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    IT'S THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

    #excuse me im crying #head in hands #i just love annoyed marc hes sooooo tuck him to bed #moon knight#marc spector #layla el faouly #oscar isaac#may calamawy#ship dynamics
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    I’m going to bed, goodnight.

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    20.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Love Whispers Against Your Eyelids & Seeps Into Your Bones

    Steven Grant x Transmasc!Reader, Marc Spector x Transmasc!Reader, Jake Lockley x Transmasc!Reader

    A/N: MINORS DNI! Usage of ’and’ as well as ’&’ is intentional. Steven is a tour guide & reader has a pet cat! This fic takes place a little while after Moon Knight (hence his bed not being surrounded by sand etc etc). I do not have DID so if my interpretation does not seem accurate that is why & you are more than welcome to tell me how to remedy it! All I ask is that you’re kind about it.

    Summary: An essay on love languages both spoken & not. A look inside the cozy little flat you all call home.

    Word Count: 1.7K

    Note: This fic will be written through the lens of transmasculine reader who is not on hormones nor has he had surgeries because that relates to me & how I experience being transmasculine okay? okay. Feel free to read the note left on the last fic if you have a problem with that, otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

    Warnings: Fluff, talks of chapter three & Randall (brief), talks of Layla (in this au she is simply close friends with them but they were never romantically involved or married), love languages, lots of kissing, hand-holding, mentions of sex, cuddling, just really romantic fluff, some Spanish is used if it's incorrect I apologize!

    Series masterlist: The Star to Their Moon

    Other notes: Please do not steal my moodboard! Please reblog my work if you enjoy it!!

    You’ve met them now—all three of them—& you love them all the same all wrapped in their warmth. You couldn’t have ever imagined what life with them would be like in your cozy London flat surrounded by books, your own items intermingled with theirs, the fish—the cat—everything. For once you feel at home engulfed by them so intensely that you fear you may go absolutely mad–off your rocker–run out of marbles–without them.

    You hum fingertips dancing along their cheekbone as they sleep, tucking strands of hair away from their forehead. You love this, you want to live within this, you feel as at peace as you did the night you made love to Steven Grant mere hours after meeting him properly. Of course, you knew who he was prior but you had never properly met him until he fumbled his way through asking you out like a schoolboy.

    It was adorable a core memory for sure, one you dream of regularly. 

    “G’mornin’, lovebug,” he murmurs voice thick & lips soft against your lips. You smile into it &  he smiles in return arms wrapping around your fame just to tug you in all the closer to his sleep form. Nothing in the world compares to the sleepy kisses he gives you every morning or the way he makes love to you just to pour every bit of himself into you. The soft rocking of hips, the gasped confessionals, the lazy kisses, the way it all feels so right being loved by him so completely. You’re not too sure how you began your days with just the sound of your alarm & begrudging willpower you didn’t really possess.

    “I love you,” he whispers softly against your lips kissing you firmly to soak you up during your early morning haze. A mess of moans,  gentle caresses, & choked swears is the only semblance of reality you know for the moment. 

    You melt into each other again in the shower all kisses &soft movements of hands washing each other up for the day. He shaves his face while you brush your teeth & he brushes his teeth while you wash your face. It’s very domestic this life you live with a tour guide, an ex-mercenary, & a mildly irritated New York cabbie. You wouldn’t trade it for the world though & quite frankly neither would they.

    “Bag?” “Yep.” “Tour notes?” “Got them!” “Glasses?” “Right pocket!” you list off everything he needs to remember smiling when he kisses your lips longingly for the eighth time this morning. You thrive in this, this ‘married couple without being married’ energy you’ve created for yourselves like it was made for you out of embers & roses petals. Come to think of it you wish you were married to them, not like marriage is high on your to-do list but something about marrying them makes your heart sing. Something about husband being on their list of nicknames makes you giddy inside as you hug your travel mug close to your chest & lean into Steven on the bus ride to work.

    Your day is smooth & filled with stolen kisses, snide remarks about Donna, & a long conversation about mummification that you didn’t know you were interested in until it started. By the time you both stumbled home tired & laughing you shed your clothes as you always do & kissed Steven Grant good night smiling when Marc kissed your lips in return.

    “Well hello.” you hum & he smiles greeting you directly before lips dance along yours & he brings up the idea of ordering food & watching movies. Of course, you oblige delighted that the weekend has finally hit & the cozy coexisting can commence as it always does on Friday nights after Steven’s gone off to bed for the night.

