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  • maladaptivemouse
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Jay(the para)'s interpretation of us :)

    Mine from a bit ago (I definitely didn't just stick a rabbit tol on ther cus i too lazy to make a new tol /s /lh)

    #his me is more accurate but my him is a BIT more accurate than his is #also tol is a yellow rabbit but pastel friends doesnt have one so #paraportal#me#jay#tol#madd#immersive daydreaming#maladaptive daydreaming #mouses paracosms tag
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  • losnordiquitos
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    well! you know actually? he isnt that scary after all- ah. okay.

    #art log#woods au#hws sweden #<- this more for looking in on my blog cause my stuff doesnt show on tags #i actually have a bunch of doodles of sve troll but i have to clean them up ! hes fun 2 draw #thers a lot of stuff i would to wite down for it but i hate wriyting so -_- you might see the conundrum im in #i madde his house? (cave) in minecraft that was fun ... #did i eveer mention hes like 2 n a half meters ? well know u know ✨ #i feel like i typecd this stuff before but i migh had dreamed that . #sorry 4 posting at nearly 2 am heart
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  • thunderdomes-s
    01.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    i went to the kitchen fix a snack, but started daydreaming and just stayed there pacing around until my dad showed up and i ran back to my bedroom

    without my snack

    #like. i got everything set to prepare my snack but started daydreaming amd just left it all on the kitchen table #ill wait for my dad to leave and ill try again #tw maladaptive daydreaming #tw madd#maladaptive daydreaming#madd stuff#madd memes#actually madd#madd things#madd humor #madd culture is
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  • thunderdomes-s
    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    remember when my madd gave me an ed? yeah me too... it's not fun tho

    #tw eating disorders #tw maladaptive daydreaming #tw 4n4 #tw ana thoughts #tw madd#madd stuff#actually madd#madd things#madd problems
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  • tama1313
    23.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Dear fellow madds, I have a question:

    Has ever happened that, when you see and get attached to a fictional character, and you imagine them as something else (like a cat) and you like the design so much that you wanna put it in your "immaginary universe" (pardon, I just discovered today maladaptive daydreaming and so I forgot already a bunch of terms 😅 ) but like... It's not that character. It's just the design (and maybe a similar personality too) but it's a different and "original character"

    Has that ever happened to you/have you ever done this before?

    Because sometime I do this and I was just curious...

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  • tomhardysteeth
    13.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    my favorite visual jokes on ofmd if anyone wants to make a gif set bc i’m too lazy

    -lucius taking the spy glass away from stede and stede putting his hands to his eye in the shape of a spy glass

    -lucius limp wristed rolling eyes daintily hammering with a mallet

    -roach hitting the fucking railing during yardies

    -fang’s dick portrait

    -mary vomiting when stede comes back

    -edward leaning against a tree to prove he can relax only to have a snake immediately drop on him

    -stede trying to stop the books from falling during a storm

    -oluwande fucking fist bumping the native guy

    -oluwande and jim covering oluwande’s tits when lucius walks in on them

    -Frenchie drawing little pictures when he’s supposed to be transcribing

    #ugh madd #our flag means death #when will i shut up #stede putting his hands to his eyes in the shape of a spy glass is the funniest fucgkin thing to me #i know i'm forgetting stuff but this is just off the top of my head #edited to add Frenchie #see I knew I forgot stuff
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  • between-the-universes
    02.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I'm on my lowest right now and tried to indirectly share this with my mom but, not suprisingly, I got a talk about positive-thinking and that that all is in my head, I mean, yes?! It is. And thats the problem. I would be alright even if something bad was happening around me, but how when something is wrong in ME? I want to scream at her that I physically can't feel joy or anything just a void inside and empitiness.

    I'm more often in that state than not since the beginning of this year and I'm too busy currently trying to survive to "think positively". I can't even find comfort in my daydreams with my paras because bad mental state = daydream block for me and this only more make me upsed that my paras are so DEAD for me and unimportant. I'm freaking out that it'll stay this way.

    So sorry, I'm not happy. I really would want to be. But I can't switch a button and change it, watch movie or do other stuff that may cheer up somobody. Because it only remain me of the void and how dead I feel right now.

    #sorry for this #i just needed to write down all of this #madd#maladaptive daydreaming#actually madd#daydreaming#depression#dead inside#empty inside#parents #tw depressing stuff #depressed
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  • sicksadstar
    25.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Mom says we're not aware of our surrounding which is kinda true. Dissociation, derealization, depersonalization hurts us greatly. We keep forgetting to look around the streets for cars, walking too close to people but thats cause we're way in our head, talking + daydreaming.

