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  • gamerbearmira
    20.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    New Mamabel chapter is out!

    This one is 9200+ words, sorry it took so long to get out! This is a preview, go to the link to read the rest ;) It's not beta read and AO3 is being weird (making me go back and red it the chapter several times), so let me know if something is severely out of place!

    Also, new Cocooned chapter, either tomorrow Or Saturday! I've got about half of that written, so very soon!

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  • wcndcrland
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    hi everyone! i created this encanto sticker set! i’m a small artist who makes bookish (and sometimes musician) stickers & bookmarks! it would mean the world if you could reblog/like this! thank you so much for reading this far!!

    available in a pack or single stickers

    $1 (b-grade), $3 (single sticker), $15 (set of 7)

    all prices are in CAD (so much cheaper in USD!)


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  • mantaphase
    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    this has been said before but i love that dolores knew the whole time. pepa keeps telling the wedding story and it's all mysterious and ~wooo tio bruno disappeared into the ether~ meanwhile dolores, age 7, is listening to his rat soap operas. she does this for Ten Years Straight. what is it about mirabel that made dolores decide to tell her

    #encanto#dolores encanto#dolores madrigal #alma mourning the loss of her son: 😐 #prima mirabel is getting nosy: 👀🤨🤪
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  • roxyfoxgamer150
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Observer Mirabel: Remember that one time I transformed into a massive black jaguar and some assholes decided to give me catnip to kill me?

    Scrappy Mirabel: Dude, the food didn't even work on you, it was suppose to smell like drugs to cats, and it didn't even work on you.


    Hollow Julieta, bloody as hell, practically dragging the bodies of the clawed ones: You did not even clean the blood up, you were suppose to hide evidences incase someone saw it little one!

    Observer Mirabel: WELL I FUCKING FORGOT!


    #encanto au#mirabel madrigal #observer mirabel au #mirabel au #random thought i had lmao #scrappy mirabel au #hollow julieta au
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  • nerfbunni
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    babysat last night and they wanted to paint! this is mine lol the kids didn’t even finish theirs. at least I was able to make some subtle brumira

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  • incorrectmadrigalfamilyquotes
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Camilo: It was lit!

    Abuela Alma: The place was lit up?

    Mirabel: No, it was LIT!

    Abuela Alma: There was a fire?!

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  • c-rose2081
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Mirabel (Wayward Light AU)

    I dunno, this AU is so visually appealing to me. Tropical palettes are one of my favorites 🌴☀️

    Personally, I think Mirabel would take to Wayfinding pretty quickly. She has the energetic spirit for it, but also an eagerness to learn and an understanding of tradition and family loyalty. I’m sure being able to coast along the ocean via sail and rope — without the use or need of a magical gift — would be an enlightening experience for her, and she’d be hooked instantly.

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  • hectic-hector
    20.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Commissioned art Mirabel & Bruno Acrylic on 8x10 Bristol paper

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  • gamerbearmira
    20.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Orphaned Madrigal Kids AU

    I got their color schemes down! Hope y’all like these :)

    I gave them different clothes to really call back to fact that ASOUE doesn’t really have a set timeline.

    #encanto#encanto au #orphaned madrigal kids au #a series of unfortunate events au #a series of unfortunate events #encanto isabela#encanto dolores#encanto luisa#encanto camilo#encanto mirabel#encanto antonio#my artwork#my art#my design#black artist#black art #artist on tumblr
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  • mirabel-ao3feed
    20.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    by CutePastelStarsalior3

    As the tile says, there are one-shots about encanto characters age regressing. Send in ask, question, or request

    Words: 2261, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: Encanto (2021)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Madrigal Family (Disney), "Abuela" Alma Madrigal, Julieta Madrigal, Pepa Madrigal, Bruno Madrigal, Agustín Madrigal, Félix Madrigal, Isabela Madrigal, Dolores Madrigal, Luisa Madrigal, Camilo Madrigal, Mirabel Madrigal, Antonio Madrigal

