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  • decadentpostnachos-evil-twin
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I'd let Lucien Vanserra break my back. He could kill me and I'd thank him. He drank his respect woman juice.

    Eris can get it too. Gingers are too attractive.

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  • ruhncervos
    18.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    If Helion dies before giving his son and heir a hug, I will lose my marbles.

    If Helion dies at all, I'm going to lose my marbles.

    Sun Daddy and Sunny Heir deserve some peace and love in their lives.

    I'm so ridiculously invested in the Helion/LOA/Lucien subplot.

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  • azsazz
    18.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    A Courtier’s Promise (Part 2)

    Lucien x Reader

    Summary: Part two of A Courtier’s Promise as requested by many :)

    Warnings: None.

    Word Count: 1,294

    (Part 1)

    Notes: I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long! Writers block, traveling, a terrible job lol. You know how it is.


    “What are you doing open this late? And on a holiday no less,” that voice that you’ve been unable to stop thinking about tuts, and you spin around on your heel, heart racing as you take him all in. Red hair as vivid as you remember, the plaited braids framing his face with the rest falling elegantly behind his back. His metal eye whirs and his other gleams with mischief, those perfect pink lips turned in a sly smile.

    He looks incredible in his deep blue jacket and black pants, accompanied by the one thing he couldn’t seem to give up from his former court, his tall riding boots.

    You brush a strand of hair behind your ear from where it had fallen from your messy hairstyle. As you glare, only his grin widens. You hadn’t planned on keeping your shop open this late during Starfall, but having no plans of your own you thought you’d catch up on a few things around the store while staying open for those last minute townsfolk might have forgotten solstice gifts.

    You hadn’t dressed up in anything nice for the occasion, tying your hair back while you worked up a sweat cleaning around the bookstore, and you hadn’t been expecting Lucien of all people to show up tonight, figuring he’d be attending the lavish party the High Lord was holding.

    “Oh–I don’t have anything to do tonight so I thought I’d use the time to finish up some chores,” you respond, his gorgeous smile doing nothing to slow the rapid beating of your heart.

    “No plans?” his eyebrows raise, “on Starfall? I find it hard to believe that a beautiful female like you has no plans.”

    And mother if this sly male knew how to make you blush.

    “All of my friends are taken. They have plans and I didn’t feel like intruding, so I decided to come here instead.”

    “You’re not with anyone?” He asks and you narrow your eyes at his words until you see that he’s actually completely baffled.

    “No,” you respond, picking up a few books from the counter and holding them tightly to your chest, just to have something to do, “I’m not.”

    “How?” he breathes. Surely someone with a beauty like yours would have all of the males fighting over your hand.

    “I don’t know,” you say to the question you weren’t supposed to hear, walking towards the shelf the books belong on, the redhead hot on your heels. “You’re a male, why don’t you tell me?”

    “I haven’t the slightest idea,” he catches a whiff of your sweet scent and his eyes flutter shut as he carefully holds in a sigh. You’re too gorgeous to not have a mate, is what he’s thinking, and then he runs right into your back, scrambling away from you like a newborn, cheeks flaring as you turn around with furrowed eyebrows.

    You study him as he scratches at his hair awkwardly, shrugging a shoulder with a guilty look on his face as he pretends that he didn’t almost ram you into the bookshelf by accident. It’s new, seeing the swift male like this, and it’s endearing.

    “Maybe it’s because you’re too beautiful,” he speaks his distracting thoughts, the air of confidence back in his stance as he steps back in, your back bumping into the shelf behind you as he cages you in. You can feel the heat radiating from his body and you so badly want it pressed up against your own. He takes a book from your grasp and reaches up over you to place it on the shelf, pausing for a moment to look down at you.

    Your eyes trail up the tight muscles beneath the well-tailored shirt and up his extended muscular arm to meet those eyes that have been frequenting your dream.

    “Does this go here?” he asks softly, dipping his head slightly towards you, his breath dancing across your face, making your eyelashes flutter.

