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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Not sure if you’re already asleep, but if not, more info on Awkward Meeting au would be pog. 😁

    (I'm going back to sleep after answering this)

    Okay so, this au is formed by Preds, humans and borrowers (Bad's an exception).

    Preds doesn't seem Borrowers as an actual people at all, they see them more like an struggling food. (Dream being an exception)

    Humans don't really care about borrowers, some seem them as another people, pets or pest.

    Borrowers usually stay away from both, preds and humans. (Sapnap, George, Quackity and Skeppy are an exception)

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt #tw vore mention #giant!dream #pred!dream #giant!karl #giant!bad #tiny!sapnap #tiny!george #tiny!quackity #tiny!skeppy #borrower!sapnap #borrower!george #borrower!quackity #borrower!skeppy #an awkward meeting au #ask#kayla answers#theanon124
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  • leetlezeetle
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    2022 MCYT GT Summer Exchange!

    Prompt from @orchid-harmony :D

    Event Theme: Vacation

    A Soft Kind Of Feral.

    (Cw: safe vore, soft vore, noms, swearing, animalistic behavior, minor injury (just a scratch), sharp teeth, techno just wants a nap)

    Wilbur let out a soft sigh, releasing a stream of tiny bubbles into the current and watching them wisp away with half-lidded eyes. The very same tide gently pushed the feathery fins along his spine and tail to and fro, flowing like silken sheets in the warm summer sun. Golden scales reflected the sun's rays and cast shimmering specs that looked like glitter across the coral bed he rested upon.

    Tiny fish darted around, chasing the little dots of light without a care, knowing full well they were too small to worry about the leviathan of a mere resting in their area. To him, they were merely the size of fleas that were far too tiny to even try eating or hunting.

    The mer's adoptive brother, however, was a different story. He saw the small reef fish and minnows as a quick and easy lunch with his size being far smaller than Wilbur's own monstrous mass. The little lionfish mer just barely reached the length of the great white shark's slender fingers.

    In a flash of red, Tommy darted out from the tangles of Wilbur's curly mane of hair and lunged his claws out at the nearest colorful fish he could see. The fish panicked and scrambled to swim away from the tiny pinprick claws that slid along its smooth scales. It managed to slip away and Tommy let out an angered chirp before giving chase.

    "Tommy, leave the poor fish alone would ya? I'm trying to take a nap. We swam to warmer waters to take a break. And besides, we eat plenty enough from whatever Wilbur catches." A new voice speaks up. nestled somewhere in the coral below. Just barely insight was a thick, light pink-armored tail that was slightly longer than Tommy's own. Attached to it was a very grumpy mer with thick pink hair and blood-red eyes. Being a pleco, he was far more relaxed than his little brother and preferred to remain stationary against the rocks and not out in the open.

    "Oh shove it Techno, Wilbur's being a bitch and just sleeping like a hunk of rocks. And quite frankly, I hate rocks. Rocks don't catch food so SOMEONE has to feed us. I'm being the big man here so fuck off or ill let you starve, bitch." Tommy fired back, baring sharp teeth in frustration as his prey got away into a bush of kelp. "Shit." He mumbled, arms slouching at his sides in disdain.

    "Get rekt nerd. You just got outmatched by a minnow." Techno snorted, sending out a small huff of bubbles.

    "Oh I'll show you outmatched Mr. Blade, lets's see if you're as sharp as your name-"

    Without warning, Tommy suddenly torpedo's into Techno's hiding spot and grapples his tiny arms around the mer almost twice his size. The Pleco let out a surprised grunt, not actually expecting Tommy to come after him. Tiny claws tried grabbing at his thick scales but they simply slid across the armor plates with ease. Techno rolled his eyes as Tommy squealed with childlike laughter and tried to wrestle him without much success. He played along, however, maneuvering them out of the hole in the coral and out into a more open area before reaching out to wrestle back.

    He didn't use his own claws, as they were far more deadly than Tommys which had yet to grow in all the way. Instead, he just wrapped his arms around the flailing lionfish and tossed him around a bit to try and burn off the gremlin's energy. Maybe he might be able to get a good nap after this.

    Tommy turned his head and resorted to trying to bite Techno but let out a noise of disgust when the sharp fins got in his mouth. "I'm going to start calling you stink-fish Technoblade, you're absolutely rancid, spoiled even. Rotten no good wrongun fish." He complained. But alas, he tried to bite techno again. This time Techno huffed and reached around to try and dislodge the little teeth pricking at his scales.

    At the same moment, Tommy let go to dodge the hand and one of Techno's claws swept right across his cheekbone.

    "Shit, Tommy are you ok?" Techno asked, stopping the play fight immediately and tucking his claws close to his chest.

    Tommy spun around with an offended tone and a hand gently cradling his own face. "You bitch! How am I supposed to attract the ladies now? You've ruined my beautiful face!" he whined, removing his hand to show the smallest cut techno had ever seen. It hardly even bled into the salty ocean water around them. "Wait, no, I stand corrected, maybe if it scars I'll look badass. techno hit me again-" He stated with a look of excitement on his face.

