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  • lefresne
    26.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    gosh I cant wait for Tumblr user @lesbianlefay to hear abt bbc merlin Geoffrey of Monmouth insert

    #hiiii :) I hope u dont mind me tagging u!! #its just that seeing you yell abt bbc merlin is so so deeply funny to me and I love it
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  • spexctor
    26.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago


    #some of you are really thirsty and I am here for ya ! mama is proud ! #mun's mind #to be deleted
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  • shankhachil
    26.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    I am sitting in a small room in an office that is empty save for me, my mother and her colleagues, all of whom (apart from me) are in a conference room discussing a way to make the interface of their startup company more user-friendly while I do my FIITJEE classes is this not the most hashtag workingparentcore ever

    #workingparentcore #sorry i had to #also before you feel bad for me i don't mind #i like being alone #me speaking
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  • tari-aldarion
    26.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    someone please make an Ed/The Kraken gifset with lyrics from I’m a Wanted Man by Royal Deluxe BECAUSE the lyrics are perfectly Ed, particularly episode 8.

    #ofmd #our flag means death #edward teach#blackbeard #ed my beloved #‘you should never ever trust my kind’ #‘If you ask me to change I don’t know if I can #‘I’ve got blood on my hands do you understand’ #i am once again losing my mind
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  • nanamwo
    26.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    𝟛𝟘𝟘 𝕗𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕣 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕥

    bee! thank you so much and thanks for joining! i had a lot of fun with this one; r&b + hip-hop aren’t something i listen too that often so i think i ended up just choosing the few that i knew and other that i consider these genres but idk if they acc are but i hope you enjoy anyway!! 💙💙

    character playlist for @isseikuns

    bokuto + r&b & hip-hop

    whatta man - salt-n-pepa

    this is the first song that came to mind! i feel like it just screams bokuto y'know? respectful? family man? 'he's not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am' he's definitely a mighty good man

    i’ll make love to you - boyz ii men

    this just is bokuto; biggest giver in existence. does everything to make every aspect of your life perfect and anything you ask for he'll give to you. or at least try

    bubble butt - major lazer

    man is caked up. that is all

    rock your body - justin timberlake

    bokuto's hot so i think he'd give off this vibe at a party, especially when he gets gassed up by atsumu bc i'm sure he's convinced he's he biggest help, when we all know bo's the most loving person and the biggest softie.

    this is us - keyshia cole

    beekuto 🥺🫶

    let me love you (until you learn to love yourself) - ne-yo

    this is how bokuto is whenever you're sad. there's no way he'll let you be upset because of someone else and he'll abolish any thought or insecurites you have--this man loves with every ounce of him & he'll show it every chance he gets

    the last 2 are my taste in music (some of it at least—it varies dramatically) & they simply make me happy. and bokuto is just such a cute character i can't imagine him associated with anything sad

    gone, gone, gone - phillip phillips

    one of my current favourite songs and bokuto gives me the vibe of 'love one person forever' and who couldn't love this big softie. also just a straight up beautiful song

    like you do - josh ramsay

    simply bc he is the singer of my all time favourite band and his recent solo album made me so damn happy. and this song is just so sweet & loving i couldn't resist it. just imagine these are bokuto's thoughts when you're around i just- i'd die.

    #sorry this took forever bee! #this was fun though #idk if this is what you had in mind #but i still hope you like it! #💙💙💙
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  • graphitesatellite
    26.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    i know the bar is on the goddamn ground but Nadia caring for her employees and treating them like living breathing people fucks so hard

    (and i relate to Portia not knowing how to accept the basic kindness of ‘please don’t work yourself to death under my employment’)

    #the arcana #the arcana game #the arcana nadia #the arcana portia #heart hunter #portias like ‘it’s all about that grind’ #and nadias like ‘but what if it wasn’t tho’ #this is very much wish fulfillment for me #would love for my boss to tell me not to work so hard #bosses in the real world aren’t like that tho #they’ll take everything you have and then get pissed you aren’t doing more or can’t read their mind #it’s been a rough couple weeks #i need a new job fjfhfjfhf
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  • nightiingaled
    26.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

        my name’s rook. and im a sucker for “dead villains” that canon did dirty.                those are my babies and they belong to me now. 

