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  • queenof-literature
    16.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago


    Um so Hi! I'm back! I'll go into more detail in another post, but I come bearing a gift?

    This is part of my Hero of Wild Series. Here is the archive link if you want to catch up :)

    “L-l-i-ink. Li- k-lee-lehn” Wild’s voice sputtered out in his throat, a flare of pain erupting and cutting him off. A water pouch was shoved in his face.

    “Drink this.” Twilight stated for the tenth time in an hour; not that he minded. He supposed that reminding Wild to drink water was the least he could do for the boy working so hard in front of him.

    “Liehn-” Wild’s face pinched in concentration. 

    “Wild.” Twilight interrupted, sloshing the water closer to the teen’s face. That seemed to snap the boy from his trance-like state. Wild gently took the water, and Twilight guessed he was overcompensating, not wanting to take his anger out at Twilight or Sky. Although Twilight appreciated it, he would have understood.

    ‘Thanks’. Wild signed the word quickly and nonchalantly, obviously trying to wave off his supposed failures. 

    “No problem.” Twilight said instead of all the things he wanted to say. Sure Wild was a great kid, but Twilight barely knew how to interact with him. The kid was an enigma, what could he say?

    You uh- You’re making good progress, you know that right?” Twilight resisted smacking himself in the forehead when he 

    “He’s right.” Sky added, speaking up for the first time in a while. “No matter how much you don’t believe it, it’s true.”

    “Yeah!” Sky raised a brow at how loudly and desperately Twilight tacked onto his comment. “You said your name, that’s a lot of progress. And I’ve only been with you guys for a week.” 

    ‘A week to say my own name. Not even fully.” Wild signed mournfully. He didn’t want to complain, he didn’t. He was grateful for Sky and Twilight for helping him, but he was just… starting to lose hope.

    “You act like it will be this hard forever.” Twilight spoke up, not allowing himself to overthink his words. “The basics are always hard. This is just like learning how to use a weapon. You’re amazing with your bow, but you had to learn the basics, right?” Wild thought that over, not registering the compliment and not mentioning the fact that he didn’t even remember learning how to use his bow. He woke up and knew how to wield his weapons. Still, he nodded.

    “Not to change the subject.” Sky drew their attention his way. “Time has been understanding about us leaving everyday, but it’s been a few weeks, Wild. I’m not sure how long we can keep making excuses. The other Links won’t pry if we ask them not too… but… have you maybe considered now that you have more practice in, it might be best to tell them?” Sky had never sounded so hesitant before, but that wasn’t what Wild was focused on. He felt his entire body heat up, his heart beating in his ears as they rang.

    Time? Hylia no. If Time was there when Wild was attempting to speak he was sure he would never get a word out. 

    Warriors? The proud captain. No, after all the steady orders and comments from the man, Wild didn’t even know how he would react. Warriors was the embodiment of confidence. 

    Hyrule? Wind? Four? Maybe it would be alright if they knew, but Wild certainly preferred if they didn’t. 

    Legend? Wild shuddered at the thought. Something about the way Legend’s calculating, icy gaze bored into him felt like the older man could look into his soul. He probably could. Legend practically oozed magic, even Wild could tell; and it wasn’t in the same way that Hyrule did. Wild couldn’t really explain the difference. It just threw him off a little.

    Wild shook his head, feeling a spike of guilt at the sad looks Sky and Twilight sent each other. ‘I’m sorry I just…’ 

    “It’s okay, Wild. We understand, promise. Just- just think about it, please. You were scared for Twilight to know, and it turned out fine. Right?” Wild bit his lip. That was a good point. Twilight hadn’t treated him differently, besides wanting to help. But having all the Links know would just be suffocating.

    ‘I’ll think about it.’ Wild signed, not expecting Sky's gentle smile. 

    “Thank you, Wild. That’s all we ask.” That was the thing about Sky. He was always kind, always patient, always gentle. Just like… well. Just like some of the people Wild had met on his journey. Wild guessed that Sky still held a storm inside, always ready to be unleashed. Wild tried to return the smile, but it turned out to be more of a grimace. The nerves in his face seemed to not be cooperating with him, the two across from him didn’t seem to mind. 

