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    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Alec: You spent $68 on hair conditioner?

    Magnus: Small price to pay for self-esteem.

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    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago





    Hello!! Thanksssss

    I’m so proud of the casting. Some of the characters were very obvious to me. Like Imogen and Raphael.

    But others were a little tricky. Specially Ben yk. Because it had to be someone Magnus had a history with in canon

    Also Jace is too iconic of a character for me to cast him as anything. Literally I could not figure him out for days. So I was like, fuck this, he’s going to be himself lmaooo

    #that’s so Jace of him tbh #iwwam #malec heartstopper au
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  • herondalebitchh
    20.05.2022 - 6 hours ago


    in each series we have carstairs girls on the first cover and blackthorn girls on the last one

    just girly things

    #shadowhunters #queen of air and darkness #the infernal devices #the wicked powers #kit herondale #the last hours #tsc #chain of thorns #grace blackthorn#malec#magnus bane #the shadowhuter chronicles #james herondale#cordelia carstairs#tda#lady midnight #chain of gold #emma carstairs#will herondale#tessa gray#cassandra clare #kit and ty #matthew fairchild#jem carstairs#chot #the mortal instrument #tmi#tlh
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  • magnusedom
    19.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    listening to the return to the shadows podcast as someone who was watching shadowhunters as it aired is so funny because you hear dom sherwood talking about malec and you think he's so progressive and you’re like wow but I KNOW!!!! I KNOW WHAT HE DID i was THERE i was live watching THAT SHIT i know what you said mister. i know

    #u listen to him talk about malec's first meeting and you’re like 🤔🤔 u make sense dom #but like do y'all remember his apology video 😭😭😭😭 that shit was so funny ahjshsjd MATT'S FACE #i remember where i was. what i was doing. #also i forgot to keep doing the kind of recap posts for the podcast episodes bc they talk a lot about book stuff and things idc about. #i'll post when it's something interesting ok LMAOOO #airam talks
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  • skylar102
    19.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    So it's been a while since I've been on tumblr and my dashboard is full of fandoms I don't care about. Where are my shadowhunter peeps at? Please interact in this post so I can give ya a follow!

    #shadowhunters #the mortal instruments #malec#clace#sizzy#clizzy#jimon#saphael #the shadowhunter chronicles
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  • herondalebitchh
    19.05.2022 - 13 hours ago
    #shadowhunters #queen of air and darkness #the infernal devices #the wicked powers #kit herondale#tsc#ty blackthorn#alec lightwood#magnus bane#tda#malec #the shadowhunters chronicles #cassie clare#twp#tlh #the last hours #cassandra clare#will herondale #chain of thorns #chot #chain of gold #chain of iron #grace blackthorn#cordelia carstairs#jordelia#matthew fairchild#tid#lucie herondale#james herondale
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  • mariailoveyou-guerin
    19.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    I normally only like het or black gay/lesbian ships but these are my exceptions

    wait when did I make jjpope gif I hate making gifs

    #miluca#roswell nm#roswellnmedit #roswell new mexico #a million little things #greta x katherine #david x patrick #schitts creek#schitt's creek#malec#shadowhunters#humans#sheith#voltron#jjpope#obx#outer banks#getevenedit#get even #amber x olivia
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  • onetimetwotimesthreetimess
    19.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    we’re getting a malec heartstopper au and a malec kathony au

    When is this happening land How are we supposed to survive.

    you and @magnus-the-maqnificent are doing gods work

    Dylan obrien as Alec fuck me


    I was so obsessed with Dylan O’brien as a teenager lmaoo. He was my first choice because goofy Alec>>>>>>>

    I’ll write it after I’m finished with the soldier alec au so somewhere around mid June.

    And yes, I do believe that Laks and I are superior. Idk how I’ll survive the Kathony au either sksksjsha

    #malec heartstopper au #iwwam#kathony au
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  • magnus-the-maqnificent
    19.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    For the Taylor Swift prompt if you are still doing it

    'But I miss screaming and crying and kissing in the rain and it's 2AM and I'm cursing your name, so in love that you'd act insane and that's the way I loved you'


    I'm not doing it anymore aksjsksk but since you asked imma do it for you BUT PLEASE DONT SEND ME ANY MORE OKAY 🥺


    The boy opposite Magnus was talking about something, but he wasn’t listening.

