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  • lunamothghost
    28.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    Mcc was so fun watching scar is so fun

    #gotta go sleep now!! woo im hyped #also pink deserved the win!! #mcc liveblogging#luna speaks #gn!!
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  • paramoregf
    28.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    this is so. um. umm um

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  • seung-scrittore
    28.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    (Again feel free to answer this privately)

    New plan:

    Aespa group claim

    Debuted in 2021

    Kyra has been in the industry for 7 years

    Her relationship with Leo was confirmed by her members

    She and Leo share couple rings

    Those are my current ideas going forward :D

    oooh! i dont stan aespa but theyre all so pretty <3 i love the group claim aspect :))

    kyra kwon is (as always) meticulously planned and incredible to read about👀

    ive noticed you really like matching couple things 🤔

    #very excited to see your future plans! #your ocs are amazing luna #✨.|| mutuals.🔑 #✨.|| asks.🔓 #✨.|| inbox.🔒 #✨.|| user; lunarxsun #lmk if you want me to private this since i dont have much of an issue with publically speaking though ik these are your oc plans #i dont wanna spoil anything so just let me know !! #✨.|| trainee a
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  • rainylattes
    28.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago


    thought i would do an update as it’s been forever since i’ve done one.

    so the school year is finished - i successfully completed my first year of full time grad school! going into last year, i had some doubts about whether i would be able to make it the whole year without going into the hospital, but i did it! i’ve also REALLY worked hard on my perfectionism this year... mostly, to be honest, bc of smoking weed. there are obviously many cons to how frequently i’m using marijuana, but for where i am right now, it has been soooo helpful in allowing me to chill the fuck out. my anxiety and perfectionism just really decreased overall. like i would have the option of reviewing and making minor edits to my papers for the 30th time, or i could go smoke a joint with A and settle for what might be less than perfect (but honestly my grades really didn’t suffer compared to when i wasn’t smoking weed). i don’t want to get anons telling me that it’s bad i’m using marijuana regularly so go ahead if you want to, but i’m gonna delete them. i’ve been talking to B a lot about the pros and cons, he is fully aware of how much and how often i am using, and we are working on harm reduction plans to decrease the frequency/amount, but it’s really not my biggest concern right now.

    behaviorally, i am doing really well. i haven’t self harmed in a year and a half now, though i had several nights in a row last week where i had intense cutting dreams and i really really miss it, that quick sense of exhilaration and relief. there’s really nothing else like it. but i’ve been able to avoid any lapses. ED wise my behaviors are nonexistent. one of the cons of smoking so much weed is that i get the munchies so badly so intuitive eating has honestly completely gone out the window. i’m eating a lot more than i need to and a lot of “unhealthy” foods, so i have gained weight, although the weight i gained at the beginning of the pandemic when i was smoking a lot has pretty much remained consistent since then. i also haven’t been working out at all since the pandemic started. i really want to get back into exercise and recently met with a personal training gym so i’m going to get into a routine this summer. i’m nervous but excited - the purpose is NOT to lose weight (though i would be lying if i said i don’t hope it’ll happen), but to just not feel winded after climbing a flight of stairs. i truly just want to feel healthier and stronger. 

    most likely bc of the no exercise piece, my back has been BAD. that’s another reason i’m motivated to get back into exercise. i have never felt the type of pain i’ve experienced with my back in the last couple years. right now i’m in the middle of a flare-up which has been going on for about three days to the point where it wakes me up at night. i am sooo uncomfortable and walking around like an old woman lol. unfortunately, the back pain reinforces the smoking marijuana piece bc it really helps the pain! at that point, i don’t even care that i might get the munchies, i just want to stop hurting.

    my internship from the school year, which i loved, asked me to stay on as a part-time case manager this summer, so i’m gonna work for them for about 8 weeks longer than i would have for just my internship. we are planning an event for world refugee day, which will be my last day, and i’m so excited to see all the clients and foster families gather together. the case manager who has been on maternity leave for most of the year will also be returning in june so i’ll be able to meet with her directly and update her on how our clients have been doing.

    i am really excited about my internship for next year, but i am REALLY stressed and worried about my schedule. i’ll be at the internship monday through wednesday probably 8:30am-5pm. i really got fucked by the class registration at my school so i had to submit waitlist requests for all of my classes. as a result, i was put in four classes all on thursdays. so my day will start at 8:30am and end at 9pm. i will have a bit of a break after my first class where i would have time to go home and take a nap, but otherwise the three classes are basically all in a row. i genuinely don’t know how my back is going to handle it. it would definitely be nice to have fridays off (besides therapy and the gym and any other doctor’s appointments i would have), but i would much rather have one or two classes on fridays to lessen the stress of thursdays. there is an option to do a program modification request where i would take two of my elective classes next summer instead of in the fall, so i wouldn’t graduate in may, but i don’t really care about that. so i’ve been looking at the pros and cons of doing that with B.

