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  • flamingpencil
    04.10.2017 - 4 years ago

    New Post has been published on https://flamingpencil.com/2017/10/04/penny-character-for-pna-stationers-illustrations-that-go-a-long-way/

    Penny Character for PNA Stationers. Illustrations that go a long way...
    This cute little chimp was created for PNA Stationers.  What was unique about this series of illustrations was that each illustration was created as a marionette so designers and artists could reposition the illustrations when the need arises.  That way clients gain far more milage from a single illustration.  Although I only created 4 illustrations, the applications are endless for PNA.  Looking forward to seeing new Penny iterations as they emerge.

    Penny for PNA Stationers.

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  • j-freak-austin
    18.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago
    One Piece Panel Picks - Chapter 280

    This scene reminded me of what Kaido told Luffy recently about Haki. Yes, Luffy could be Eneru's natural enemy and he can stretch and all, but without "mantra", which we'd later learn is akin to advanced observation haki, our captain is bound to fumble.

    The good thing about Luffy is that he is the ever-evolving type. Proof of the matter is that being a rubber boy in itself will not make someone so strong, but Luffy fortunately injects his creativity, fighting ingenuity, and grit in his ability, making him just as powerful as others. He would soon learn haki/ryuo, and try applying the principles and merging it with his capacity to come up with techniques that can save his life and attacks that can deal damage to even the strongest creature in the world.

    Haki is a big deal in New World battles, but it's worth remembering that who uses that power is just as important, if not more.

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  • every-luffy
    18.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago
    #luffy#everyluffy #monkey d luffy #op luffy #one piece luffy #monkey d. luffy #one piece panel #volume 6#ch 47#baratie#luffy sbs#op sbs
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  • kuvittli
    18.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    i wanna make a post explaining why i haven’t been posting :)

    so i have not been posting for like a week ?? about a week i think but i have not been posting because i haven’t had any motivation to and i’ve also had a really bad cold but i think i’m getting a little bit better ? so i might start posting again either today or tomorrow, that’s all i wanted to say :))

    also i’ve included my fav los campesinos! song of the week :)

    byeeee <3

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  • jemma-anne-fitzsimmons
    18.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    FitzSimmons Family Part II

    Cuddling Furry Friends

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  • graculuss
    18.05.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    If anyone has IWTV, i recommend watching Olde Wrestling. Its very silly and a lot of fun, and effy dresses like this

    #this is also the promotion where danhausen first did a more cartoony character! #and space monkey becomes cymbal monkey and its amazing #effy#indie wrestling#olde wrestling
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  • kenas-artstuff
    18.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    Doodle dump so far from May!

    #oned piss on my mind #one piece#kenapieceart #monkey d. luffy #ace one piece #nami one piece
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  • every-luffy
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #luffy#everyluffy #monkey d luffy #op luffy #one piece luffy #monkey d. luffy #one piece panel #volume 6#ch 47#baratie#side prfl
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  • rosenallies
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Ok but high school Gia and Kendall being really protective and babying Synth when her anxiety is bad 🥺 baby girl doesn’t really like speaking up for herself and gets stomach aches when she’s not near Gia and Kendall usually. Sometimes she’ll reach for Kennys hand in lessons under the desk and ask to sit on Gia’s lap at lunchtime. I also feel like anxious synth is a fidget toy girl and Gia goes mad at anyone who picks on her for having one on her

    She’s SUCH a fidget toy girl. And everyone knows not to poke fun at it be Gia will come for their necks and honestly, so will Kendall. She’s more soft spoken about it, but she’s not afraid to stand up for Synthia either. It makes Synthia nervous knowing people notice how anxious she is and they just want her to relax 🥺 I feel like she’d have pretty scary panic attacks so they want to keep those away as much as possible, she’s so lucky to have such good friends that love and adore her as much as they do

    #what are ur guys favorite fidget toys? I’ve been playing with my monkey noodles lately #i like squishy things
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  • hellfire-fist
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago



    #they know 😌 #one piece #one piece manga #one piece anime #roronoa zoro #monkey d luffy #zoro#luffy#zolu
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  • yorkcalling
    18.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Discovery: Jordan Dean

    Jordan Dean is a London-based alternative pop artist who takes his cues from early ’00s garage rock artists like Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and Kings of Leon. His new track is about giving without expectations of getting back. It’s called Feeling Strange. (more…)

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  • every-luffy
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #luffy#everyluffy #monkey d luffy #op luffy #one piece luffy #monkey d. luffy #one piece panel #volume 6#ch 47#baratie
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  • tennet
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    gboard has ruined me. reduced me to a 40 year old facebook mum discovering emojis for the first time

    #OBSESSED with the monkey emoji splices. my beloved monkemojis
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  • sabo-has-my-heart
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Hi Astra!

