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    26.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    It feels like its been a while since I've posted a luffy drawing

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  • rubberbodied
    26.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago
    me: wanting luffy to have an actual healthy relationship with boa hanc/ock where she doesn’t faun over a minor.
    #just saying #what the fuck is wrong with you oda with that shit???? #blame it on the alcohol. OOC Post #he was 17 when he met her #and she was 29 #y i k e s #ask to tag #like i like hancock #don't get me wrong #but honestly her fauning over luffy REALLY rubbed me the wrong way #and i'm pretty sure a lot of people feel the same
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  • rubberbodied
    26.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago
    @slcwmms​ continued from x

               “does that mean your famous or something?” he’s heard of usopp asking others for his autograph after they took down big heads, ergo, getting more known throughout his world, so did this mean this guy was widely known as well?

         he never once stopped poking the creature, too interested on what he was to stop.

    #slcwmms #ic post. #i hate luffy #i really do
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  • sashi-ya
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    1050 Spoilers ~

    Chapter 1050- Honor ~ favourite panels

    #op spoilers #op manga spoilers #op manga spoiler #one piece spoilers #one piece spoiler #op spoiler#trafalgar law #mugiwara no luffy #monkey d. luffy #yamato one piece
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  • herald-of-darkness
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    My recommended feed is full of OFMD and One Piece. I'm a sucker LGBTQ pirates who have found their true family among their crew

    *whispers* and they were crewmates...

    #no one dare say the Strawhats aren't LGBTQ #luffy is literally ace #i headcanon sanji as a closeted bisexual #zoro is both demi and gay #nami is a lesbian #i will die on this hill #brooke is an old dandy gay #franky and robin are t4t and also pan #usopp is a bi king #i haven't seen jinbei yet but for now he's the straight ally #sanji could also be enby not sure yet #not gonna get into chopper because he's a literal reindeer #luffy doesn't care about a gender and doesn't know what it is but uses he/it pronouns #ofmd #one piece strawhats #headcanon #our flag means death
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  • yumecmt
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    Quando finirà One Piece

    #art #artists on tumblr #tumblr#divertente#one piece#onepiece#luffy #monkey d. luffy #one piece luffy #straw hat luffy #nami#usopp#nico robin#brook#chopper#franky#roronoa zoro#zoro#sanji#op jinbe #one piece jinbe #anime and manga #anime
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  • chaos0pikachu
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    one of the greatest moments of all cinema was when Monkey D Luffy punched that Celestial Dragon in the fucking face and no I will not be taking comments at this point in time

    #one piece #monkey d. luffy #chaos elmo spoketh
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  • no-context-zolu
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #one piece#zolu#roronoa zoro #monkey d. luffy #no context zolu #no context#luffy #monkey d luffy #zoro #zoro x luffy
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  • diornio
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    전 : Luffy icons !! ૮ ’• ˕ •` ა . . . fav or reblog if you like it — I appreciate credits.

    #one piece#luffy#anime icons#icons #monkey d. luffy #luffy icons #one piece luffy #anime #one piece icons
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  • op-grand-collection
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago
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  • deardracule
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    would your f/o from one anime get along with your other fave from a different anime?

    #law would get along with sakusa i think #shoyo would get along with luffy
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  • topijeramimy
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    One Piece Film Red New Visual

    #one piece #topijerami.my #topijeramimy #one piece film red #manga#eiichiro oda #one piece malaysia #anime #artists on tumblr #illustration#art #one piece anime #luffy#shanks#uta chan#wano #straw hat luffy #one piece strawhats #straw hat crew #kru topi jerami #budak getah malaysia #budak getah#zoro#kaido #one piece news
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  • mokneydloaf
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    “Did you know that 

    Santa cleans his sleigh with Santatizer”

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  • onepiece-d
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    One Piece Chapter 1050



    #One piece  Kaido  Luffy
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  • animebw
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Reading One Piece: Chapters 1001-1003

    -This is happening. We’re actually fighting two emperors at once. Great. Great great great great.

    -”That makes it sound like I was following your orders!” kjdfhkdjfhsd oh just kiss him already

    -Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen.

    -That feeling when you unleash all our party’s ultimate moves at once and it still barely makes a dent.

    -I barely know what to say here. This fight is just... colossal.

    -”My flame didn’t work either? Why?!” “GUTS!” ahahahahahaha holy shit

    -Tornados. Sure. Why not.

