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  • just-some-brainrot
    21.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    time: i’m glad that we all got to come here. the boys need some quality bonding time, and a break is long overdue

    malon, looking outside: honey….

    [ the Boys(tm) during said “bonding time”] :

    wind: checkmate, bitch

    warriors: im folding

    wild: bingo!

    legend: really? i got a fuckin “go to jail” card

    hyrule: i rolled a 4

    sky: duck, duck….goose!

    four: i hate this game

    #not shown is time standing there with the most stone-faced expression ever #and he’s just like Ah. Okay. #he accepts his fate and gives up right then and there #also bonus points to anyone who can recognize the game they’re each playing #linked universe #incorrect linked universe quotes #lu time#lu malon#lu wind#lu warriors#lu sky#lu wild#lu legend#lu hyrule
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  • nazuki2coco
    20.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Just realized in this panel that wolfie’s chain on his front left leg is all rusty.... i’ve been denying this whole time until now that this is old twilight😭

    #legend of zelda #loz#twilight princess#link #twilight princess being my favorite game #breath of the wild #botw#linked universe#lu wild#lu wolfie#lu twilight
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  • wilds-ponytail
    20.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Behold, the Heroes

    rb and tag your favourite or suggestions for new ones?👉👈

    #linked universe#lu sky#lu four#lu time#lu twilight#lu legend#lu hyrule#lu wind#lu warriors#lu wild#lu edit #i showed these to my friend #who’s only knowledge of lu comes from me infodumping #and she thought they were funny #so i’m p happy with them lmao
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  • alasse-earfalas
    20.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about this‽ He said "your champion"!! To Zelda / Flora!! He could have said, "see me" or "see what I've done" or something along those lines, but he didn't! He sees himself as HERS and if that's not the most adorable thing ever I just— 🥰😭

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  • chaotictitanslayer69
    20.05.2022 - 12 hours ago


    #linked universe#lu #wild linked universe #lu update
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  • skyward-floored
    20.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    So this...

    I love how Wild puts this, “brother of the sacred sword”. It’s a beautiful way to acknowledge the connection they all have (plus brother?? That’s twice now links have called each other brother!! I’ve waited years for these, I’m giddy).

    But also... what about Hyrule and Four? They never wielded the sacred sword.

    So that got me wondering. Is this a common way for the Links to refer to each other? It’s hard to say, especially based on how close Wild and Twilight are, but if it is...

    ...I’d bet both Hyrule and Four have noticed it excludes them.

    #also dang time would hate being called that wouldn’t he #just a thought #linkeduniverse#linked universe #rambles from the floor #update spoilers#lu wild#lu four#lu hyrule #I’d probably guess they don’t really use ‘brother of the sacred sword’ much #but if they did... four and Hyrule would have to make a club or something #‘we used magic swords but not the master sword’ club
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  • ordonianhero
    20.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Warriors: *kicks in inn room door carrying wild and Wind on either side*

    Time: what did you do?

    Wild: well, nobody died.


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  • ordonianhero
    20.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Firstly, it’s midnight and I can’t sleep. Secondly, cub please don’t go licking the frog.

    #linkeduniverse#linked universe#lu wild#Ordonian speaks #my brain is being funny cause I am so tired #but can’t sleep
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  • bokettochild
    20.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    So this is rather self-indulgent but I sprained/twisted/something my ankle earlier and until we get hands on some crutches tomorrow I've been doing a lot of hopping on one leg. I described it as 'hopping around like a demented one-legged rabbit' and then rabbit made me think of Legend and now I would love to see a fic where Legend sprains his ankle and then proceeds to power hop his way around camp or something because his legs are super strong. Hyrule and Sky do not approve but he's hopping too fast for them to stop him

    Your wish is my command, darling!

    Broken Leg(end)

    Usually, if someone in the camp is injured, a look from Time will make them hold still. 

    Usually, when someone is injured and Time’s stare somehow doesn’t work, Twilight will come and hold whomever it is down until they can be treated (unless it’s Sky, because both Twilight and Warriors have to be there to make him hold still). 

