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  • artichow
    17.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    i tried watching 1 episode of moominvalley

    what’s up with the moomins and their mouths on the side of their head?

    #it's placed very weirdly? #but other than that it's cute and peaceful! I might watch everything after all #also I started with season 3 ep 1 idk why #moominvalley#arti talks #and moominpappa and moominmamma are the cutest in every versions of the moomins
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  • mint-cat-06
    17.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Haz anyone done thiz before /genq

    Anyway i love them so much

    #dont tag az ship plz #<- idk if u would but anyway #moomin#moominpappa#joxter#muddler#moomins#moomin fanart #mint.png
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  • arrowscringevalley
    17.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    omfg ur art is so so so so pretty!

    you’ve earned a new follower! i simply adore moomin!

    Awwww!!! Tysm!!!

    Here, as a thanks have this quick doodle I made :)

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  • melanovia
    16.05.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • dinominobobino
    15.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I am so deep into moomin lore so I propose more moominvalley doodles <3

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  • welcometothesewers
    14.05.2022 - 3 days ago


    Thinking about how happy reading The Moomins in 10th grade made me. It made me want to actively read again after years of required reading burnt me out.

    Thank you Tove Jansson

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  • candiedgrim-blog
    14.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    So was anyone gonna tell me that Lazlo voices Moominpapa, or was I supposed to find this out by looking up the cast on google at 3 in the morning?

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  • iocity
    14.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Moominmamma and Moominpappa as youngins (ft: joxter bein a cat)

    they wanna kiss but they are shy little creachures about it.

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  • mum-i
    13.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    I wrote a little moomin Wild West AU™️ that a friend and I had (have?) been planning :] hope y’all enjoy

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  • rye-in-a-coat
    13.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    One of the most unexpected Moomin references I have seen is the one in Clarence.

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  • writers-in-moominvalley
    11.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    💡Lightbulb Moment💡

    Diversity win! The Ghost from Moominpappa's Memoirs canonically exclusively uses it/its pronouns!

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  • b0-9999
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    #moominvalley#moomin#snufkin#snufmin#moominmamma#moominpappa#snorkmaiden#snork#joxter#fanart#ms thhhiiinnngggz #been awhile since i used abuncha tags lol #wuz inspired by unicorns wen making snorkmaidens and snorks design
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  • rosesofthetwilight
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago
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  • folsomvalley
    04.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I’m not sure if I’m going to do more with this but I wanted to share :)

    Follow @folsomvalley on instagram for more artwork!!

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  • flowerbloom-arts
    04.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Scrapped Draft

    In which a young Moominpappa and Hodgkins have a private conversation, but then it became discarded in the final version of Memoirs.

    1.5k words.


    A scrapped passage of writing for Moominpappa's Memoirs found in a trash bin in Moominpappa's study, found by Sniff.


    I saw that Hodgkins sat by the shore of our small island and drew into his notebook.

    Half of what he would draw in that thing was not understandable to a mind such as mine, I couldn't understand how machines and arrows and lines which seemed like scribbles and scratches of pencil to me could make any amount of sense to him, that a drawing of a square could be much more than a square. His handwriting in his little notes next to the drawings also seem to break down into unreadable loops at times yet he could still read it to me when I couldn't understand.

    He spoke his own language on his pages and that's one of the many things that always fascinated me about him. I would also like to satiate my curiosities by asking about his current work after I had made my laments.

    "Hullo, Hodgkins!" I greeted him.

    "Moomin," Hodgkins replied absentmindedly, not looking up from his notebook.

    "Hodgkins," I said again, seriously, to reflect his tone. I sat down beside him and held my legs. "Could I speak to you about something?"

    "Mphm," he hummed.

    "Do you think the Hemulen ever tried to find me again?" I asked.

    "Which one?" he asked back, seeing as we both have met multiple hemulens.

    "The one who found me and looked over me at the orphanage," I elaborated, "Do you think she read my note and decided to look for me?"

    Hodgkins halted his drawing and looked at me with an inquiring expression, as though I had asked a question that answered itself or that I said something rather concerning. Perhaps it was an expression of both, most likely.

    "What?" I asked, not enjoying nor understanding the look he was giving me. "Did I say something strange?"

    "I would assume yes. She'd look if she cared for you or the orphanage. Makes her rather liable," Hodgkins shrugged and tried to continue drawing.

    "The thought is the possibility that she didn't," I explained. "To tell you the truth, I don't think she liked me very much. I thought that if I had left she would miss me terribly and try to find me, I was sure of it, but now looking back I'm starting to have doubts…"

    "Could being across the sea have something to do with it?" he suggested.

    "I'm scared that she's glad that I'm gone…" I answered with a dampened expression and faltered posture.

    Hodgkins took a pause and closed the notebook, then he looked at me with sobriety. "Why would you think that?"

    I could think of many reasons right then but didn't want to speak them aloud in fear of desecrating my visage of confidence for him, suddenly feeling as though my attempt at confidence with him had turned out to be a pickle I trapped myself in. I fiddled with my fingers nervously.

