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  • charlottewellss
    22.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Please tell me if life with herpes is too unbearable? How do y’all cope? I just get so irritated if I have any kind of sores in or around my mouth that I can’t imagine this as a lifelong recurring thing and I’m so upset now. Pls tell me I’m overreacting and it’s not that bad bc I’m sobbing in my bed rn haha

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  • charlottewellss
    22.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    It looks like I mysteriously acquired herpes 🤡👍

    #still really hoping it’s sth else bc chemo sometimes gives me mouth sores but it doesn’t look like anything I’ve had before #tw medical#tw illness#tw disease
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  • 0x1s
    22.05.2022 - 7 hours ago


    #🍄.txt #how does it make sense that when u forget to eat you get really hungry but then when u finally find something to eat u don’t feel like #eating anymore #like the food i just made doesn’t even taste good to me rn #having to eat food is one of the most inconvenient things in life i must say #my head still hurts can’t wait to get out of another food is unenjoyable phase bc i am actually miserable #also the forgetting food exists phase not 2 be confused with the periods of time where i routinely forget pain medication exists #gonna go take some tylenol i just remembered i own🧍🏻‍♀️ #does this need a disordered eating tw #disordered eating mention #idk just in case i have no idea what this is this week n e more
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  • saskiaxblog
    22.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    The codeine pills really work, I love them because today I woke up another day without any fear WOW

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  • underestimated-heroine
    22.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    My cousin is a paramedic. The other day, he called me and was complaining about [people] women (who he said were almost always black...to give a little more context, he lives in South Carolina) calling ambulances for "period pains."

    We wound up in a fight about this, and honestly I doubt we'll be talking again for a long time, if at all.

    "But what if they weren't period pains?" I asked. "What if they had ectopic pregnancies or their appendix burst or they had endometriosis?"

    He responded, "No! When they call about period pains, they mean period pains?!"

    I was skeptical, to say the least. but for the sake of the discussion, I conceded the point. "Why would they do that?"

    I MEANT to make a point by asking this. He said bitterly, without a hint of self-reflection, "Money, money, money."

    "So...they couldn't afford to get to a doctor," I said slowly, seriously hoping he'd realize what he was saying.

    Things really got nasty from here. Essentially, he agreed, but he cited laziness as well as addiction, which he encounters a lot in those communities, as factors preventing them from affording healthcare. This pissed me off enough that I don't even remember what I said next, but I do know the conversation escalated into an actual fight.

    More importantly, I remember finally asking, "Do you even know if those cases were period pains? Did you follow up with the patients or the hospital where you brought them?"

    Several seconds of silence ensued, after which he really blew his stupid lid. He had not followed up on these patients, but continued to insist that they were just period pains and say variations on "money, money, money" until I hung up and turned off my phone.

    You guys...I'm tired. I'm so fucking tired. It makes me so mad, because many of his complaints stemmed from very real issues. There aren't enough paramedics working for the county he works out of. He's unbelievably underworked and mistreated. And guess what? It's still not only unacceptable, but fucking stupid to point fingers at other people relegated to the gutter. Being mistreated isn't an excuse to be a bigot. No amount of pain will ever justify evil; in fact, pain has been used to justify most evil.

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  • saturnstims
    22.05.2022 - 10 hours ago


    gyro laemanctus (devil’s candy) stimboard

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  • distinctlywhumpthing
    22.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Unintentional 16

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    As always, beta-read by @alittlewhump <3

    CW: BBU, institutionalized slavery, dehumanization, surgical/medical whump implied and subsequent “side effects” and trauma. Explicit language. Blood, burn scar, cuts mentioned. Post-suicide attempt, first aid, CPR, ambiguous ending.

    “Jesus Christ, Leo,” Delia said from the top of the stairs. “Is this why you’ve been MIA?” 

    He blinked up at his sister, standing there in her scrubs. He hadn’t heard her let herself in, he barely remembered calling. He tightened his grip around Aiden’s forearms, worried he’d been letting go while replaying the last few weeks in his mind, trying to search for some sign he’d missed. “I—Help—” His voice came out as a whisper so he cleared his throat. “—Please. Delia, you have to help him.” 

    She was already kneeling beside them, two fingers pressed to the side of Aiden’s neck while she opened one of his eyes with the other thumb. “Leo, this is not good.” 

    “I know. I—” His voice broke and he looked down at Aiden in his arms. He couldn’t bear to ask her the question that he’d never stopped asking himself from the very beginning but that now held a much deeper urgency.