    And usually, if they still struggle, one look from their fae will have them sitting still in the hopes of not angering Hyrule. 

    Sure, Time is scary, but Time is, at his core, just a dad. Hyrule is a fae and has the power to curse someone to stillness if they don’t comply, or so he’s let on. 

    That idea is about to be tested though. 

    “Legend, for the love of Hylia! Would you just hold still!” Warriors shot at the vet. The Chain of Links was just piecing themselves together after a rather nasty battle, and while so far the worst injury had been a gash to Wild’s arm, there was of course the fact that most of their member hid injuries, so there was no assurance they were in the clear quite yet. 

     Legend, in particular, was rather hard to pin down as hiding an injury which both saddened and frustrated the other heroes. It was sad because Legend was good at hiding when he was injured because more often than not people would take advantage of it if they knew. It was annoying because it meant Legend never took care of himself and didn’t like letting them help. 

    Right now, in particular, the vet in question was limping across camp. And limping, as everyone who knew the heroes knows, meant that it must be rather bad indeed. 

    “Ledge, please, I’m almost done splinting Twilight’s hand, just hold still and I’ll help you, okay?” Hyrule called over, shooting the rancher in question an apologetic look as he hurried to finish binding said splint in place. 

    Across the camp, out of reach of most of them and still limping about, Legend huffed something that may have been a disagreement or a complaint, no one could tell.  

    “Legend.” And there was the Dad Look. 

    “Time.” The vet clipped back, over his shoulder. 

    “Sit still.” 

    “It’s just a light sprain.” Legend scoffed, but he knelt down all the same, starting to roll out a few of their bedrolls for the night. 

    Twilight shook his head as he watched, eyes dark with worry and irritation both. “He’s fixing to cripple himself if he doesn’t stop that.” 

    The bandage looped once more around his wrist, Hyrule’s hands deft. “And how do you mean that?” 

    A nod, a huff. “He didn’t twist it. He smells off, it’s more pain than he’s letting on.” 

    A possible fracture then, and hopefully only that.  

    Hyrule frowned as he finished the splint on the rancher’s arm but he still accepted a hair ruffle in thanks once he was done putting the injured limb in a sling to keep the other from moving it too much. He was concerned for his mentor, and also irritated. They were all bad, although most careful enough to not be hit too hard or be wounded too badly, but Legend had been taking more and more hits lately. Usually, it was to save someone else, and usually he had the good sense to use his shield to catch a blow rather than his body, as Wild did, but shields can only block so much. 

    Maybe it made sense, to a point. Ever since they’d discovered that some of the enemies’ blades were poisoned, the risk in getting hit was higher than ever before, and while many of them were talented with a sword, there were a few of their number who failed to wield their shields with the same skill. 

    Not that that gave Legend a right to be an ass when he did get hurt watching their backs, but it did make it make a bit more sense why he was hurt at all. 

    After all, the vet would probably rather be killed than see another brother corrupted. 

    “Legend, sit.” Maybe Hyrule’s patience was running a bit low. He was tired though, so that had to be fair, right? “Let me see.” 

    Legend just shook his head, not as a ‘no’, but more like he was silently clucking his tongue at the younger hero. “It’s fine, Rule, I’ll treat it myself.” 

    Okay, maybe the healer’s patience was more than a bit low, because he found himself grabbing Legend by the shoulders and pushing him down onto his backside with a stern glare. “You and I both know that’s bullcrap, Legend. You don’t treat your own wounds. You fuss over ours and panic when they’re bad, but if you're injured you leave it to sit or look away when someone else stitches you up.” 

    A flush colored the face of the other as he looked up into shining amber eyes. They weren’t gold yet, not nearly, but there was a threat of Hyrule’s temper shining in their depths. “Now look here, the fact that I can’t handle blood is not-” 

    “It’s valid and you’re within your rights.” He didn’t need to be embarrassing his ancestor about entirely valid phobias, that wasn’t what he was getting at anyways. “But the rest of it? Gosh darn it, vet, let us help you!” And with a stern look at the other, he released the vet’s shoulders and sat back on his own heels, holding out a hand. “Give me your foot.” 