    “You’ve got a–” he starts kissing the corner of your mouth to clean the food from your wonderful face. You giggle at him thanking him dramatically to which he returns with the same theatrics kissing all over your face in punishment. It’s more akin to a gift than it is a punishment though, you’ll never tell him that because what if he stops doing it!

    “So..” you begin spoon popping out of your mouth childishly “Khonshu’s a right bastard isn't he?” Marc snorts nearly inhaling soda through his nose eyes cutting to a corner of the room, you assume the stupid dead bird is there complaining as always “I wonder if his head for fall off if I shook him?” you muse eliciting another chuckle from Marc who leans close & whispers in your head “It isn’t attached anyway, the fucker doesn’t even have eyes!” you gasp like you’re in some cheesy soap opera & he mimics you grin wide & eyes sparkling. It’s rare to see him so carefree & loud but god do you relish in the presence of it his happiness is infectious like a plague.

    This is love you think, this–this moment of pure happiness all giggles & loudness at 1am in your small London flat. This is love you solidify when his lips press against yours & you feel your back press into the bed comfortably. Whispering every bit of love you can to him & he whispers it back peppering you in warm kisses not intent on advancing but very intent on showering you in love. You see Steven’s love language is all touches, kisses, talking, & warmth while Marc’s is protection, lips on your skin, being vulnerable, & lingering glances that make your heart slow & your body catch on fire. He loves you, oh my god does he fucking love you, so much so it hurts him like a gaping wound in his chest, like a knife in his brain, like the most wonderful agony–the sweetest agony.

    He’d love to die because of you because you make him feel like the luckiest man alive & he’s spent years blaming himself for everything. For Randall, for your incident, for the way Steven’s life fell apart because he hide from him in a foolish attempt at keeping him safe, he blames himself for his mother’s rapid decline when that was her own choice. He knows none of it is his fault but he still has days where he’ll look at you & ask why you stayed, it shatters your heart every time.

    You beckon him into you & wrap your arms around him like you’re soothing a child. Petting his hair as he cries, singing as a distraction, kissing every bit of him you can reach as you recite all the reasons you’ve stayed & intend of staying for years to come. He loves you then so much so a special question nearly pops off his tongue like a cork off a bottle—he silences himself not wanting to fuck up Steven’s very cute plan. Instead, he buries into you a mumbled mess of thank yous & I love yous falling back into a warm sleep protected in your arms for hours upon hours.

    You’ll hold him until you wither away & die you declare internally triumph in your tone. You’ll love him until all he has within him is fluttery warmth & a blazing fire of passion strong enough to rival the largest forest fire. You’ll love him, you’ll love him, you’ll fucking love him.

    “Te quiero.” he murmurs hands running along your sides while his lips mark up your skin. You sigh happily from it leaning your head to expose more flesh your fingers running through his freshly showered hair the scent of aftershave & men’s body wash oozing off him. His touches are light underneath your shirt locking you in the world of him so much so it's dizzying to think you lived a life never knowing him.

    “Te quiero más,” you whisper back smiling when he kisses you whispering sweet nothings in his native tongue. Smiling into you as you ground him into the Earth like an anchor of love and light, something he never felt privy to until you came into his life all bubbly & free. He’s still careful with you out of habit & he speaks as gently as he can to avoid the usual abrasion that laces his tone–you love it though.

    You cup his face pressing your thumbs into his cheekbones & press a kiss to his forehead. Earning a soft sigh from him & a few mumbled phrases you don’t quite make out but that’s fine you’re much more entranced by the rumble of his voice anyway.

    Jake Lockley is a man of mystery but you’ll get to the bottom of it before too long. Always watching films with him, taking long car rides with him, kissing him in the moonlight when he parks on the outskirts of the city, making love to him in a way he never thought he was capable of. God you’re so drunk on them & they’re so drunk on you all of you melt together in the crockpot you call life, you all ooze across the floor of your desire, Not even Khonshu could break you apart—not that he’s been trying too hard–he’s more inclined to ignore you & make snarky comments like the grump old bastard he is.

    You can usually tell when he’s talking because the boys, the loves of your life, snark right back to him or Marc says a dark & rumbly “Watch it.” if the silly old bird is being a bigger asshole than usual. You always ask what he said & they always tell you to not worry about it, kiss you, & return to whatever you both were doing before the eyeless vulture opened his stupid mouth.

