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  • massivetyrantduck
    19.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    so sorry guys for some reason it only gave yall the first incorrect quote.

    idk why. i gave it like 15

    but im tired, angry, depressed and i have a headache so im not doing more right now

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  • hyrules-feral-hero
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    a list of who can and can't die in LU because it would fuck shit up

    The order is Sky, Four, Time, Legend, Hyrule, Twilight, Wind, Warriors, Wild in case you want to skip something

    1. Sky

    Sky can't die. He's going to be the First King of Hyrule, and he's gotta start the royal bloodline! If he dies, the kingdom is never founded, and basically it becomes like that one thing where if a dude goes back in time and kills his grandpa, what would happen? So, no. Sky can't die.

    2. Four

    Well, this is a little complicated. Technically, Four can be corrupted, but not killed, as the Colors show up in A Link To The Past. But, he could technically die while split, then have the Colors' bodies used as vessels of some kind. So, I'd say, it's possible.

    3. Time

    Ok. This one is also technical. Why, you ask? Well, it all depends on if Malon is actually pregnant or not. She could be, and be unaware of it, or maybe hasn't told Time yet, so this means Time can die. But, if she ISN'T, Time can't die. So really, it depends.

    4. Legend

    Well, Legend has completed all of his quests. And he doesn't play a big role in history. So uh. He's fair game

    5. Hyrule

    Same goes for Hyrule as for Legend, he's pretty much done what he does canonicaly, so he's also fair game.

    6. Twilight

    He uh

    He can die

    7. Wind

    You're gonna be surprised, but HE CAN'T DIE. WIND IS THE ONLY OTHER LINK (besides Sky) TO CANONICALY BECOME A KING. It's in the Spirit Tracks lore, he can't die.

    8. Warriors

    also fair game 

    9. Wild

    He's not done. He's still got another quest comin, even if he doesn't know it yet.


    So, yeah! That's my take on who can and can't die!

    (basically this is just a reminder that Many Of Them Can Die)

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  • bokettochild
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Rank the chain from most feral to least feral energy


    (As a note, all Links are inherently feral, and just because someone ranks as 'least feral' it does not take away the fact that they are somewhat feral)

    Wild - We all saw this coming. Wild literally became who he is in teh wild, wandering around half naked and eating nearly anything he could put into his mouth. Truly feral child here 100%

    Hyrule - Hyrule is also a forest child, but he is also fae. Fae are inherently feral and dangerous, but they have more law and order to them than the average feral beast. Hyrule follows the Rules, and this is the only reason that he ranks below Wild

    Time - Also a fae child. this man may portray himself as a mature adult, but we all know he's a feral forest gremlin at heart. He also follows the Rules (albeit loosely) but has settled down a bit more as he has become an adult. he does try to set a good example and reigns himself in, but eh must have him moments to be insane or he will never be the same

    Four - Vio

    Twilight - He may be a wolf, but he's also a highly educated young man who loves people and doesn't want to scare them away. He is feral, but he keeps that part of himself mostly too himself, and does things like eating bee larvae and licking chu chu's off the ground when he doesn't think anyone can see him

    Wind - Kid is actually pretty controlled honestly. he makes mischief, but more the gremlin sort than the feral sort. Granted, if you put him in a forest for an hour without supervision I cannot promise you you will not get a monster back instead of a well behaved child, but he, like Twilight, tends to keep a good handle on the feral thing

    Sky - So, the others are wild feral, but this guy is more deity like feral. he's all chill and normal, but if you make him mad he is a rampaging god who will not rest until what is wrong has been righted. Truly terrifying sort of feral. It is controlled though, he isn't like this all the time, so he's also on the lower end of the spectrum warning, everyone after him is also deity level feral)

    Legend - Like Sky, he's got godly abilities on his side, but Legend is more composed than most of the other heroes and keeps a pretty good hold over himself in order to blend in with the populace of any place he goes to. he can let loose and be a wild thing when needed, but like with Sky. it's a mostly conditional sort of thing and more for intimidation purposes than just because he's a wild thing

    Warriors - I won't lie, I hc the reason Warriors isn't mentioned in any other places in the timeline is because people forgot the hero shtick once they found out he's literally the Hylian Deity of War. As such, guy has a wild side, but it's only in battle, and he mostly maintains the polished and professional mask otherwise.

