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  • that-bi-multifandom-mess
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    The Beginning,The End,and all The Moments in Between.

    #Erik lehnsherr #Erik lehnsherr gif #magneto#magneto gif#Charles Xavier #Charles Xavier gif #professor x #Professor x gif #erik lehnsherr x charles xavier #charles xavier x erik lehnsherr #cherik#cherik gif#cherik gifs#cherik edit#marvel#marvel gif#x-men#xmen#X-men gif#xmen gif #fox x men #fox xmen#xmfc#xmdp #x men the last stand #x2 #x men first class #x men dark phoenix #mutant husbands#Marveledit
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  • that-bi-multifandom-mess
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    Make me choose,xmdofp cherik or Xmfc Cherik
    #Erik lehnsherr #Erik lehnsherr gif #magneto#magneto gif#Charles Xavier #Charles Xavier gif #professor x #professor x gif #xmfc #x men first class #x men first class gif #cherik#cherik gif#cherik gifs#cherik edit #erik lehnsherr x charles xavier #charles xavier x erik lehnsherr #marvel#marvel gif#x-men#xmen#X-men gif#xmen gif #fox x men #fox xmen#marveledit#xmenedit#marvel edit#marvel gifset#marvelgifs
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  • wandavisionedits
    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago
    Elizabeth Olsen + Hattie Harmony the Worry Detective
    #elizabeth olsen#eolsenedit#elizabethdaily#gardening#marvelcast#marvelcastedit#dailywomen #women of marvel #marvel women #women of mcu #robbie arnett#hattie harmony#worry detective #our girl is a published author y'all #and a ventriloquist apparently lol #her gardening videos >>>>> #my edit#WVE edits#instagram
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  • celestialspecial
    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Exploding Galaxies

    You sat in the rejuvenation pod, looking out over millions of light years and probably an infinite number of galaxies. Clutching the covers on your bed, eyes widely taking in each new shooting star and long tailed comet that whizzed past your window. Glittering trails of space dust gathered in a cacophony of color and bursts of flaming sparkles.

    It was truly breathtaking. To know all this was out here was one thing, but to experience it yourself was something entirely different. Earth seemed so small all of a sudden, but you were already a few star systems away from it, from your sister, from everything you thought you knew. A loud beeping came from the screen port by your door, a crackling image appeared and the face of a crew member appeared.

    “We will be preparing for landing soon. Please adjust yourself for momentary cryo-sleep.” The image flickered away and you could hear the sounds of the ship preparing the passengers and crew for landing. Hydraulic sounding gushes of air blew across your face and you knew that meant only a few more minutes before you fell back asleep, whether you wanted to or not.

    You weren’t a prisoner, far from it, but you’d never felt so tiny and helpless before. Well maybe not helpless, but small, and insignificant was probably more appropriate. Another gust of cool air and you could feel your eyelids becoming heavy, a swift and dreamless sleep encasing you fully.

    In 72 hours your life had completely changed and been turned upside down. Your existence included working your ass off delivering orders to small shops up and down the city’s furthest edge, avoiding floating cruisers and rival crews attempting to steal and up sell your cargo. The bright neon lights of the city seemed to go on forever into the sky, floating buildings on top of skyscrapers and a constant hum from space ships entering and exiting the atmosphere.

    It was loud, but it was home. Taking care of your younger sister was all that mattered now since it was just the two of you now. A small apartment on 150th floor, crammed into a city that was quickly running out of room. More people were making the choice to live off planet, now that so many more people were flourishing, thriving, all thanks to the Xiades. A far advanced alien race that had gifted technologies beyond humankind’s wildest dreams.

    Diseases cured instantly, systems of operating efficiently, materials to replace fossil fuels, and so much more. Perhaps “gifted” was not the correct term. All things have their price, and this came with one as well.

