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  • lovebarty
    18.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    modern au where barty who has suffered from internalized homophobia all of his life due to his dad finally leaves his girlfriend and comes out as gay BUT the girl who is left heartbroken pays evan rosier this openly gay drummer from an indie rock band to date barty and break his heart but evan ends up falling in love with barty and gives the girl her money back and tells barty the whole ordeal but bartys hurt and leaves him but they get back together in like 2 weeks because they cannot stand to be away from each other 😇

    #evan rosier#rosekiller #barty crouch jr #regulus black #evan x barty #barty x evan #james potter#pandora lestrange#rosestarkillerchaser#bartylus#jegulus #regulus x james #james x regulus #incorrect marauders quotes #barty crouch junior #dorcas meadowes#dorlene #incorrect death eater quotes #starchaser#marauders era#modern au
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  • mor-i-ar-tea
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    Aleksander The Darkling (Shadow and Bone)
    Mycroft (Sherlock)
    Dorcas (Marauders Era)
    Joschka (DWK)
    Intelligence 20
    Dexterity 22

    I'm sorry for the people around me...

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  • highkeygrim
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    a headcanon that i have about the regulus, barty, evan, pandora, and dorcas friend group that i fully believe and will not accept criticism on is that everyone outside of the group thinks they all protect pandora because she’s the one ravenclaw among the slytherins but really they all protect regulus

    they saw how fucked up he was from his family and they vowed to do everything in their power to never let anyone hurt him

    pandora, although she’s seen by others as the weak one among the group, is the fiercest protector of reg and she would destroy anyone they even looked at him funny

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  • deadgay-wizards
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    mary and lily are birds singing

    james and regulus are rain storms

    dorcas and marlene are clouds

    sirius and remus are night skies

    barty and evan are high grass fields

    BONUS: (ocs from @fuckboyregulus that im in love with) noah and hugo are a small town at night

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  • remuslupinsleftshoe
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Ok, so @lesbiansiriusblack‘s is writing a Jegulus figure skating au, but in the meantime because I have literal brainrot and can’t get this au out of my head, here’s my own hcs about it:

    Regulus’s skating is obviously very ballet heavy. His parents put him in classes from a young age; he’s got that classic ballet-trained skater vibe.

    Sirius was also in ballet classes from a young age and skated for France with his parents as his coach and manager until he was 16. He won France a gold medal at the Olympics at 15, after which he “got poached” by England, but really he ran away from home and England was happy to take him into their federation.

    It was the middle of the season though so it caused a huge scandal. But what else would you expect from Sirius?

    After that, Sirius and James were rinkmates, both coached by one Minerva McGonagall, a famous skater in her own right with multiple golds under her belt and first woman to land a triple jump.

    For the first few years after he leaves his parents, Sirius has very aggressive routines set to rock music and definitely not anything his parents would approve of, which, of course, was the whole point.

    The judges, however, were not fans of these new routines, lamenting the way Sirius was “ruining” his skating.

    It wasn’t until he was 24 that Sirius was able to get a score he deserved, winning him his second Olympic gold medal, and that was only because of the judging scandal four years prior where a recording had leaked of the judges talking about how they would underscore Sirius if he skated to that “hideous music” again.

    Sadly, shortly after Sirius’s second Olympic gold, he botches a triple axel (a jump he was the first to land), the injury taking him off the ice for good.

    (James and Reg can also land triple axels. After Sirius retires, they’re also both working on quads, and Reg is dead set on being the first to land a quad, fuck James Potter)

    Regulus was everything Sirius wasn’t in a skater. He didn’t complain about ballet classes, he didn’t complain about the music choices, routines, or costumes. He did everything his parents asked, letting them shape his skating. He watched as Sirius pushed back, fighting for individuality, and he hated him. Couldn’t he see that even if their parents made all the choices, at the end of the day he was the one skating, and he could make the routine his own? Didn’t he see how much better his skating was when he didn’t slack off in ballet? Didn’t he want to be the best?

    When Sirius left, Regulus was pissed. When he consistently got low scores, Regulus thought he deserved it, and told him as much. His skating wasn’t as good as it used to be; Regulus had heard enough to know it was true, even if he hadn’t watched Sirius skate since he left. It was his fault for thinking his individuality would result in anything else when he refused to listen to people who knew better.