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  • bokettochild
    18.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    for the bingo either wind and tetra or warriors and impa

    So, I did both

    Wind & Tetra

    These two are gremlins together, and while I don't particularly care about shipping, i like them as a duo either as a couple or just as buddies. they will make each other so much worse and I'm here for it. I do feel like there isn't enough for them though, and Nintendo really didn't do enough with them (hence the wasted potential thing)

    And I also did Warriors and Impa!

    I do not really ship them, but I like them as friends. They would both make each other worse and better. They would help each other with their respective traumas, but they would also egg each other on and encourage them to do dumb stuff when it comes to protecting everyone else. Honestly, without Artemis there to be a braincell, they would probably end up killing someone.

    Fanfics paint them cutely together, but I don't care for them as a couple most times

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  • bokettochild
    18.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    for a modern au what music would the chain listen to

    Oh, um....

    I think Sky would be kinda chill with his music tastes. He's the kid who'd be sitting here, bobbin' his head, and you think he's listening to like, a fun pop song, but he's actually listening to Guns and Ships from Hamilton. He takes music suggestions from everyone and listens to mostly everything. Heavy metal phases him no less than classical, and he enjoys both of them very much.

    Time strikes me as a guy who would like jazz. Like, sure, he prefers orchestral compositions most times (especially Celtic), but he enjoys Louie Armstrong and Harry Connick Jr. and that sort of thing too. He also loves country music (especially when Malon sings along) but he won't play them with the boys around because Twilight will try singing along, and while he loves his Pup, Twilight can't sing for the life of him

    Twilight loves country music, 100%, but Midna got him into some rock too. He doesn't care for the heavy stuff, but he enjoys it

    Warriors is a k-pop boy, and you can't convince me otherwise. Man keeps on top of the newest bops and is the one to do most of the music suggesting in the group. He likes slower things and soft music too, but he keeps up the pretense of only being into the biggest groups at any time. He keeps his other interests mostly private (he has a weakness for musicals though). He pretends to hate country music with a passion, but it's actually because he picks up the accent when he hears it and he doesn't want Twilight to know.

    Four is the one who is literally everywhere. Shadow loves rock songs and rap, Blue prefers Broadway and Opera as well as a good dose of romance songs (never tell his brothers), Red has a weakness for any sort of Pop, and Green likes Country. Vio, naturally, loves violin music, but he also enjoys dabbling in his brothers'/friends' interests. Vio also really likes rap, specifically fast-paced songs where his mind has to actually work to keep up with the words

    Hyrule likes folk music, I think. He also likes most flute music and bag-pipes make his wings thrum with joy even when he doesn't have them out. Celtic music makes his blood sing and if he needs to be working, you better believe his headphones are providing something like The Isle of Skye or Scotland The Brave.

    Wind likes sea shanties, naturally, but he also enjoys folk music and pop as well. Definitely memorized the words to all of warriors' favorite songs because he likes them too, and will must out with vine like timing with all sorts of songs to make a situation funnier. He also likes rock though, Time is worried he might be hitting an emo phase soon.

    Wild actually prefers instrumentals. He doesn't care for listening to unknown voices singing to him, since he deals with that enough. If he can see the singer though, he doesn't mind. The others like dragging him to concerts for that reason, so he can enjoy their music and not feel weird about it. He enjoys most music, but more sedate and contemplative pieces are his favorites.

    Legend is a music man. he likes all music. Now, there are things that he will stubbornly insist do not qualify as music; certain artists, certain songs or styles, but when the others fight about what to play in the car during road trips, he will just chill through it all. There are certain moods he needs to be in for some styles, but he's pretty much good with it all.

