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  • oc-x-cannon-on-main
    23.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Okay, so, if you're still doing the f/o phone wallpaper thing... What about... Mukuro Ikusaba? 👉🏻👈🏻

    Sure thing! I love me some Danganronpa :)

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  • super-island-edits
    22.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    ace bi mukuro reply icons for anon! i don’t know if i love these sorry haha but i hope they’re good for you!

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  • soisauci
    22.05.2022 - 1 day ago


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  • dragondemoness
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hey! I'd like to request Maki, Kyoko, Peko and Mukuro with a ultimate angelical fem reader. Like she's the most caring, kind, understanding and pure person in the world. I wish you have good day! :D

    Hey thanks, you too!

    Kyoko, Mukuro, Peko, and Maki with an Ultimate Angel S/O

    Kyoko Kirigiri 

    At first, she's a little suspicious

    I mean, how can someone be so kind and pure?

    She was sure someone like you didn't even exist

    But as she got to know you, she couldn't be more glad you do

    She cracks a small smile every time she sees you

    She knows she can trust you with anything, and she does

    She doesn't tell you everything, but she knows she can

    You understand, of course

    Your patience adds to your pureness

    She's glad to be the main recipient of your love and care

    If anyone dares try to take advantage of you, she won't hesitate to tell them to back off

    Kyoko's heart skips a beat whenever you're around💜

    Mukuro Ikusaba 

    She also can't help but be suspicious at first

    As we know, she had never gotten this kind of treatment from anyone, even her own sister

    So she'll need to take some time to trust you

    But when she does, she won't regret it

    She loves the feeling of being cared for

    You're patient and perfectly fine taking things slow with her

    Oh, and also


    Once you introduce her to the subject of physical affection, and get her used to it, she loves it

    She doesn't always ask for it, but if you initiate it, she wouldn't say no

    Eventually, she'll find it easier to ask

    She can trust you with anything, after all

    And if anyone tries to take advantage of your kindness, she she definitely won't be happy

    But she won't harm anyone if you don't want her to

    You've been so kind to her all along and she wants to return the favor

    Mukuro is super soft for you

    Peko Pekoyama 

    She's not used to your kindness, but she can't say she doesn't like it!

    She actually quite enjoys talking to you

    You treat her much better than Fuyuhiko does

    Not to say he treats her poorly, but c'mon, the poor thing could really use some kindness

    It's nice to get a break from his anger

    Your kindness feels like pouring cool water on a fire, a breath of fresh air

    Soon, she finds herself paying less attention to her young master

    And soon, you're her young master

    She can't help but smile whenever you're around

    She's a little stiff when it comes to cuddles, but she loves it nonetheless

    And if anyone dares try to take advantage of you and your kindness?

    This girl's immediately reaching for her sword

    Peko would do anything for you

    Maki Harukawa

    She's kind of a bitch about it at first

    She doesn't trust you one bit, so she acts rude toward you

    After a LONG while, she tries to tone it down cuz she likes you

    That doesn't mean she won't act like a tsundere tho, even when you get together

    She doesn't initiate physical affection, but if you ask for it, she'll turn away with a blush and wrap an arm around your waist

    She'll get more used to it eventually

    Despite her, well, sharpness, she won't hesitate any bullshit towards you

    If anyone tries to take advantage of your pureness, she'll give them a glare and recite her line

    "Do you wanna die?"

    But if you REALLY don't want them to get hurt, she will begrudgingly leave them alone

    Despite her tsundere-ness, Maki does have a soft spot for you

    #danganronpa x reader #danganronpa trigger happy havoc #danganronpa goodbye despair #danganronpa killing harmony #kyoko kirigiri x reader #mukuro ikusaba x reader #peko pekoyama x reader #maki harukawa x reader
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  • lizluvscupcakes
    21.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    i LOVE your danganronpa THH superhero AU, but I have two questions about it: 1. Does Hifumi have to be constantly touching whatever he wants to adjust the gravity of? Or is it like he can just poke it and make it float until he pokes it again and returns it to normal gravity (or it returns to its normal gravity in a different way.)? and 2. Is Mukuro's intrusive thought clone Junko?

    Eeeee!!!! I’m so glad you like it because I worked really really hard on it!!!

    As for your questions, I’m always excited for another opportunity to think and talk about AUs, especially this one! Let’s build some lore, baby, woohoo!!!

