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  • linkbetweenlinks
    29.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    I love the idea that Wild is actually quite expressive, but only with what he wants you to see. He'll laugh and crack jokes and complain at even the smallest amount of pain, but it's all really a front and facade. He's tired and most of his expressions are not much more than fake, hardly letting himself feel or be happy. He'll complain about injuries but actually doesn't care if he's hurt and would cares very little about his own life. He simply believes he doesn't deserve to live and is careless with his own life in the name of protecting others.

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  • escaked
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    ok. more midna twilight brainrot headcanons because i literally couldn’t get this out of my head

    what if

    midna comes to save twilight because he’s infected with a dark magic yknow. ignore how she got there idk. technical stuff.

    but she shows up and heals him and he’s so out of it that he thinks he dying because obviously he couldn’t be seeing midna there is no way so rationally he must be dying.

    he has this whole heartfelt speech on how he’s missed her so much and he’ll be with her soon and all of that and midna is just sitting there slightly chuckling because she knows he thinks he is dying but he really isn’t.

    he then passes out again and the rest of the chain is just like ???? are you who we think you are ??? and midna is just like probably. and time does his whole dad protective subtle but not so subtle interrogation

    then finally a day later or smth twilight wakes up and he finally realizes that it is reality and he is crying and yelling and softly punching midna but he finally just hugs her and he is so exhausted that he just cuddles up to her and falls asleep again

    the rest of the chain is wondering if he is gonna be okay and midna looks down at twilight and ruffles his hair and she is slightly smiling and softly goes. yeah he’s gonna be alright.



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  • softboiledcucco-egg
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Chapter Seven - Kakariko Village

    Click on the link to view my current work in progress, "One Of The Same" A non-canon BOTW fanfic based on our favourite duo, prior to the calamity.

    Chapter spoiler will be posted below ! Thank you to everyone for reading and I hope you enjoy!

    “I’m sorry.” He whispered. She cracked her eyes open and peered up at him. In the faded light from the doorway, she couldn’t see his face, only the outline, sharp against the contrast of the lit stairwell. Though Link generally had quite good posture, he slumped his shoulders, resting his elbows against his thighs. He kept his face turned away from her, not wanting to look her in the eye. “It’s not your fault-” “The Captain and The King seem to think it is, Princess, and so do I. I should never have let you enter that Spring, nor should I have left you alone in Tobahl Forest. I have made many mistakes on this journey, and I apologise for any hurt or upset I’ve caused you. I could have and can do so much more to ensure your safety, and not forget the real reason why I am accompanying you. I am to be escorted back to the castle tonight to speak with the King and with my Captain to decide punishment.”

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  • bokettochild
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    You know a lot about LU Wild but constantly rant about tiny details about LU Legend to who ever will listen.

    (Unrelated but do have any Legend headcanons? I like headcanons and you seem like the person to ask.)

    I have a lot to say on both, I guess. I came here a Wild stan, and I stand here (or sit here, since sitting strains less muscle) a Legend Stan :)

    I always have Legend headcannons!

    Legend is able to split into the dopples with the use of a medallion

    Each dopple actually bears one piece of the Triforce! The red one (Legend) has Power, the blue one (Myth) has Wisdom, and the green one (Ballad) has courage!

    The fact that the Chain calls him Legend makes him laugh because that's what Styla named one of his dopples. It's all good though, because he's already used to answering to the name and thus took less time to adjust to it than the other heroes did to their nicknames

    Legend and Fable are twins, but they also have some cousins out in Holodrum! If you've played the Oracle games, you might know that Malon show up in them! I hc that she's their cousin and that the lot of them are descended from the Hero of Time (thus meaning Twilight isn't the only biological kid Malon and Time have)

    Legend is a skilled masseur and is the Chain's go to person to help with muscle tension

    He is flat footed and thus absolutely hates wearing shoes

    His nose wiggles whenever he's thinking very hard

    He has the longest and most expressive ears of the Chain, best hearing too

    Rabbit teeth

    Man can play any instrument you give him and when he's low on cash he'll commonly take up bardic duties in nearby towns so that he can afford to eat and stay someplace safe

    Loves physical touch, but he doesn't know how to ask for it and is a bit wary that people will try to kill him if he lets them in his bubble

    Turns into an overgrown child around his sister. They have no clue who's biologically older, but he's been dubbed the baby of their extended family and he will act like it

    Eternal baby-face

    Cannot grow facial hair for the life of him! He's tried, but it's just pale fuzz that you can only see if you look closely

    Loves children and trusts them more than most adults

    Horse Girl (not as much as Twilight, but still)