    Legend blinked at him, one brow arching in disbelief and an unspoken jest at Hyrule’s behavior. The healer wasn’t about to hear it.  

    “Now, Legend. Twilight may be injured, but Sky is fit as a flea if he needs to make you hold still.” 

    Across camp, Sky nodded tiredly. Legend kicked if you tried holding him down, and it was honestly more a risk than whatever monsters they faced because the vet rarely missed an opponent that was literally right behind or before him. The skyloftian was willing to help regardless, but like anyone with sense he was wary of the potential consequences. 

    Legend sighed, pulling his leg back and earning and arched brow from Hyrule.  

    “Chill.” The elder hero huffed. “I’m just getting my boot off. Don’t need Wolfie coming along and stealing it or something while you work.” 

    At the edge of camp, Wild giggled, shooting a look at his mentor who only shook his head in an exhausted manner. 

    Hyrule kept his cool, waiting just a bit impatiently while Legend worked his boot off, watching carefully how the vet’s face would twist or still here and again, teeth sawing against each other behind pursed lips in a sure sign that the other hero was in more pain than he was keen on letting on. Finally, however, the boot was off and Legend was sitting cross legged and bare footed. 

    “See? No blood.” 

    “No socks either.” Warriors leaned away from where he’d been sitting nearby, one hand to his nose. “Sweet Hylia, vet, why?” 

    The group as a whole ignored Sky’s indignant look at Warriors using Hylia’s name in vain. 

    “My socks are all worn out and holey, and I haven’t had a chance to mend them because I’ve been fixing y’alls gear instead.” Legend answered, looking pointedly at the captain’s scarf, which itself had been his most common mending project what with how well loved and commonly stollen the item was.  

    The captain flushed slightly, turning away and rubbing his neck, but he wasn't the only one, Time and Wind both also turning their gazes to the trees instead of the vet’s judgmental stare.  

    “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” 

    Hyrule rolled his eyes. “Foot, Legend.” 

    “I’m fine, Hyrule.” Violet eyes sparked with irritation as Legend leveled him with a look. “There’s no blood, it just hurts a bit. At worst, I pulled a muscle or something, and I can walk that off.” 

    Fine, if Legend wanted to play difficult, Hyrule would let him play difficult! It takes two to play though, and Hyrule has never been afraid to fight dirty. Sharp fingers darted out, grabbing the vet’s ankle and pulling. 

    There was a cut off scream of pain before Legend was slamming a hand over his own mouth and glaring at Hyrule past glistening tears. “The heck, ‘Rule!” 

    Deft hands worked over the injured limb, twisting and pushing as the vet squirmed, trying his best to pull back and out of the iron grip Hyrule has on his foot. 

    “Hyrule- for gosh sakes- let go!” 

    The vet was ignored, despite his insistence, and Hyrule’s frown deepened as Time joined the pair, their leader’s single eye fixed on the healer. “Prognosis?” 

    “Broken.” Hyrule answered, sending a sharp and gold-tinted glare at his ancestor. “Not even a clean one either. Why were you walking on this?” 

    A roll of the eyes, a weak tug that in no ways freed the vet’s foot from Hyrule’s hands. “You’re exaggerati-augh!” Violet eyes glared past tears as Hyrule leveled the other with a look, grip relaxing again from having squeezed the injured limb pointedly. “It’s not-” 

    “If you say ‘it’s not that bad’ I will pinch you.” Hyrule threatened. 

    Legend’s frown deepened, but he slumped in place, giving up fighting against his brother and instead resigning himself to sulking. “I honestly thought it was just a bad sprain or something. Chronic pain makes other pain weird; you don’t really notice stuff like this as easily.” 

    The others may or may not have been staring, Hyrule didn’t know, but he knew he was.  

