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  • edward-nashtegg
    26.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    if brahms had 2 flirt:

    • "ur ugly, but in a pretty way"

    • "u smell awful but not 2 me"

    • "ur not the best option but ur still a good option"

    • "there's ppl who r much prettier than u, but i still like u"

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  • thewispguy
    26.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    I watched the Chip ’n Dale Rescue Rangers Movie. My thoughts?

    As a Chip 'n Dale Movie, I think it's okay at best. As a Rescue Rangers Movie? It's pretty bad. It makes me glad that DuckTales 2017 turned out as good as it did. That show was made by people who loved the Disney Afternoon cartoons, and tried to do it some justice for the new generation. This one feels like the people here wanted to make "Roger Rabbit 2" instead and simply chose a nostalgic property because reboots are the cool new thing.

    When I first heard of the movie being made, I was expecting "The Rescue Rangers take on Fat Cat/Nimnul/an original villain in their most dangerous scheme yet!" Or "The Rescue Rangers have gone their separate ways, but join together once more to take on a new threat!" Or "This is a new origin story for the how Rescue Rangers came together to stop Fat Cat!" Not "Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2: Starring Chip 'n Dale from the Rescue Rangers!"

    While Monty's kidnapping does drive the plot, Gadget and Zipper only help out at the very end of the movie where they fly Dale to his destination, and even then they remain uninvolved in the final conflict! Like, you could’ve replaced them with almost anyone else, and things still would’ve been the same. If this is supposed to be a “Rescue Rangers Movie,” why not have Gadget and Zipper team up with the duo to help find Monty? You mean to tell me Monty called in Chip n’ Dale for help, but not Gadget and his best pal Zipper?

    Heck, why not have Fat Cat and Nimnul help out as well? Sure, you could argue “they’re evil, they would never help those Rescue Rodents,“ but as previously mentioned, in this world, The Rescue Rangers are actors.

    In an early scene in the movie, both villains seem to be enjoying making the episodes alongside the heroes. I’m sure they would be more than happy to help them find one of their missing co-stars. Imagine Ellie going “You guys are helping? Aren’t you villains?“ and Fat Cat snarking back at her “Uh, hello? We’re actors. That was only in the show,“ with Nimnul following up with “We’re really nice once you get to know us,” or something like that.

    Speaking of which... Gadget and Zipper? Really? This pairing really feels like it’s a spit on the fans than anything. I’d rather Chip/Gadget, Dale/Gadget, or just Gadget living by herself than that. (And I’m not even a massive shipper in the Rescue Rangers fandom)

    I’d probably be less upset by that if they weren’t so selective on what Rescue Rangers lore they brought back. Like, Monty’s obsession with cheese wasn’t something that Monty “the character” was obsessed with. Monty “the actor” is also addicted to cheese, and it’s treated like a drug addiction. (And nobody in-universe cares that they wrote his addiction into their script because...?)

    Heck, Gadget herself comments that “I guess my character from the old show and my character in real life are basically exactly the same!“ I might be remembering wrong, but didn’t Gadget sometimes display an interest in Chip, despite her being rather oblivious to love?

    Heck, Zipper was shown being interested in Queenie the Queen Bee in one episode. Seems to me like they deliberately chose to ignore these two facts simply to spite the original fans.

    And then there's the whole Peter Pan situation. Even ignoring its very unfortunate ties to the Bobby Driscoll tragedy, his backstory has a major plothole when Peter encounters one of the Lost Boys when he and his minions are chasing the two chipmunks.

    How did that kid not age a day while Peter did? Never explained.

    There was that one leak that suggests that PLUTO was intended to be the main villain. And you know what? That might just be the case. When you watch the film with that scrapped plot in mind, you start to notice some things. Like how our main antagonist Peter - originally “Mean Dean” in the leak - doesn’t really have a lot of lines of dialogue before he transforms into that amalgamation of a cartoon, especially compared to the second antagonist of the film. Heck, Mean Dean may not have even been intended to be Peter, only for that to change when they rewrote the script! But I digress...