    Ravio like everything too, but he hates country music

    Malon likes country music specifically

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  • tetrathebrick
    18.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Posting the figurines of the lads™ individually so the details are easier to see 👍

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  • science-lings
    18.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    these are kinda obvious choices, but mipha and hyrule bonding over being healers and how stupid injured team members can sometimes be? and also i NEED wind and urbosa interaction

    oh totally, Mipha and Hyrule bond because of their similar personalities, because I'm absolutely positive that if provoked, Mipha has some sass being held back by her princessy exterior.

    Also Urbosa sees a group of short stressed blonde gremlins and claims them as her own, she's already done it twice, what's eight more times. But yeah, she would definitely vibe with Wind a lot. What can she say, she was descended from a tribe of thieves of course she would love a little pirate.

    #'you got stabbed AGAIN?' -both Hyrule and Mipha #Urbosa and Wind would be terrifying in a prank war #linked universe#lu champions#lu urbosa#lu mipha#lu hyrule#lu wild #linked universe wild #lu wind
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  • bokettochild
    18.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    How do you imagine the various Links (and Ravio?) would handle it if their cat (if they had had one) dragged in a living pray and let it lose indoors :3

    It depends, i think Sky would feel bad for the prey maybe and would try and catch and release it (unless it was a serious pest, in which case he would help end the hunt)

    Four would absolutely lose his mind and scale the nearest piece of furniture. Not because of whatever the cat dragged in, but rather because of the cat itself. He would not like that at all (Vio, however, loves cats and would be displeased with the rest of Four because he wants to congratulate the cat for being a good baby).

    Time would probably think nothing of it. The cat is busy, it will catch the thing again, it did it once so he knows it's possible. Unless the prey is causing problems with what he or Malon needs to do, he will ignore it.

    Twilight will thank his baby with many pets and then help to track down the prey again and properly dispose of it. He is well aware of the fact that his cat thinks he is the baby and brings him food because she thinks he can't hunt, so he's willing to let her 'teach' him so that she knows he will be okay

    Warriors rolls his eyes and leaves the room. He's used to cats because Artemis has dozens (crazy cat lady princess for the win). He doesn't care for cats really, he's more of a dog person, and he just can't be bothered to deal with the animal (or it's prey)

    Hyrule is too used to animals in his cave to be upset at all. He also knows his cat is trying to feed him, so if the animal it drags in is edible he will definitely help catch and cook it (as best as he can cook anything). He shares with the cat if needed, because it helped, so it should eat too!

    Wild would help catch the animal and thank his cat. He would probably also eat whatever it is, because he's wild and he does that sort of thing. I don't think there's anything Wild wouldn't eat, and his cat would know this. his cat could feed him bugs and he wouldn't question it.

    Wind would probably be frustrated with the cat. he lives on a ship half the time, and if there's something to be caught it's probably mice, so why on earth did you let it go again? that needs to be killed so it won't damage the ship or anything in the cargo hold!

    As for Legend, well, he's got a bit of a soft spot for prey animals and probably makes a hurried rush to find it before the cat does and make sure it's okay. Ravio does not understand this and finds it a bit irritating, but he keeps that to himself. He respects Mr. Hero's feelings about little animals, of course, but he does not share the sympathy, and will encourage the cat to find its prey already, please. He thinks it's annoying when the little beasties get into his stuff, so he's glad when they're gone.

    thank you for the question! This one was a lot of fun!

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  • vagueandominousvibes
    18.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    So we talk about pink-haired Legend, but have we mentioned Hyrule's hat and tunic being light blue in his first game (after he's found that one ring)?

    #lu#linked universe#lu hyrule #idk if his colours change again throughout this game #but i'm just imagining him and wind and wild being fancy in blue
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  • floor-tiles
    18.05.2022 - 12 hours ago



    Read below the cut:

    It was a normal day. The chain assumed they were in an in-between age somewhere around Time and Twi's eras. It was partly cloudy, and the sun only occasionally peeked from behind the clouds. The air was warm, not too hot and not too cold, and the cool breeze was welcomed with opened arms. It was a perfectly normal and calm day. The Links were discussing common interests and similarity between their worlds. The current subject was their gods. Hylia, Din, Nauru, Farore, even Oshus, Zephos, and Cyclos.