    -And meanwhile, Cipher Pol is just sitting on their lazy asses hoping the bad guys will do their dirty work for them. The very model of good governance.

    -So the site I’m reading on also has some one-off chapters drawn by other shonen jump artists, and it’s really cool to see. Food Wars’ author makes surprisingly good use of Sanji, and Dr. Stone’s author delivers a beautiful episode of Ace’s backstory. It’s honestly kind of unfair, the art in both these chapters is so much better than in One Piece itself.

    #anime #the anime binge-watcher #tabw#one piece #one piece manga #luffy #monkey d luffy #zoro#zoro roronoa#nami#usopp#sanji #tony tony chopper #chopper#nico robin#franky#brook#jimbei
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  • narutosfrog
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐍𝐲𝐦𝐩𝐡 — Reader x Strawhats ! Reader x Luffy — FIRST PART

    The Strawhats make a stop at an apparently abandoned island that happens to be the home to a nymph.

    cw: fem!reader, some body description, violence, mentions of death and mass murder, mdni

    Luffy took a deep breath, welcoming the fresh air into his lungs. The Sunny seemed to have docked on a spring island. "Maybe we'll find a restaurant that cooks meat!" he said out loud.

    Nami rolled her eyes. "Our priority is to find someone who'll tell us how long it'll take before the Log Pose registers the magnetic field of the island."

    "My priority is eating," retorted Luffy.

    "Nami is right," intervened Sanji but Luffy was well aware that, no matter what Nami said, Sanji would always agree with her. So he ignored him and imagined spicy meat and squid meatballs.

    "I'll stand with Luffy on this one" said Franky, slapping his palm on his own stomach, "I need more Cola."

    And, while the rest kept fighting about what was more important, Usopp shivered. "I think I have the 'this place is dangerous' disease."

    "You too?!" whined Chopper, clutching on Zoro's leg.

    "I saw a spider bigger than my —"

    Zoro raised an eyebrow, smirking at Usopp. "Tsk. I think you might have a problem."

    Usopp started screaming incoherent things at Zoro and Robin laughed to herself, pulling up Chopper.

    Meanwhile, Brook was muttering the words of a song he had just made up. He was singing about whatever he saw while walking through that massive island. It was just vegetation, a river, flowers, vegetation, a pond, more vegetation...

    And way more than an hour went by. Still no people and no civilization.

    "Sanji..." complained Luffy, "I'm hungry."

    "And what am I supposed to do about that? Idiot."

    "I'm hungry!"

    "I don't care!"

    Brooke pointed his boney finger upwards. "An aries!" he shouted, almost keeping up with his singing voice.

    Zoro unsheathed his swords, before actually looking in the direction Brook was pointing to. "An aries? On the trees?"

    "I don't know what to tell you" he shrugged, "I saw horns."

    "Whatever's edible," exclaimed Luffy, preparing to reach the tree in a heartbeat.

    But he didn't have the chance to because something jumped off of it and suddenly Luffy was being threatened by two knives, pressed on the base of his throat.

    The group tensed up, ready to fight, but sharp golden eyes convinced them to do otherwise. "Make a move and he dies."

    Luffy held a hand up to his crew, stopping them from doing anything stupid. He looked at the creature in front of him and furrowed his eyebrows. A woman... with horns.

    "I have been waiting for you, Monkey D. Luffy," she uttered.

    "Who are you?" he questioned.

    The woman tilted her head, pressing the knives on his skin. "I will ask the questions for now." Then, she glared through Luffy's head, looking behind him. "I wouldn't try that, if I were you."

    Zoro's grip hardened on his swords and he grew cold. He was thinking about a way to attack her, but how could she know? Haki?

    "Not the haki" she spoke out loud, "But I'm not surprised you know about such thing, Roronoa Zoro."

    Luffy's eyes widened and Zoro gritted his teeth. "She's in my head —."

    "How?" voiced Luffy.

    The woman didn't answer, staring at every single one of the pirates. "You're certainly an interesting crew."

    "How?" he repeated, louder.

    She narrowed her eyes and moved her knives from Luffy's throat, freeing him from the deadly threat. Then, she sighed and moved sideways. "From the upper left. You need to do better, Zoro."

    Zoro fell back on the ground, mid attack. He stared, astounded and angry. "How are you in our heads?"