    That being said, there were some enjoyable moments here and there. I even think the flashbacks to Chip 'n Dale's childhood was pretty cute. But it's not enough to save the movie for me, and I pray a sequel to this - whether it's following Chip 'n Dale or Darkwing Duck - never happens. If you absolutely have to watch it, then I suggest you “set sails on the high-seas, matey!“ and never look back.

    It’s true what they say: “Sometimes, some films deserve to slip through the cracks.“

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  • dormiloncito
    26.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    You took one for the team and now have been assigned as the morbius (derogatory) mutual ahskshdk

    It's my punishment for actually watching Morbius, I deserve this. Got Morbied so you won't have to 😔✊🏼

    The memes are the best thing that came out of that it, it makes it seem as this haha funny thing when in reality the movie is so bad.

    If anything you end up laughing at how much it sucks, layers upon layers of irony until you realize holy shit that certainly was The Film Ever (<- trying to cope over the fact that money was spent on tickets for that crap) KSJFKJSKDKW

    #ask #well in my case i did not spend anything as i mentioned i just tagged along with someone else 😆 #still #don't watch morbius. maybe pirate it. #it's the kind of movie you accidentally watch when you wake up at 3 am because you left the tv on
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  • cinemalerta
    26.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Ray Liotta ( December 18, 1954 – May 26, 2022)

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  • inmydrcams
    26.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago
    Look, if we can have speed racer/Mach gogogo with a Japanese team and the visuals from the movie this could be a really great tv show
    #I'd also vote for using the Japanese names but that may be a losing battle #at least cast Japanese #I actually thought the movie was great fun #it was just white ™ #( ;; we don't vibe with fanon )
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  • reallyfantasticphilosopher
    26.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    You should stop if you don’t even like it, you’ll get bad health thanks to socializing.

    Ryuji Ayukawa

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  • moniquesteele
    26.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Every Wednesday on my art IG (@moniquesteeleart) I go live with some friends and we talk a specific topic and draw art based on what we’re talking about. This Wednesday we talked DCOMS so I had to draw my girl Zenon Kar!

    Also if the tumblr community is ever in the mood for some live painting come through Wednesdays at 8est, we be having fun and if you wanna catch this video or any of the previous ones they’re all up right now on IG! whoop whoop

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  • pinksilvace
    26.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    I watched the KCC interview with Casey and Miller and found a few things to clarify:

    - It’s not confirmed that Amy won’t be in Sonic 3; the writers refused to comment on it due to NDAs

    - They would love to “incorporate elements” from SA2/Shadow due to Shadow’s inclusion in Sonic 3, but again, can’t be specific about anything that folks might interpret as a plotline spoiler (in all likelihood, this could mean that the plot of sonic 3 is almost completely removed from game canon)

    - Casey mentioned being inspired by both the games and the comics in terms of plot elements to pull into the films

    - The team is looking at “a big movie star” to play Shadow - not specifically a voice actor

    - The producers are well aware of fan outcry for not including Crush 40′s music in the first two films. It sounds like the greatest barrier to including it in the third would be working out the terms of a contract, as the matter has apparently been well discussed by the higher-ups of the movie team

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  • renegadepack
    26.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    hot girls list new moon as their favorite twilight movie

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  • watching-pictures-move
    26.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    Movie Review | The Nine Demons (Chang, 1984)

    Joey and Gary are best buds and super cool dudes. Unfortunately, some assholes decide it would be cool to stage a coup against Gary's family, leaving Gary for dead and causing Joey to flee. While Joey flees, he ends up stumbling into the underworld and ends up making a deal with the devil. Joey has access to nine demons and gets magic kung fu demon powers, but in exchange he has to keep feeding them blood. Joey agrees and returns to the mortal plane to save Gary and seek his revenge, but like many Faustian bargains, ends up having to do a lot of bad shit to feed the demons. Will Joey become evil for good? Or will he cast off the demons and resume being the good person he once was? I dunno, watch the movie.