    “Would you like to take a longer break, or start again?” Sky asked, already knowing the answer. 

    ‘Start please.’ Wild signed without hesitation. Sky and Twilight exchanged a fond look, before their practice began again. 

    “Okay, remember the way the tongue should be with the ‘L’ sound. Sky realized later that perhaps a word with an ‘L’ wouldn’t be the best place to start, but too late to start now. Wild nodded.

    ‘Tip against the teeth.’ Wild signed out of habit. He had that movement drilled into his head. It was doing it that was the problem.

    “L-” Wild began.

    “Good! That was a lot clearer than before.” Sky meant it. Wild didn’t believe it, but breaks did help. Wild was just stubborn. Just like all the Links, Sky mused. “Now the ‘i’”. Wild nodded, this was how all their teachings went, but Sky told him that habits were sometimes the best way to learn. The ‘i’ sound was the hardest part for him. Pushing the air out and forming his mouth right was hard for him.

    “eh- ehe- ee”.

    “Good! Now weld them together.” 

    “Li-Li-” Wild pushed out.

    “Don’t rush yourself.” Sky chided. 

    “Li-Leh-Lin-Li-nk. Link.” Wild hadn’t even noticed it at first, but Sky and Twilight sure did.

    “Wild!” Twilight called excitedly. Wild froze. He said it. He said it! 

    ‘I said it!’ Wild signed, so excited that his words slurred together.

    “We know!” Sky laughed merrily. Twilight reached out to ruffle the younger's hair, but froze. This wasn’t an Ordonian kid. This was Wild. Wild didn;t like touch.

    “Amazing job, Wild! I told you that you could!” Sky waved his hands over his head. 

    “Li-nk. Lin-k. Link.” The more Wild said it, the easier the word formed in his mouth. He didn’t want to stop, he didn’t want this to end-

    A twig snapped.

    The three jumped up from the grass, Sky and Twilight grabbing their discarded swords, and Wild grabbing his bow.

    “Stop! Stop, it’s me.” Wild’s blood went cold. He knew that voice,

    “Legend! What in Hylia are you doing?” Twilight practically snarled, noticing Wild’s horrified face.

    “Cool it, goat boy!”

    “Everyone calm down.” Sky commanded, his firm voice sweeping over the small opening in the trees. Legend emerged from the small patch of shrubbery he was standing behind. He didn’t look like he was intentionally eavesdropping, but that didn’t matter to Wild. He heard, he heard, he heard. Was all that was running through his head.  

    “Look. I didn’t mean to overhear. Hyrule managed to wrangle his way out of camp and I was looking for him.”  Legend’s arms crossed over his chest and Wild noticed that Legend’s eyes were gazing everywhere but at Wild’s own. “I heard you and I just… froze I guess. I wasn’t expecting it.”

    ‘Please don’t tell.’

    “Why not?” Legend raised an eyebrow.

    ‘Embarrassing.’ Wild felt his cheeks heating up at even the thought of the others knowing. Three out of eight is bad enough.

    “Embarrassing? How is that-” Legend cut himself off and took a breath. “Can I talk to Wild? Alone?” 

    “What? Why?” Twilight questioned. Wild waved in Twilight’s peripheral. 

    ‘It’s ok.’

    “I- If you’re positive, Wild.” Twilight glanced over at Sky.

    “We’ll give you two a few minutes. We need to refill some of the water pouches anyway.” Sky and Twilight walked away, one far more hesitantly than the other, and part of Wild wished he hadn’t agreed. Okay, most of Wild didn’t want them to go. He felt Legend’s icy eyes staring into him. Wild took a deep breath, willing the blood in his ears to stop rushing long enough to hear the other hero out.

    ‘Please don’t tell. Please.’ Wild begged pathetically, hands shaking.

    “I get it, I do. I would think the same if I were you, probably. You shouldn’t be though. Embarrassed, I mean.”  Wild scrunched his nose and Legend almost laughed. Wind, Hyrule and Warriors all did that when they were contemplating something; just like Legend. His uncle used to poke the lines between his face when Legend was thinking too hard. 