    It was raining outside the cafe.

    Behind him, he could hear the bell chiming as couples walked in, drenched or sharing an umbrella or poorly covering themselves with a jacket. He couldn’t help but wonder if they ever kissed in the rain.

    If they’d ever hurled insults at each other in the rain, only for it to dissolve into heated kisses while rain poured down all around them, if they’d ever felt like two nebulae, two pinpricks of heat put together in a sea of cold.

    Magnus remembered every kiss, every tear shed in the rain, everything.

    He remembered, and he missed Alexander Lightwood.

    But there was nothing he could do about it now.

    Alec was never coming back. Their love was never coming back.

    Magnus felt unexpectedly tired, all of a sudden. He wished he could go home, lie down and scroll through all those old photos again.


    “Magnus?” the boy said, and Magnus jolted, sending him an apologetic smile.

    “Oh, yes? You were saying?”

    But right now, he was on a date.

    #blues and then purple pink asks #malec (taylor's version)
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  • magnus-the-maqnificent
    19.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    for the ts prompt thing "dont want no other shade of blue but you,no other sadness in the world would do"

    *sharpens knives* soooo we'll need some angst to finish up the day huh :)

    (Also Annie are you okay cause this is a dark DARK song wth 🙂)


    (Tw//alcoholism, implied abuse, mcd, also for y'alls sake this is only a dream and Magnus wakes up at the end so dw <3)

    The smell of alcohol was strong in Magnus’s nostrils. The room seemed to sway as he walked, and he steadied himself by holding on to the nearest thing, which turned to be a lamp.

    The lamp jostled and nearly toppled over, but Magnus managed to straighten it. It made enough noise, however, that the sounds of laughter from the dining room he'd been hearing until now stopped abruptly.


    Alec's voice was low, almost a troubled whisper. Magnus looked up at his beloved, and smiled. He could hear Rafael's voice as he called out,

    "Is it bapak? Is he home?"

    "Magnus," Alec was saying, but Magnus barely heard him. He moved in towards Alec, and missed the imperceptible way he flinched. "Are you drunk ag-"

    Magnus kissed him on the lips before he could finish his sentence, wrapping his arms around Alec and pulling him closer. He whispered against Alec’s lips, "I missed you."

    Alec relaxed.

    "I missed you too," Alec said, pulling away and then pulling him by the sleeve into the next room. Magnus saw his sons sitting on the floor of the dining room, playing with Legos. They waved at him, smiling brightly, and Magnus waved back.

    But before he could greet the kids properly, Alec was pulling him into the bedroom and bolting the door. Magnus frowned.

    "I need to see the kids," Magnus said, his words coming out a little slurry. He made for the door, but Alec stopped him with a hand on his chest.

    "Maybe you should have a nap first," Alec said, his face troubled, eyes almost pleading. "Just- just a few minutes. I'll fix up a shower for you and- and something to eat, and then- and then you can go see the kids, okay?"

    Magnus’s frown deepened. "I want to see them now-"

    "Magnus, please." Alec stopped him with a hand to his chest. Magnus stared at the spot where Alec was touching him, stunned.

    "Why won't you let me see them?" Magnus looked up at Alec again. "What did I do to you? Why won't you-?"

    Alec shook his head, his eyes wide. "I just don't want them to see you like this- Magnus, please, just go to bed."

    "Like what?" Magnus’s voice was clear this time, taut, and Alec froze.

    "Like- like this, like a drunkard." Alec's voice was very low. "I just don't want them thinking bad of you- Magnus, please-"

    Like a drunkard.

    He could hear all the things Alec didn’t say, too. Wastrel. Fool. Shameless. Bastard.

    Magnus laughed at that, low breathy laughs that rumbled in his chest. He stepped away from Alec, and swayed a little before the back of his knees hit the bed and he could sit down.