    "Well, I know of the Golden Goddesses' existence, but I don't worship them or anything. They don't do much for my world anymore," Wind commented, "I mean, they flooded Hyrule centuries before I was born and that was the last people really saw of them. I mean flooded in a good way, by the way!"

    "Well, Wind, that's interesting," Time remarked, "In my time, Din, Nauru, and Farore are mainly worshipped. I never knew who Hylia was before this journey, but I suppose it's her to blame for my journey. The Hero of Time certainly doesn't sound like something the Golden Goddesses would come up with."

    "Oh, I have some opinions on Hylia!" Sky shouted.

    "We know, Sky," everyone replied.

    "No, seriously!" Sky got serious all of a sudden, and a nearly glazed look fell over his eyes, "Hylia quite literally manipulated me. And did some weird mind stuff with Zelda before she reincarnated as her. She messed with her memories and stuff," explained Sky.

    "Really? That's new," Twilight replied, "Especially coming from you, Sky."

    The silence that followed was almost awkward, so Wild spoke up, "Well, we sure know that the veteran hates the Goddesses," he half-joked.

    Legend looked up from his journal at this, and looked Wild straight in the eye, and said, "I can't hate something I don't believe in."

    This comment made everyone stop in their tracks, turn around, and stare at Legend with looks of pure confusion on their faces.

    "You… You don't believe in the goddesses?" Warriors spoke up, "You have to believe in something, though, right?"

    Legend looked at Warriors and replied, "I do, I'm Christian. I believe in God? Not the goddesses. I've met Nayru, Farore and Din before, they're just people like you and I. Theyve got fucked up lives, but theyre still people," he started, "For some of you they might be goddesses, but to me they're just human." Nobody quite seemed to see Hyrule's eyes light up at Legend's statement.

    "Well, what would you say about our common deities? What about the Wind Fish from the legends? We've all heard of that," Wind asked.

    "The Wind Fish is just that, a deity. A being that just so happens to have higher power than us in our universe. Not a god." Legend explained.

    "Okay!" Wind accepted, "That's pretty cool, actually."

    "I'm glad you think so, sailor."

    The group continued their walk, following a stream they just found to hopefully lead to civilization. Before long, Wild spoke up.

    "Legend, how does God work? What's their name? How do you even know they're real?" he questioned.

    Legend thought for a moment, before slowing down to walk next to Wild.

    "Well, I know He's real because I just, know, I guess. Have you ever met the Golden Goddesses?" Legend asked.


    "And yet you still believe in them? Why is that?"

    "I just," Wild hesitated for a moment, "I just have faith, I guess. I just. Know."

    "That's how I feel with God," Legend started, "I've never met Him, or even had conversations with Him like you and Hylia, but I just hold my faith that He's real. I just know that He's there. You get it?"

    "Yeah, kinda. You still didn't answer my other questions, though!" Wild complained.

    "Well, God's name isn't actually God, but it's not okay to say His real name. It is too holy to be said aloud. So, people just call him God."

    Wind spoke up, having been listening in on their conversation, "But what about other gods? Wouldn't that get confusing?"

    "In Christianity, there is one God and one God only. That is why we refer to Him with just 'God'." Legend explained, "As for Wild's first question, it's difficult to answer.

    "God is an eternal being, who created all things. For some other people here, Farore created living things, Din created land, and Nayru gave law. For me, God gave all of that. God is with us every step of the way, and He is always there for us. He takes care of us, and will take care of us more if needed. He will give us knowledge and power to lead a successful life if we do so let him," Legend explained, a small smile on his face, "Like I said, hard to explain, but God just. Does everything, I guess? I'm not quite sure how to say how He works, exactly, but I just know He does."

    "Okay. That's not confusing at all! Thanks, Legend!" Wild said, trying his best to sound nice. He did not understand. Not one bit. It was very confusing. "Okay, maybe it's a little confusing. Also kinda weird."

    Legend laughed, a rare sound. "And you say a goddess making land rise to the sky for human protection isn't?"