    "Well, it's… I'm afraid… well, I know that…" I stumbled over myself trying to piece together a sentence that made myself seem dignified. I glanced up at Hodgkins and he only looked at me patiently, blinking slowly, waiting for me to simply form a sentence. My gaze jolted back down and I felt a bit of shame crawl up my fur. Finally, I managed to get out a sheepish "I'm afraid she never liked me very much…"

    Hodgkins furrowed his brow and I continued so; "Of course, it's greatly ridiculous for someone to dislike such a special and charismatic Moomin such as myself, but I don't believe she saw those things in me during my time at the orphanage. I was always bombarding her with questions she didn't want to answer and she would wash me when I was perfectly fine and clean and not let me do things I would like to do — I think she would've much rather… left me somewhere else if she had done something differently. I was so miserable and she liked me so little it tricked me into disliking myself. And perhaps… I still dislike myself on some, irrational level of my subconsciousness because of her."

    "I think everyone dislikes themself at least a little," replied Hodgkins.

    "Do you dislike yourself, Hodgkins?" I asked out of curiosity, I'd be shocked if the answer was yes.

    "Yes," he answered.

    "But why?" I asked again, taken aback.

    "Many things I regret, things about myself I don't prefer," he said, looking down at his closed notebook. "Perhaps my mother, too, taught me to dislike myself."

    "Your mother?"

    This is the first time I heard him mention anyone from his past aside from the very rare mention of his brother, he always preferred anyone to lack any knowledge of his past or his origins. I rather respected his decision, I would do much the same if I wasn't so interested in people knowing my story and talking about myself, but I would be lying if I said Hodgkins' past didn't intrigue me to some extent.

    Mothers and brothers and nephews were concepts I only heard in theory in the orphanage. Well, not exactly. Numbers five and six from my orphanage were twin siblings according to the Hemulen, but I never saw them act quite differently from the other Moomin children nor did they treat each other specially as one would expect siblings to treat one another.

    Anyway, what I mean is that families felt like an abstract concept to me most of the time back then, I even forgot what the word nephew meant for a moment when Hodgkins first told me about his, so I was rather starstruck to know more about his family even further.

    Hodgkins glanced at my expecting eyes and looked away again. "The Hemulen was a sort of mother to you, wasn't she?" he asked.

    To say the least, I was astonished by this turn of conversation, moreso by the fact it's something I've never considered before. "She's not my mother, trust me, she makes it very clear," I answered quickly as if to correct a misconception.

    "Not biologically or legally. In role," Hodgkins elaborated. "She was a mother figure to you, correct?"

    "That is…" I couldn't find the words to speak in my shock at this question. "That's a thing? Would she be considered as such by more people?" I asked and leaned closer to Hodgkins' arm, utterly bewitched by this idea "But mothers are meant to be kind to you and nurture you and all those things the books say about them! She can't possibly…"

    "Not all mothers have to be good like they always say," Hodgkins explained "They can be cruel, try to tear you down. Make you something they want but you don't. They're people, and people are very different from one another in their kindness."

    I took a pause and lowered my head to mutter "So she must really be like a mother to me… that would make me quite unlucky, then."

    Hodgkins placed a paw between my ears. "It's all right, it happens," he said to me kindly and I felt a little less upset. I then had a thought;

    "That thing you said… does it apply to fathers as well?"

    "Yes," Hodgkins answered.

    I looked up at him with a twinkle in my eye and asked in earnest "Does that mean you're like a father to me?"

    Hodgkins stared at me with puzzlement for a moment before a horror washed over his expression and I could feel him freeze in place. At this I panicked thinking I unintentionally said something upsetting or confusing and tried to explain myself; "I, I meant that since you've been nothing but kind to me and I haven't felt such admiration for someone except for kings before you! In fact I started to lose respect for the Autocrat since he took you away from me and I felt nothing but miserable and abandoned without you! You always seem to know everything and make such amazing things and you let me be myself for once! I… I don't know, is this what being adopted is? Did you adopt me…?"

    Hodgkins didn't reply. I felt a deep fear and as I stared into his constricted pupils and noticed his ears folding in hesitation. I was terrified that I could have scared him, that he would stop liking me because of this, this isn't how it was meant to go in my head. I touched his arm and stared back at him pleadingly. "Mr. Hodgkins…?"

    I felt his thumb move on my head and then Hodgkins blinked twice and came to his senses. He took his paw off my head and it made me rather saddened, perhaps I did upset him for some strange reason.

    I tried to apologize. "I'm sorry! I didn't realize - " I said before I was swiftly interrupted by him.

    "Pardon. I…" he covered his face "I hadn't realized… no…"

    "Is something the matter?" I asked, deeply concerned for him.

    "I took in another child and messed up," he mumbled quietly "I shouldn't have…


    End of scrapped passage.

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  • artichow
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #ehe the second pic makes me laugh #i love this silly man #moomin #tanoshii moomin ikka #the moomins#Moominpappa #snufkin and moominpappa are the best duo
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  • shibumi-tanuki
    01.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I drew a lot fo Moominmamma and animated the Glasse waltz on stream!

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