    He will start dancing in place if he gets very bored, but has no clue he does it

    If someone sings a song he knows around him, he'll join in, and he has no clue that he's singing half the time. The others take advantage of this to get free traveling tunes

    #lu legend #linked universe headcanons #linkeduniverse#linked universe #asks and answers #what character do ppl think am i an expert on?
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  • floor-tiles
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

     legend hurt/comfort ahahahagaceheveg

      When he first woke up on Koholint, he thought he had died. That he was in Heaven. He was worried for a split second when he first saw the island girl and thought she was the princess. However, he realized that her hair was vermillion and not golden, and her eyes were a warm caramel colour, not azure. She wasn't wearing a crown, but she may as well have been from the halo of golden light around the back of her head. 

       When Link first looked up at her, he asked if she was an angel. Her face flushed slightly when she laughed, and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. She called him silly, and that he was safe there. The last thing he thought before he lolled off was that he would vow to make her laugh each day. 

       The second time he woke up on Koholint, the angel rushed to his bedside. She placed a gentle hand over his forehead. It was this moment that Link finally got a good look at her. She wore a bright red hibiscus flower in her titian hair that flowed down her back. She had ginger freckles placed intricately across her face, and her fluffy eyelashes were stunning. The fingers that clutched a bottle of medicine at her chest were long and nimble with pale pink painted nails. Her skin was tanned and smooth. Her lips were plump and looked soft, but her eyes were what finally took him in completely. They were the most gorgeous shade of hazel he had ever seen, and they sparkled in the sunlight that filtered through the windows. 

       She asked if he felt any better, and he tried to reply but all that came out was a jumbled mess of sounds. Her gaze softened, and she patted his cheek gently. She explained that he washed up on the shore of Koholint Island, and that she brought his shield up with him, but he needed to go get his sword on his own. She wished him luck, and he got up to go out and grab his-

       "Legend! Leeeeegeeeeeend! Wake UP!" cried Wind, "You never take this long to wake, good goddesses!"

       Legend squinted and blinked a few times, "I'm up, I'm up!" he replied, annoyed. He placed his hands behind his back to push himself up, his back cracking with each small shove. His mind went to his awfully wonderful dream, and the island girl with ginger hair.  He stopped thinking about her immediately. 

       He got up, enjoyed Wild's fresh cooking, bickered with Warriors, and teased Hyrule and Wind. He did all he could to act like nothing happened, and nobody could tell that he had such an awfully wonderful dream once again. Plan: Success. 

       He didn't even think about the dream again until he went to sleep, and she was there again. 

       She told him that he had to go get his sword, that she couldn't come with and had to look after BowWow for a little while.

       So, Link set off to find his sword. He avoided monsters on the way and slayed them on his short journey back from the beach. He got back to the angel's house, and she was laid back in her chair awaiting his return. She gasped and ran over to him. She loudly exclaimed that she had forgotten to introduce herself before. She said her name was Marin, and that she was a resident in Mabe Village. She also joked that she wasn't an angel, just a human. Link's face flushed at his mistake before saying that in that case she must've fallen from Heaven. He introduced himself as Link, Hero of Hyrule, Labrynna and Holodrum. She seemed taken aback by the large title before grinning. She exclaimed that Link must be her knight in shining armor if he's the hero of so many countries. Link grew a bashful smile and blushed. 

       Throughout his adventure on Koholint, an annoying owl told him what to do all the time. When he wasn't listening to the owl's instructions, he was spending time with Marin. Her singing was beautiful, and his ocarina playing wasn't the best, but they made due for when they played together. Link grew to love Marin, and Marin grew to love Link. They were practically joined at the hip, and when one wasn't with the other they appeared sad and lonely. One could say they were soulmates, two halves of a whole. 

       One time, Marin and Link were comparing beliefs. Marin explained how the residents of Koholint Island would leave offerings of the Wind Fish each Wednesday. Link explained how he went to the sanctuary each Sunday, and since he washed up on the shore he'd been dedicating a certain time each Sunday for prayers since there was no sanctuary or church here. They talked through the day and part way through the night about each other, themselves, and their deities. They were completely enamored with one another, and although they had only known each other for a year, it was clear they knew each other more than themselves. They could pick out every detail on the other's face from the countless hours of just talking together. Marin could point out the freckles that Link didn't even know he had and Link could point out when the hibiscus is Marin's hair changed. They loved each other, plain and simple. So when the owl told him to go to the Southern Face Shrine, he told Marin that he would be right back. So, he went, and-

       "Legend! Are you alright?" Time shook him awake. Legend's body was drenched in sweat and tears began to gather at his eyes. He looked up at Time and wiped his tears.

