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    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Patreon Prompt 179

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    Prompt: An apprentice mage accidentally changes his barbarian boyfriend's past when messing with time, and ends up with a very fatty, very loving twink to dote on.

      With a burning need to show the other mages at his college that he was more than capable of high level magic, Harold had asked his boyfriend, Rothar to act as his assistant. While the muscle-bound man covered in a variety of furred leather was skeptical, Harold assured him everything would be fine. Leaving the barbarian to sit in the corner to shine his axe, Harold began his incantation.

      As the chant left his lips, Harold was pleased to see a portal open up before him that showed him various points in Rothar’s life. Waving his hands around, he began to alter key events in the furious fighter’s timeline. Rather than hunting, Harold had Rothar wasting the day away reading trashy romance novels. He increased the portion sizes of each of the barbarian’s meals, easily doubling the amount of food of any of the other warriors in his tribe. As a finishing touch, he gave his boyfriend some doting parents rather than the rough general that had trained him. Leaning back in his chair, Harold couldn’t help letting out a laugh looking over what his meddling had done to the muscle bound warrior.

      While Rothar still wore his furred armor, it was pushed to its limits to contain the bountiful blubber handing off of his body. His once chiseled pecs had been reduced to a pair of sagging man boobs that were larger than Harold’s head. A pair of stools took on the titanic task of holding up the barbarian’s gigantic butt cheeks, serving as a perfect perch as Rothar twirled his sausage-like fingers through his hair as he shoved pastries past his pudgy lips. Watching the former warrior heave himself up to waddle across the room, Harold was content that his little illusion would be more than enough to impress the other students.

      “Heeeeeyyyyy cutie,” said a husky voice.

       Feeling a pudgy hand on his shoulder, Harold turned around to see a very large and very loving Rothar looming over him. “Wait, this isn’t right,” Harold said, unable to look away from his boyfriend’s plush cheeks. “I didn’t mean to really alter your past. It was just supposed to be-“

      Harold was silenced as Rothar leaned in for a passionate kiss.

      “I think you’re done with all that silly studying today,” Rothar said, sliding a hand against Harold’s cheek as he walked away. “I’m going to retire to your room with a box of cupcakes. What we do in there tonight…well, I’ll leave that up to you,” he added, shooting Harold a wink before taking his leave.

      Rather than question the morality of his actions, Harold quickly picked up his belongings and ran towards a one of a kind evening of feeding and frolicking with his fatty boyfriend.

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    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Two very quick sketches

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    16.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Oh hey. Look at all that. I've gained again.

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