    Hifumi’s gravity manipulation- it’s a thing. It’s fun. He only needs to touch an object for two to five seconds, but the longer he touches the thing, the more his power is going to effect it. For instance, if he just taps a baseball, it’ll hover above the ground for a bit before the effect wears off. However, if he touches say, Byakuya, and focuses on him with all his might, he could keep him in the air for potentially a while longer, upwards of ten minutes at least. But, as I mentioned, he can’t keep his focus forever, and physical contact definitely helps the effect last longer. For instance, if he were riding a motorcycle with Mondo, he might be able to make Mondo’s flying motorcycle dreams come to life.

    And now, onto your question about Mukuro- the short answer is yes. The long answer is yes; after Mukuro left her to die in the woods, the intrusive thoughts clone was discovered by hikers who did the reasonable thing and called the police. Junko spent a few years bouncing around the social services system and eventually found somewhere her evil tendencies thrived- the modelling industry. Now she’s a supervillain waiting to happen and it’s my new favourite thing

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  • vampyrekorkie
    21.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Guess what’s been updated? That’s right! It’s time for Chapter 7 of my Junko rehab fanfic!

    Featuring: a continuation of Junko’s first therapy session and Mukuro not knowing how to fish!

    #fanfic#fanfiction #[🦇] my art #junko enoshima#mukuro ikusaba#danganronpa#drthh#alter ego #next chapter will probably have Makoto and maybe a reference to sdr2
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  • dragondemoness
    21.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Junkuro (mukuro) x reader where reader saves mukuro from the spikes and picks her up to go to the nurses office just in case and Monokumas all like "we need to re-execute her" and reader goes "well, I don't recall there being anything in the rules about re-executing someone" and just walks off

    I literally just finished changing the inbox to "Requests are Closed," but I didn't see this until immediately after, so I'll make an exception

    No spoilers, but this prompt might just become its own series ;)

    Re-Execution? - Junko (Mukuro) x Reader

    You watched emotionlessly as Monokuma impaled "Junko" with his Gungnir spears

    Normally, this would be very concerning 

    But you happened to have a very special talent that could take it back

    Why yes, this is potential to be a series...

    "Junko" dropped to the ground and Monokuma stood up and brushed himself off

    You wordlessly walked over to her and picked her up and brought her to the nurse's office

    In the game, the nurse's office is locked until Chapter Three, but for the sake of this request, we'll just forget about it

    Monokuma shouted objections at you, but you ignored him, along with the shocked looks of your classmates

    Then you used your talent, and all the holes in her body closed

    She slowly woke up, and her eyes widened in shock, but you put a finger to her lips and shushed her

    "I'll explain later," you whispered

    Then you both walked out and joined the others, who were staring at you in complete shock

    Especially Monokuma

    "W-What the hell?! Well, looks like I'll have to execute her again-"

    You swept "Junko" into your arms and gave Monokuma a blank stare

    "Last time I checked, there was nothing in the rules about re-executing someone."

    Then you walked out

    "THAT'S BECAUSE THAT SHOULDN'T BE A RULE!!" Monokuma called after you, furious

    You brought "Junko" to your room to keep her away from the eyes of Monokuma

    Your camera happened to be broken, so you were safe

    You knew you had a long day of explaining ahead of you, so it was time to start

    I literally finished this in under 15 minutes-

    #danganronpa x reader #danganronpa trigger happy havoc #mukuro ikusaba x reader #junkuro ikushima x reader #a combination of junko and mukuro's first and last names #let that be a tag
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  • righteousness-and-tea
    20.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Hello there, may I request kyoko and mukuro x fem reader (separate) where the reader is mid conversation with them and accidentally confessed and is confused why they are all red and flustered but then reader realizes what she said and it's her turn to become really flustered like she shuts down from embarrassment and at the end they accept the confession. (Feel free to ignore if it's too specific)

    I can do that! I wrote this in a fanfic style because I figured it would work better than a headcanon format. Please enjoy and have a lovely day!

    -Mod Celeste

    Accidental Confession: Kyoko Kirigiri and Mukuro Ikusaba x fem!reader (separate):

