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  • princeliones
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Don't mind me I'm not crying while listening to dearly beloved music box edition from Kingdom hearts and thinking about it playing in Tristan's nursery while he sleeps, not me 😭

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  • demonprincezeldris
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I wanna mention that in Big Brother Au, while Meliodas has the potential to match or even overpower Zeldris, at his current state both during the war and after he is very much not the strongest demon around! Physically and potentially yes, but due to his upbringing it is literally impossible for Meliodas to reach his full potential before the clan is released from the Seal. It’s be like trying to teach an eagle to swim or a fish to fly for Meliodas where he wouldn’t know how to use his own demonic powers and his only real skill is that he’s unmatched in brute strength and swordplay with very little in the way of actual demonic skills and abilities beyond instinct and the few spells he either adapted to work similarly to goddess magic or that the goddesses allowed him to learn, most of which are healing based. With Zeldris to correct it he quickly comes into his full potential but for a long while he’s considerably weaker with no need to even seal his magic away outside of instinctual outbursts like the sort that led to Merlin doing so to begin with

    I mean it only makes sense, given that he was told that he was abandoned by his family, so he didn't have anyone to teach him how to use demonic magic even if he wanted to.

    Thanks to Zeldris though, he was able to harness his powers properly and strngthen them to its full potential.

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  • epic-poutine
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Back from the dead ;-; here’s a 4KoA Dump of just little doodles 🥳💃💕

    Just little drawings that came from my hand during a lunch Period ☺️

    We’ve got…

    Percy looking like the good boi he is☺️

    Isolde being the sad yet lovable Girl boss that she is ☺️💕✨💕


    ✨I don’t hate Gawain but holy crap ._. Meli gonna be so pissed ✨

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  • seraphic-rose
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    the urge to do 4kota headcanons is strong

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  • princeliones
    25.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Meliodas: Hey kiddo! Got a joke for ya nishishi

    Tristan: Father, please I’m almost 17 now…

    Meliodas: So?! I still laugh at jokes and I’m old as hell!

    Tristan: *sigh* Fine what is it?

    Meliodas already chuckling:

    Tristan: I’m waiting?

    Meliodas snickering: H-how do you jump on a water bed?

    Tristan: You can’t?

    Meliodas turning red: N-no silly, you fill- you fill it!

    Tristan waiting for the punch line: With???

    Meliodas as red as a tomato now from holding onto his breath: W-WITH SPRING WATER!! BAHAHAHA

    Tristan cupping his hands around his mouth: ISEULT HELP I’M BEING ATTACKED!!

    Isuelt springing into action: Don’t worry Your Highness! I’ll save you!

    Iseult trying to jump Meliodas

    Meliodas: I-ISSY WAIT!!

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  • demonprincezeldris
    24.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    The battle was brutal. Bloody and terrifying and brutal. Zeldris got more and more desperate, and Melanthius only grew more vicious. He grunted as his sword plunged through his body, the holy magic - imbued in it upon its forging - burned in an agonizing flurry.

    It was not as agonizing as knowing this battle would be his death. For he’d never truly raise his blade against his brother.

    Blood trickled down his chin as Melanthius pushed it further in. Zeldris gathered what strength he had, letting his sword fall to the ground with a clatter. He lifted his red soaked hand, and put it on his cheek.

    “I love you, I forgive you, and I’m sorry.” He managed to whisper.

    His glare only harded, and he hissed at the demon hunched over his sword. “I’ll not fall for your tricks.” He channeled his magic through his sword, and Zeldris’s face contorted in an agonized grimace. “Now leave this world, so the divine light of the goddesses may shine brighter.”

    He did, not like he had much of a choice. Melanthius’s magic destroyed his hearts from the inside, and he cast one last painful, regret filled gaze over his baby brother, his precious, misguided baby brother. A final exhale, his black eyes flickered green - the same green as his - before closing, and he collapsed, crumpling in the dirt as Melanthius retracted his blade and flicked off the blood. Melascula saw first, and her wail went up into the air, getting the commandment’s attention, which caught that of the goddesses as well.