    #♜ blog work ahead? I sure hope it does ⇾ ooc. #this is a killian mccrane and luche lazarus adoration blog #and i will not apologize #killian was a tortured gaslit kid who was unfairly pit against his closest friends #and used as one of many pawns in a game between 2 brothers and  their rival #and luche canonically was written as hero who loved his soldiers #and would never have betrayed them #and you cannot change my mind that they rushed that ending -_- #i am forever angry about the canon for these two boys #and i will not be giving them back
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  • readingbookelf
    26.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    Criminal Minds

    Last updated on: 26 May 2022

    Aaron Hotchner


    Bunk Up

    Change of Clothes

    My Sanity


    Derek Morgan

    A heavy Knock

    Spencer Reid


    Come Home

    Flight Home

    Plane of Exception

    Pure Bliss

    #Criminal Minds #criminal minds fanfic #Criminal Minds Fanfiction #criminal minds fic #criminal minds imagine #criminal minds x reader #criminal minds x you #aaron hotchner #ssa aaron hotchner #aaron hotchner fic #aaron hotchner fanfic #aaron hotchner imagine #aaron hotchner x reader #derek morgan #derek morgan x you #derek morgan x reader #derek morgan x imagine #spencer reid #dr spencer reid #spencer reid fanfiction #spencer reid imagine #spencer reid x reader
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  • taupewolfy
    26.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    i’ve been on and off trying to figure out how to draw tsolmon’s face (auri scales arrgh). the horns are fun but it does make some angles tricky, anyway i managed to draw something halfway decent that im satisfied with

    #mind you i have not drawn a face in a bajillion years so im rusty #also i drew his face a lil' chunkier than it is in-game because i think it looks better #taupe plays ff14 #< not the actual game but it is related so in this tag it goes
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  • mihai-florescu
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #hes not singing well mind you hes just making sounds #i dont know how to describe them? i think hes having fun #good
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  • idolomantises
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    That part in hollow knight where mato is like “I see you as my child” is still so funny to me like why does he say that to you unprovoked

    #bug chatter #‘I hope you don’t mind-‘ I DO mind. i love you #hollow knight
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  • deceasedream69
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    A/n: This one is a long one so prepare your asses. No summary because the title it's pretty self explanatory and the story it's all over the place lol. Now enjoy <3

    There he was, laughing and being happy with Maeve. They look so good together. It was my fault for not telling him about my feelings before.

    He looked so cute, he always did, but in special events like today he looked extra hot.

    - "now, why is such a pretty girl so alone?", He said extending his hand to me. "I'm Mike, JJ's friend".

    - "y/n", I said smiling slightly.

    - "come on, let's get a bigger smile on that face", he said with his hand still in front of me.

    I took his hand and stand up. He guided me to the dancefloor.

    - "I don't even know how to dance to this song", I said nervous, what if I look dumb in front of my team?. Well, I already looked dumb by not showing my feelings to the person I liked, fuck it.

    I took his hand and let him guide me. He was a really good dancer.

    I was spinning, and laughing, and dancing. He was very charming. But I couldn't get Spencer out of my head. Mostly because he was one of the people staring at us while we danced.

    Maeve's pov

    They way he smiled was so mesmerizing, his eyes, the way he looked at me. Until they weren't looking at me, they were looking at the couple on the dancefloor.

    - "would you like to dance?", I asked thinking he wanted to dance, and that's why he was staring at them so hard.

    - "no thanks, I don't dance"

    - "oh, I thought... Because you were staring at that couple dancing..."

    - "oh, she's my friend, and I didn't know she could dance", he said laughing slightly.

    She was really pretty, but I knew I didn't have anything to worry about.

    Spencer's pov

    Y/n loo... Maeve, Maeve looked so pretty today. With her cute little dress, and her perfect smile.

