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  • untitled-swapau
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    *Sonic was pacing around the main lobby of the base impatiently, occasionally glancing at the lift door as the roller assisting him struggled to keep up with him.*

    "..Gah where are they!? They shoud've brought that intruder in by now!"

    *..The roller looked up at him, and began to speak in some foreign language.*

    "..Yes I know Frankie- But- They're taking too long! What if it's a ACTUAL THREAT!?-"

    *The elevator dinged, and a few badniks walked out, before a buzz bomber and a rather.. Odd colored variation of the usual buzz bomber had carried in a crate of sorts.. It was tied to them.*

    *..They lowered themselves gently and placed the crate down, whatevers in there began to beep in panic, so they aimed their stingers at the crate.*

    "..Mottle, Open the crate."

    *..A motobug, part of the group that had exited the elevator rolled over,and began clawing at one of the boards on the crate that they can actually Reach, Another one shortly after had came over to assist them.*

    *A loud thunk came from inside the crate, and the motobugs backed away rapidly, as the front side of the crate bust open, falling onto the floor.*


    *Sonic stared at the blue haired human in the crate, looking almost dissapointed as he then looked down at Frankie(the roller)*


    [...BF FROM FNF IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR ASKS! He is the first of Two crack additions to the blog!]

    #character introduction#crack #mini event - ''the aftermath..'' #mod juice - (the demon is at your service!) #sonic - ''was that it? quite pathetic honestly.'' #BF - [Beatboxes In Beeps] #ic - ''just don't touch anything and you'll be fine.''
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  • untitled-swapau
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    ah crap i forgot to sisgn my name on the last ask-


    "..It's alright..!" *Again what the fuck is that voice from metal--*

    *Tails seemed to have no reaction to IT.*

    #mini event - ''the aftermath..'' #mod juice - (the demon is at your service!) #metal sonic - ''..at your service!'' #tails - ''..please just let me work...'' #anon - ''how did you even get in here?'' #IC - ''Just don't touch anything and you'll be fine.''
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  • bigboomtina
    20.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    "It feels like someone... IS A GIANT NERD!!"

    #Isola mini #She can DETECT this but only as a joke #FOR MODS I AM JOKING #BUT YEA MARCY! #these two meet and suddenly the entire fucking.town is a C&B&C&B Creatures and Bunkers And Caverns And Badasses haven #Turbonurdism
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  • untitled-swapau
    20.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    apologies i forgot to sign my name on the last ask! --Majin

    "Its aight-" *what the fuck was that voice that came from metal-*

    #BREAKS FOURTH WALL CASUALLY- #MINI EVENT - ''The Aftermath..'' #METAL SONIC - ''..At your service!'' #ANON - ''How did you even get in here?'' #Mod Juice - (The Demon is at your service!) #IC - ''Just don't touch anything and you'll be fine.''
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  • farshores
    19.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Man thinking bout Tei's lil custom follower version & dhrjtje idk how im gonna do that traveling blacksmith thing with them but I do rlly want to do it?

    I feel like that would be a fun challenge to get a F:NV like perk for companions. And hell if it goes well I'd do a type for the twins/try and share a clear how-to for other modders, yknow?

    #i do use honed metal i might try and open up the hood behind that mod on how it's done #or see if i can contact the mod authors for tips on it cus like....thats kinda how i want to do it only instead of waiting on a courier to #tell the ldb their order is done Tei can just give it to you when you talk to them - maybe also have dialogue options on the progress or if #you want to cancel the object being made/improved. #Do want to have it where they can't insta make you op stuff? like make mini questlines to unlock higher tiers mybe? #dont think Tei will make any daedric or dragonbone/scale stuff tho - they could improve it if given the materials tho maybe? #rambling
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  • awesomecarmods
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    This Mini with a built 1380 A-series and ITB's sits perfect and just looks brilliant [ https://i.imgur.com/U8gvpGp.jpg ]

    #AwesomeCarMods#Awesome CarMods #Awesome Car Mods #car mods #This Mini with a built 1380 A-series and I
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  • untitled-swapau
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    what, you cant handle the strength of potatoes? prepare yourself. the potatoes are coming. -the potato anon

    You terrify us)

    #ooc; half joking #butalso saving some asks for mini event for other anons aswell /lh #OOC - [Break Time!] #Mod Juice - (The Demon is at your service!)
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  • untitled-swapau
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    MINI EVENT - "The Aftermath"

    Hello and welcome Followers, Rpers, Askers, and Anons!

    This is the start of the "The Aftermath" Mini Event!

    This event will go for an unspecified ammount of time(I'll end it whenever I feel it should)

    It will not affect any ongoing rps, but it Will affect any asks or rp starters(unless you don't want it to.) sent during the mini event.

