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  • lichina-lycanthrope
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i like a lot of junji ito’s works, in particular because they carry such an empathy for his fellow person (most of his horror is rooted in his concerns for the effects society has on people imo), but i also think tomie was aimless and would have been a superior piece of art if it had been written by a woman who had something to say about...well, anything

    #p #as it stands i think tomie lacks insight or meaning #maybe i'm just dumb but even if i go into it with ideas like 'the monstrous feminine' or 'the concept of evil incarnate' in mind (...) #(...) i get almost nothing from it
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  • eric-the-bmo
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    hng i’ve started to make a motw oc but i have no idea how to go about it? for both mechanics and character/roleplay ideas. I’ve got this idea in my brain and I??? I feel like i need to talk to someone who knows a lot about MoTW in order to work on my dude

    I talk about him more in the tags (since im more comfortable talking in the tags anyway) but if anyone is down to maybe help that would be neat i suppose? have a nice day

    #motw #monster of the week #his name is John Doe and he's not made for a specific game or anything #he's just for me to hold in my brain and if the time ever comes to use him in a game then that would be cool #he's a monstrous hunter pretending to be a mundane at first #and he's been doing well i mean he has a job??? #he's labeled as a unidentified living person hence the reason for his name #but ive no idea how monstrous hunters are supposed to act #or what he even is #im debating between an amorphous beast and a deer monster #his curse is that he eats people i guess #which makes it MORE confusing as to why he's just vibing pretending to be a human #but yeah if anyone is open to help that'd be neat? #i really dont have any idea what im doing
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  • aceghosts
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    3, 4, 12, and 19 for hunter/wesker??

    Thank you for these and I'm sorry this took so long!

    [OTP Questions]

    Who’s more flirty?

    Wesker. Hunter and Wesker don't flirt with each other in front of other people, but Wesker is definitely the bigger flirt in private. He likes to flirt with Hunter as a way to tease them, especially since it's so easy to push their buttons. Wesker likes it when they turn into a blushing mess.

    Who’s more socially awkward?

    Hunter. Let’s be real, neither Wesker nor Hunter have great social skills. Wesker gets everything he wants through sheer intimidation or manipulation. To Wesker, people are pawns that can be manipulated on a chessboard. That said, Hunter’s social skills are even worse. Post-death, Hunter's social skills are almost nonexistent at times. Hunter straight up avoids most people since they can be a source of sensory overload. Plus, they tend to be grouchy with most people. The rare exceptions, besides Wesker, are Ada Wong, Raymond Vester, and Jessica Sherawat.

    Pre-Death, Hunter was quite likable, even if they could be a little rough at times.

    Who always feels the dire need for physical affection, even at the most inconvenient of times?

    Hunter. Post-death, Hunter is so goddamn touch starved. If someone asked, Hunter would deny it until they were blue in the face. Hunter feels so monstrous post-death that they don’t think anyone would touch them, let alone want to touch them. To be touched is to show that there is something about Hunter still worth wanting, perhaps even loving.

    Sometimes, Hunter just needs that reassurance from Wesker, something he is always happy to do in private.

    What is their favourite form of affection? (e.g. cuddles, kisses, hand holding, compliments)

    Again, like the first question, neither Hunter nor Wesker are very affectionate in front of others. Wesker’s go-to-move is his hand on the small of Hunter’s back. It’s his way of showing affection subtly, and Hunter usually isn’t bothered by it. (Sometimes, when their senses are way too overloaded, Hunter does not want to be touched.)

    #kate answers asks #thank you for these!!!! #Hunter Delaney #OTP: Love Me Mercilessly #really vibing with the idea lately that Hunter feels monstrous #and part of their journey is learning to accept this part of themself #I think I'm gonna work on answering the rest tomorrow
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  • autisticvampireclub
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    So I just thought of the coolest concept for your Vampire!Wittebane AU and I hope you don't mind if I share it because I'm still a big fan of your AU. But you know the harpy!Eda and harpy!Lilith concepts? Yeah, now imagine a vampire version of that. The Golden Guards and Wittebane brother can access half-bat forms that make them more powerful despite their lack of magic. Imagine Hunter looking almost humanoid but with huge bat wings and covered in fur; clawed nails and fangs.

    My art just Wasn’t Feeling it when I tried to draw this, but I powered through bcuz this idea is just so cute !!

