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  • talesofarcadiaforever
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Daylight’s Redemption timeline because of @the-arson-author-gamer’s suggestion!

    (I’ll probably add more later.)

    (Previous worldbuilding post.)

    Merlin is born - 5650 B.C. Merlin and Charlie agree to go on their own adventures for a while - A.D. 917 The Arcane Order comes and propositions Merlin - A.D. 917 Merlin fights the Arcane Order from A.D. 917-1017 - One thousand years Titans immobilized - A.D. 1017 Merlin advises four consecutive British kings, Vortigern, Constantine, Uther, and Arthur from A.D. 1017-1117 - One hundred years Uther is born - A.D. 1047 Arthur is born when Uther is age 25 - A.D. 1072 Uther dies at age 40 - A.D. 1087 Arthur is crowned at age 15 - A.D. 1087 Arthur rules England from A.D. 1087-1117 - Thirty years Arthur dies at age 45 - A.D. 1117 Douxie is born - A.D. 1098 Merlin takes Douxie in - A.D. 1101 Battle of Killahead - A.D. 1117 Merlin starts his unintentional years long sleep - A.D. 1117 Merlin sleeps from A.D. 1117-2017 - Nine hundred years Merlin wakes up - A.D. 2017 Nari gets taken in by Galahad - A.D. 117, a few weeks after the Battle of Killahead

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  • talesofarcadiaforever
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    This is from Emerald Embers, once again.

    It’s the only thing I’m writing right now don’t come at me

    “I know who the Green Knight is. He’s Arthur.”

    -Chapter 29?, Breaking.

    Merlin figured out who he is and has a breakdown after finally having a chance to process it.

    As you can probably guess, the reveal is happening differently than Wizards 😏😉

    Thanks for the ask!

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  • talesofarcadiaforever
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    This is from Emerald Embers, of course!

    Magic came out of his open hand, turning into a ball of emerald light.

    -Chapter One, Meeting.

    Merlin’s showing his magic to a child he just met.

    “Dude, no offense; but he looks dead.” Tobes joked.

    -Chapter 21?, Reuniting.

    Toby sees Merlin’s body in his tomb for the first time and immediately cracks a joke.

    Galahad grinned and hugged him close, kissing his forehead.

    -Chapter I don’t know yet; it was a line I thought of when I was looking at this ask lol

    Thanks for the ask!

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  • wheretwofacesmeet
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #wizards tales of arcadia #wizard underground#hisirdoux casperan#zoe ashildr#merlin ambrosius#hex tech #steve palchuk knight of arcadia
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  • honeyxmonkey
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Hisirdoux sat next to Merlin, drawing his knees up to his chest. He didn't say anything. Not yet. He just sat there in silence, listening to the wind blowing above the treetops and the birds whistling in their nests.

    Merlin was quiet too, but it was a different kind of quiet. It was sad. Wistful. He gazed absently at the horizon, twisting a silver bracelet in his hands.

    The bracelet was old, but well kept. Shining in the light of the setting sun.

    Hisirdoux glanced at his master, waiting for him to say something. He'd just found Merlin like this and it was odd. It made Hisirdoux want to know what was wrong so he could fix it.

    "Did you know," When Merlin spoke his voice was soft and sad. "That I have had many apprentices. So many that I've lost count."

    Hisirdoux blinked. "Well... I suppose it would make sense. You're far older than you look, aren't you?"

    Merlin smiled softly, still not looking away from the horizon. "Yes. I am."

    Hisirdoux glanced at the bracelet, then at Merlin. "I can't imagine losing so many people... knowing you'd probably outlive them."

    The old wizard sighed. "I had hoped... that for some... that for her it would be different."

    "... her?" He asked carefully.

    And Merlin's smile was so sad but so fond that it made Hisirdoux’s heart ache. "Antigone. My first apprentice." He lifted a hand and his magic conjured an image of a young girl. She looked to be around sixteen years of age, the green outlines of the magic obscuring any color, but her features were easy to see. "She was gifted, passionate." He looked at his apprentice, a softer, happier smile pulling at his lips. "You remind me of her."

    Hisirdoux smiled back at him, scooting a little closer to his master. "Can I ask what happened to her?" He asked after a moment.

    Merlin let the magic fade and his gaze fell away once more. He was silent for a long while before he said, "She was often too brave for her own good."


