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  • celestibound
    25.05.2022 - 14 hours ago
    my muses rate yours | @chalkhearted​​​​​​​​

    rate me for bedo, by lumine u w u

    “ One of the more interesting people I’ve had the pleasure in meeting — and I mean this in a good way. ” Golden eyes casting downwards momentarily as she continued. “ Also, one of the only individuals I think I can relate to on varying levels. ”  “ A bit out of touch when it comes to certain things, but.. I think that’s what make you all the more unique to be around, in my opinion. ” Granted, although he is a rather mysterious character, Lumine had a great deal of trust in him as a companion. His overall aesthetic is also quite pleasing to the eye. “ A solid seven, I’d say. ”

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  • captainadwen
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    there’s a genshin character ‘who are you’ quiz with all the playable characters and out of all the results possible i got aether

    #to be fair the description was mostly accurate #it was also extremely generic but that's only to be expected from getting bland self insert mc as the answer #the amusing part of this is that i actually chose lumine as my mc
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  • celestibound
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    unprompted asks | @descensionrite​​​​​

    It appeared to be the end, given the momentary lapse of consciousness. The way the blade crackles and the fact Lumine awakens to the sight of inevitable death? It never comes when the blade comes down. Except the cracking of the earth. The screech of elements that shouldn't collide together do so in a vivid flash. Gold meets Purple before the Raiden's body goes flying, smashing into the nearby concrete wall as horrified gasps ring out. It's the baritone voice that rings out, threatening, a low growl.

    "Cease while you have the chance."

    Before anyone can so much as blink, four frames have vanished with the Geo Archon. Wooden floors greet all as faces rush. But he fades away, clearly opting for something along the lines of turning invisible. It can't hide the metallic smell, the faint trail of golden ichor before the sub space creation is taken out once the uproar has quelled.

    It's no surprise that she finds Rex Lapis there, hidden away but his wounds serious. Debilitating perhaps. The fact he twitches as he clearly has been working on purging the foreign element from his body, hisses under his breath as he nearly jolts when she approaches him. The cautious gaze as he remains silent. Before he finally gives, allowing her to peel back the layers of divinity. The cloth soaked in golden and black ichor, stemming from a deep precise cut straight into his shoulder, running slightly down his arm.

    It doesn't amount to the pale deep rugged gash that runs straight through his spine, digging down and clearly having done serious damage even despite being healed perhaps instantaneously after the devastating attack. Many other scars littered him that told stories that would be horrendous to think could take place to such a strong individual.

    It's the way he flinches when she touches him, all signs. The way he clenches his claw like hands together and forces himself still. There is damage on his body....but his soul is burned inside. Worn, so very worn and he kept pushing it. For those he cared about.

    An all knowing feeling soaked into her skin — her bones . . . rattling the very core of her being as blurred eyes gazed upon steeled metal. There was no way to dodge in time . . . no where to turn nor run, as her consciousness was only just now awakening once more — her reaction time delayed by the pangs in her shoulders . . . hands and legs too weary to carry on for that last push. Although Lumine was no stranger to the clutches of death — one too many times, had she plundered herself onto the fleeting edges of her demise . . . too many close calls just within Teyvat alone — how many prior to coming to this world, was an question she’d not answer. Bracing herself for the thundering roar of Raiden’s blade, the least she could do was prepare for impact . . . but it’d never come. Instead, an all too familiar voice — a deep seated growl, accompanied by the dangerous undertone of this person. Eyes fluttering to meet the backside of his cloak — a rush of adrenaline finally kicking into her veins at the opportunity . . . a moment to escape. Beckoning forth was the call into HER private domain. A lightness that coursed throughout their bodies as they’d vanished from sight amongst all that bore witness onto such a spectacle.  Having not noticed before — the all too heavy scent of iron . . . it was the first thing that invaded her senses — her sight, as liquid gold stained onto the grass patches underneath. Underneath the canvas of roofing . . . hidden away from even such a reclusive world — a pang in her heart came on in waves. Silently, had the blonde inched closer . . . giving him time to dismiss her presence had he wanted to be alone — and she almost gave him such privacy, with what his flinching and quiet hisses gave way. Yet, the stains that covered his garments . . . a heavy dose of sticky liquid that clung onto skin and fabrics — only now, had she realized that the Geo Archon had not only clashed with the Raiden Shogun, but to also of sustained a heavy injury in retaliation — at his attempt to save her.

