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  • hoarder-of-dragons
    19.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Dragonlord Merlin obsessed with shiny things, especially Arthur's golden hair

    #just imagine #Merlin wanting to Arthur's soft strands of hair #Arthur sleeping on his lap once during hunting #and his fingers glide through his hair #they're so 🥰🥰🥰 #merthur#bbc merthur#merlin bbc#merlin emrys#bbc merlin #merlin and arthur #merlin x arthur #merlin#adorable merthur#king arthur#arthur pendragon#arthur's hair#prince arthur#merlin headcanons#merthur headcanon
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  • merlinswizardhat
    19.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    headcanoning merlin's birthday as samhain is actually something that can be so personal,

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  • lovermyme
    19.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


    Blond bitch

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  • all-i-do-is-live-in-daydreams
    19.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    I've seen debate before about who fell in love first. Merlin or Arthur? But in my mind there's no doubt that it was definitely Arthur.

    Arthur fell in love with Merlin by the 4th episode okay. I believe it was in The Poisoned Chalice that he realized he was in love with Merlin and I also think that's when Merlin first started falling for him too.

    He of course didn't realize that then and I feel like despite his warming up to Arthur and slowly becoming his friend, he was fully in denial at some point for awhile, after first realizing, which I feel was somewhere between The Gates of Avalon and The Moment of Truth. I think he probably accepted his love for Arthur in The Labyrinth of Gedref or was starting to cuz I know for a fact he accepted it by the last episode of season 1.

    But Arthur fell first and for someone so stubborn and pigheaded it seems he accepted it fairly easier than Merlin but I mean I don't blame him. If you were to fall in love with anyone, I feel like Merlin is more than worthy and deserving of it and so hard to NOT love him.

    #bbc merlin#merlin emrys#merlin #the adventures of merlin #arthur pendragon#bbc arthur #the once and future king #merlin and arthur #this show will be the death of me i just know it #merlin and arthur should've been canon idc #like i feel like with all this stuff getting reboots or prequels and sequels they should as well #and then they make merthur canon #like they wouldn't need to explain too much it was quite obvious they were in love with each other #but it was what medieval times ?? it was hard enough marryinga servant imagine trying to marry someone who was a servant AND a man #not mentioning the fact that he's literal magic which was banned at the time #but yeah they could easily make them happen i think #oh and anyone who's like oh what about gwen ?? arthur also loved her okay i truly believe he did while loving merlin #cuz you can love more than one person and he did. and i think gwen knew too #she's understanding about it and doesn't have any bad feekings towards him for it cuz gwen is a sweetheart #and anyway even if he didnt love her i feel like this would still happen cuz arthur cant be with merlin cuz ya know #gwen cant be with lancelot cuz he DIED #(still mad about that) #everyone already believes theyre in love and pretty much eveyone agrees gwen would make a great queen #and arthur obviously agrees. i feel they'd have a nice long talk about it and would decide that it's pretty good decision #feel like gwen would need convincing but it would happen #it just makes sense #to me#in conclusion #MAKE MERTHUR HAPPEN YOU COWARDS
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  • camelots-daffodil
    19.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    If you reblog my writing, I love you. Sorry.

    #bbc merlin #bbc merlin fanfic #fanfic#writing #the adventures of merlin #merlin x arthur #merlin emrys#arthur pendragon#morgana pendragon#bbc gwen#bbc arwen
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  • sinivalkoista
    19.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    “Merlin? Merlin, thank goodness. Listen, I got drunk last night.” “So? I’m your administrative assistant, not your priest.” “I got drunk and bought a flower shop.”

    My work for @merlin-fic-server 's mini challenge flower shop au!

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  • whatdoesthepeachsay
    19.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Merlin keeps kidnapping Morgana and Arthur has to come save her every time.

    #merthur is life #merthur bbc#bbc merthur#merthur au#merthur fic#merthur fanfic#merthur #arthur x merlin #merlin tv#merlin fanfic #arthur and merlin #merlin x arthur #merlin fic#bbc merlin#merlin bbc#merlin emrys#merlin #merlin and arthur #morgana #morgan le fay #morgana le fay #bbc morgana
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  • sneakyboymerlin
    18.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    To everyone who draws Merlin with visible scars: I am giving you a kiss on the cheek.