    "What? No, I'm not going to" he was cut off by a sound behind him. The sound of shifting sand could be heard just behind him. "Uh oh." That was all he said with a look of assignment on his face. techno sighed and let his hand slap onto his forehead. "You woke up Wilbur."

    Tommy peeked over Techno's shoulder to see Wilbur now wide awake and staring intently at the both of them. "Oh fuck." The bright hazel eyes of his eldest brother were locked onto his small form, more specifically the cut on his cheek. "Techno, do you think if we stay still he won't do anything?" He questioned, stilling the movement of his tail. Across from his, techno shrugged.

    "Doubt it. you know he gets when he smells blood. Let alone ours." The pleco replied. "Let's just get this over with, I'm still tired since somebody felt the need to interrupt my nap."

    One small flick of his tail and a groan of disappointment from Tommy was all it took to send the great white into action. Sharp teeth were suddenly right at Tommy's side and he shrieked, dodging out of the jaws just before they clamped shut around him. Swimming faster than he had been earlier, Tommy darted away and into the nearest growth of kelp he could find. Meanwhile, Techno just stayed put and resigned to his fate.

    His tail flicked once more and caught the attention of Wilbur's dilated eyes. He spun around effortlessly and pushed at the smaller mer before opening his jaws wide and surrounding Techno with razor-sharp teeth that were the size of his own head. Said teeth clamped shut around him and closed down on the tip of Techno's tail. No blood was drawn, as the thick scales were strong enough to stand the force of his brother's jaws. Once he was fully enclosed in darkness, the sharp teeth gently nibbled on his tough scales while Wilbur let out a content hum around him. The sound rumbled deep from the shark's chest and rattled Techno to the very core, and yet it was relaxing. He simply sighed and let Wilbur do his thing. At least he could nap in peace now.

    On the outside, Wilbur carefully pulled the rest of his brother into his jaws with a content trill. A moment later, he took a breath and swallowed. It took a few good swallows to get the solid form from his mouth and into his throat, but it wasn't painful in the slightest. Once the lump has slid further down and passed his collarbone, Wilbur took in another breath, gills fluttering gently with the water rushing through them.

    He inhaled through his nose once more as he felt Techno curl up in his brood pouch, and the sharp metallic scent of Tommy's blood sent his instinct afire once more. He whipped his head in the direction he had last seen his youngest brother and behand to swim that way. He followed the scent that not many other mer could sense, but being a shark mer had its perks. Even if Tommy had a cut miles away, Wilbur would know and would find him with ease.

    Something red shifted in the sand below him and he halted, using his hands to hold his massive form still in the moving tide. Dilated eyes soon formed thin sits as they focussed on the sliver of movement just out of arms reach. He had to be sneaky, while he was fast out in open waters and in a chase, he was in Tommy's element. the Little mer could easily dodge his massive hands and vanish into a new hiding spot if he wasn't close or quick enough to snatch him up.

    He shifted closer, and Tommy launched himself from the sand with a loud shout of colorful profanities trailing along with him.

    Using both his arms and his tail, Wilbur shot forwards through the warm waters with one hand outstretched to grab his little brother.

    The claws missed by mere centimeters and Tommy changed course. He was smart, and knew Wilbur was fast in a straight line, Turning however was one of the shark's weak points so if he could just go right past it, it would buy more time to hide again.

    Seeing the shift in Tommy's direction, Wilbur gave up on catching with his hands and opened his mouth just as Tommy went swimming passed his head. A yelp of surprise rang out and Wilbur was quick to cut off the sound by clamping his mouth shut around the tiny mer.

    Unlike Techno, Tommy's tail was frailer and built for speed. The sharp teeth came close to the feather-like tail but never closed enough to touch or cut it in any way. It held him more like a cage and Tommy shrieked like a child, willing around and trying to open Wilbur's mouth with strength alone. He pulled his tail in all the way and shoved at the hard palate above him.

    "Wilbur let me out! Your breath smells like ass and I wasn't done hunting yet!" He slapped the tongue below him with his tail and the muscle retaliate by roughly licking him and causing him to screech like a child. "You bastard that's gross! I'm all slimy now what the fuck." Tommy whined. a deep guttural growl sounded around him. It was far from threatening and resonated deep from the shark's chest. A protective, possessive sound that Tommy had heard a million times before.

    The tongue shoved at him once more, swiping across the cut on his cheek before Wilbur growled again, and gave a thick swallow. Instantly Tommy was squished backward and dragged down his brother's throat, leaving the sharp teeth and the daylight that lay beyond far behind him.

    The growl vibrated in the muscle surrounding Tommy as he was kneaded downwards into the soft darkness. He didn't fight it, it was pointless now and he would only make it out when Wilbur decided he wanted to free him.

    It wasn't long before he was shoved past one last tight ring of muscle and he was dumped into a slightly larger pocket-like area. He flopped around for a moment, successfully slapping techno in the face with his tail fins.