    The two of you were in the library, relaxing like any other day after class. Kyoko was skimming a book with a bored expression when you returned from the check-out.
    "What have you grabbed this time, y/n? Another mystery novel for me to solve?" She turned her attention to you.
    "Ah, not this time. It's a romance between a private investigator and his client. They bond over a tough case, apparently." You enjoyed reading well enough, but this book really caught your eye.
    "I see. Not very realistic, of course. A professional would never let themselves get involved with a client." Kyoko was always the rational type, even in fiction.
    You laughed nervously. "Haha, yeah. I guess it would be more natural if they started out as friends, like you and I--" Wait, what? Kyoko looked puzzled, and then a bit flustered. That's when it hit you. You had implied that the two of you could end up together! You immediately blushed, turning bright crimson in her wake. This was devastating, how could you ever possibly recover?
    "Um, not that I'd be your girlfriend or anything! I'd never assume that our friendship would evolve into... ah, I should stop talking before it gets worse!" You were ready to melt into the floor. Each word more damning than the last, you felt sudden death approaching.
    And yet, Kyoko still smiled. A light laugh escaped her lips before she continued: "You are right, you know. It would be more natural that way. Also, I wouldn't mind being your girlfriend at all." Classic Kirigiri, not one to mince her words.
    "Oh, okay. Well... I'm glad." You felt a rush of relief as she spoke. With the two of you still feeling warmth in your cheeks, you laughed at the silly circumstances. She offered you her hand moments later.
    "Let's get some dinner then, shall we?"
    It was your lunch period, and Mukuro accompanied you to the track so the two of you could walk and chat for a bit.
    Well, you did most of the talking-- Mukuro preferred listening herself, but it was fun regardless. Today, you had an interesting story for her.
    "So, Leon asked this girl in the reserve course out... and it did not go very well. He sang her a song, and she hated it!" As a key eyewitness, you could feel the secondhand embarrassment.
    "Jeez. That must've been really awkward for both people," Mukuro replied. Unlike her sister, she didn't live for drama. She just went about her day, almost like a shadow in the halls.
    You two continued your walk. "Yep, it was super uncomfortable. I mean, if you're going to ask someone out you shouldn't be in front of lots of people! Being alone-- like right here, actually, would be perfect, wouldn't it?" Mukuro, who usually had a stern expression, was noticeably red!
    "Uh, I guess so?" She seemed at a loss for words. The Ultimate Soldier had never looked more like a regular teenage girl than in that moment.
    Your brain took a bit to process the exchange. Once it registered, you immediately regretted what you had just said. I mean, it totally came off as if you were gonna ask her out! And now you're both panicked! "No no, not that I'm doing that right now--"
    "It... would be fine if you did, honestly." She was quiet, eyes averted. You had always seen Mukuro as a strong and uncaring personality, but here? She was just like you. A girl with a wavering heart. "I'd be your girlfriend, just so you know."
    Your heart leapt with glee. After a laugh at your own social awkwardness, she grabbed your hand. It was the beginning of a lovely relationship.
    #danganronpa#danganronpa headcanons#danganronpa imagines #danganronpa x reader #danganronpa fluff#kyoko kirigiri #kyoko x reader #kyoko kirigiri x reader #mukuro ikusaba #mukuro x reader #mukuro ikusaba x reader
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  • villainartist
    20.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    this has been a wip for MONTHS... but i cant stay away from the despair sisters for too long

    (reblog >>>>> only liking!!!!!!! if youre unfamiliar with tumblr, reblogging is legit the only way for an artist's work to be shared!)

    #danganronpa#dangan ronpa#danganronpa fanart#junko enoshima#mukuro ikusaba#despair sisters #danganronpa: trigger happy havoc #kyoko kirigiri#villainous art#mine#makoto naegi#byakuya togami#kaede akamatsu#tsumugi shirogane#shuichi saihara#kokichi ouma #this should go without saying but if you tag/see this as ship ill fucking skin you alive #full disclosure: the background is studiopolis zone from sonic mania #i put it there as temporary but it just... it looked WAY too good with the sisters so i just went with it
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  • ultimatesoldiersimagines
    19.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    mukuro x reader fluff?

    I like the request anon.

    Mukuro x Reader fluff

    "The thing is. I don't get why Disney would use the same formula in their movies." you ranted, angrily taking a sip of your smoothie. Mukuro nodded in agreement. "Like, I'm not saying the movie was bad, it's just- They need to make a more unique formula. Or a way better villain."

    The two of you were out on a date. You had gotten drinks from your favourite café, and now were sitting on a bench at a park. "Honestly, I agree. Their villains were better before. Scar is a good example of that." she commented.

    "Right?! He was so damn cool!" you beamed with sparkles around you.

    "Such an icon. Hands down one of the best villains in Disney history." Mukuro smiled. She was glad someone agreed with her, especially her S/O. The person she cherishes the most.

    "Honestly, I'm down to just watch The Lion King tonight with either an ice cream tub or frozen yogurt." you blurted out.

    "If you want to, we can." Mukuro spoke, finishing her drink "Just not in my house. I think my sister will have her new girlfriend come over."

    "Really?!" you exclaimed, looing at your girlfriend in shock. She simply nodded, smiling. "You're the best Muku-chan!" you grinned, kissing Mukuro on the cheek. Her face grew flustered at the action.

    "T-Thanks N/N." she stammered.