    Okay so just a lil thing cause my brain suddenly said, "Merlin's lived a long ass time so he's probably had lots of apprentices and they're probably all dead now or some shit and HEY LETS ANGST WIZARD DAD"

    So so 👀

    Antigone is like. literally his daughter and after she died he became super emotionally distant from his apprentices because he knew if he ever loved them the way he loved her it would literally break him for good

    But then Douxie came along 👀👀👀

    Deep down Merlin always loved his apprentices so fucking much. But he never showed it because he didn't want to get attached dammit

    Anyway um

    The Arcane Order killed her

    imagine Merlin’s distress when his son was about to be killed the same way his daughter was thousands of years ago

    #yes im gonna write this for a whole ass thing #cause wizard dad angst is going wild in my brain #honey's art #tales of arcadia #wizards tales of arcadia #hisirdoux casperan#toa wizards #moppet!douxie #toa oc#toa ocs#toa#wizard dad#merlin ambrosius#antigone ambrosius
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  • talesofarcadiaforever
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    For the writing prompts ask game if you don't mind? Number 12 candles?

    I absolutely don’t mind, don’t worry! I love getting asks!

    I’m making this Emerald Embers because I’m trying to write more stuff for it jdfhsl

    This is a flashback scene, by the way.

    lit the candles
    The candles flickered gently
    candles’ gentle glow
    candles gently glowed.
    “This is nice.” he murmured.
    He nodded sleepily. “It’s peaceful.”
    fell asleep.
    Galahad glanced down at him, wondering why he hadn’t answered.
    Merlin was… asleep.
    His shock turned to joy. His friend trusted him so much that he’d fallen asleep, with him nearby.
    He smiled down at him, getting up to blow out the candles. Once he was finished, he went back to his friend’s bed, going to sleep himself.

    Thanks for the ask!

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  • talesofarcadiaforever
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    ToA Merlin’s concept art and storyboards

    #*mine #tales of arcadia #trollhunters#wizards #toa concept art #toa storyboards#Merlin Ambrosius #conceptart!Merlin #HE LOOKS AMAZING AND FOR WHAT #😭🤚 #it’s the fact that he could have canonically looked like this #downgrade#smh #actually you know what? #this is a crime
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  • honeyxmonkey
    28.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Merlin: Good job out there today, Hisirdoux

    Moppet, saluting: thank you sir

    Merlin: don't call me sir

    Moppet, still saluting: thank you ma'am

    #sassy moppet and tired wizard dad my beloved #tales of arcadia #wizards tales of arcadia #hisirdoux casperan#toa wizards #tales of arcadia incorrect quotes #toa incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes #moppet!douxie #merlin ambrosius#wizard dad
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  • honeyxmonkey
    27.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Random lil wizard dad and moppet son things cause i watched the Adam Project and I've decided that 12 yr old Douxie was just a little shit

    Hisirdoux was sitting on a wooden chest outside the throne room, Archie curled in his lap. He looked up when he heard Merlin walking down the hall towards him.

    He opened his mouth to speak but Merlin cut him off with a glare.

    "Not a word." He hissed as he passed by, taking his apprentice's face in one hand to see how bad the bleeding was.

    Merlin walked into the throne room, slamming the door shut behind him. Even through the heavy oak door, Hisirdoux could hear his father yelling.

    "Have you seen his face!?" And you're blaming him for this!?"

    The rest of the conversation between king and wizard became muffled as Douxie stared at the ground, twisting his fingers through Archie’s fur. He wiped the blood away from his nose.


    "Hisirdoux, you can't keep doing this." Merlin reprimanded, steering his apprentice towards the tower.

    "He punched me." Hisirdoux bit out.

    "And I know exactly what kind of mouth you have on you to provoke him in such a way." Merlin shut the door behind them as he pushed his apprentice into the room. "Sit down."

    Hisirdoux huffed and flopped into a chair. "He was being a douche."

    "Hisirdoux." Merlin gave him the stink-eye, searching through a cluttered desk. "Leon is twice your size-"

    "Everyone is twice my size." Hisirdoux shot back. "I've seen babies bigger than me."