    Love is, well, love is what you make of it I suppose. It’s this sort of complicated song that gets softer & more intricate the longer your love prevails. It’s a warmth that spread through your bones, a hand on your back, a kiss on your cheek, the hand on your thigh, the wordless conversation from across the room, love just is. Love just exists & humans have found beautiful ways of showcasing their love. It’s like we were made for love & love alone as if we were created from a mold so inviting all we breathe are the fumes of intoxicating affection into our lungs.

    “I love you,” you whisper in his hair kissing his curls softly

    “I love you so much more.” he whispers back soft & sweet lips chasting against yours “See you in the morning, beloved,” he adds nuzzling his forehead against yours as sleep overtakes your bones.

    This is love you dream all sickly sweet like honey & berries, this is where you’re meant to be you declare on the top of the highest mountain.

    #steven grant imagine #steven grant fic #steven grant fanfic #steven grant fanfiction #steven grant fluff #moon knight imagine #moon knight fic #moon knight fanfic #moon knight fanfiction #steven grant x transmasc!reader #steven grant x reader #steven grant smut #steven grant x male!reader #moon knight x male!reader #moon knight x transmas!reader #moon knight x reader #marc spector imagine #marc spector fic #marc spector fanfic #marc spector fanfiction #marc spector fluff #marc spector x transmasc!reader #marc spector x reader #marc spector x male!reader #jake lockley imagine #jake lockley fic #jake lockley fanfic #jake lockley fanfiction #jake lockley fluff
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    Marc: I am experiencing an intense negative emotion

    Steven: Do you know what it is?


    Marc: Bad

    #source: how to put feelings into words?? #moon knight #moon knight meme #marc spector#steven grant#actually dissociative#actually did #imagine knowing how to express emotions #couldnt be people who were shamed for having emotions as a child
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    20.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Moon Knight has had it with Spider-Man This one isn't even an edit. It's from the recent Moon Knight: Black, White, and Blood #voiceover #voiceactor #marvel #moonknight ... via YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVab3w-5wSE

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    20.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    the moon boys with a short reader🥹

    when you wanna be held, you simply make grabby hands, trying to reach for their shoulders, and they instantly understand what you want so they reach down and grip your thighs and lift you into their arms. when you wanna kiss them, they sit down on the bed or couch and pull you into their lap or they pick you up and place you on the kitchen counter or table and stand in between your parted legs so you can kiss them easily.

    PLEASE 😩 i am short and i wanna be accommodated 😤

    #clarke answers #moon knight x reader #moon knight headcanon
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    20.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    Steven Grant Headcanons

    Steven Grant has a crush on y/n.

    Pairing: Steven Grant x GN!reader

    Genre: fluff!

    Warnings: none 

    A/N: Watched Moon Knight a while ago and can’t stop thinking about Steven!! Enjoy!

    Steven deserves all the love <3

    he’s super shy around you

    tries really hard to talk to you, but always changes his mind last minute and walks away before he’s even said anything

    he will either have a stupidly big dreamy smile on his face when he looks at you 

    or a kind of shocked expression with his mouth slightly open and eyes following your figure as you walk by him

    he’s always fumbling over his words when you ask him a question at work 

    you find it cute and you may seek him out from time to time to ask him questions you may already know the answer to

    he’s not really much of an initiator/talker, so mostly he’ll just be glancing over at you every 2 seconds

    gets super embarressed and warm when you catch his gaze and give him a smile

    (will most likely be thinking about your smile the rest of the day)

    everytime he hears your voice his head turns to wherever he hears it from, no matter what he was doing

    helping a customer? no, listening to you is more important

    has made a fool of himself multiple times in front of customers because he was watching you or thinking about you

    one time you waved at him and said ‘good morning Steven’ as you walked by and he attempted to say good morning back, turning to face you as you walked past him and ge walked straight into a plushie display of the egyptian Gods/Goddesses 

    he saw you once watching your favorite movie on your phone and now tries to bring it up casually to be able to talk to you about it

    definetly watched it after finding out you liked that movie 

    once you two get a bit closer (to where he can actually form a coherant sentence around you and talk to you without his palms sweating) he starts doing little things that makes you smile

    you mentioned this smoothie place once and said you really wanted to try it since it was new, so every day for a few weeks he would stop by the smoothie place before work and order a new flavor smoothie for you to try 

    he would get himself one and would blush like crazy when you asked to try a sip of his

    you always seem to spend your breaks together with each other

    either sharing a snack from from the vending machine 

    or looking through the newest shipments that come in in the warehouse

    or gossiping about Donna and how her panties are always in a bunch

    one day you realize something while you’re sharing a bag of chips 

    you have not given this man your number

    how could you forget such an important part of a beginning friendship?!?!