    Tentatively . . . small fingers worked to lift the garments — eyes widening at the fresh wound along his shoulder . . . almost all the way down his arm. “ Why... ” Her voice came in but a small whisper. Lumine hadn’t needed an answer to her question — knowing full and well of the protectiveness that Rex Lapis had bore . . . the same kind that he’d used to quell Osial after the city of Liyue failed in their trial. Yet, now was no time for asking questions — she’d hurried in gathering supplies. Arms soon full with necessities to clean and dress . . . potentially even stitch back skin — a skill she’d been all too familiar with . . . one she had to learn herself whilst all the centuries she’d paid onto being alone in her journeys. One closer look, and she’d seen the countless other scars that riddled this mans body. She’d gulped — an audible sounds, as fingers carefully ran across some of the more larger . . . deeper scars that had already healed over. The pain that these had caused, probably unbearable to most . . . a testament to the hardships and rough past he’d had. For Lumine, she had bore scars as well — countless that strung together like patterns . . . an aimless starry sky, with her old wounds. Yet, nothing could compare to the unsurmountable weight and realization that came with seeing what he had stain his skin. “ I’ll be careful.. I promise. ” Just like her voice — a softness to it that bore no ill-will nor disgust in the slightest at the sight laid out before her. Rather, a pang of sorrow . . . a desire that she’d wish to be able to lift some of that burden off from his shoulders. Even though the weight of her own ideals and quest heavily weight down on her being . . . her soul had slowly been stiffening — growing tired, on this long journey . . . she still wished deeply to take some of the pain off of him. For, had she been able to utilize her power in their fullest, maybe he wouldn’t have to worry as much. Though she was quite capable herself on many accords, she was only one person with too many expectations put on her — still mortal in the flesh, to a varying degree . . . Ever so tenderly, Lumine began to dress the heavy gash onto his shoulder — her eyes melancholy to all he has to endure . . . a heart beating in waves of aching each and every time he’d twitched under her touch — the way his muscles tensed as she worked. Minutes ticked by in silence, must needed for her concentration as she’d wanted to work to the best of her ability. Then . . . a final touch — lips ghosting over the bandages in a faint, light kiss — her skin nearest to her hands dappled in amber shades of ichor . . . smeared onto skin, but she paid no mind at all. “ You really didn’t have to do that — much rather, I’d wished you’d of let me take the fall this time. While I cannot begin to imagine how many battles you’ve taken part in — it is not my place to ask that. However, that was my fight to win or lose. I knew the consequences of my actions, and there is only my lack of ability to blame. ” Her own stubbornness had been her biggest downfall, and now it had costed for a hefty price — an exchange, in her place . . . had it been him. However, she couldn’t remain upset with him — no, she was not angry at all to begin with. “ I’m thankful though.. had you not shown your face, we’d be licking at our wounds in the trenches right now — barely hanging by the skin of our teeth. I just... wish, that I could take some of your pain away. You do not deserve to suffer in my stead... ”

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  • celestibound
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    extensive scar-related prompts | @chalkhearted​​​​​

    ❝  your scars are nothing to be ashamed of.  ❞ [ lumine !! ]

    Arms crossed over her chest . . . fingers holding onto herself with a vice-like grip whilst nails began to dig down into her down skin — barely, just enough to leave behind indented marks that bloomed red. Honeyed eyes cast downwards as she paused momentarily . . . snapping up to gaze at Albedo’s in a silent search. Wonderment buzzing in her mind — a thought on whether he was speaking matter-of-factly or earnestly . . . “ You say that — but there is no beauty in a scarred woman. Isn’t it repulsive? ” Speaking her thoughts aloud . . . she didn’t mean to, and the look on her face proved so as eyes widened briefly before she’d bit down hard onto her bottom lip. “ Never mind, don’t answer that. ” A sharp exhale of breath. Normally, she hadn’t cared — an indifference towards whether blemishes graced her body or not . . . yet, recent thoughts began to make her feel self conscious — intruding thoughts, that she’d much rather take to the grave than to speak out loud at this very moment. However, she knew that he was only trying to help . . . that alone was appreciated deep down in her heart. “ No, you’re right. Just — was thinking to deeply about something... ”

