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  • hero-of-dork
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I shouldn't be up this late finishing stuff

    uhh this is kishu :] she's a yiga and um she's an antagonist in my botw fic

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  • kjpurplepineapple
    29.05.2022 - 5 hours ago
    Boom! Another chapter done! This one I actually had to go back and edit because I had a funny idea that I saw as a missed opportunity in the original. Basically it has to do with why Four is split here: there's supposed to be a running joke where he consistently tricks the others into thinking he's 4 quadruplet brothers rather than 4 parts of one person. Only a small group knows the truth at this point in time, and they are all making bets on how long he can go before the rest start to catch on. I thought it was funny at least... Anyway here's the second chapter.

    Linked Keys - Chapter 2

    "Did you see which way the guy went after he turned you into a wolf, Twilight?" Time asked.

    "No. I saw that he went north of town but he vanished almost immediately. He could really be anywhere." Twilight shook his head sadly.

    "What about that monster we heard that one woman talk about? Shouldn't we be on the lookout for it too?" Future asked.

    "Yeah, uh… I think that was just me. Sorry. I did get spotted by a few people in town while I was a wolf, and people have never taken kindly to that form." Twilight apologized.

    "Hey, don't be sorry. That just means there's one less thing for us to worry about as long as you're on our side." Wild smiled, patting Twilight on the back.

    "This is so weird…" Future muttered, distracted.

    "The fact that we're all in the same place at the same time?" Twilight asked, "Because I actually think I remember meeting both of you at some point. Of course, like with Future, Time was sort of a ghost when I met him, but I know it was him. I recognize that armor."

    "And you met me as a wolf, I recognized that form when you were trying to get the sword from Future. I really appreciate the help, by the way. It was nice having a little friend there to watch my back after being so lonely for so long…" Wild added.

    "It's not just that. I've actually grown pretty accustomed to the idea of meeting all my predecessors. That's something my Key kind of threw me into back home. I'm talking about this whole thing. Like… none of us know where we are, or how we got here. Our best guess is that it was the doing of some sorcerer and the Keys. We don't know who we're up against, we don't know who else is here. I don't even think we're in Hyrule anymore! All we know is that we're here, there's something weird going on, and we're probably going to end up being the ones to find our own way home." Future ranted, "Doesn't this… uncertainty… bother you guys? At all?"

    "Once you've been on enough adventures, you learn to just roll with it. Figure out your own way as you go along." Time said.

    "No, he's right. We really don't know anything, and as someone who woke up from a century-long nap with no memory whatsoever… it's kind of scary not knowing anything." Wild agreed.

    "Well as long as we all stick together, we can make it through. Strength in numbers, right?" Twilight asked, "We'll figure something out."

    "Heh. I like your optimism." Future chuckled.

    “Somebody! Help!” Someone suddenly cried out nearby.

    “That doesn’t sound good.” Wild commented. The four Links looked around in an attempt to figure out where the call had come from. Something small and pink darted out from a bush just off the side of the path. It was a pink rabbit wearing red and green clothes along with a green and blue hat. It moved so fast it nearly knocked Future over before stopping as it noticed the four of them, and turned back.

    “Please, travelers, you’ve got to help! My party was ambushed by monsters not too far from here. One of us is wounded, and our healer has gone missing!” the rabbit spoke, much to the surprise of the group. Still, even if a talking rabbit was strange, the four Links listened to his plea.

    “Show us where your friends are. We can help with the monsters.” Time volunteered. The rabbit smiled as if relieved, and led them in the direction he’d come from. Three other people were in some sort of camp, completely surrounded by monsters that, for once, one of the Links recognized: a handful of bokoblins, two lizalfos, and a single moblin, all seemingly from Future’s era. The monsters outnumbered the people in the camp about 5 to 1. The two fighting appeared to be a young man in a combination of chainmail armor and a green tunic with a blue scarf around his neck, and a teenage boy wearing a blue shirt, tan capris, sandals, and a red bandanna. A third in green flower-patterned clothes, seemingly closer in age to the boy, was sitting down on the ground, leaning against a log and clutching at a wound in his side. All three were similar in appearance to the four heroes who had just arrived, giving them the impression that they’d just discovered three more Links.