    “Prince Zeldris! Is! Dead!” He called, lifting his crimson soaked sword.

    A great cheer went up among the goddesses, and he retreated with them as the demons swarmed towards their heirs' still warm body.

    Back in the Celestial realm, celebrations commenced. Melanthius was cheered for and there was dancing and singing and drinking. Finally, with the most powerful demon dead, the balance is tipped in their favor! They can win this, spread the purity and light of the goddesses to all of Brittania!

    Things began to settle after hours, everyone breaking off into little circles around fire pits. He was with his mothers, who congratulated him on a battle well fought but had stayed out of the festivities for the most part. They felt it was cruel to celebrate a death. Honestly, he agreed with them, but this was the most he’d felt accepted by the people he was raised with in well… ever. He murmured something about taking a leak, and went off to find a relieving chamber. On his way back, he… heard something.

    “Holy shit, I can’t believe it actually worked!‘

    “Shh, keep your voice down!” A quiet laugh. “But I agree. I have faith in her majesty, of course, but when she kidnapped Zeldris’s younger brother to raise as a weapon, well, I thought she’d get frustrated and kill him when it didn’t work.”

    A jolt when through Melanthius, and he held his breath as he listened.

    “I know, right? I can hardly believe we actually got ‘Prince Meliodas’ to kill his older brother! And the best part is…”

    “He has no idea! Doesn’t even know her majesty changed his name and manipulated a demigod into going against his own people!”

    “You think she’s gonna kill him, now that the job’s done?”

    “Mmm, nah. Knowing her, she’ll probably let him keep going, and then tell him as like, a test.”

    “Here’s to using that brat to wipe out the entire demon clan!”

    “Here here!”

    Melanthius slipped back into the shadows, collected himself, and went back to his mothers. He told them with a shaky smile that the battle took a lot out of him, and he was gonna turn in early. They smiled and told him goodnight, kissing him on the forehead before he went off. He did, in fact, go to bed, but he didn’t sleep. Just curled up there and thought.

    I love you, I forgive you, and I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you, and I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you, and I’m sorry.

    “Melio-” “That’s not my name!”

    “Melanthius, please-” “Stay away from me!”

    “If you would just listen-” “I’ll listen to no lies you spill!”

    “I need to tell you-” “Die, foul monster!”

    He felt sick. Gods, had he been trying to tell him… That whole time? Was it true? Had he really… Had he killed his own brother?

    It would make some sense… Melanthius was scarily powerful, if he really was a demigod, it would answer a lot of questions.

    But, no! He couldn’t be! He was abandoned as a baby, his demon family didn’t want him! No one wanted him but the goddesses, THEY were the ones that took him as one of their own, raised him with purity and goodness. THEY were the only ones that loved him!

    I love you, I forgive you, and I’m sorry.

    Unless it was all a lie? Unless it was just manipulation to keep him docile? Keep him obedient?

    Ugh, he wasn’t going to find out anything here! He threw the blanket back, and yanked on his shoes, tying his cloak around his shoulders with a firm tug. He only hesitated once at the window, his eyes flashing black as he used miniscule threads of his magic to pull pillows and laundry under the blanket, letting his magic linger long enough to mimic his signature, and slipped out.

    He snuck out through the portal into Brittania, making his way carefully to the demon's border, and inside. He knew the Commandments had a base somewhere inside. With how strong their signature’s were, it shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?

    He did. Eventually. It took him a couple hours. He slipped inside, keeping to the rafters as he slunk through the base. Then he found his goal.

    The commandments were gathered around a glowing pool, Zeldris floating inside of it.



    "You know he's not going to wake up… right?"

    "...I know. But at least his body will be healed for the funeral."

    Monspeet nodded, putting a gentle hand on his shoulder. Derieri broke, must have been holding back for awhile, and whirled on Melascula, gripping her collar. "Why can't you just- just bring him back??"

    "Derieri- You know how my magic works, I could, but-"

    "He'd be alive-"

    "He'd be miserable! My magic will revive him, yes, but by doing so, it'd fill him with rage and hate and regret and bitterness! You want that for him??"

