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  • bakugousimplover
    29.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago


    (I- I- don’t know what you mean by that, but fuck it I’ll go with it lol Thanks for the ask!

    Also, I don’t know much about flower meanings but I tried my best with google lol)

    The first time you meet Dynamight, he’s stomping into your flower shop.

    Broad-shouldered and tall, he swallows the space he’s in. His smell is a lazy thing, curling underneath your nose and swelling within your lungs like smoke. When he stops in front of your counter, you have to crane your neck up just to see his face, the inferno of his eyes; he leans forward and the world fades away beneath his shadow.

    “I need flowers,” he says.

    You continue to look at him, expecting him to say more but he stays silent. Just looks at you with a sharp frown and even sharper eyes, waiting, waiting, and you vaguely wonder if this is what it feels like to be a villain. To have him stare you down like this, like he’s trying to pick you apart, get to your soft insides, find out exactly what make you tick and-

    It’s overwhelming. It’s all-encompassing.

    It’s standing in the middle of a bed of coals, and the only thing you can do is curl your fingers and endure the burn.

    “D-Do-,” you clear your throat; his gaze briefly flicks down to watch it before he meets your gaze again, “Do you know what type do you want?”

    “Doesn’t matter,” he grunts and you think of borage leaves and the prickle underneath, the sharp curve of it petals; the dip of his brows is the danger of a rhododendron.

    You flounder a bit, not knowing what to do. Dynamight stares at you a bit more before he sighs, some of the severeness bleeds from his face. He leans back and you breath a little easier.

    “I’m- giving this to someone,” he says stiffly; the corner of his mouth gives a twitch, “Fucking idiot got himself hurt on the job an’ won’t stop whining ‘bout how boring his hospital room looks. I need somethin’ to shut him the fuck up.”

    Ah, you think vaguely.

    “I- uh- I’ll try my best, sir,” you say; Dynamight’s expression doesn’t change, “If you’ll just give me a moment?”

    At that, his mouth twitches again. He seems to hesitate before he takes a breath through his nose, stuffs his hands in his pockets. He studiously avoids eye contact.

    “Red,” he mumbles; you watch in fascination as a flush warms the tips of his ears, delicate and peeking like an unfurling mimosa, “Just make sure there’s a lotta of red.”

    “Of course,” you say, and when he doesn’t bother to reply back, you take that as a cue get to work.

    It’s easy enough, this kind of request. Unfortunately in a world of heroes and villains, it isn’t uncommon to make bouquets for the sick and hurt, and so you have a lot of experience with such things. But no matter how many times you do this, it is with a bittersweet touch that you pick out these flowers.

    You pick the classic of roses, the good luck of peonies, the wistful afterthoughts of asters. Throw in some carnations and orchids for their longevity. And, you explain all this to Dynamight as you are wrapping the bouquet in a red ribbon, carefully setting it down on the counter. He listens with unexpected attentiveness.

    “And this one here?” he grunts, pointing at a small cluster of round flowers in the bundle, “They’re yellow.”

    It’s your turn to hesitate now. You shuffle your feet nervously.

    “Those- are wild tansies,” you say, “They symbolize protection, health, and immortality. And…”

    You pause. His stare is unrelenting.

    “They also can mean a declaration of war,” you blurt out, nervous, “I thought you might like it to mean a warning about getting hurt again.”

    Another pause and you briefly think of what flowers would look best in your casket, before his mouth turns up at the corners and he laughs. It’s not a long or loud thing, more of a bark than anything else, but god, does he look beautiful. His smile is more teeth than lips, his eyes the aftermath of a battle, and it reminds you of hot summers and picking for aloe. Of cutting the thick and prickly exterior to get to the insides, the softness underneath, a hidden treasure dripping from fingertips to wrist, the reward of a job well done-

    Your face is ablaze. Your pulse is a hummingbird beat against your throat. He leans forward and his gaze is the bubble of sap beneath a sun warmed tree.