    This is a late period Chang Cheh film and has the same narrative style as other films he made during that period. Which is to say that characters don't have a lot of interiority and will frequently spout exposition just to keep the plot going. We get enough to establish the reason for the underlying conflict and then proceed to the fight scenes as quickly as possible. When I first encountered his work, while I didn't consider it a weakness per se (I appreciated the narrative efficiency), I also conceded that it was likely just a byproduct of making movies primarily concerned with delivering action sequences. But as I encountered more and more of his earlier films, this approach came into focus as a deliberate narrative choice. Earlier movies like Vengeance and The Boxer from Shantung were deeply felt portrayals of fraternal loyalty, wringing real emotion out of the violence that ensued (and were a precursor to the heroic bloodshed movies of John Woo and the like). In contrast, movies like Five Deadly Venoms and Crippled Avengers deliberately flatten the characterizations and abstract the emotions at play. The effect is like a story told through a tapestry, or by reciting a folktale.

    Crippled Avengers has another quality that's very much present here, with their unusually oriented morality. It opens with a character deeply wronged, only for him to be and wrong other characters by maiming them in various ways. Through those scenes the first character is revealed to be the villain while the others are revealed to be the heroes, but it didn't always seem that way in a given moment. (This dynamic also features in Two Champions of Shaolin, where the "villains" only want to kill the hero because he needlessly castrates and kills one of them during a friendly exhibition.) In this movie Joey is supposedly the hero, but his murder of relative innocents brings that into doubt, and the villains' allies who try to stop Joey aren't entirely wrong in doing so. The tapestry looks a little different depending on the angle you're viewing it from.

    This movie also bears some similarities with The Weird Man, which Chang directed the previous year, in how it tries to force supernatural elements into his insular, artificial style with awkward results. That movie felt at times like a transmission from Chang's subconscious, with scenes where the hero possesses the villain's wife to surprise him in the bedroom, possesses a priest to sexually harass the villain's wife and female acquaintances, and possesses the wife and her sister to surprise the villain with a threesome-turned-kung-fu-fight. (One wonders how Chang's marriage was doing at the time.) This one isn't as psychosexually tinged, but it does feature its share of awkward, amusing visuals. The demons are represented by a set of skulls that Joey wears around his neck that transform into eight children and one adult woman, which means we get plenty of scenes of little kids jumping on people to drink their blood and the same effects shot of blood on a prop skull numerous times throughout the movie. (And before you ask, it never gets old.) Added supernatural flavour is provided through garish multicoloured lighting, likely through the use of a spinning disco ball. The cheapness gives it a schlocky charm, nicely complemented by an awful English dub responsible for giving the heroes traditional Chinese names like Joey and Gary and providing such emotionally resonant dialogue as:

    "You're the baddie." "I'm the baddie?"


    "I've done some bad things, such as... killing."

    And because this is a Chang Cheh film, it goes without saying that the fight scenes are creatively executed and frequently stunning. Earlier scenes seem to blend the action into the mise en scene, only to puncture the effect when switching to handheld (an effect he'd employ in his earlier movies but this time with the added benefit of Steadicam-like fluidity) while later scenes feature such highlights as fighting while waterskiing and fighting across a network of bamboo rods (and trying not to fall off in the process). And when the cast features some of our friends from the Venom Mob, the fight choreography certainly delivers the goods.

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  • sky-marbles
    26.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    I love how each of their backstories are so similar but different. Knuckles lost his family when they went to fight the owls, sonic lost his family at a young age when the echidnas attacked longclaw, (theirs are extremely similar), however Tails was also alone and didn’t have family but not because they were attacked or killed. Tails (specifically scu) was likely abandoned then exiled and abused by the village. Sonic and Knuckles suffered a great loss that was taken from them, but Tails was simply unloved/unwanted. I always figured he had abandonment issues so that’s why he with sonic almost 24/7. I would like for SEGA to showcase the effects of being forced from your home b/c your unloved since I’m sure many could relate (not me partially projecting)

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  • kurundek
    26.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago
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  • styloff
    26.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    NO NOT RAY LIOTTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!