    "You're ashamed of me," Magnus laughed decisively, gaze cast downwards. "That's what this is about, isn't it? You're ashamed of me."

    "Magnus-" Alec gasped. "Magnus, no."

    Something in Magnus snapped, curling into him like shriveled leaves. He stopped laughing.

    "I wouldn't- I'm not-" Alec was now standing in front of Magnus, hands hovering about uncertainly as he tried to explain. "I'm not ashamed of you, love, I would never- I just don't want our children to have a bad impression of you- I just-"

    "But why would our children hate me, Alexander?" Magnus said, his voice pitched low. He looked up, and Alec’s pale face stared back. "Unless... you make them hate me. Unless you hate me."

    Alec’s face grew paler. "Magnus, no. I could never hate you-"

    But Magnus wasn't listening.

    "You hate me," he said, half-laughing and half-sobbing. "You hate me, don't you?"

    "No, Magnus, no-"

    "You do," Magnus choked out, and looked up into Alec’s despondent eyes. "You probably wish I was dead, don't you? You wish it was only you and the kids, don't you? You wish I was gone, don't you?"

    "Magnus, I could never hate you," Alec said, his voice pleading, desperate, even. There were tears slipping out of his eyes and down his cheeks. He cupped Magnus’s face with trembling hands, and his Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed. "I could never- I love you, I've only loved you. I'll always love you."

    Magnus laid his hands on Alec’s shoulders, and his fingers dug into Alec’s skin as a sudden, sharp anger reared up inside him.

    "Don't lie to me!" He shouted through gritted teeth, voice rising several octaves, and shoved.

    There was a terrible sound like smashing glass.

    There was a mirror there, Magnus realised, just behind where Alec stood, and he had shoved Alec right into it. The mirror was broken, cracks running all through it like a spiderweb, a pattern that he could almost see reflected in Alec’s eyes.

    Magnus rose to his feet, but he couldn’t do anything but watch as the light in Alec's eyes dimmed and he slowly, slowly slid to the ground, where he remained unmoving. There was blood pooling around Alec, and a terrible ringing noise in Magnus’s ears.

    He felt awake, he felt sober, but it was too late.

    Distantly, he heard the bedroom door swing open, heard his children's cries as they rushed over to where their father lay and begged him to wake up, to move, to do something. Magnus shuddered away from the sight and looked instead at the mirror, at his thousand reflections from the thousand broken shards staring right back at him.

    Magnus blinked, and the mirror was whole again. His children's sobs, Alec's blood, everything seemed to fall away. He could only stare at himself, reflected back in the mirror.

    Pale skin stretched over sharp cheekbones, a long, straight, chiseled nose. Sharp teeth curled over his lips pulled back into a cruel smile.

    But he wasn't smiling.

    The mirror was supposed to be broken.

    Max and Rafe never played with Legos, because Legos were banned from the house.

    Magnus had quit drinking the day they adopted Max.

    Magnus jolted awake.

    The first thing he registered was Alec, lying next to him in bed, fast asleep, his breaths deep and even and peaceful. Then the rest of his nightmare hit him, and Magnus rolled out of bed and went straight into the bathroom.

    He was sweating, and his hands trembling like crazy. He could even feel his heartbeat, in his ears, his chest, his arms, everywhere. Magnus painstakingly turned on the faucet in the sink, splashing cold water on his face and gripping the edges of the sink, taking in deep breaths as he calmed down. When the sounds of his heartbeat had dulled somewhat, Magnus looked up into the mirror above the sink, and stared.

    Golden brown skin. That smaller, rounded nose he'd inherited from his mother. Lips that threatened to tremble and eyes that never looked on Alec with anything but love.

    Relief flooded through him like a wave, and Magnus’s knees hit the bathroom floor just as he began to sob.

    His beloved was asleep in their bed, alive and unscarred. His children never knew him as anything but a loving father. And Magnus-

    Magnus was not a monster. Magnus was not his father.