    “You three help with the monsters. I’ve got a potion, I’ll tend to the injured one.” Wild said. Time, Twilight, and Future all nodded in agreement, drew their weapons, and leapt into the fray. The monsters should have been easy to beat, especially for a group of boys who have defeated far worse things, but for some reason, it was like they couldn’t land a single hit.

    “What the heck? My sword isn’t doing anything!” Future shouted.

    “What are these things? They’re definitely not ordinary monsters!” Twilight agreed. Then he saw it: a glowing dark blue symbol on each of the beasts’ foreheads, in the shape of several overlapping, swirling circles with a strange inscription surrounding them. He could only guess these monsters were being enhanced by magic, and told the others that.

    “So what do we do?” Future asked.

    “My guess, aim for that symbol on their foreheads! That looks like a weak point.” Twilight said. To test his theory, he struck the symbol on the head of a bokoblin in front of him. With a hissing sound, the blue light dissipated, as did whatever aura of magic surrounded the monster. With that gone, the bokoblin fell in one strike. Knowing this, the rest of them were able to take out the remaining monsters with relative ease. Of course the lizalfos and moblin were a bit more of a challenge, but nothing the boys couldn’t handle.

    “That looks like the last of them.” The one in the blue scarf said, finally sheathing his weapon. The others followed suit once they were fairly certain there were no more.

    “Sorry I wasn’t much help, you guys…” The boy in the patterned tunic sighed. He seemed to have recovered quite a bit thanks to Wild’s potion.

    “Don’t be. They caught us completely off guard. You’re the only reason we weren’t completely destroyed at the start.” The younger boy said. He turned to the four who had come to help, “Thanks, by the way. I doubt we would have made it out of that in one piece if not for you.”

    “Not a problem. Always happy to help.” Time said. Twilight was tending to the lighter injuries the people at the camp had sustained in the fight. The group then noticed the sun beginning to set. They weren’t sure how time passed in this place, but it was clear it would be dark soon.

    “You guys can stay here with us for the night, if you want.” The kid offered.

    “Yeah, after something like that in broad daylight, I would advise against traveling at night.” The man in the blue scarf agreed.

    “Thanks. That’d actually be nice. We could use a break…” Future said.

    “What are your names, anyway?” The boy in the patterned tunic asked as the others set up camp and got a fire started. The four Links looked at each other uneasily.

    “Uhhh…” Wild hesitated.

    “Well… Let’s just say knowing our real names could get confusing. You can call me Twilight.”

    “I’m Future.”

    “I’m Wild.”

    “And I’m Time.”

    “Oh, cool. Dang, I wish we had thought of cool nicknames like that. It’s been kind of confusing for all of us, too, since somehow we all share the same name. We've just been using our titles as heroes for the most part. I'm the Hero of Winds, the bunny is the Hero of Legend, our other friend who isn't here right now is the Hero of Hyrule. Four's got a couple of different names but he's got this cool sword he calls the Four Sword so we call him Four.” The younger boy said.

    “Actually, it’s ‘Green’. You see, I’m actually not the only Hero of the Four Sword. I have three brothers– We’re quadruplets– and we actually share that title. So you can call me Green.” The boy in the patterned tunic corrected. Wind looked like he remembered something, and mouthed the words “Sorry, I forgot”.

    "I also have several names but we decided on 'Hero of the War Across the Ages'." The man in the blue scarf said proudly.

    "We just call him 'Warriors'." Green whispered.

    "How about we stick with 'Wind', 'Legend', 'Hyrule', and 'Warriors', since those are the names you used when I met you in my world." Future suggested, pointing to the youngest, the bunny and the man in the blue scarf respectively. Something seemed a little off about Green, but Future couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

    “Wait, don’t tell me. Are you all named Link too?” Wild asked.

    “Yeah, how’d you kn– Ohhhhhh, I think I get it.” Wind grinned.

    “Apparently there’s something happening that’s brought all of us to the same place. Future thinks it might have something to do with an artifact he had before, and Twilight believes it has something to do with a sorcerer he met in the village earlier who cursed him.” Time explained.

    “You too?” Legend asked. Several of the boys jumped, having almost forgotten Legend was there.