    You let him take the second book from your sweating palms, clutching the last novel in your grip even tighter so that you don’t toss it aside in favor of clinging to him. You lick your lips and watch his eyes flick down to watch for only as long as he can see the pink of your tongue, then they’re right back on your own.

    You can see the fire in his eyes, the burning passion there, and you wonder if yours look the same as he places the novel on the shelf right next to your hip with the hand above you that isn’t bracing him against the shelf.

    His fingers brush against your side as he releases the book, bringing his hand back to his side. He watches your spine straighten as he does so, notices the catch in your breathing.

    “Is that the right place for that one?”

    You nod just barely, and he’s there, taking the last one from you. Your hands fall to your sides and fist in your loose pants. Lucien places the final book up on the shelf right next to your head, a questioning look in his eyes.

    He’s put all of the books in the wrong places, you’re sure of it, but he’s too close and you’re too distracted by this handsome male before you, flirting with you and complimenting you that you can’t even find it in yourself to care.

    Swallowing hard, you respond, “Did you ever finish that book you came in here to purchase?”

    And you can see the mirth in his eyes, his mouth pulling up in the corner as your cheeks flush, thinking to yourself that you’ve ruined the moment.

    “I did,” he breathes a low chuckle and the sound has your heart aching to taste, “And do you want to know my favorite scene?”

    And Gods, do you.


    His russet eye shines brighter, his metal eye whirring faster, as he studies you for an excruciatingly long second. His hand slips from the spine of the book, resting on the back of your neck. He strokes a thumb in a long arch against your skin. Tilting your head back so it’s resting back against the bookcase behind you, you bare your neck to him.

    He leans in that much closer, lips brushing against your ear as he says, voice filled with lust, “I’d like to reenact it with you later tonight, if you’re free.”

    And with a burst of confidence you blurt, “Why don’t we start now?”

    Turning your head towards him, it’s easy to catch his lips. His hand tightens behind your neck, pulling you further into him while he takes the last step, molding your body between his and the shelf behind you. You find yourself feeling up his trim sides to wrap your arms around his neck as his tongue swipes against your lips, and you part yours, his tongue dipping in and tasting, exploring.

    You moan with delight and the sound reverberates against his very core, a jerking split-second of pain that ties him to you. From the gasp you let out he knows you feel it too, immediately tugging on the newly formed bond as you clutch him even closer, Lucien's own hands sliding down around your upper thighs and pressing into them, a silent command to jump.

    The bell as the shop door opens has the two of you pulling apart, the auburn haired fae quickly stepping back from you as he turns his back on the open door, trying to hide his arousal. The customer stares between the two of you, frozen two steps in the door.

    “Sorry sir,” you call, already reaching out for Lucien, tangling your fist in his perfectly pressed shirt to pull him back to you, “We’re closed.”

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  • so-once-i-was-a-chicken
    18.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Dude I want good Elucien smut so bad

    #elain archeron #a court of thorns and roses #sarah j maas #lucien vanserra#elucien
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  • ruhncervos
    18.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    2017 Elucien AO3 porn is where it's at.

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  • daydreamer-anst
    18.05.2022 - 13 hours ago


    This is the prologue of A court of longing and visions in Ao3 as I promised.

    You can find Acolav in Wattpad and Ao3.🥰

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  • moononastring
    18.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Speaking of the night light podcast, do you ever think Iris will ever be invited? I feel like they would invite Iris and then eris and proceed to make a fool out of eris in front of his wife because what are siblings for if not to embarrass you in front of someone you like? 🥹

    Oh absolutely. In Modern AU, Iris is a physical therapist and she’s invited to an episode that discusses sports and sports-related injuries. While the episode starts off strong, it quickly dissolves into a “going to roast Eris episode” and Iris tries so hard not to laugh because Eris is turning as red as his hair (in anger — he is not embarrassed) that Iris shuts it down with a good ole “he’s mine so only I get to make fun of him”.

    Until ofc Cassian brings in his dogs. “So you really don’t do anything weird with your 12 dogs? Something’s off there bro.” And Iris and Lucien just lose it when Eris goes off on a rant.