    Rules are simple, you can't just M!A him back to perfect health, and You can kill him but his death cannot be permanent, and Please Do NOT kill him out of nowhere using anon, that may get your ask ignored or deleted.

    Wether you chose to help him or hurt him is Not up to me, just remember, Your actions during this mini event will affect how Swap Sonic interacts with you in the future, and how he generally feels about you.

    The event is just gonna be swap sonic in a near death state, still injured and weakened after A certain fight.

    Might be short, who knows.

    Have fun!)

    #MINI EVENT #MINI EVENT - ''The Aftermath..'' #SONIC - ''Was that it? Quite pathetic honestly.'' #OOC - [Break Time!] #Mod Juice - (The Demon is at your service!)
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  • emo-metalhead-punki
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    Im sorry i have to lolololololololololol

    #minus mini austin #wii deleted you #wii deleted you oc #wdy oc#gay couple#minussona #fnf minus mod #fanart#myartstyle#art#digital art#my art#artwork#drawing #artists on tumblr
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  • i-love-susie
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    gee kirby. i wonder why they look alike. i wonder if there is a specific reason why they would alike. i wonder, kirby.

    #the mod speaks #caught me off guard honestly DSKJHJKSHDKSJ #sorry for this mini spam im reading through this now and there is some good susie content here
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  • sladerobinweek
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Event Now Open!

    Hello everyone. It's finally time to start the joyous celebration that is Slade Robin Weekend 2022. As a final heads up, the schedule for the next three days is:

    Day 1: Unintentional Striptease | “Are you scared, little bird?” | Slave/Captive Day 2: “This collar suits you.” | Omegaverse | Unexpected Protectiveness Day 3: Heat/Rut | Unexpected Tenderness | Enemy to Caretaker

    When posting any work to tumblr, please use the tags #sladerobinweek or #sladerobinweekend, and if you're posting anything to ao3, you are also welcome to add it to this year's collection here.

    Mods will periodically comb tumblr for new works. However, if you do think we've missed yours, feel free to send us a quick message with a link and we'll make sure to correct that.

    Looking forward to seeing what you've all come up with!

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  • ask-victor-grantzcampbell
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Hi mun how you feeling about the Aesop letter /gen

    Hahaha, kidding! But i am like scared to see what other people on Twitter feel like saying since they like to be "oh, that's so wrong! My baby Aesop could never!!" sorry buddy but did you forget this is a horror game? Cute skins aside.

    Alright, for my genuine feelings?

    Gonna try to keep it vauge for spoilers

    I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT????? like there's so much stuff to be unpacked there! It's great! The twists and just a reminded that hey this guy you guys perceive as a twink???you forget he got built!! The numbers can be kind of confusing but when you remember whos number is what and swap it out with a name it helps. I want to find more about what happened because we know someone went missing and where did they go? I want to know what kind of relationship the other two had for one to go nuts when the other was so anxious. I need more lore but like I AM THRIVING.

    I live for such gray characters, I live for such conflict and twists that catch you off guard! I really want like videos of their games, OR EVEN THE DIARIES PLEASE I NEED THEM I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. I am so very pleased and excited and just love how some things I headcanoned have become canon and laugh how it's not the first time here I headcanonned something only for it to be confirmed true. I ain't going to like argue with people because everyone has their own interpretation of characters especially cuz of how the letter can be written but it's easy to see how people tend to overlook that this game is a horror game at its core and that these characters are not all that they tend to make them out to be; just remember everyone, you can discuss your own thoughts about the letter and compare notes but please don't just be like "oh no its completely wrong because X is a baby!" It's much fun to share thoughts and give reasoning why, light hearted debates make everything more fun!💙

    But yes, I whole heartily enjoyed the letter and cannot wait for the others that may shine some more light on what happened in that game!

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  • ask-victor-grantzcampbell
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    (squeezes mun's leetol feet gently) smol

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  • smokdistributor
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago
    #GeekVape AEGIS MINI 2 M100 100W Starter Kit #GeekVape Starter Kit #Geekvape M100 Mod #smok wholesale#vaping supplies #e liquid wholesale #top vape wholesale
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  • buoyantsaturn
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    me: I'm gonna do [au] for the mini bang

    me: oh no WAIT I'm gonna do [other au] for the mini bang!!

    me: oh. oh ho ho. I'm gonna do [third, unrelated au] for the mini bang >:)

    me: I'm such a fool. OBVIOUSLY I need to do [yet another au] for the mini bang. of course!