    “You were cursed? Is that why you’re a pink rabbit, or is that just a thing here?” Wild asked jokingly. Legend didn’t think it was very funny, and bounced up on the log Wild was sitting on to smack the hero in the face.

    “OW!” Wild scried, reaching for Legend to hit him back. Legend leapt out of reach, however.

    “Yeah, he doesn’t like when people joke about the whole rabbit thing. Apparently his true form is that of a Hylian, like us, but just before we met him, he had a run-in with that sorcerer and, well…” Warriors explained.

    “I just can’t catch a break! It’s always one thing after another! All I want to do is go home and live a peaceful life, but noooooo, Hylia’s always got something new for me. Now we’ve got this magical maniac Nihrie trapping us in another world, I’m stuck in bunny form again, and I’ve had it!” Legend ranted, stomping his fuzzy little feet angrily.

    “Wait, say that again? What did you call the Sorcerer?” Future asked.

    “Magical Maniac?” Legend tilted his head in confusion before he realized what the kid was asking, “Oh! Nihrie. That’s his name.”

    “Nihrie… That name ring a bell to anyone?” Future asked hopefully. The others all shook their heads. Future sighed in resignation, "Well it was worth a shot." Then he suddenly remembered something,

    “Wait, but I thought there was only one Hero of the Four Sword.” He commented.

    “Greenie would want you to think that, wouldn’t he?” Another boy who looked almost identical to Green, only wearing a blue tunic, stepped into view of the camp. Two more followed behind him, both also nearly identical in appearance, differed only by the colors they wore (red and violet).

    “Where the heck were you guys?!” Green stood up and approached the trio. It was clear that the three of them must be his brothers.

    “Uh, where the heck were you, Green? Trying to ditch us again?” The one in blue asked.

    “I don’t know about that, Blue, Green’s usually pretty good at following us around. But it is odd that we turned around for one second, and you and the others were gone.” The one in violet added.

    “He totally ditched us. I think he wanted to get back at us for what happened last time by leaving us to die in the middle of nowhere. Some hero he is.” Blue glared at his green-clad brother.

    “Blue! Vio! Please, I’m sure this was an accident. Green wouldn’t leave us behind on purpose!” The one in red interrupted, “R-Right, Green?”

    “Red’s right. I didn’t leave you guys behind.” Green nodded. Red smiled.

    “See? We must have just gotten lost. Wandered down the wrong path. We were following the Hero of Hyrule, right? Wouldn’t be the first time he's gotten himself and one of us hopelessly lost since we met him.” Vio said.

    “Uhhh…?” Twilight asked, staring at the four of them with confused looks.

    “Oh. Yeah these are Green’s brothers. We call them Red, Blue, and Vio.” Wind explained.

    “Just some silly nicknames Red came up with a while back based on our favorite colors, because it was the only way anyone could tell us apart.” Green explained, gesturing to the different colored clothes that each quadruplet wore, matching their nicknames.

    “Ah, I see. Well, it’s nice to meet you.” Twilight said.

    “They came and helped us when we were ambushed by monsters.” Green said to his brothers, who appeared equally confused at why there were three new people in camp.

    Nobody realized Wild had left until he returned with an armful of mushrooms and a small bundle of sticks.

    "What's all that for, Wild?" Twilight asked.

    "Dinner. I'd make something tastier, but I'm low on ingredients and didn't think to buy anything back in town, so we're gonna have to settle for mushroom skewers tonight." Wild said as he stuck several mushrooms onto a stick and began roasting them over the fire.

    "Are you sure those are safe to eat?" Warriors asked.

    "Positive. Believe it or not, I have quite a bit of experience out in the wild. That's… where the nickname came from. I've survived days on nothing but mushrooms, fruit, and hunted animal meat. I know all the best recipes with even the most simple ingredients, as well as what's safe to eat and what isn't." Wild said confidently as he handed one of the skewers to Future. He began roasting a second, which he then passed to Twilight.

    The eight of them sat around the fire enjoying their mushroom skewers, which were surprisingly good. They all ate in silence until a rustling in the bushes caught their attention.