    #Ever Night Prayers | Answers #Beauty is a Light in The Heart | MAIN #Outlander of Teyvat | Lumine #chalkhearted #|ooc| he's trying --
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  • lunaetis
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    @asterisque​ asked :

    aether here to give some spicy... curry to his sister. as a treat.

    unprompted. || always accepting

    ─「蛍」─  “ i am not eating that. ” it was an immediate response. no hesitation, no doubt. the fact that she could literally see HUGE CHUNKS of jueyun chili being mixed into the curry itself, even more than any of the meat and other vegetables combined. it was a RED FLAG.

                    “ are you trying to kill me ? is this because i took your golden shrimp balls ? i said i was sorry ! ”

    #asterisque #.answered. #.[ lumine ] #[ HJLKHHJLKHJK tHIS ISN'T #A KIND OF SPICE I WAS REQUESTING #but fine i'll take it #lumine won't tho #sHE'S NOT EATING THAT #NOPE #NOT A CURRY FULL OF CHILI HECK NO ]
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  • celestibound
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago
    touch my muses | @chalkhearted​​​​

    even a prince made of chalk needs to sleep sometimes, though albedo hadn't been planning on dozing off at the campsite while trying to make dinner for everyone.

    and so, when his head accidentally drops against lumine's shoulder, he goes from being nearly-asleep to being wide-awake (and bashful) in a matter of milliseconds, mumbling profuse apologies as he finds a sudden interest in poking at the fire ---

    Lumine herself was eyeing the flames. Heat permeating around the campfire as she huddled herself — arms wrapped around her legs as both knees pressed against her chest. She’d allowed for her thoughts to wander . . . what to do in the morning . . . supply runs . . . the alchemist whom was situated next to her — Cheeks flushed in light shades of pink . . . glad that the glare of embers radiating off her face made it much harder to notice. She wanted to reach up — to pat her face a couple times in attempt to smack herself out of her current headspace. The notion of a weight touching her shoulder made the blonde flinch — honeyed eyes casted towards the side where Albedo sat, watching him perk up almost immediately after dozing off. Her breath hitched . . . a small cough caught in her throat as she sputtered momentarily, attempting to calm her nerves. “ It’s okay.. ” She started — her words not sounding as confident compared to her usual self. Moving a hand to tuck a few stray strands of hair behind her ear — a nervous, shy enactment of what she was currently feeling . . . attempting to shove back down into the depths of herself. “ You know — if you’re tired, you are always... you can rest your head on my shoulder and rest. ” Smooth going, Lumine. Fingers delicately began tapping against the bare skin of her knees — another nervous tendency . . .

    “ I don’t mind. Quite frankly, it looks like you could need a moment to relax. ”

    #Ever Night Prayers | Answers #Beauty is a Light in The Heart | MAIN #Outlander of Teyvat | Lumine #chalkhearted #|ooc| the sheer soft thought of them both falling asleep w/ their heads propped together
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  • chongyuniisms
    20.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    celestibound asked:  “ i could’ve sworn i booked a twin room… “  ( ft. Lumine )


    “Oh, that’s okay!” Chongun hadn’t wanted grand accomodations anyway. The quieter, the better, and this is actually perfect. Sure, the bed is meant for one person, but they’re both still in a decent hotel, and the bed is decently sized. They could either take turns, or fit together if they squeezed in, though Chongyun isn’t about to force that on Lumine.

    “I could rest on the chair and give you the bed,” they offer. “You deserve it more than I do.” Which is true, Chongyun is grateful that he doesn’t have anything booked for the next week or so. Perfect vacation.