    It’s chaos and a little unhinged but hey, Iris is still going home with Eris so it evens out 😂

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  • ruhncervos
    17.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Lucien lives rent free in Elain's head. That's the real reason for her current behavior. She's rebelling, but not rejecting. Just remember that. If she does reject, it'll probably lead to them finding each other again. Reluctant soulmates, baby! Get your pearls and your regency era gear!

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  • acourtofthought
    17.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    I'm just not buying into the whole "Forbidden Love" trope Elriel is being hyped up to be considering there's only one person in that pairing who realizes its "forbidden".

    As far as Elain knows, Azriel has rejected the possibility of anything happening between them and if she were to find out Rhys is the reason why I doubt the girl who said “You can’t have it both ways. You cannot resent my decision to lead a small, quiet life while also refusing to let me do anything greater.” is going to take his orders lying down.

    There's nothing forbidden when Elain is starting to let everyone know that HER decisions are not their business.

    The way I see it, Elain made the decision to walk away from Azriel when she returned that necklace and I haven't seen any indication that she's been pining for him since.

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  • s-tormwitch
    17.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    remember when sjm said that Feyre is the center of everything? yeah, Feyre is the center of everything, everything works because of her, if there's anyone alive there or not enslaved, it's because of Feyre's sacrifice. everything revolves around her, everyone loves her, there is no competition when it comes to her as she is the CENTER of EVERYTHING. I love Feyre, long live queen Feyre

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  • daydreamer-anst
    17.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Acolav - Chapter 1

    Here it is! Finally, I finished it. I hope you will like it. I have to remind you that I will not add a summary to keep things interesting.

    I feel the need to clarify that I view Elain as a person who suffers from depression and I will try to portray her like that. Always keep in mind that sometimes the brightest smiles hide the most troubled souls. Enjoy.

    Chapter 1

    Elain wanted this night to be finally over. She couldn’t stand the darkness of her own room. She was drowning in the shadows and felt like the light had abandoned her. And in an unexpected way, it had. Back in her human days, she would never imagine that there would be a time that she would feel so empty. All the warmth and light she once had were somehow restrained within a thick veil of emptiness. Joy is replaced by void. Confidence by doubt. Light by blackness. Warmth by freezing cold. And she felt the cold in her heart for almost two years without anything that could make it bearable. The fireplace across her bed held no fire because of the warm weather. However, even when it did, she couldn’t feel its warmth. But, she still missed the way the smooth flames used to hold her company in the winter when she came back into her room only to be alone in her own mind, trapped in those four walls, protected from the raging winter cold. Her ‘’private’’ space, though, felt made of glass when all lights were out and that disturbing, burning, and foreign gaze crawled into the room and crept on her at night. She refused to turn the lights on, though. If that thing wanted to harm her, then so be it. Maybe it would be better for everyone. She was useless anyway and no one would miss her. She was a burden. That’s what she was. Maybe it would be better for her as well. Maybe if she died, she could finally find the peace she craved in the undying lands where the souls roam after the end of life. Or her bad luck would be to eternally suffer drawing in darkness but that would be no different from what she was experiencing now. She had nothing to lose from that possibility, on the contrary, perhaps she had something to gain. Only time could tell, and her fate wasn’t in her own hands.

    She had her eyes closed trying but failing to imagine the flower fields of her old, fading, almost forgotten now, dreams. The bloomed dandelions that filled huge pieces of land with color and the sunlight that came through the braces of ancient trees. The calming smell of the blended aromas of different roses raising from well-cared gardens. The birds singing her favorite melody and the hard-working bees flying to find their precious nectar. But she couldn’t remember anything because those dreams had abandoned her. Every time she saw a flower now, she felt like she is supposed to see something that isn’t there anymore. When she was outside, she didn’t notice anything beautiful anymore. She couldn’t listen. She couldn’t see. Even when she was out in the garden she couldn’t feel. She couldn’t feel anything except the thorns she let pierce her pearl-like skin. Then she could feel pain. Then she could feel blood.  Then she could smell it and sense its taste in her mouth just like in her dreams. That always would remind her of the changes in her life, of her lost peace of mind. It was a relief to know at least that those dreams had nothing to do with her visions because those were different but not less terrifying. They had a different aftertaste, and they were like seeing a scene through disturbed waters. Like the black waters of the cauldron. Her dreams were the results of her own deepest fears, but the visions were like viewing stolen pictures of the future in secrecy and like overhearing silenced dialogues and whispers, secrets meant not to be heard and revealed.    