    A hissing noise woke you from your stupor, the nice thing about cryo sleep was you didn’t wake groggy or tired like normal. The hatch to your cabin was open and a crew member was moving your packed bags out the door. All that was left was a long gown of silken white, Grecian folds and the deepest most revealing neckline you’d ever seen. Golden details that looked like branches cradled the waist and glimmered in the light. The light.

    You whipped around to the large port window and gazed out onto what was surely the most beautiful sight you had ever had the pleasure of looking upon. Golden sunlight illuminated a large group of castle like structures, waterfalls flew off their sides and tropical looking foliage grew wildly on every spare drop of land. Crystal blue waters collected off the side of the ship and you looked down to see a lake filled with glimmering fish the size of cars back home.

    Ciazed truly was a tropical paradise planet. A neutral zone exactly halfway between earth and xiad. You saw groups of humans wandering around, talking, laughing, wearing similar dresses to the one hanging up before you. The sound of someone clearing their throat brought your attention back to the room you were in.

    A new crew member stood before you, she had shiny purple hair and skin the same color as the water cascading off the surrounding buildings. She nodded towards the dress, a small smile on her lips.

    “If you’d get dressed we can take you to your new room.” You nodded, waiting for her to depart before shrugging off your clothes, picking up the gossamer dress and turning it over admiring how soft it felt against your skin. Letting it slide over your form, toying with the folds and spending a moment considering wearing another shirt underneath. The fabric was thick but not so much that it could conceal everything. A cool breeze and you knew it would do little to hide your modesty.

    Before you could think of other embarrassing situation the crew member was back and motioning for you to follow. Stepping off the ship and into the fresh air felt remarkable. You closed your eyes, drinking in the beautiful sunshine and scent of fragrant flowers and the scent of water flowing around you.

    The ship was huge, there must’ve been 200 of you. It didn’t escape your notice it was mostly females, maybe a handful of men scattered here and there, but all wearing white. Some looked excited to be there, others looked positively sick, it was a bizarre situation to be sure. To be picked out of billions, flown halfway across the galaxy and give a year of your time to servicing this alien race.

    ‘You’re a match’, the words had echoed in your head but your mouth couldn’t form words. The scientist had held images of your dna strands and bio markers up to your face as if that suddenly answered all questions.

    50 years ago an exploratory vessel had landed on earth reaching out to its people, a race called the Xiades that were millions of years ahead of humanity needed help.

    Their race was dying out, within a hundred years they’d be gone and all their technology with them, unless earth was willing to strike a deal. Their race was similar enough genetically to humans that combining their dna with each other should produce optimal results. All their wisdom and knowledge couldn’t solve their reproductive problem but instead lead them to seek other solutions.

    Aliens came and went on earth but none had ever reached out with such a proposition before. It would’ve been stupid not to take it. To cure the dying of their illness, create sustainable food, have access to weapons to protect us from those other alien species that had less than ideal plans for us. An Exchange was created, a certain amount of humans who had compatible markers matching up with a xiadian would be offered the opportunity to assist in maintaining intergalactic peace.

    And receive an outstanding amount of credits, enough that one wouldn’t have to work for the rest of their life if they didn’t want to. You hadn’t heard all of what the scientist had told you because all you could think of was paying off you and your sisters debt, leaving the city, owning land, a house, to be able to smell fresh air, see grass, feel peace for once. No one was ever forced to participate, but very few ever said no.

    You walked up the marble stairs past hanging baskets overflowing with vines and purple leaves, heavy fruit hanging off the sides. Archways were carved showcasing turquoise pools beyond them, hugged by vast arrays of trees and multicolored foliage. You nearly bumped into the crew member carrying your bags as you followed them into your new space.

    The room was enormous, high ceilings draped in jewel toned fabrics, your own balcony looked out over one of the many pools, giant pots of flowers dotted your room. and a plush bed covered in pillows and silken sheets beckoned at the other end.