    The writing about Protective Pirate crew was amazing! It made my day better and I got so much serotonin from it really-

    And since as I saw, your requests open - Can you maybe make something with same Y/n from that writing but with Strawhats? I just love them so much and even better after I readed one fic with Y/n being insecure about themselves and wanted to leave Strawhats but they didn't let her-

    I hope you doing okay and remember take care of yourself! Stay hydrated as well!

    Warnings: none

    Word Count: 760

    Hey, I’m glad you liked my protective pirate crew. It was nice to write for people who just accept the reader as they are. There’s not enough of that in our world. I’m still going to make the character fairly young since the original request was for a young reader, so aside from Chopper, they’re kind of the ‘baby’ of the group (Chopper will always be baby, even if he’s older than the reader). Also, sorry this took so long, I kept trying to write it before going "nope, hate that."

    Looking up at the shopkeeper, you tried not to whimper. It was supposed to be a simple task to restock the ship. Go in, tell them what you needed, pay, and get back to the ship. But of course, this shopkeeper, despite being a relatively frail looking old man, had to be a jerk. You knew you’d counted the money out correctly, you knew this for a fact, hell, Nami had counted out an estimated amount beforehand and that woman was so tight about money that not only was she rarely that far off, but there’s no possible way you could have ‘miscounted’. Still, face-to-face with the shopkeeper, you couldn’t bring yourself to argue that you had paid him enough, you’d barely been able to tell him what you needed and pay for it. A loud bang made you flinch, simultaneously drawing the shopkeeper’s attention away from you.

    “Y/n! There you are! Nami said you were late so we should check on you.” Luffy’s upbeat voice called, his large smile greeting you when you looked over. Flanking him on either side were Zoro and Sanji who simply glared at the shopkeeper as you rushed over to the men.

    “Mind telling us what’s going on here?” Zoro growled as Sanji pushed you behind him.

    “That little wretch didn’t pay me the correct amount! She still owes me money!” the man shouted, pointing at you as you hid further behind Sanji. Tugging at the blond’s jacket, you looked up at him helplessly.

    “He’s lying. I’m sorry. I wanted to tell him he’s wrong. I’m sorry.” you whimpered, burying your head into his dark clothes. You felt a weight press down on your head followed by an arm wrapping around you, starting to lead you away. Looking up, you noticed the brim of a familiar straw hat obscuring your view, a familiar soft hand on your shoulder as Robin led you away, giving you one of her usual, soft, comforting smiles. 

    “Don’t worry, Y/n. You did great.” Chopper’s cheery voice said from beside you, his small hoff taking your hand as he gave you a smile. Despite the puffball looking younger than you at times, he was always looking out for you just as much as the others, cheering you on when he wasn’t outright protecting you. 

    Watching Nami go on a rant about the shopkeeper as soon as you’d finished telling her made you giggle, the young woman practically breathing fire and storming off herself to confront the shopkeeper as you sat under one of the trees. The soothing song that Brook often played to help you calm down after a confrontation quickly had you drifting off in Robin’s arms, the young woman still comforting you, protecting you even though the ‘danger’ had long since passed. They’d protect you, not just from other pirates or marines, not just from the dangers of the sea or the monsters that lurked beneath the waves. They’d protect you from those who sought to bother you, those who sought to change you, and those who sought to frighten you. Because just like they were perfect the way they were, you were perfect the way you were, shyness and all. Walking back aboard the ship laughing, the three powerhouses of the Strawhat crew smiled over at you, supplies still loaded up on their shoulders.

    “Is she alright? Not too upset I hope?” Sanji asked, kneeling down next to you as you slept.

    “She’s fine. I think he was just a little too confrontational for her.” Robin said with a smile, comforting hand placed on your back as you snuggled your head further into her chest. Luffy gave a small laugh, gently taking his hat back and placing it back on his head. As happy as he was that it brought you comfort, you were asleep and he felt a little naked without it. 

    “Then we’ll just go with her next time! We can protect her better that way. Besides, if we send her with Zoro then he won’t get lost and she’ll have someone to look out for her.” Luffy said, his usual sunny smile on his face.

    “Like you’re any better. You get lost just as easily.” Zoro snapped, giving the rubber boy a look, one that softened as he turned his eyes back to you, “I suppose I can look out for her, though. Not like I do much else when we’re in town.” Zoro said, smirking. You were the young, shy crewmember, one that they’d protect, even if it was just from other people.

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  • aboywithanimecaps
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #screencap#anime#one piece #one piece screenshots #ワンピース #one piece skypiea #monkey d. luffy #luffy #tony tony chopper #luffys second greatest passion #jaya arc#beetle
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  • mileskaneiscrispy
    18.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    alex turner recent! seen at a baseball match :)

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