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  • hopeymchope
    19.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    For me, the finest piece of Mukuro content is Killer Killer (and her cameos in Danganronpa Togami). We finally get to see Mukuro in her actual elements, outside of the confines of having to attend a high school / impersonate her sister. And she is a masterpiece.

    Nah, miss me with Killler Killer Mukuro.

    Most favorite stuff with her typically involves two parts of the character. The first is her showing off her actual talent — engaging in combat. So the numerous fights she gets in Danganronpa IF and her brief tussle in Danganronpa 0 are natural highlights. The second thing is that I like it when we get some insight into how she thinks on her own — without her devotion to Junko as her only driver, I mean. And IF gets me the closest to that overall, although we do see some hints of her own independent thoughts in other stories.

    But in Killer Killer, I don't get either one, y'know? First we get Junko making her kill an entire class of middle school students (which I'd argue is Mukuro's single most abhorrent act in all of DR as well as being a pretty straightforward mass murder; there are no "combatants" to deal with, just easy victims), and then we get a bunch of Mukuro impersonators later on who are not her. And... yeah, that's it.

    I wish we had a canonical side story about her time in Fenrir or something. Something that would really let us see how she operates as a soldier when she's out on her own. I guess we get a little hint of her roughing it on her own in the woods in Danganronpa Togami Vol. 3, but I wouldn't call that the same thing.

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  • painting-alone
    19.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Genderfluid Mukuro Ikusaba pride edits requested by anon. Tag as desired!

    [ID: Genderfluid pride edits of Mukuro Ikusaba from Danganronpa. Her clothes now match the color theme of the genderfluid flag. The first two images are sprites from Mukuro. One of the sprites is of her smiling and looking at the viewer. In the other one, she crosses her arms, slightly troubled. The next is a header with her leaning on her left arm, holding a knife behind her. The background is the genderfluid flag. The next is an icon as she sternly looks at the viewer. The background is the genderfluid flag. End ID]
    #danganronpa#danganronpa thh #danganronpa trigger happy havoc #trigger happy havoc #dr thh#thh#mukuro ikusaba#ikusaba mukuro#dr mukuro#dr ikusaba#genderfluid#pride edits #A Sanctuary Of Beauty In An Ugly World! 🎨 Request Completed
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  • dragondemoness
    19.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    I'd like to request a THH cast with junko's little brother and I support a part 2 to the SDR2 cast that you already posted

    I suspect y'all also want one for V3 too? 😅

    THH Cast x Junko's Little Brother

    Makoto Naegi 

    He's in complete denial

    There was no way you could be her brother!

    I mean, you were just so hopeful!

    But unfortunately, he couldn't run from the truth

    He feels so hurt

    But he's still hopeful that you're a good person at heart

    He begs you to turn against Junko

    Even if that means voting her out, you can't give in to the despair!

    And if you do, he's so proud

    He'll forget about everything else

    He's just glad to have you back

    He doesn't realize the full extent of what you did until you leave Hope's Peak

    He's horrified, but he understands that Junko pressured you

    He'll forgive you, as long as you join the side of hope

    Byakuya Togami 

    Shocked and disgusted

    How could you do this to him?

    He is pretty mad about it

    And he just watches silently as you and Junko argue

    He's also angry at the way Junko talks to you

    How manipulative she is

    Even if he's angry with you, he doesn't want Junko to hurt you any further

    If you turn away from Junko and vote her off, he'll be surprised

    And when you open the door and he sees the damage you contributed to, he's even more mad

    After all, you helped wipe out his family

    Even if Junko pressured you into it, he'll still be a little salty

    But he'll learn to forgive you eventually

    Chihiro Fujisaki 

    He feels so sad 'n betrayed

    You told him in Chapter Two, knowing that he was probably going to die

    But he was actually so distracted with it that he ended up not going to work out with Mondo

    And he survived all the way to the final trial

    All the while, he was really sad, wanting to know why

    He still loves you, he could never hate you

    He feels a little scared of you sometimes

    But during the final trial, as he watched you argue with your sister, he felt heartbroken 

    He hated watching your sister mentally abuse you

    Now he can't even blame you for what you did

    With tears in his eyes, he begs you to betray your sister

    And if you do, he'll walk up to you and hug you, crying and apologizing for the hurt Junko put you through

    He's horrified at the damage you contributed to, but he can't blame you

    He'll still love u forever🥰

    Leon Kuwata

    You told him, knowing Sayaka was planning on luring him to his death 

    And he is VERY angry

    You didn't tell him who the mastermind was, just that you were their brother

    He gets mad and ignores you for a while

    He's so pissed that he plans on outing you to the others

    But at night, he gets killed by Sayaka

    Her plan succeeded because he was too distracted to fight back

    The situation turned out just as you expected, and now you have to watch Sayaka die for killing Leon