    Relationships: Madrigal Family & Residents of Encanto Village (Disney), Félix Madrigal/Pepa Madrigal, Agustín Madrigal/Julieta Madrigal

    Additional Tags: Age Regression/De-Aging, Non-Sexual Age Play, pet regression, agere, Involuntary Age Regression, Diapers, non sexual diapers, pull ups, non sexual pull ups, bottle feeding, non sexual bottle feeding, Bruno Madrigal Has OCD, Soft Bruno Buccellati, Bruno Madrigal Has Panic Attacks, Anxious Luisa Madrigal, Autistic Bruno Madrigal, Autistic Dolores Madrigal, Neurodivergent Mirabel Madrigal, Autistic Mirabel Madrigal, Anxious Dolores Madrigal, Coping Mechanisms, nonbinary Mirabel Madrigal, He/Him and She/Her and They/Them Pronouns for Camilo Madrigal, Genderfluid Camilo Madrigal, Neopronouns, xeogender, Pacifiers, Collars, Non sexual collars, will tag as needed, Safe For Work

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  • mirabel-ao3feed
    20.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    by Rizel_Iwaki1

    El mayor dilema de un artista es cuando sufre de bloqueo creativo, sin embargo ¿Qué pasa cuando su problema no es el bloqueo si no que su fuente de inspiración es inadecuada?.

    Aunque Bruno quiera negarlo, ahora tiene una musa problemática , pero eso no tiene porque necesariamente ser algo malo ¿Verdad?.


    Comentarios y feedback aceptados. Insultos no.

    Advierto que hay Romance cursi en el fanfic así que si no eres fan del fluffy pudre muelas por el azúcar, quizá este no sea tu tipo de fanfic.

    No menores.

    Words: 6684, Chapters: 2/2, Language: Español

    Fandoms: Encanto (2021)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Underage

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Mirabel Madrigal, Bruno Madrigal

    Relationships: Bruno Madrigal/Mirabel Madrigal

    Additional Tags: Fluff, Romance, Uncle/Niece Incest, Madrigalcest | Madrigal Family Incest (Disney), romance pudre muelas, inspired by a song, kind of song fic, Maybe a little OOC

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  • mirabel-ao3feed
    20.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    by SomehowStrange (GhostsintheAttic)

    Years after her failed ceremony, Mirabel doesn’t want what happened during it to happen again.

    Words: 1009, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Encanto (2021)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M, Gen, Multi

    Characters: Mirabel Madrigal, Original Madrigal Family Members (Disney)

    Relationships: Mariano Guzmán/Dolores Madrigal, Isabela Madrigal/Original Male Character(s), Luisa Madrigal/Original Male Character(s), Camilo Madrigal/Original Female Character(s), Mirabel Madrigal/Original Male Character(s), Mirabel Madrigal & Original Character(s)

    Additional Tags: Near Future, Next Generation, Next-Gen, Future, Future Fic, Gift Ceremonies (Disney: Encanto), Family Leader Mirabel Madrigal

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  • just-someone-online
    20.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Encanto Episode Ideas

    We are long past the point where making these kind of posts was popular, but fuck it! Off we go!

    - I talked about this in another post, but an episode where someone breaks into Casita and it fucks them up. Like, their getting pushed down a flight of stairs at least twice before Casita’s done with them.

    - Gift swap episode. Probably stemming from someone going “You’ve got it sooo easy! If you had my gift, you-” and everyone gets dragged into it.

    - Flashback episode! How Pepa and Julieta met Félix and Agustín. Complete with Bruno filling in gaps where his sisters and in-laws try to leave out embarrassing moments.

    - Just an entire episode of Isabela making up for twenty-ish years of being perfect. Just 10-20 minutes of her unabashedly being herself.

    - Halloween episode. Something weird is happening inside Casita that not even the house itself can explain, so it’s up to Mirabel, Dolores, and Bruno to figure out if Casita is haunted or not.