    She sagged, releasing her pack mate. "...No."

    Melascula sighed and took her hands, squeezing gently. "I'm sorry. If I could find a way- I'd do it in a heartbeat, Deri, you have to know that." She nodded, form miserable.

    …Well, best he get it over with.

    He positioned himself and fell to the ground, landing lightly on his feet. They all whirled on him, and he zeroed in on Galand.

    "You. You will be honest with me. You will tell me the truth. You have no choice." They were a little stunned to see him shaking, and he clenched his fists, raising his chin to mask his fear. Not of them, not really. Of finding out everything he knows is a lie. "When I killed him, his last words were- were-" His broke, and he swallowed. "I love you, I forgive you, and I'm sorry. Why?? Why would he say that to me?? I thought he was just trying to mess with my mind, but then I heard soldiers talking, and I- tell me the truth, I need to know what's real and what's not! I-I dont even know what my real name is anymore!" He brought his hands up to his hair, tugging on the long golden strands, and Grayroad made a move to drift forward. Melanthius’s eyes snapped back to them, and he whipped his sword out, on guard and threatening. "Stay back! You answer my questions, and you do it from over there!"

    Galand raised his hands passively. "Young one, are you sure you're in a state to recieve-"

    "Just tell me!!"

    "Zeldris never wanted to hurt you. He just wanted to bring you home and keep you safe. He was your elder brother, and when you were born, he named you Meliodas."

    There was tense silence for a minute before Melanthius put the heels of his palms against his eyes. "Fuck. How-?"

    "You were stolen when you were but a kit. That's how the Holy War began. He was trying to rescue you."

    "Zeldris is my brother. I wasn't abandoned? Someone- someone loved me?" What little blood left in his face rushed out. "And I killed him…"

    "Oh, young one… He never blamed you, not once. And you're welcome here, its not your fault you were manipulataed. We're your family too, the commandments, we're a pack, you-" He cut Gowther off as he took a couple tentative steps forward.

    "Stay! Back!" He snarled, readying his sword again. He was breathing heavily, and his eyes were watery. While glaring at them, his gaze drifted to the healing pool, and his face fell. "What have I done…?"


    He shook his head, and stumbled back, before whirling around and bolting. They called out after him, tried to chase him, but he was damn fast, and they lost him. Derieri growled and stomped the ground. "Fuck! Do you think he'll be ok?"

    "One can only hope." Monspeet murmured, rubbing her arm gently. "Maybe, when he calms down, he'll come back, and we can tell him the full story." She sighed and put her head on his chest. "I hope so."

    Melanthius flew for ages. Crying. Fuck. There was his proof. His undeniable fucking proof. Zeldris was his brother, Zeldris had LOVED him, and he had killed him. Had looked him in the eye with hatred, called him a monster, and told him to die.

    I love you, I forgive you, and I'm sorry.

    He made his way to a secluded Grove he used to go to when he was younger to be alone, stayed there for hours.

    Elizabeth found him. He heard her wings flap, the rustle of her feathers. "Melanthius! Your mothers and I have been looking everywhere for you, why did you run off??"

    "...Did you know?"


    He lifted his head out of his knees eith a weak glare, eyes red and puffy. "Did you know that Zeldris was my brother?"

    She froze, looking undeniably guilty, and he sighed, putting his head back against his knees and curling up tighter. "Of course you did. Seems like everyone knew but me."

    There was a moment of hesitation, before she sat down next to him, pulling her knees to her chest as well. "How did you find out?"

    "I heard some of the soldiers talking during the festivities last night. Alcohol makes the tongue loose, apparently. Then I went to the commandments, because I- I had to know for sure. Galand confirmed it. Zeldris… do you know what the last thing he said to me was? As I was killing him?"


    He curled up a little tighter. "I love you, I forgive you, and I'm sorry." His voice cracked a little. "He loved me, Ellie. He loved me, and I killed him."

    "I'm so sorry, Melanthius, I would have told you. But I was forced to take a divine vow of silence. Even now, I cannot give you details."