    A shadow stepped into the room at last. Nualla. Everyone thinks that the wraiths and Azriel could not be detected when they are shadow walking, but Elain could see the absence of light in the open space. She could see Azriel’s shadows coming in, heading to their master, and then joining the visible dance going around the shadowsinger. Nualla’s light steps stopped in front of the window, and she flung open the curtains and opened the shutters. Elain removed the blankets off her and welcomed the morning after an unending night.

    ‘’Good morning miss Elain!!’’ Nualla greeted Elain with a bright smile. ‘’You must be excited!’’

    ‘’Not half as much as Cassian! Good morning and stop calling me miss! Elain is fine.’’ Elain said with a small smile while rubbing her eyes. Nualla nodded and left a tray full of food at her nightstand. Elain ignored the food and turned to find the half wraith holding the case of her dress.

    ‘’Today is your sister’s wedding! I can’t believe she is marrying Cassian! They are such a nice couple don’t you think?’’ Elain was happy for her sister and mate, but she couldn’t help the jealousy tugging in her guts. She reminded herself that today wasn’t about her it was about Nesta so she would forget her own troubles for the day and see this ceremony as an opportunity to feel alive again.

    ‘’They are great together! But what is this? My dress? Will you allow me to see my dress at last?’’

    ‘’Of course.  Today is the big day and our High Lord arranged everything perfectly’’ Elain didn’t doubt that. Rhys was beyond grateful to Nesta since she saved his family. He had everything arranged for the wedding-mating ceremony without ever caring about the cost. Elain would never be granted such gifts. She knew it. She was kind and pleasant to be around but she wasn’t considered powerful or brave. She was just pretty Elain and that is who she would be for eternity as it seemed.

    ‘’I’m sure he did. Now let me see it.’’

    ‘’It was made inspired by your style Elain.’’ Elain pretended to be thrilled out of excitement but hearing what Nualla had just said she knew exactly the type of dress she was about to see. Probably it was soft pink with huge skirts, a tight bodice for a super slim waist, and big sleeves, and all of that was made of the most expensive silk. She shouldn’t be ungrateful and that’s why she never was disrespectful, never showed she liked different things in life from time to time, and that she wanted new experiences because that’s not what it is to be expected from her. Her mother used to say to her ‘’ If you want to be loved you should bear any kind of pain with a charming smile on that beautiful face of yours. That should be enough for you to survive or even find a wealthy husband to fall in love with you.’’ So that’s what she did.

    ‘’Elain I can’t wait any longer so here it is!!! Isn’t it a masterpiece? It is made from the most expensive silk. The silk is made in the Summer Court, of course, which is known for…’’ She widened her eyes in fake surprise and then muted Nualla’s long speech about the fabric and how considerate the High Lord is and she would let her continue to speak until she was over with it. Elain couldn’t share her happiness. She was tired but she would keep on existing hoping that someday she will find a reason to start living again. Elain couldn’t help but smile at the thought that she was considered boring by everyone in the inner circle and out of it, but she couldn’t understand how it was everyone else that seemed so predictable to her? Visions weren’t needed to predict the inner circle’s actions. It was just too easy for her to read them like an open book.

    ‘’Isn’t it fabulous?’’ Elain resisted the urge to roll her eyes at Nuala’s enthusiasm and simply nodded. Then the door burst open, and Cerridwen stepped in glaring at her twin.

    ‘’ Nuala stop talking and please just go prepare the bath because perhaps you forgot but we have work to do! And you miss Elain! Why is your food still untouched? Come on you must hurry so you can go help your sister dress!’’

    ‘’Good morning to you too Cerridwen, we are fine, thank you for asking! And don’t call me miss! Elain is just fine!’’