    "What was that?!" Future asked. Time quickly stood up and drew his sword, approaching the sound cautiously. This is what they got for letting their guard down…

    "Hey guys? Where did you go?!" Someone called out. Another boy with messy, light brown hair popped out, then screamed and backed away when he saw Time standing there with his sword drawn. Obviously Time had startled him.

    "Hey, there you are! Look who finally decided to show up!" Warriors said.

    "Yeah, where were you?! We could have all died if it hadn't been for these guys here. Mind explaining where you've been?" Legend asked.

    "Where I've been?! You guys are the ones who left me behind!" The newcomer shouted back.

    "Says the guy who has stated before that he likes to wander off without a map." Blue argued.

    "It's not like we had one anyway! And we did kind of leave him behind. Don't get mad at him for that!" Wind said.

    "Alright, break it up. BREAK IT UP, I said!" Future stepped between the five of them, as did Red. They all glared at each other for a moment, but stopped arguing.

    "You're in luck, I had just enough mushrooms for one more skewer." Wild announced, handing one to the newcomer, who took it, but looked slightly confused.

    "Oh, these are the people who helped us out when we got attacked earlier today. Their names are Wild, Future, Time, and Twilight." Warriors explained, "Guys, this is Hyrule."

    "Nice to meet you all. Thank you for taking care of my new friends." Hyrule said.

    "Nice to meet you too." Future smiled.

    "So do they know about the—" Hyrule started to ask.

    "Nihrie? Yeah. Seems he's caused some trouble for them too." Vio sighed.

    "Green! You've got blood on you!" Hyrule suddenly cried out, rushing to his friend's side.

    "Nonono, it's fine. Wild already gave me a potion. I'm all good now." Green said. Hyrule sighed with relief.

    “You got hurt?!” Red and Vio cried out at the same time.

    “Yes, but I’m fine. Potion, remember? It was just a little cut on my side, it healed up just fine!” Green argued. His brothers eventually backed off, Blue rolling his eyes and scoffing at their concern. It would seem he and Green did not get along very well.

    "So… I take it we're all sticking together from here on out?" He asked, looking around at the others.

    "I mean… It can't hurt, right? Especially with those powered up magical monsters. It would be good to have some extra manpower. Besides, I'm used to commanding a large army." Warriors shrugged.

    "Whoa, hang on, whoever said you were going to be the leader? I vote for Time." Future butted in.

    "Let's not fight, please. Who leads us is irrelevant, and is probably only going to cause conflict. Whoever thinks they know what they're doing is free to take the lead. But we're not worrying about that now. It's late, it's dark. We've got stuff to do tomorrow. Let's get some sleep." Time sighed.

    "Someone should stay up and keep watch." Warriors said.

    "Good idea, Wars. Why don't you do it?" Legend asked.

    "That's fine, just be sure to wake someone else up to take over for you if you get tired." Time said. With that, the boys all gathered closer around the fire for warmth, got into the most comfortable positions they could, and fell asleep while Warriors circled the camp with his sword drawn, keeping a close eye out for any sign of monsters or any glowing blue marks.

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    Nep for Mermay.  Ye.

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    here’s a low effort pony version of my zelda oc, who’s ref i haven’t finished

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    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    AU LINK - TLOM: Curse of The Gods ✨

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    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    @lablass-2882 Here is your beautiful queen you allowed me to draw. Honestly, I loved coming up with pose with her, and the color palette as well. I hope you like it

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    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago
    So I've been working on this fanfic called Keys to the Future for a while, which tells a story about a new Link, a new Hero, that I came up with. Then I got really into Linked Universe and similar stories and decided to make a little thing that added my boi Future to the party. And some people wanted me to post here so I figured why not.
    Note that this is meant to be a spinoff of the original Keys story, but not a ton of context from Keys is really needed to understand it (and what little is needed will typically be provided by Future himself), as most of it was just stuff made up for Linked Keys specifically. So don't worry. Why am I not posting Keys to the Future here? I don't know. Maybe I will eventually. Don't question my motives lmao. Anyway enough of my rambling, here's the first chapter.