    We were talking about random things and facts until I noticed y/n was sitting alone, she looked kinda down.

    Until I noticed she was talking with someone. I tried to ignore it and focused on what Maeve was telling me. But I couldn't focus.

    They walked to the dance floor and they started dancing. I started to feel something burning on my chest, but I ignored it and focused on the pretty girl in front of me.

    Y/n's pov

    - "ok, I really don't know how to dance to this song", I said trying to walk away from the dancefloor

    - "it's merengue", he said winking.

    - "I know", I said nervous. "I never understood how to dance this, but it's a pretty dance to admire from afar", I said smiling and walking away.

    He pulled me by my hand, and got a good grip on my waist. Our faces very close.

    - "then let me teach you", he said whispering because of how close we were.

    I forgot about everything and everyone in that moment.

    We started dancing slowly, I was trying to follow his moves. I think I was doing great because he had a smile on his face.

    The he got more confident and started to spin with me, and do other difficult dance moves, but I just followed him and I think all the stares proved that we weren't so bad.

    The song finished and we were extremely close.

    - "we have a case", said García breaking the moment.

    - "I'm sorry", I said kissing his cheek and walking away. Leaving my number in the palm of his hand.

    The team reunited inside a room in the house.

    - "we have problems", said Hotch breaking the silence.

    - "you did a pretty good job at stoping criminals by scaping the other night, but there are some, really bad, ones that got away", explained García.

    - "how many?", Asked Spencer.

    - "thirteen", said Hotch.

    I threw my head back in disbelief.

    - "one of them is scratch", said Hotch worrying us even further. "We won't start today, go home, get some sleep and we'll meet at the office at 6:00 am", he said walking away.

    I turned to look outside but Mike wasn't there anymore.

    - "lost your prince charming?", Asked Derek teasing me.

    I laughed. - "yeah, I guess I'll go just to sleep in my house after all", I said joking. "Unlike Spencer", I said looking at Maeve still outside.

    - "we don't..."

    - "I'm kidding, I don't wanna know about your sex life", I said laughing and walking away.

    When I got home I checked my phone and found Mike was already texting me.

    We talked for a while but I told him I had to get up early for work so we said our goodnights, full of kisses and hugs emojis and went to sleep.

    *the next day*

    *peep peep*

    He opened his door.

    - "hurry up, we're late", I said angrily.

    He got inside the car and I started to drive very fast, well, inside the legal speed. "You look tired af, did you actually got lucky yesterday with Maeve?", I said smiling

    - "no", he said looking at the window

    - "are you okay?"

    - "yeah", he said softly, but I knew he was lying.

    Spencer's pov

    12:00 am

    I was rolling in my bed, I couldn't get my body to just turn off. I didn't even said goodbye to Maeve before heading home. That was rude but I couldn't stop thinking about... No, I need to stop it. It's not healthy for neither of us. She was a... Well, they aren't dating yet... But she obviously likes him, why would she like you?


    Maeve, she does like you, why ruin something good you already have going on.

    I put my hands on my face, but either way I didn't sleep too much that night. I didn't even sleep enough.

    Y/n's pov

    We got to the conference room and started to discuss the cases.

    - "as y/n as one of the survivors-"

    - "wait, what?", Said Derek confused

    - "surprise...", I said not knowing what to say. Everyone looking at me. "Yeah, I was one of scratch's victim, but I managed to survive, obviously"

    - "knowing that he's a control freak he might want to finish what he started, so, if you agree", Hotch said looking at me, "you'll be our way to get to him".

    I nodded.

    - "that's too dangerous", said Spencer.

    - "yeah, I agree, maybe we could-", started Garcia.

    - "don't worry, what's the worst thing he could do? Kill me?", I said laying back.

    - "this is no joke", said Derek.

    - "if this goes wrong not only we'll lose you, we'll also lose the chance to catch the other killers, we'll lose jurisdiction", said JJ.

    - "that's why it won't go wrong", said Hotch leaving the room. "Ten minutes", he said before passing the door.