    But then, when Regulus was 18, that recording came out, and Regulus suddenly realized Sirius’ skating didn’t get worse at all; they just didn’t like that he was doing something new. So, Reg watched every single recording of Sirius’ skates since he left, and Sirius was good. He was doing things Reg had never seen, he landed a triple axel at the Olympics, and he hadn’t won any major competitions in years. Regulus was pissed. He didn’t really care that it was Sirius; he still hated him, but it was the principle of it. Those skates objectively deserved better scores than they got, and the fact that the people around him didn’t seem to see that, especially his parents, made Regulus start to question if they really knew better or if they were just biased.

    But of course this was what was best for him, right? His mother knew the sport inside out and was always pushing for him to improve. And he did. The next season, he landed a triple axel, too, and won his first World Championship gold. Sure, he was mentally and physically exhausted and, if he was being honest with himself, was on the verge of a breakdown, but that was the price for gold...wasn’t it?

    He looked at Sirius and his friend with the wild hair who always had a smile on his face, and wondered if he didn’t have to push himself to the brink. Skating used to be fun; he used to love it, but lately, especially this past year, he would dread going to the rink, knowing the way his mother would yell at him, making him go over his routines over and over, practice the triple axel until he was scared he’d end up hurting himself because the pain in his knee was so bad.

    So, when he hears a pop in his knee halfway through the off-season, Regulus is convinced it’s finally happened. His career was over.

    Yet, instead of telling him there’s no coming back from an injury like this, the doctor says something about a partial tear and six months of physical therapy in order to get well enough to skate again. Regulus feels a rush of relief.

    But as soon as they get in the car, his mother tells him there’s no way in hell he’s taking that long off skating; he can have a month, tops, and then he better be back on the ice, and Regulus realizes she doesn’t care. She doesn’t care that they got lucky this time, that if they don’t treat this properly, next time it could be career ending. All she cares about is that he skates and that he wins, whatever the cost.

    Regulus doesn’t want to pay her costs anymore, so he leaves.

    He goes to Apolline Delacour, who just recently came back to coaching after taking a few years off after the birth of her child. He’s known of Apolline for as long as he can remember, given his mother’s hated her since she poached Andromeda when Regulus was still a kid, so really, he figured there was no one better.

    Lucky for him, Apolline is willing to take on an injured skater (if it was any other skater, she wouldn’t have, but she’d heard stories from Andromeda, and Regulus was so talented, it would be a pity for him to lose his love of skating).

    With Apolline, Regulus learns to love skating again. After his six month recovery, under Apolline’s suggestion, Regulus takes the rest of the season off from competition to work on strength and technique.

    At 21, he has his first competition back and sweeps the floor, setting personal records for both the short program and free skate, winning gold by a landslide, and only feeling a slight ache in his knee.

    At 22, Regulus is at his second Olympics earning bronze next to his brother and his brother’s best friend, and, watching them beam at each other on the podium above him, Regulus finally thinks for the first time that he understands why Sirius left.

    A month later, at World’s, his brother botches a jump, and Regulus watches in horror as Sirius’s career ends. The silver he wins tastes bitter, and Regulus glares at the wild haired man with the gold around his neck when he attempts to give Regulus a comforting smile.

    It’s during that off-season that Regulus reaches out to his brother for the first time in seven years. They talk, they cry, they apologize; it’s nice, and Sirius admits he’s been following Regulus’s career since his first Olympics. Regulus admits he’s been following Sirius’s career since the same Olympics. Sirius jokes about how pissed their parents would be if they found out, and that the only thing that would piss them off more is if Sirius started coaching Regulus. Silence.

    The minute Sirius is cleared by the doctor, he’s on a plane to France.

    #listen my brain is but a vessel for jegulus figure skating au even if this did end up being more black brothers #also mary is the first woman to land a triple axel because she's a queen #marley and barty are the first in pairs to do solo triple axels #barty told her there was no way she could do one so of course she proved him wrong #insert them making figure skating history #but that's just how it goes with those two #dorcas popularizes the beillmann spin but it's obvi called the meadows spin in this au #that's all i have folks #i'm sure that's a big fat lie #oh yeah i forgot #reg has chronic patellar tendonitis after his knee injury (patellar tear) #patellar tears are relatively rare in figure skating i believe and only really happen under extreme force or trauma so... #all the 'firsts' are based on firsts that were happening roughly around that time #like the first triple axel was landed in 1978 and sirius would have landed his in 1980 #reggie's quad though is like five years too early at least #actually i just did the math and if he lands it in what would probably be his last season it would be the same year #and he could land it at the olympics too #damn okay actually that's my hc now #he's achieved everything he's wanted to achieve except that damn quad so in his words he's going to #'stay on the ice until i fucking break or land a quad' #james is pushing 28 and also trying to land a quad. he literally just wants to beat reg otherwise he would have retired already #in his words he's 'gonna win padfoot i swear. reg says i'm too old and i have to prove him wrong' #james does not land a quad at that olympics :/ #he does land it at world's though but reg says it doesn't matter because he already won #(later in their hotel room though he tells james he's proud of him) #(and that if james tells anyone he said that he'll slit his throat with his skate) #ah love#jegulus#sirius black#regulus black
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  • starchaserpettybitch
    18.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    My HC of Regulus friend:

    Pandora Lestrange: she is a Ravenclaw and she and Regulus know eachother since always because the Lestrange and the Black family have a good relationship. She likes poems and she is the slow friend, you have to tell a joke for her five times until she understands. She loves painting and loves to daydream and create inexistent situations In her head.

    Evan Rosier: he is a Slytherin, his family and the black family also had connections, so he kinda knew Regulus, but they just started to talk after they both be sorted to Slytherin. After that they became inseparable, where Regulus was, Evan was, and where Evan was, Regulus sure was to. He likes hates fruits but loves fruit salad. He is ingenious, and is always there to help who he loves. He sometimes is even Sometimes he gives up what he wants to make someone he loves happy. He is a a hopeless romantic, and loves to talk about soulmates and loves from other lifetimes. He loves to wake up early because he feels like he enjoys more of his day, but on sunday he says all day in bed

    Dorcas Meadowes: She is a Slytherin, She was friends with Evan before be with Regulus, but they became quite close friends. She loves fashion, and make up, the thing that most connect her to Regulus is the gossip; they just love to gossip about other persons lifes, and to judge people, for no reason. He hates quidditch, but she watches the gryffindor games because she have a crush on Marlene' who is the gryffindor quidditch team seeker. He is ready to step on you if she needs to defend someone. Queen of gaslight, gatekeep, and girlboss. Even when she's wrong, you better known that she's not.

    Barty Crouch Jr: he meet Regulus at the Slytherin team in the second year. He is a "science" dude. He loves logic, and if there is no logic behind it, he doesn't believe. He loves to argue even if he have the same exact opinion that the other person; he just love to mess with people. He hates to wake up early, so he is always late for classes. He is naturally smart, but he don't really care, he just do what he wants. Daddy Issus boy for sure. Everything he can do to make his father mad he makes sure to do it. He, Evan, Dorcas as Regulus are the terror of slytherin, everyone kinda just know them because they are always there with their Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff keychains showing how they are better, and even if they hate themselves they are still better than you.

    Amos: He is a Hufflepuff, and he meet Regulus because Pandora introduce them in the first year. Amos really like to mess with his friends, he he still the person they came to talk when they need a hug or a advice. Amos is a bookworm, that hates partys, so when they're friends go to the parties hey usually stay together talking and readding something. He is the oldest son, of a not that good family, so before he went to Hogwarts he raised his siblings, because his parents were to busy doing anything but that.

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  • adamwatchesmovies
    18.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Mean Girls (2004)

    I want to compare Mean Girls to other high school films, but it’s difficult finding a picture anywhere near its level. Thanks to solid performances, plenty of big laughs, and a brilliant screenplay by Tina Fey, it’s a delight through and through.

    After being homeschooled for years, 16-year-old Cady (Lindsay Lohan) is attending high school for the first time. Making friends with Janis (Lizzy Caplan) and Damian (Daniel Franzese), she learns all about the school’s most popular clique, the gossipy, rumor-spreading, judgemental “Plastics”, consisting of Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert), Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried) and their leader Regina George (Rachel McAdams). Cady and her friends concoct a plan to have her infiltrate the Plastics and destroy the poisonous clique from within.

    When Mean Girls aims to make you laugh, it’s brilliant. The direction is sharp, the timing perfect, the performances are so good it’s no wonder so many of the cast members went on to become big stars. Even the smaller parts, such as Tina Fey’s (she plays a math teacher) feels like big ones. There are so many good bits of dialogue and memorable lines you'll want to turn on the subtitles and take notes so you can commit them all to memory. If you can, sit back and look at the film’s structure, the way the characters evolve, the revelations about what makes them tick, and the way jokes are developed. Only then can you realize just how good of a film this is. It's so smart it takes you back.