    ‘’Whatever. Now eat.’’ And that was the end of the discussion. Elain ate a few bites and sneaked into the bath before Cerridwen made her eat more. She couldn’t get calm in the water, so she used to hurry, and while she was in, she hummed a song that her father used to sing to her when she was upset. She didn’t remember the lyrics, but she was under the impression that they had something to do with hope. But Elain held no hope for her future. She knew that this would be her life. She stepped out where the twins helped her dress and pulled half of her hair up. They added soft pink roses that matched her dress and they tried to make her wear a necklace, but she wasn’t really fond of them. She preferred earrings because they didn’t bother her while she was gardening or helping the staff in the kitchen. So, she put on a pair of pink diamond earrings instead and stepped out of the door.

    While she was roaming in the corridors trying to spot any of her sisters, she heard a baby’s soft cry coming from the living room. She found Feyre and Rhysand trying to calm Nyx down. The baby was in his father’s arms wailing and her poor sister was shaking a toy desperate for her baby to stop screaming.

    ‘’Good morning, everyone! Nyx is feeling like being the drama today, huh?’’ Elain said with a charming smile. She couldn’t believe that it was so difficult for those legendary warriors to cope with such a tiny and cute creature as baby Nyx.

    ‘’Elain don’t test my patience, please. Not today.’’ Feyre pleaded but then her eyes lit up staring at Rhys. Elain knew exactly what they were saying through their bond. They would like to hand Nyx to her so he would stop. Her nephew knew what he was doing.

    ‘’Elain if you have nothing to do can you please stay with Nyx for a minute?’’ Here it was! So predictable! ‘’It will be just for a minute. I will go to the house of wind to check on Cassian-‘’

    ‘’-And I will go to check on Nesta and the girls. It will be for a little while. Rhys will come to take Nyx and then you can join us!’’ Elain kept staring for a moment just to see their reaction. She liked to mess around with them like that. She liked to make them think she hadn’t already figured out a thing and that they should explain to her in detail why they assigned her to do something and not someone else. It was better for her to know she outsmarted them than to feel irritated because they probably thought she was stupid. But she enjoyed the fact that she understood more than expected. Rhys and Feyre had still their hopeful gazes upon her, and she decided to put them out of their misery.

    ‘’Everything for my nephew.’’ Both then exhaled the long breaths Elain was sure they were holding but she didn’t plan to make it easy for them. ‘’He will be a better company than an anxious Nesta and an even more anxious Cassian, I’m sure of it.’’ Then the parents stared at each other probably to reconsider but Elain wouldn’t leave this opportunity for a peaceful morning slip off her hands. She took the wailing Nyx off his father’s arms and patted each of them on the shoulder. ‘’Have fun!’’ She knew she had won.

    ‘’Elain wait a second!’’ Rhys and Feyre called for her in one voice, but it was too late.

    ‘’Sorry can’t hear you the baby is crying!’’ she said with her back on them heading to the kitchen. Elain hummed the song she used to sing to Nyx as a lullaby and patted softly the baby’s back always aware of his fragile bat wings that had almost killed both son and mother.  Elain didn’t know how to feel about Rhys’s order to keep this a secret from Feyre. She was mad when she found out. She didn’t know a thing until the incident with Nesta and her mind couldn’t comprehend such an action. But she decided that she would do as Feyre said and if her sister had forgiven her mate, she would forgive him as well. However, she wouldn’t forget it so easily since he wasn’t able to forget the mistakes she and Nesta made as teenagers. If he didn’t forget, then she wouldn’t forget either. That was a form of protection she had in mind in case something bad happened. Noticing things so no one could outsmart her. She did that since she was a little kid. And she didn’t pick that from her mother’s or father’s ‘’how to find a husband’’ pieces of advice, she just thought it was smart as a defense mechanism.

    Finally, after ten minutes of humming and patting, Nyx stopped and stared at Elain with those big blue eyes of his. Now that the baby was silent though Elain started feeling anxiety forming in her guts. Her heartbeat increased and she was feeling her blood running in her veins. Nyx was clapping his hands happily, but Elain couldn’t share his enthusiasm. She was feeling like she was having a heart attack. Then she heard someone knocking on the door. Nyx was jumping up and down in her arms and with no one around she hurried to open the door. With her heart pounding like crazy in her chest and her pulse increasing she flung the door open only to come across him. Lucien. Her mate.