    - "are you sure you want to do this?", Whispered Spencer next to me.

    - "fuck yes", I said standing up and leaving too.

    We got on the jet and I quickly took my phone out. Talking with Mike was so fun, he was really funny. But I avoided spilling too much of my life to someone I barely knew.

    - "what's with all the smiling?", Asked Rossi

    - "she's talking with her new prince charming", said Derek teasingly.

    I ignored them completely.

    - "we should be talking about the case, this is important", said Hotch looking at me.

    - "I'm sorry", I said putting my phone down.

    - "she has to make sure her prince charming is ready to save her", said Derek laughing. I smiled awkwardly.

    After making a plan we drove to the precinct to settle the things for another killer that was supposed to be in the area. And I got ready to get the plan we had for scratch going.

    - "this is a microphone, put it in your bra, it also has a little tracker so I'll find you no matter where you go, in case something bad happens", said García, her voice was really raspy, like she was about to cry. After giving me the microphone she hugged me. "And don't you dare die". I could feel a few years falling on my back.

    - "I promise I won't die, and if I do, I'll come back to bother you", I said hugging her tighter.

    Spencer joined the hug.

    - "promise the same to me", he said hugging me tight.

    - "I promise I'll come back to bother each one of you, the whole team, maybe even in the jet", I said smiling.

    I left the precinct, the plan was to drive to a little coffee shop, alone. Then wait for scratch to make a move.

    I sat on a table at the street. Not a lot of people walking over there. I took my phone out and started to watch random videos, it had to look like I wasn't expecting anything bad to happen.

    - "omg, y/n? You live here?"

    - "mike? How the hell are you a few days back in Quantico and then here?"

    - "I live here, I just went because, I mean, party", he said sitting next to me.

    Something felt really off to me.

    - "so, how are you? And what are you doing here? Did you already ordered? They have amazing cappuccinos here"

    - "that sounds great, but I actually prefer iced coffee", I said smiling.

    - "waiter! We want a cappuccino and an iced coffee, please", he said.

    - "ok", said the waiter leaving us alone again.

    - "iced coffee? I've never tried it but it sounds delicious, can I try it when they bring yours?"

    - "sure, and maybe I can taste the cappuccino to see if it's really that good"

    - "you'll see that you made a big mistake by not asking for it"

    After a while of talking our order was on our tables.

    We switched our drinks and tried them.

    - "I've never liked cappuccinos but this one hits good"

    - "I prefer my coffee hot, but I totally understand why you like it", we switched our drinks back and finished them.

    - "it was really nice seeing you, see you another day", I said walking away.

    He started to follow me.

    - "I'm going in this direction too, that's why I didn't said goodbye back", he said walking next to me.

    - "something feels fishy", said Penelope in our intercom. I just nodded slightly.

    After a while my head started to feel heavy.

    - "and see, this is why you don't just switch drinks with a complete stranger". After that, everything went black.

    Spencer's pov

    - "no, no!", Said García.

    - "what happened?", Asked hotch worried

    - "I lost connection with her".

    - "what do you mean?", I asked extremely worried.

    - "she was talking with her "prince charming" but I couldn't understand what he said at the end, and I have no connection with her now".

    - "he's scratch's accomplice", said Hotch notoriously angry. "We need the team to gather up".

    Y/n's pov

    I was awake, but I didn't want to open my eyes, I wanted to see if I could recollect some information before my kidnapper noticed I was awake.

    - "you did a great job, now go upstairs, I'll handle it from here".

    I could recognize the voice, it was scratch, he was probably talking to Mike.

    - "now, because your enemy here hasn't waken up, maybe I'll start playing with you".

    I started to hear screams next to me, she was crying as too.

    He left to get some things to star the torture. I opened my eyes slowly, carefully.

    - "you're finally awake", she said

    - "shut up", I whispered. I turned to look but scratch was nowhere near. "Who the hell are you?"

    - "you're enemy apparently", she said laughing. "Because we both want the same man"

    - "huh?! What are you talking about?"