    Legend took another breath, willing the thoughts away. Judging by Wild’s subtle eye twitch, Legend’s sigh came out far more frustrated than he meant it to.

    Legend awkwardly sat down, silently inviting WIld to join him. He could see the kid glance longingly at the path that Sky and Twilight took and winced. He really did suck at first impressions, didn’t he?

    “Look I’m sorry for how I acted when I first met you, but I didn’t know you and we thought we had everyone in our merry little band. I’m not gonna bite, though.” Legend sighed at himself in his head. He never could get the words out right, could he? To his surprise, the kid’s lips twitched upwards and he sat across from him. Good, so he wasn’t sensitive.

    “I get it.” Legend began quietly. Wild’s brows shot up. He wasn’t good at this mushy shit, but he could at least extend an olive branch. “Not exactly what you’re going through, but when I talk, I try to say something but mean something else. I’m not the best with words that don’t make me sound like an asshole, if you haven’t noticed. Rav- my best friend, though, he always seems to know. No matter how annoying he is. I’m lucky to have him.” Ugh, ‘lucky to have him’? Whatever, he was just getting sentimental in being away from home. 

    Legend took another breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

    “Look. All I’m saying is that we all have issues. There’s no reason to hide it.” Hylia, talk about hypocrisy. Judging by Wild’s eyebrow twitch, the other boy was thinking the same thing. “I know, I know, that’s rich coming from me.” Legend huffed, his own nose scrunching in thought. He looked up at an unfamiliar word signed by Wild.

    “Don’t know that one.” Legend stated bluntly. If Wild wanted to elaborate he would.

    “B-u-n-n-y.” Legend’s blood went cold. No… how did he know? Was Wild more magic than he thought? 

    At Legend’s look a flash of panic coursed through Wild. Hylia he really has been in the wilderness for too long, his non-existent social skills just went through the window. The only explanation he could offer was to point at Legend’s nose.

    Wild was pointing… at him? His eyes? No his nose. Wait… was he saying…

    “Are you… saying my nose reminds you of a bunny?” Wild’s face turned red. When Legend said it like that it sounded stupid and weird. “You little shit! You do the same!” Legend laughed, actually laughed, before tearing some grass and throwing it at Wild’s face. Wild’s look of shock was absolutely worth it. Apparently deciding that Legend was teasing and not serious, a mischievous smirk. “Don’t you dare.” Legend had the audacity to say, as if he didn’t start it. Wild quickly grabbed a handful of grass and threw it in Legend’s face.

    “It’s on.”

    Legend and Wild spent the next five minutes running and dashing, doing their best to get as much grass on the other as possible. Legend didn’t know why he started it, he didn’t even know the kid. Maybe he knew the kid probably needed some fun after the obvious frustration of learning to talk. Perhaps a small part of Legend knew that he could use this small respite as well. Whatever it was, this kid was going down.

    If it were anyone else, Legend would have played dirty and shoved the itchy grass down Wild’s tunic. He remembered just in time that the kid hated touch. The little shit took the opportunity though, and stole Legend’s hat.

    “Hey!” Legend saw a variety of emotions cross Wild’s face. The first being regret that he had made a grave mistake, that the hat had held a greater significance than he thought it did. And sure, Legend would set someone on fire if they hurt the hat, but he knew Wild wouldn;t do anything of the sort. The kid seemed to realize that, and the devilish smirk seemed to return; right before he took off to the surrounding woods.

    “You little shit! Get back here!” Legend took off after him. He noticed Wild shoving something in Legend’s hat as he went. “Don’t you dare!” Legend called, only seeing a flash of a smirk before Wild disappeared behind the trees. Legend ran to catch up, only to find the kid gone.

    “Where are ya?” Legend called out. Where could he be… it was too late that Legend realized that Wild seemed above average in climbing. Before he could look up, he felt a presence nimbly jump down behind him.

    “Hey-” Before Legend could turn around, something was shoved onto his head. His hat. His hat filled with grass, leaves, and was that a pinecone!?

    “Wild! Pleh!” Legend sputtered, desperately trying to get the grass out of his mouth that fell from his hat, freezing when he heard something he had never heard before. Wild was… laughing? He did that!? Since when? Maybe in another life Legend would be mad that the first time the kid laughed (to his knowledge) was at his expense. But damn if it wasn’t good to hear. Especially after he thought he had royally screwed everything up by overhearing the kid’s speaking practice.