    "...Is my name Melanthius… Or is it Meliodas? Both feel wrong, now that I know. Nothing was ever real, was it? Was it all a lie?"

    She leaned over, tapping her head against his shoulder. "I think everything you did was real, even if the context was different. I'm positive Aunty Ami and Aunt Ina love you. It didn't ever matter to them, you're their son, just the same."

    He took a shuddering breath. "Hey Elizabeth?"


    "Wanna run away with me?"


    "I can't stay in the Celestial realm, not after learning the truth. I can't go to the Underworld, I killed their prince. The gods are both cruel and hateful. You're my best friend, so what if we just. Left?"

    "I-I dunno, Mel. What about your mom's? Merlin? What about Mael, you know him and I are engaged!"

    "...You're right. It was stupid of me."

    "...I'll help you get away, for a while. I won't run away with you, but I'll get you started."

    He nodded. "Thank you. Look after Mer for me for a bit, ok?"

    She nodded.

    They didn't make it very far. Barely past the borders into giants land, flying side by side, when some sort of teleportation spell yanked them to an audience with the gods.

    Next thing he knew, Elizabeth was dead by his side, and the curse began.


    Once I write it, that is.

    Wow I loved reading this! Poor Meliodas, killing his brother who he really thought was the enemy. Meliodas is having some serious identity crisis right now-

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  • seraphic-rose
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    who lied to you?

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  • seraphic-rose
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    anywhos ignoring Gawain I’m coloring the baby child

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  • miinxdy
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I don't know something about a younger brother meliodas makes me happy :)

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  • miinxdy
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Nsfw kinda thing going on.

    (Not very detailed but it's nsfw)

    Cw: inc*st

    Zeldris finally found his precious big brother, he'd make meliodas pay for ever running away from him, by fucking him raw over and over again until his tiny ass starts to bleed.

    Hearing his big bro's pained moans, and pleads to stop.

    "Why did you leave with that goddess was I not enough?"

    A rough slap across the soft ass.

    "Couldn't I protect you?"

    Another slap

    "S-sorry Zeldris, stop h-hurts"

    Zeldris filps meliodas around tears already swelling up in his eyes.

    "Why did you run away?" Another rough thrust.

    "Why can't I protect you?" A gentle hand on Mel's cheeks.

    Meliodas only looked up, green eyes filled with regret.

    Zeldris pulls out, causing meliodas to whimper due to the pain.

    "I'm sorry meliodas" pulling meliodas to his chest zeldris sighs the messy blonde hair being gently combed.

    Sure he hated that his big bro left him, but he didn't have the power to stay mad at meliodas

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  • miinxdy
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Ok but, Mel is really small so when the sins have a day out he's usually the center of attention, like all the decisions would be made around his preferences. So if it's post heat they'll take him to somewhere cooling and just chill there. Meliodas's feet never touch the ground on these days out, it's either ban carrying him or the rest of the sins admiring his small build

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  • seraphic-rose
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    who’s down for murder cause I am

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  • princeliones
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Ok but Tristan not correcting his father on his pronouns?? Meliodas saying , "This is my son Tristan!" When Tristan happens to be presenting as female for the moment and Tristan just giving Meliodas a look instead that says "Um papa who?? " and Meliodas quickly correcting himself and saying "Sorry piglet! I should have let you introduce yourself, papa will be sure to remember next time ok?"

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  • sprinklzz
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i added zeldris to the centaurworld au

    his wings are too small, so he cant fly (and will ALWAYS be salty that he’s the only one of his siblings that cant fly, even estarossa’s half-brother and meliodas’s girlfriend are pegataurs, so they can fly, too)

    the other dragontaurs also treat him like a child despite his status because his horns never fully grew in, meaning he couldn’t culturally come of age. Gelda was so far the only person who took him seriously

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  • nitsu-chi11
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I love this version of meliodas😊

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  • asteriskheart
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    A historical / fantasy / period / medieval friendly character survey.

    repost and bold your muses preference.