    Delia had progressed to gingerly checking under the towels he held over Aiden’s injuries. She looked over her shoulder at the bathtub, which he'd drained but that still had a ring of pinkish-red, and the smeared, pooled blood on either side, not to mention the puddle on the floor. “Leo, he’s going to need a transfusion. Soon.” 

    He’d been hoping to avoid that. He couldn’t bear to look at Aiden while he broke yet another promise he’d made to him. “Okay, let’s go to the hospital.”

    Delia hesitated. “Leo, he has to go to a Companion Care Center.” 

    “A what?”

    “Pets can’t come to the hospital,” she said softly. “They aren’t treated there, it’s only for—” 

    “Wait, what?” Leo started shaking his head. “No, no. He’s not—”

    “You’re kidding, right?”

    He’d never known anyone who had a Companion, had never met one in person. Aiden looked nothing like the ones he’d seen in the commercials but he’d heard the stories, seen the protests. “…Are you sure?”

    “Of course I’m sure. The scars, at least the ones that aren’t surgical. That’s…different,” she paused to grimace. “But look, if I’m right—” Delia gingerly pulled back the corner of one of the towels and held up Aiden’s wrist. 

    There was a block of scar tissue there, in an almost-perfect rectangle. The edges were messy, probably from swelling and scabbing, but there was no mistaking how intentional the burn was. Aiden had sliced straight through it, not quite center. Leo didn’t think he’d gone down as far on the other arm.

    Delia was still looking at the burn. “Wait, but if you bought him—”

    “No, no. I didn’t buy him. I just found him. I didn’t—I just wanted to—” He swallowed and looked down. ‘Help’ was about the opposite of what he’d managed. 

    “Leo, if he’s a runaway Companion, they’re going to turn him back over to WRU.”

    That snapped him out of his ridiculous self-pity. He wanted to pull Aiden closer but he couldn’t keep pressure on the bleeding and manage it. “No, he will not go back there. You have no idea what he’s been through. I have no idea what he’s been through.”


    “Please, there has to be a way. He’s just a kid, he didn’t choose—It’s not his fault I fucked up and didn’t realize—” He swallowed a sob, tears crawling down his cheeks because he didn’t have a free hand to wipe them away.  

    “Okay, okay.” Delia reached out and put her hand on his shoulder. 

    He nodded, trying to get a hold of himself. 

    “Don’t get mad but this won’t be the first time I’ve done something like this—” 

    He couldn’t tell if she was actively avoiding looking him in the face while she deftly rewrapped Aiden’s injuries. Replacing the sodden hand towels with the gauze and ace bandages Leo had pulled out but hadn’t been able to use when the bleeding was less controlled. His fingers tingled when they were relieved of their task, again making him wonder how much time had passed. He was glad he hadn’t called an ambulance but couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d wasted too much time. Minutes, hours, days, weeks. All down the drain. 

    Everything was just too little, too late for this kid. 

    “—I didn’t mention it before because I knew you’d give me shit for breaking the law. But it means I can help you but you have to trust me.” Delia straightened and met his eyes again. “You have to promise to listen to everything I say. No questions.” 

    “I promise,” he swallowed and cleared his throat, trying to demonstrate his sincerity. “Delia, I’ll do anything. I need—”  He didn’t know exactly why he felt like he was in a position to ‘need’ anything. But every thought that flew through his head felt stronger than a want, more important more vital. He needed to apologize. He needed an opportunity to make things right, whatever the fuck that meant. He needed to make sure that Aiden knew without a hint of a doubt that Leo had never once seen him as less than a person. They needed a second chance, both of them. 

    Delia was wrapping Aiden in a fresh towel. At least by now his clothes had been dried by how high Leo had cranked the subfloor heating. “Hey, It’s not your fault you didn’t know, it’s complicated. There’s so much we don’t understand but the conditioning means they can’t advocate for themselves and—” She stopped tucking Aiden’s arms into the towel and leaned close to his face, turning her head to the side so her ear was beside his nose. “Oh, shit. Leo, move. Lie him on the ground.” Her fingers probed all over each side of his neck, up and down where his pulse should be. 

    “No! Oh, no, no.” It felt like it was Leo’s own heart that had stopped. He shifted Aiden off his lap and onto the floor like he’d been told and Delia started CPR. 

    For some reason, Leo thought back to one of the few nights that hadn’t ended in tears. Aiden had made it past dinner in timid but good spirits, so they’d watched some TV together. He’d carefully chosen something mild and it seemed to work. Two episodes in, Aiden had leaned back into the couch cushions instead of sitting ramrod straight. He’d even snorted at one of Leo’s bad jokes about the couple on the show. Leo had been hopeful. He thought maybe he’d found something that could ease the tension and help him settle in. Aiden had finally nodded off, head almost resting on Leo’s shoulder, so he’d carried him upstairs and tucked him into bed. 