       "I'm fine. Just. Just a stupid dream."

       Legend turned back over, but he never went back to sleep. 

        The next day, they were ambushed on their walk to Kakariko in Wild's era. Moblins and Bokoblins were everywhere, and there were a few Lizalfos near the sides of the battle. Legend was doing alright, but soon fell from the dull thwack of a Moblin's club. He cried in pain as he hit the ground before he blacked out. 

       It was a dream. It was all a dream. Koholint was never real, Tarin wasn't real, Grandma Yahoo wasn't real, Old Man Ulrira wasn't real, Marin wasn't-

       Marin wasn't real. 

       It hit him like a ton of bricks. Marin wasn't real. His soulmate, the love of his life, wasn't real. She was just a part of the dream made by the Wind Fish. Link wanted to scream. He wanted to cry. How could God grant him access to such a paradise only for it to be fake? To be a dream? Link pushed away those thoughts. He couldn't put the blame on God, he didn't do anything wrong. It was the Wind Fish's fault. He dreamt up Marin. He dreamt up Mabe Village, Animal Village, Ukuku Prairie and the entirety of Koholint Island. This was his fault.

       Link needed to say goodbye to Marin. He knew it was his duty as a hero to save Koholint, and he just wouldn't wake the Wind Fish. He would just get rid of the nightmares and call it a day. He would let the Wind Fish sleep, and he would rid him of nightmares so he could live in Mabe Village with Marin until they grew old. Link left to go find Marin.

       Link cried out Marin's name. She turned around, and ran over to him, wrapping her arms around the short boy in a tight hug. She cried into his hair, before saying he was gone for days. Link apologized, wrapped his arms around her waist, and buried his face in her neck. If Marin could feel his tears on her shoulder, she didn't mention it. Link whispered many 'I love you's into her shoulder at that moment. They stayed tangled together, swaying in place before Link pulled away. He explained that it was time for him to wake the Wind Fish, and that he would be right back. He placed a hand on her cheek and wiped away her tears with his thumb. He placed his lips over hers in a loving kiss, and only pulled away for his lack of air. He held her hands with his, and said that he would see her once he woke up the Wind Fish. They kissed once more as a farewell, and Link went off to Tal Tal Heights.

       He played the ocarina. He played the Ballad of the Wind Fish and all the instruments he collected played with him. He played the ballad, and it led him to the nightmares. He destroyed the nightmares, and he woke up the Wind Fish. 

       He woke up the Wind Fish.

       He woke up the Wind Fish.

       Link fell to his knees and wailed. He failed. He was going to keep the Wind Fish sleeping so he could stay with Marin. He was going to stay with her, get married, grow old together and protect their new home. He could've started a family with her. They would've had a beautiful child, he could picture a baby with Marin's hair and his eyes. It would've been wonderful. It would've been perfect. But no. He woke the stupid Fish, and now all those possibilities were gone.

       Link opened his eyes. He was hanging onto an old piece of his raft. He saw Koholint, and although he was as far from the island as he had been since he washed ashore, he thought that maybe he could swim over to the island again. All his dreams could come true, he and Marin would live happi-

       The island disappeared. The stupid Wind Fish gave him a false sense of hope then made the island dissappear before his eyes. Link wept. He wept until he had cried his eyes dry, and it wasn't even until long after the ferry spotted him and brought him back to Hyrule when he stopped crying again.

       "Legend? Are you alright?" Link- no, Legend felt a gentle yet rough hand on his shoulder. He winced, and opened his eyes slightly. He saw a woman with red hair looking over him, tending to his wounds. He was laid down on a… was that a bed?

       "Marin?" he muttered.

       The woman sighed sadly, "No, sweetheart. I'm not Marin. I'm Malon."

       "Malon," he repeated her name back to her. He thought back to what happened. 

       "Moblin. Club hit me. Passed out. Hyrule?"

       Malon looked over her shoulder and beckoned someone over. Hyrule, sweet, kindhearted and dense Hyrule peeked over her shoulder. 

       "Legend? Are you alright?" 

       Legend patted the side of the bed he was resting on. Hyrule walked over tentatively to Legend's side before he pulled Hyrule to his chest in a tight hug. He buried his head in Hyrule's neck and cried gently. Hyrule brought his arms around Legend's shoulders and placed a caring hand in his hair. He brought him tight into his chest. Legend gasped and went back to sobbing. 