    “Perfect,” he says, and he’s still smiling, smaller now, more private; still thorn sharp, underneath his molten presence, “This is perfect, bumblebee.”


    You sputter and that only seems to amuse him further. He takes the bouquet and drops cash on the counter, a glance more than enough to tell you that it is more than you asked for.

    “Keep the change,” he says and your left to stare at his broad back as he approaches the exit.

    Halfway out the door, he gives you one last look.

    “Next time,” he continues and god, his grin is absolutely feral, “I wanna whole bouquet of tansies.”

    #if you couldn’t tell the flowers are for Kiri cause I love their friendship #how many flower and nature metaphors can I fit in this lol #bnha x reader #bakugou x reader #bakugou katsuki x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader #ask response
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  • georgelthomas
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Confused Words 13

    Confused Words 13 - Here are some more of the most commonly confused words. #amwriting #amediting #writerslife #WritingCommunity #EnglishLanguage #metaphor #simile

    Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well! Today I’m sharing another round of commonly confused words so, without further ado, here’s another batch. Metaphor, SimileMetaphor: this is the word you’d use when you want to compare one thing to another for rhetorical effect.  The comparison is not meant to be taken literally, for example, the phrase, “life is a roller coaster” does not mean to imply that…

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  • supernovajellies
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    my opinion on love all play so far: conflicted

    #a sports kdrama made its entire sport storyline metaphor which??? i guess?? #i hate everyone's 'uwuing of taejun so the fandom experiencd has been abysmal #its first 6 eps were so strong where did we go wrong yall #its not so bad that its worth trashing but the plotline is sooo #i keep defending it cause im really rooting for it but despite some good acting and some intelligent dialogue this show #really lost its marbles #anyway four more eps maybe it will redeem itself
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  • madeimpact
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    @volot​ liked a starter call AGES ago and I have since added a protag muse, so. Wuh-oh

    ❝ Hey. ❞

    They’re so sick of conflict at this point. If it wasn’t trying to prove their mettle to an entire village, it was a lack of trust by their own Commander, or being cast out of the village entirely by said Commander and being left to die. And if it wasn’t that, then it was literally fighting the space-time gods to save the world. And if it wasn’t that, it was trying to prevent a guy from subjugating the head honcho God, and almost getting murdered by a banished eldritch dragon in the process.

    They thought things were finally settling down, but lo and behold, the guy responsible for that last one is here. In plain sight. Investigating the Solaceon Ruins as though nothing had happened.

    Miki probably didn’t need to talk to him. They probably could have just gone into the ruins and tried to evade detection entirely. But they have this whole hero thing going on now, and, well, who’s to say that Volo isn’t still trying to become God? They could do the easy thing, but it’d be on their conscience for days or weeks after the fact. They’d lie to Laventon and the rest of the Galaxy Team about having seen anything of note in the Mirelands, outside of new additions to the Pokédex. And then they’d feel awful about it.

    They don’t...really have a plan, though. No grandiose monologue about how wrong it was to take advantage of Giratina’s anger, and oh, yeah, how uncool it was to try to kill them to get the remaining plates. They feel a little more confident in being able to hold their own without Giratina backing the man up, but now that they’re here, they don’t really know what their intent was outside of giving Volo a piece of their mind. Even that went a lot more smoothly in their head.

    ❝ You here to see the Unown, or is this just a pit stop on the way back to the Temple of Sinnoh? ❞ Still, they can’t keep the ice out of their voice. Maybe if they seem like they’ve had a plan for this interaction from the start, they’ll fool themself into feeling more confident, too.

    #THIS IS SO LATE BUT AS PROMISED.....THE METAPHORICAL DROPKICK #volot #❛ IC: miki. #❛ CLOSED: miki. #❛ VERSE: miki ; post-game. #pla spoilers
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  • motsimages
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I personally don't mind if old books have a certain degree of sexism or racism if the story is compelling or they are well written. Hell, sometimes it even makes the story better because it explains the characters, the plot or the possible conflicts. Things happen that way *because* of the sexism/racism. Think Jane Austen. And well, it is a 100 year old book, the author imagined a situation within the limits of their society and their knowledge, even if the book is fantasy to some degree, like The Lord of The Rings or Dracula. They did their best with what they had.