    - The family is holding a surprise party for Luisa and Mirabel has to keep her from finding out.

    - Dolores overhears Camilo getting rejected and tries to make him feel better, much to his confusion. Turns out he and a friend were rehearsing for a play.

    - Isabela and Mirabel notice that Luisa has her eyes on another villager and immediately try to set them up.

    - It’s Luisa’s day off and Antonio helps her find a hobby.

    - An episode during Casita’s reconstruction where Mirabel and Isabela try to fix their relationship. Meanwhile, Alma spends time with her kids.

    - An episode where Camilo shadows Bruno so he can do a better impression of his tío. Eventually, it evolves into Camilo helping fix Bruno’s reputation.

    - A family trip beyond the mountains!

    - An episode where Mirabel meets a Madrigal who can time travel and she has to help them get a handle on their gift before they royally fuck up the timeline? I dunno, I like time travel shenanigans.

    - Isabela realizes that she’s in love and 'subtly’ asks her family for help confessing.

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  • gamerbearmira
    20.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Au where the kids are fairies like on the tinker bell movie? Mirabel seems like she’d be a good tinker unless she was a fairy without wings

    Hello hello! I'd like to that @tresmadrigalsibs ! They are the original asker and owner of this AU! I helped them expand on it :)

    Pedro: Clapping Fairy (prevents fairies from dying by getting children to clap and say that they believe in fairies. He was killed by humans.)

    Abuela: Leader Fairy 

    Julieta: Healer/Baking Fairy

    Felix: Light/Dancing Fairy

    Julieta: Healer/Kitchen Fairy

    Pepa: Weather/Water Fairy

    Bruno: Glassblowing/Story-telling Fairy

    Agustin: Music Fairy

    Isabela: Garden Fairy

    Dolores: Far-Listening/Scouting Fairy

    Luisa: Helper Fairy

    Camilo: Story-telling Fairy

    Mirabel: Tinker/Dust Alchemy Fairy

    Antonio: Neverland Kids Leader–‘Peter Pan’

    Mirabel being a tinkerer is considered "useless" because she never "contributes". The others kind of contribute visually and all that, while Mirabel builds these wild inventions that Abuela sees as a distraction. (Pedro was a clapping fairy and died from humans, which is why Alma hates it when Mirabel makes inventions out of human objects.) She goes very close to humans and brings back human objects and family (sans Bruno, Luisa and her best friend Antonio) are like "Yeah don't bring that junk here."

    Mirabel is wingless, but she can still fly by using a little extra pixie dust. She can’t fly as fast as other fairies but that’s okay; she makes up for it by being one of the only fairies able to swim underwater. Mirabel will flex how she can both fly and swim whenever she wants and not have to worry about wet wings. Again, she can't fly as fast, but she's able to dive underwater and occasionally retrieve lost human objects (she practiced holding her breath over the years.)

    Antonio isn’t a fairy, and wasn’t fairy born. He’s a Neverland kid. He’s like the ‘Peter Pan’ of this AU, and Mirabel is the ‘Tinkerbell’ to his Peter Pan. Antonio leads the Neverland Kids–a lot of human children who ended up in Neverland, forever a child. Mirabel regularly supplies them with pixie dust to fly because of her job as a Dustkeeper.

    Mirabel actually ends up growing a mini Pixie dust tree for the Neverland kids. 

    She'd also be the first to actively go out in winter; she has no wings that'll freeze, but she can still fly around and explore because of pixie dust and bundling up. (This would be like the equivalent of what she did for Casita.)

    Antonio is a translator for her to the other kids. Using Pixie Dust alchemy, Mirabel gives him the ability to talk to animals as well.

    Bruno is kind of like the Neverbeast–not literally but metaphorically. When he tells stories, they’re a bit dark, so he kind of buried himself in his Glassblowing Talent. Mirabel relates and slowly gets him back into Story-telling, with Antonio helping by giving input on how his stories could be a little less dark.