    "Was it a Fruit?" asked Sanji, taking a step closer. He hadn't had the heart to speak until then, let alone to fight her like Zoro.

    "Mother Nature gave me many gifts. That Fruit was one of them."

    Sanji couldn't help but think of the other obvious gifts and the woman scowled.

    Luffy cocked his head. "I see. Why didn't you kill me?"

    She looked at him and shrugged. "You are not a threat."

    "Not a threat?" repeated Zoro.

    "Last time I checked, you do not have hearing problems."

    He was about to answer but Luffy stopped him. "Calm down, Zoro. I want to know more."

    "What is this place called?" asked Robin.

    "This is the Sanctuary," she replied, "I see you're an archaeologist."

    Robin's eyes widened. "I thought this place was a myth."

    "Why?" questioned Luffy.

    "Because it is said to be the home of nymphs," answered Franky in a low tone.

    Many eyes rested on the woman's face.

    "You're a nymph..." murmured Nami.

    "I am," she confirmed, dryly.

    "I thought nymphs didn't exist," said Sanji, in awe.

    "She has horns like me," commented Chopper. It was the only thing he could concentrate on.

    The nymph uncomfortably touched her horns, gazing down at the speaking reindeer.

    "There are many songs about nymphs" murmured Brooke, "As the songs say, you are immortal — is that true?"

    She clicked her tongue, bothered. "The Log Pose will be ready in five days" she said, "Camp here, nothing will attack you — but do not try to hunt."

    "We need to eat," replied Zoro.

    "I will feed you. Do not try to hunt on this land or your hunger will be the least of your problems."

    Sanji swallowed. There was something terrifying about that beautiful woman.

    "Can you show us the city?" asked Franky.

    The nymph remained in silence for a moment. "There is no city."

    "What's your name?" asked Luffy.

    The nymph didn't answer. "I will come back later to bring you food and water."

    "Why were you waiting for me?" insisted Luffy.

    But the nymph ignored him again and disappeared in the trees.

    The nymph sat on the near tree, in silence. She could still hear their conversations and their thoughts, too.

    "Do you think she could actually..."

    "That's what it looks like — I didn't even know a fruit like that existed."

    "Luffy, what are we going to do?"


    The nymph furrowed her eyebrows and listened more closely, heightening her senses.

    "What do you mean?! She was going to kill you!"

    "But she didn't. She said I wasn't a threat to her. At this point, neither is she to me."

    "I believe she was only checking our intentions." The nymph recognised the reindeer's voice.

    "That's what I believe, as well" said Luffy, "There's nothing we need to do, she doesn't want to fight. She said she's bringing food, too."

    "Perhaps it's poisoned," scowled Zoro.

    "I want to know more about her. I will talk to her, somehow."

    The nymph stopped listening. She got down and stared at the baskets full of food and the barrels of water. From the earth, she summoned endless branches that slowly transported everything to the Strawhats. She didn't want to see them — she wasn't ready.

    The following day came soon enough. The sun wasn't up, yet, and the breeze was fresh. Pleasurable.

    She was sitting on the edge of the river, her legs only partially in. She couldn't sleep all night and she was so deep in her thoughts she couldn't even hear his thoughts as he got closer.

    "Why are you here?" she asked as Luffy sat next to her.

    "I want you to answer my questions" he replied, "What are you doing here?"

    "Couldn't sleep."

    "Then, you might as well take the time to answer."

    The nymph sighed. The Strawhats's captain was giving her a look full of determination. In his mind, he unraveled random thoughts one by one — it was like listening to someone screaming.

    "Oh, fuck —" she winced, "Please, I will answer but stop that."

    Luffy smiled and the mental chaos actually stopped. "Ah, so it worked" he murmured, "C'mon, answer my questions then."

    "My name is Y/n Willow," she sighed again.


    "Forest nymphs are born from trees. I was born from a weeping willow."

    Luffy smiled excitedly. Y/n's eyes widened. She couldn't understand why he was so happy to know things about her — and his mind was surprisingly hard to understand. It was chaotic, to say the least.

    "I will call you Willow" he decided, "It's pretty."

    Newly baptized Willow blinked, not knowing what to say. "Doesn't seem I have a say in the matter, right?"

    "Nope. Willow, Willow, Willow."

    "Alright, stop that."

    "Will you start weeping if I don't?"

    A glare was enough to get him to change the subject.