    “Okay, first, that’s concerning. Second, if you can’t tell for yourself than you should be asking someone else to check, because it could be very bad, especially in cases like this.” The healer was already working to set the broken limb, and Warriors scooted back over, offering his hand for the vet to squeeze if needed. “With a break this bad, you could end up crippled if you don’t treat it properly.” And as a second thought he added, “or if you walk on it.” 

    Legend huffed; grip white-knuckled on Warriors’ hand as he watched Hyrule work. 

    Once the vet’s injury was tended, there wasn’t much left to be done. Wild made supper with some help from Four, since his arm was still injured and Time had ordered him to take it a bit easier tonight while it healed (enhanced healing was nice and all, but Wild still had limits) and they all helped a bit with cleaning up before setting watch and heading to bed. 

      As usual, Twilight and Four took first watch so they could sit up and watch the sun set fully as they liked to do most nights, whispering quietly about the twilight shadows and what they could hide. Warriors and Wild, their two war heroes, would be the ones with the dead-man’s shift so they didn’t wake anyone in the middle of the night with bad dreams. Time and Sky would take the last shift, although everyone, even Sky, knew that their leader would most likely be doing it alone. The man liked to let them rest when he could and couldn’t sleep for more than three consecutive hours anyways. That said, he’d probably spend the last hour of his shift trying to wake Sky up all the way so that the other would be alert enough to not drown in his breakfast in the morning. 

    That left Legend, Wind and Hyrule to sleep through the night, which was probably for the best because Wind had been asleep across Warriors’ lap even before they’d finished supper, Hyrule was exhausted from tending the others, and Legend needed rest if he was going to heal. 

    When Hyrule woke, however, it wasn’t to find the other heroes resting. No, Hyrule was awoken by harsh whispers and a scrabbling that made not only him, but most of the others, shoot up in their bed rolls and look for the source. 

    The source was Legend, who, instead of sleeping like any normal person who’d had their tibia shattered, was currently hopping around camp and getting whisper-yelled at by Time, who was pinned under a slumped over and snoring Sky. 

    Hyrule wanted very much to pull his blanket back over his head and pretend he didn’t see anything. In the same moment though, he also wanted tackle Legend to the ground and sit on him until the vet eventually passed out again, either from boredom or from Hyrule playing with his hair should the healer feel like being nice. 

    Rather than doing either of those things though, he pulled himself out of bed and started walking towards Legend like a normal person. 

    In a very not normal-person way, Legend hopped away from him, a smirk on his face as he motioned to his foot. “I’m not putting weight on it.” 

    And he wasn’t. He was just hopping about on his left leg like some sort of mad, disabled cricket.  

    “You should be resting.” Time sighed, not bothering with keeping his voice down since most of them (sans Sky) were now awake, despite his efforts. 

    “We have a lizard to hunt.” The vet returned, perched on one leg, arms crossed in front of him and looking like one of those weird pink bird from Aurora’s books. “I’m gathering my things.” 

    “You’re sitting down and resting.” Warriors corrected firmly. “You’re in no state to hunt anything.” 

    One pink brow cocked higher. “I’ll manage.” 

    “On one foot?” 

    A jut of the chin. “Watch me.” 

    The captain rolled his eyes, pulling himself up from his bedroll. “Yeah, no. Come on, vet.” 

    Maybe the man’s intent was to scoop Legend off his feet and place him back on his bedroll, but Legend was across the camp like a shot, still only using the one leg, the other tucked under him like a resting bird. He was anything but resting though, moving with a speed that would surely make Time proud if the man wasn’t burying his face in his hands with a sigh that said it was far too early for this nonsense.  

    Warriors gave chase, but Legend was, somehow, faster. The vet darted from one side of camp to the other, only tumbling once, just to smoothly back up to standing, still only on the one foot, and then hopping off again. 

    Legend even had the gall to do it all with his hands clasped behind his back, not once flailing to catch his balance. 

    Wild whistled, impressed.  