    Linked Keys - Chapter 1

    “Ughhhh…” Link groaned as he slowly pushed himself up off the ground, spitting out a clump of grass that was stuck to his lips. He shook his head to try and wake himself up. What even happened? He didn’t remember going to sleep outside… So why did he wake up face down in the grass?

    Suddenly, it all came flooding back. The party, celebrating the defeat of Ganon. It was late at night. He and Zelda were talking to Nabora, trying to cheer her up and help her cope with her father’s fate. Then there was a blinding light, and Link woke up here. But… Where was “here”? He was in the middle of nowhere, in a small clearing in a forest; not in Castle Town where the party had been. Nothing looked familiar to him. Of course it wasn’t like he knew the kingdom of Hyrule like the back of his hand, but still. Something felt… different.

    “Hey, Zelda? Nabora? Where are you guys? If you can hear me, let me know!” He called out, “Lunyx? Impa? Luzia, Miko, Rudi? Anyone?!” When nobody responded, Link realized that he was completely alone. He wondered if the spirits knew anything. At the very least they’d be able to keep him company until he found someone else who could tell him something. He reached for the chain around his neck that held the Green Key, but… there was nothing there. The Key was gone. Link checked in his pouch. Nothing. He frantically searched in the grass around where he’d woken up.

    “No, no, no, NO!!! Where’s the Key?!” He cried out, “Oh no… Oh no no no no… Come on, it’s gotta be around here somewhere. Ohhhhh no… I can’t lose the Key! Please be somewhere around here!” He muttered as he continued looking around the area for it. It was possible that it had been stolen while he was asleep, but Link prayed that it hadn’t been. The others would never forgive him if he lost it.

    “Are you… looking for something?” Link heard a familiar voice behind him. He turned around to find a blond-haired man who looked to be in his 30s with a missing right eye, dressed in a suit of bronze armor over a green tunic. Link knew who this was immediately.

    “Time!” He exclaimed, running towards the man, “I'm so happy to see you. Listen, my Key is missing, and I know you and the others are connected to it, so could you maybe help me find it? Please?” Link begged. The man looked incredibly confused.

    “I think you have the wrong person. My name is Link, not ‘Time’. And I don’t know anything about a key.” He said. Link was taken aback by this response. Did his spirit guide really not know what he was talking about?

    “I’m… I’m ‘Future’, remember? ‘Baby Link’? The Hero of the Future? Does any of that ring a bell?” Link asked desperately.

    “I’m sorry, kid, I don’t remember you at all. You said your name was Link, too?” The man asked. Link nodded. The man paused before continuing, “Hero of the Future… Well, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen time travel in action. Mind telling me a little more about how you supposedly know me?”

    Link proceeded to tell him all about how he and multiple other heroes had guided him on his own quest, as spirits tied to his Key of Time. He told the man about the nicknames, since they were all technically “Link”, and how he was “Time” because he’d been the Hero of Time in life. He then talked about how, after defeating Ganon, he’d suddenly blacked out and woke up here, wherever this was, with the Key missing. Time still didn’t seem to recall anything, but definitely seemed intrigued by the story.

    “Well, I hate to say it, but I’m… not the same Time you knew. I’m no spirit guide. Last I checked, I’m still very much alive, albeit slightly worse for wear than I was as a boy. But these Keys… You said they can allow one to travel through time? Is it possible you may have been transported back in time?”

    “Maybe, but… I don’t know. It takes all three Keys together to create a gateway. We had all three, but they weren’t in one place. Plus, the Keys always remained in our possession when we traveled. I feel like there’s something else going on.” Future shook his head. A rustling in the bushes nearby caught their attention. Time and Future quickly drew their swords and stood back to back, waiting to see what it was. Another young man, with a dark blue hood covering his head, crawled out of the bushes, dusted himself off, and looked up. He jumped back when he saw the two standing there with their swords drawn.

    “Whoa, okay. So it’s gonna be like this, then?” The newcomer also drew a sword, “So who are you two? Yiga? You don’t look like them. This isn’t their style. Uhhhh… Royal guards? Because I think there’s a misunderstanding here, I’m the Princess’ appointed knight! Look, see? I have the Sheikah Slate.” He tried to explain, pulling a small stone device from a hook on his hip. It had the mark of the Sheikah along with various strange lights.