    “Guess I kind of deserved that, huh?” Legend let out a small chuckle as he tried to get the grass out of his hat, Wild’s laughter had settled down, but the kid still had a crooked smile on his face.

    ‘No.’ Wild shook his head. ‘I was…’ Wild frowned in thought. ‘S-u-s-p-i-c-i-o-u-s of you too. Not your fault.” Legend could genuinely say he was surprised for the tenth time that day. And here he thought Wild hated him. Then again, Wild seemed to be scared of everyone. Maybe scared wasn’t the right word. Skittish, maybe? Wild certainly fit for his name, Legend could only say that about his behavior.

    “Hm.” Legend finished the conversation. Wild didn’t seem to mind. The two walked back in silence on the way back to the clearing. Though this time, it wasn’t awkward. 


    “What happened?” Sky asked incredulously, staring at Wild’s nest of grass filled hair and Legend’s grass covered tunic.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Legend claimed in a deadpan voice, almost breaking his blank face when Wild shrugged next to him. “We should probably get back to camp, before the Old Man flips his lid.” Without specifying any further, Legend began the trek back to camp. He let a smirk fall onto his face when he heard Twilight grilling Wild on what the hell happened in the small amount of time they were gone.

    Legend didn’t mention the fact that Wild didn’t flinch or wince that entire time.

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  • pigeonzillascribbles
    16.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    #idk what the hell i'm doing anymore #zelink#botw#zelda#loz#link #breath of the wild #botw zelink #zelda x link #tloz #legend of zelda #weird#art#rainbows#vibrant#copicdrawing#copic #pen & ink
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  • kiwinatorwaffles
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    fat L imagine finally finding someone who sees you for who you are and not just a hero title only for her to be Not Real :/

    #legend of zelda #loz#loz link#loz marin#link’s awakening #link’s awakening spoilers #hero of legend #marlink#kiwi’s scribbles
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  • beryluma
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I got an Ao3 account and started writing<3 you can read the fic this art is for right here

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  • novantinuum
    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    hi, HI, H E L L O, MAJOR BODILY HARM, it’s just the FIRST issue of this manga, are we really making link suffer so early????

    jeebus crUST

    #loz#twilight princess#link#jen rambles #the manga authors really went 'let's cut off his arm and show his blood mingling in the water' this chapter huh #j e e b u s #never read the manga before these are clearly going to be a ride
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  • linkedspirit-fanartfunart
    16.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    #it’s a good thing skys glasses have straps#otherwise he would not be getting those back#don’t think that aes glasses are mystical enough to count as items that spirit can touch#linked spirit tags via @the-starlight-papers

    There’s a story behind that cord!

    [Image Description: A lineart comic. Panel 1: Sky holds up a pair of broken glasses towards Gondo with a pout. Gondo looks sympathetic saying “Again?! How do you keep doing this?” Panel 2: a series of drawings showcasing various actions that would end with Sky’s glasses being broken. One where he’s skydiving and the glasses fly off his face. Another where he falls out of bed and lands on them with a ‘crack’. His loftwing head-butting him in the face. A Bokoblin has stolen the glasses and is wearing them on it’s face. Another where ae’s in a mine cart, jumping a gap, causing the glasses to fly. Looking down at a pair melting in a lava puddle. Recovering from rolling head-first into a tree. Finally, where a book is flying towards aer face. Panel 3: Sky looks to the side with a grimace, leaving the broken pieces of the glasses on Gondo’s counter. Gondo says “Okay, okay, you know what? I have an idea.” End ID]

    #loz #legend of zelda #skyward sword#LS Sky #linked spirit au #loz au #linked spirit mini comic
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  • paper-lilypie
    16.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    going through my old drawings and found this panel redraw I made for @mueritos’s “I Want to Believe” Sidlink comic back in August 2020. Wow.