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  • gomerthur
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    "Stay with me"

    (Sorry if there are English errors. I'm still learning the language)

    It's not done yet. In fact, I don't even know what this story will lead to, but I'll try to make it at least satisfying.

    Merlin thoughts:

    "I had a dream that things could get worse for my king. He was dying in my arms, and it remembered me what the druid seer had told me. Arthur's ruin."

    Merlin wakes up and gets ready quickly feeling he needs to talk to Arthur.
    — Merlin? You woke up early?
    — Sorry Gaius, I have to go.
    — Wait, why? It's something wrong?
    — No, don't worry — Merlin opens the door about to leave.
    — But you didn't eat anything! — Warns Gaius.
    — Oh... Hmm... — Merlin takes an apple, rubs it on his clothes and bites off a piece.
    — Are you alright? — Gaius frowns.
    — Yeah, I'm fine... I just don't want to keep Arthur waiting... — He just closes the door and goes toward the castle. Gaius raises one eyebrow and just accepts Merlin's randomness.
    Merlin realized after the shock of the nightmare that he serves not just a king, but a special friend. it's as if you start to value what is around you more than ever before something bad can possibly happen. And Merlin would protect Arthur whatever it is.
    Climbing the stairs, stumbling over some people, he takes the king's breakfast. Breads, cheese, ham, sausages and butter.
    In the king's chamber, Arthur and Guinevere are sleeping beautifully; his chest is exposed rising and falling slowly, his arms holding gently his sweet queen who wears a beige nightgown and rested her head on Arthur's chest.
    Merlin remembered waking up Arthur, when he was still a prince. His sleepy king looked so sweet and innocent... Suddenly, all the detestable things about Arthur disappeared. Arthur is his friend and the young warlock don't want to see his suffering. Merlin wanted to protect him like never before, protect each golden lock of his hair, his lips, his beautiful blue eyes, his hands, every inch of his body. He saw no reason for the hatred that Morgana felt for her brother, a man of courage, nobility, justice, and mercy. Guinevere should be very happy next to the king, and Arthur feeling complete to have such a kind and beautiful woman by his side.
    Guinevere, who has been up early since she was a maid, opened her brown eyes and a spark of sunlight from the slits in the curtains hugged her delicate face. She looked to the side and saw her beloved husband stir by the birdsongs, the horses' hooves, people laughing and children playing outside.
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  • lovermyme
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    // wip

    Watching bbc merlin, and, my god, i fucking love this boy 😭😭💞

    #fanart#wip #i did not finished this one yet #its just an study of his cute face #he looks like charlie spring #but whiter#bbc merlin #the adventures of merlin #merlin emrys#arthur pendragon#merlin
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  • galaxy-pengu-in
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Merlin: [Holding a wanted poster about him] Y’know, it’s rather nice to have someone actually care about where you are.

    Leon: There’s literally a reward for if you are found for £1,000($1,235).

    Merlin: Get it together, Leon, anyway should I report myself? [Stroking beard]

    Leon: No, don’t do that!

    #this happened like 200 years after canon #also i believe wholeheartedly leon's immortal too #poor merlin otherwise #bbc merlin#bbc's merlin#merlin bbc#merlin#bbcm#merlin emrys#sir leon #incorrect bbc merlin quotes #incorrect merlin quotes #incorrect quotes
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  • story-letter
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    One of the things that Merlin and Kim Dokja taught me is that life, is all about dying, then live again.

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  • rainbowz00
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Arthur: MERLIN!!!

    Merlin: Shit!

    [Arthur marches into his room and stops at the doorway, catching as pieces of his armor go from levitating to all of them hitting the floor with a chorus of loud clangs. Merlin cringing then swiftly turning towards Arthur with wide eyes.]

    Arthur: What do you think your doing Merlin?

    Merlin: Magic!

    Arthur: ...

    Merlin: Arth-

    Arthur: BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Merlin: *Sweats*

    Arthur: Haha....Oh Merlin, Merlin Merlin Merlin, Merlin your way too stupid to understand magic! That was a very good though. Now pick up my armor you clumsy idoit.

    [Cue Arthur leaving his chambers and Merlin, who is frozen in complete disbelief.]