    "I didn't say that!" Wild sounded appalled, "Besides, Hylia is real, probably. I've spoken to her and Sky knows her personally!"

    Sky spoke up, "Hylia actually isn't a goddess anymore, Wild! She reincarnated as my Zelda. In your era, she's probably just a powerful ghost of some sort."

    "Well, whatever you guys think is real or not, to me, I don't give much of a shit about most religions," joked Legend.


    "Hey, Legend?" Hyrule asked.

    The chain finally found a town, and they were resting at an inn by the name of 'Irene's Inn'. It was a well-run and well-priced inn. Irene really knew how to run the place, she had 12 groups just that night.

    Legend turned to him, "Yeah, Roolie?"

    "I just wanted to let you know that you're not the only Christian. I figured it might be weird thinking you're the only one. I mean, I know it felt weird for me before you said you were, so I wanted to let you know." Hyrule smiled.

    "Really? That's cool," Legend grinned, an unusual sight, "Here I thought I'd be the only one."

    "Yeah, it's pretty cool," Hyrule started, "But, you know how I'm your successor, right? I would like for you to know that if we go to my Hyrule at some point, you will be worshipped by random strangers. In the tales, you're known as, like, God reborn."

    Legend gave him a weird look, "Wait, what?"

    "Yeah! After meeting you, it's a bit odd, I mean, you? God reborn? No way. I'd be more inclined to believe God reborn would be Wild, not you!" Hyrule joked, "And that's saying something."

    "Woah woah woah, slow down. I'm called God reborn in your time? But I'm not! I'm Link. I'm Legend. I might be a hero, yeah, but I'm not God!" he explained. His thoughts of 'God doesn't kill everybody living on a peaceful island ' were left unsaid.

    "After meeting you now, I can't help but realize the same. You're just a-" Hyrule cut himself off, "You're like me. Or like Time. Even Wind! We all share the Triforce of Courage, even if we are all completely different. We have tons of strange similarities. And strange differences."

    "Yeah, what about it?"

    "I honestly don't know where I'm going with this," Hyrule chuckled, "Sorry about that, Legend."

    "Don't apologise. Now, tell me, what do you think of Hylia? I'm curious."


    "Legend, there's some odd stories regarding Hylia. I was wondering if there were any, how do I put this, silly stories or odd things about Christianity?" asked Sky, "Sorry if that seems rude, buy if there's weird stories and rules regarding Hylia I thought maybe their would be with your god, too."

    Legend glanced up at Sky, "I mean, yeah, I guess so. Defining odd rules. I can't say the names of other gods, for one. I don't include the Golden Goddesses and Hylia in that, as Hylia is now mortal and I know the Golden Goddesses personally and they're just oracles."

    "That's intriguing." Sky said.

    "I'd like to think so. I also can't eat fats or blood, which is why when Wild joined you and I that I asked him to avoid fat if he's cooking meat."

    "Really?" Sky looked a little surprised, "I thought you just wouldn't like it. I mean, I asked for no meat I guess."

    "You did, didn't you?" Legend commented, "Do you want to know one of the oddest rules in Christianity?"

    "Yes." Sky said, with zero hesitation.

    "If I am fighting another man," he started, "I must chop his wife's hand off if she grabs my genitals."

    Sky gave him a weird look, "Huh?"

    Legend put his hands up in the air, "You heard me!"

    "Wait wait wait, what?!"

    "I don't know man! Religions can be weird, coming from a religious guy."

    "Yeah, but that's, like, next level!"

    "I guess you could say so, yeah."

    #linked universe #linked universe legend #linked universe headcanons #lu memes #linked universe warriors #linked universe wild #lu sky#lu wild#lu wind#lu legend#legend lu#lu #linekd universe legend
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  • lukasspookas
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Have some Linked Universe Chain doodles! My iPad pencil is still broken so I'm very sorry I haven't been able to do much "finished" art.

    Note: the writing beside the Twi drawings at the top reads: "twi gets facial hair cuz I said so," and "It's patchy and he should really shave."