       Malon rubbed Legends back gently, and Hyrule whispered into Legend's hair, "It's alright, Legend. You're safe here."

       Legend knew he was safe, but that sentence from Hyrule just made him break down even more.

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  • twink-between-worlds
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    four is allergic to birds and gets increasingly more pissed about it

    he wants to hold birds gently in his littol hands!! and he cant!!

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  • alasse-earfalas
    26.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Links by Strongth

    1. Twilight. I won't say he has no competition (I'll get to that later), but a lifetime of heavy farm work and wrestling large goats means this Link is the overall strongest of the bunch. He's got the strength to wrestle Gorons (with the help of the iron boots, but still) and the stamina to wrestle them all day long if he wants to. Boy's a beast. (Ha.)

    2. Wild. Seriously why does no one talk about this. Daruk's obnoxiously huge Boulder Breaker? Swings it around like it's no different than an ordinary claymore. Rocks nearly the size of himself? Right over his head, doesn't even flinch. Doesn't even drain his stamina (unlike Sky, who I'll get to). And don't even get me started on grip strength. I don't know how he fits so much stronk into such a smol frame, but he does. And it's glorious.

    3. Sky. I personally believe that Sky, at his peak, is actually stronger than Wild and even Twilight. However, the problem is that Sky has terrible staying power. He can lift huge heavy barrels up over his head like it's nothing, and hurl the giant life fruit clear over Lanayru's head, sure, but that drains his limited stamina very quickly. Compare that to Twi and Wild, who can carry obscenely heavy rocks for basically ever. Sky may be able to lift a bigger rock than Twi or Wild, but he can't carry even the smaller large rocks for anywhere near as long as they can.

    4. Time. Farm work and fighting in full plate armor means he's pretty darned strong. Maybe he wasn't as stronk during OoT, but he's taller and a lot more built this time (ha) around.

    5. Warriors. You've gotta have a lot of strength to sweep multiple enemies like he does, especially in full armor.

    6. Four. Blacksmith. Gotta be respectably strong to wield that hammer effectively.

    7. Wind. Can wield & throw big ol' claymores that are, like, twice his size.

    8. Hyrule. Basically on par with Legend, but surviving on his own in the wild would give him an edge.

    9. Legend. Boy uses his magic items as a crutch and cannot believe how strong Twi is. I like to think he's actually a little stronger than your average Joe, being a Hero and all, but he can't do normal, "strong guy" stuff like lifting rocks and whatnot.

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  • lu-twilights-pup
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Inspired by how buff you drew cowboy twilight (we all know its true) could you do fluff/cuddle headcannons for him? Love you're writing!

    Yes anon!! God this cured my soul sorry this one is shorter!

    Twilight Cuddle Fluff Headcannons!


    You are just a teddy bear at this point, but it’s fine, he’s soft and warm

    It doesn’t matter what position you two fall asleep in, you will wake up as little spoon in some variation

    You also aren’t getting up if he isnt awake

    The man has steel pipes for arms, he’s not budging for anything

    Even if he is awake he may not let you go, your warm and he wants you to stay

    He is so clingy

    If your at the sink, he’s huggin you from behind, if your reading he’s right there next to you

    Wakes up in the middle of the night often, will immediately turn to you/grab you tighter

    Is the first to wake up but he will wait for you and just watch your face until you wake up

    When you do he’s all smiles and kisses

    Is practically unintelligible when he’s sleepy

    He loves holding your hand and will do the little arm swinging thing

    Knows you enjoy it thus take every opportunity to pick you up

    Will kiss your forehead if he has to leave, even if it’s to the other room

    Will pull you into his lap and put his head on top of yours and just nap

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  • tachvintlogic
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Warriors is often characterized as being vain or self-centered when it comes to his appearance, but for me that's not true. Self-conscious is how i would describe it. Before the war, I don't think he cared about his appearance at all. He wasn't nobility, and on the battlefield, appearance isn't all that important if your face is covered by a helmet.

    The war came with some very unexpected developments, like getting the Master Sword, skyrocketing through the ranks, meeting Impa, meeting Zelda, and more. As the one bearing the Hero's Spirit, he can handle those things.

    But then he became Helen of Troy.

    Hyrule is at war because Cia is in love with him. Her attraction had more to do with his heroic actions and nature than the appearance of his reincarnations, but...

    Come on, that's not what the rumor mill is saying.

    Word on the street is Warriors is so drop-dead gorgeous, so bootylicious, that the kingdom is fighting a war over him. He's the face that launched 1000 ships. So everyone has high expectations when they see him.