    Twilight gave his cub a disapproving look and moved to join the captain in trying to grab their vet. 

    “You’re wasting energy, you know.” Legend teased, looking far too awake for someone Hyrule knew hadn’t slept more than three hours that night (he’d had Wars wake him so he could check the other and the vet hadn’t even fallen asleep by then).  

    Warriors darted at their brother, and Legend danced away, grinning.  

    “Save your energy, captain. You haven’t even had your coffee yet.” 

    Warriors all but growled. “Then sit down so I can.” 

    “You heard the man,” Wind chipped in, making no move to help and instead watching with trembling shoulders that betrayed barely contained laughter, “a Wars without coffee isn’t a foe you don’t want to face.” 

    Legend hummed, and for a moment it looked like the vet was cornered, Twilight coming up behind him and Warriors standing, arms poised to snatch at him, in front of him. The captain took a step forward, fingers just grasping Legend’s shoulder before the vet was ducking down under his arm, still on one foot, still smirking, and still making Hyrule want to flop down and contemplate his adoration of his brother and whether it was worth it. “I’ll take my chances.” 

    Warriors groaned.  

    Twilight growled. 

    Legend chuckled, shooting a wink Wind’s way as he once more hopped just out of reach of Warriors. 

    A movement to the side caught Hyrule’s eye, and when he glanced over, it was to see Time hunched over Sky’s dozing form, mouth suspiciously close to the Chosen Hero’s gently twitching ear as the elder man murmured something that he couldn’t quite catch. Sky’s sapphire eyes blinked open lazily, staring across camp at where the others were chasing the vet. A smile broke over his face, silent laughter making creases form beside his eyes as his shoulders shook. 

    Legend was just showing off at this point, actually dancing back and forth, still on one foot, but throwing in spins that were entirely needless as he darted just out of Twilight’s grasp. 

    Time grunted, catching the attention of them all, but the man’s eye was fixed on his protégé, one ear flicking and his eyes holding words they wouldn’t read.  

    Twilight’s stance changed immediately, the rancher crouching low, arms poised to snatch at the vet.  

    Warriors glanced between one wolf to the other, light dancing in royal blue as he followed Twilight’s lead.  

    The two stalked closer to Legend, who at this point had caught onto whatever was happening but was about as confused as the watching heroes, actions more guarded and glances wary as he started actually darting away from one and just out of reach from another, this time making an effort to escape rather than to tease. 

    They were herding him, Hyrule found himself realizing with surprise. Two wolves, three if you counted the old man, working to corner their quarry. It was working too. Legend may have been a hero of courage, but Hyrule knew the tales of his hero, and he knew Legend was also rabbit at heart and it showed. The vet’s ears flicked attentively between his two pursuers, spinning to face them head on, well out of range and wary for their next move. 

    He made a crucial mistake though. 

    Legend turned his back on Sky and Time. 

    In a moment, their leader had reached up and snagged the back of the vet’s tunic, giving Sky time to lunge forwards, arms locking around the younger hero and pulling him down against the sleepy hero's chest. Legend scrabbled and, for a brief and rather hilarious moment, shrieked, but eventually stilled. 

    Sky’s sleep-addled hugs were like being wrapped in a thick and heavy blanket. The Chosen Hero would cling on tight, pulling his victim to his chest and burying his face in their hair, hanging on like a limpet, although much softer and great deal warmer. 

    Legend hissed. “Foul play.” 

    “Sleepy bunny.” Sky drawled, still half asleep and probably unaware of the part he had just played in stopping Legend. 

    “Very sleepy.” Time smirked, actually smirked, patting Legend’s head in a way that could almost be considered condescending. “He’s hurt, so he’s going to spend today resting while the rest of us repair our gear.” A single blue eye, sharp, but sparking with mischief, turned to the rest of them. “No breaking camp this morning, boys. We’ll rest a while and scavenge for supplies.” The man’s smirk widened a bit, and Hyrule found himself slightly surprised to realize their leader had the slightest hint of dimples. “If Wild can’t brew a hearty potion though, I think Legend will need to be riding piggy back until his leg heals.” 