    Now, this is something I cannot forgive to science-fiction in futuristic settings. If you are imagining a society in the future, in space, in another planet, you have a responsibility to leave your society and what you know behind. You have to be aware that our society here and now is not the same as it was nor is it the same as it is in another country. You can make a sexist/racist society, of course, but it must be different from ours and it must help the plot/characters in its own way. You cannot give me European style nuclear families of Martians and think it's original. And this is something old sci-fi (and even sometimes new sci-fi!) often cannot do: to imagine something completely different.

    #Dracula#lotr#sci fi#fantasy #yes i'm aware of metaphores #i still think you have to give me something other than green people in silvery costumes that behave just like us #china mieville does it right
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  • mariaoz
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Guys guys guys wh..what does it mean when the blue haired homie I met while climbing a hill gives me their water bottle after telling me he wants to ride with me all the mountains basically forever and he likes my smile and and and then he tells me he wants the water bottle back so we meet this summer in the Inter high,,,,, should I keep it?,,? Guys??,,,?

    #They were speaking in water bottle metaphors idk I don’t do sports but they were. #oh my goD YALL DONT KNOW HOW MUCH I CARE I CARE I CARE THEM HHHHHHH #MY SILLY LIL SHIPS WITH THEIR SILLY LIL BLUSHES #and Oh my gOD ALSKSKWK THE TODOU AND MANAMI CONVERSATION THOSE TWO ARE MY FAVS FAVS #JAJAJJAJAJAJA todou be like bro did you see my cool as green haired long bastard boufriend?? #And Manami was like uh no buT I SAW THIS SUPER CUTE SMILEY DORK CLIMBER DUDE I WANNA HOLD HIS HAND AND RIDE ALL THE MOUNTAINS #They are besties both of them share dating advice with each other I ain’t got prove but I ain’t got evidence otherwise either #anime#yowamushi pedal#manami#oneda
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  • sootpologist
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    i love the beta and alpha kids. i want to disassemble them like an old watch to watch their insides tick

    #op #is this too weird. sorry if it is #metaphorical insides to be clear
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  • spinecorset
    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    this is the quote i was talking about the other day and i don’t have the wherewithal or time to write a meta about it but anyway. izzy and ed.

    #you could extend the metaphor to jack to i guess but i feel like it works best with izzy and ed #c.txt
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  • ghostdrinkssoup
    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    hi hello tumblr dot com, can we unpack will and hannibal’s character introductions?

    trick question and I don’t care: we’re unpacking this whether you like it or not <3

    for the people who wanted to be tagged here you are: @forgivenessishisdesign @kitzual

    so anyway last night I rewatched apéritif and now that I know how the series ends a lot of small details stuck out to me. there’s so much content to pick apart that I’m actually losing my mind a little so I’m gonna divide my thoughts into two parts because this is going to be long. first we’ll do will’s introduction, then in the next post I’ll write about hannibal’s

    with that being said, let’s get started


    as far as character introductions go, will’s is so perfect to me that I need to dedicate some time just to infodump about it. let it be known that I am obsessed with this scene. there is so much packed into literally only four or so minutes and it’s glorious

    funnily enough it’s pretty simple: the scene opens with a flashback. will is depicted recreating a crime scene using his empathy disorder (although audiences are not aware of his empathy yet) and ends with him returning to the present, where he’s lecturing his students about psychoanalysing serial killers, using the case as an example. that’s it. but the scene does everything it needs to do

    an effective opening should tell you:

    1) the rules/qualities of the world (which can either be exceedingly normal or very bizarre depending on the nature of the story’s subtext and extended metaphor)