    #mine #signing up for this is already a mistake im certain #but I'm gonna have a BLAST and so is everybody else #@ the mini bang mods what if i signed up Four Times--
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  • ohshitmomitsawritingblog
    27.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Okay but the way a young gaara before kazekage but after meeting Naruto would read romance stories and just.... process how everyone is able to explain and feel love and he's just sitting there wondering. Everyone explains it differently but all seem to know it. But maybe he thinks of Naruto. Of flashes of blue eyes. He knows he loves Naruto but it's not the type of love he's trying to understand. He thinks of his siblings and he may realize he loves them. The way Kankuro excitedly shows his creations. Or temari and drinking tea before bed. Just koments of discovering love. (This could lead to meeting his S/O)

    If ever meeting his Love he suddenly is writing. It's like a book but in his own words. Moments where there is silence but it's filled and comforting. The sound of laughter and the smell of food. It's the book he could never find in the shelves. The way to put love into words.

    I’m going to kms bc I had like half my reply typed up and then tumblr refreshed on mobile 😭😭😭😭

    Anyhow I love that you sent this ask because I am literally in the middle of Gaara’s backstory episode. The organic figure of mother and child against a blood red moon crumbling to sand and dust as his uncle tells him his entire life is a lie and not a single person has ever loved him? Absolutely obliterated.

    I think it’s really interesting to study Gaara’s concept of love because for the longest time it was so warped and almost controlled by the adults around him. Rasa intentionally disturbed the one pillar of connection Gaara had as a young child, during a phase in life where connection and our social understanding of affection is developing.

    Honestly it’s just the wire mother, cloth mother experiment (don’t Google that) on steroids. Take every shred of identity and confront and genuine love away from a child so not only is his answer to self soothing and comfort in this little bubble of isolation you’ve imposed on him spilling blood, but make it his fault too. Take no blame. Encourage the fear. Kill the boy and create a weapon.

    For Gaara to get to where he does speaks to his strength as a person, as well as his capacity for empathy for others. Studying the way he forms his own concept of love, from the self insulating killing in order to feel both validated and divorced from emotional threats to his self image, to true compassion for others, to the point of literal self sacrifice, is mind blowing.

    I LOVE his arc and I love the thought you’ve brought here, where Gaara relies both on budding personal experiences and new found connections as well as literature, and figuring out where he fits in all of the world’s perception of love.

    Everyone’s got it figured out but him it seems, until he realizes and pieces together those small moments, the way he realizes he’s relying on his brother more and more, opening up to his sister when months or years before he was shoving her away from him. Even Naruto, the boy who started him down this path, becomes a more daily share of this process, but isn’t quite the whole answer, either. To know love is to able be apart of the world, so Gaara also really exists amidst life for the first time in a long time. Getting to watch his brother work on his puppets, and it goes from awkward to casual nights in, where no one goes anywhere or does anything but do their own thing together. Temari and him garden together, and they usually only talk about root rot and how to avoid it in the beginning, only to have it fade into routine, into loving and looking forward to her small, proud smirks when a cactus blooms. They eat together. They introduce their friends to him, and Gaara introduces his in turn, once he makes them. He loves his family. He loves his family. Books go from a far off fantasy, a what if of human connection he thought was contrived at best or a facade at worst, to his every day. It feels good. He feels right. It feels solid, like even if he did get knocked down someone would always catch him. He loves, he loves, he loves—-

    Well, romantic love is so familiar but so different at the same time. In a situation where it happens, when he falls in love and gets with his love, it’s such a soft thing. Gaara treats his partner very well, even if he’s not the most outwardly affectionate. Hugging and kissing in front of other people isn’t his thing, but being near them, knowing people know his lover picked him? Being proud of their relationship, the thing they both chose? Sharing things they don’t with others, crying, laughing, wanting the same things - that’s enough for him. I could see him writing it all down, journaling almost every day, even if it’s just a sentence or two, although most of the time it’s at least two pages of the little things. It’s so novel, to be chosen by someone. It’s an entire experience to return that in kind, to feel wanted in a whole new way.

    Excuse me while I cry a River

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  • the-oletus-parlor
    26.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago


    *proceeds to throw a mini Melissa Fair aka idv-asktheconsigliere and a mini Drosera aka idvask-hunterfinn*

    { You can leave Drosera out if you want! }

    *Amy took Mini Drosera [@idvask-hunterfinn] and walked off. Lol. Man in Red (although he’s drawn in pink????) does not look amused, but Amy is very amused. Lol.

    *Mod Ghost gently places Mini Melissa [@idv-asktheconsigliere] into Yami’s hands, who immediately fixes her coat for her with a confused expression. No throw, only gentle plop/lh

    #mod ghost#idv#idv oc#idv askblog #idv oc askblog #anon ask #mini hunter and mini survivor c: #idv-asktheconssigliere#idvask-hunterfinn#yami answers#amy answers #she grab Drosera and leaves. she sees timy she steals tiny #idv funeral director
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  • i-am-so-london-like
    22.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Sixties London mini skirt fashion seen on Carnaby Street, and secondly framing 'Big Ben' in the distance down Whitehall....