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  • pyjamacryptid
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    memes from the pov of camelot citizens (bbc merlin) part 2

    *slides in on my socks, sipping a smoothie, lugging a bag overflowing with memes behind me* by (shockingly, not-so-shockingly?) popular demand, I got a couple orders of camelot citizen memes for you crazy kids <3 i hope u like them <3 [ID in alt text] (part 1)

    #bbc merlin #bbc camelot citizen memes #poor cousin glyn's gone through an entire character arc since he first arrived in camelot #this isn't even HALF of the memes i've made #there's so much more it's sort of silly sjdkhffg #anyway you can't tell me that no matter their actual relationship merlin and arthur don't account for 90% of the castle's gossip #meet lady rhoslyn and lady gertrude my courtier ocs that are obsessed with gossip LMAO #lady rhoslyn's far too invested in her fictional version of their relationship #lady gertrude just wants to 1. start drama 2. set lady rhoslyn off bc she's her main source of entertainment and the profit is just a bonus #embroidery and reading the iliad wasn't cutting it anymore #right ok enough of my rambling about my ocs lol #..... unless? #bbc merlin memes #merlin#memes#merlin memes #camelot citizen memes #camelot citizens#merlin emrys#arthur pendragon#merthur#uther pendragon#gwaine#bbc gwaine#sir gwaine#sir owain #merlin x arthur #bbc camelot memes #the knights of the round table
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  • merlin-marauder
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Merlin, arriving in camelot: Ah what a wonderful kingdo-

    Tom: *gets beheaded*

    Merlin: Fuck

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  • bellamyblakru
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    loving you’s the antidote

    angels are only created to be silent, invisible guardians to the humans they were made for, and after many years of waiting, merlin is finally given his charge: the prince of camelot.
    merlin has been taught that angels who have emotions are the ones who get casted out from divinity; though, he never really understood the appeal of “feelings,” so there is nothing for him to worry about…right?
    #ashley writes #IM BACK MFSSSSS #merthur#merlin#bbc merlin#merlin bbc#arthur pendragon#merlin emrys#angel au#au angels#angels#canon universe#wip #loving you’s the antidote #im so excited. lets do thisssss #no we are not gonna talk about the other two merlin wips i have up 😘
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  • all-i-do-is-live-in-daydreams
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    everytime I think about the ending of merlin my heart starts to actually ache because of how sad it makes me

    #the adventures of merlin #bbc merlin#merlin emrys#merlin#arthur pendragon#bbc arthur#king arthur#morgana pendragon #morgana le fay #mordred#bbc mordred#bbc morgana#bbc emrys#emrys #no because i don't think any other show or movie has caused me so much pain and has made me cry that hard #(maybe avengers endgame) #like i always wonder what he did after that. like arthur died his other half like WHAT DO YOU DO AFTER THAT #he worked so hard for so many years to keep him safe and you can see how mich it affected him in the last season like #merlin seemed so different i think and he wasnt happy as much #it took such a toll on him yall #like losing your other half #then the stupid dragon leaving #killing one of your best friends turned (im)mortal enemy #later learning gwaine died #and he most likely thinks he failed his destiny #like yall i would be so lost #it makes me so fucking sad to think about it #and he had to live thousands of years with this yall I CANT #I'M LITERALLY ABOUT TO CRY I'M SO SAD #I HATE THIS STUPID SHOW IT UAS CAUSED ME SO MUCH PAIN BUT I ALSO LOVE IT CUZ IT'S ALSO CAUSED SUCH HAPPINESS
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  • spwarkles
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Okay guys, I’m planning the Merlin rewrite that I may or may not get around to writing, and I have a query:

    So, for some episodes (mostly early on in the series) there’s not much that I’m changing from how it canonically happened. In these episodes, should I still write out my version or should I just kind of, like, gloss over it and let the reader fill in the gaps with what they know of the series?

    i just want it to be kind of original, you know? But these first couple episodes I’m finding that there’s not too much for me to change. So like, part of me wants to just skip past it and only write for the couple scenes I plan to change, but the little gremlin in my brain cannot stand for that lack of organization.

    I mean, then basically after s1 episode 4 there’s so much that I’m going to change so I don’t think I’ll be having the same problem but I don’t know. Was any of that coherent? Anyone have any advice? Thoughts?

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