    And Farore forbid he doesn't live up to those expectations every hour of every day.

    Every time he introduces himself he sees that slightly disappointed look in the other person's face that he didn't live up to hype. What a tragedy he doesn't always conform to everyone's idea of the ideal man, that he looks like a person and not the divine image of beauty incarnate.

    And the comments! "I thought you'd be taller" "I thought you'd be shorter" "You have some baby fat" "You look older than I expected" "Your hair is a little messy" "Your sleeve is too wrinkly" On and on about things he used to never notice or care about. It's worse when he's at a noble gathering and Zelda is using him as a prop to drum up support for the war effort, but even on the field he can't escape it.

    Farore forbid Warriors go without a shower for a few days and have helmet hair because there's a war. "You have to look presentable for the troops or it'll lower morale." Of course it'll lower morale. He's Helen of Troy. His beauty is the point. He has to look presentable.

    All this results in Warriors having a lot of anxiety around his appearance. He checks himself in the mirror over and over for imperfections he didn't notice the first time. And even after that he can't shake the feeling that he's somehow doing it wrong or missed something, and everyone is secretly laughing at how silly he looks and he's embarrassing Zelda by simply being in public.

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  • sailforvalinor
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    In the wake of the popularity of Dracula Daily, I’ve had a thought:

    Linked Universe/Dracula AU, Twilight as Quincey Morris

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  • twink-between-worlds
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    sky carves things for the chain. just. things. like. he will carve random shapes. anything that can be carved will be and will be gifted to whoever fits the shape that day

    #reds headcanons #reds linked universe tag #linked universe#lu#lu sky #linked universe sky #hylias boyfriend
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  • softboiledcucco-egg
    21.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Chapter 6 - Forsaken

    I hope you're all enjoying the story so far!

    Blackness. Silence. She floated in nothing. She could not move; she could not speak. She was merely a shadow, existing in a place no one else could occupy. She blinked dazedly as fragmented images flickered before her eyes; dark shadows distorting the edges of her vision as she teetered in and out of consciousness. Her entire body ached; she couldn’t pinpoint where the pain began or ended. Worst of it was the deep, sharp ache that slapped against the inside of her skull. Something touched her forehead and she recoiled, throwing her hands up to shield herself. A soft weight pressed her arms back down, wrapping her once again in the blankets that fallen off her. “Peace, Princess. You are safe.”

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  • rukia-writes
    21.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Saturday thirst-NSFW, 18+, no minors

    -Cockwarming Lu Bu after he just finished a fight.

    -Lu Bu’s dick size is nine inches, enjoy that. 🎀

    -He also bites your neck, in a possessive but good way.


    #shuumatsu no valkyrie headcanons #Lu bu headcanons #I want this man #record of ragnarok headcanons
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  • skywardsongbird
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I actually had the will to draw today, So I've decided to push through with my plans of doing my own spin on "Linked Universe" and making my own plot and designs for Six of my favourite games. and today we're kicking that off with artwork of the ultimate era Ocarina of Time!

    and now small snippets of Info/lore on this duo

    Sheik and Time are in a romantic relationship

    Time's hair changed colour after the events of Majora's mask

    It was Ganondorf's take-over that inspired Sheik to train in fighting

    it was also the take-over and Sheik going undercover that made them question their identity.

    Time still calls himself a Kokiri, despite knowing otherwise.

    Only Sheik believes Time about his experience in Termina, despite no one being able to track down the town.

    if you have any more questions about these two or any of my LU content, feel free to ask away!

    #legend of zelda ocarina of time #legend of zelda oot #Songbird draws#Songbird's LU #legend of zelda #loz#tloz#zelda#digital art#loz au#Link #Legend of Zelda Headcanons #headcanons#Majora's mask#tloz oot#tloz mm#tloz art#loz art#Zelda#Shiek#Sheikah#Sheik#Time#oot #ocarina of time
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  • sailforvalinor
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Weird thought, but I feel like if Flora met Twilight, she’d know he was the Old Wolf on sight. No input from Wild or anything, she just takes one look at our lovely Country Lad and just knows.

    Like, I’ve got nothing to back this up with other than vibes, but just imagine:

    Flora: “Grandpa Wolf??”

    Twilight: *chokes* “—Pardon, ma’am?!”

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  • floor-tiles
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Tw: death(in a fictional sense dw)

    I'm killing someone in my newest WIP. Someone awesome. I hope I make people cry.

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  • factorialsfandoms
    19.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Yay new update!!! Happiness! So pretty! So sad! So many feelings! FROG! Little frog. Love the frog. Old Wolfie! Implying Twilight gets to grow old.