    "Are you actually immortal?"

    "I wouldn't say that."

    Luffy remained silent, waiting for an explanation.

    "I could age if I wanted to" she said, "I stopped ageing when I turned 18, but if... you know, I could grow old."

    "But you don't want to" he retorted, "Why?"

    "I have unfinished business. I haven't found my purpose yet."

    "Sounds depressing."

    "You're irritating me."

    "Sorry. How old are you? I mean, actually."

    Y/n glared at him again. "Do you really need to know?" she groaned.

    "I want to," he admitted.

    She sighed. "I'm very close to half a millennium."

    Luffy's mouth gaped open. "Oh fuck me — you're old."

    "You have an interesting way of expressing yourself."

    "Oh. That's not what I meant... more or less."


    When she tried to search his mind, his thoughts obscured in an instant, just to unravel again in new questions.

    "Where do you live?" he asked.

    "I used to live in a village" she said in a low tone, "We all lived there together, us nymphs."

    "I'd like to meet them."

    "You can't," she spat, a little too harshly for it to go unnoticed.

    Luffy remained silent, Y/n's reaction playing over and over in his head. "Why?" he questioned after a while.

    She lowered her gaze, fixating on the water. "There's no one left."

    "No one left?"

    "They are all dead. Blackbeard killed them all."

    Luffy felt his heart drop to his feet. Y/n could hear his thoughts, horrible images one after the other. "Blackbeard...?"

    "I heard he got your family, too," she whispered.

    He clenched his fists. "That is why you were waiting for me?"

    "More or less, yes. You fought him and I need to know about his powers."

    "You want revenge."

    "I am going to kill him."

    Luffy stared at her, in utter silence. "I understand," he just said.

    "Don't you want revenge?" she asked in a low tone.

    "Sometimes I want it so much it obscures everything else. Does it hurt you? Thinking about the other nymphs."

    The answer came almost immediately. "I still wake up screaming for them to run. I still think that everything that happened was partly my fault."

    Luffy's face winced, just as if he heard something very painful. "Don't say that."

    "But, you see, maybe I could've avoided it" she insisted, her voice shaking, "I wasn't there! The only reason I survived was that I wasn't there when my people needed me the most."

    "Stop that. Thinking like that doesn't make anything better — I know it, trust me."

    Y/n was barely shocked when she heard the desperation in his voice. His mind had spoken louder. She saw that he wanted to change the subject and, to be fair, she didn't feel like talking about those things either so she decided to grant him that wish.

    "I heard you'll become king of the pirates," she muttered.

    The smallest smile ever appeared on his lips. "If it's the last thing I do."

    "You're determined. You remind me of him."



    Luffy's smile grew bigger and Y/n felt a little better.

    "You met Gol D. Roger?" he screamed.

    "Met pretty much everyone that counts" she said, shrugging, "They all come here after entering the New World."

    "Oh — you met my brother, too?"

    Y/n gave him a sad smile. "He wouldn't stop talking about you. He was really proud."

    Luffy lowered his gaze, smiling to himself. "Can you tell me more about your power?"

    "There's not much, I just ate a Devil Fruit" she sighed, "Add the fact that I'm a nymph and that I was trained to use haki — that's pretty much it."

    "Sounds like a lot" he retorted, "What can you do exactly? The powers of the fruit."

    "I have access to everyone's mind. Thoughts, memories. Everything."

    "That's why Zoro couldn't even graze you."

    "That and haki. I doubt anyone could actually graze me, as you said. They'd have to catch me first and I'm pretty fast."

    Luffy tilted his head, instinctively cracking his knuckles. "How fast?" he murmured.

    Y/n couldn't help but smile. "You want to see it for yourself?"

    "I bet I can catch you."

    "I bet you can't."

    In Luffy's mind, the nymph saw a sudden, burning bright light. Weird way to welcome an idea.

    "If I do," he uttered, getting closer, "You'll join my crew."

    The nymph furrowed her eyebrows at the sudden closeness. "Yeah, sure," she ridiculed.

    "I'm serious."

    "Say what you will. It's not like you're going to catch me."

    He smirked. "Ever thought that maybe you're overestimating yourself?"

    Y/n smirked back, bitterly. "You don't seem to be particularly sharp. You haven't even noticed that your pirates have been spying on us for the last ten minutes."