    2) the protagonist’s worldview, thus foreshadowing the nature of their arc

    3) depict theme and raise thematic questions

    4) and set-up the climax of the story, which should ideally mirror the opening so that we’re left with a circular narrative

    by opening with will’s empathy we are immediately shown that this is a normal part of the story-world even if it’s fantastical by nature. it’s something will can do and that’s just how it is. it’s important that this is the first thing we see because his empathy serves a plot, character, thematic, and genre purpose. it’s a device, as well as an integral part of the show’s subtext and extended metaphor. it automatically puts him on an axis between empathy and psychopathy, or rather, humanity and monstrosity. even before we’re introduced to hannibal himself this is clear through a study of visual contrasts, since in the same instance we’re introduced to the concept of “empathy”, will is taking on the role of the killer, coldly explaining how he murdered the victims bleeding out at his feet. this is the first murder we see in the show, meaning, by proxy, will is the first “killer” we see as well, even if he’s just recreating the scene. we never see who killed mrs marlow, and so the only impression we have of this killer is will’s face. this sets up the structure of s1, since each murder reveals more about will himself, but I digress

    and sure, the precision of his empathy is exaggerated and unrealistic, but we believe it a) because it’s the first thing we learn about him and is an unquestionable part of the story-world and its logic and b) because it adheres to its genre (crime/gothic horror). the gothic horror aspect in particular justifies the phantasmagoric, almost supernatural nature of will’s empathy, as well as it’s visual aesthetic (it’s represented through a hypnotic, pendulum type swinging motion). the gothic deals with topics of transgression, the unnatural or unexplainable, and most importantly the unknown. even if the show’s gothic elements aren’t exactly clear yet, the opening certainly maintains this tone. it’s why when the show moves away from the standard crime procedural structure, it’s not exactly jarring or beyond audience expectations (even unconscious ones)

    but in all honesty, what really stands out about this scene is what will tells his students after. there are five elements fixed into the few lines he says (which I’ve highlighted below) and it’s all that’s needed to tie the scene back to theme and the show’s main through line

    the first thing will says after he’s finished recreating the crime scene, returning to the present and leaving the killer’s mind, is “everyone has thought about killing someone, one way or another.” if the initial flashback worked to place empathy and psychopathy on a conceptual axis, paradoxically blurring the line by contrasting what we know about will vs what we see of will, then the above dialogue blurs everything even further. according to will’s worldview he, and as a result normal people in general, all think monstrous things. therefore, we all have the capacity to understand monsters

    to will, humanity is not divorced from monstrosity

    this is immediately followed by “be it your hand or the hand of god” introducing a new dimension for us to work with: man vs monster vs god. this gives his initial worldview a righteous edge. here we have a character who understands humanity’s capacity for violent thought, but it’s rendered through a type of divine justice. for him, there must be reason and meaning behind violence. better still, he would prefer it to be righteous. this of course sets up much of his dynamic with hannibal. they talk about religion a lot in the show. lines that immediately come to mind are “killing must feel good to god, he does it all the time” “is this meal an act of god, will?” “did god feel good about that? (violence)” “he felt powerful” etc. I think there’s also something to be said about how by thematically juxtaposing humanity with god, the concept of fate and free will also becomes implicit. we all think about killing, sometimes we choose to do it ourselves and sometimes god does it for us. who has power here? when does it stop being righteous? can one take on the role of god when killing? and if one does take on the role of god, would all blame be erased?

    after this is: “now think about killing mrs marlow. why did she deserve this?” now we’re directly tying will’s dialogue to the flashback. to will, the death must have meaning. not only that, but for the perpetrator this must be righteous in some way. why did she deserve it? this line also adheres to the show’s genre and it’s conventions: this is a crime show, which means we’re exploring justice and injustice. again, thematic opposites. but, as he’s done the entire time he’s been on screen so far, will keeps blurring the line between these distinctions

    he then says “tell me your design” which, as we all know, is a significant motif in the show. he says this all the damn time, after every murder. again, this brings forth the idea that the murders must have some kind of deeper meaning, psychological or perhaps even creatively. after all, “design” is an interesting way to phrase this. it sounds artistic, purposeful, imbued with meaning. however, the exact meaning of this is only cemented when he follows it with “tell me who you are”