    Merlin sighed, walking over to his son, sitting across from him. "My point is," he gently took Hisirdoux's face, cleaning the blood away. "Stop provoking everyone. I don't care if they're being "stupid" or "mean". I expect better from you."

    Douxie averted his gaze so he wouldn't have to look Merlin in the eye. After a moment, he spoke. "What did the king say?"

    "And that's the other thing." Merlin put the cloth down, giving his apprentice a meaningful look. "I can't protect you from Arthur if you're constantly drawing attention to yourself and being a nuisance. Now, I know you didn't even get the chance to hit that boy back, but Arthur warned that if you got into another fight..." he stopped there, letting out a sigh. He pat Hisirdoux's shoulder as he stood. "Just try to stay out of trouble."

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  • talesofarcadiaforever
    27.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Uh so I made a ToA Discord server for people who like Merlin

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  • honeyxmonkey
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Merlin: Hisirdoux, can I speak to you for a minute? In private.

    Douxie: Ooh, someone's in trouble. It's me. I don't know why I did that.

    #tales of arcadia #wizards tales of arcadia #hisirdoux casperan#toa wizards #toa incorrect quotes #tales of arcadia incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#wizard dad#merlin ambrosius
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  • honeyxmonkey
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Merlin running around Camelot looking for Douxie because he's disappeared again: Has anyone seen my son? He's this tall, clearly gay, but we haven't had the talk yet

    #tales of arcadia #wizards tales of arcadia #hisirdoux casperan#toa wizards #tales of arcadia incorrect quotes #toa incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#wizard dad #moppet!douxie #merlin ambrosius
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  • wheretwofacesmeet
    20.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    #wizards tales of arcadia #killahead part one #hisirdoux casperan#troll jim #claire of the house of nuñez #merlin ambrosius
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  • talesofarcadiaforever
    15.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Emerald Embers ✨worldbuilding✨ stuff:

    Merlin’s a cambion.

    Merlin has CPTSD.

    Merlin is 5,650 years old in 2017.

    Merlin has long hair, which is usually styled in a ponytail. It’s like same as the concept art, except it’s at the middle of his head, he’s not balding, and he doesn’t have the pointy hair.

    Merlin takes in Douxie when he’s three.

    Merlin and Charlie are familiars.

    Galahad is a main character, and he and Merlin have more interactions.

    Ophelia’s the mayor of Arcadia Oaks.

    Barbara’s concerned instead of angry when she sees Jim’s changes after he becomes the Trollhunter.

    Some spoilery things under the cut!

    How the world thinks Merlin’s dead:

    So canonically, there isn’t a clear reason as to why the whole world thinks Merlin’s dead, besides the whole “being asleep for nine hundred years” thing.

    But in EE, Galahad and Moppet!Douxie lie, saying that he died two weeks after the Battle of Killahead.

    Merlin’s going to fight and banish Morgana, like he did in Trollhunters. He isn’t going to get stabbed, though. I knew I was having him banish Morgana, but I was on the fence about whether I should keep her stabbing him or not. But after thinking about it, it’s a retcon, like Douxie banishing Morgana is. In Trollhunters, Merlin was completely uninjured when he fought her, and he was the one who banished her. I also want them to have a fight where they’re able to fight each other equally. Canonically, both of the times they fought, Merlin was either injured or depleted of most of his magic, which isn’t fair.

    So after banishing Morgana, Merlin’s exhausted. He hasn’t slept in days, working to complete the Amulet, grieving Morgana, fighting Janus, then fighting and banishing Morgana. Galahad thinks he’s probably, hopefully going to sleep for two to three days, at the most. But then a week passes, and he hasn’t woken up. Galahad decides to look through his friend’s things, to try and see if there was anything there that could wake him. He finds Merlin’s blueprints for his Tomb, along with directions to it. He gets the idea to put him there as a cautionary measure, for several reasons. He doesn’t want to mess with whatever’s keeping his friend asleep, he has no idea when he’s going to wake up, and he wants to keep him safe from assassination attempts. Two weeks after the Battle of Killahead, Galahad and Moppet say that Morgana injured Merlin in their fight at the battle, and today, he succumbed to his injuries. If anyone tries to challenge them on their story, they answer with the cover they agreed on.

    “How come we didn’t know he was injured?”

    “He didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. He’s… he was like that.”