    Feel free to enjoy the picture simply as a comedy but it’s also much more. You’d never guess it, but Mean Girls is based on a non-fiction self-help book to help parents and teens know what they’re up against when it comes to social cliques, bullying, gossip… basically everything that gives the Plastics strength. Mean Girls is a lesson about high school and a comedy. This makes the lessons it has to teach easily digestible and so very insightful. I’m as far removed from a teenage girl as you can get (having been repulsing them all through my teens) but I felt like I learned a lot. You so easily latch onto the characters it's a breeze to put you into their shoes and relate to the universal lesson it has to teach.

    You can tell that many of the scenes from Mean Girls come from real-life experience or were born from an outsider looking back and pleading for someone to understand what they went through. It’s continuously funny, endlessly quotable, and so very, very smart. The second Mean Girls is over you’ll want to watch it all over again. (Theatrical version on the big screen, march 24, 2017)

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  • fuckboyregulus
    17.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    fave characters fave fruits go

    my favorite character’s favorite fruits:

    regulus: lemons

    james: kiwis

    barty: peaches

    evan: strawberries

    remus: no.

    sirius: raspberries

    hugo: mangos

    noah: pineapples

    #ollie is answering asks #ollie’s head canons #regulus black#james potter#evan rosier #barty crouch jr #remus lupin#sirius black#hugo alonso#noah meadowes
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  • rosethorn-makes
    17.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Meadow moodboard for @lav3nd3rfag

    Click for better quality


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  • lovebarty
    17.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    barty giving regulus the ugliest drawing of their cat evan and them are raising: do you like it reggie?????

    regulus to the camera: sometimes, you can choose not to be a dick.

    regulus: yes. thank you.

    #evan rosier #barty crouch jr #regulus black#rosekiller #evan x barty #jegulus #barty x evan #james potter#pandora lestrange#rosestarkillerchaser#bartylus #regulus x james #james x regulus #incorrect marauders quotes #barty crouch junior #dorcas meadowes#dorlene #incorrect death eater quotes #starchaser#marauders era
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  • lovebarty
    17.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    evan just sitting there, reading a book:


    evan closing his book and sighing: yes, love?

    barty coming up to him and biting his cheek: you look like you needed that!!!

    evan: oh my god.

    #evan rosier #barty crouch jr #regulus black#rosekiller #evan x barty #jegulus #barty x evan #james potter#pandora lestrange#rosestarkillerchaser#bartylus #regulus x james #james x regulus #incorrect marauders quotes #barty crouch junior #dorcas meadowes#dorlene #incorrect death eater quotes #starchaser#marauders era
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  • lovebarty
    17.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    everyday i get on here and act like i have a clue on how to work tumblr and i think that’s the most barty crouch jr thing about me.

    barty crouch jr would NOT know how to work tumblr and evan and regulus would have to spend hours just teaching him how to reblog stuff 😇😇😇

    #evan rosier #barty crouch jr #regulus black#rosekiller #evan x barty #jegulus #barty x evan #james potter#pandora lestrange#rosestarkillerchaser#bartylus #regulus x james #james x regulus #incorrect marauders quotes #barty crouch junior #dorcas meadowes#dorlene #incorrect death eater quotes #starchaser#marauders era
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  • lovebarty
    17.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    2 new edits posted today on my tiktok @lovebarty 😇😇

    #evan rosier #barty crouch jr #regulus black#rosekiller #evan x barty #jegulus #barty x evan #james potter#pandora lestrange#rosestarkillerchaser#bartylus #regulus x james #james x regulus #incorrect marauders quotes #barty crouch junior #dorcas meadowes#dorlene #incorrect death eater quotes #starchaser#marauders era
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  • idk-idc-wtf-lmao
    17.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Dorcas and Barty def fake dated to cover up the fact that they both didn’t like the opposite gender.

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  • idk-idc-wtf-lmao
    17.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    I hate fics where Barty is Reg’s abusive ex or like manipulated him. I know that canon Barty is insane, but to me it makes more sense that his mental health went to shit after Reg (and Evan) died. Like that’s shat caused him to be insane.

    (I personally don’t really ship bartylus [rosekiller for life], but I also don’t think Barty was bad in any way to Reg)

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  • atlasdoe
    17.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Sooooo I just figured out how Silver Bullets (my slytherin horcrux hunters au) is going to end and I would like to apologise in advance

    #Harry Potter #harry potter fanfiction #the marauders #slytherin horcrux hunters au #regulus black#dorcas meadowes#James Potter#Remus Lupin
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  • thethirdbear
    17.05.2022 - 9 hours ago
    #jennifer latour #bound species in pitt meadow #2021
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  • belleshaw
    17.05.2022 - 9 hours ago
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  • virtuallyinsane
    17.05.2022 - 10 hours ago
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