    “tell me who you are” is arguably the most important part of this entire sequence because, first and foremost, this show is about identity, specifically will’s identity. he recontextualises everything he just said in that moment, as well as the flashback we watched moments earlier. the design, the intent, the act of murder, and whether it’s divine or monstrous or purely human, is all linked to one’s identity. by understanding the murder, we understand the man. further still, there lies hidden commentary on one’s moral choices, as well as how autonomy fuels self-empowerment: we will understand who will is once he makes a choice to secure his own autonomy and power, which he does in the wrath of the lamb

    it’s why he struggles to make solid choices all throughout the show, and why the specific choices he makes are so important, because whatever he authentically chooses to do will reveal who he is, no matter how hard he tries to hide from himself. he chooses to kill hobbs. he chooses to warn hannibal and gets his stomach split open in the process. if he hadn’t been so indecisive, he would’ve chosen to run away with hannibal too. he chooses to follow him to italy. and finally, he chooses to break him out of prison. because ultimately, once cannot change their nature. you cannot reduce him to a set of influences. he’s not a product of anything. he has his own design

    and in hindsight, the questions raised here concerning will’s nature is resolved the moment he chooses to take hannibal down with him. the ambiguity of the resolution recalls the conflict between fate and free will, justice and injustice, and humanity and monstrosity (as set up in the opening scene) since although will actively chooses to drag them down the cliff, and as a result chooses loving hannibal over everything else, something he can’t really control anyway, he simultaneously leaves their fate up to god. it’s an act of faith. in that moment, when will finally seizes power and recognises who he is, accepting hannibal as his natural equal, his hand becomes the hand of god. in a final coin toss, will puts their lives in his own hands, and hannibal lets him do it anyway

    #apéritif my beloved #listen I know the fall can be interpreted however you want #but I really really love the metaphorical approach #literal fall from grace AND the coin toss like AAAA IT LINKS BACK TO THE OPENING #all this finding empowerment through choice while paradoxically being unable to choose who you fall in love with (a loss of control) #really does speak to its queer themes too #like I’m sorry but this show is so queer dudes it’s not even coded it’s just there #I know cishet people probably don’t see it as clearly but it’s so obvious to me #anyway #I have more thoughts but this was getting wayyyy too long so we’ll talk about hannibal another time #probably tonight tbh NSBSHDH #I added pictures to this one just for fun <3 #my meta is evolving #but yeah I love will graham man he’s such a great character #hannibal#nbc hannibal#will graham#hannigram#hannibal meta#ghost speaks
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  • darrenmad
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    As someone who has been following ContraPoints for a while, The Hunger is by far my favorite video of hers.

    Last time she made me cry this hard was in Shame and I can really see her old style more on this one than ever before.

    I’m sure the comparison has been made already, but not since Gender Dysphoria have I ever felt such brilliance and vulnerability shown through symbolism on scale like this.

    I just hope she’s doing okay.

    #contrapoints#natalie wynn #like she’s probably better than that ending if she’s willing to talk about it publicly #also was the void supposed to be like a specific drug? #i believe she has mentioned her being ‘’addicted to opiums'' but was that it or? #or was The Hype and The Void just a metaphor for uppers and downers #regardless ten out of ten Vid
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  • dragonbleps
    29.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    i think one of my favorite things to write with Dal is when his Dad Mode gets activated and he actually comes up with solid advice for some youngin

    #missy rambles #dal can be a brat but also he has surprisingly powerful paternal instincts #one difficult thing is sometimes trying to come up with the explanation #because I think kinda metaphorically? it helps me simplify and soften things. But Dal is more literal and blunt usually
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  • evilguycentral
    29.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    im just a cuckoo clock girl in a digital alarm world...

