and nothing else

    Then his S/O interrogates him on why

    And he just tell them that they will always be the wormy shwormy of his heart and gives them a kiss on their forehead so they can drop the subject


    Hell yes, he will make banana costumes for them if they turn into a worm

    Call them his banana worm


    He loves them in anyway they are, but asks them why they ask him such a question.

    They don't know why, they just thought about it

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  • silvergarnet12
    28.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Theoretical AoC Costumes 5/6: Shiekah Armour.

    #urbosa#revali#daruk#mipha#loz#zelda #legend of zelda #age of calamity #hw aoc#rito#gerudo#goron#zora#sheikah#botw #breath of the wild
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  • silvergarnet12
    27.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Theoretical AoC Costumes 4/6: Goron Armour.

    #daruk#revali#urbosa#mipha#loz#botw#zelda #legend of zelda #breath of the wild #age of calamity #hw aoc#my art#rito#goron#zora#gerudo
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