    How Nari gets taken in: She comes to Camelot after Merlin’s been buried in his tomb, and Moppet!Douxie and Archie have left. Galahad, now the somewhat official leader of Camelot, is ready to attack, recognizing her from Killahead. She pleads with him before he can, saying she came seeking refuge. He takes her in, thinking it’s what Merlin would want. Nine hundred years later, Merlin wakes up and comes to Camelot. After he and Galahad reunite, Galahad introduces him to Nari. Merlin is also ready to attack, but Galahad stops him and explains what happened. He relents, but he tells her to stay away from him. Unlike canon, they don’t become friends for a long time, much less how they act like old friends in Spellbound. Merlin has a hard time trusting her, almost seeming hostile at times, but he has good reason. He’s wary, remembering everything she did during their millennium long battle. She didn’t revel it as much as her siblings, but she still did those things, regardless. Now she’s on their side? It’s especially hard to process because Morgana’s betrayal is still fresh in his mind.

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  • a-system-of-nerds
    06.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Since you said Arthurian Fantasy, do you have any headcanons for The Green Knight, and or Merlin?

    For The Green Knight:

    He uses he and they pronouns.

    He would 100% say no to "Is kissing the homies gay?"

    They’re actually a human but their wife is Fae and she and Morgan went way back, which is why Morgan selected them for her latest attempt at regicide.

    He loves cooking and is often the one who cooks whatever meat he brings home.

    They and their wife don’t have any kids, but Gawain will sometimes send random kids there for some help, a nice meal, and a roof over their heads. (They all have a note, which says something like, “Hey, Bertilak, hope you don’t mind housing this kid for a bit. Thanks, you’re the best. -G (ps, can’t wait to visit for x holiday))

    He and Gawain exchange cooking recipes and his wife and Gawain exchange healing spells.

    They loves dogs and animals, feeding them various scraps (or the best cuts behind their wife’s back-)

    Their castle is actually near the border to the Fae world.

    For Merlin:

    He's a Druid and grew up raised by nature after his clan left him for dead.

    He has an inherent sense of the future, knowing vaguely what is going to happen without knowing any minute details.

    He had a big crush on Aurelius. He didn't really do anything about it, cause he was best friends with Uther and Aurelius was busy, but after Aurelius was crowned king, he was a bit tipsy and ended up kissing Merlin. They had a few months of bliss together.

    Uther had a sort of obsession with Merlin, and Merlin got too deep before realizing it wasn't healthy, which led to him trying to curb Uther's mania while still being too scared to do much about the atrocities committed.

    Merlin tried to have a relationship after Aurelius with a sweet woman named Gwendolyn, who was actually a childhood friend of his from a village his clan had once stayed near, but Uther caught wind of it and became very possessive of Merlin.

    He had and still has mixed feelings about Uther, which he just sets aside because it hurts too much.

    After three failed relationships, he only kept in touch with Ulfius, and he completely shut off any sort of non-business relationships after Ulfius died.

    Igerna was actually the one who selected Ector to care for Arthur and Merlin only went with it because he wanted to keep Igerna as happy as possible under the circumstances. (He knew Ector to be a good man, but wanted as little to do as possible with Aurelius’s reign. (He also didn’t want him under Uther’s fire, but knew Ector could handle it.))

    He’s sad and lonely and wishes he could leave, but knows he has to protect the crown, as he swore he would to both Uther and Aurelius.

    He’s still kept some of Aurelius’s stuff as a reminder to the best part of his life.

    Wow, okay, so I went from happy fun times to depressingly sad times, but, eh, such is Arthurian stories. Thank you so much for asking!

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  • talesofarcadiaforever
    05.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Merlin for the character ask game?

    Seriously, when I was first saw this, I was like: “Hehehe, blorbo.”


    Favorite thing about him: Okay, I’m going to ramble because frankly, choosing one favorite thing about him is impossible:

    It’s all about his ✨complexities✨. I love complex characters, and he has so many traits that I love on top of that. He’s badass, sarcastic, a competent adult, and done with everything at practically any given moment. He’s very empathetic, still caring so much, even after all the millennia of things he went through. Most “greater good” characters don’t care about individuals, but he does. He stayed in Camelot with Arthur to limit the harm he was doing. He also felt loyal to the man Arthur was before Gwen died, wanting to give him a second chance. He made the Amulet to create peace for magical creatures and humans. He cares for each Trollhunter, personally choosing all of them. His face when Morgana tells him that she had them all killed is heartwrenching.