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  • eliodoesntknow
    19.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I worry that comfort is an enemy. 

    One to be held at arm's length, known and acknowledged but regarded with the same fear as a loaded gun. I worry that I’m comfortable, 

    That safety has eroded the limited and earned muscle away so  I can't carry myself with any strength

    Other than will and spite. 

    I bite the hand that feeds me. 

    Like an old battered dog my eyes dart too much,

    That fear is so easily induced in them. 

    So much of me has been scarred over that pain can seem like a distant memory. 

    Perhaps that distance has been lengthened with medicines.

     Bad dogs bite, but sedated dogs, whatever the quality, don't.

     Is that what I’ve become?

    A pet to be adored conditionally, 

    To be owned and paraded because of its pedigree?

    $2000. My ears are already cropped and I’ve already been broken in. 

    Good dobermans have prestige, and grace in their intimidation.

    Mine is malformed but stronger than the other litters produced by the old bitch that named me,

    And the sire that homes me. 

    Good dobermans don't need medicines,

    Smart and independent ones need sedatives.

    I’m no good doberman. 

    I’m too charged for anything other than the heavy chain that weighs against my neck.

     I’m the dog sat on his porch when the people come by. He said that to me, the man I placed in my head,

    He's there listening when I need quiet. 

    Sometimes when I’m high enough he's real. 

    His accent is so heavy that it pulls on my ears and I have to widen my eyes

    so as to see he isn't there. 

    He's winding me up and watching me go. 

    If he were real I’d trust him only because of his gentle voice, because he never yells. 

    Because he's not my mother. 

    Because he'd sit there and watch as I struck a final blow. 

    There are other people, other worlds. 

    Stolen places where I sit. Familiar faces speaking like I’m there. 

    And suddenly nothing matters,

    because even if I'm trapped and hit and broken I have little worlds to run to.

    Twisted fantasies to play with. 

    Sedated dogs aren't good dogs, they don't bite the hand that feeds them, but for many other reasons. 

    As If I'm teething again like that year, 

    I can feel myself readying to bite.

     Sedated dogs aren't muzzled dogs, and muzzled dogs aren't dead dogs. 

    Are they trying for a dead dog?

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  • carmenpeach
    18.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    i need to turn youtube autoplay off i was high last night watching amvs and an hour long vid of ppl roleplaying as sonic characters in vr chat playing among us came on and we just watched the whole thing

    #i madd timestamps in my phone of like really funny parts like theyre completely in character #wish i had a vr sometimes this stuff looks so fun #i didnt really like playing among us very much but it looks like fascinating to play in the vr #that and the rhythm games but oh well i got to use someonew vr set one time so glad i experienced it ^-^
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  • bisexualjohnnycage
    11.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    At her core, Lady Xuna is class incarnate. She is a gentleman. Bowing in respect, offering her arm, using titles, it’s her thing. If upholding peace and respect is the goal, she is your man.

    #Cherry Posts#Lore Stuffs #Lady Xuna (OC) #I sort’ve discussed this with Madds. #Xuna will always choose peace over violence. #She’s a classy bitch. ;)
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  • sicksadstar
    10.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    That's awesome! I'm glad it's a place to ask those kinds of things. I'm kind of in a weird spot with my MADD as of late and trying to figure out what exactly is going on ranging from tulpas to dreamway systems or just plain ole MADD. But how did you guys tell the difference between scripted conversations kind of how MADD can be and non scripted like a headmates would be?

    hello- we hope you can figure out what you're going through. We talk in headspace, coconcious and our daydream headspaces where we interact to a place similar to our headspace. we do non scripted and scripted senarios and roleplays together. we do it a alot to cope. sometimes something triggers uss to daydream or were just sent there, constantly daydreaming. we cant tell sometimes, and thats okay. we have more knowledgea after the fact when we think hard on it sometimes we cant. sometimes we do the same stuff over and over again and in our mind we can figure out as a system that it was scripted but most of our daydreams together is organic- we think lol.. we daydreaming with alters and paras. some of our paras became alters. not all of them did to our knowledge. did that answer your qestion? sorry if it didn't. our answer is depends if our brain whats us to know or not.. were open to conversation and questions so hope that helped a bit - Andy and Shane

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  • saidtostaine
    07.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    my daydreams happen and is based 80% of the time because of music so whenever my playlist is on shuffle i change personas ridiculously fast

    one time im a pink fairy in wonderland then next thing i know im the mysterious mafia boss who never smiles

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  • shevalras
    03.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    the way my cptsd nightmares got promptly replaced by my daydreams sneaking into my actual dreams