    An immediate cluster came from the nearby bushes and Luffy turned his head, barely surprised. "Guys?"

    The crew revealed itself from the hidden spot, half of them pretending to be there by chance and the other half not even bothering.

    "You want her to become one of us?" spoke Zoro.

    Y/n rolled her eyes. She would've never joined them, of course, but the swordsman's hostility was starting to get on her nerves.

    Luffy didn't even blink. Y/n thought he was used to Zoro being hostile. "Yes," he simply said.

    The cook was practically drooling. "I'm in favour of her joining!"

    "Get a grip," muttered Nami.

    "Didn't she try to kill you just yesterday?" asked the cyborg.

    "If I wanted to kill you all, I would've," said the nymph, "Just so we're clear."

    "You heard her" giggled Luffy, a strange enthusiasm radiating off of him, "She was just checking."

    Y/n glared at him. She had complete access to his mind and, yet, she couldn't understand him at all.

    "I'm in favour, at one condition," said Robin, "Please, give me permission to explore — it doesn't happen often to see a place like this."

    Y/n felt the need to clarify. "I'm not becoming a pirate. And, yes, you can explore but there are things I need to explain to you, first."

    Robin nodded and a small, grateful smile appeared on her lips. Y/n thought that, in another life, she would've liked to have her as a friend.

    "Can I come, too?" asked Chopper, "I'd like to know about your local medical notions."

    Y/n looked at that small, weird, talking animal and couldn't help but smile. And, anyway, the presence of an animal would've probably helped a human like Robin to stay safe in the forest. "Of course, Chopper. I see you're a doctor."

    He blushed harshly and started giggling, while muttering things under his breath. Y/n could've sworn he called her a "damned bastard" but she shrugged it off.

    "What about our challenge?" asked Luffy.

    "You were serious about that one..."

    "Why wouldn't I be?"

    "Because it's stupid. I said I'm not becoming one of you — moreover, I already know for a fact that I wouldn't lose against you so that's a waste of my time."

    "As if you're running short of that."

    "Screw you. I said no."

    "Why not?"

    "I don't even know you," she retorted, almost indignated.

    "You'd have plenty of time for that!" he fought back.

    "And I don't want to spend it with you!" she spat.

    Luffy clenched his jaw. "Being alone has made you bitter."

    The nymph blinked, pretending that it didn't hurt her. "And, perhaps, having so much company made you blind."

    Then she turned her back. "Chopper. Robin. Let's go."

    They walked in silence for a bit, until Robin broke it. "Where are we going?"

    Y/n looked for suspicion in her voice but she only found curiosity. "Where my village used to be. We have a plantation of medical herbs there" she explained, then paused for a minute, "You can have them all."

    Chopper gasped, both in delight and in shock. "All?" he exclaimed, "Won't you need it?"

    The nymph laughed with no amusement. "To cure whom?" she answered, sarcastically, "Plus, I'm a warrior not a healer. I wouldn't even know what the hell to do with those."

    Chopper lowered his gaze. He felt sad, knowing what happened to the rest of the nymphs. "Thank you for your gift."

    "You're welcome."

    When they got to the plantation, Chopper's heart started to flutter with excitement. "What kind of plants are these? I never saw them, not even in books."

    "This is Mother Nature's home. She can make miracles, here."

    "Mother Nature?" questioned Robin, pulling out a notepad.

    Y/n raised an eyebrow. "The Goddess," she said, as if it was a sufficient explanation.

    "The Goddess," whispered Chopper in disbelief.

    "Nymphs, talking animals and humans with powers exist — and all sorts of things exist, too. A Goddess, whose existence is proven by everything that surrounds you, is where you draw the line?"

    Robin smiled. "It makes sense" she admitted, "Do you have a temple?"

    "You're looking for a Poigne Griffe, are you?"

    "I am, in fact."

    "We have one in our temple" admitted Y/n, almost carelessly, "I'll tell you how to get there."

    "You know, you should join the crew," said Chopper, hesitantly, "Luffy won't give you peace until you say yes, anyway."

    The nymph sighed. "He will have to come to terms with that. I don't even know why he would want me to become a pirate."

    "He saw something in you" murmured Robin, "He saw something in each one of us."

    "He must've seen wrong," retorted Y/n with a sigh, "Let's go, now. I will tell you about the herbs while we walk."

    But, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop thinking about the captain with the strawhat.