    especially if you wanted to become more than friends with him

    so you grab your phone and hand it to him with the contact list open

    “put you number in my phone, Steven. I want to bug you all hours of the day” 

    Steven has never typed anything so fast in his life 

    constantly looks forward to your texts

    even the weird ones at 3 a.m (even if he doesn’t wake up to see them)

    he always seems to type out the phrase “will you go out with me” but always deletes it 

    one day though as Steven was writing out this common phrase and weight the pros and cons of sending this message

    yet agan he decides this is a bad idea, but he only gets to deleting the question mark before his finger slips and he hits the send button 

    every muscle in his body tensed and he went frozen before completly losing his mind

    he’s pacing, swearing, thinking about what next job he should get, where he should move to, how to change his apperance to look like someone else...

    then his phone chimes and he goes silent again, tense as he picks his phone up to see if you had responded

    and you did

    with a very enthusiastic sounding “Yes!! I would love to, Steven!!” 

    and he almost passed out 

    #steven grant#steven#moon knight #moon knight Steven grant #moon knight Steven #mcu#marvel #moon knight marvel #marc spector#jack lockley #Steve grant fluff #moon knight fluff #steven fluff #steven grant Headcanons #steven Headcanons #moon knight Headcanons #kay:writes
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    20.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    I absolutely LOVED secret identities!!! Do you think you can do another avengers!xreader and marc/Steven/jake story!! Mange the reader is sent to recruit moonknight and then end up falling for each other?

    Thank you!!❤️❤️ I'm slowly becoming obsessed with the Avengers!reader genre! Loved writing this. Hope you enjoy!

    #jake lockley#steven grant#marc spector#moon knight#fic requests #moon knight fanfiction #the co-worker rule
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  • shenanigans-and-imagines
    20.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    What would be your take you on if Like and sigyn where in the Moon night TV series

    It would be a mess. Moon Knight is a very character centric show. One of its strengths is how little is ties into the MCU allowing it to do its own thing. While I am curious of how Marc and Steven would interact with some of the other MCU characters like Doctor Strange, for his own series, I don’t think any other characters would fit well within it.

    If you’d like me to answer how Marc, Steven and Jake might interact with Sigyn and Loki down the line, that’s something else. Plainly speaking in the series itself, they’d add absolutely nothing.

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  • leviathanruled
    20.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

           oh frog, no, not again--

    #((ghfJKLGFDH LISTEN I JUST REALIZED HOW MUCH SPIRALE'S ECLIPSES ARE GONNA FREAK HIM OUT #(( the moon turned out to be an evil weapon last time some cosmic fuckery went on in his home hgjfdkh #(( and it was alive! #dash commentary;#spoilers //
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  • rosellacwrites
    20.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    Waking up with Steven Grant in your bed, part 2. (Spicy rating: mild. maybe chipotle level.)

    “Look at you,” Steven breathes. He’s got that look on his face again as he rests on his elbows above you, that look that says am I still dreaming? “How in the bloody hell did I get so lucky?” 

    You’re tempted to make a you haven’t gotten there yet, but play your cards right and you will joke, but his gaze is so warm and sweet on you that you don’t want to spoil the moment. “Guess you were just in the right place at the right time when I spilled my coffee,” you tease. “I think I’m pretty lucky too.”  

    “Really?” His eyebrows rise in disbelief, and you trace their heavy dark lines with a gentle finger. 

    “Really,” you confirm. “Did you truly not notice that I was flirting with you for months?”

    His lips quirk in a wry smile. “I noticed. But I sort of… convinced myself it was all in my head, yeah?”  

    You can’t help but laugh, waving a hand to indicate him, in your bed, lying half on top of you, et cetera. “Well, hopefully our current, uh - situation - should prove to you I was serious.”

    “Oh, I think I’ve managed to cotton on, now.” He dips his head to kiss you again, soft and searching, more of his weight coming to rest on you as he finds the hem of your shirt and toys with it. 