    Hope you all like this, make sure you go check out the original creator tagged above :) Here's a little drawing page I did:


    Feel free to ask more about my May-exclusive AU, Mamabel, Papatonio, Housebroken, or any other AU's you find on this blog.

    I also take art suggestins for any AU's you find here (+Cocooned!)

    I'll also write and expand on any AU ideas you guys may have, much like this! ;) (No AU's with Oc's Please :) )

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  • gamerbearmira
    20.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Quick Poll/Question for you guys!

    Should I take all of the short AU's like ASOUE, Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart, Tinkerbell etc and put them into a oneshot book on AO3 so they're easier to find?

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  • naoko-world
    20.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    3 days ago I got all like "I want something sweet with Antonio and Mirabel!!!" so I wrote it. That's it!

    New drabble then!

    No warning, fluff.

    406 words

    Duérmete mi niño

    (That version of the song comes from here, with a translation. I just changed one part which weren't fitting the story thanks to the amazing @lunaencantada and her mother)

    Synopsis: Antonio can't sleep. It's up to Mirabel then to help him with a lullaby.

    Mirabel was sleeping in the new room the family built for her during the reconstruction, when she heard a strange sound. Opening her eyes, she thought for a moment it was her Tío Bruno. It wasn't. Because even he wasn't as short as the figure standing near the door. 

    Then, the figure spoke in a high-pitched voice.

    "Mirabel? I'm scared, can I  sleep with you?"

    "Of course Antonio, come on in!"

    She raised her bedsheets, letting her cousin slip in before snuggling against her, hugging her as much as he could with his short 5-year-old arms.. She hugged him back before asking:

    "What's happening? Parce isn't with you?"

    Parce was the living jaguar he was used to hanging out and sleeping with. Antonio shook his head.

    "No... His lover... The one he met outside... Will have babies and he decided to stay with her until they're all born."

    Then, after a brief silence, he continued:

    "I wanted to be with him but Mami forbade me to, saying I'm too young to sleep in the wild."

    Understanding the situation, Mirabel lovingly hugged Antonio tighter. Then, she suggested with a smile:

    "Do you wanna have me sing you a lullaby?"

    He nodded, tightening her grip. In the silence of the night, quietly  uttering, “Sorry!” to Dolores for the noise, she started to sweetly sing him Duérmete mi niño (Go to sleep my child).

    "Duérmete mi niño, que tengo que hacer Lavar los pañales, y hacer di comer."

    She sang in a low tone so as to not wake anyone up, yet high enough for Antonio to hear, rocking him a bit.

    "Duérmete mi niño, Duérmete agustito."

    She felt him relax a bit at that part about sleeping at ease, making her chuckle with adoration.  

    "Que cuando te despiertes, te daré un dulcito."

    After that bit, she stopped singing for a few seconds, gently stroking his head with a tender smile. His eyes had been closed when she resumed the lullaby. 

    "Duérmete mi niño, duérmete mi sol."

    She started to feel his breath slowing down, encouraging her to continue her song.

    "Duérmete pedazo, de mi corazón."

    Then,  she added to the lullaby some parts about the Encanto, about Parce's baby he'll be able to pet, about Julieta's cooking, and every sweet thing he'll be able to do in the morning. She ended it on a reminder she was there for him. He fell asleep, and shortly afterward she followed.

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  • wcndcrland
    19.05.2022 - 7 hours ago


    hi everyone! i created this encanto sticker set! i’m a small artist who makes bookish (and sometimes musician) stickers & bookmarks! it would mean the world if you could reblog/like this! thank you so much for reading this far!!

    available in a pack or single stickers

    $1 (b-grade), $3 (single sticker), $15 (set of 7)

    all prices are in CAD (so much cheaper in USD!)


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  • mr-walkingrainbow
    19.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    WIP Meme

    Tagged by @pepa-madrigal

    RULES: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it! And then tag as many people as you have WIPs.