    Hiii! I hope you like this! Show some love for a second part

    #one piece luffy #luffy smut #monkey d. luffy #one piece #one piece fanfiction #luffy x reader #straw hats pirates #one piece strawhats #one piece x reader
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  • greeneyedsigma
    26.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Lucci and Luffy are in a fight. Lucci: On your knees. Luffy: I will never kneel before you! Lucci, starting to smile: That's what your brother said last night but in the end, he kneeled. He looked very pleased to do it.

    Luffy, thinking about it: Ugh, gross. Now I’m gonna hit you even harder for making me picture that.

    #one piece#ask response#incorrect quotes #sigma's one piece au #monkey d luffy #female luffy #female rob lucci #rob lucci #sabo x lucci
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  • cyborg-franky
    26.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Hey Franky how are you today????

    I wanted to ask you who do you think is a green flag to have a crush on, who is a red flag and why, with all the characters you want (could you include Zoro, Sabo, Ace and Mihawk?)

    Thank you so much and have a great day/night!!!

    I have headcanons like this kinda here I have the 'disadvantages' and 'advantages' of dating OP Chars but I am willing to something like this too!

    Ace: GREEN and RED Why? If you know how to handle the temper, baggage, and self-esteem issues he’s a green. If you want something simple and trouble-free then baby, he ain’t that. He will be asking you if you’re mad at him 12 times a day and will fistfight a wasp on a whim. He’ll also throw hands at himself on a regular basis.

    Marco: GREEN he’s very laid back and if you managed to piss him off, you are probably a red flag.

    Thatch: GREEN just look at that wholesome loaf.

    Izou: RED he will destroy you if you even make a cup ring on his oak table.

    Sabo: You might think with that smile he’s a GREEN but oh my God, he’s a RED and if you piss him off you better run or know someone way more unhinged than him. Also, his wardrobe, I could give him a pass if he didn’t look like a Victorian mass murderer.

    Luffy: RED Nothing wrong with him, just if you can’t keep up with him you are going to be tired and want to strangle him with himself. If you can’t handle being around children, don’t pursue him.

    Sanji: RED oh man, he’s so problematic all wrapped up in a cute suit and doofy heart eyes. He’ll more than likely make you cry.

    Zoro: RED unless he can drink you, fight you, nap on you. The only way he’ll hold you is if your sword-shaped.

    Usopp: GREEN but he is a lair, coax that out of him and he’s perfect.

    Robin: GREEN, not my cup of tea but she’s a queen.

    Franky: GREEN he's not wearing enough to be hiding something from you.

    Chopper: If YOU are considering Chopper then you’re the RED flag.

    Jinbei: Green <3 perfect

    Brook: RED it’s like when you think ‘awww I want a turtle as a pet, so cute’ and then the fucker outlives you but on top of that wants to see your panties.

    Nami: RED like the card machine when declined comes up after you let Nami use your card to shop with.

    Roger: RED he is the human equivalent to people TyPiNg LiKE tHiS UnIrOniCalLy

    Rayleigh: RED he’s like a cat, you’ll feed him, love him, pet him and he’ll fuck off for months on end, make you worry, but he’s curled up in some old ladies house because she got the better snacks.


    Shanks:  His hair isn’t the only thing that’s RED. The one good thing about him is his baggage is in lost and found somewhere.

    Mihawk: RED like the wine that you spilt on his carpet that one time and now he has a hit out on your ass.


    Crocodile: RED his left shoe costs more than your entire life and he will step on you.

    Law: RED his troubles are as long as the grandline and just as easy to read as the poneglyphs.

    Kid: his GREEN flag is Killer. If they come as a package, I might let him slide.

    Killer: GREEN because honestly, with the captain he has it’s obvious the man has the patience of a saint.

    Corazon: GREEN flag you might think it’s a red flag from afar, but I assure you that’s just the fire.

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  • nothings7op
    26.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Hmm sketches while I try to find a way to draw them in my artstyle

    #i watched the first 2 movies #it was fun #Luffy's fight style was so different #my art#sketch#one piece #one piece fanart
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  • miyukisluv
    26.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    gear 5 😟

    #i like to think he’s slightly unhinged #my art #one piece luffy #one piece spoilers #one piece #monkey d. luffy #luffy#op luffy #one piece fanart #one piece art #op fanart#gear 5th #luffy gear 5 #gear 5 #gear 5 fanart
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