    Kiyotaka Ishimaru 

    For once, he has no words

    You were the brother of the Ultimate Despair, the mastermind

    He doesn't want to blame you, but he feels so betrayed

    It didn't help that you told him after Mondo's trial, and after he finally regained his energy

    Now he felt even worse

    One night, he decided to take a walk to clear his head

    He had broken the nighttime rule

    And out of nowhere, he got a hard hit in the head by a hammer

    Hifumi had killed him because he didn't want him near Alter Ego

    You kneeled by his body with a sullen expression

    You just wish things could have turned out differently

    Mondo Owada 

    You told him after Monokuma revealed his motives

    He told you his, so you told him yours

    And it was that you helped plunge the world into despair

    And the only way to explain this was by telling the truth

    And so...

    "You BASTARD!"

    He gives you a hard punch to the jaw

    He hates you for trapping them in the killing game

    He feels so stressed out about everything that he goes on to murder Chihiro

    Right in front of you, actually

    Chihiro entered the boy's locker room while you two were talking

    After he did it, he's horrified

    He gives you a pleading look

    You nod and swear to not tell anyone

    He's so distraught that he actually allows you to hug and comfort him

    Maybe he didn't hate you after all

    At least your love for him was real

    But that doesn't change what will happen in the future 

    Yasuhiro Hagakure 


    That's basically his reaction

    He wishes he could have predicted it, but alas

    He's way too shocked to be angry

    He can only watch as you have it out with your sister during the final trial

    He cheers for you and begs you to join him

    And if you do, he'll be slightly scared of you, but glad that you're not evil at heart

    He's horrified at the damage you caused, but if you're willing to help fix it, he'll forgive you

    Hifumi Yamada

    You told him after he killed Taka


    Celeste didn't even get a chance to kill him

    Hifumi is terrified now

    He killed someone, and now your sister was gonna kill him off

    And there was nothing you could do

    Right before his execution, he gave you a look

    "Please, (Name)... Do something!"

    But you could only look away as he met his end

    At the very least, Celeste's plan failed

    But it still hurt

    Kyoko Kirigiri 

    She kinda had an idea from the beginning

    Seeing your interactions with "Junko" (Mukuro) kind of tipped her off

    She didn't really trust you, but you could probably be helpful for her

    So she got to know you, and eventually ended up liking and trusting you

    And during the final trial, her theories were confirmed

    Unfortunately, her opinion of you soured when she realized you might have been the one to kill her father

    But seeing you argue with Junko, you didn't seem like that type of person

    Besides, she was clearly manipulating you 

    So, all she could do was place all her hopes on you

    So for the rest of the trial, Kyoko was encouraging you to turn against your sister

    She'll be so proud of you when you do

    Toko Fukawa/Genocide Jack

    Genocider's in control for the majority of the trial

    She knows she should probably be mad, but she's really just intrigued 

    You were so much cooler than she thought you were

    But she ends up shocked when she realizes why you did it, and how Junko treated you

    Now she's mad and wants to shove her scissors down Junko's throat

    But right now, she's shouting encouragements at you

    "C'mon, (Name)! Ignore that bitch! You got this!"

    And when you do, she'll be happy and give you a big ol hug

    When Toko switches back and she learns everything, she's a little mad at first

    Even more so when she sees the real damage

    But she does love you, and she knows it's not completely your fault

    Aoi Asahina 

    Shocked and horrified

    She refuses to believe you're a bad person

    And seeing the way Junko treats you breaks her heart

    She hates seeing you so sad and hurt

    She's on your side the whole time, encouraging you and giving you affirmations

    "Come on, (Name)! You're strong! You can do this!"

    And if you do, she'll engulf you in a tight hug

    She always knew she could trust you <3

    She's horrified at the damage you contributed to, but she understands that it's not entirely your fault

    Sayaka Maizono 

    You told her after she successfully killed Leon

    She's shocked and disgusted

    The cherry on top was that she was gonna get executed, which she didn't know about

    And you were just gonna let it happen?

    Unfortunately, she's not gonna have anything to do with you

    She feels so betrayed

    During the trial, she's so scared about what's to come

    She gives you a pleading look, but all you can do is look away as she's dragged off to her execution

    Celeste Ludenburg 

    You told her after she killed Hifumi and Taka

    To say she's angry would be an understatement

    You're the one that trapped her here?!

    She slaps you

    And her finger armor things make it HURT

    She just ignores you until the trial

    She's too distracted by the truth that she ends up exposing herself pretty quick

    Before she heads off to the execution, she takes your hands with a small smile

    "Take care, darling. I hope things turn out well for you."