    “I’ve put all your things in the bedroom. Dinner is in an hour, if you need anything servants will be around.” She gave you one last smile before disappearing down the long hallway outside your door. You could hear the clamor of everyone becoming settled in their respective rooms, light talking and then eventually silence.

    Looking around the room, never having had this much space to yourself before. You walked over to the bed and collapsed on top of it. You missed your sister. You even missed your small apartment with her, if even for just a moment. It was all dawning on you now the gravity of your situation. No. Think of the money. All the money, to do as you please. You let out of huff of breath trying to scatter the stray strands of hair in front of your face. Think of how much this deal helps everyone back home. The sick, needy, all of them.

    Your eyes fluttered shut and it felt like just a minute but soon you heard knocking on your door and knew it was time for dinner.

    You and a group of similarity dressed women were lead down the winding hallways, you fell towards the back so you could ogle the artwork on the walls and gaze out at the now darkened sky that was filled with more stars than you’d ever seen before in your life. Staring skyward you accidentally stepped on the heel of a girl in front of you. She hissed whipping around to fix you with an angry glare. You gave your most apologetic look before being ushered into another large ballroom.

    Three long tables lay before you, the room was open to the outside air and the night sky seemed to creep into the room, circling the marble columns and filling the space with an ambiance you couldn’t quite place. It really was otherworldly. Everyone was guided to their rightful seats, you tried not to roll your eyes, even in space they had assigned seating.

    A large chandelier with glowing orbs of light illuminated a touch brighter and then the large doors to the ballroom were being opened and you got your first look at the Xiades. Naturally you were in the last chair before the room dipped into darkness from the outside, at the end of the table so you had to strain to see anything.

    They looked…human. Well mostly human. There was an air to them that felt ancient, unknown. Most were tall, all wearing similar dark suits of fine material that would catch the light and Create a sheen that reminded you of an oil slick. They moved elegantly and calmly, regardless of how all the humans in the room gaped. You watched as they took their seats one by one, wanting to roll your eyes at some of the over the top reactions the women in the room had.

    Gawking, blushing. You wanted to make a gagging noise, didn’t they realize they simply viewed humans as breeding stock and nothing more? You felt embarrassed for them, and to be honest a little for yourself. You had agreed to be here too.

    Before you could lose yourself any further in your thoughts a large dark form appeared across from you casting a shadow over you and your seat. You felt your breath catch when you finally looked up to gaze upon the man before you. You were met with piercing black eyes, a strong jaw and chiseled face, a few strands of his dark brown hair fell across his forehead, a fine layer of stubble hugged his jaw.

    Your mouth went dry, surely this wasn’t your match? He was too….handsome. Ignoring your gawking he pulled his chair out across from you and took a seat, inclining his head to you ever so slightly. Before you could open your mouth someone began speaking at the head of the room, a moderator or welcoming gesture of some sort.

    You barely heard what they were saying, something about gratitude for your cooperation and willingness to be here, how you were protecting and helping a race thrive. The words barely dawned on you, all your eyes did was watch him as he stared forward attentively listening to the speech being given. Everyone else seemed to be lost in the pomp and circumstance playing out before them but you felt your heart racing.

    You knew what you were getting yourself into but you never expected the xiadian you matched with to be…hot. You desperately tried to wipe your sweaty palms on your dress, but then realized it was moving the fabric too much, anxiously readjusting your top. You must’ve looked a proper fool, no one else seemed suddenly nervous. As you were about to grab the napkin before you to have something to toy with you felt a warm hand encase yours applying gentle pressure.

    Your partner, mate, whatever he was had been watching your jittery movements. His touch felt comforting, warm, perhaps he just wanted you to stop moving. For a moment you felt brave enough to meet his eyes, looking up like a child being admonished but instead were met with a look of kindness . Not quite a smile, but understanding. Of your situation, and you couldn’t help but wonder if he dreaded being in this situation as much as you.