    “Wild?” Future asked, finally recognizing the man.

    “Another of your spirit guides, I’m guessing?” Time asked. Future nodded. Both sheathed their swords.

    “Spirit guides?” Wild asked.

    “It’s a long story. Sorry we tried to fight you. You just startled us.” Future apologized.

    “Well, as long as I know you guys aren’t trying to kill me…” Wild put away his weapon as well, “So what’s going on here? I heard someone shouting and thought it was a monster attack, so I came over to help.

    “Again, it’s… a long story. Hey, you wouldn’t have happened to see a golden key lying around anywhere, have you? It’s got green gems on it, the top is kind of a half circle shape with a hole cut out in the middle like a donu– oh wait you probably don’t know what a donut is. Uh… Yeah. Half circle, little hole cut out of the middle, golden key, green gems?” Future asked hopefully. Wild shook his head.

    “Not that I’ve seen. Why?”

    “It’s just… something special of mine. And I lost it.” Future said.

    “Yeah, sorry, kid. I haven’t seen anything like that.” Wild replied. Future sighed disappointedly.

    “Hey, uh… Either of you know where we are? My map won’t come up, and I don’t recognize this area at all.” Wild asked.

    “Nope.” Future shook his head.

    “We’re just as lost as you. Though there does seem to be a pattern developing here.” Time commented, “Kid, how many spirit guides did you have?”

    “Well, let’s see… eleven or twelve, I think? Though not all of you stuck around all the time. Only a few of you ever stuck around for more than a short time.”

    “Twelve?!” Time asked, “And all of us– er, all of them were named Link?! No wonder you had to use nicknames…”

    “I’m very lost here, but I will say that my name is also Link.” Wild spoke up.

    “I figured.” Time sighed, “They call you the Hero of the Wild, right?”

    “Er… I don’t know? I don’t think I’ve ever had someone call me that to my face, but maybe? I did spend a lot of time out in the wild…”

    “Okay, then we’re calling you ‘Wild’ like the kid said. I’m Time, this is Future.”

    “Nice to meet you guys. Now what do you say we try to figure out where we are, and what the heck is going on here? I think I saw a village over that way.” Wild suggested. Time and Future followed Wild in the direction he pointed. They just hoped they could find an answer as to what was going on, and what might’ve happened to Future’s Key.

    When the trio arrived in the village Wild had pointed out, there didn't seem to be anyone around. It was the middle of the day, yet the town seemed completely empty.

    "What's going on here? This is… eerie." Future commented.

    "Agreed. Something isn't right. Stay on guard." Time nodded.

    "Y-You shouldn't be here!" Someone whisper-shouted nearby. A young woman was peeking cautiously out of the window of a house.

    "What's wrong? What's going on?" Wild asked her.

    "I can't say… The monsters… They might hear!" She cried, slamming the window shut.

    "Monsters…?" Future asked worriedly.

    "Nothing we can't handle, right guys?" Wild asked confidently, "I mean it's not like we haven't taken on some big stuff individually. With the three of us together, I doubt any monster stands a chance."

    "I can think of a few things that could probably still kill us, but you do have a point." Time said. A low growl behind them caught their attention: a big black wolf with white markings stood staring at them from down the street.

    "A wolf? Is… that the monster that lady was talking about?" Future asked. There was something familiar about that wolf, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

    "Hey, I know that wolf! He helped me out for a while back in my time. I have no idea where he came from or where he went, but he's nice." Wild exclaimed, trying to beckon the wolf towards him, "Come here, buddy! Remember me, Wolfie?"

    The wolf unfortunately did not seem to remember him (or at least didn't act like it), and looked as if it was about to become aggressive. Wild realized his mistake as the beast charged straight at the three young men. Future drew his sword and sidestepped the attack, attempting to counter it with his own. Upon seeing the Master Sword, the wolf became more interested in him.

    "Uhhhh… shit." Future realized he was now the primary target.

    "I've got your back, Kid." Time drew his own sword, a large claymore with the symbol of the gorons on the hilt, and swung at the wolf. The wolf jumped back to evade, then charged at Future once more. When it attempted to bite his hand, the boy dropped his sword in surprise. The blade fell to the ground, only for the wolf to approach it.