    And you watch in sadness as she gets hit by a fire truck

    Sakura Ogami 

    You told her after she got injured

    You helped patch her up and she could tell that something was bothering you

    So you told her the truth, and she feels conflicted

    On one hand, you're the brother of the psycho who trapped them in the killing game 

    On the other hand, y'all are in the same boat

    You were both under Junko's pressure, and neither of you wanted to hurt anyone

    She takes your hand and vows to he there for you, and you'll defeat the mastermind together

    So she goes back on her plan and she survives until the very end with her

    With her encouragement, you turn against Junko and join Sakura in hope

    I could have made this angsty, but I love Sakura, and I couldn't do it😫

    Mukuro Ikusaba 

    I mean-

    You're her brother too-

    At first, she was jealous of you

    Junko always favored you over her, after all

    But you didn't want that

    You just wanted a normal relationship with your sisters

    But during the killing game, you two spend all your time together

    You regain your former bond and become close again

    You become the best of friends

    Then you both start to regret your choices and following Junko

    But all that is thrown away when your sister is executed

    While she bleeds out, she weakly smiles and holds your hand

    "I-I love you, (Name). P-Please... S-Stop... her..."

    And then, she never moved again

    You were absolutely destroyed

    Your only friend, the only person you could trust, was dead

    That was the most despair you ever experienced

    And that's why Junko did it

    I excluded Junko on this one, cuz her side of things will be explored later on

    About the sequel thing, I have one idea for a prequel, where Junko manipulates the reader into joining her in despair. But that's the only idea I have. If anyone else has any other ideas for a sequel, lemme know

    #danganronpa x reader #danganronpa trigger happy havoc #makoto naegi x reader #byakuya togami x reader #chihiro fujisaki x reader #leon kuwata x reader #kiyotaka ishimaru x reader #mondo owada x reader #yasuhiro hagakure x reader #hifumi yamada x reader #kyoko kirigiri x reader #toko fukawa x reader #genocide jill x reader #aoi asahina x reader #sayaka maizono x reader #celeste ludenberg x reader #sakura ogami x reader #mukuro ikusaba x reader
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  • hopeymchope
    18.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    I won’t put my own opinions about it,but from what i’ve seen on social media,the most disliked characterization from DR3 is Mukuro,at least that’s the character i’ve seen criticized the most.

    ....you know, as much as I love DR3, that's pretty reasonable. I recall lead scripter Norimitsu Kaihou talking in an interview how, if he could change one thing, he wished they could've had more time to spend on Ikusaba; particularly, he thought it would've been nice to at least reference her crush on Naegi.

    It definitely lacks the depth/complexity of her portrayal in Danganronpa IF in particular, which - regardless of it being an AU - will probably forever be Mukuro's Finest Hour in official materials. However, I'll give some credit to Danganronpa S and (to a lesser extent) UDTP for showing that Mukuro's individual desires/motivations and her slavish devotion to Junko need not be mutually exclusive. And even before I played/read those, I definitely believed you could use Danganronpa 3 and Danganronpa IF to find a complete character without having to reject any of it or break continuity/characterization.

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  • lizluvscupcakes
    18.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    DR: THH Superheroes revamped


    That’s right, he’s here too

    He’s technically a 47 year old man

    But he does still look like his cute teddy bear self

    He can turn into an anthropomorphic, moving, walking teddy bear

    That’s it. That’s what he can do

    And like a normal person, he prefers to be a little teddy bear more than a human

    It’s not the most glamorous superpower, sure, but he gets to provide emotional support and guidance to the new generations of heroes, and who can complain about that?

    Leon Kuwata

    Full-body elasticity; able to functionally stretch his body up to 30 meters with minimum thickness of 1 mm

    Strength diminishes in proportion to to max elasticity

    Moonlights hero work but is highly embarrased due to having what he percieves to be a lame superpower

    Monokuma insists upon bringing it up as often as he can

    It doesn’t help that the public has taken to calling him “ElastiGuy”


    Mega strength, near invulnerability (once stopped a speeding train with a force of 1,330,000 Newtons, can punch with a max of 299,670 pounds of force)

    Has an innate sense of justice and will always try to do what is the most just thing in a situation

    This does not mean she always follows the law


    Able to read the thoughts of anyone within a 60 kilometer radius

    Can telekinetically manipulate objects up to 200 pounds

    Any more than that and she might pass out or cause her nose to bleed from the effort

    Cannot, as of yet, pick up people, as they “thrash too much”

    But can never fail to read a room


    Has an immediate sense of how much monetary value is attached to any person, place or thing

