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  • dvarapala
    25.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    “The fact that it’s 2022 and my Dutch teacher is out there peddling stereotypical and, quite frankly, borderline racist and hurtful content in his own writing is just... enraging to me. And then he has the gall to be like: ‘am I not being politically correct enough for your tastes?’ like... seriously, seriously?! This is not about being correct, politically or otherwise. It’s about basic respect.”

    #ic for ooc. #//sdhudsd i am enraged #//and also i'm mad at myself for not having the words to like express how uncomfortable and hurt and gross and angry this makes me feel #//like yes ofc it's his writing and his world view and stuff was different when he grew up #//but it still makes me want to scream it's so disrespectful #//and the fact he doesn't even want to engage in dialogue about this is just....astounding #//like one of his books is called miligro the half blood and that just gives me the hives and it's about a presumably white woman #//vacationing in greece with her presumably white husband and then she meets a dark skinned (presumably black) man and then she is torn #//between both men and i just. dude. come the fuck on. for real. #//i was actually gonna do my replies but i am Angery so i'm gonna take a shower and cool down and maybe come back later #//and also like he's also a writer and why isn't he using his connections to fucking help other writers like???? what a tool #//and if not i'll just fill the queue #//screaming tessa noises intensify
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  • reddriot
    25.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    Hello hello everyone! Hope you all are having a good Wednesday ^u^ 

    #misc: zebra speaks #my attempt at trying to start conversation because i want to talk to people #i've just been playing league so far today alksfjdfdj #the new update doesn't feel like it did much #diana is still scary as heck #maybe i should try to write today
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  • thethingything
    25.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    I'm updating the Notion pages we use for keeping track of our plants and I just had to count up some of them, and it turns out we now have a total of 16 polka dot plants. We did not deliberately grow this many - Sylvain

    #personal#thoughts #most of them are in one planter which is alright for now because they're seedlings #but eventually we'll have to re-pot them and we're not sure what to do with that many plants #the ones growing in that planter are there because we collected up the seeds from the original plants and put them in there #mostly out of curiosity to see if they'd actually grow #we thought maybe one or two might sprout but we didn't really expect much to happen #instead it looks like most of them have sprouted and somehow a bunch of other seeds got flung into other nearby pots #so they've started just sprouting wherever #but yeah it turns out polka dot plants launch their seeds everywhere agfhjhjkgh
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  • amanythingbutdead
    25.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    When my brother—who is only one year younger than me—said he wants to join Disney+ because there’s many movies on it and it’s easier than ‘watching them from Internet’ as if we don’t spent years watching movies via Google.

    Good luck with that I’m not going to help you set that up.

    #will I cancel Netflix soon? maybe #but I will not going Disney+ just no #daily nonsense #I only read fanfics and videos from YouTube #rarely watch movies now so. yeah like no Disney + later thank you and goodbye
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  • themaevethcometh
    25.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    the absolute heartbreak of scrolling through the all of skam website and seeing so many versions that are continuing or came to natural conclusions and then you reach skam austin and skamnl at the bottom and they say cancelled

    #maeve posts #they were the two i was following closest outside of the original lol #we could've had it all!!!!!!!! #could've had an isak of color! a lesbian isak of color! #or maybe a trans isak since the actor publicly transitioned right when it was in renewal limbo #so maybe they would've transitioned the character with him #but we'll never know because it got CANCELLED #and then i just really liked skamnl. isa is my favorite eva and i feel like they got the aesthetics right #anyway i scrolled through my sideblog yesterday so i'm in a skam mood #i might rewatch the original or the first few seasons of a remake #i'm really wary of the new seasons or remakes since i've heard some bad things about some of them #but i miss the first four seasons
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  • nabhx
    25.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    Imagine telling the prince that about a week from now he'll be eating trash and thriving off of it, he'd probably put you in jail

    #i really like how his hair came out #i enjoyed shading it :)) #mermay 2022 #last mermay related thingy i'm doing dhsgshs #also mary helped me with certain fish thingies so like <3 #i have no respect for lighting #i have no respect for backgrounds #maybe a little respect #as a treat #nabhx draws! :o #winx club#winx fanart #winx season 5 #winx villains#winx tritannus
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  • corrode-in-repose
    25.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    depeche mode mutuals you will get a rainbow set today

    #I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO RAINBOW SETS #cant do them for mcr because shows and everything. maybe in a future date #I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO THEM IM SO EXCITED
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  • stagseen
    25.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    I have the song from the last ride stuck in my head, so I'm in a perpetual state of heartbreak. I refuse to cry while doing the dishes.