    I also love how his portrayal is so different from most Merlins in media. Most of them aren’t fighters, and if they are, they mostly fight with magic. ToA Merlin is both a physical and magical fighter. He’s a soldier, who’s fought in wars and battled evil for thousands of years.

    And with a character who’s thousands of years old, there’s unlimited angst possibilities. My iconic ramble is about just the canon angst and trauma that he went through:

    So yeah,

    Least favorite thing about him: His canon hairstyle. His pointy hair is stupid.

    Favorite line: Lines, because once again, I can’t choose: “I care, I do. I just see the bigger picture.” and: “I once had a heart as pure as yours, I believe.”

    BROTP: Galahad. Their friendship is underrated.

    OTP: No one; I headcanon him as aroace.

    NOTP: Everyone.

    Random headcanon: He was very brutally honest as a child, as most kids are, but he just never grew out of it.

    Unpopular opinion: He’s not a bad person, and he’s a great, complex character.

    Song I associate with him: “Non-Stop” from Hamilton.

    Favorite picture of him: I absolutely love his concept art pictures! They live in my head rent free.

    Thanks for the ask!

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  • mdoodlerfandomart
    05.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Barbara isn’t gonna need a broom to kick his ass this time

    #art#Trollhunters #Half Troll Lake Family AU #troll barbara#Barbara Lake#Merlin Ambrosius #Strickler doesn't know if he should stop her or not #honestly he's too busy taking in the view to care
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  • falling-hand-in-unlovable-hand
    01.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Thinking Narlin thoughts again

    #the arcane order #tales of arcadia #kiwifae draws#nari#wizards toa #nari of the eternal forest #toa merlin#merlin ambrosius#narlin #Have I ever NOT shipped a technically-crackship-rarepair?? #No #and i never will
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  • mdoodlerfandomart
    29.03.2022 - 2 monts ago


    Avocado Dad! This is kind of two ideas that have overlapped into one scene/story.

    It takes place during the trip to New Jersey. Claire is constantly trying to get Merlin to actually teach her how to use her magic, but he always refuses. Blinky has taken to arguing with the wizard because he's seen what Claire is capable of and believes it would be good for her to have guidance instead of them constantly having to figure it out as they go.

    During one of these arguments, Blinky gets so frustrated with the old wizard that he takes a swing and manages to catch Merlin off guard enough to hit him straight on the nose.

    From the sidelines, Claire, Jim, and Nomura are gob smacked. Jim doesn't even need to look at his phone as he takes it out and calls Toby, eyes still on the wizard and troll. His friend answers the call.

    "Dad just hit Merlin!" Jim says, excitedly.

    "Woah ho ho, Blinky did what??"

    Soon they move past the excitement of Blinky throwing hands (the pair stormed away from each other almost instantly) and onto more mundane topics with Claire and Nomura eavesdropping on the side. Toby eventually mentions "avocado dad," a name him and Jim have started using to refer to Strickler. Nomura perks up at this.

    It turns into a challenge, "$20 if you call him that to his face," and Toby jumps at the opportunity with a "hold one, lemme cross the street bc I know he's home and imma get some easy money."

    He goes straight to the kitchen and strikes up a casual conversation.

    "Hey, can we order pizza for dinner tonight?" he pointedly asks Strickler and it's not that strange since him and Krel are always at the Lake home helping with the changeling familiars and it's not unusual for them to order in on those nights.

    "I don't see why not," Strickler answers.

    "Awesomesauce! You're the best, Avocado Dad!"

    Barbara spits out her tea and laughter explodes on the other end of the phone.

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  • stuck-in-arcadia
    25.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    The Camelot Gang Broke Something in Merlin's Workshop

    Jim: It's all my fault.

    Claire: No, it was my fault.

    Douxie: No, Master, it was my fault.

    Steve: Yeah, no it was all their fault.

    #incorrect quotes #src: miraculous ladybug #tales of arcadia #wizards toa #wizards tales of arcadia #merlin toa#merlin ambrosius #jim lake jr #james lake jr #claire nuñez#hisirdoux casperan#douxie toa#steve palchuk
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