    #answered asks#celestibound#; lumine#ic #v. this is my attitude ( POPSTAR. )
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  • celestibound
    19.05.2022 - 5 days ago
    nightmare comforts | @kanedoji​​​​​​​

    “you’re crying…” lumi bb ofcccc

    “ No, I’m not.. ” A lie — one easily proving wrong, as puffy eyes remained downcast and the quiet sound of sniffling could be heard — ragged breathes that she tried hard to keep minimal. Small fingers gripped onto the sheets that covered her from waist down — a tight enough grip that turned her knuckles into a pale, ghostly white. “ Please, don’t ask... ” Her plea quiet . . . a door that remained firmly shut within the confines of her heart . . . one that she wasn’t ready to open just yet towards anyone else. The nightmare that plagued her sleep danced the fine line of her fears — a painstaking push and pull, bordering between the scenarios going from agonizing into a gentle calm . . . then wrenching her back into the maws of lament. Lumine didn’t want to talk about it . . . about what pained her so — a dream that was more sorrowful and had twisted at her heartstrings than one full of terror and fear. Such dreams were ones she hated the most . . . rather preferring to wake up scared and quaking than to be reminded of how empty the cavities of within her chest felt. She’d hurried in wiping underneath her eyes — her wrists smearing the tears across her cheeks and chin in attempt to cover up the physical evidence of her weeping. Perhaps . . . with as long as they’d known one another now, Lumine didn’t have to say anything for Itto to know — or at least, have a vague idea on the contents of her dream. A gratitude she had, in that he’d never tried to push a topic onto her . . . instead, leaning her smaller frame onto his for comfort. Sometimes, silent comforts were better than ones where an individual tried to verbally console . . . just something like this, to help her mind ease and rest.

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  • jazzelsaur
    19.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    This is NOT a secret BUT:

    I love you and I do not merely think you are so talented and wonderful and kind and beautiful I KNOW that you are!!!! 💖❤️💝

    LES! 😭😭


    I'm still not over Tessa and Pero—I think I've read the final chapter at least five times now. I love them so much, and they're so stunning because of all the life you breathed into them. 💜

    tell me what you secretly think of me

    #jazz answers#ask game #les the luminous 💫
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  • celestibound
    19.05.2022 - 6 days ago
    in an hour of need | @anemxvisions​​​​​​​

    [ CATCH ] (Xiao to Lumine)

    Weary legs had finally come to a halt just outside the doors to Wangshu Inn — bruises and scratches marks her from head to toe . . . nearly looking as if she’d tumbled down the towering mountains within Jueyun Karst. Sword unsheathed, her blade dragged across the ground — sounds of metal scraping across the earth below . . . against the wooden platforms that led up to the inn. Nearly all of her remaining energy had been used up to climb — using both her sword and the railings to carry the brunt of her weight. Just as her body couldn’t take anymore — all her remaining strength since faded, consumed by the journey just to get here. Upon Lumine’s lips, her tongue spoke for a certain Adeptus . . . the Yaksha she’d grown rather fond of — towards whom was the primary reason she’d sought refuge here to begin with. The moment he’d answered her call, a tired smile graced her beaten and worn face — within that very second, it was when her body collapsed. Sheer relief in knowing she was now safe . . . now back somewhere with someone she could rely on. As Xiao’s arms reached out to tug her towards him — to prevent her from hitting the wood paneling — only the clatter of her blade after it had left her hand, Lumine let out a weak chuckle and a sigh to follow.

    “ I called you.. didn’t I? ” Once again, she’d summoned him moments too late — an all knowing sensation that he’d badger her about calling for him sooner . . . but her headstrong personality had always prevented her from doing so — and he too, would know this. “ I’m sorry, Xiao.. but I don’t think I can move anymore... ”

    #Ever Night Prayers | Answers #Beauty is a Light in The Heart | MAIN #Outlander of Teyvat | Lumine #I Fell Deep in Swimming to The Stars | anemxvisions | Xiao
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  • celestibound
    19.05.2022 - 6 days ago
    nightmare comforts | @stcllariis​​​​​

    “don’t worry, i’m not going anywhere.” {lumi}

    Clinging onto Aether with sheer desperation — a rather tight grip, but not enough to bruise nor hurt. Her body quaked in shudders . . . the fear her dream wracked her mind with still nagging her within the backs of her head. “ Aether.. ” Lumine’s voice cracked — a near sob that was on the verge of bursting forth, but she’d grinding down on her teeth to prevent so. Despite the hold she had on her twin . . . arms beginning to slacken, yet remained roped around his torso for comfort. “ Please... gosh, please don’t disappear.. not again.. ” It wasn’t often that she’d broken her composure — a headstrong attitude that would do whatever it took to keep them safe. Yet . . . on rare occasions, had her deepest and darkest fears claws their ways from the depths from whence they were once lay buried . . . would she break out in sweat and eyes reflect fear.