    For instance if he met someone, he would know if they had $500, 0r $5 billion. Or he’d always be able to tell the difference between what a real and fake valuable object is

    Will also always know where large amounts of money or things of high value are stored

    He and Leon are in constant battle to determine who has the lamest superpower

    He (and everyone else) is convinced Byakuya wins that particular contest

    He definitely isn’t bothered by being so underpowered compared to everyone else

    He’s had to struggle and work hard to get where he is and it’s made him stronger

    He definitely isn’t jealous or sad

    All observers: “… sure, bud”

    Daddy issues

    That is a superpower, shut up


    Able to telekinetically control any motorized vehicle as long as it’s within 150 kilometers of himself

    If it has a motor or an engine, Mondo can control it

    He first discovered he could do this when he was eight years old and took his brother’s bike for a joyride

    His brother grew jealous that Mondo could cause more terror than him, by simply killing people’s engines on the freeway or taking over their cars and taking them wherever he wanted to go, so he challenged him to a race

    “No funny magic shit, kid- we race like men”

    Mondo noticed Daiya in danger several times during the race and tried to help, but Daiya screamed for him to stop, insisting he could handle his own bike and didn’t need his kid brother’s help

    I think you can guess how that went

    To this day, Mondo has a Thing about his powers

    If there’s a way to do things “normally,” that’s how it’s gotta get done


    Can turn her body (not her clothes) completely invisible for no known upward time limit

    Can put up force fields that can block bullets with little to no effort.

    The max amount of force these force fields can take is 181,398,476 Newtons (or, they can support an object weighing 40,000,000 pounds) before she collapses from the effort

    She found these powers extremely useful growing up in a home with two abusive mothers and an absentee father


    Can go from 0 to 96 meters per second (214 mph) and is theoretically fast enough to run on water

    Still militant about nobody running in the halls

    Once noticed a thumbtack on a teacher’s chair, ran up and got it, then returned to his seat, all within 1/24th of a second


    Can control the growth of pre-existing plants

    Can create plants out of nothing

    Can cause plants to grow out of any surface they could conceivably survive in

    Mostly grows flowers, specifically lilies, and other things like azaleas, oleander, wolfsbane, foxglove, other things that might appear in a flower shop.


    She has expressed an interest in growing things beyond what might be considered pretty, things like sundew or flycatchers, giant hogweed, manchineel, other things that might be moderately intimate


    Able to control gravity

    So rather than traditionally flying, he can levitate by changing how gravity effects him

    He can also adjust the gravity of other things

    But he has to make physical contact with the thing he’s trying to adjust

    And it cannot be more than five times his mass

    The heavier it is, the less it will actually float

    Also, if Hifumi levitates too many things for too long, he’ll puke, or occasionally pass out


    Obviously he can see the future, that’s a given

    But he can see all the paths the future might be, in real time

    For instance, if Byakuya might go back to his room and go to bed or might stay in the library and read until 2 A.M., he can see both of these options like a pair of ghosts wandering around

    However, the ghosts will appear more opaque the more likely each future is 

    The Byakuya that goes into the library, for instance, would be more solid and the one going into his bedroom would be more ghostly and see-through


    Can adjust the temperature of the air in her immediate vicinity to -55 C

    Can freeze bodies of liquid into solid ice or turn them into snow

    Can make it snow on a small scale, and generate ice from her body with a wave of her hand

    Can create small discs of ice or cool the air under her feet into ice steps to more or less ski through the air


    The first technopath on record

    Able to control technology with her mind

    As long as it has a computer in it and is at most 2,000 kilometers away, she can hijack it and do whatever she wants with it

    She could drain someone’s bank account, send the contents of your phone to herself, endless possibilities


    Can completely and perfectly duplicate herself

    Think of it like, she’s creating a sentient hologram with mass

    She can make upwards of 36 of these clones, but is usually more comfortable making 5 or 6

    Because see, if she goes anywhere above 36, they start to come out… wrong

    Missing pieces. Like eyes, noses, mouths, sometimes entire limbs.

    And if she continues to push herself, they start to melt.

    Like ice cream left out on a sunny day

    There was an incident when she was very young, when she was having trouble controlling her intrusive thoughts

    So, she decided to try something

    She walked way, WAY out into the wilderness and focused hard on all those thoughts, all the parts of her mind she didn’t like and couldn’t control, and manifested them into a clone

    She told this clone they were going to play hide and seek, and essentially left this girl, who was made of all her deepest darkest thoughts, alone to die in the woods

    I’m sure that won’t have any negative repercussions for her


    Can breathe underwater

    Can swim up to 85 kilometers per hour and dive up to 400 meters down

    Can create air bubbles around herself in case anyone is with her who cannot breathe underwater

    Can summon geysers of water from underground

    And yes, she can talk to fish.