    therapy with B is going well. it’s such a different type of therapy since i was in the GR. i feel like we are much more collaborators than the dynamic of him being “in charge” of me, and it’s been really helpful and empowering. i’m so much more able to look at certain feelings or thoughts or experiences without the heavy veil of shame on top, and it has completely changed the way i think about my situation. in addition, i’ve taken a big step back from my family. it’s been really hard and i still feel some guilt about it, especially not really being a part of my nieces’ and nephews’ lives, but i also feel so much stronger and confident in my own opinions. there have been some financial situations in which i had to stand up to my dad and hold my ground despite his persuasion otherwise, and i’ve been proud of my ability to do that, though it does feel strange and “wrong” in some ways. i honestly think he’s a little baffled bc i’ve never really had strong opinions before in ways that run counter to his, or at least that i’ve never expressed them.

    my sister in law, wife of one of Them, has been sick. she was diagnosed with narcolepsy type 1 so she has cataplexy attacks where like half of her face will be paralyzed and droop or she will lose any ability to move her arms or legs or speak. she was getting out of the car and collapsed and my brother had to carry her inside. my niece was in the car and she asked my brother “is mommy gonna die?” it’s really been hard on all of them, she is SO depressed, and there really hasn’t been any treatment that has helped her. my whole family is sort of surrounding her in support by watching the kids, bringing her meals, sitting with her, etc. and we had a zoom call recently (without her) to discuss how we can all contribute. which felt weird. but it’s also nice to not be the “identified patient” of the family anymore lol.

    things with A are going very well :) we continue to talk about marriage and possibly having kids. i thiiiiiink there’s a proposal in the cards this summer, though i’m not entirely sure. he has helped me soooo much this year and i think a big part of my behavioral stability has been thanks to him. i feel so seen by and safe with him. 

    luna and lia are doing pretty well, though luna has developed asthma so we’re trying to teach her how to use an inhaler, and lia has a bad habit of vomiting her food, even when we use a slow feeder (”licky mat”), but it’s possible she’s been nibbling on one of A’s plants which can cause vomiting in cats. so, small things, but having them be sick at all makes me anxious! i just don’t know what i would do without them.

    hmm... i think that’s it! if anyone wants to ask me anything, i’m open! and i’m sorry i haven’t been active on here. not sure what my future usage will look like but i’ll keep you all updated!

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  • cryptoinfowatch
    28.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    LUNA 2.0 Is Down 73% On The Day Of Launch

    LUNA 2.0 Is Down 73% On The Day Of Launch

    The new LUNA launched by the Terra team started off on a tough note. The currency which was launched on May 28 by Terra was live on Coinmarketcap chart at 11.00 AM, Paris time. Though it opened at the market price of $17.80, five minutes later, it dropped to $13.25. The huge price movement continued and at 11.53 AM, LUNA v2 spiked to $19.53, an inter-day high. From that point, the market price…

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    #LUNA 2.0 #LUNA 2.0 Is Down 73% On The Day Of Launch #LUNA v2
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  • dweet-with-an-ask
    28.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    I feel like I can’t leave you. Not with this shit. -Jake(you know who)

    I-I mean I’ve been stabbed before…ok I know those were during trials and at camp..but I’ll be ok besides you know how anons can be and I thought stabby left honestly..


    #dbd#dbd dwight #dead by deadlight #dwight fairfield #dead by daylight dwight #dbd ask blog #(I don’t know how to respond to this) #(dumb brain need more clarification please…) #(luna rambles)
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  • jingyismom
    28.05.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    Tweeted this forever ago and now I’m expanding it into a oneshot so I thought I’d share it here:

    The idea of Lan Wangji getting drunk AFTER they get together. He's just a pouty octopus. Wei Wuxian thinks his heart might fail from cuteness. 

    Lan Wangji gets frustrated and pushes him down on the bed, but he's so uncoordinated Wei Wuxian has to do all the work. He doesn't mind though, not when Lan Wangji is so languid and earnest and sweet. He asks with sluggish, insistent hands and lips, and the odd slurred word or two. He frowns and pouts harder when Wei Wuxian laughs at him, and Wei Wuxian can't help but kiss his ridiculous mouth.