    Welp, about time I post it lmao, I still love Matteo’s work <333

    #but still #my old art style punched me in the face and stole my car keys #blegshshsh #link’s eyes ain’t it chief #maybe it’s time for a redraw of a redraw #sidlink#loz #legend of zelda #link#prince sidon#fanart #i want to believe fancomic #botw
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  • muricansteller
    16.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Cartoon Link, after learning that other heroes can have the Triforce on their hand: Does anyone else have a secret ability they are hiding from the team!?

    First, as a ghost that only Spirit can see: Tell him that if I was alive I'd drop kick him.

    Spirit, whispering: No.

    Cartoon: What was that, Spirit?


    Rhythm, sitting by the fire and not involved:...WHAT-

    #loz#zelda au#zelda memes#cartoon link#spirit tracks#first link #cadence of hyrule #incorrect quotes #link meets link au #no but yeah First would drop kick Cartoon if he could #Rhythm does not cuss in public situations he's totally way more professional than that #ghost first link
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  • suemillerauthor
    16.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    One of my fantastic readers, SarunoHadaki, has created some amazing fanart! 

    For my Shadow Link fanfic, From the Shadows. Read it here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/31324166

    #Legend of Zelda #LoZ#fanart#Shadow Link
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  • suemillerauthor
    16.05.2022 - 8 hours ago
    “What the Goddess Statue told you is eerily similar to what Calip said. About the Key and the light and the darkness.” 
    “I noticed that, too.” He sighed. “What do you suppose the odds are that I get out of this without having to pass the trial?”
    “Not great.”
    “Yeah, that’s what I figured, too. What can you tell me about it?”
    “Absolutely nothing.”
    “What? Why? Didn’t your last Link have to pass it?”
    “No, he passed a different trial— three of them, actually— to earn the Master Sword.”
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  • hofudlaus
    15.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Triforce Swap AU Details and close ups below


    Zelda, Holder of Power -Princess Zelda was raised from birth knowing she was Hylias chosen, the holder of the Wisdom triforce and that one day she would awaken her powers and save Hyrule from ruin. Yet no matter how hard she tries nothing seems to work,,, that is until the discovery of...

    Link, Holder of Wisdom - Found in a small hylian village is a farmhand with extraordinary powers. Link is quickly brought to the castle and proven to be the wielder of the triforce of Wisdom. Taken from his simple calm life and forced into a rigid rulefilled whirlwind of politics and scheming. Link and Zelda hate each other, feeling as its the others fault that their life was uprooted, their future altered. Yet, they are the only ones who can really understand what the other is going through. Hate triumphs over understanding when Zelda realizes Link must have stolen the triforce of Wisdom. Determined to take back what is rightfully hers she hunts him down. Link barely escapes and heads for the only place not in alliance with Hyrule. The Gerudo desert seems like a harsh and unlivable place from the outside, only useful for its abundance of rare minerals. Which the Hylians have been trying to get for a long time, their efforts being stopped both by their lack of desert experience and...

    Ganondorf, Holder of Courage - The charismatic head of the Gerudo military. He finds a injured hylian in the middle of the desert, half expecting the man to be an ill prepared spy, brings him to Gerudo town just in case. After many misunderstandings and reveals Link and Gan become close. Aaaaaand thats the basics! More to come soon hopefully >:3c

    #zelda #legend of zelda #loz au#zelda au#triforce swap#link#ganondorf#botw#loz#my art#art #i have a few mini comic ideas for this au... >:3c
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  • karda
    15.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    botw link again . im love him a lot

    #i love drawinf by thr fire . best kind of drawing is By the fire . yes #my art#botw#link#loz#fanart
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  • keikbird
    15.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    a lil smooch

    #botw#link#zelda#zelink #breath of the wild #sketch#doodle#loz fanart#post calamity #trying to practice posing two characters together #bah #link and the magically appearing shoulder thing whatever
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  • shanhorandraws
    15.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Moonfall March

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  • chibanova
    15.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Friends forever

    #my new hobby is taking atla quotes and applying them to Zelda #legend of zelda #loz#wind waker#phantom hourglass#spirit tracks#loz link#zelda#loz tetra
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  • zelda-without-a-licence-plate
    15.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    has kohga actually been on the frontlines much after the calamity struck? did he even know what/who link was while he was saying he was a "fake hero" prior to actually seeing him?

    he seemed kind of shocked/scared like he actually recognized link which,,, ouch + if he was thinking of using link's soul in a ritual while he was claiming link was a fake hero, would the soul used not really matter? also would link's soul be a more, i guess potent? ingredient since he's a chosen of farore/hylia?