    The vet snorted, but Hyrule didn’t miss how the older boy nestled up against Sky’s chest, legs tucking up as they always did when he was sleeping, and violet eyes fluttered briefly (Hyrule found himself wondering if Legend did himself in with all that darting about). “Jokes on you, I don’t mind piggy back rides.” 

    That turned out to be a good thing, because Wild wasn’t able to brew a potion, and Legend ended up riding piggy back for nearly a week until they got dropped on Lon Lon Ranch. Surprisingly, he managed to fight the monsters they ran into despite being on Warriors’ shoulders, and the two seemed to have some fun with it, so it turned out alright. 

    Legend didn’t even flush when Wind teased him about it later. 

    There was probably a story there, but as long as Legend was staying off his bad leg, Hyrule wasn’t questioning it. 

    He was pretty sure the Old Man had told him that story already anyways.  

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  • wissi-my-little-cow
    20.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Sky and Wild paragliding down a hill in Wild's Hyrule

    Sky: "Have you perhaps mentioned "amiibo" before?"

    Wild:"yeah? Figures that drop goods if scannerized with the slate"

    Sky: "I have this... bird statuette. Maybe it's an amiibo?"

    Wild:"Let me have a look at it!"

    Sky hands him the Sun amiibo

    Sky:"It worked without any device on the surface though"

    Wild:"that's definitely an amiibo. What does it do? Drop food? Or arrows?"

    Sky:"It brings you up to... OH DAMN WILD DON'T"

    The sheikah slate glows

    Wild, now over the skies: "SKY WHAT THE HELL"

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  • 1esor2
    20.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    And this is the last in my stockpile of Linked Universe text posts. Time to go make some more!

    #linked universe#lu memes#lu time#lu malon#lu sky#lu twilight#lu wild #yes 4 out of 5 of these are from shitpostgenerator #they just worked
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  • bokettochild
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    So I got to say something about Flora. People tend to forgot that she is freaking 15/16 durning the events of the BotW flashbacks. Of course she is gonna do something unhealthy like take her frustrations out on someone who is by her side at all times. But we see her learn! There is a reason that the Frog memory is so important, especially after the Yiga memory. It is her opening up and showing her dorky side to him. We know that they have at least talked shit out with the memory at the horse statue and him sharing tips about horses with her.

    I just think people are overlooking the fact that she is a teenager and people do dumb shit, so why deny that their relationship actually changed over the time between memories. Thank you for listening to my mini rant!

    I totally agree with you!

    As I stated before, Flora did act in a toxic way in the past (which was a trauma response itself) but she does come to understand her mistakes and learns to see Wild as more than just the guy who makes her look bad because he's so perfect by comparison. She learns to appreciate all the work he puts into protecting her, learns to see that he's Hylian too; fallible, killable. She learns to respect him and open up to him.

    I kinda like how she goes from fearing him for his perfection, to feeling safe enough around him to show her own "imperfections", aka, what she's been told is wrong and she shouldn't be, even though they are her best and most charming qualities.

    I like how he was the last person she could trust at first, and how she came to see him as the one person she could trust more than anyone. It's truly beautiful :)

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  • the-one-and-only-wild
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ok. so people are like 70% water or something right? since soup is mostly water with some other stuff thrown in, are people soup?

    gotta put them in a bowl first

    #a wild ask appeared #lu rp
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  • karaloza
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    *cracks knuckles*

    I WOKE UP to the update and had work so this post has been brewing in my noggin ALL DAY.

    First let's get the obvious out of the way...Old!Wolfie! Frog! Pretty art! Wild angst!

    Actually, I want to talk about the Wild angst. Or rather, the Wild angst management. Because you know what is actually happening in this update? Wild is coping, in that he is literally using a coping strategy.

    He was having a full-on breakdown in Sunset Part 9, and now we see that he realized he was having a full-on breakdown...so he removed himself from the situation and found his comfort zone in order to calm down.