    His words comforted . . . a soothing relief that blanketed her heart and mind. Hearing his voice — that he wasn’t going anywhere . . . the dark clouds that loomed over her head finally began to dissipate for the night. A small, broken hum scratched at her throat in agreement as Lumine rested her forehead against one of Aether’s shoulders. “ Thank you.. ”

    #Two Timing Messenger || Answers #Beauty is a Light in The Heart | MAIN #Outlander of Teyvat | Lumine #stcllariis
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  • pushing500
    19.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Ziggy's full name (Zix'uixscrarkraits) is difficult for his friends from other planets to say. Humans especially struggle with the pronunciation, and one of them eventually gave up and started calling him Ziggy instead. Nowadays, he prefers his shortened nickname. He likes to say it was a gift from his human friends, though some of them- like Second Assistant Engineer Wyatt Sadowski, pictured here- still try to teach themselves how to say his proper name.

    This oc questions generator (to get an interesting question to answer) and this random-picker webtool (to pick a random oc) make for an excellent drawing prompt/character development generator.

    #gracie's ocs#zix'uixscrarkraits #ziggy the shenu #wyatt sadowski#alien ocs#human ocs #the luminous timeline #character development #random oc question generator #ocs answer questions #I spent so long designing uniforms for everyone on the Luminous #And then decided Wyatt would wear a boiler suit instead #I guess he IS an engineer after all #A fancy uniform would be wasted on him #I love drawing ziggy #I may be biased but I think he's very cute <3 #Stay hydrated and have a beautiful day everyone! xoxo #art#my art#traditional art#oc#original characters
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  • diverse-hearts
    18.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    @infinitexmuses​ asked:

    “Hey, why are you walking like that?” (From Maika to Lumine)

    high pain tolerance starters

    She’d been pushing herself too hard recently, hadn’t she? She knew that, and yet she wouldn’t be easy to get to stop. There was so much that kept coming up, so many people that she wished to help, and now that she knew the truth behind her brother and what he was responsible for - she felt almost as though she had to help, to apologise for all the chaos that the Abyss Order spread in the world. She was used to this, used to pushing herself to her limits - but her thoughts would often wonder towards Aether, her mind trying so hard to understand why he was doing what he was. Something didn’t make sense. Something was being kept from her - and yet she’d continue on regardless. “Hmm? Oh, maybe theres a stone in my shoe”, she gave the girl a small smile, hobbling over to a nearby rock to remove her shoes, actually surprised to find a stone inside. She knew that she needed to stop and get some rest soon - but even what she tried to sleep, her thoughts were running too quick for her to actually get some rest. “Are you tired? We can stop here for a while, if you like”.

    #infinitexmuses#Muse: Lumine#Verse: Traveller #Fandom - Genshin Impact #Inbox Answered - Asks
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  • lunaetis
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    @chongyuniisms​​ asked :

    ❛ seeing you happy is all that matters. ❜ (lumine)

    &. 𝐬𝐨𝐟𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬. || accepting

    ─「蛍」─  when the EXORCIST came to her, saying that he had something he wanted her to see, the outlander didn’t quite know what to expect. he had always been someone rather unpredictable, in a good way, of course. so most of the time, she couldn’t exactly FORESEE what he was planning. even as they were trekking up the liyue mountains, he didn’t give any hints as to what it was that he had planned, nor was she asking since it appeared that he wanted to keep it a secret.

                    the only inquiry leaving her lips was whether their destination was far seeing as the SUN started to descend closer to the horizon line. and the clue he gave was that it wasn’t too far. that’s it. no other hints had left his lips so she played along.

                    good thing she had left paimon with xiangling to help her taste-test some new recipes she was conjuring up, or else her FLOATING COMPANION would be complaining about all the climbing they were doing ( despite the said companion not having to actually climb, but she digressed. )

                    finally, after a few more TREKKING up the high terrain, the scenery up above the hill was then displayed in full. the LANDSCAPE of liyue being painted in the light of pure gold from the setting sun. the once clear, blue sky was dyed completely with the color of amber, with the center being the magnificent sun that gave a soft, aureate glow like melted gold. it was almost an image straight out from a painting, a sight to behold.

                    her own honey hues lit up as they reflected the ETHEREAL display, as did her expression that was caressed gently by the tender light.