    Aiden’s face looked almost as peaceful now. Leo gently put his hand on Aiden’s head and willed himself to be steadier so he could stroke Aiden’s temple with his thumb. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth to— 

    Delia looked up and gave him a small shake of her head. 

    No. This couldn’t be it. 

    “Please,” he tried to say, but the word was silent. He didn’t even know who he was speaking to. Delia wasn’t looking at him as she tried to breathe life back into Aiden’s lungs. Aiden wasn’t here to listen to Leo begging him to stay. It didn’t feel like something he had the right to ask anyway. Not when he had failed Aiden so thoroughly. 

    But if he wasn’t asking Aiden to stay, did that mean that he was just letting him go?

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  • skye-mystardog
    21.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Skye is doing a wonderful impression of his humans remaining number of spoons. Because today has been-not good.

    Ran out of meds-so I had to walk to the pharmacy with Skye before we went to training. I could feel I wasn’t doing well. Then we bumped into the person giving us a lift to training. A family friend. Skye goes barmy whenever he sees them so I tried to give them a wide berth. They followed us. Skye lost it with joy whilst I was still not great-but I had no awareness. Skye was distracted and not able to alert. Then it all started going wrong.

    “Oh he’s fine don’t worry I’ve got him-you go to the pharmacy” I don’t know wether they erroneously thought Skye couldn’t come in with me or what, but at that point I didn’t have the mental strength to resist them insisting. I went in. I got my meds. Then I realised I was becoming so dizzy it was getting difficult to see. I needed Skye. I needed guidework to get me out and back to the person I needed to find.

    They yelled for me, I realised they’d moved with Skye-gods know how since they know none of his cues-I went over. Skye ran straight towards me and alerted. At this point I’m too disoriented to do much. But I see a pet dog on a flexi lead coming towards us and move away. Right then I know I’m a faint risk-I don’t want Skye to have to do a fainting response with another dog basically only a couple of metres from him. That’s not safe. Family friend pipes up “but he’s a friendly dog he’s fine he can say hello! Come back!” And then I’m gone. I’ve run out of fight. I haven’t got the energy to spend 5-10mins explaining why I don’t want me and Skye near other dogs right now.

    And then it all goes really, really wrong. At this point I’m so symptomatic I’m on the verge of tears. Hyperventilating. Yeah I look stressed-but telling me to “take a few deep breaths and calm down” isn’t actively helpful. They tell me to get in the car and I make I huge mistake-and do it. I can barely remember what happened next. I know I was being asked to choose between training and going home. And being told I was stressed. I wasn’t in a place to do anything except manage my health by focusing on Skye. I tried to correct them by saying it’s a medical episode and this is what happens when you separate an assistance dog and handler. Eventually raised my voice a bit by saying “you’re not listening” which they weren’t. They at some point say “I don’t need this” and “I’ll tell your grandma I’m not doing this again then” and then when I go to get out of the car in tears-they won’t let me.

    Note to all humans. Don’t trap people with any kind of PTSD in any way. Including pushing the seat back every time said person folds it forward so they can leave. Whilst treating a 23yr old having a major medical episode like a child having a tantrum. It’s not helpful. In fact it was triggering. I’m writing this in the hopes my brain finally calms down about it. It’s been nearly 12hrs since it happened. I was literally begging them to let me out. I finally made it out, walked about five steps before Skye finally had the space to absolutely telegraph an alert (I am so proud of him) and did a great takedown to DPT. Member of the public then gets right in our space and in doing so looms over us and pins us to a wall. I get up and run for it. Family friend catches up to me having finally seemingly realised they messed up-we go to training. On the way Skye tasks (did some fab DPT and two alerts in the car so I could get enough function back to take meds and eat when I needed to). After Skye’s tasks and meds I had function back inside 10mins. If he’d been with me for those 5mins I was in the pharmacy, it could have prevented a 30min long medical episode that will probably be triggering me for the next week at least.

    The tldr of this is essentially as follows. Do not separate assistance dogs and handlers. Listen to disabled people when they tell you what they need. Do not treat them like children. They are adults-you do not get to decide what’s best for them and their dogs. Give assistance dog teams space-the dog is working. What may look odd to you is our life-we know what to do as a team. Leave us alone to do it.