    #the owl house #toh#wittevamp au#caleb wittebane #the owl house au #toh au#grimwalker#vampire tag#my art#art#toh spoilers #philip: your a monstrous bat demon now?! #caleb: jealous? #also dont feel bad abt sending me your ideas!! i love reading them
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  • creaturecomplex
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    One of these days I will do an actual finished drawing my best girl my special princess (instead of 1 million little sketches) which will excite approximately 4 of my followers

    #GOD idk every time I draw him I’m like. is this even something other people wanna look at . #bc I do not make him appealing <3 I like it tho. #i interpret him much differently than people in the fandom #what if I take cues from my fav interwar artists when I draw Erik <- me #girl it’s abt the trauma…….. the idea that he’s been physically warped by the abuse……… he’s a monster he must therefore look monstrous
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  • msommers
    22.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


    i’m a slut for motw and my gals so here’s some concepts about what their playbooks may look like if they were in a verse of it.


    custom weird move: past lives. 

    mundane moves: always the victim, the power of heart, trust me.

    mundane weapons: pocketknife, small handgun.

    means of transport: fairly new car in decent condition. 

                                    . . . . .

    monster breed: vampire.

    curse: feed.

    natural attacks: life-drain and teeth.

    monstrous moves: immortal, preternatural speed, mental domination.

                                 . . . . .

    improvement — mundane playbook: panic button.

    improvement — pararomantic playbook: monster empathy.

    improvement — pararomantic playbook: the power of love.


    combat magic — base: blast.

    combat magic — effects: frost and earth.

    tools and techniques: consumables, foci, gestures.

    spell-slinger moves: not my fault, practitioner, shield spell.

    gear: heirloom sword (2-harm hand messy)

                                   . . . . .

    monster breed: shapeshifter.

    curse: vulnerability (silver).

    natural attacks: teeth and claws.

    monstrous moves: unholy strength, preternatural speed, shapeshifter.

    gear: sword (2-harm hand messy)

                                  . . . . .

    improvement — monstrous playbook: shapeshifter.

    improvement — pararomantic playbook: monster empathy.

    improvement — expert playbook: i’ve read about this sort of thing.


    custom weird move: trust your gut.

    gumshoe code: evil must be exposed, no matter the cost.

    gumshoe moves: occult confidential, the naked city, "just one more thing".

    recording device: digital sound recorder.

    p.i. weapon: the mediator (3-harm close loud custom)

                                     . . . . .

    chosen moves: destiny's plaything, i'm here for a reason, dutiful.

    chosen special weapon: the mediator (literally just her gun bro it’s cool she deserves to have it in this au just like canon i’m sticking to it)

    chosen fate — how you found out: an ancient cult found you.

    chosen fate — tags: (heroic) you are the champion, divine help, (doom) you can't save everyone, the end of days.

                                 . . . . .

    improvement — expert playbook: often right.

    improvement — expert playbook: it wasn't as bad as it looked.

    improvement — expert playbook: the woman (or man) with the plan.


    divine moves: angel wings, soothe, lay on hands.

    gear: flaming sword (3-harm hand fire holy)

    mission: you are here to fight the schemes of an adversary.

                                 . . . . .

    improvement — divine playbook: cast out evil.

    improvement — monstrous playbook: flight.

    improvement — chosen playbook: dutiful.

    #verse: motw #ch: maeve sommers #ch: emmalanthe merigold #ch: elide harker #ch: elena granger #my head is constantly full of hunter maeve turned vampire thoughts and it's a curse i'm happy to live with #it's SUCH a fun concept i love it #monstrous emma is like she starts out a werewolf and learns more shapes which is a funky lil idea #elide is in fact still wifey material even if 3 of her improvements would be in the Expert aka Know It All field #she'd get even worse with her conspiracy boards in a modern motw verse lmao #elena's still just an angel baby <3 #which is actually kind of funny if you think about the whole idea of pelor being a donor for the grangers in modern au right #bc that means he's still a divine being literally just chilling in the world which honestly?? good for him #that concept is made for comedy gold #nobody wanted this post but it makes me happy so you'll have to suffer scrolling by it ✌
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  • snejkha
    21.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Kitsune that belongs to @monstrous-ideas ///

    #my dumb art #monstrous-ideas#kitsune #im returning to my past of just using a round brush for everything and its very fun
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  • grewlikefancyflowers
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    wishing fandom would be a bit more cautious before using the word 'traumatised'

    #better yet can we just put 'trauma/traumatised' up on the high shelf where no one can reach it #like on one hand i'm pretty sure people are just using 'this character is traumatised' as short hand for #'this character went through some experiences that negatively affected them' #which is like fine. but that's not what 'traumatised' means #wwx was not traumatised by the burial mound‚ the massacre of lotus pier‚ or anything else that happened in his first life #the events from jzx's death to nightless city can be described as a mental breakdown HOWEVER wwx does not show any signs of lasting trauma #from these things #the only thing he canonically actually shows a trauma response to is dogs #which is important !! because wwx is extremely good at rationalising away every single bad thing that happens to him #being needlessly whipped? its for the good of his sect‚ he's enduring it for the sake of his shidi #being ambushed? well‚ he can see why jzxun did it‚ he almost feels bad for him... #the /only/ thing he remembers from his time on the streets is dogs #he can't rationalise dogs attacking him. to him they will always be vicious & monstrous and nothing else #imo all his fear & everything else is dumped onto this one thing that he allows himself to be scared of #and this is reason number 1298475 why i loathe the idea of wwx going through exposure therapy #just let him have this one thing that he actually allows to affect him
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  • pineapplesaresweet
    03.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    since so many goddamn people liked that other winged Jarchivist drawing, i am now actually starting to flesh out an AU