    #mobile. #out of character #i miss him everyday #I have schoolwork to do today so hhh #maybe one reply #mwah mwah
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  • obeysword
    25.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    I think I need to do a follower clean out. Like if you're not going to write or have interest in interacting with me further because this has been stressing me out a lot lately. I only want people here who are interested and so I do not have to fret over unreplied starters or keep trying with those who don't want to be met half way. 

    #▼ OOC △ #i don't like wasting my time and it's honestly really depressing #constantly trying and being friendly only to get nothing back tells me a lot #and frankly I don't wanna keep guessing and it makes it hard to be here for that reason #so maybe I'll make a post to like in a few days #bc I don't wanna remake but I think itll help to do a sweep #bc I don't like putting effort where it's not rewarded #that's not fair to me and it makes me incredibly discouraged when I try and try without anything in return #this could be better worded but it's something that wears on my mind and I would prefer not not have to wonder or feel frustrated
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  • e1denring
    25.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    anyone know how to stop being jealous

    #my gfs coworker has been hitting on her #even though he knows shes in a relationship and has even met me before #he was even talking about it with their mutual coworker #so its been 100% confirmed that he likes her #its making me really fucking uncomfortable #cause idk if my gf has done enough to shut him down??? #like i don’t think she would cheat on me but idk #i need her to make it very fucking clear to him that he can’t talk to her like that #but when i ask her shes like no he doesn’t make me uncomfortable and its work so she doesn’t want to start drama #but its making ME uncomfy! #like hes been hitting on her more SINCE he met me! #thats not fucking good!! #anyways i can’t stop thinking about it and its stressing me out #but i don’t wanna be a jealous ass #maybe i should just ask her if he’s still doing it? #its been like a week since she last meantioned him so maybe i should just check in about it #person talks to brickwall #thats a big ol rant right there
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  • aristotleisdead
    25.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    look at you with your cute little face!!! i could kiss your stupid little cheeks!!! but i wont!!!! bc i respect your boundaries!!!! i might pull my hand out for a fist bump tho!!!!

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  • kewltie
    25.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    im currently live writing a regency a/b/o au snippet on twitter if you're interest in following right now :D!!!!! otherwise once im done it'll be edit and post it on here as always. i think i should be done by this weekend ish.

    #idle rambling #i also have a not!fic i have to move over here today so #maybe later today i'll have it up
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  • yulivia
    25.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    not to be the zukka girl that requests zukka for the art reqs but um……zukka for the art reqs perhaps?? it’s zukka week

    woah it is zukka week….. titled calm before the storm (divorce)/listening to your bf infodump is a love language

    [id: a drawing of sokka and zuko against a light blue background. they stand closely together, side-by-side, dressed in their respective nation’s colors. sokka smiles and explains something, one hand over zuko’s shoulder, the other pointing for emphasis. zuko looks at him with a fond expression, holding a sleeping baby druk in a blanket to his chest. end id.]

    #ask#req #raii draws a lot #do I tag this #atla#zukka #fine. fine yeah I’ll do that. here’s your blorbo bleebus also :] I like to think this is like. few months after the war #in a world where zuko doesn’t take up the role of firelord and sokka just bounces around the world to explore and sometimes visits the fire #nation and the entire time he’s there they’re like. inseparable. he wants to tell zuko everything he’s seen and learned and zuko shows off #druk like a proud dragon dad like “look at this horrible little man I would kill for him” and sokka concurs so they just carry him around #like he’s a little baby guy and everyone thinks they’re fucking weird… altho I will say I think zuko visits sokka more than vice versa #like. sokka does not gel with the fn and zuko also has plenty of uncomfortable feelings with it. maybe a few years in the future they #spend more of their time there less out of “oh we like this place now” and more “I’m ruling here it’s my duty” and “my daughter lives here” #sorry for thinking thoughts also WKSGJSGJGJSGUGE #vee tag
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  • detransdamnation
    25.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    Do u have a hobby you'd really like to do but don't for some reason (economic or otherwise)?