    Lucien had never felt more nervous. Here he stood at the front door of Rhysand’s home with his heart thundering in his chest and guts twisting out of anxiety. Every time he had to come back to Night, he had the same reaction. He couldn’t stand the thought that there was a chance he would see her. Today though this was a fact. Jurian tried to make him feel better, before he left, telling him this was a nice opportunity for him to approach his mate. But what did Jurian know about relationships? He was fighting with Vassa all night and then complained to Lucien all day about it. He should really calm down. He tried to inhale slowly and exhale even more slowly but then a very familiar scent of jasmine and honey made him think that it would be better for him to just leave.

    The door flung open and there she stood. Elain. His mate.

    Touch her, smell her, taste her…

    She was as breathtaking as always holding Feyre’s baby in her arms. She was wearing a soft pink dress that flattered her too-thin waist. It was made with silk and the bodice was covered with lace. It was the usual style of dresses she wore he came to realize. He thought that she would wear something like that. And her shiny hair was in her usual hairstyle, half up half down. She was predictable. She seemed healthy enough, but she could be so much better. Did she eat at all? She wasn’t like the first time they met but he couldn’t say that she was in perfect health condition.

    ‘’Uhm Good morning’’ Elain said with an awkward smile. He hated this. He hated she was so awkward around him. He didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.

    ‘’Uhm Hello. I’m sorry for intruding but I was supposed to meet with Rhysand here.’’ He was sure the High Lord of Night did this on purpose. He wanted them to meet alone as a reminder that he had his mate in his court so he would always stay in line. Rhysand wanted them together because he was smart enough to recognize Lucien’s importance as a political pawn. And not just Lucien’s apparently but Elain’s as well. Rhysand wasn’t the brightest, but he was cunning. He would give him that.

    ‘’Of course. Please come in, he will be here at any moment. He is supposed to take Nyx as well.’’ The baby in her arms was jumping up and down smiling and clapping its chubby little hands. Same energy as Feyre. He stepped inside and followed her to the surprisingly empty living room.

    ‘’Where is everyone?’’ He said and then resisted the urge to slap himself as he regretted the exact moment the words left his mouth. He didn’t want her to think he didn’t enjoy her company. ‘’ I wanted to give Nesta or Cassian their present’’ He saved it and thanked the cauldron he had brought the present with him and hadn’t sent it yesterday.

    ‘’Oh uhm, Feyre and the other girls are in Nesta’s room helping her, Rhysand and Azriel are helping Cassian at the House of Wind and the staff is outside. They have placed a magical tent for the food and drinks so they wouldn’t have to move back and forth in the house.’’ That was the longest Elain had spoken in a sentence since they first met. He had resisted the urge to growl when he heard the shadowsinger’s name coming from her lips. That bastard had his sights on his mate from the very start. He thought it was his imagination at first or that he was becoming obsessed because of the bond. For a while, he ignored the tag of jealousy in his stomach and thought Azriel was a decent male, but Solstice made everything clear to him.

    ‘’As for the gift let me take it with everything else.’’ Lucien extended the bag, but Elain couldn’t grasp it when Nyx was practically dancing in her arms. ‘’He is calmer usually…’’

    ‘’With Feyre’s blood in his veins, I doubt it. Don’t trouble yourself you can just tell me where I should leave it.’’

    ‘’It’s kind of a mess in there so will you be ok to hold him for a minute?’’ She would trust him with Nyx? That was something.

    ‘’I have survived worse don’t worry’’ he said with more confidence than he felt. Elain hand him over with her hands brushing on his own. Her hands were soft on his skin but felt so cold… Was she cold or that was her natural temperature? Or maybe he was too warm…

    The baby settled in his arms and surprisingly Nyx rested his head on Lucien’s shoulder and put his thumb in his mouth. Elain’s eyes widened at the sight and her eyebrows shot up.