    Just listen to disabled people and treat them like adult people. And leave ADs alone and with their handlers. Just please. I wouldn’t wish what me and Skye dealt with this morning on anyone. Ableism-even of the casual, everyday, person just doesn’t ‘get it’ kind can be really harmful. Don’t be ableist people. It’s not fun.

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  • bitchapalooza
    21.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Medic would try to strip tease but he'd throw out his back in the process. Poor old man 😔

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  • distinctlywhumpthing
    21.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    oh no if i didn’t misread anything our boy aiden is getting taken to the hospital, which is arguably the last place he ever wanted to be. so exited to read that from his perspective hehe

    Aiden is much more concerned with which hospital he winds up in and, more importantly, who is at his bedside...


    #Honestly it's all very touch-and-go right now #We'll see if wakes up anywhere #death tw #character death tw #medical whump#surgical whump#clinical whump#bbu
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  • jessie-writes-things
    21.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    I was half knocked out in the hospital waiting room and thought i hard someone ask for s gordita 💀

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  • harbinger-of-love
    21.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    i had to leave work early today bc of my period. i started getting such intense cramps so suddenly i got very nauseous and dizzy. because nausea and super bad cramps have been a major theme this time i am in the process of scheduling a much needed doctor's appointment

    im feeling better now, ive been drinking water and powerade and resting bc im still in pain. im hoping i can see a dr within the next week

    #rambles#period talk #talk about periods #medical talk #tw medical talk
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  • justastupidlittlelesbian
    21.05.2022 - 21 hours ago


    #Tw pills #Gotta poke fun at the situation somehow #But also why are the colors so unorganizedddd #Hopefully this thing helps me remember to take my medication lol #Pill organizer#random things
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  • chaosdisorganized
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    It makes me violently uncomfortable when the nurse I work with says "I just treat them like children" when referring to elderly patients.

    Umm excuse me, wtf?

    #vent#tw infantilization #tw medical trauma
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  • flipwonder2n
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Absolutely astonishing to me, an ED tech, that I can see old people take the ambulance to get to the ER for constipation with no pain, but see 20-30 year olds walk through the front door with a compound fracture and 10/10 pain. It's messed up. (Yes this is in America)

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  • newdevil
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    okay i have all those starters open and will get to them soon-ish but i am Very sick 

    #˚ 𝐨𝐨𝐜  :       [ you seem the type to stan a cat boy. ] #medical tw i have a chest infection and feel a little dead this is so typical
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  • lawfullyhopeful
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Me in the ER, staring at the clock: Nothing bad has ever happened on may 21st! Never! Its simply impossible!!!

    I will get in and be j u s t F I I I I I I N E

    #er#emergency room#tw medical #my fucjing chemo leaked into my body and i feel like a water baloon and i keel getting gaslit please for the love of fuck send me money #iv not healed #i feel like shit #remicade#chronic illness #actually chronically ill #crohns disease#crohn's disease#ibs#ibd#immunocompromised#chemo#chemotherapy#mine
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  • gothamcityangst
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Okay so... any ideas about medical torture that could be used in Arkham?

    Goodness, I'm so sorry I thought I'd answered this. TW Extreme medical malpractice/Abuse

    Electrotherapy: It can be effective if it was being used properly. This is Arkham so it's not. They'll use dangerous voltages. It's not even to heal them at this point they just want to use it as a means of vengeance for the crimes that they committed.

    Lobotomies: This is used on the lesser-known patients as if they did it to a major villain there'd be an investigation and they'd find all the other dubious shit that goes down in Arkham. Still, it is easier to work with criminals when they subdue them.

    Restraints: The restraints are so tight around them. They dig into their necks, wrists and legs. It can leave them with severe scarring if the patient thrashes around enough.

    Drugging: Medication is given out like sweets to the inmates. If it keeps them docile they'll give them anything to ease their burden. Most of the inmates figure out how to get out of swallowing it but they'll find a way.

    #G-C-A #tw medical abuse #tw medical malpractice #Arkham
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  • pistolwaltz
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    my pain tolerance is so incredibly variable bc like. i have dislocated my knee and continued walking once it was back in place until i got where i needed to go. the first time i got stung by a wasp i didn't even realize what had happened until i saw the sting 5 minutes later. in my stage combat class i volunteered to be judo flipped repeatedly because i thought getting slammed to the ground was fun. however, today i was a little bit nauseous and i spent the entire day in bed whining and pitifully sipping water. what the fuck is up with that.

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  • seteleth
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    no little anaemic boy dont fall down the cellar

    #my art #the binding of isaac #tboi#lazarus tboi #😭😭😭😭😭😭 hes soooo #is it obvious who my faves are #sh tw#medical cw
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