    - "Spencer, you can't act dumb before me, I know you like him"

    - "how did they even got you?"

    - "you're precious little boyfriend, he kidnapped me the night of the party and brought me here"

    - "you've been here that long?"

    - "yeah, how's Spencer? Did he ask for me?"

    - "no... Not really... I don't think he even noticed your disappearance..." I said throwing my head back.

    Scratch came back with a camera and a whip. He placed the camera in front of us and pressed a button, a little green light turned on when he did that.

    - "now welcome. I actually just wanted to torture one of you, but why torture one agent when you can torture two?", He said taking the whip from under his arm.

    Spencer's pov

    - "boss, you need to see this", said García running with a laptop in her hands.

    - "what's up momma?", Asked Derek.

    - "everyone shut up and watch".

    On the screen was scratch, on his right was Maeve, and on his left was y/n. Both tied to chairs.

    My breathing was fast, everything seemed unreal, but it was happening right before our eyes.

    - "how did he even got Maeve? When did he even got Maeve?", I asked hoping it wasn't the day I left without a goodbye.

    - " probably after the party, if Mike is his kidnapper then he probably took the opportunity that same day", said JJ.

    I sat down.

    - "can you track where his recording from?", Said Hotch to Garcia.

    - "that's the thing, I tried but... Nothing sir".

    - "what does he mean two? We're 6 agents".

    - "y/n and Spencer since that's his girlfriend", said JJ

    We weren't dating, not even close, I just invited her to the party because I thought y/n was going to deny my invitation. I feel so bad for putting her in that position, and under those circumstances.

    Y/n's pov

    I tried everything but I couldn't get even one foot out of the ropes.

    - "now, Dr Reid. Who would you choose? Your girlfriend... Or the person you love?"

    My eyes went wide. What was he talking about.

    Spencer's pov.

    - "Reid, what is he talking about?", Asked hotch.

    I put my head down.

    - "wasn't it obvious that the kid likes y/n?", Said Rossi

    Everyone agreed with Rossi.

    - "but how did scratch even find out?"

    - "he's been watching us..." I whispered.

    - "guys look", said JJ pointing at the laptop.

    Y/n's pov

    - "so", he hit Maeve with the whip. Right on the leg. Making Maeve scream. "Dr", my turn this time, also on the leg. I tried to make the smallest reaction I could, I didn't want to give him the pleasure. "Spencer", maeve's turn. "Reid", and finally my turn.

    He walked to the camera, getting his face real close to the lense.

    - "I need you to make a decision, I know it's morally tough for you, but not actually", he said laughing and hitting us one more time.

    Tears scaping my eyes. I bit my lip hard to avoid screaming, so now it was bleeding a little bit.

    - "I send you a number, send your answer there", he said turning the camera off.

    He left the room.

    - "you're enjoying this, aren't you?"

    - "what?", I replied dryly, my legs hurted so much.

    - "being called Spencer's true love, working with him, seeing him daily"

    - "of course I enjoy working with him, he's one of my best friends"

    - "no, you love to have him near you, all for yourself"

    - "what are you talking about? He's your boyfriend"

    - "no he isn't. He never asked me out nor accepted my declarations of love. And I always knew there was something, or someone... Pulling him back."

    - "do you really want to fight for a guy right before we both die?", I said laughing.

    - " you're even laughing, you psycho"

    - "man, shut the fuck up, shouldn't you be crying because of all the pain. I know I am".

    Suddenly a bad smell appeared, it smelled like... Smoke.

    - "what the hell were you thinking?!", I heard them yelling outside.

    - "you need to have a better vision. Why kill one when you can kill both", that was Mike's voice.

    - "you moron, I was going to kill them both, I just had a plan"

    - "you always do, and you always leave me out of it. I'm tired of just being your puppet, you know how hard it is to carry unconscious people?!"

    Maeve started to cough.

    - "Maeve? Are you ok?"

    - "don't pretend that you're worried about me now".

    - "I am, you know what, I should be worrying about myself then"

    The fire was visible from under the door. Which mean it was close.