    ‘’He likes you!’’ She said and her cheeks turned scarlet. She was so beautiful. He liked the color on her face. It was something different than her usual pale complexion.

    ‘’It was time for someone to like me in this house I guess’’ Elain’s eyes widened once again, and she turned her back on him and left with the present. Beautiful or not he wouldn’t be easy on her. He would make her respond to him. And a real response, not those fake little smiles meant to please everyone else. Elain may forget that Lucien is her mate, but he can see right through her, and he would use that to make her reveal her true self. He denied believing that this behavior was normal. He gave her enough time but now it was time to act. He wouldn’t press her to be his, but he would help her find herself and live at last even if it meant losing her in the process. He would do everything to make her happy and her happiness was his only goal. His needs and desires don’t matter when it comes to her. He would protect her because he couldn’t stand failing her like Jesminda. He would make her feel free because he owed that to both Jesminda and Elain. He would be whatever she wanted him to be for her. His mate.

    Nyx fell asleep and Elain hadn’t come yet. Lucien was furious at the fact that everyone else left her alone to go and have fun. He was certain that when they left her with the youngling, Nyx was crying. He could see the stains of tears on his cheeks. And they knew Elain would be too kind to refuse. Then suddenly he heard the noise of multiple objects falling on the ground, certainly with too much force that could crush someone as fragile as Elain, coming from the direction she left. He was on his feet right away keeping his steps light so he wouldn’t disturb Nyx. When he entered the room he sense she would be, he found Elain trying to stack all the gifts that had fallen down from the remaining stacks. Who was so stupid to have put them like that?

    ‘’Are you ok? I heard the noise, and I came to check on you.’’ Elain jumped in surprise and placed a hand on her chest.

    ‘’AH! Thank you I am just fine. Someone not so smart let Cassian stack the presents.’’ As he imagined. Someone pretty stupid.

    ‘’Do you need a hand?’’

    ‘’Nyx is sleeping’’ they said in unison.

    ‘’Yes, he is’’ Lucien said with confidence. ‘’Is that hard to make him fall asleep?’’ He said with a little more bitterness than he originally intended to use.

    ‘’It is actually’’ Elain said in a voice matching his. Not submission then. Interesting. But when she faced him fully, he spotted a cut on her cheek. He stepped in front of her and raised a hand in front of her face.

    ‘’You are hurt.’’ She was so close to him now. They were so close to each other that he could actually get drunk by inhaling her scent just once. While he was dropping his hand, she was raising hers. Their fingers brushed against each other, and it was enough to send chills to his whole body. Their eyes locked and Lucien couldn’t help but feel lost in her sparkling gaze. He was sure he could see fire in it and that pleased him. She was worth fighting for.

    ‘’It’s just a cut.’’ Just a cut she said. No, his mate shouldn’t have a cut because of an idiot who didn’t know how to stack. His mate should be completely healthy because she shouldn’t be afraid of anything hurting her even if it was just paper. They kept staring at each other and he couldn’t help his traitorous heart from pounding. He hoped that she couldn’t listen to it anymore. Then he scented an unpleasant presence nearby. The shadowsinger. He didn’t take his eyes from her though and to his surprise, she didn’t either. Maybe she couldn’t tell. But at that particular moment, he decided he didn’t care and he kept his eyes on her.

    ‘’Elain, I came to take… ‘’ They both turned then. The shadowsinger was glaring at him. ‘’Nyx. I came to take Nyx.’’

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  • moononastring
    17.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    The Night Light Podcast strikes again talking about space.

    #lucien vanserra#cassian #the night light podcast #i don’t think y’all know how much this makes me laugh picturing it as Lucien and Cassian #like these dudes are hilarious on their own but through in the Archeron Husbands?? #gets even funnier #Rhys is a honary guest because he’s obsessed with space lol #gpost
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  • moononastring
    17.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    so sorry to just drop elucien angst in your ask box but i totally forgot that elain was the one to invite lucien to velaris. and now all i can think is how confusing it must have been for him when she started icing him out like?? i’m sure he understands that she’s going through some Shit, but i also think that anyone would take that as a positive sign. something he thought about and was excited about returning to and then just ????¿¿

    again i’m sorry for the Sad Thoughts but our girl has me bamboozled

    Girl you and me both! I think Elain’s trauma is catching up with her and she’s not able to process it as well as she thought she could. This means Lucien is a big “oh my god he’s my soul mate and I don’t know what to do with myself” thing.

