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  • jayvonspyder
    15.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    A newly commissioned server: The Barracks: NSFW Edition, An 18+ NSFW server for military men & men who like to serve those in uniform.

    - Inclusive, supportive, Sex Positive community - Safe For Work Channels open to all - NSFW Channels (**including voice/video chats**) for Verified Members - Profile set up with reaction roles - Onlyfans/JustForFans/PornHub promotions - Social Media Channels - A Relaxed, Welcoming & Energetic Environment - Coming Soon: Gaming Voice & Video Chats - Coming Soon: Weekly group streaming events - Level 2 Boosted

    JOIN >> The Barracks: NSFW Edition

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  • cyclends-a
    18.10.2021 - 7 monts ago
    @tiesforged​​ gets a little thing for annie !

    “  never  knew  the  feeling  of  a  stable  home.  ”  she  shrugs  lazily  and  glances  around  at  their  surroundings  as  they  walk.  they  were  close  to  a  town,  thankfully  (  she  could  see  the  outlines  of  buildings  ).  her  feet  hurt.  “  growing  up  an  orphan  in  a  qz  with  nothing  but  military  dicks  to  take  care  of  you  ?  i’m  surprised  i  made  it  this  far.  ”

    #tiesforged #* i. endure & survive / tlou. #so i was actually writing this before u liked my starter call so i'll toss something else at u too ;) #the first line is a lyric and i just went from there u know #it fit so well but also made me think about the fact that annie also didn't grow up in a stable home #u know#anyways #i love u #sorry this is trash #yell at me on disco ;)
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