                    “ it’s ... beautiful ... ” it was the same shade of gold within her person, of the LIGHT and power she had lost when she confronted the unknown god. a nostalgia filled her pounding heart, giving her a sense of belonging in that split second. what she didn’t notice was how her companion had his eyes not upon the scenery but on her, and the words that left his lips didn’t escape her attention despite the marvel of this GOLDEN SKY he gifted her with.

                    ❛ seeing you happy is all that matters. ❜

                    her gaze turned to him, and his EXPRESSION spelled of ... something else. she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but happy. ah, she couldn’t remember the last time anyone actually wanted to make sure she was happy ? having been used to helping others and fighting for those who needed it, her own feeling was often neglected.

                    so he saw it ... when her eyes were gazing up at the sky longingly, as though wondering if her brother was seeing this same SKY somewhere.

                    “ i ... ” words disappeared down her throat, and tears threatened to well up in those gaze of hers. she quickly shook her head, and finally, her arms WRAPPED around him in a tight embrace. don’t cry on him, lumine.

                    “ thank you. ” for realizing i had been lonely all this time.

    #chongyuniisms #.answered #.answered meme #.[ lumine ] #[ so uh ... #i'M SORRY FOR THE WALL OF TEXT I WENT HAM #bc i was inspired by this sunset sky i saw the other day #on my way home #BUT ALSO #i like to think that chongyun is very observant #to ppl's energy #so he'd realize things that others don't #esp how good lumine is at hiding her own feelings #but he'd be able to notice that her ' energy / aura ' is off #& want to do something for her #bUT YES SORRY FOR THE LATENESS I HOPE THIS IS OKAY #SORRY AGAIN FOR RAMBLING ]
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  • lunaetis
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    @xamassed​ asked :

    ❛ don’t worry, i’m staying right here. ❜ ( lumine & itto )

    &. 𝐬𝐨𝐟𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬. || accepting

    ─「蛍」─  ever since her first encounter with the travel through TIME with the help of yae miko in order to aid the ELECTRO ARCHON in her quest, the traveler had found herself being plagued by the memories stored within the leylines themselves. surely, even the boughkeeper had told her LEYLINES kept everything recorded and perhaps, no outsider was supposed to have witnessed the MEMORY OF THE PAST over so many years. the war, the bloodshed, the conflicts and sacrifices. it wasn’t meant for anyone to shoulder or see, even more so delve into out of their own will.

                    the SCREAMS of those being slain in the war echoed at the back of her mind, and while her slumber was usually induced by fatigue, it didn’t mean her rest would be undisturbed. the OUTLANDER shook in her own sleep, feeling air being squeezed out of her lungs as various images of people flashed before her eyes. the sounds of blades clashing, the sparks flying about, then sickening SCENT of blood —

                    — then the overlapping of her BROTHER’S BACK turning away, disappearing into the darkness.

                    “ PLEASE DON’T GO — ”

                    her hand EXTENDED, trying to grasp onto him and was met with nothingness. in her desperation and haunting of her sleep, the blonde found her hand grasping onto a LARGER PALM that enveloped her own, instilling that sense of warmth before amber hues snapped open to realize whose that hand belonged to if the SANGUINE OPTICS meeting her gaze didn’t tell of that already.

                    “ itto ... ” his name came from her lips almost instinctively, but before she could realize the DROPLETS pooling at her once shut eyes, his other hand came over her head, a tender ruffle so contrasting of his rough and calloused palm as he gave her hand that was still in his own a reassuring squeeze.