    Hehehe my Wips (Top ones are most likely to be finished)

    Agony of a Bitch (The owl house)

    Putting the T in Mommy issues (911 lone star)

    Got a Secret, Can you keep it (Encanto)

    Down for the count, but not out just yet. (911 Lone star)

    When the skies are cloudy, I’ll tuck you away in the safe space of my arms. (Encanto)

    To hide from the world (Encanto)

    A person only runs because they have something to run from. (Marvels Eternals)

    A sniffle is all it takes. (Pffft my British Baking competition fic)

    You can’t trust anyone, and yet you have to trust someone. (👀 not me writing Survivor NSFW)

    Buzzcut Season (Ahhh we getting into my Charmed Reboot fics)

    Funny in the Head, Funny don’t you think? (Ooo back to the owl house, with a passion fueled fic on how Lilith Regresses)

    Athena Angst (if I ever get to it). (Damn not my IMMORTALS FENYX RISING FIC!)

    Kisses and Red Poppies (Not my Charmed Reboot collab with my bestie Jordy 😭. Bestie remember this?)

    The future, am I right? (Another Charmed Reboot fic featuring me and Jordy as Abimels kids)

    Owl House Daycare (NOO! Not my Owl house fic where some bootifull human gave me a bunch of head-canons for if Lilith and Eda got turned into kids and Luz had to take care of them 🥺. I wish I remember their username)

    Sleep Mi Amor, Sleep. (Yet another Charmed Reboot fic. Damn I was like, 14,000 words in too)

    Riptide. (Full on sobbing,  this was that Nancy Drew fic I got inspiration for randomly by seeing Bess and Odette 🥺)

    Luciana, Luci. (From Fear the Walking dead. Gosh it had such potential)

    A Nicolina fic (not my deadbeat old Marvels Runaways fic!)

    The Greatest Oddities (Oh hey! My Greatest Showman fic!)

    … damn. That was a lot.

    i swear their should be more, probably didnt search hard enough.

    ANYWHOOOOO! Please be a sweetie angel and comment a title! id appreciate it if my abandoned fics got the chance to see the light of day!

    Henceforth, im tagging @magicman-mephistopheles , @justalittlewritingnerd , @animerunner , @rubybun , @hyxperfixations

    @pepa-brainrot , @beanzykin , @strawberriesinmoominvalley , @transmazikeen , @welcometocaritas , @purple-nugget @ literally anyone else i couldnt remember for the life of me

    #the owl house #encanto#pepa madrigal#mirabel madrigal#bruno madrigal#camilo madrigal#dolores madrigal#julieta madrigal#luisa madrigal #luz x amity #the greatest showman #nancy drew cw #drew crew#charmed reboot#Abimel#Hacy #Harry x Macy #Monster High#marvels runaways#deanoru #fear the walking dead #alicia clark#marvels eternals #Sersi x Makkari #makkari x druig #survivor #the great british baking show #911 lone star #tarlos #tk x carlos
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  • youmaycallmeyourhighness
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    “You can fly can't you?”

    “Mirabel can’t fly?” A voice sneers and makes it sound like that's to be expected. That even blessed with a gift she can't be anything special.

    “Yes I can!” She exclaims, desperate to get whoever said that to shut up.

    “I can fly! I can.” She cannot go through this again.

    Mirabel takes a running leap and regrets it immediately

    #come get ya'll juice #if i knew ya'll liked it so much i would have written it sooner #encanto#mirabel madrigal#my writing
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  • wikluk
    19.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    HEADCANON: Little Mirabel spent so much time with Julieta that she started copying her in many things. One of those things was repeating words/phrases she used the most, and often she was just in-sync with Julieta. So just imagine Julieta and this 3-4yo Mirabel sighing and saying at the same time “Ay Agustín” whenever he got hurt.

    #encanto#encanto headcanons#julieta madrigal#mirabel madrigal#agustin madrigal #julieta and mirabel #cute#adorable #fluffy!!! #it lives in my head rent-free #I CAN INTO NICE THINGS!
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