    We don’t know what’s going on in her mind yet! I’m very curious as to what happened because the bond is still there between her and Lucien. She hasn’t rejected it and he still comes to see her (with longing in his eyes). I always go back to the thought that Lucien sees more than Elain wants him to see and she’s not ready for that.

    The angst 🫠🤌🏼 is going to hurt 🫠🤌🏼 but the pay off 🫦🤌🏼 is going to be great 🫦🤌🏼

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  • earieisincrisis
    17.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    can we stop trying to force an emotional connection between lucien and eris please?

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  • moononastring
    17.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    God I want them to fix their relationship so badly 🫠

    Lucien sure af doesn’t have to beg for any forgiveness thanks 😤😤 especially after the abuse he endured 😤😤

    #Tamlin just assumed the worst per usual #the freaken NC saved everyone’s asses in the war #why are you acting like he betrayed you by wearing their clothes damn #you weren’t willing to welcome him back to spring anyway so fuck off yeah #lucien vanserra#eris vanserra #gigi reads acowar
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  • moononastring
    17.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    I see you nerds peeking at each other 😏 but also…to be a fly on the wall when they walk away together to go wash up 😭

    #elain archeron#lucien vanserra#elucien #Sarah is blue balling us eluciens so badly jfc #i cry #i love my awkward little beans #gigi reads acowar
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  • lidiacervos
    17.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Elain and Lucien have both been in love before; both thought they had found their forever person.

    Their love is going to be a quiet intensity, full of passion and understanding. A second chance after thinking they would never have true happiness.

    #elucien #had to do an elucien one too #elain archeron#lucien vanserra
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  • moononastring
    17.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    The way he came running 🫠 the first to get a smile out of his girl 🫠

    #awkward little beans #lucien vanserra#elain archeron#elucien #if only everyone would stop cockblocking y’all lmao #gigi reads acowar
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  • acourtofthought
    17.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    How are Elain and Lucien going to come together you say?

    Just a little Silver Flames foreshadowing to help us out!

    “They say a beast prowls these lands now. A beast with keen green eyes and golden fur. Some people think the beast has forgotten his other shape, so long has he spent in his monstrous form. And though he roams these lands, he does not see or care for the neglect he passes, the lawlessness, the vulnerability. Even his manor has fallen into disrepair, half-eaten by thorns, though rumors fly that he himself destroyed it.”

    “You’ve been trying to bring Tamlin back for a while. But he isn’t getting better, is he?”

    And too bad the lord who ruled these lands was a piece of shit.


    Learning of Feyre’s pregnancy might make him crumble again. With a new war possible and Briallyn up to her bullshit with Koschei, we need a strong ally. We need the Spring Court’s forces.”

    “So we’re to hide her pregnancy from him?”

    “No. But we need to summon Lucien,” Azriel said, just a shade tightly, as if he didn’t like it one bit. “We need to tell him the news, and permanently station him at the Spring Court to contain any damage and to be our eyes and ears.”

    (thanks for recently posting the above excerpt about summoning Lucien, I know it was in reference to something else but it triggered this post for me @ladyelain!)

    Nesta’s throat constricted, and she surveyed the swaying cherry blossoms overhead. Elain would love this place.

    Nesta felt like a storm cloud standing amid it all. But Elain … The Spring Court had been made for someone like her.

    Too bad her sister refused to see her. Nesta would have told Elain to visit this place.


    It sounds a little like Elain and Lucien may both be in Spring together in the near future!

    #acotar#elain archeron#elainarcheron#pro elain#elucien#lucien vanserra#lucien#post acosf#acosf thoughts#pro lucien #elain and lucien #lucien and elain #elain x lucien #lucien x elain #pro elain archeron #pro elucien #sarah j maas #elain acosf#lucien acotar
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