    Now I’ve got that out my system, what came to mind while reading (and that I said on the discord earlier):

    The page of wildlife made my brain instantly go to Wild’s elixirs. I love potions and elixirs and healing and making little headcanons (I’ll put the /full/ magical healing headcanon list to paper someday, but they truly are just headcanons). Potions have been on my brain a lot.

    So I see the page with the frog and the snail and the mushrooms and the birds and the weird purple plant and my brain goes ‘oooh elixir ingredients’ before even thinking about it.

    And then Wild gets up, clearly having an idea! After having been listening to nature.

    Now his idea could be an awful lot of different things, but... Experimental elixir chemistry time? I’d love some experimental elixir chemistry time now.

    I just hope that whatever Wild’s thought of works, for both their sakes.

    Resolved not to lose anyone again, but what happens if he does?

    #linked universe#lu wild #yay update!!!! #update is very happy #theorycrafting #I want to write and draw and play link's awakening and put headcanons to paper and none of it is happening I'm just dissociating instead
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  • 300iqprower
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Since Septem was mentioned a week ago I have an excuse to say that Lu Bu was the one utterly screwed by it. Darius is glorified in Fate, and at the very least has a decent-ish role in Septem. Boudica had her time in Solomon’s Temple, as well as some event appearances. Lu Bu in Septem is all we fuckin get, ever, and he only shows up for two sections one of which involving him dying instantly to Altera.

    He’s actually one of my favorite characters so it brings me so much pain to see him actually ignored, even when we go to China in lostbelt 3 where Chen Gong and Red Hare are featured we summon Mordred instead for some reason.

    He doesn’t even get any attentions in events, his most iconic role was that time he adopted Fran in the knk event and even that has been taken over by Moriarty.

    While I wouldn't consider anything Darius and Boduica got “content” - I don't even remember what Darius did in Septem and Boudica’s “moment” in Solomon was pretty blatantly them trying to retcon and excuse away how badly she was written - I do agree that Lu Bu has had even less attention. He’s barely above whatever tier Proto Cu and Erik are on, and I know that’s accurate because I actually only a few days ago realized he was in Septem at all after thinking “wait, is Lu Bu the only non FSN f2p unit who’s never been in a story chapter?” (side note, that’s actually Salome. If you’re picky it’s also Proto Cu and KoGil)

    Honestly rather than replace Mordred with Lu Bu (they should have cut Mordred entirely and given proper focus to Nezha) they should have left Chen Gong and Red Hare out of SIN and make one of the serious events (Sea Monster Crisis, Little Big Tengu, Case Files, Ooku, etc) about the three kingdoms. Like a singularity where something throws it off to turn it into an eternal conflict and china and never truly unified. Make it so we go around with Gao as our ‘advisor’ with a focus on working with Lu Bu and Chen to end things. Due to his role as the Wild Card of the Three Kingdoms so to speak, Lu gets a conceptual advantage and becomes our trump card in putting a stop to everything. Red Hare can be the comic relief as per usual.

    For new servants we can have: -SR human Guan Yu or SSR deified Guan Yu, either as lancer. -Cao Cao as SSR Saber/Rider. -We can also put in Diaochan as the obligatory new waifu, presumably a caster or assassin. -Zhurong if there’s a waifu quota to be met, Archer or Saber? -Caster Zhong Kui

    All of them also work as a villain depending on how it would play out, from Deity Guan Yu being a sort of reverse Quirinus to Cao Cao gone mad to Diaochan being evil and sewing chaos like Lu Bu without caring about him any more, or Zhurong being an envoy of the god she takes her name from/some sort of evil revenge driven version of Lakshmi. OR it could be that Zhong Kui is our welfare, and what’s happened is that legions of vengeful spirits created and fueled by all the bloodshed of the warring states have possessed those like Guan Yu and Cao Cao and created an endless cycle of warfare. 