    "Huh. He was after the Master Sword?" Wild asked. Time was about to attack again while the wolf was distracted, but as soon as it put a paw on the blade, the wolf suddenly morphed into the form of a hylian boy a little older than Future. He had a slight resemblance to the other three, and the same bright blue eyes.

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't hurt me! I swear I wasn't trying to do anything but change back!" He cried out, seeing Time about to strike. Time hesitated, but lowered his weapon.

    "I'm sorry if I scared you guys. Really, I wasn't trying to hurt you. I saw that the kid had that sword, and I just needed to borrow it for a moment. I'm no monster. I'm just a ranch hand who got cursed a while back and stuck in that form." The boy continued.

    "Cursed? By what? Or who?" Future asked.

    "A sorcerer who showed up in the village not long after I did. Honestly, I don't know how I got here or how to get back home, but I saw this guy using his magic to terrorize the town and thought I could stop him. That's when he cursed me to be stuck in that form. Wouldn't be the first time it happened, so at least I knew a few ways to fix it."

    "Seems to me you're no ordinary ranch hand if you somehow thought you could take on a powerful sorcerer like you had experience with it." Time pointed out.

    "Well, the truth is, I did go on a little adventure some time ago. I fought some pretty tough things then. Things not too far off from that guy." The boy confessed, "I'm Link, by the way. I don't think I introduced myself." The other three glanced at each other for a moment.

    "Yeah, uh… you're not going to believe this, but…" Future started to say before giving a brief explanation of what had happened with the trio.

    "So you're all Link? You're all chosen heroes from other times?" The newcomer asked. Wild, Time, and Future nodded.

    "I guess that explains why he had the Master Sword."

    "So which one are you?" Wild asked. He was still confused about the fact that his wolf friend was a Link from another era, but he would eventually get over it.

    "Hm… Ranch hand, Wolf form…" Future muttered, "You wouldn't happen to be from a place called Ordon Village, would you?"

    "Yeah, actually. How did you know that?"

    "So you are the Hero of Twilight! Man, it is so great to meet you in person. I mean, alive… in person. My girlfriend idolizes you and Queen Midna." Future exclaimed. The newcomer looked shocked.

    "Queen Mid–? Heh… So she did become queen after all." He said quietly, before the kid's words fully registered in his brain, "Wait, what do you mean 'alive'?!"

    "Apparently our little 'Hero of the Future' here knew us as spirits. We guided him on his quest, connected to some artifact called the Keys of Time." Time explained.

    "But my Key went missing when I came here. And now that you mention a powerful sorcerer, I'm starting to wonder if he might be behind it; the loss of my Key, and our presence here." Future added.

    "Well… Count me in, I guess." The Hero of Twilight shrugged.

    "Huh?" Wild asked.

    "You guys are going to stop this sorcerer, aren't you? Get the Key back, find a way back to our own eras? I kinda want to get a little payback myself. So are we doing this?"

    "Heck yeah we're doing this!" Future grinned.

    "I'm in!" Wild agreed.

    "Me too." Time nodded.

    "Oh, wait. Since we're all 'Link', what should I call you guys?" The newcomer asked.

    "We've been using nicknames that Future had for our spirit forms in his time. I'm Wild, this is Time, and, well, the kid is Future, obviously."

    "Okay. So what's mine?"

    "Let's call you… Twilight." Future said.

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  • i-simp-for-sundrop
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Linked Universe Sound?

    How would they meet the group?

    Also design??

    Also also, if you could see them in LU, how would you feel?

    Ooo you got it Anon!

    Here's the design

    he has a few new things.

    His hair is longer and plaited, he wears the Zoran Crown on top of his hat, he wears armour above his hero clothes and he wears his Cape on one shoulder.

    2. How would I get sound to meet the group?.

    Well. I imagine that the group are walking though Hyrule Field, or adventuring in a wide space. A portal opens up above them and a moblin from Skyward sword comes out of it. But something is off, the beast isnt moving. As it was falling it was being slain.

    The beast hits the ground first and followed by the one who slayed the beast, The Hero of Sound himself. The portal above them closes and Sound is now stuck in the time the heroes are.