    “You can,” you murmur, thinking he’s nervous about touching you. “It’s okay. Please.” 

    He inches the shirt up, little by little, his fingers five trails of fire splayed over your ribcage. You were wrong, then: it wasn’t hesitation, not first-time nerves at all. It’s deliberate, slow and steady, like he’s trying to memorize the exact drag of each ridge and whorl of his fingerprints along your skin. 

    His hands are beautiful. They’ve made you weak for months, cradling the warmth of his coffee cup, waving gracefully in the air as he tells you about ancient history, even drawing precise hieroglyphic symbols for you in a dusting of spilled sugar once. (You’ve thought about that particular moment far too often.) So many daydreams, so many thoughts of what those hands would feel like, touching you, and now that it’s real, it’s nowhere near enough. 

    You arch your back with a needy whine, leaning into his hand to get more pressure, and he chuckles. “I’ve dreamed about this for months,” he whispers into the curve of your neck. “Wanted you every way a man can want. Now that I’ve finally got you where I want you, I am going to take my bloody time about it, yeah?” 

    You’d thought he would be the one in trouble this morning. You’re beginning to think you might have been wrong about that.

    #moon knight #steven grant x reader #go steven get some #steven grant#smut drabbles #moon knight smut
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    20.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    Hey besties! I’m going to try and have chapter 3 of Little Miss Sunshine up either tomorrow night or Saturday (probably Saturday bc of work). I’m still trying to brainstorm how I want chapter 3 to go but I have so many ideas for this story. 💛 also might start taking imagine request 🤪

    #moon knight imagine #marc spector imagine #marc spector x reader #marc spector
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  • space-mantis
    20.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    hc time but i reckon since moon suffers the most judgement and vilification based on their appearance alone (canonically and im looking directly at most of YOU fnaf fandom) it’s left them with very low self esteem. however they tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt since canon moon is neither mean or an arsehole virus or not, they’re a very sweet animatronic so when they find out that someone they initially thought was kind actually says nasty things about them etc it’s always a huge blow

    sun on the other hand, if he hears someone talk about him or moon badly he’s hunting them for sport <3

    #mantis mumbles#fnaf sb #while sun and moon can be themselves around each other monty’s relaxed and chilled out personality #gives them the love and confidence to be themselves around others #they hype each other up very easily and the chaos always leaves freddy on the verge of an aneurysm #no more doormat uwu baby bean ableist infantilized sun MORE CANON ANGRY UNHINGED SUN THANK YOU
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  • seafoamreadings
    20.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    moon square eris

    this type of square happens twice a month and can be associated with arguments or disagreements, the severity of which depends on what else is going on in your personal astrology. but, with a bit of a heads up each time the moon is in cancer or capricorn, you can minimize the damage, hopefully!

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    20.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    My Oscar/Pedro shrine is coming along nicely~

    #and then I have a preorder/hold for moon knight pops!
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  • fl0werjpg
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    #sailor moon#pastel#pink aesthetic #sailor moon aesthetic
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  • bensolosbluesaber
    20.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    The Co-Worker Rule (Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and Jake Lockley x Reader)

    Summary: With the Avengers’ ranks depleted in the aftermath of the blip, your team needs heroes. Your mission is to recruit the Moon Knight. What you didn’t expect was to fall for him.

    Fluff, Adventure

    Pairings: Mainly Steven Grant x reader, Marc Spector x reader, Jake Lockley x reader

    Warnings:  I did my best to accurately represent DID but please tell me if there are errors, canon typical violence, some blood, broken bones, super-powered reader, not really edited yet, I cannot write a fic where I don’t talk about Oscar’s nose and hair

    A/N: Based on this request: I absolutely LOVED secret identities!!! Do you think you can do another avengers!xreader and marc/Steven/jake story!! Mange the reader is sent to recruit moonknight and then end up falling for each other?

    This is not the Secret Identities sequel (my other Avengers!reader fic). The sequel is coming soon!


    Marc Spector. Steven Grant. Jake Lockley. Three men, two superheroes, one body, and exactly who the Avengers needed. Well, to be fair the Avengers needed anyone with superpowers. 

    That’s how you found yourself in London watching Steven Grant sit on a park bench, eat a sandwich, and stare into the sunset. The crowds were gone by the time dusk fell, and it was just you and Steven. You wouldn’t risk civilian casualties if he turned out to be a lose cannon, so you’d waited.