    #goodfellas is literally my favorite movies and i loved ray in just about everything
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  • mostlybuckystuff
    26.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago
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  • andreasmithdesigned
    26.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    Llama Kuzco, The Emperor’s New Groove (2000) 🦙

    7 inch embroidery hoop. ~59 hours of active stitching time. Single strand of DMC Embroidery Floss. In a realistic thread painting style.

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  • wbseries
    26.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    वीराना फिल्म के पीछे का किस्सा जानकर आपके रोंगटे खड़े हो जाएंगे ; जब डायरेक्टर के साथ घटी यह घटना ।

    वीराना फिल्म के पीछे का किस्सा जानकर आपके रोंगटे खड़े हो जाएंगे ; जब डायरेक्टर के साथ घटी यह घटना ।

    वीराना फिल्म के पीछे का किस्सा जानकर आपके रोंगटे खड़े हो जाएंगे ; जब डायरेक्टर के साथ घटी यह घटना: फनी हॉरर फिल्मों की अगर हम बात करें तो सबसे पहले वीराना का नाम आता है विराना अपने टाइम की सबसे डरावनी मूवीस में से एक रही है। सन 1988 में बनी यह मूवी अपने टाइम की सबसे डरावनी मूवी में से एक मानी जाती है आज भी यह मूवीस देख कर हम अपने बचपन के को याद करके सहम जाते हैं खासकर वे लोग जो सन 90 के दशक में…

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  • spookyspiritsworld
    26.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago
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  • nino5571
    26.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    The end of the quest

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  • kulthunter
    26.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago


     Carlos S. 

    Ray Liotta, el veterano actor conocido por sus papeles en Goodfellas (uno de los mas entrañables y de más peso de su carrera) y Field of Dreams, murió a la edad de 67 años. Según Deadline, Liotta falleció mientras dormía en República Dominicana, donde estaba filmando la película Dangerous Waters. Ninguna causa de muerte se ha hecho pública en este momento.

    Nacido el 18 de diciembre de 1954 en Newark, Nueva Jersey, Liotta era camarero en Nueva York, cuando tuvo su primera oportunidad con un papel en la telenovela diurna Another World. Se unió a la serie en 1978, pero se fue en 1981 para probar suerte en Hollywood, entrando en pequeñas partes en un programa de televisión de Casablanca y el drama criminal Our Family Honor, antes de obtener su primer papel importante en la película Something Wild (1986), dirigida por Jonathan Demme. El papel le valió una nominación al Globo de Oro como Mejor Actor de Reparto.

    En 1989, Liotta interpretó al fantasma de Shoeless, Joe Jackson en Field of Dreams , en la que convenció a un granjero de Iowa (Kevin Costner) para que construyera un campo de béisbol en un campo de maíz. La película fue nominada a tres Premios de la Academia, incluyendo Mejor Película.

    Siguió eso en 1990 con una de las mejores actuaciones individuales jamás comprometidas con el cine, interpretando a Henry Hill en Goodfellas de Martin Scorsese. Liotta comenzó la película como un joven que buscaba un lugar al que pertenecer, y rastreó la evolución de Hill hasta un capo joven y fanfarrón y luego un gángster nervioso cuya vida se está desmoronando.

    Liotta parecía estar a punto de convertirse en una gran estrella, pero tuvo problemas para capitalizar el éxito de Goodfellas. En la ráfaga de películas que siguió, apareció en algunos éxitos modestos: No Escape (1994), Operation Dumbo Drop (1995) y Cop Land (1997), así como en más de unos pocos fracasos.

    Su primer resurgimiento comenzó en 1999 con un pequeño papel en Muppets in Space , seguido de un importante papel secundario en  Hannibal  de 2001 y un papel como el padre de Johnny Depp en  Blow de 2002. Ese mismo año, su actuación en el drama de policías encubiertos Narc  obtuvo excelentes críticas y, a menudo, se cita como uno de los mejores trabajos de Liotta. Pero su carrera también estaba entrando en una fase más autorreferencial, prestando su voz al episodio "Brian Does Hollywood" de Family Guy y protagonizando como él mismo Just Shoot Me!

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