    - "ok, Maeve, are you-", I turned around and Maeve already had an arm free.

    - "that's great, untie your other hand"

    - "what do you think I'm trying?!"

    After a few minutes she was free. But she started to walk towards the door.

    - "Maeve!"

    - "poor y/n, burned alive in this house, no more chances to get with my Dr Reid", she said smiling.

    I started to cough really bad.

    - "you little bitch", I said between coughs.

    She opened the door, but that was a bad idea. A cloud of fire entered the room, burning her face and hands.

    Her screams were agonizing. I couldn't even turn to look at her. She got up and ran to the back of the room.

    I couldn't breathe properly, and my vision was getting blurry. That's when I heard gunshots outside.

    - "hey, hey, look at me, stay awake", said a voice in front of me, untying me.

    - "Maeve...", I said trying to get the attention to her because she was badly injured.

    - "Derek's helping her"

    My head felt heavy.

    - "hey, come on", he carried me to outside. Sat me in the ambulance, where they gave me something to help my breathing.

    - "where's Maeve?", I asked to Spencer when he came back to where I was.

    - "she's at the hospital"

    I sighed.

    - "is she okay?"

    - "how can you be so worried for someone who almost let you alone to die"

    - "she's your girlfriend... And how do you know what happened?"

    - "she opened the door but you were still tied? Pretty obvious". He grabbed a blanket and put it over my shoulders, hugging my from the side and putting his chin on top of my head.

    - "I'm happy to tell you, scratch is dead. Killed by his own accomplice"

    - "and Mike?"

    - "he's in custody"

    I sighed in relief.

    - "I can't believe I kissed that jerk, on the cheek but still".

    - "you can kiss another jerk"

    I smiled, took off the thing they gave me to breathe and kissed him on the cheek.

    - "yeah, that's good too", he said disappointed, expecting a kiss on the mouth.

    - "they told me not to take this off", I said looking at his eyes.

    - "fine, but I'll get it sometime", he said kissing my forehead.

    A/n: maaan, this one took forever. I'm really proud of this one, I hope y'all like it <3

    #imagines#spencer reid #spencer reid imagine #doctor spencer reid #fanfic #spencer reid one shot #criminal minds #spencer reid x reader #oneshot #spencer reid x fanfiction #spencer reid x you #writing#dr reid #dr spencer reid
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  • karkajou
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Ancients Headcanons let's go

    Hollyberry is the tallest and largest and despite everything, she will keep it that way.

    She's followed by Pure Vanilla because I think having the team's healer, who anyone would assume would be a skrunkly little guy, being a giant is hilarious to me. Also he's very soft, very pleasant to hug. He thinned up a fair bit recently because stress, anxiety, ptsd, living in a very poor village, being dead for a while...

    Then Dark Cacao. He's rather tall and toned. After everything, Dark flour war, Affogato and Dark Choco, he lost a lot of weight tho. It took a deep toll on his well being in general. It's not that noticeable under his armor tho, he will ever let anyone see that.

    Golden Cheese is average in height and pretty athletic. All the cheese she eats is used to fly around, and that consumes a lot of energy. She got some muscles. Dunno about her current state yet.

    Finally White Lily. Smol, tiny little disaster. White Lily being small is just because I'm laughing thinking about DE being just this tiny ass cookie anyone could just crumble with their bare hands if she wasn't super dough powered.

    Her will to help weak cookies had me think maybe her own dough is pretty thin and easy to crumble and without the soul jam, she would have crumbled long ago. Pure Vanilla became a healer to help everyone but most importantly out of worry for his frail best friend. Because their experiments didn't result in anything helpful for her or anyone.

    So he will do all he can to help.

    White Lily is pretty thin as a result. Uncomfortable to hug, not that it would stop Pure Vanilla to hug her whenever he can. Keeping her warm in his embrace.

    On the same note, Hollyberry is the biggest eater, still followed by Pure Vanilla. This comes from some Hollyberry quotes in Odyssey when they reunites.