    Eventually the speaker wrapped up and food was brought out to each of the tables. Light chatter began but your stomach was in knots, even the delicious food didn’t tempt you. Instead you cut up pieces and speared them haphazardly with your fork, never taking a bite. The man across from you noticed, patting at his mouth with a napkin and taking a sip of the many beverages brought out to you all.

    “Do you have a name?” He asked, his voice caught you off guard, it was deep but mellifluous. A tone thrilling to your ears. You nodded, speaking it to him. At that he actually smiled, you felt yourself blush vividly and couldn’t deny the spark of intrigue that flickered forth in your chest. “My name is William, but I prefer Billy.”

    You couldn’t stifle the small chuckle escaping your lips. He raised a quizzical brow at you but there was a glimmer in his eyes. “And what’s so funny?” You raised your shoulders in an innocent shrug.

    “Just…that seems so normal for an..well” you realized you were being rude or what you were insinuating might be taken as rude.

    “For an alien?” You found yourself blushing again, moving the food around your plate further, trying to avoid his gaze.

    “I’m sorry. This is all so…so new and strange to me. I guess I’m also considered an “alien” to you.” He leaned back in his seat, running a hand through his long brown hair, letting it fall to his lap a moment later.

    “It is very strange.” At that you managed to glance up and prayed the color hadn’t overtaken your cheeks too heavily. “For both of us.”

    The dinner was coming to a close and humans and xiadians alike were leaving. Some together but others separate. And so began the long process of fulfilling your duties, you thought to yourself, standing up and smoothing down the front of your dress.

    “May I walk you to your room?” Billy asked, standing as well. He towered over you and you felt your knees weaken once more in his presence.

    “Yes, that would be…fine.” He held his arm out to you, which you took with a small smile of gratitude. Being lead out of the grand ballroom and down one of the long hallways. The night sky seemed even brighter out here, flashes of shooting stars and the milky texture of foreign galaxies. You found your self leaning off to the side to crane your neck to get a better look.

    Billy noticed, pulling you off to the side where you had been staring off, quite literally, into space. He adjusted your shoulders positioning you under one of the marble arches, when you looked at him confused he only smiled pointing upwards to a purple dot in the sky, shining brightly. It was small but you could see another few small specks around it, illuminated by the purple emanating off of it.

    “Is that a planet?” You asked, scrunching your eyes, straining to see more. He smiled at the purple dot almost wistfully.

    “That is Xiad.” You turned to him, eyes wider, his planet. “Home.” His smile faltered for a moment, but you caught it nonetheless before he was moving you off to another corner of the balcony. He pointed up once more, you had to squint to make out the even smaller bluish green speck. “And there is Earth.”

    “Home.” You repeated. A tightening in your chest thinking of your sister so far away, where your friends were, it wasn’t perfect but it was home. After a minute of staring at the two dots you turned to face him, noticing he too was staring at the same blue green dot. “Why show me this?”

    He took a step back eyes searching for the answer to your question as if he also was taken by surprise with his actions. “Our planets are very far away, but from here they appear similar, two small colored flecks on the backdrop of space. What are the odds that our paths cross? That one small green dot would be able to assist that purple one in ways beyond comprehension and vice versa.” His hands reached for yours, holding them palm facing upwards as he clasped his larger hands around your own.

    “While we may not know each other well, do not doubt that what are you are doing is making a difference. That we both would not be here today if it wasn’t meant to be so.” You let his words sink heavily into your chest, feeling the authenticity behind them. Within him. Sharing this with you. You moved both of your clasped hands to your chest letting them rest over your heart, eyes drifting softly closed, letting him feel the steady rhythm of your heart beat.

    You didn’t have the words to express all that you were feeling right now- peace, anxiety, fear, worry, excitement, joy, anticipation, desire. All of it and all at different tempos and speeds but you could show him that you appreciated his sharing of thoughts with you. You both rested another beat before he silently took your hand and guided you down the rest of the hall.