    #this got WAYYYYY out of hand #oops #oops my hand slipped #blues and then purple pink asks #malec (taylor's version) #malec#magnus bane#alec lightwood
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    19.05.2022 - 18 hours ago



    COMING JUNE 2022 🌸

    #look at these bful bitches #if we were a movie #malec heartstopper au #magnus bane#alec lightwood#malec#iwwam#clary fray#jace herondale#raphael Santiago#malec fics
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  • onetimetwotimesthreetimess
    19.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    I’m the same anon from yesterday. I cannot wait to find out what happens in ch 4 and 5. Can I get an angsty snippet pleaszz

    hello hi.

    I haven’t started writing the chapters yet so idk which scene will go in which one lmao. Plus I don’t know what counts as angsty or not when I’m writing myself lol. but here’s a sneak peek.

    “I don’t want to say something that could hurt you so please leave.”


    Magnus ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

    He felt so tired.

    And angry.

    Magnus doesn’t easily gets angry. But he hasn’t been feeling like himself lately.

    He has been feeling like..

    Like him.

    His eyes meet the woman in front of him and there’s equal amounts of heartbreak there.

    Maybe more so than he himself feels.

    Probably more.

    “Make it stop.” He finally says.

    “Oh honey.” Maryse says with tears in her eyes.

    Magnus fell on the floor crumbling like a piece of paper but two strong arms catch him.

    “Mom. Please mom. Please. Make it stop.” He begs for the hundredth time that day.

    #I’m a sucker for Magnus calling Maryse mom pls #LRHWY #love really hurts without you #malec
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  • magnus-the-maqnificent
    19.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    for the ts prompt thing "you kiss my face and we're both drunk, everyone thinks that they know us but they know nothing about us"

    Secret relationship? Secret relationship.


    "You're so lucky I love you," Alec muttered, lightly exasperated even as he went in for a second kiss.

    Magnus chuckled against Alec’s lips, the sound coming out muffled. The wine in the glass he held was sloshing around, so he carefully set the wineglass on the edge of the bathtub.

    "What did I do?" Magnus asked, pulling away just the tiniest bit. He was still chuckling.

    "Who drinks wine in the bathtub?" Alec asked, scrunching his nose up in that cute way he often did. Magnus kissed him again.

    "You have to indulge in the little things in life, darling," Magnus said, cupping Alec’s face and pulling him in close. "Like drinking wine in the bathtub... or kissing beautiful boys."

    "Oh?" Alec’s lips stretched out into a grin.

    "Oh, yes." Magnus grinned back.

    They kissed again, slow and languid and getting drunk on this feeling until Alec’s friends arrived and the two of them had to go back to pretending they were friends once more.

    #blues and then purple pink asks #malec (taylor's version)
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  • magnus-the-maqnificent
    19.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    "I love you and that's all I really know"

    More flufffff



    Magnus froze and whirled around, staring at Alec who was running toward him, the rose Magnus had given him last night clutched in his hand.

    Oh, Magnus sighed to himself. He'd been waiting all day for answer, and at sundown, Alec had finally come.

    Alec barrelled into him, arms going around him tight, small puffs of breath escaping against Magnus’s shoulder. He didn’t even have to wait until Alec caught his breath before he gasped out,

    "I love you. I'm sorry it took me so long to realise that. I love you, and I'm an idiot."

    Magnus laughed out loud at that, and he felt the tiniest of tears prick his eyes as he hugged Alec back.

    "I love you too. You are an idiot, and I love you too."

    #blues and then purple pink asks #malec (taylor's version) #hehe this ones short and sweet #phew
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  • magnus-the-maqnificent
    19.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    "baby just say yes"

    Eee okay just some fluffy goodness for this

    Tagging @high-warlock-of-brooklyn cause I think you might like this one <3


    There was half an hour left for Alexander to return home. This was no time to rethink proposals. And yet...

    There was never going to be a right time to propose. Magnus knew that. So he'd decided on today, had planned it out for several weeks now, and here he was today. It wasn't that Magnus had cold feet. It wasn't that today didn’t feel like the right time. It wasn't the who or the when, it was the how that was all wrong.