    You approached carefully and sat on the bench beside Steven who stared silently into the distance. He’s really very handsome with his curly hair and dark eyes, and the silhouette of his nose and jaw in the setting sun has you swallowing hard. Without so much as a glance, he holds out a foil wrapped panini from the stand he stopped at earlier, offering it to you like you were an old friend.

    “Probably cold now,” he finally says in a thick British accent. “Saw you following me when I left work. Thought you might be hungry too. S’not poisoned or nothing’.” 

    “What do you mean it’s not poisoned?” Jake hisses. “I told you to drug them.”

    “Jake, we don’t have access to anything to drug someone,” Marc is confused. “Do we?”

    You can’t help but smile a little bit at Steven Grant and take the food he’s offering. You are hungry, and though the hours old food would sit badly in a normal human’s stomach, you’re unconcerned. And if it’s poisoned, well, poison didn’t really work on you.

    “So what do you want then?” Steven finally looks at you.

    You have a mouthful of food, and all you can do is freeze as the full weight of Steven Grant’s gaze settles on you.

    “Ever heard of the Avengers?” you opt to cut right to the chase.

    “What? Are we stupid?” Marc hisses.

    “Hasn’t everyone?” Steven filters Marc’s snide remark.

    “I’m an Avenger.”

    “Bullshit. Give me the body!”

    “We know about,” you debate the best way to sound non-threatening and end up gesturing vaguely to his whole body. “you and are interested-”

    The man hears nothing else that you say, just Jake’s voice.

    “Steven, give me the body,” his alter says with deadly calm.

    Steven doesn’t, just keeps staring at you. Sadness fills his deep brown eyes.

    “Don’t try to take me in,” he mutters. “It won’t end well for you.”

    “No, no,” you put a hand on his knee. “I’m not here to arrest you or anything like that.”

    Steven glances down at your hand, and you draw it back quickly, apologetically.

    “We want to recruit you for the initiative,” you explain, rubbing your hands together as you talk. “After Cairo, Moon Knight is a bit of a hero amongst us Avengers.”

    Steven looks at you with slightly parted lips. The sun catches in his dark curls, and as you’re staring at him thinking that he is one of the most beautiful human beings you’ve ever seen he’s staring back thinking the same thing.

    “Keep it together, buddy,” Marc says. “I don’t disagree with you, but-”

    “This is dangerous. Someone knows about us! Mierda! Do the Avengers know about all of us?”

    You look him up and down. God, you want to touch those curls. Stop. Focus. You have got to focus. You cross your arms, leaning forward onto your knees and pulling your gaze away from Steven to look into the distance.

    “After the blip, the battle, we lost so much. The team scattered, but our enemies didn’t. I’m not asking you to live in a tower or at the new compound. We just need heroes willing to defend those who can’t defend themselves,” you let the sadness tinge your voice, sadness for your lost team. “Heroes who will answer the call when it’s time.”

    “I’m not a hero.”

    The accent is gone. You glance over at Marc Spector, his brows furrowed deeply as he studies you. He thinks he believes you, even though Jake is still suspicious. It’s the tragic honesty of your plea that makes him comfortable enough to front. And it’s the perfect opportunity to see just how much you know.

    “Nice to meet you, Marc.”

    “Looks like the answer is everything,” Jake hisses. “Everything!”

    Reluctantly, Marc allows Jake to front. You can tell instantly by how his mouth sets in a tight line that you’re looking at the third alter. Jake clearly sees you as a threat. All you know from the file is that he is “the most violent of the three,” which is an assessment you think is unfair. It seemed to you that Jake only fronted when the system was in real danger, only took lives when absolutely necessary, did anything to protect Marc and Steven. You admired him for it, respected him.

    But if he saw you as a threat, then you were in trouble. Shit.

    You jump to your feet, taking a defensive stance as Jake stands too, looking at you with a slightly tilted head and menacing eyes.

    “You want us to be an Avenger?” He growls. “What if I don’t believe you?”

    He steps closer, closer.

    “Jake, I think she’s telling the truth,” Steven interrupts.

    “I’ll be the judge of that,” he says aloud then lunges for you.

    You side step him, raising your hands and blocking his punch easily. He spins and kicks. You slide back to avoid it, totally on the defensive, not having any desire to really fight Jake. That is, until he finds your ribs with a hard kick. Something cracks. Instinct takes over then. You kick him right in the chest, sending Jake staggering backward.