    So no, Kohga did not recognize Link until he saw his face. And he hasn’t been on the ‘frontlines’ per say because there haven’t really been any lines to front, leading the Yiga clan is more than just battle obv-- but obviously he hasn’t lost his touch over the last hundred years, hehe.

    Kohga’s personal feelings on Link and the Calamity are. a bit complicated. But either way, the Yiga have had for a long time their own ideas and interpretations of the whole prophecy stuff-- draw whatever conclusions you’d like from that, because we’re far from done with the yiga in our fics-- what matters for the ritual isn’t that Link’s soul is The Hero’s (according to them) it’s that it is a very strong one. Because whatever anyone thinks of Link as The Hero, the fact of the matter is still that he wielded the Master Sword 100 years ago. That is what matters.

    #mod car #yayyyyy asks yaayyy #chasing dragons#botw #loz breath of the wild #botw link#master kohga#yiga clan #we post lore here sir
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  • kiiibs
    15.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    I'm hardly active on Tumblr (posting wise), but I think I'm gonna make a Link AU, where all the Links are together and yk, pushed around time and shit (if your active in the LoZ Fandom, yk what I'm talking about, there's a lot of aus like this) and I think I would name it United Links. If that's already a name, sorry hahah-

    I don't think I have the capability of making comics? But I certainly will be posting the designs of them at least.

    I will be including non cannon links, like cartoon link, Cadence of Hyrule link, ect. And I will not be merging Links. Cannon links will stick to the adventures Netendo gave them, so Alttp Link will be separate from Albw, wind wakeer will be separate from spirit tracks, and minish cap will be separate from four swords.

    But anyway, nobody will prolly see this, so it's mostly for myself 💀

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  • elexa-art
    15.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Had some time off so I decided to paint my fav boy Link!!

    #loz #legend of zelda #link#botw #breath of the wild #my art #artists on tumblr #digital art#digital painting
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  • linkedspirit-fanartfunart
    15.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

     [Image Description: A 6 panel full-color Legend of Zelda AU comic “Linked Spirit”. Panel 1: Groose looks skeptically at Sky, while lifting aer up by the armpits. He says, “I’m trying to figure out if you bonked your thick skull again” Panel 2: Sky glares at Groose saying “I didn’t. Put me down.” Groose looks slightly irritated, continuing to hold Sky. He says “You said that last time” Panel 3: Hero’s Spirit waves a hand between Groose and Sky, in front of their faces, amused. Sky looks confused and frustrated, pouting, while Groose continues obliviously: “You don’t usually name things after yourself. That’s my thing anyway” Panel 4: Hero’s appearance changes briefly to look similar to Twilight Princess’s Link, saying “I don’t think he can see me,” with a lightly curious look. Sky looks at them slightly deadpan, with one eyebrow raised. “No kidding” ae say. Groose asks Sky “You sure you’re okay?” Panel 5: Sky leans back in Groose’s hold. He looks at him with a light glare and a smile, saying “I’m Fine” Groose, looking unimpressed, replies “Your hand’s shaking.” Sky: “It does that.” Groose: “Headache?” Sky: “Only you” (a heart is in place of a period). Panel 6: Groose announces “Great! let’s go home!” Hero’s Spirit laughs in the background while Groose flips Sky over his shoulder. Groose smiles cheerfully, while Sky kicks and glares, his glasses falling off his face being hanging by the cord. Sky yells “Groose” in protest, then “I’m going to put glue in your hair gel!” End ID]

    First- 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6^

    #linked spirit #LS Hero's Spirit #LS Groose#LS Sky #linked spirit au #linked spirit comic #loz #legend of zelda #multi link au
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  • patchesyouup
    15.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    A little shading test I did a while back, feat Wild!

    #legend of zelda #legend of zelda breath of the wild #linked universe #linked universe wild #loz wild#lu wild
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