    Magnus took a long look at himself in the mirror, and reached for the makeup wipes by the bathroom sink.

    Their first kiss had been in this very house, as was every other first that had followed. This house, and their precious little love, was a respite from everything else. The glamour and intrusion that followed Magnus wherever he went, the questions and scandal that Alec wanted no part of but had to endure because of his family. Their love was comfort, and quiet laughter, and rainy days and blankets and cuddle piles on movie night. There was no place for the loud and the grand in their love.

    And there didn’t need to be either, Magnus realised now. He didn’t need the grandeur, he just needed Alec to say yes.

    A quick wash under the sink faucet took care of the gel in his hair. Magnus left the bathroom and quickly stripped and discarded the clothes he'd been wearing - a velvet blazer over a plum coloured shirt and dark pants - and pulled on a pair of sweatpants instead.

    The original plan was to take Alec out to a surprise dinner at that expensive restaurant on Fifth Street, and then surprise him again with the ring over dinner. He discarded that, too.

    He had one hand working quickly to cancel the reservations he'd made several weeks ago, while his other pointed the hairdryer towards his hair. As soon as both were done, he headed for the kitchen next. He had twenty minutes left.

    Twenty minutes later, Alec came home, pausing at the threshold to toe off his shoes and to smile at Magnus. Their home smelled like butter, and Taylor Swift's album Lover had been lined up on the speakers.

    Magnus smiled back from where he was sitting on the ground, having left his hair free and down. He was wearing one of Alec’s sweaters, which had hole on the sleeve but was comfortable nonetheless. There was a board game set out on the floor in front of him, along with a bottle of soda and a large bowl filled with popcorn and a velvet box somewhere at the bottom.

    "Wanna play monopoly?" Magnus asked, struggling to contain a giddy smile as Alec’s eyes flickered to the game and then back to him.

    Alec's grin might as well have been the yes he needed.

    #this got out of hand ohew #phew* #also yeah im working to finish prompts that have been sitting in my askbox for like... a month? idk dont judge me #blues and then purple pink asks #malec (taylor's version)
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    19.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    for the ts prompt im gonna put in one of my fav songs

    Someday when you leave me I bet these memories Follow you around

    Hiii sorry I'm so late with this 😅


    Magnus Bane was the kind of person who liked to leave an impression wherever he went. Whether it was places or people's lives, for years or days or even a few hours - he always entered in a whirlwind of chaos and left behind a fine coating of glitter.

    Alexander Lightwood was no different.

    Magnus knew, with astounding clarity, that this- this relationship, experimentation, arrangement, whatever it was, would end one day. He knew it, and whatever Magnus knew would happen, happened.

    It was the same age-old pattern, over and over again. Alec would leave, for his Clave and his duty, and no amount of pining from Magnus’s side could change that.

    The least he could do was make sure Alec remembered him.

    Remember this, he'd think with every kiss, every cup of coffee he'd place in front of Alec, every shirt lent and borrowed. Everytime Alec sat on the couch, legs crossed underneath and eyes attentive as he listened to Magnus’s stories. Everytime Magnus’s hands dug into his clothes and left little creases.

    Everytime Alec bared his neck and Magnus got to mark his skin like it was the first time, every kiss a prayer whispered against his skin.

    Remember me.

    #blues and then purple pink asks #im getting back to these lmaooo #i have like 4 more and then bye bye prompts #malec (taylor's version)
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    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    “Look, after I get some food in you, I'll come to the Institute and examine Morgan. See if my magic can shed some light on things.”

    Thy Soul Instructed – season 3, episode 4

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  • khaleesiofalicante
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Tried to write a summary-ish. It got out of hand. Bon Appétit :)


    First of fucking all.

    The writing style is fucking stunning. I've always liked victorian or just period stories in general because the english just hits different and you are doing fabulous work.



    idk why i typed all of this in caps but i am VERY VERY excited for this fic! Best of luck! Cannot fucking wait.

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