    “Not bad,” he grins like this is some sort of game.

    You glance around, making sure the park is still empty. You don’t want the cops called on an Avenger fighting a vigilante. There’s no one. You leap at Jake, tossing punch after punch that he blocks easily. Just as you intended. He’s distracted and doesn’t notice you step in to sweep out his leg, knocking him flat on his butt.

    He kicks your ankle hard, and you fall forward to your knees. By the time you realize what’s happening, he’s back on his feet in a low crouch. You use your momentum to roll forward, back on your feet in an instant only inches from Jake. He strikes forward; you catch his arm, locking out his wrist and elbow and spinning him around. You raise a knee to strike his face, and he grabs your thigh.

    Add some degree of super strength to Moon Knight’s list of powers. He hooks an arm under your leg and flips you onto your back, shaking your grip free as the air whooshes from your lungs. Pain shoots through your side. Jake’s body collapses heavily on yours, pinning you beneath him. He straddles your waist, leaning forward over you.

    You bring an elbow across his face and blood sprays from his nose.

    “Alright, I’m definitely buying the Avengers thing,” Marc says.

    Jake wasn’t quite convinced. He draws back a hand and you jerk your head to the side to avoid the punch. He hits the ground instead. You use his shifted weight to get your legs around his waist, and flip him to the side so you’re on top with him pinned beneath you.

    “That was hot.”

    “Steven, you are just one giant invasive thought right now,” Jake replies silently as he stares up you.

    For a moment, you think you’ve reached a truce and relax your body ever so slightly. That’s exactly what Jake wanted. He reaches for your neck. You bat his hand away. He tries again. You block again, and he grabs your wrist instead, yanking you closer so he can wrap his strong arms around your back and flip you back over.

    “That was hot,” it’s Marc’s turn to admire you.

    A flash of gold then a cold blade is pressed to your neck, pricking the skin.

    “Easy, Jake,” Steven warns.

    Blood from Jake’s face drips across yours as he glowers down at you.

    Power flares in your hands, but you will it back to sleep. He’s not really going to hurt you. He was pulling his punches. This is a test, some sort of strange initiation to see if you’re trustworthy enough for Jake Lockley. You meet his gaze with a measured look of complete calm. He tilts his head.

    “Hmm, te creo,” he sheathes the crescent shaped blade. “I believe you.”

    He sits back and offers you a hand, pulling you to your feet. You feel the tiny mark on your neck that’s bleeding a surprising amount. Jake touches his nose tenderly. It’s definitely broken. And so are your ribs you realize as you struggle to take a deep breath.

    “Here,” you reach for him first, letting your powers flow through you as you trace his busted nose with a feather light touch.

    When his nose snaps back into place, he doesn’t so much as flinch. But he is staring at you with raised eyebrows. You run a hand over your neck, healing the tiny cut, then press your palm to your side. It hurts like it always does as your bones click back together.

    “Fuck,” you hiss under your breath, trying and failing to bite back a pained moan.

    “Now that was hot,” Jake says silently

    “Imagine hearing that sound because of us,” Marc adds, the image of you squirming underneath them flashing through their minds courtesy of Marc.

    “We are hearing that sound because of us,” Steven snaps. “Someone - Jake - broke their ribs!”

    “Lay off Steven. I was assessing a threat.”

    “Whatever you say, mate. Threat assessed.”

    “So the Avengers?” Marc asks, wiping blood from his face with the back of his hand.

    “I take it I passed,” You remark wryly, not even blinking at the appearance of Marc.

    It was the weirdest recruiting mission you had ever been on, but if beating the shit out of each other for a few minutes convinced Jake, Steven, and Marc that you were genuine, then that’s what you’d do.

    Marc stepped close to you and raised his hand to your face, touching the spattering of blood there. His face changes, softens. Steven’s palm flattens over your cheek, and without realizing it you lean into the warmth.

    “My flat’s a few blocks away,” he offers. “You can clean up there, talk to all of us about the Avengers.”

    His eyes are wide as his gaze roves your face, a little smile quirking his lips up. You’re equally as enraptured by him, by all of them really.

    “Oh, he’s got it bad,” Jake remarks.

    In the end, Steven walks you back to his flat, listening to you talk about the new Avengers Initiative all the while. Marc and Jake jump into the conversation here and there, and in the fifteen minutes it takes to reach Steven’s door, your mission is complete. Moon Knight is an Avenger.