                    ❛ don’t worry, i’m staying right here. ❜

                    there was no QUESTION, no inquiry as to what it was that haunted her mind. perhaps, in a way, he had known her well enough that these things were usually kept hidden and shouldered ALONE rather than shared to trouble her companion. and, in his own way, this was him comforting her and giving her that needed presence. his voice that was normally LOUD and booming was surprisingly gentle as did the way he stroked her hair.

                    quietly, the outlander allowed her eyes to close once more, and this time, she took it upon herself to take advantage of his kindness and laid her head on his lap. his SCENT was different from humans, one that was unique to his kind but it brought a sense of solace to the troubled and heavy mind such as her own. knowing that he was someone who kept his promise made SLEEP come easier to her already exhausted mind.

                    and unconsciously, she laced their fingers together, filling the gaps between his strong digits with her own, and her breathing slowly evened out.

                    an oni that chased away nightmares. the thought made her lips quirk into a subtle smile.

                    “ ... thank you ... for being here ... ”

    #xamassed #.answered #.answered meme #.[ lumine ] #[ sORRY THIS IS LATE FAM !! #HOPE IT'S OKAY !! #thank you for the ask aaaaaaah #i just think that itto is the type to not pry #unless lumine wanted to share herself #& he'd just be there to provide her comfort if she needs it #sO HERE HAVE A SOF SCENE FOR THESE TWO #HE MAKES HER FEEL SAFE --- SO MUCH THAT SHE DOESN'T MIND SLEEPING IN HIS PRESENCE #& THAT IS SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT TO LUMINE #we love a goofy but caring oni in this household thank you for my life ]
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    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    self-indulgent prompts | @chironitas​​​

    ❰❰ HURT ❱❱ sender is hurt protecting receiver [lumine!]

    “ Hold still for me, yeah? ” Brows furrowed, Lumine inspected the traces of burn marks along his left arm. A small sigh slipping pass as she’d wondered what had gone through his mind to of made him reach out for her — to of pulled her off towards the side and sustaining such an injury in her stead. “ I wish I had access to the Hydro element — even if I can’t heal, least it would of served to soothe your burn.. ”

    Eyes fluttered onto his other hand — gloves and sleeves seeming almost charred to a degree. For whatever reason it was, Lumine had found out the hard way as to how that arm in particular seemed like a sore subject for him . . . perhaps, least from her assumptions, was probably an old injury that never completely healed. Concerns raised even more, but she didn’t dare act on impulse despite how worried she was that the Pyro Abyss Mage from earlier might of burnt both hands rather than one. “ Vanitas, can I.. is it okay if I take a quick look at your other hand? I just want to know if it got burnt as well. ”

    #Ever Night Prayers | Answers #Beauty is a Light in The Heart | MAIN #Outlander of Teyvat | Lumine #chironitas
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    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    pinned against against a wall | @anemxvisions​​​​

    [ HIDE ] (Xiao and Lumine)

    There was a near immediate, sudden regret that befell over Lumine — a deep wish that she’d taken the back exist from her studio than the front. A mob of paparazzi having been waiting there with cameras at the ready, to which a dozen flashes had gone off the moment she’d stepped out. Normally, she hadn’t minded giving away a few answers and photos — not that she was vain, and rather far from it . . . but today had been a tediously arduous day. The last thing she’d wanted right now were for people to stop and prevent her from relaxing. The events prior having led to the reason why she’d ran — slipping by with an apologetic smile before booking it down the street. Normally, she’d taken her own car, but her brother was borrowing it for the day while his was at repairs — the offer to pick her up after work was given, but Lumine had not thought her situation through enough and declined. A deep regret bubbling in her stomach now at this, but she had no time to call Aether to pick her up. At least she could be thankful that dancing had helped granted her a lithe body, easily dashing a few blocks down. The only problem of the matter was . . . Lumine had also forgotten put on a disguise and was getting recognized the further she’d delved into public eye.