    "I can't even escape you in the belly of the beast, this is ridiculous," Techno muttered.

    "Oi, you're the one that cut me, bitch." Tommy fired back, still wiggling around to try and get Wilbur to release him. The shark remained nonverbal and continued to growl from above. Movement could be felt as the shark mer curled up in the soft, sun-warmed sands of the reef.

    Soon Techno got tired of being shoved around and wrapped his arms around Tommy's torso. "Alright, you gremlin. Naptime. you know Wilbur isn't letting us out that easy." He tucked the lionfish against his chest and curled around the smaller mer to get comfy. Tomy fought him for a moment but it didn't take long for him to slump down into the strong arms around him.

    "Fine, but I'm burying Wilbur in the sand when we get out and you have to help me since you ruined my glorious man face," Tommy argued, already feeling sleepy in the darkness and warmth around him.


    #z writes #2022 MCYT GT summer event #mcyt gt vacation prompt #soft vore#safe vore#noms#soft noms#safe noms #mer!wilbur #giant!wilbur #tiny!techno #tiny!tommy #lionfish!tommy #pleco!techno #g/t #mcyt g/t vore #mcyt g/t#g/t vore#mcyt vore#predator instincts#minor injuries#blood mention#teeth#sharp teeth #tommy gets yoinked #techno just wants a nap
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    26.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Send me some quick questions about any of my au's to answer, I have nothing at all and I'm bored (I have to go to bed soon ;-;)

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt #ask me stuff #kayla speaks #please i'm bored
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    26.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Hey Kayla, was wondering if you had any ideas for what George would nickname a tiny Dream before he knew the tinies name?


    No I actually don't, sorry. I can't think of one right now.

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  • x-pair-o-dice-x
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Okay since you want a genuine ask

    Got any specific headcanons or things you’d like to say about the lore/characters but won’t be able too in the fic?

    uhh!! i do actually!!!

    (quick warning for mentions of alcoholism)

    one thing i’m touching upon briefly is that tubbo, before living with the sbi, was an innie borrower, used to live in a human house with his father. multiple human bodies, actually — they had to jump houses quite a bit, either due to being seen, or conditions suddenly being unfavorable for them(new pet, kids, etc etc).

    the last house he was in, wasn’t… the best. and it didn’t help that his father ended up finding the human’s booze collection.

    an alcoholic father and an alcoholic human… weren’t really the best combination to have to face.

    ..especially when his father ended up alerting the human to their existence.

    (the scars on his face still haven’t healed.)

    #mcyt gt#mcyt g/t#asks #by nature au #in this household we bully c!schlatt #genuinely don’t know why; he’s just a good punching bag
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  • x-pair-o-dice-x
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    guys i’m gonna be stuck in this one class for like four hours today so please send me some asks didfnfkfnkfj

    #mcyt gt#mcyt g/t #< maintagging just so i can get asks sorry #listen… there’s like two other students in here and i only vaguely know one of them #there’s Nothing to do in here #anyway my brain is rotating the by nature au so asks about that would work #but also i’ll take anything to not be bored #also also expect me to reblog this a lot i don’t tend to get a lot of asks typically fkfnfkfnkf
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  • beansthough
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    -They are friends :’)

    Anyways I drew Ranboo and Tubbo from @x-pair-o-dice-x’s By Nature au! I love it so much and can’t wait for the fic!

    #dice my beloved #I love this au so much #by nature au #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt #t!tubbo #g!ranboo #dice your work is an inspiration #<3 #giant!ranboo #tiny!tubbo
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    24.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Something about Monster Dream au

    Like I said in the last post, Dnf and Karlnapity aren't canon, because here Dreamnap and Karlity are the canon ones :)

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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Is DNF ever canon?

    In which au? Because it depends on the au :)

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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Send me some quick questions about any of my au's (not requests since I can't right now)

    They can contain vore or not

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt #tw vore mention #ask me stuff #kayla speaks
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  • aperson03
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Watch "The Death Of Fundy Dream SMP... (Lore)" on YouTube

    15:27 when you're taking your half-human son, human hunting only after realizing catching a similar-looking human to sally why you don't.

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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    24.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Be more cautious next time

    I finally write this :) It's been months since I wanted to write this but I hadn't any ideas till now :]

    Anyways, enjoy :)

    Tw: Safe/soft unaware? vore, foodplay?, fearplay, digestion mention

    Sapnap was pacing around the kitchen waiting for his food to finish being cooked , while Dream was sitting on the table finishing his own food. "Dream, aren't you going to wait for me to sit down to eat with you?" Dream just shook his head.

    "Nope, too hungry for that." "Dude, you're not going to die from waiting five minutes." Dream didn't respond as he continued eating. Sapnap sighed softly with a smile, turning his attention back to the food.

    About ten minutes passed before Sapnap finally helped himself to the food. "You said five minutes Sap, it's been ten." Dream said, highlighting what Sapnap said earlier.