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  • deuynndoodles
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    [image id: a digital drawing of wind from linked universe. he holds the wind waker in his right hand, posed as if dancing to the wind. he is drawn visibly poc and has freckles and brown eyes. there are little wind swirl shapes around him. end id]

    yes im just cycling thru lu characters at this point. will this change? probably not

    #doodles#loz#lu#linked universe#TECHNICALLY#wind waker #my brain constantly: teehee shapes #todeys agenda: making as many folks poc as i can (ascribing to my own personal views of characters/rationale ofc) #i just think the kid who lives on a tropical island should be a person of color. as a treat
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  • sailforvalinor
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hyrule: “What is it called when you kill a friend?”

    Wind: “Homiecide.”

    Twilight: “Um—murder.”

    Warriors: “Homiecide.”

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  • sailforvalinor
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    LU Boys as Some of My Favorite Games/Game Franchises

    Time: Shadow of the Colossus

    Warriors: Fire Emblem

    Twilight: Stardew Valley

    Sky: Knights of the Old Republic

    Legend: Final Fantasy

    Wild: Professor Layton

    Hyrule: Kid Icarus

    Four: Kingdom Hearts

    Wind: Monkey Island

    #confession: I haven’t finished shadow of the colossus yet #i can defend these if you wish #linked universe#linkeduniverse#lu time#lu warriors#lu twilight#lu sky#lu legend#lu wild#lu hyrule#lu four#lu wind
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  • shatolith
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    #lu wind#art #chooses violence against revali
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  • shatolith
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Wimdy boi!

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  • hyah-lian
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    What if one time in Wild's era they visit Purah and it's so homey and chill they al just goof around q bit qnd Purah having a neverending wellspring of energy in her re-youth just helps tip the group into acting more their ages

    And Wind and Four and Purah qnd a few of the others get into a ridiculous game of keep-away each nicking something from someone- Wind's bait bag is being tossed around, Wild's missing a shoe, Hyrule is laughing because he threw Legend's hat in the mix, Purah's glasses are making rounds, Four's missing several trinkets from his clothes and bag.

    Anyway long story short lots of them are like Yeah what are glasses? Try them on. Wind needs glasses and happens to be close to whatever Purah's eyes need and he just goes "HOLY SHIT. WHAT. WALLS HAVE LINES WHERE THE TEXTURE IS?" And runs to the window and is absolutely stoked about "LEAVES ARE INDIVIDUAL THINGS THIS FAR AWAY?!!?! Try this! TRY THIS ITS LIKE MY SPYGLASS!"

    And whoever gets them next is like woah fuck no that's nauseating everything is blurry and warped.

    Just c: get the boy some glasses pls I love that headcanon

    #i wish i could remember some of the way i phrased shit when i got my glasses for the first time qfter years of degenerating sight #all i remember clearly is crying over Tarzan after cataract surgery bc i could see colours again #so windy boy needing glasses is something my heart holds close #my vision probably started getting bad around when it came out and ww habing bright colors rly helped #lu wind #another friend i has in hs also got glasses for the first time as a teen and some of the shit we said/noticed was Peak 15 Year Old shit
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  • massivetyrantduck
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    lu incorrect quotes again

    Twilight: :)

    Wind: >:(

    Twilight: Turn that frown upside down!

    Wind: ):

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  • that-g3-artist
    16.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    2 types of big brothers, plus dad

    bonus featuring uncle wars:

    #linked universe#linkeduniverse #i am a very serious artist who takes my art very seriously #anyway i'm trying a new style for my shitposts #instead of just black lines on blank background #i like the messy colored look but i need to find something else for the bgs #idk i'm just experimenting we'll see if it sticks #anyways now to tag all these fuckers #lu sky#lu hyrule#lu twilight#lu wild#lu time#lu legend#lu wind#lu warriors#lu chain#lu memes #also whoops i forgot to tag #lu four
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  • tentimesthecourage
    16.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Wind: This is the Dead Sea. The saltiest place on earth, second only to Legend’s bitch ass.

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