    Following is Golden Cheese. Her love for cheese is unmatched. She hardly eats anything else tho.

    Then Dark Cacao canonically forever on a sugar diet, which is probably bad for cookies.

    Finally White Lily would just forget to eat for entire days when Pure Vanilla or Hollyberry aren't around to remind her to take breaks ... or forcefully make her take breaks in Hollyberry's case. Her friends and soul jam really did a lot in her survival.

    #cookie run #cookie run kingdom #crk#hollyberry cookie #pure vanilla cookie #dark cacao cookie #golden cheese cookie #white lily cookie #they're a bunch of disasters in their own ways #I have some more HC for them bit this will do for a first post #Pure Vanilla is basically Baymax you can't change my mind #tiny Dark Enchantress rights
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  • reikiajakoiranruohoja
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Cole for bingo~?

    #cole #cole dragon age #I love Cole #but could the fans and the ACTUAL WRITERS #please stop pretending he did not just spend 8 years killing people`? #You wrote a serial killer #you got to continue writing a serial killer #Mind #cole is no longer that person #but his character development means nothing if his actions are brushed aside
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  • cannibalcreeps
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Me, during the opening of Wrong Turn 4:

    When I saw how tiny baby three-fingers was

    They're such precious feral boys

    #only victim out of the whole movie who didn't deserve what happened to them was the lady psychologist but I also don't blame the boys #in their violent minds they probably thought 'another horrible adult here to torture us' #still salty at those weirdo survivors watching a child going through electroconvulsive torture and then making those horrid comments #like bruh....why you watching a little boy being abused right now and then making comments about inbred mountain people like gross #and wonder why no one cares when they get killed and eaten #I love WT4 its my fave but i have A LOT to say about it
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  • lentlilly
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I swear I didn’t make this up. I thought Childe said the winds are ruthless in Snezhnaya. I swear I didn’t make this memory up why can’t I find any backing on this thought process

    #ooc. you crave the applause; yet hate the attention. #APPARENTLY ?? MY BRAIN DID MAKE THIS UP ??? I'm losing my mind
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  • rusted-phone-calls
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    #they are just some traumatized boys with SIMILIAR trauma woah look at that #is this ever mentioned in canon but they understand each others boundaries in their mind cos they went through similar things #they both hide from trauma in different ways hmmmmmm #you shall be pleased to know i planned out an entire kam fic while having to study the most difficult subject of all time #kotlc#keefe sencen#keefe heslege#tam song #.....you know when they get married they should change surname to heslege. taking keefes RIGHTFUL fathers name #love them so much anyway ---> studying :D:D
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  • eroticaplush
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    for @chrism02​ 🖤 if you know you know,, inspired by this specific fic series on maxim horvath (it should be illegal how chris managed to make him hotter)

    #and if it was illegal i wouldn't mind getting charged for being obsessed with their writings #chris how can i say ily and thank you in more ways than 1 #maxim horvath#alfred molina #the sorcerer's apprentice #fanart
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  • anon-in-europe
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    go to nostalgiacore/webcore/techcore tag
    see post tagged as "windows 98" despite showing a screenshot that is clearly from windows 95
    see post tagged as old web; screenshot shows myspace profile from 2010
    see post tagged as web 1.0; post shows web 2.0 content

    i'm so fucking tired of this shit

    #that sounds like a you problem #mind your business #inb4 comments such as or #i'll cut you all some slack though i know many of you are around my age maybe a little older #feel free to ignore
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  • max-nolastname
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    The Batman Sequel Sneak Preview 

    @ matt reeves i am once again asking for richard grayson in my batman live action

    #the batman #the batman 2022 #dick grayson#bruce wayne#battinson#robin #mind you i dont think we'll get robin!dick in batman 2...maybe batman 3 #there WILL be a circus orphan in the next movie im manifesting it #then nightwing solo movie #batman 2 opens from tony zucs pov creeping on the graysons as they take a pic with tim drake #jason todd makes an appearance in nightwing solo or batman 3 #euphoria #my original post
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