    “The first five were for the spaghetti to finish cooking and the other five to cool down.” "Aha, a fireborn like you, wanting the food to get cold, very logical Sap." the black haired just snorted at that, putting the subject aside.

    He finally went to sit down to start eating, when his cell phone started to ring. Dream just laughed when he saw the annoyance on his friend's face. “Whoa! Now that is bad luck, Sap!”

    Sapnap looked at the mobile for a moment longer before picking up the call. "Yes?" he replied starting to walk towards the corridor, disappearing from sight shortly after.

    Dream blinked several times before looking up at the large plate in front of him. 'I guess Sapnap won't mind if I eat some of his stuff, right? It's not like I can eat much either.' he thought to himself before getting up and walking over to Sapnap's plate of spaghetti.

    He put his hands on the edge of the plate pushing himself up. He tried not to slip, but it was quite difficult when the plate was slightly damp from the steam from the spaghetti earlier.

    He couldn't keep his balance and fell forward onto the plate, sinking into the spaghetti because of his own weight. He tried to move but the noodles had become completely entangled in his body preventing any movement.

    He couldn't see anything either, the noodles on his face preventing him from seeing. Soon he felt his body being lifted along with a handful of spaghetti. That just meant that Sapnap had ended the call and started eating.

    "S-Sap!?" he yelled, trying to get Sapnap's attention, though he didn't seem to hear him as the movement didn't stop. 'This is bad, very bad, I'm about to be eaten by my best friend…-' His train of thought was interrupted when he felt something wet touch his skin as he heard a sickening sound.

    He was finally able to move when the noodles around him loosened. He was about to move forward, away from the back of his mouth he was in, when his tongue held him against the roof of the mouth as he swallowed the half-chewed spaghetti.

    A shiver went up his body, knowing he was going to be the next to go down his throat if he didn't get his attention. “Sapnap! Can you hear me?! Get me out of-!” he was interrupted when the tongue released him, pushing him to the back of his mouth. "No no no! Sapnap! I'm he-!" he couldn't finish as a large swallow pushed him down his friend's throat.

    The muscles pushed him deeper until he finally entered a more open space. Dream's eyes snapped open as he snuggled against the soft walls in an attempt to move away from the center of the stomach, sitting up with his arms hugging his knees.


    Sapnap had finally finished talking on the phone, heading back to the kitchen to see that the borrower was no longer there. 'Did he leave while I was talking? rude.' The human just sighed before sitting down, frowning when he noticed that the spaghetti had an unusual smell.

    Sapnap shrugged, scooping up a handful of spaghetti with his fork, slipping into his mouth. He frowned again as the taste hit his tongue, he knew that taste. He stopped tasting the noodles when he felt something move or try to move between them.

    'You didn't have a better idea, did you, Dream?' he thought to himself as he began to chew on the spaghetti, being careful not to bite Dream. Once he was done, he held the borrower against his palate as he swallowed the noodles from his mouth.

    He released Dream, pushing him to the back of his mouth and ignoring his little friend's cries, he swallowed, sending him into his storage stomach. He had never explained to Dream that he could store things without digesting them.

    He could explain it to him, but he preferred to finish eating first, although he knew perfectly well that his smallest friend would be quite scared.

    . —

    Once he was done, he gently pushed where he felt Dream's small weight in his storage “Dream?” “Sapnap?!” He heard the little boy scream. "Shhh... You're fine, you're in my storage stomach, I can't digest anything there."

    “H-Have I been s-safe all this t-time then? Sapnap, you s-scared me! I-I thought I-I was going to die…” A feeling of guilt washed over Sapnap when he heard Dream, his voice cracking. “Sorry, I should have told you earlier…”

    He felt Dream lie against his stomach as he stroked the soft walls. "Just give me a warning next time." He answered, his eyes closing from exhaustion, falling completely asleep.

    "Ok, I will do it." he answered even knowing that his friend was no longer listening to him. He leaned back on the chair stroking his stomach in circles, closing his own eyes as well.

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#mcyt vore#tw vore#safe vore#soft vore #giant!sapnap #tiny!dream #borrower!dream #fireborn!sapnap #unaware vore #unaware? #foodplay? #fearplay
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  • aperson03
    23.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Watch "George Reacts to "George's Dream about Quackity" Animation.." on YouTube

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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    23.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Draw my AU plz


    Okay, I tried to draw one scene from the side story (I have never drawn fundy or 5up) It's not much but I hope you like it (it's 3 a.m ;-;)

    Bad offers Skeppy a wet towel but the borrower just flinches :)

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#g/t drawing #giant!badboyhalo #giant!bad #tiny!skeppy #borrower!skeppy #ask#theanon124#kayla answers
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    22.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Yooo thanks for the art. What do you think other members of the Dream SMP would be doing in the Awkward Meeting au?

    I plan to add more characters, but the updates for that Au are slow so for now only the fiances, Skeppy and some others will appear.