    I used to do coding with a special focus in graphic and web design, which I really wish I would have kept at. However, I have a learning disability that made it very difficult for me to process (more so than the average person), so I lost all of that knowledge and skill within weeks of breaking (and I had been doing it consistently for years) and I don't have the time nor the patience to relearn all that I did, especially since my disability has gotten worse in this regard. I would need to keep at it regularly in order to retain anything, which my schedule just doesn't allow for anymore.

    I still hope to get back into it again someday, just maybe not doing the exact same things.

    #i just wish i was more consistent in the things i like tbh #when i'm interested in something i hyperfocus on it and i can't be interested in more than one thing at a time #so i'm out here saying things like yeah i'm a reader i'm an artist i like video games #even though i play video games maybe once or twice a year #i haven't read in about two years #and i haven't done anything artsy for even longer #because the interest just hasn't been there #and what's worse i temporarily discard pretty much all of my knowledge respectively until that interest returns #so i'll literally have next to no idea what someone else is talking about interest-wise unless i'm actively interested in it at that time #it gets a bit awkward in conversation lol #sorry if this was a late response anon #submission#answered#text#my post
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  • fictional-at-heart
    25.05.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    How on earth did my mom ever survive doing math with my little brother...

    #he’s a BEAR #and I’m sorry but how does he not know the hang of percents yet?? #both me and my mom worked with him on this for a long time #and it’s so simple. You just multiply #maybe that’s insensitive of me but I don’t get it
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  • lilrobinbird
    25.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    All my pepsi fanarts

    I keep making her look so young hshshjgh I need to learn how to draw a 50yo

    #These look like 6 different women #I have like 10 different artsyles 💀 #and I want more #maybe thats why people don't follow me #pepa fanart#art#rysunek#pepa madrigal#encanto fanart#szkic#digital art#illustration#encanto brainrot#encanto#doodle#encanto pepa #pepa madrigal fanart #pepa in her 20s or so ig #bruno madrigal #bruno madrigal fanart #encanto bruno#encanto dolores#dolores madrigal#dolores fanart#tia pepa#bruno fanart#art dump
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  • xxsacrificiumxx
    25.05.2022 - 47 minutes ago

    Thinking about.. revamping and clearing out my follows bcuz it's very quiet and not very much activity goes notices. Soo if you still wanna interact, plz like this post so I don't accidentally nuke ya ❤️

    #:ooc: #this place makes me sad so im trying to motivate myself again #maybe starting fresh with people that actually wanna interact
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  • minaglobe
    25.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    me when im thinking about Randy:

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  • arabela
    25.05.2022 - 49 minutes ago


    #rant #do i even want to get over it #i don't unfortunately #and i guess i'll never admit that to you??? as much as i want to ?? #it's not like i'm going to willingly embarrass myself *again* by being the only one who feels smth #i think maybe #if you did i would too. I guess #the thing is i'm not quite sure you care #love is so short but forgetting is so long etc etc #for the love of god remember to delete later
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  • rottiebonesart
    25.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    i give up on finishing this but it was fun to tinker on a ‘streamer skin’ design for myself in fortnite. Based off of my actual persona’s weird animal head shapeshifting shit (pictured in the bottom right corner)

    #AGGHHHHHHH AGHHH AGHH!!!! #i've had ZERO motivation but overbearing desire to art lately #SUCKSSSSS!! #also i had a like three day long battle with college staff that had me like YELLING. and crying #because these assholes were fucking me over so bad and i think thats contributing to my artblock maybe #im still not done btw. with the college drama. because they tried to scam me $100 for $40 materials. and i exploded on them over it
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