    Sound would recognise them all, except Wild. From a timeline point of view, if we can theorize that Warriors is the start of the joint timeline, then Sound is the hero after that. Then the hero of 10,000 years ago then Wild. So sound wouldn't know who Wild is.

    3. How would I feel?

    AMAZING. POINT BLANK. I know it would never happen but that's why we have fanfiction, isn't it? So. . . It'll happen in my cringy AO3 fanfiction but sadly not in reality.

    #Linked Universe#Oc#Loz #legend of zelda #zelda#loz#loz oc #legend of zelda oc #my art
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  • intelligentbiscuit
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    A proper reference sheet for Kingsley, my other birb son

    I feel as though he should be a lot broader but at least i have a fullbody reference now

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  • joculatrixgonewild
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    the best way to make legend of zelda ocs is to look at concept art bc the concept art of some of these characters has no right to be as fucking awesome as it is

    #loz #looking at fi's cincepts and taking notes like a child in school #i mean i did base my og champions ocs off of the concept art in the making of a champoin book lol #def gonna incorporate some of fi's concepts into my personal design for her #her base design isnt bad persay but it could be better #mod trix
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  • drawingpotatopenguin
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    My son, my pride and joy, Acry

    Also that one character my best friend and I can agree could be considered a Dilf

    #Acry#art#my art#artwork #legend of zelda #LoZ oc#loz #legend of zelda original character #legend of zelda oc
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  • kate-m-art
    23.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Here’s one I thought I’d finish up more before posting but ajsjdj ehh might as well share

    The assignment was to illustrate “love” in a unique way so here be a concept of Legends parents from the lttp prequel thing I’ve been playing with ajsjdj

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  • the-winds-pace
    23.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Commission: Aviaja

    Finished a commission I love her face so much ~

    The character 

    I loved the way these came out so much 

    #OCs #Majoras Mask OC #Zelda OC#Zelda#LoZ MM#tLoZ MM #Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask #MM OC#LoZ OC#Commissions
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  • lablass-2882
    23.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Mermaid Au for my LoZ oc Ashyra for Mermay. 

    She’s a sea snake mermaid. 

    #mermay#mermaid au#LoZ OC#my art#Ashyra #sea snake mermaid #more to come #my oc
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  • farons-kokiri
    21.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Swordmaster and the Hero [oc]

    My link reincarnation, after he fails to defeat Ganon and loses an arm. The old gods gave him another chance, while the swordmaster of the woods takes him to a place he'll be safe to recover (plus some onlookers)

    #need an au name for the taggggs aaaaa #tloz#loz art#oc #legend of zelda #hhgghhfh dont look at the mistakes
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  • linkcrossings
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    even tho i dont rlly have followers, i wanna introduce myself, so hi!! my name is mikey, or nyx.. or moon.. heheh i go by a few different names!! my pronouns r it/he/they and i am an autistic/adhd gay nonbinary boy!! i am also nineteen, almost forgot to include that

    i enjoy lots of things!! i have a special interest in anything horror related, especially SCP Foundation, and creepypasta! i also have a special interest in sims 4, genshin impact, music, legend of zelda (botw especially), making ocs, and ateez (kpop)!! things i regularly enjoy is stardew valley, animal crossing, y2k/emo/scene fashion, and monster high <33

    2 know more, my rentry is in my bio, and i have a second blog!! @pupsimbz which is basically my simblr and cc finds blog <33

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  • ophanim-vesper
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    You ever just look at a show or a game or something and think "god that looks so oc-able"

    #shitpost#meme#fandom#oc#ocs#oc meme#toh #the owl house #amphibia#steven universe#mha#botw#loz#bugsnax #I would list more fandoms but these are the ones off the top of my head
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  • ghosttcryptids
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Okay, proper drawing of my lad Estrin!

    He's not always angry, I swear...

    #legend of zelda #legend of zelda OC #its so nice to finally get round to writing a proper loz fanfic #ive been going through what I've written so far #and changing a few things #and i have decided that if i can fix the pacing of the first chapter #I'll post the fic on AO3 #once its done #so maybe a few weeks from now #if i keep working at the pace im at #benrey draws
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