    #the current concept is that like #he has a p rare mutation??? that gives him wings at birth #and as the story progresses these wings get more #idk #monstrous??? like. rn theyre iridiscent in a mainyl only yellow/brown way #but later they gain more sheen colours and maybe eye patterns?? #the reason i wanted it to be before s1 was bcz #bcz. Tim. #i firmly bnelieve they were friends pre s1 and as a result time would help with preening #cuz i imagine it must be pretty hard to do so on ones own #idk yet #if anyone has any ideas PLEASE tell me #jonathan sims fanart #jon sims #jon sims fanart #the magnus archives #the magnus archive fanart #jonathan sims#i art
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  • keen2meecha
    02.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Most people, seeing the Cryptid Entertainment uniform jacket for the first time: this is the most hideous thing I've ever seen

    Molly, very eager and sleep-deprived: hehe hoohoo texture

    #monstrous things #this is how we know shes clear #pattern doesnt matter when its silky and glossy :) #but for real #i have a vague idea of the uniform jacket #and it is so many colors (derogatory) #but at least its comfortable
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  • spacetimewraithwrites
    01.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I have been considering publishing Destiny in hardcover 🤔

    #talking #not married to the idea but I've envisioned it for a while #it'd be cool I think #maybe making it slightly bigger than book one? #because Destiny's got more words..... #idk book one was monstrous in the first place dsjlafdshfsahf
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  • monstrousagonies
    25.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    [Image description: A Tumblr tag that reads, "whomstve is this Aubrey Coleman??? all googles giving me is a basketballer. show me the dashing man (if hes based off real life that is)". End description.]

    Note the date, friends: March 25th 2022, the day tumblr user @infinitegenderlessmess discovered the concept of "fiction" 😉

    Aubrey Coleman is made up, I'm imagining him as a cross between Gregory Peck and a kingfisher.

    #monstrous agonies #what are listeners for if not making gentle fun of #also - and this is a HEADCANON not a word of God - but i do like the idea of the Presenter being like #who me? no i dont have a type #and then its like #mab in her high femme glitterati get up #aubrey coleman with his irridescent plumage #the Presenter is a magpie thats all im saying
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  • kripkesdong
    25.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    don hertzfeldt’s work is always so bittersweet in such a specific way i just saw his simpson’s couch gag and ohhh my god. oh my god. i need to rewatch world of tomorrow

    #sadie you should watch something by don hertzfeldt (post like 2011) he explores some of the same themes i do only in diff ways #like his central idea is that people dont actually want to live forever they want to preserve their minds and memories forever #and his central question is what would that realistically look like? and god. calling it bleak would be a disservice its so beautiful im not #talking to sadie now im talking to everyone #i watched his simpson's couch gag bc i was watching a (v good) video essay by jacob geller talking about it and just seeing the gag alone #made me emotional like the simpsons have pushed themselves so far into the future that they're distorted into monstrous characters of #themselves reduced to repeating their single most iconic lines of dialogue in order to cling to some semblance of identity #but homer still has his memories. so he knows what they all once were. he has to live w the weight of what theyve become #and he still carries the love they all felt. its CRAZY imagine IMAGINE you live for hundreds of thousands of years or better yet #imagine you wake up one day and it's been 40000 years since you passed. and youre shown a museum exhibit with recreations of your loved ones #it doesnt have to be a museum exhibit it can be anything but the point is someone in the future has resurrected you and tried to salvage #what they could of both you and their loved ones and you are the only one who remembers what you all once were #what would that look like? what would you all be reduced to? how much are your memories worth when the only evidence of your past #paints such an incomplete picture? #ofc your memories are worth everything in this situation. to u at least. when it comes to connection physical existence + proof of this #connection is only a starting point. anyways watch the couch gag watch world of tomorrow everyone #i didnt like WoT2 and havent seen 3 but 1 is great. its such a beautiful day i didnt like til the end which made me appreciate the #earlier bits of the film #thoughts of mine
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  • mrdrhenwardhykle
    25.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    "Attack of the Hyper-Realism"