    You both stood outside your door for a long pause, not meeting one another’s eyes but unsure how to appropriately end the night. Surely other matched pairs weren’t already partaking? Billy cleared his throat and spoke first-

    “It was very nice being in your company tonight.” his hand raised to brush a coil of your hair behind your ear, your breath hitched feeling the roughness of his fingers, the heat coming off of them.

    With bated breath you watched as he moved towards you, fear and excitement roiling in your belly. His face rested along the side of yours, you could feel his hot breath across your temple and ear when he finally placed a gentle kiss to your cheek before backing away slowly. It was over in a second and yet you wanted more. The touch of his lips on your skin felt searing and sent tiny tremors through your chest, praying to catch your breath.

    “I’m looking forward to getting to know you…” his voice was low and husky and had you aching for him in ways you couldn’t explain. “In more ways than one.”

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  • redskull199987
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    So, I finally watched Doctor Strange 2 and as always I would like to give ya'll my opinion. Spoilers ahead

    First of all, I love America (pun not intended). She is such a sweetheart and I love her relationship with Stephen. He's like a big brother that protects her😭❤️

    Next thing is, Christine everyone. So, to all of you out there who didn't watch What if, you wish you did it now. Cause that whole story with Christine was already brought up there and the way they continued this storyline was amazing. I can tell that my heart broke when Steven said that he loves her in every universe

    Next thing is Wanda. My Queen, my love, my everything. For one I am happy that we finally saw how powerful she truly is. Like damn, she destroyed Kamartaj on her own and killed every single on of the Illuminati. Sllllayyyy. On the other hand, my heart broke at all that cruel and gruesome shit she did just to be with her kids. I think that shows what a lost and heartbroken soul Wanda really is. She deserves better:(

    I loved that scene where "Our" Strange and Sinister Strange fought against each other with these music notes. Probably my favorite scene

    I'm a little sad that Shang-Chi wasn't in the movie, cause with the After credit scene of his movie, it would have been perfect but no:(

    The Illuminati. I am in love with live-action Captain Carter. I was heartbroken when she was split in half. I loved that Captain Marvel, she was so cool:0 Black Bolt, da man. I never thought I'd hear from the Inhumans again, as nearly nobody even watched that show. And Xavier of course. In his cool stool from the animated series. He was as Cool as ever. And. Reed. Richards. The Man of the hour. The fans are getting better and better at predictions.

    Wong deserves more appreciation

    I don't really know what to think or believe now, cause with all of the upcoming stuff, there are endless possibilities now. There is "Agatha:House of Harkness" which will definitely be important, Antman 2 will definitely play a role too. We have Miss Marvel and She-Hulk coming soon. Lord knows what Season 2 of Loki will hold for us. And let's not forget Moon Knight. That show only had one reference to the rest of the MCU as far as I recall and that was Madripoor. But I think it will play a role too

    The after credit scene. So, I believe the common theory that "our" Strange now has the third eye too cause he had to use the Darkhold to enter our dimension. That makes sense, right? Anyways, I'm excited to see more of the dark dimension

    One last thing, after seeing the trailer I always thought that this movie would somehow destroy Dr. Strange for me. That I wouldn't like him after the movie, cause of the things Wanda said, you know with you become a hero, I become a villian bla bla bla. But now, I love him even more, poor boy only wants to protect his peeps, Wong and America are the living example. Don't get me wrong, I still love Wanda and she deserves the world but I still think that the things she did were wrong. Strange did wrong things too, that's clear, but he did not choose to kill anyone that stepped into his way. Wanda stans pls dont come at me, I am one of u. I love Wanda. Queen.

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    29.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Never trust a bot to baby sit your teleporting dog

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  • deadrobinthoughts
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    The fact I just bought out a comic shop of every novel, comic, pin, etc. of morbius for my mom but haven't gotten a single thing for fathers day: priorities, ig.