    But I think that Quackity would be spying on Dream while they were treating Sapnap. Karl, waiting for Quackity to came back, Skeppy waiting Dream to leave so he can cuddle with Bad and the bench trio just pranking between them
    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#ask#theanon124 #an awkward meeting au
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    22.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    I was just going to reblog the post but I decided to put all on the same post(two already seen drawings +2 new) so, this is for @squishys-soft-stories giant mer Quackity fic :) you can read it here

    Tw: safe/soft vore under the cut

    I don't really like how the gif looks so, don't mind it :)

    #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#mcyt vore#tw vore #giant!quackity #mer!quackity #tiny!sapnap #tiny!karl #safe vore#soft vore
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  • frickfrackiwastakingabath
    22.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    @x-pair-o-dice-x @mcyt-gt-events

    Prompt #2: something combining peer pressure duo(techno and ranboo) and dragons, mayhaps? mm,, one of them going on a camping trip and discovering the other while in the forest?

    Yes I will be using Wings of Fire terminology. Sue me. But yeah, I think I liked the other one a bit better, but I think it's nice to post both since I had the time!


    Well, That's ONE WAY to Quit

    Tw dehumanization (calling a sentient thing "it" in a dehumanizing way), very much accidental fearplay


    Ranboo was a scribe, apparently a good one. His nerves let him write very fast, and his need for perfection made the notes legible and percise.

    Apparently he was a good enough scribe for such an honored knight, such as Sir Dream. And who would he be to turn down a basically paid vacation just writing down all the stuff the knight does?

    Well... maybe he'd be justified in turning down a vacation with SIR DREAM, of all people.

    Out in the middle if the woods.

    The dragon woods.

    Where the knight refused to do any work because he was "on vaccation".

    Yep. It had been three days, and Ranboo was exhausted. Ranboo, get fire wood! Ranboo, hunt rabbits! Ranboo-

    "Hunt something with a good pelt," Dream said, laying down in his tent. "I forgot my blanket. At the last camping site."

    Ranboo didn't really know what animals had good pelts, as well as a pelt to cover a whole person would be the size of an elk or bigger.

    Ranboo shuffled his feet. It was nearing nighttime, and he REALLY didnt want to go out. "You can use my bancket, sir-"

    "Stop being a little BITCH-" Dream snapped. "And go get me a pelt."

    Ranboo stood still for a second before slowly backing up. He took an iron axe from his backpack and a torch, hopefully he would be out for too long.

    He started his trek, going up the mountain to maybe find a sheep or goat. It was hard to navigate at night, as well as a lot of animals were asleep right now.

    Ranboo didn't realize how long he had been out until his torch died. Three hours in the cold and windy mountains, and nothing to show for it. Ranboo sighed, starting to head back.

    ... where did he come from?

    It was too dark to even attempt to track his footsteps back to the camp. His torch was dead. All he had to defend himself was an axe.

    Even though he knew it would only make him more lost, Ranboo ran around the mountains frantically, looking fir anysign of where hed been. The mountain air wasn't helping his stamina- or oxygen intake- and he grew light headed.

    Ranboo leaned against the side if the mountain, exhausted. His vision was fuzzy, and he wanted to puke up his small amount of rations.

    But... what was that? Tucked behind some rocks was a cave, it almost looked like there was light coming from it. He didn't really want to go back to Dream right now, especially not empty handed. In his slightly delirious state, Ranboo hobbled over to the cave.

    And... wow, was it pretty in there. Gold and jewels littered the walls and floor, a big pile in the middle. Weapons- better weapons than an iron axe- were mixed in. But one thing really stood out to Ranboo.

    Pelts. With any animal Ranboo could wish for. Goats, elk, large cats, he's pretty sure he saw a moose and bear mixed in.

    Okay yeah, he was DEFINETLY in a dragon's den.

    But something about Ranboo just REALLY didn't care right now. He was tired, he's been bossed around all week. He was probably going to die out in the mountains anyway, not to be dramatic.

    And... there wasn't even a dragon inside.

    Ranboo trudged over to the pile of pelts and buried himself under about ten of them. The softness of the furs all around him made him close his eyes as he was lulled to sleep.


    Ranboo was shaken awake, remembering instantly where he was from the gold encrusted walls. Barely conscious enough to realize what was probably happening, he froze.

    Through folds in the pelts, Ranboo saw a pink and gold claw, he was probably only about as big as the dragon's forearm. Dream wasn't lying when he said a dragon's talons were SHARP.

    Ranboo heard and felt the dragon breathing. The whole room smelled of rusty metal. Ranboo hoped that eating metal was a weird thing this dragon did, and that the smell wasn't something's blood.

    The dragon stopped on its tracks, humming. Even after several moments, Ranboo didn't hear it move again. It smelled the air in a long, drawn out inhale.

    Could it SMELL him?!

    Ranboo was furiously shaking, luckily he wasn't too near the pile of gold so it didn't make noise-

    Pile of gold.


    Oh gosh, Ranboo was so dead.

    Tears rolled down his eyes, a whimper escaping his throat. He slapped his hand over his mouth.