    You could go. Right then, you could turn around, wish Steven - and Marc and Jake - the best, tell them you’ll see them later, and go back to the compound. You should go, but there is something magnetic about the three men that makes you follow Steven Grant into his flat.

    He sits you on the edge of his bed and cleans the blood from your face with a damp cloth, kneeling between your legs the whole time in a way that makes you feel… things. Damn it. When you were recruited to the team, you made a personal rule that a romance, however brief, would never be an option with a fellow Avenger. Steven is by all rights an Avenger now. The co-workers rule had always kept you out of trouble before. So yes you could admire how handsome this man was, but no, there could be no romance, no sex, nothing.

    When your face and neck are clean, Steven absentmindedly puts a hand on your thigh, high on your thigh, and sits back on his knees. There is fire where he’s touching you. Damn it, you curse to yourself. Remember the rule.

    Trying to distract yourself, you take the cloth from him and dab at his face that is still bloody from the broken nose. It forces you to lean closer as you hold his head still with one hand and wipe blood away with the other. His face is soft with just a hint of afternoon stubble on his cheek and jaw. This was not a good choice for a distraction.

    He’s looking up at you with those big dark eyes, and when he makes eye contact, he hold you still with just his gaze.

    “Come on, Steven!” Marc cheers him on.

    Steven doesn’t think. He takes your face between his hands and kisses you like a dying man taking his last breath. He leans you back, pressing you flat to the bed and moving to hover over you, kissing you all the while.

    “I-is this alright?” Steven asks, pulling back so your noses are barely brushing.

    No. It’s breaking the rule. That’s what you should say. But your hands are pressed to the smooth muscles of his chest, moving almost of their own accord to feel him through his shirt. 

    “Yes,” you decide right then to take a leap of faith.

    The smile that lights up Steven’s face is contagious. You would break every rule in the world just to see him smile. You’re grinning back at him as he shifts his body atop yours. Fighting Jake had been - dare you say it - fun, but this was better. Steven is warm and gentle in all the right ways, and you think that if you ever get the chance you’d find that Marc and Jake would be rough in all the right ways. But for now, this is enough. More than enough.

    Steven’s hands roam your face like he’s trying to memorize every bit of it. You’re raising goosebumps along his side as you slip your hands under the soft fabric of his shirt.

    And just as you are about to tear this beautiful man’s clothes off, your phone vibrates loudly in your pocket. The moment is broken. You fumble for the device, brushing the back of your hand awkwardly across Steven’s… oh shit. He huffs softly.

    “Sorry,” you mutter, feeling how hard he is with that quick touch.

    He moves his eyes up, averting his gaze from you with a slightly embarrassed half-grin, half-grimace.

    “Hello,” you answer, calming your breathing.

    You’re still laying under Steven who is braced on his elbows with hands hovering awkwardly around your head.

    “Any updates?”

    Why did it have to be Sam Wilson calling you right now? It felt like your older brother had just walked in on you having sex. It wasn’t sex… yet, and Sam wasn’t your older brother… biologically, but that might has well have been the situation.

    “Yeah, it uh… went well. He’s on board.”

    You glance at Steven who is watching you curiously, actively running a hand through your hair now.

    “Good. So we’ll see you back here early morning then?” Sam asks.

    “I um… I missed my flight,” that is technically true.

    “Missed flight?” You hear Bucky shout and pull the phone from your ear as his voice gets louder. “They’re fucking. I knew it! I saw those pictures of him, and I knew this was the end of your stupid co-worker rule!”

    “We’re not-” you start, then stop; lying to Bucky and Sam has never been your best skill. “We-”

    Marc grabs the phone from your hand; you don’t know when the change occurred. He could definitely hear Bucky’s yelling.

    “We’re trying to,” he speaks into the phone.

    You can hear Bucky’s happy shouting on the other line, Sam trying to calm him down. Then Marc hangs up and tosses your phone aside.

    “Now where were we?” Marc’s voice shifts to Steven’s British accent mid-sentence.

    You bury your fingers in his soft curly hair, dragging Steven’s face down to yours and pressing your lips to his soft ones. You’d followed your co-worker rule for years, but not anymore. Steven moans quietly, a deep throaty sound that shoots heat through your body.

    It was like Stark had always said, rules are made to be broken.


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