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  • asksakura1125td
    05.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    milgram and a3 fan spotted

    what's it like having the best taste ever

    It feels very sankaku

    #you say i have good taste #yet my faves are mikoto and misumi #i love me some chaotic gremlins lol #saki answers
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  • maetantei
    26.07.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Misumi Mikoto of Unnatural x Detective Conan

    source: @/satomitoday on Twitter

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  • 8stepsoffthebeatenpath
    21.07.2021 - 9 monts ago

    "Forensic pathology is work for the future"

    #jdrama#drama mine#unnatural#アンナチュラル#Misumi Mikoto#Kube Rokuro#Ishihara Satomi#Kubota Masataka #it's been literal ages since I've made a gif #I don't know if I did a good job but I love staring at their faces #unnatural is one of my top favorite dramas of all time #check it out!
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  • ace-reviews
    08.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    First Impressions: Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

    Tsukimichi is about a dorkass loser named Misumi Makoto who gets summoned to another world by Japanese moon god Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto on behalf of the other world's goddess, as part of a deal between her and Makoto's parents. This deal falls through quickly when the goddess decides Makoto's kinda ugly and just drops him at the edge of her world instead of employing him as a hero.

    This anime is adapted from a series of light novels which began publication in 2012, and thus predates the bulk of the subsequent isekai boom. Its very fun and tongue in cheek with its comedy, and even if you aren't a fan of isekai I would recommend watching it to fill your cravings for light hearted adventure fantasy.

    #tsukimichi #tsuki ga michibiku isekai douchuu #anime#first impressions #summer anime 2021
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  • recentanimenews
    07.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy – 01 (First Impressions) – Oh, The Humanity!

    Unknown to regular kid Misumi Mikoto, his parents are actually immigrants from another world who made a deal with that world’s Goddess. They were sent to Earth, and in return Mikoto is summoned to the other world to be its hero in a time of increased strife.

    The only problem is, the Goddess is very shallow, and deems Mikoto too ugly to be any hero of humanity. She reluctantly gives him the ability to read and write the local languages and dumps him at the edge of her world. Her underling Tsukuyomi assures him he’ll be okay, as living on Earth was akin to walking around with heavy weights on his limbs.

    Sure enough, Mikoto is able to execute a superhero landing on his first try from a several thousand-foot drop. After three days of wandering, he encounters a cute orc girl being attacked by a two-headed dog. Without even trying that hard, he puts his fist all the way through the great beast, saving but also frightening the orc, whose name is Emma.

    But as she can’t fight or flee, Emma takes him home, makes him dinner, and teaches him magic. Turns out while he’s only Level 1, he’s a quick learner. In no time at all he’s conjuring flames without a verbal incantation.

    To thank Emma for her hospitality, he sets out to deal with Shen, to whom she was about to sacrifice herself. Turns out some goblins were using the legend of Shen to subjugate the orcs, and Mikoto accidentally kills them all and destroys Shen’s torii gate.

    Shen appears in the form of a giant green dragon, and while Mikoto is more than a match for them, Shen possesses the ability to trap their victims in an illusion borne of their own memories; in this case Mikoto being asked out by his cute, taller kohai. He soon realizes this isn’t real and breaks free.

    Shen, who is extremely intrigued by Mikoto’s memories of another world, suggests they form a contract, and Mikoto agrees. Shen was hoping for more of a 50/50 arrangement, but such is Mikoto’s latent magical power it becomes more like 80/20 in the kid’s favor. Shen transforms into a cool samurai-esque beauty. Roll credits and a charming Irish-y ED with Enka-like vocals.

    Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy is one of the latest products to come out of the non-stop isekai anime Play-Doh extruder, containing nothing original and breaking no new ground. But it’s reasonably well-executed, Mikoto is a likable, plucky sort with an underdog aura that belies his power, the pace is brisk and efficient…and I’m a sucker for friendly dragons! We’ve also only met two-thirds of the main trio, so I’ll stick with this for now!

    By: magicalchurlsukui

    #Anime#News #RABUJOI – An Anime Blog
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  • beneaththetangles
    07.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    First Impression: Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy (Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu)

    Makoto Misumi is a good-natured, calm, pretty average guy. But, as the son of a fantasy writer and an archery club member, he is also a well-read, well-prepared isekai expert. So he’s in the perfect position to appreciate his own bad luck! Before being sent to the goddess of this new world, Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, a considerate moon deity who even makes sure to bring his, er, magazines of questionable content, to the other world, warns him that the goddess has some issues. Even so, knowing that if he doesn’t accept the mission, one of his sisters will be sent in his stead to fight darkness, Makoto agrees to leave his ordinary life behind. The warning turns out to be an understatement, and he is instantly fired for his ugliness and thrown to the corners of the fantasy world while the goddess seeks a replacement. Only, the different conditions of both worlds make him a overpowered Kryptonian here, and the grammar skills turn out to be useful in mastering magic. Our protagonist saves a pig-like maiden, fights, then makes a deal with a dragon/samurai girl, escapes an illusion where his crush likes him and he is just awkward, and, avoiding any unnecessary wedding events, goes on the adventure…

    Well, what about this one? It’s quite ridiculous, and doesn’t have (as for now) the edge of, say, Re:Zero, which is (generally) able to be both a self-referential comedy and a high-stakes, very human drama at once. The worldbuilding thus far looks mildly interesting, with that conflict between humans and inhumans at the horizon, a contract with a dragon and a world ruled by a capricious goddess. But, no real drama up to now, and while the comedy made me smile, it didn’t make me laugh. If I continue watching, it will be because I actually find Makoto to be a cool hero. He knows he is not too smart, not too tall, not too attractive and not very lucky. Even so, he is kind. He doesn’t delude himself. He is not crazy about letting his world, but he decides without second thought when it’s a matter of him or his sisters. He is calm, not because he is in control, which he is definitively not, but because he knows himself. He understandably doesn’t want to marry a pig-like orc maiden, but he is kind and respectful towards her. His intimate desires, as exposed by the dragon, were nothing too heroic, but the way in which he behaved during the illusion was cool. If there is even a bit of seriousness, of consequences, of development, I could definitively give Tsukimichi a chance.


    Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu can be streamed at Crunchyroll.

    #Anime#First Impressions #Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy #Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu #Summer Anime 2021 #Articles#Author: Gaheret
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  • newsintheshell
    28.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    TSUKIMICHI Moonlit Fantasy: l’anime andrà in onda da luglio, ecco il nuovo trailer

    La serie è tratta dalla novel fantasy isekai di Kei Azumi.

    Svelati una nuova immagine promozionale e un secondo trailer di “TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy-” (Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu), annunciando che la serie animata basata sull’omonima fantasy novel ideata da Kei Azumi, debutterà sulle tv giapponesi a luglio.

    Si vanno inoltre ad aggiungere al cast:

    Emma: Saori Hayami (Yukino Yukinoshita in OreGairu)

    Beren: Shinpachi Tsuji (Makarov Dreyar in Fairy Tail)

    Toa: Yurika Kubo (Loki in DanMachi)

    Rinon: Aiko Ninomiya (Shinji Kazama in Talentless Nana)

    Dea: Reina Ueda (Miyako Hoshino in Wataten! An Angel Flew Down to Me)

    Tsukuyomi no Mikoto: Tomoaki Maeno (Haruitsuki Abeno in Mononokean l’imbronciato)

    L’adattamento prodotto presso C2C (Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina, Harukana Receive) è diretto da Shinji Ishihira (Talentless Nana, Log Horizon) e sceneggiato da Kenta Ihara (Saga of Tanya the Evil, Cautious Hero). Il character design è curato da Yukie Suzuki (Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators), mentre le musiche sono composte da Yasuharu Takanashi (Fairy Tail, Log Horizon).

    Il protagonista di questa storia è Makoto Misumi, un normale liceale evocato in un altro mondo. A causa delle differenze ambientali rispetto al suo mondo natale, Makoto ora esibisce poteri straordinari sia nella magia che nel combattimento, rendendolo perfetto come eroe, ma a quanto pare non è abbastanza per la Dea e il giovane finisce per essere spogliato del proprio titolo ed esiliato ai margini più remoti delle terre selvagge. Nel suo peregrinare, Makoto incontra draghi, ragni, orchi, nani e ogni sorta di altre specie non umane e, man mano, alcuni di loro cominciano a seguirlo nel suo viaggio.

    Lanciata nel 2012, la light novel gode delle illustrazioni ad opera di Mitsuaki Matsumoto e attualmente conta 15 volumi. Dal 2016 ne viene serializzata anche una versione manga, disegnata da Kotora Kino, della quale sono per ora usciti in Giappone 8 volumetti.


    Autore: SilenziO)))  Twitter: S1lenzi0 


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  • recentanimenews
    28.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy- Anime Reveals Promo, Adds to Cast

      Based on the web novel turned light novel by Kei Azumi, the TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy- anime is set to premiere this July. The latest update is here with a new promo for the adaptation, as well as the reveal of six more additions to the cast. 

      First, here's the latest trailer:

        New cast additions include: 


    VA: Saori Hayami (Yukino Yukinoshita in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)


    VA: Shinpachi Tsuji (Makarov in Fairy Tail)


    VA: Yurika Kubo (Loki in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)


    VA: Aiko Ninomiya (Shinji Kazama in Talentless Nana)


    VA: Reina Ueda (Kisa Soma in Fruits Basket)

        Tsukuyomi no Mikoto

    VA: Tomoaki Maeno (Reiji Kizaki in World Trigger)

        Main cast from the original anime announcement: 

      Makoto Misumi

    VA: Natsuki Hanae (Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer)


    VA: Ayane Sakura (Secre Swallowtail in Black Clover)


    VA: Akari Kito (Nezuko Kamado in Demon Slayer)


        The original Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu web novel was penned by Kei Azumi on the Let's Become a Novelist website starting in 2012, and in 2015 went into print with illustrations by Matsumoto Mitsuaki. The series tells the story of normal kid Makoto Misumi who, after being transported to a fantasy world to serve as its hero, is cut loose when the world's unnamed goddess decides he doesn't measure up to her standards of beauty.

      TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy- will be directed by Shinji Ishihira (Talentless Nana) at C2C (Inazuma 11). Kenta Ihara (Saga of Tanya the Evil) handles series composition, with Yukie Suzuki (Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators) as character designer. Composer Yasuharu Takanashi (Naruto Shippuden, ZOMBIE LAND SAGA) will score the series.

      Via Comic Natalie


    Joseph Luster is the Games and Web editor at Otaku USA Magazine. You can read his comics at subhumanzoids. Follow him on Twitter @Moldilox.

      By: Joseph Luster

    #Anime#News #Latest in Anime News by Crunchyroll!
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  • maenimalist
    18.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    How 'bout Unnatural and MIU404 in one drama??? That crossover was so short tho. 🤔Wanna see Misumi Mikoto, Nakado, Ibuki Ai and Shima interact so baddd.

    I guess Koi wa Deep Ni will compensate for that. But at least Ibuki Ai and Misumi Mikoto will be lovers. Yieeee 💙

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