    Dead dead dead.

    The dragon stopped sniffing, stalking over closer to where Ranboo was. He couldn't bring himself to look up as it uncovered him.

    Well, it was definetly the COLOR of blood as well. Red and pink and gold scales flecked all over its body shiny golden wings. Blood red eyes and pinky claws.

    Ranboo was speechless, he couldn't tell if it was from the majesty of the dragon or the utter terror in his heart.

    The dragon edged closer and Ranboo didn't even bother hiding his scream as he jumped up and ran. He didn't care he was going the opposite direction of the exit.

    ... was he going the OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF THE EXIT?!

    He didn't even realize what direction he was running before he nearly ran into the stone walls of the cave.

    Ranboo cowered in place, shining himself into the stone. Dead dead dead.


    Techno didn't care much for scavengers. Bit too salty for him, he didn't go out of his way to hunt them if he didn't have to.

    But a scavenger in his GOLD PILE?! Oh ho HO someone was asking to be destroyed. It was one thing for a dragon not to kill scavengers, it was ANOTHER for a dragon to not kill scavengers when they are deliberately stealing from him.

    But this scavenger... was rather pathetic. It was shivering like crazy for one, compared to others avengers it seemed way less accustomed to the cold by the rags it was wearing. It seemed tall for a scavenger, mabe getting to around halfway up his forearm, but it looked like a twig.

    It also had what looked like a dull iron axe. Like that would be able to kill him! Wait...

    Techno looked outside, knowing scavengers don't like being out at night. There was a very real possibility that this thing WASNT here to kill or steal from him, and was just looking for shelter for the night.

    Knowing scavengers though, it was a slim chance. A chance Techno was willing to take?

    ... eh. Sure, why not.

    Did... yes. Techno had a scroll lying around. He wrote his name on it and put it in the scavenger's hands. That way this scavenger can get the message to other scavengers. It looked very confused but it should get the point across. DONT ATTACK ME! IM A NICE DRAGON AND WILL ONLY EAT YOU IF YOURE CRINGE AND ATTACK ME.

    The scavenger yelped as Techno picked it up. This one looked pretty young, so it was likely it was traveling with a guardian or at least some companions. Since it was impossible more than one group of scavengers would be stupid enough to walking into his woods, he'll just drop it off with the first scavenger he sees.

    The scavenger was moving, moving A LOT while they were flying, he was almost scared he would drop it. He tightened his grip, and the scavenger squeaked before curling away from his scales, but holding still. Techno almost felt bad, but he was helping it, hopefully it would realize eventually.

    Techno flew around the perimeter of his area, seeing if he could spot any scavengers. He had to look hard, while not very smart, no scavenger was dumb enough to light a TORCH at night in dragon woods-

    Aaaaaand never mind. After the third or fourth circle around, Techno saw a glow from under the trees. Gosh, he could hear their squeaking from here. He dove down.

    The scavenger squeaked and screamed as Techno dove through the trees, the two were also definetly not equipped to fight a dragon, so it would make sense that his scavenger and them were part of the same group.

    He carefully placed the scavenger down, but also didn't really care and was tired, so he just dropped it once his claws were close enough to the ground.

    He didn't really care to see the aftermath, and darted back into the sky, going home to get some rest.


    Ranboo wasn't entirely sure what had happened. He looked to the sky, the dragon already long gone in the distance. He clutched the paper in his hands, not really sure what it says.

    Oh yeah, and he definetly WASN'T with Dream anymore.

    He turned and looked at the two the dragon put him next to. They looked about his age actually, so that was bad, he was a teenager!

    One was definetly a knight as well,but he didn't have the powerful armor Dream had, his looked like it was only leather. Ranboo couldn't even see his eyes through his fluffy brown hair.

    The other one was also definetly a magic user, red robes and a pointy wizard hat. He looked rather pissed off as he looked to the sky where the dragon flew away.

    "The ONE interesting thing that happened to us-" He groaned. "And it flies away before we can even fight it!"

    "Yeah..." the other looked up at the sky, looking a little aprehensive despite being the fighter. "I dint thing we could have taken that thing. Anyway, hi!"

    Ranboo snapped his head back to the adventurers, being reminded he existed. "Hi?"

    "I'm Tubbo, this is Tommy," the knight waved to himself and his friend. "And you are?"

    "Ranboo," Ranboo held put his hand stiffly for a handshake. He put his hand down when neither of them took it. "I'm a scribe, it take it you're a knight and he's a wizard."

    "Yep!" Tommy grinned, making sparks come off his fingers. "Uhm... care to explain what just happened there?"

    Ranboo thought for a second. "The knight I was working with sent me off into the woods at around sunset, and I got lost so I went into a dragon's cave..."

    The other two stared at him for a second before bursting out laughing.

    Tubbo snorted. "Well that sounds pretty shitty. Oh! You should come adventuring with us!"

    "I should?!" Ranboo yelped. He wouldn't be much help, the only thing he's good at is writing.