    #this is not metaphorical whatever tics or stims or twitches or whatever i have are mwaking me feel like a cuckoo clock. girl help #chatty catty #its a teeny bit funny. but also Why is this happening
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  • waterfall-ambience
    29.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    for the record i DO have a fic wip where ex comes back from the void after s8 and is very confused about everything that went down (+ trying to recover). it just so happens that i struggle with writing fics

    #auri rambles #scene ideas are very loose and i feel like the information would be easier to portray visually (i want to just Show You) #but also the internal workings of ex's mind and pretty metaphors are easier in prose #doesn't help that my approach to ex content is fairly analytical #so im prone to telling and not showing. and analysing everything as i go (aka NEVER FINISHING ANYTHING) #legit i have a wip where its just. ex engaging in some flu-induced introspection after the s6 tag game #where he's just like 'why did i act like that. especially because i'm fucking miserable now' #its not even a long fic and its STILL not done
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  • frog-lovely17
    29.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    as someone speaks, your echo is heard.

    their words are so alike yours, are they you?

    a voice lingers in my ear, whispering what i wished to have heard then

    original poem by me, A.M.G. <3
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  • babufrik
    29.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    I have always believed that stranger things was one big metaphor/allegory for mental illness and depression— and this season is just proving that even more

    #like it’s so obvious now #stranger things#metaphor#allegory
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  • greymichaela
    29.05.2022 - 7 hours ago


    #FREE HIM#metaphorically #since he's not actually serving the penalty #but you get it #Igor Shesterkin#hockey
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  • whocouldthatbe3
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    every once in a while—usually on a pretty consistent once-a-month basis—I see one of my mutuals posting about how The Discourse is Too Much its way over the line its gone too far Please Calm Yourselves and i feel like a king in my castle I could look out the windows and see the fighting but my curtains are drawn. I am living a lavish life of peace and joy etc

    #this metaphor does not imply that i am the cause of the fighting (me being a bad ruler and my citizens revolting) #it implies that my kingdom is small enough that i can see the fighting happening outside of it #i spent an unreasonable amount of time contemplating this just now #lynn can talk actually
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  • groovyleviathan
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    When you've got Binghe on the brain and Torn by Natalie Imbruglia comes on

    [ID: A digital painting of a large cave with stalactites from above and spikes from below framing the image. The spikes emerge from a roiling yellow-tan-sickly green mass of waves/clouds and green mist. The foreground is lit from below by a yellow-green glow. Luo Binghe is visible as a tiny figure slumped on the edge of a cliff on the other side of the painting, legs dangling over the edge in light green Qing Jing pants and the rest of him in shadow except for the glow from his demon mark. Elbows propped on thighs, one hand is on the opposite arm, which holds a large jagged sword. A giant slain horned creature lays behind him, its blood flowing down the cracks in the cliff. In the distance, the cracked face of a destroyed statue is visible withing the mist, depicting a tenderly similing visage on its side that resembles Shen Qingqiu. \END ID]

    #shhh the sqq statue makes complete sense #this is just a metaphor for the tormentous landscape that is Binghe's loneliness #i guess #i really can't paint bg-heavy stuff on my phone it crashes with every other brush stroke now :') #poor thing#my art#luo binghe#svsss #scum villain's self saving system #svsss fanart#fanart#digital art
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  • keanupilled
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    theres so much subtext in stranger things holy fuck

    #like the whole show as a total is a metaphor for trauma and ptsd and childhood trauma and how it fucks u up as u grow up #and like s3 it shows how it developmentally slows down traumatized ppl so they feel both more mature and less mature than their peers #and now s4 is dealing with suicidal ideation which. a relatable subject!!!! #also when will talks to mike on argyles car. hes talking about his love for mike
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  • untouchedsoap
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    this show being sponsored by bread is simultaneously the best and worst thing that has happened to me

    #the bread play in bed..... the soft vs hard metaphors. hate it here #kinnporsche #kinnporsche the series
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