    The sounds he makes when Wei Wuxian touches him are new. Unguarded. Soft at first, but louder as he shifts beneath Wei Wuxian's hands. He's a strange mixture of weak and wild like this, all heavy-lidded stares and aimless kisses. When Wei Wuxian leans back for just a moment, he whines, and Wei Wuxian almost comes just from that. He chides him and praises him, watches him absorb the words differently, take them to heart. Praises him more, touches him deeper, teases more helpless whimpers from his throat. Tastes them on his tongue beside the tang of liquor. 

    It doesn't take long for either of them, both of them drunk on wine and each other. It's a little frantic and a lot uncoordinated, but worth it for the way Lan Wangji moans like it's been pulled out of him, like he lacks the strength to either fully make the sound or hold it back. 

    It echoes in Wei Wuxian's mind for days, the only disappointment about the whole experience being that Lan Wangji doesn't remember it the next day. Wei Wuxian immediately starts experimenting with ways to reproduce some of the effects of alcohol without others. 

    Just, you know, in case. 

    #wangxian#wangxian fanfic #the untamed fanfiction #unfitforemployment#my fic #imported from twt #[blows kiss to the sky] for luna
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  • lunaflower
    28.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago


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  • lunaflower
    28.05.2022 - 49 minutes ago


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  • cryptonewsglobalhk
    28.05.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    希望利用 LUNA 2.0 空投的詐騙者

    希望利用 LUNA 2.0 空投的詐騙者

    👋想和我們一起工作嗎? CryptoSlate 正在招聘一些職位! 區塊鏈分析和安全公司 PeckShield 發出警告,警告加密社區有關詐騙者發送 Wrapped 露娜 加密影響者和 CEO 的公共地址。 詐騙者創建了一個 Wrapped LUNA 2.0 代幣,並使用匿名的以太坊地址將其發送給 Terra Deployer。 詐騙者隨後將代幣分發到屬於 孫宇晨, 維塔利克·布特林, 安德森霍洛維茨和三箭資本等。 #PeckShieldAlert PeckShield 檢測到詐騙者將 Wrapped LUNA 2.0 發送到 #大地 部署者 https://t.co/i590fG1nnp 並空投到 @VitalikButerin @a16z #ThreeArrowsCapital @justinsuntron @terra_money. 它欺騙了人們,它是官方的 #大地 部署者…

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  • lunaflower
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Stop talking about minecraft roleplay and focus young man!!!!!!

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  • blacklotus-bloog
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago





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  • elenahigh03
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    🌑Luna Madison🌚

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  • lunaflower
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I completely zoned out the entirety of battle box good god what happened

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  • disastertrifecta
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    @nxtleftbehxnd​ said: Maybe Sekai x Luna for the kid meme?
    If they had a kid meme

    Name: Reina Noceda

    Gender: Nonbinary/Female presenting

    General Appearance: Dark brown locs, grey eyes and a slightly upturned nose, typically favoring an alternative/punk clothing style

    Personality: Sweet, bubbly and a little off-kilter

    Special Talents: Has an encyclopedic knowledge of human and witchling horror movies

    Who they like better: Luna

    Who they take after more: Sekai

    Personal Head canon: Reina is best friends with Mallow but is the more outgoing one, having a tendency to be the more protective one of the pair.

    Face Claim:

    #Breaking the Fourth Wall | Vee answers #nxtleftbehxnd #|| Sekai x Luna tag pending
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  • lonelyfanboy48
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Loud Siblings Surprised In Fear

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  • ind1c0lite
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I love the exact opposite vibes these two faces have GFHGJKHLJ

    #just some warm up but just HGFGJKHLGJKH #I love it #luna lrambles
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  • wackular1
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    //TOH SPOILERS// KING'S TIDE WAS A FUCKING ROLLERCOASTER now all belos x oc content will be devistating

    #toh spoilers #the owl house spoilers #toh#fanart#owl house #when i made this oc i was like #ok they'll probably have a tough relationship bc Lunas is not evil and a demon #BUT THEY WAY BELOS' ACTED TOWARDS KIKIMORA #HE HATES DEMONS AND WITCHES #MY OC IS FINNA BE LOYAL TO A MAN WHO HATES HIS SPECIES AND IN TURN #HIM #GODDAMN. #emperor belos#belos#toh belos#philip wittebane#phillip whittebane#wittebro
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  • lunaisanartist
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I'm sorry that I completly disappeared for months, I've been quite busy taking care of my mental health and preparing for my last exam and graduation, I will come back in less than a month!!

    #Thank you all for your support! #See you soon #luna talks
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  • lunaisanartist
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Your emotions will consume you, let them out

    #This was vent art from Months ago actually.... #Hey I'm still alive #roronoa zoro#one piece#luna's noodles #This have flower symbolism like usual
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