    #this is the first time sleeping is actually exciting #definetely a suprise though a welcome one #i love my blorbos doing their stuff while i'm sleeping too #immersive daydreaming#daydreaming#maladaptive daydreaming#madd#madd memes#textpost#paracosm#actually traumatized#cptsd#ptsd#lucid dreaming
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  • jxwoods
    03.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    And we're gonna be alright

    Dry your tears and hold tight

    Can't you tell I got news for you

    Sun is shining and so are you

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  • sugarcoatedsadism
    28.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Discussing trauma with your paras

    #madd memes#Lol #Katrin and Bakari sat down yesterday and just had a really nice talk about their traumas? #Bakari talked about how he knows Avery didnt like...MEAN to be a horrible person to him growing up but like. It still affected him a lot. #And Katrin was like I understand and youre valid for feeling that way #Bakari was like talking about how hes honestly never felt more free and how thankful he is that shes helped him achive that #And Katrin talked about how shes terrified of how things are spiraling out of control & things may never be the same again #And he was like well maybe thats a good thing #Maybe you should welcome the change. #And just do what you always do and adapt to it. Youre good at that. #And they both were saying how happy they are to know one another and have each others support #And they hugged and held hands and stuff and it was honestly just so. #Like it was honestly so comforting and nice. Bakari is someone I've known for 6+ years now & his presence is so comforting. #Sitting down to 'talk' with him is like. I GENUINELY feel like Im having a heart to heart with a very dear loved one or something. #I love him so much.
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  • oh-noes-my-tacos
    28.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    shitty descriptions for just about all of my paracosms (fandom daydreams not included) along with the emojis to send me in an ask if any of them are even slightly intriguing

    🃏 House of Cards - four gay people overthrow capitalism through the power of murder

    🗝 The Menagerie - steampunk 1920s with a fuck ton of magic but also people frequently get thrown into the fucking void for breaking laws

    💎 Killigan - a hired assassin and his therapist try to rescue a kidnapped child, but she’s trying to kill them and it somewhat complicates things

    🎭 Nameless - a serial killer gets kidnapped by a secret organization to fight another completely unrelated secret organization

    ⚙️ Afterworld - 18 years after the literal zombie apocalypse, you are now the protagonist

    ⚔️ Zet Vitalia - ritual combat is encouraged by everyone, including a very strong 14 year old

    🏛 The Olympians - Greek myths but a sitcom

    💥 Risk and Impact - a local superhero adopts several children despite not knowing jack shit about being a father

    🪐 Nebula - a magic child steals a dude’s shit and ends up with a father figure. Also they’re in space.

    🌑 Aurum Argentum - an older man is put on magic house arrest for three centuries after he attempts to kill his brother

    🪙 Thieve’s Guild - a master thief and some kid he found have fucked up supremely and now have to save the world.

    🪄 The Narrator - a reluctantly immortal being with a magic cat attempts to romance a man for the vine and everything goes to shit

    🛸 Steel and Smoke - four gay people overthrow capitalism part two electric boogaloo (in space!)

    🦄 Camp Leto - a bunch of magical creatures go to a summer camp run by a child to avoid the law

    🦎 Godblessed - a gang of magic furries must now overthrow the government for reasons

    🌊 Tides - two middle aged men get isekaied, fall in love, and adopt a fish boy, not in that order.

    🛼 Flipsides - extremely queer superheroes

    🏰 A Royal Mess - a lesbian queen takes care of her three adopted children and defeats people in several different forms of combat.

    ⏱ Society of Thieves - an army of morally grey gay people once again destroy capitalism

    🗡 Lightfoot - a prince joins a group of assassins and murders the fuck out of his shitty dad

    💍 Champions - it’s the demon hunger games but more fun and they use Earth as an arena

    👻 Ghosts - a single dad and his two kids somehow get roped into performing several excorcisms with a british guy

    ⭐️ The Starwritten Society - god buddy I couldn’t explain all of this if I tried.

    ☄️ Starsailors - A fascist empire is attempting to take over the galaxy and you and your ragtag team of random people you did favors for have to stop them

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  • oh-noes-my-tacos
    25.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    u ever have to google something for a paracosm but you put it off because of like some weird version of that fear of mind readers where you feel like someone is gonna judge you for searching up even the most mundane thing because it would seem weird in a certain context

    #maladaptive daydreaming#madd things#madd stuff#madd#madd problems #it should NOT be this anxiety-inducing to look up how tall one of the fcs for my paras is #i’m TRYING to make a file and it’s so hard bc it needs APPEARANCE DETAILS that I have to LOOK UP #god why did my brain choose famous fcs my search history makes me look like a fanboy
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