    •     roses   /   cherry blossoms   /   orchids   /   tulips •     winter   /   summer   /   autumn   /   spring •     thunderstorms   /   sunshine   /   snow •     indoors   /   outdoors •     meat   /   fruit   /   sweets •     extravagance   /   traditionalism   /   minimalism •     god fearing   /   non god fearing •     cats   /   dogs   /   horses   /   birds •     sunrise   /   sunset •     day time   /   night time •     fire   /   earth   /   water   /   wind •     reading   /   writing •     rising early   /   sleeping late •     wine   /   ale   /   neither •     fur   /   silk  /   satin   /   lace •     rubies   /   pearls   /   sapphires •     horse back   /   walking   /   carriages •     love  /   power •     having company   /   being alone •     lakes   /   rivers  /   oceans •     knife   /   sword   /   bow   /   poison •     gold   /   silver
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  • princeliones
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    This time I’m doing a shout out to @zorria @sullina and @18moosie for inspiring me to make this post because today I’m going to be talking about theeeeese

    Babies big beautiful wings 🥺 Now listen, I know this kind of debunks my other “Tristan is afraid of heights theory” but taking into consideration that Tristan is a very dedicated young man, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was able to push past his fears for extreme measures such as bringing Percival to justice or saving Percival from Pellagards clutches. Plus I can just see Tristan and Lancelot going at eachother over that too like “I thought you were afraid of heights mamas boy? What happened to that huh Tristan?” “Shut up Lancelot my duty was to save Percival and flying was the only way!” “Haha you said duty” “how old are you anyways!?” “Old enough to kick your @$$!” “You wanna fight me son of Ban??” “Don’t call me that spoiled brat!!” All over Tristan flying smh boys lol. Anyways here’s a couple of head canons though I recently came up with thanks to the help of my friends. Enjoy!

    1. Tristan is a clutz. He is the clumsiest most scatter brained thing there is. We saw this when he misplaced Gawain and then walked right past her because he has such bad tunnel vision when he is determined to complete something he sets his mind in doing. So you can’t tell me that with these big ol wings he isn’t knocking things over constantly. Besides the fact that he’s not using them when he is stationary, I believe this is why he doesn’t always have them out. Because he would just be knocking everyone and everything down to the ground and he has done it SEVERAL times. He even knocked Meliodas to the ground once when Meliodas wasn’t paying attention. Tristan was trying to take off while Meliodas was standing by talking to Elizabeth and WHACK a set of wings burst out of his son and right into the back of Meliodas head knocking him down to the floor. Tristan quickly turned to help his father on his feet again all while Meliodas laughed and said “no worries kiddo just gotta be more aware of your surroundings ok bud?”

    2. Tristan can use these bad boys to his advantage when he’s really concentrating on it. Like when he was younger and someone close to him who was visiting was about to leave all he needed to do was rush out in front of them and pop his little wings out while he shouted no. Feathers flying everywhere as Meliodas rushes over to calm his son so his guests could return home for the night. Tristan never really settled though, only climbing up on his fathers shoulder for comfort while he watches his favorite people leave, thumb in his mouth and tears in his eyes. He used this method ALOT on Gelda and Zeldris because they were the ones he really hated to say goodbye to.

    3. Not only using his wings to stop people from going, but using them to make people leave when he doesn’t want someone around. Throwing strong gusts of wind their way with one powerful flap trying to send them back out the door the came from while Meliodas taps his foot against the ground. “Oi, that’s not nice. Go to your room if you don’t like it and feel like misbehaving. You can come back out once you remember how to act like a mature young man instead of a spoiled little boy.”

    4. The wings reacting to Tristan’s emotions and unintentionally causing mayhem like slamming his fathers door when he reaches his room after being reprimanded. Tristan sweats and looks at his wings in horror as if to ask “WHY??” before his attention is quickly drawn to the sound of his fathers pounding foot steps quickly approaching his room. Tristan knows his father will ask what in the hell Tristan thinks he is doing so he makes a dash for the window and flies out. He tries desperately to reach the roof, with very clumsy form as he still hasn’t gotten used to using them for flight at this age. Meliodas pops his head out of his sons room to watch him soar up into the sky while he shakes his fist at him and yells “TRISTAN LOUISE LIONES YOU AREN’T THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN FLY IN THIS HOUSE. GET BACK DOWN HERE AND APOLOGIZE TO YOUR FATHER FOR ABUSING THE THINGS I WORK HARD TO PROVIDE FOR YOU YOU UNGRATEFUL BIRD BRAIN!!”