    #marvel#morbius#fml #1st edition was 2k tho
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  • claryxjackson
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    DAMAGE CONTROL AU ➣ single parents. abra and clint edition

    ❝Why do you look dead?❞ ❝I'm trying to give up caffeine❞

    ❝What i'm getting from this is that you won't mind if i steal your coffee?❞

    taglist: @richitozier, @foxesandmagic, @lizziesxltzmxn, @phoebestarks, @lovehermioneforever, @jewelswrites-ish, @kiara-carrera, @heavenlysurf, @decennia, @stanshollaand. @ocfairygodmother, , @yellowr4nger

    #single parents au #my edit #abra x clint #fic: damage control #abra griffin#queerocs#mcu ocs#marvel ocs#aj pierce #abra x aj #and the au is back
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  • yellowr4nger
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    HIGH ENOUGH » » winter soldier & age of ultron

    featuring: taylor kinney as barney barton
    scott eastwood as steve rogers
    emily van camp as sharon carter
    justin hartley as clint barton
    tracy spiridakos as star merlyn
    gif credit: x x x x
    taglist: @stanshollaand @claryxjackson (wanna be added? hit me up)
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  • mckiwiwrites
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    3/4 Doctors recommend using The Darkhold. Side effects may include: blackened fingertips, third eyes, incursions, and death.





    #sinister strange#zombie strange#defender strange#doctor strange #doctor strange in the multiverse of madness #dr strange edit #marvel#stephen strange#dr strange#marvel edit #multiverse of madness #doctor strange edit #doctor stephen strange
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  • kathryndaily
    28.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    KATHRYN NEWTON via instagram Ran into this 🐜 at Disney yesterday.

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  • oliviasbikeseat
    28.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    wlw + rainbow flags colour picked from some of my favourite olivia frames ♡

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  • that-bi-multifandom-mess
    28.05.2022 - 14 hours ago
    Make me Choose,Top Three Wanda Wandavision Era’s.
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  • that-bi-multifandom-mess
    28.05.2022 - 14 hours ago
    Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlet Witch In Dr.Strange Multiverse of Madness (2022)
    #Wanda maximoff #Wanda maximoff gif #scarlet witch #scarlet witch gif #the scarlet witch gif #wandamaximoffedit #multiverse of madness #marvel#marvel gif#mcu#mcu gif#Elizabeth Olsen #Elizabeth Olsen gif #Elizabeth Olsen gifs #mcuedit#marveleedit#mcu edit#marvel edit#mcugifs#marvelgifs#mcu gifs#marvel gifs#mcu gifset#marvel gifset#avengers#avengers gif #the scarlet witch gifs #scarlet witch gifs #avengersedit#wanda mcu
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  • that-bi-multifandom-mess
    28.05.2022 - 14 hours ago
    Agatha Harkness vs Stephen Strange
    Au in which Wanda Calls Agatha to help her with the events that are going on in multiverse of madness and she sends her off to deal with strange.
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  • that-bi-multifandom-mess
    28.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    This would have been the perfect opportunity in my opinion to introduce/cameo the X-men or acknowledge that they exist in the multiverse/universe.Like Mcu! Peter is all like “wait you don’t have the avengers?!?!?!” And both Tobey’s and Andrew’s Spidey’s universes obviously don’t have the avengers in their universe.I wanted Andrew’s spidey to say a throw away line that goes something like “the Avengers? Is that like the X-men.” And have Mcu! Peter be just as equally confused,they go along with their battle and don’t bring it up again,but the audience got the reference.

    (Bonus if tobey’s spidey said “what,like the fantastic Four?!??”)

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  • theycallme-thejackal
    28.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Timestamp Roulette       ↠ 3x03: Panty Pose           So you're saying a rat has a soul?

    #marvelous mrs maisel #marvelous mrs. maisel. the marvelous mrs maisel #the marvelous mrs. maisel #tmmm edits#jackal edits #tmmm timestamp roulette #queue are lovely
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