    "Yeah!" Tommy shouted. "Every adventurer needs a variety to follow them around and write flowery poetry about their cool adventures!"

    "Tommy, we're on vacation, I don't think it's gonna be that interesting." Tubbo deadpanned.

    "I could use a vacation..." Ranboo sighed. "Yeah, I guess I could go with you guys!"

    "What's that paper?" Tommy asked, grabbing it out of Ranboos hands.

    Ranboo shrugged, looking to the sky. "The dragon gave it to me, I didn't get a chance to look at it."

    Tubbo and Tommy hovered over it as Tubbo read. "Tech... no. Techno?"

    Tommy looked at his friend. "Why the fuck do you know draconic?!"

    Tubbo shrugged, rolling the scroll back up. "I think that's your friend's name, Ranboo."

    Ranboo thought for a second. "Is it stupid of me to want to find it again and say thank you?"

    "Oh yes." Tubbo confirmed.

    Tommy nodded. "One hundred percent."

    Ranboo shuffled his feet. "Can... can we do it anyway?"

    Tommy and Tubbo turned to eachother and shrugged. Tommy looked back over. "I don't see why not."

    "But first..." Tubbo slapped Tommy on the back, scolding. "Vacation!"

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    22.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    thank you prinx for reminding me didndjbdodbd

    yoyoyoyoyo okay.

    by nature!sam’s backstory!!

    so, as i’ve mentioned before, sam isn’t a part of the colony the rest of the crew is from. earlier, i said that he was a part of a completely different colony.

    well,,, i’m retconning that last part.

    instead, i raise you: he was raised by borrowers.

    (quick warnings for brief mentions of severe injuries and amputation.)

    when he was a young kid, around three, he had been left behind by his biological family, for whatever reason.

    sam was found by a family of outside-borrowers, who, at first, were a little wary of the giant unknown creature.

    when he saw them, however, he instinctively shrinked down to their size. the borrower family were a little shocked by this, but upon seeing that the creature was a child, decided to give him a home with them.

    and so, he grew up with them, raised to be a borrower, for the next twenty years.

    he knew, of course, that he was a little different from the rest of his family. no one else could shift their size like him. but his family loved him all the same, and so did he.

    he even used his shifting to his advantage, becoming a protector of sorts, guarding the little village his family called home.

    he didn’t shift often, but he did it just enough to protect his family.

    then one day, while sam was guarding, he heard the sounds of a scuffle, just outside the village’s territory.

    he investigated it, and found-

    some large animal, biting into the arm of a borrower.

    immediately, he attacked the animal, driving it away, before turning his attention towards the borrower.

    as he approached them, he could see the borrower try to get away, looking at him with unfocused eyes, but they couldn’t get far with their injury.

    it hurt him to see someone so afraid of him.

    soon, they ended up passing out in a panic, which, in turn, made him panic.

    quickly, sam took the borrower to the village, who did their best to help them.

    they ended up having to amputate the borrowers left arm, due to the injury being too severe for them to handle.

    after a few days of being knocked out, they eventually woke up.

    their name was ponk.

    and she was confused.

    he swore he was done for once that larger predator fought off the animal that was attacking them, and she passed out, but now they’ve found themselves in the hands of a borrower village.

    when she asked how she survived, all hands pointed towards their guardian and protector.

    and when he got their first look at him, she realized.

    it wasn’t all that hard to see, he had the same mossy green color on his lower legs as the predator did.

    she felt like she should be afraid, but when they saw how nervous he looked to be around him, she realized that there was nothing to be afraid of.

    a few months pass, and soon, they’re dating.

    ponk, who had been staying in sam’s house this whole time, felt a bit restless.

    the reason they were out in the forest to begin with, was because she loved exploring. he could never stay in one place for too long, and now, he was starting to get the urge to go out once more.

    ponk talked about it with sam, and, with some deliberation, he decided to go out and explore with her. at first, she was against this — sam had a home here, and she didn’t want him leaving it all behind just to be with them.

    but sam was stubborn, and even the whole village ended up supporting his decision.

    and so, they headed out into the wilderness together.

    they spend the next two years adventuring, with sam ending up getting more and more comfortable being in his shifted form.

    over those two years, they end up meeting another creature like him, yet also not. they end up being the one to explain to sam what he was — a rovenger. sam and ponk ended up staying with them and their own borrower companion for a few days, so sam could learn more about his own culture.

    the two years they spent together were some of the best times sam has had in a long time.

    and then, one day, they end up finding some place.

    a colony, if what their rovenger friend had said long ago was correct.

    they end up getting confronted by a group of rovengers, lead by one with a dark fur coat, with orange highlights and a white bandana.

    one thing led to another, and they end up staying over temporarily.

    though.. something about this place has ponk feeling on edge. for now, she’ll hide away from everyone, until they can leave.

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    Can I hear about dream in crime accessory au? He seems to have quite the history...


    Dream is a very powerful sorcerer (duh, one of the first things he studied to do was make himself immortal), and basically wants to overthrow the government to take it over himself.