    Just as all hope had seemed lost, there was a hand that grabbed onto the blonde once she’d paused to take a quick breather. Her back pressed against the concrete wall of a building — dragged into an alleyway, which initially had raised alarm bells in her head. Yet, the very second her honeyed eyes lay upon a familiar figure, she’d immediately relaxed . . . partially at least, before yelling out in a whisper at him. “ Xiao ! You nearly scared the ever loving daylights out of me! ”

    #Ever Night Prayers | Answers #Dive Into My Abyssal Song | IDOL.MODERN #Outlander of Teyvat | Lumine #I Fell Deep in Swimming to The Stars | anemxvisions | Xiao #|ooc| head empty -- only idol lumi for this one
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    self-indulgent prompts | @chalkhearted​

    ❰❰ HURT ❱❱ sender is hurt protecting receiver [ let the chalk prince protecc and in doing so become covered in cracks --- ]

    “ Albedo! ” No . . . this was not happening, right? Had she been more aware of the enemies behind her — had she done more . . . been faster and stronger, to of gotten rid of the threat sooner, this wouldn’t of happened. One or two ruin guards were already a task and a half — not that they were the worst enemies she’d faced, but rather that it’d taken a lot to bring them down. So when five had come with thundering steps, she’d known that there was bound to be some injuries. However, she was expecting herself to take the brunt of the damage. “ Okay.. everything will be alright.. ” Her words quiet, like a mere whisper that she was trying to convince herself all would be alright.

    Carefully, fingers grazed where he’d been hit by one of the guards beams — trying to be careful in not hurting him. Worry reflected off her eyes as they traced along the sight of thinly lined cracks which ran across exposed skin . . . their fissures thickening the closer it’d gotten to where he’d been hit. “ I don’t.. how do we fix this? ” For once . . . Lumine didn’t know what to do. An important factor was forgotten, in that he was also not entirely human too. Something so easy to forget when an individual would so closely resemble as such. One hand made its way to grip onto his with featherlight touch — afraid that anything harder would cause in him to crumble right before her eyes. She’d inhaled sharply — slow inhale out in attempt to remain levelheaded within this situation. “ Thank you, Albedo... I don’t know what you were thinking about before you took that hit, but I’m ever grateful for what you’d done. "

    #Ever Night Prayers | Answers #Beauty is a Light in The Heart | MAIN #Outlander of Teyvat | Lumine #chalkhearted #|ooc| okay but like -- i have a good idea @ how lumine would fix this in her own unique way #|ooc| i'll take this idea to the grave with me if i have to
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    pinned against a wall | @kanedoji​​​

    [ HEAT ] for lumi B>

    Fervent was she, as she’d kissed him with such intensity — Lumine having been picked up by her waist much earlier during their ministrations to make reaching for one another all the more easier . . . a long awaited break from the studios having finally been granted. It had been Lumine’s suggestion to invite the vocalist to her abode and originally, was she going to bring up the topic of their current predicament to the forefront. Yet, the moment of they’d arrived had the thin string of patience between them snapped — hands and lips immediately feeling for one another as they were finally within the serenity of privacy. With the grip Itto already had, it’d only made it so much easier to press the blonde up against the door to her estate. Firmly trapped between the entrance and her boyfriend, it’d only given Lumine more of an opportunity to focus on loving him. Her arms snaked around his neck — fingers diving into hair as she’d gotten hold onto handfuls of his locks and pressed him closer towards her face. Soft flesh of her tongue swiping across his lips before returning to messy kisses, only to part briefly to breathe — a thin cord of saliva being all that would connect from both their lips before diving back into the pleasantries of the other. Muffled moans becoming ever more apparent the further she dove down into her own craving . . . only for the hunger within her pit growing all the more ravenous.

    With breathy words, the idol spoke in-between kisses and gasps for air — her lungs thirsting for oxygen just as much as the lust building up within her core was beginning to grow starved for more. “ Do you..” kiss. “.. plan on.. ” kiss. “ fu — ahhHH..! ” a love bite placed against her neck. “... fuck it, Itto... just fuck me already.. ”

    #Two Timing Messenger || Answers #| SUGGESTIVE | #Dive Into My Abyssal Song | IDOL.MODERN #Outlander of Teyvat | Lumine #kanedoji #|ooc| ah yes itto driving his hime absolutely crazy
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    hiiii i saw your vamp masterlist and was vv interested so if you're gonna continue that i'd like to get added to your taglist thankiesss

    yup ofc i can add you to the taglist!

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