    5. And we all know what happens when Tristan gets scolded. Especially by papa because he so desperately looks up to his father and never wants to dissapoint him. So he sits there on the roof, pulling his knees up to his chest while he sobs into the back of his arms. His wings wrapping his little body up in a cocoon making him look like a soggy bird who had got caught unexpectedly in the rain and was now trying to dry its feathers in the sun. He hears flapping behind him and his body tenses, the wings gripping tighter around him with anxiousness.

    “Come on bud” his father says softly while pulling him in closer with his dark aura. He feels the warmth of Meliodas’s own winged appendage digging around and trying to push Tristan’s primary feathers apart to get a glimpse of his sons tear stained face. “Look kiddo I’m not angry. I was before but I failed to realize you aren’t used to this new stage in your life yet and I know you were only thing to express how you are feeling, but next time I need for you to talk to papa, what if you had hurt those people just now? Or broke papas door? Are you gunna fix that?” Tristan shakes his head no and pushes his face deeper into his arms to hide his shame. Meliodas sighs before he gives a little smirk and plunges himself into the plethora of white wild plumage.

    Tristan gasps and asks his father, “what are you doing? stop that!!” At last Meliodas has found it, the unprotected flesh of his offsprings stomach and blows the biggest raspberry into the boys soft skin. Tristan let’s out a tremendous shriek, his wings shooting out on either side causing a few loose plumes to scatter around them and allowing the wind to sweep them up and carry them away. Tristan is very serious when it comes to keeping a close eye on his feathers since he likes to use them for arrows he fletches or give them to the community for their pillows and blankets to keep the towns people of Liones safe and warm, so watching all these gorgeous feathers drifting away from him makes his heart sink and he turns to Meliodas to ask him, “papa why did you do that?? All my feathers are gone now!” Meliodas grins and replies, “don’t worry buddy you’ll get more, you’ll always have these wings by your side to keep you safe, a beautiful gift from your mother, but promise me you will work on being mindful with how you use them ok? I couldn’t stand the thought of you trying to hide away from me like this and finding out you had gotten hurt. Or doing something you weren’t planning on doing.” Tristan looks at his father from the corner of his eye and asks, “ like slamming my door just now?” “Exactly kiddo, I shouldn’t have been so upset with you, I know these things tend to have a mind of their own sometimes so I know you didn’t intend on closing the door that hard, your wings just have a little more power in them than I was aware of nishishi. And that’s awesome piglet, it means that you don’t need to be scared when you fly cuz these big ol feathers of yours won’t ever let you down.” His father responds ruffling the hair playfully on his head. Tristan sweetly smiles back as Meliodas picks himself up and brushes his hands on his pants before he brushes them off together and says, “right, well let’s get down from here and go check on those guests of ours. Maybe even apologize? What do you say?” Tristan nods his head and takes his father by the hand as he helps him safely down off the roof again.

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  • starsilversword
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Me btw.

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  • starsilversword
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Of anyone is wondering why I haven't been around today. I've been at Otafest all day. Wore my Meliodas cosplay. And going as Genoa tomorrow.

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  • sprinklzz
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Centaurworld AU, anyone ?

    (the watermark looks funny cuz i had to add it via my gallery cuz i didnt feel like going all the way back to procreate and having to add it and rhen re-save—)

    #nnt #seven deadly sins #sds #nanatsu no taizai #anime#manga#meliodas#art#digital art#elizabeth liones#melizabeth#zeldris #hes tagged because i was GONNA add him at the side but i couldnt find a good enough dragon reference #so i gave up and decided to draw him tomorrow #ill give him his own page 😌 #centaurworld
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