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  • ohshitmomitsawritingblog
    22.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Your response makes my brain happy wiggle. You're so right– there IS a ton of possibilities and things to explore with the twin concept that it sounds so much fun to indulge.

    Similar to your oc, I could see Twin having a bit of negative feelings towards Kakashi because the child's mind isn't exactly logical sometimes. Add in a traumatized kid and yeah. In some sense, she could slightly blame Kakashi and resent him for not trying harder but that's hardly fair. A weird sense of 'he's all I got now' and a 'get away from me' mixture seeing how by the end of the time skip and farther into Shippuden, she may come to get use to his presence. Kakashi hovering mother hen??? I can see it.

    Your big brain energy is showing brilliantly here because yes, Uchihas loves hard but sometimes love can be destructive or it just isn't enough to save the one person you thought you were trying to protect. Sasuke loves his twin like the lungs love the air we breathe, but feelings and emotions are a treacherous matter when you're traumatized and on the path of revenge–even more so when he learns the truth about the massacre from Obito. If Orochi hasn't succeeded yet, Sasuke sure would spit in his face one last time and try to finish the job for him. I could see him feeling so disgusted by the idea of the very village that caused him great pain having his twin in their front lines. Her being a girl is a start of another set of tragedy that I feel like I'm ranting too much to get into right now. Especially with that corrupted council head running around in the background.

    While the timeskip and early stages of Shippuden themselves are interesting to dive into, I gotta admit that things are funnier towards the war arc haha. Admittedly I have yet to think about how Obito would play in this concept, but I highly doubt he would let the existence of a third Uchiha slip on by his radar. Its been a minute since I watched Naruto and I'm still reading the manga so I'm not too confident rn to speak my ideas but pls. I just love hearing yours. 🥺You make me want to take my Twin ideas out of my drafts and expand on them lmao.

    Sorry for the semi-late response, work ate me alive.

    But Anon lemme tell you, if you send me scenario or word prompts on twin, this may just end up being a mini-fic. I am thoroughly invested in twin/forming an actual OC out of this concept.

    Dust off those drafts and get to writing, we can compare notes and brainstorm! I think you're far enough along in the story to have a pretty good grasp on the characters and you clearly have lots of interesting concepts to toss around! If you're ever up for it, feel free to DM me and we can chat there!

    Kakashi and twin would have such an interesting relationship purely because she's both a reminder of his failing a kid who really, truly needed him, and also his option of at least partially making things right. Granted, he's now two for two when it comes to being just a little too late to truly help, but while Obito is 'dead', Sasuke is still around and I can see him doing his best to neither encourage not dissuade her from the idea of Sasuke coming back. I think unlike Naruto, they both would be a little too realistic to truly embrace the idea that things can go back to what they once were.

    At least with my OC Ren, she and Kakashi have a few talks about the more realistic outcome of things. I can''t say she ever brings this up to Naruto though - whom she very much kind of hates for a multitude of reasons. Ironcially the least of which is his 'failing' to bring Sasuke back to the village, since she already saw it as a foregon conclusion. Honestly I love just the entire insane wrench this thows in Shippuden's plans. A third Uchiha changes just about everything about the main plot, at least in terms of exactly how A would attach to B now. Sasuke has a voice he may actually listen to (or he may suck her into the chaos, who knows!) and there's the added dynamic of the politik and conflicts his sister would have with just about anyone. If she's still with Konoha, her brother would be making her a lot of dangerous enemies, and a liability to her own village by association. I would again have to dip into actual OC creation territory to get into the particulars bc there's just soooo much to dig into with village politics, the status of women within ninja villages, and the past and current history of gekkei genkei being extremely valuable prizes, so much so that the hidden Cloud risked war for one. And Obito? Obito would make it his job to utilize the resource Itachi doesn't. And like, I already feel like Itachi did his best to dissuade his sister from Ninja life even before the massacre, so of course Obito would do the opposite, if he could approach her directly. Dude would work to sink his claws into her, which may well be another barrier for Orochimaru to get past one way or another. Life sucks when the person you have designs on is also the target of several political conspiracies, vendettas, and a potential pawn for a supposedly dead demigod. How he could use her is a different story. and again I'm creating an aside for actual OC talk: Ren would really have to crack in order to get under Obito's thumb. Which is an interesting challenge in and of itself, since she could give a fuck about Itachi or their clan, to a degree, but would do anything for her brother.

    Anyhow please keep these coming, I adore it.

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