    "Our brother needs our strength right now, not our weakness," Green said last time...so Wild went to the place where he is strong, i.e. nature, the environment in which and through which he grew into a Hero. And then he let himself fully feel his feelings, and vent his grief and guilt and frustration in a setting where he wouldn't impinge on anyone else in the process. And then he just...spent some quiet time, grounding and centering himself in a beautiful natural setting with plants and animals and running water.

    (We should all be so lucky as to have a place like that when life gets to us...)

    And then? At the end of the update? He stands up, ready to face whatever comes next. He's still upset--note the frown and fist and drawn eyebrows in the last handful of panels--but he's calm. He has Pulled Himself Together, and--dare I say it?--he looks like he Has A Plan.

    Our boi did good with himself.

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  • flustered-flux
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Chain Meets Wild but it goes something like this:

    Time: We're looking for the hero, would you happen to know of him? Or where we might find him?

    Wild: The hero?

    T: Yes.

    W: The one who defeated Ganon?

    T: Precisely.

    W: The one with the master sword?

    T: Quite right, yes.

    W: Chosen by the goddess? Princess Zelda's right hand?

    T: Yes, do you know him?

    W: *making a thinking face* hm, uh, hm *looking deadpan at Time* Never heard of him, sorry

    #and then he runs off into the woods to go fight a talus while the chain stands there in confusion #i imagine they meet quite a few times and it's just wild gaslighting them #linked universe#lu#lu wild#lu time #chain meets wild #lu incorrect quotes
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  • anicyz
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I have officially written an angst fic that does not end in comfort. It’s sad guys. Like, implied possible death/major injury depending on how you read it, sad. Blame the update I was in an angsty mood. (It’s not dark just sad! But still take care of yourselves!)

    Anyways, here it is:

    #ani writes#fanfiction #ye old angst #linkeduniverse#linked universe#lu#lu wild#lu twilight #I wanted to write about nature #bc update #but I also wanted to write angst #angsty nature sandwich
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  • skyward-floored
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I vote we name lu frog Hopkins, all in favor?

    #or Wild Jr. one or the other #linkeduniverse#linked universe#update spoilers #rambles from the floor #lu frog #I’m still thinking about lu frog #he’s just so SHAPED #I would like to pat his head
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  • bokettochild
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    One thing I noticed is that the Wild we see in the flashback looks quite a bit younger, his face is much rounder and he still has baby fat in his cheeks. Our Wild has a much more square and angled jaw and his cheeks aren't as chubby. Also I think he might be a bit taller. Small side note, when we saw a flashback of Wild on his journey in the memory comic, he looked a bit more like his current self, just with shorter hair a ever so slightly rounder face. Although the blue silhouette-ish version of his past self has 2 different looks, the one swimming with Mipha has a round face and chubby cheeks, while the other one has the more narrow and square jaw. The faceless in color one of him in the royal guard looks like an in-between phase.

    Just an interesting thing I noticed, I guess the shrine gave him back the baby fat he lost when he joined the royal guard, and then he lost it again during his journey.

    He was pretty young when he joined the guard. It's quite likely he was under a lot of stress and his body responded negatively by losing weight he ought to have had. The Shrine would have healed any deficiencies or stress-related issues, so maybe it was just a matter of him not eating enough back in the day for the baby fat thing.

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  • itsjjanos
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Beneath the blood moon


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  • bokettochild
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Maybe Time drinking a slurpee??

    I got a bit carried away with this one, but I really like it :)

    Blame @apparitianhanako, she had a LOT of ideas when I told her what you suggested, and I just couldn't not do them :)

    So yeah, Dad Fashion Time and everyone else playing at the beach!

    #forgive my colored pencils #i don't have good ones #or not very good #and not in the colors i needed #idiot can't draw #that's just my art tag #lu time#linked universe#linkeduniverse#lu legend#lu four#lu twilight#lu wild#lu sky#lu warriors#lu hyrule#lu wind#art request#mermaid legend #just in the background tho
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