    To hit two birds with one stone, he makes a sentient being out of pure magic to see if he can, as well as an amulet for that magic to be concentrated in for the invisibility and such.

    After years of killing and Ranboo assisting, he finally goes to the main castle to kill whatever monarch was there and install himself as king.

    However... someone else was already there to destroy the government, not to take over but to abolish: The Blood God. An esteemed warrior, some even rumor a magic clan valued his skill so much they made him able to reincarnate over and over to be a fighting prodigy.

    Dream, ever cocky, goes "Yeah, I can take him". He however, was not able to do that.

    He was chased out of the castle by The Blood God, in a dramatic duel that ended with The Blood God decapitating the king, stealing the amulet, and Dream technically dying but managing to get away.

    His life's work, gone. The amulet, the coup, the only thing left to his name he had was the immortality. And he was going to use his many, many years wisely.

    Since anyone who figured out what exactly the amulet or Ranboo was died shorty after, the amulet was auctioned off, losing value over time as people no longer feared Dream's name. Dream also can't contact Ranboo while he's inside the amulet, so a thousand years in the dark was fun.

    That thing about The Blood God reincarnating? Very true. As soon as Dream got the *ping* from Ranboo awakening, he's gonna get his crime accessory back, and then hunt down every incarnation of The Blood God as long as he lives. Maybe make himself tyrant, as pretty much all large scale government ended with that monarch that got decapitated lol.

    So yes, you could say Dream has quite the history. And if all goes well for him, he'll have quite the future as well.

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    Trying to get my braincell to work hang on-

    Giant Karl and Tiny fiances?

    They're almost the same, both wants giant!Karl with tiny fiances so I put them as one ask :) Enjoy.

    Tw: None, I think

    Karl was pacing slowly around his library, while he was reading another one of his many books that he had. He had been concentrating so hard on it, so much so that he didn't realize how long he had been there reading.

    He decided to close the book by looking at the clock beside him. Nine o'clock of the night... It wasn't too late so he could keep reading for a while longer.

    He went through several shelves trying to find a book to continue his reading. He found several that interested him so he sat down at a nearby table as he began to read them.

    He wasn't really there to read the books, though. He recently started hearing little voices that used to be in the library, so today he planned to stay and 'read' to see if they really weren't his imagination.

    He was there for a while reading in silence, waiting for the voices, although he didn't have to wait long since they soon began to be heard. However, Karl frowned.

    The voices did not seem to be calm like other days, rather they seemed overwhelmed, so he got up and tried to find where the voices were coming from.


    Quackity began to pace back and forth on the shelf where he and his fiancé stood, thinking of how to help Sapnap. "Sap, I told you not to go that way." he said with concern in his voice as he moved closer to him, trying again to lift up the book that was keeping his fiancé trapped.

    Sapnap coughed a little as he tried to get up, but it was impossible. "I didn't know that the books were going to collapse when I went under them! -... Help me Quack... I can barely breathe..." he said, coughing again several times.

    Quackity went to try to lift up the book again, stopping when he heard huge footsteps approaching. “S-Sap? I-I think the human is getting closer…” he commented, panic beginning to seep into his voice.

    He desperately grabbed the book again trying to lift it up. “Sapnap! Try to push the book up!” "I can't! It wheights too much!" he yelled at Quackity when suddenly a shadow loomed over them. “Q-Quackity…” he whispered, collapsing suddenly as the lack of air overcame him.


    Karl was following the voices, until he saw in the distance a small person trying to lift up one of his old books. Although as he approached, he was concerned to see that it was actually two small people and that one of them was trapped under the book.

    It seemed like the little guy trapped underneath said something before passing out. At that Karl quickly reached for the book, lifting it from the little boy. He put the book aside wanting to make sure the little boy was okay, but when he went to pick him up, the other hugged him close to himself, moving away from him.

    "Don't touch him!" he yelled, hugging him even tighter as he pulled out a pin. "Hey, hey, you're going to be fine, I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to make sure your friend is okay." The little boy looked at him doubtfully before sighing.

    "Okay, but do something to him and I swore that I'll stab you!" “Okay, okay. So what's your name? Mine is Karl.” he said softly as he scooped up the black-haired boy in his hand.

    The other put the pin in his backpack while he watched him warily. “My name is Quackity… And this is my fiancé Sapnap…”

    Karl smiled softly. "Well, nice to meet you two at last." "Wait, did you know we existed?" Karl chuckled. “I assumed that you were just voices, not people, though I'm glad I'm not here alone.” he said, placing a hand on the shelf for Quackity to climb up.

    “Hey…uh…Karl, would you mind if we stayed with you? We don't have anywhere else to go…” “Sure, it'll be nice to have company, I've been lonely lately.” he replied as the little boy climbed onto his palm.

    “That’s something that is about to change, mi queridísimo Carlos.” he said with a laugh. Karl let out a laugh at that. It was obvious that his life was going to change after finding Quackity and Sapnap.

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