    ...but see also: Da Ji. Since they decided to fuck up Vitch’s plotline that at least means we could get a true Da Ji servant, something like she made the conflict eternal so she could terrorize china forever. Though I suppose that’d make it weird to not bring Jiang Ziya into things...but then again, Lu Bu is established as despising Tamamo sooooo-

    Welfare could be human Guan Yu, Diaochan, Zhong Kui, or Zhurong, again all depending on exactly what the focus is and how it’d play out.  Other servants who could appear for more minor things: - Quiche, i’m sure he’d loathe how many potential rulers of china there are lol - Xiang Yu, for pretty obvious reasons both in regards to historical and nasuverse stuff - Zhuge Lliang, especially if Zhurong is involved. A good chance to finally have Zhuge take control for once. - Iskandar, i’m sure he’d have a field day with this “infinite lands to conquer” - Lakshmi/Trung Sisters due to both their proximity and similar struggle. - Wu Zeitan and Scheherazade, Agartha was Agarbage but that doesn’t mean they can’t make use of that similar experience to properly build on them, especially with Wu being a chinese servant and Scheherzade's parallels to the novelization of Three Kingdoms - Yang Guffei particularly if Da Ji and/or Wu appear. -Geronimo and Robin for both their guerilla warfare and if Zhurong is there their representation of underdogs trampled on by war.

    Honestly stupid as it is the 6.5 Lostbelt has me wondering if we might still one day get a three kingdoms event. It seems like such a major thing to skirt around for so long, which is exactly how everyone felt about the Holy Roman Empire and we got that. Meanwhile while there’s chinese censorship and stuff they still went with Lostbelt 3, so ya know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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    Read below the cut:

    It was a normal day. The chain assumed they were in an in-between age somewhere around Time and Twi's eras. It was partly cloudy, and the sun only occasionally peeked from behind the clouds. The air was warm, not too hot and not too cold, and the cool breeze was welcomed with opened arms. It was a perfectly normal and calm day. The Links were discussing common interests and similarity between their worlds. The current subject was their gods. Hylia, Din, Nauru, Farore, even Oshus, Zephos, and Cyclos.

    "Well, I know of the Golden Goddesses' existence, but I don't worship them or anything. They don't do much for my world anymore," Wind commented, "I mean, they flooded Hyrule centuries before I was born and that was the last people really saw of them. I mean flooded in a good way, by the way!"

    "Well, Wind, that's interesting," Time remarked, "In my time, Din, Nauru, and Farore are mainly worshipped. I never knew who Hylia was before this journey, but I suppose it's her to blame for my journey. The Hero of Time certainly doesn't sound like something the Golden Goddesses would come up with."

    "Oh, I have some opinions on Hylia!" Sky shouted.

    "We know, Sky," everyone replied.

    "No, seriously!" Sky got serious all of a sudden, and a nearly glazed look fell over his eyes, "Hylia quite literally manipulated me. And did some weird mind stuff with Zelda before she reincarnated as her. She messed with her memories and stuff," explained Sky.

    "Really? That's new," Twilight replied, "Especially coming from you, Sky."

    The silence that followed was almost awkward, so Wild spoke up, "Well, we sure know that the veteran hates the Goddesses," he half-joked.

    Legend looked up from his journal at this, and looked Wild straight in the eye, and said, "I can't hate something I don't believe in."

    This comment made everyone stop in their tracks, turn around, and stare at Legend with looks of pure confusion on their faces.

    "You… You don't believe in the goddesses?" Warriors spoke up, "You have to believe in something, though, right?"

    Legend looked at Warriors and replied, "I do, I'm Christian. I believe in God? Not the goddesses. I've met Nayru, Farore and Din before, they're just people like you and I. Theyve got fucked up lives, but theyre still people," he started, "For some of you they might be goddesses, but to me they're just human." Nobody quite seemed to see Hyrule's eyes light up at Legend's statement.

    "Well, what would you say about our common deities? What about the Wind Fish from the legends? We've all heard of that," Wind asked.

    "The Wind Fish is just that, a deity. A being that just so happens to have higher power than us in our universe. Not a god." Legend explained.

    "Okay!" Wind accepted, "That's pretty cool, actually."

    "I'm glad you think so, sailor."

    The group continued their walk, following a stream they just found to hopefully lead to civilization. Before long, Wild spoke up.

    "Legend, how does God work? What's their name? How do you even know they're real?" he questioned.

    Legend thought for a moment, before slowing down to walk next to Wild.

    "Well, I know He's real because I just, know, I guess. Have you ever met the Golden Goddesses?" Legend asked.


    "And yet you still believe in them? Why is that?"

    "I just," Wild hesitated for a moment, "I just have faith, I guess. I just. Know."

    "That's how I feel with God," Legend started, "I've never met Him, or even had conversations with Him like you and Hylia, but I just hold my faith that He's real. I just know that He's there. You get it?"

    "Yeah, kinda. You still didn't answer my other questions, though!" Wild complained.

    "Well, God's name isn't actually God, but it's not okay to say His real name. It is too holy to be said aloud. So, people just call him God."

    Wind spoke up, having been listening in on their conversation, "But what about other gods? Wouldn't that get confusing?"