    #This is so stupid #this is so stupid #why did I spend time on this? #Also HC that original Movie Sonic was made by the universe to balance it out by eradicating any #fakers #While not realizing he's a faker himself #And HC that this is the only thing .exe fears #might be canon because .exe seems to be in-between creators rn so maybe anything goes #Also why would they think that making the protagonist of a children's movie monstrous was a good idea #especially because the antagonist is so #sonic #sonic the hedgehog #sonic movie #sonic the hedgehog 2 #old sonic design #meow#ugly sonic #sonic.exe #tails doll#hyper realistic#faker#cats 2019
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  • stupid-sloot-headcanons
    24.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    YEAH Killer Croc my man!! He had that Bayou accent in The Batman cartoon but looked mostly like a gator lol while the Asylum game is arguably close to the animated series except he's effin' HUGE. Talk about size difference XD def need prep if you get grabbed by this guy

    Thank god you make him drool because you're gonna FUCKING need it 👀

    I'm still so glad that The Batman kept that lingering piece of his backstory in the swamps of the bayou. Man The Batman was a good cartoon, it's way underrated

    #i also love the idea of him trying not to be intimidating and monstrous for once #but he isnt sure how to act/be human after so long #and lmao arkhamverse cash is just so protective of whoever waylon has a crush on #he doesnt think an animal like croc can really love. hes just being tame to lure them in so croc can eat them #.dc #.arkhamverse #.killer croc
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  • xinea
    17.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Hey i was looking through comments and reblogs on that asshole academia post to enjoy that sweet sweet gossip and drama when i saw your comment about writing a dissertation on bad netflix subtitles. I just had to let you know that in the borgias (it was on netflix years ago) there is a scene where pope borgia says very dramatically ”we are not leaving rome”. in the swedish sub it was translated to ”we are not leaving this room”. then he leaves the room

    @gluecookie ha i forgot i wrote that comment but yes! thanks for that example. Netflix does the absolute least😍

    #still developing this idea but theres def so much going on about how they fucking ruined the market for accurate and context-aware subtitle #remember when ppl used to sub things on their own bc they were passionate about it and cared about sharing art #all that gets completely lost when you have to meet a big company's deadlines and do monstrous amts of work for cheap rates
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  • cavehags
    02.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    radfems write radical feminist analysis of rape, they don't write about raping women in some delusional incel fantasy

    so you didn't read the book i see...

    #i'd say i have no clue where you got the idea that that is what going on #but obviously you are too dumbstruck by your idea of a monstrous trans woman to apply any kind of critical thought #needless to say there is no similarity whatsoever between what you have described and the rape scene in her book
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  • bl00dblte
    01.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    here to check in for brainrot of Wraith Bright

    how's it goin?


    LMAO okay okay so like how about..... Wraith Bright finding out Horror movies and such and being like "this is so unrealistic , that doesnt happen like that at all " or something like that hehehehehe

    #i still rlly like the idea of him being mesmerized by mundane stuff lmao #but him going all monsTROUS IS GOOD STUFF TOO
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  • destinysbounty
    01.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Pouring one out for all my fellow Ninjago fans who have cool ideas for fan seasons but lack the artistic skill necessary to make art for it 😔

    #LISTEN #i have IdeasTM #are they good ideas? probably not #but i have them anyway #my current two favorite fan seasons are called dreamswept and city of gears #which are pixal- and zane-centric respectively #im vaguely preferential towards dreamswept tho #if only because it has more trauma in it #basic premise: all of ninjago has fallen victim to a sleeping curse #and only a handful of people were spared. pixal and dareth included #pixal and dareth must team up to save everyone/protect everyone from an infestation of monstrous rats sweeping the city #meanwhile the ninja are trapped in and must escape from a hellish dreamscape #where the only way out is through their worst nightmares #also we get dareth development and/or backstory. #and pixal and dareth bonding. and more zangst. and everyone gets angsted really #and a spooky villain #and the spooky villains army of spooky rats #unfortunately spinchip has a dream fan season as well and now i feel bad that our ideas are too similar
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  • birbhouse-doodles
    25.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Some werewolfy ideas to make my poor Strahd pc’s life difficult. Featuring the regular werewolf she threw off a cliff a few sessions ago, a backstory npc I really hope we get to meet in game, and a lot of. just really unashamedly self indulgent monster design

    We're homebrewing off script a little compared to both the dnd/van richten's version of a loup-garou and the real world legends about them, don’t hold me to either of those for accuracy pls

    #mine #id in alt text #curse of strahd #dnd #when I say self indulgent monster design I mean I shoved just about every creature trope that makes my brain go brrr into these guys #big chonky. long creepy jaws that split the entire face + permanent smile. dark but glows bright on the inside. oozes some goop #and blurring the line between the monstrous and the divine #it started with wondering why my zealot barbarian (werewolf who worships a moon god)'s divine fury damage should be radiant -> #ooh what if. moon goop #also I've said it once but I'll say it again: thank baby jesus tumblr increased the alt text character limit #also I had no idea loup-garou's were already in dnd I thought it was just homebrew until the dm told me after I did these #so I'm kinda impressed that mine turned out similar in terms of. general shape and level of wolfyness
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