    "In Christianity, there is one God and one God only. That is why we refer to Him with just 'God'." Legend explained, "As for Wild's first question, it's difficult to answer.

    "God is an eternal being, who created all things. For some other people here, Farore created living things, Din created land, and Nayru gave law. For me, God gave all of that. God is with us every step of the way, and He is always there for us. He takes care of us, and will take care of us more if needed. He will give us knowledge and power to lead a successful life if we do so let him," Legend explained, a small smile on his face, "Like I said, hard to explain, but God just. Does everything, I guess? I'm not quite sure how to say how He works, exactly, but I just know He does."

    "Okay. That's not confusing at all! Thanks, Legend!" Wild said, trying his best to sound nice. He did not understand. Not one bit. It was very confusing. "Okay, maybe it's a little confusing. Also kinda weird."

    Legend laughed, a rare sound. "And you say a goddess making land rise to the sky for human protection isn't?"

    "I didn't say that!" Wild sounded appalled, "Besides, Hylia is real, probably. I've spoken to her and Sky knows her personally!"

    Sky spoke up, "Hylia actually isn't a goddess anymore, Wild! She reincarnated as my Zelda. In your era, she's probably just a powerful ghost of some sort."

    "Well, whatever you guys think is real or not, to me, I don't give much of a shit about most religions," joked Legend.


    "Hey, Legend?" Hyrule asked.

    The chain finally found a town, and they were resting at an inn by the name of 'Irene's Inn'. It was a well-run and well-priced inn. Irene really knew how to run the place, she had 12 groups just that night.

    Legend turned to him, "Yeah, Roolie?"

    "I just wanted to let you know that you're not the only Christian. I figured it might be weird thinking you're the only one. I mean, I know it felt weird for me before you said you were, so I wanted to let you know." Hyrule smiled.

    "Really? That's cool," Legend grinned, an unusual sight, "Here I thought I'd be the only one."

    "Yeah, it's pretty cool," Hyrule started, "But, you know how I'm your successor, right? I would like for you to know that if we go to my Hyrule at some point, you will be worshipped by random strangers. In the tales, you're known as, like, God reborn."

    Legend gave him a weird look, "Wait, what?"

    "Yeah! After meeting you, it's a bit odd, I mean, you? God reborn? No way. I'd be more inclined to believe God reborn would be Wild, not you!" Hyrule joked, "And that's saying something."

    "Woah woah woah, slow down. I'm called God reborn in your time? But I'm not! I'm Link. I'm Legend. I might be a hero, yeah, but I'm not God!" he explained. His thoughts of 'God doesn't kill everybody living on a peaceful island ' were left unsaid.

    "After meeting you now, I can't help but realize the same. You're just a-" Hyrule cut himself off, "You're like me. Or like Time. Even Wind! We all share the Triforce of Courage, even if we are all completely different. We have tons of strange similarities. And strange differences."

    "Yeah, what about it?"

    "I honestly don't know where I'm going with this," Hyrule chuckled, "Sorry about that, Legend."

    "Don't apologise. Now, tell me, what do you think of Hylia? I'm curious."


    "Legend, there's some odd stories regarding Hylia. I was wondering if there were any, how do I put this, silly stories or odd things about Christianity?" asked Sky, "Sorry if that seems rude, buy if there's weird stories and rules regarding Hylia I thought maybe their would be with your god, too."

    Legend glanced up at Sky, "I mean, yeah, I guess so. Defining odd rules. I can't say the names of other gods, for one. I don't include the Golden Goddesses and Hylia in that, as Hylia is now mortal and I know the Golden Goddesses personally and they're just oracles."

    "That's intriguing." Sky said.

    "I'd like to think so. I also can't eat fats or blood, which is why when Wild joined you and I that I asked him to avoid fat if he's cooking meat."

    "Really?" Sky looked a little surprised, "I thought you just wouldn't like it. I mean, I asked for no meat I guess."

    "You did, didn't you?" Legend commented, "Do you want to know one of the oddest rules in Christianity?"

    "Yes." Sky said, with zero hesitation.

    "If I am fighting another man," he started, "I must chop his wife's hand off if she grabs my genitals."

    Sky gave him a weird look, "Huh?"

    Legend put his hands up in the air, "You heard me!"

    "Wait wait wait, what?!"

    "I don't know man! Religions can be weird, coming from a religious guy."

    "Yeah, but that's, like, next level!"

    "I guess you could say so, yeah."

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    PLEASE help me I'm stuck idk what to write LMAO

    (btw this is a WIP so if its confusing to read yk why lmao)

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