    I saved the best for last, buckle up

    Was convinced he didn’t have powers, and expressed such to Monokuma, who just insisted that the algorithm Hope’s Peak used to select its students “is never wrong, has never been wrong, and doesn’t make mistakes.”

    For the rest of his time at Hope’s Peak, he and the others discover he has a total of seven superpowers

    These powers are, in order of discovery:

    Invulnerability, to the point where he can be beaned in the back of the head with a baseball and not only not notice, but walk away without a single scratch

    Super strength, well surpassing Sakura’s train feat by assisting her with objects she would otherwise struggle or strain under

    The ability to fly at subsonic speeds indefinitely and sonic speeds for up to 8 minutes

    The ability to light himself on fire at will (and sometimes on accident, in fits of anger or frustration or just having no other options)

    Laser eyes

    The ability to move things without touching them from up to 20 kilometers away 

    Something they call “demon Makoto,” which isn’t so much a controllable power, but more a situation of “don’t make him mad or that thing’s coming out.”

    Monokuma was very smug after the first power, then increasingly delighted by all subsequent powers

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  • dragondemoness
    18.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Mukuro x male!reader fluff headcanons

    Good lord, it's only been two days and my inbox is flooded😅

    Mukuro Ikusaba x Male Reader Fluff Headcanons

    At first, she's a little stiff

    She hasn't been close to anyone besides her sister, and we all know how that turned out-

    So please, be patient with her

    Later on down the line, when she starts to get more familiar with you, she'll start to be more open

    She just wants to know for sure that she can trust you

    And once she is, she'll be a bit more loose

    She's VERY protective of you

    Doesn't matter if you're a guy, she's doing the protecting here

    You're the most perfect thing to her, and no way in hell is she letting anyone touch you

    She can also be clingy sometimes

    You'll have to teach her to cuddle, but once she gets used to it, she loves it!

    But you're gonna have to be the one to initiate it most of the time

    Sometimes, when she's feeling bold, she'll hold your hand or wrap an arm around your waist with a blush on her face

    And oh boy-

    When it comes to kissing-

    She is a MESS

    Her face deadass looks like a tomato

    She does love physical affection tho

    She loves to rest her head on your shoulder while you watch TV together

    When it comes to dates, she prefers to stay inside, or do something private

    She doesn't mind if you prefer more open dates, but she would prefer just you and her

    And also, gift giving

    She likes to give you small gifts or trinkets that remind her of you

    She may be VERY protective of you, but she won't mind if you return the favor

    If you get jealous and pull her away from someone she's talking to, she'll actually kinda like it

    Especially if it's her sister-

    Speaking of, both of y'all watch out for each other when she's around

    Mukuro doesn't want Junko to seduce you, and you don't want Mukuro to get hurt

    Speaking of, Mukuro has quite a lot of trauma from her sister, and as a result, feels very insecure sometimes

    She's grateful to have you there to reassure her and make her feel validated

    She is very grateful for you😌

    #danganronpa x reader #danganronpa trigger happy havoc #mukuro ikusaba x reader
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  • dragondemoness
    17.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    i want some comedy so, dr1 cast with a reader who is about to die say "delete my browser history" then laugh

    Way too good😆

    Browser History - THH Cast x Reader

    Makoto Naegi 

    He kneeled beside you and held your bleeding body close to him

    You were slowly dying from a terrible stab wound, and there were tears streaming down Makoto's face


    You whispered to him

    "What is it, (Name)?? I'm here! I'm not leaving!"

    You tell him to lean in closer and he does

    "M-Make sure you... delete my browser history..."

    That, followed by a breathy chuckle, was the last sound you ever made

    Makoto's tears came to a halt

    What could you have possibly been looking up that you wanted that to be your final words?

    So he opens up your history and-

    Quickly deletes your history so that no soul could ever see it

    Now he's double traumatized

    Byakuya Togami 

    You just killed Leon for looking at your browser history

    You had taken your laptop and bashed him in the head with it

    And now you were heading off to your execution

    You turn your head to your boyfriend

    "Hey, Byakuya?"

    He glares at you


    "Make sure to delete my browser history, okay?"

    Then you get executed and you're gone

    He avoids it for a while, feeling too bitter to heed your final wish

    But he finds himself bored and decides to go ahead and do it

    Then he quickly slams the laptop shut and throws it in the fireplace

    Chihiro Fujisaki 

    You and Mondo got into a fight over the last piece of pizza

    He got pissed and pushed a bookshelf on you

    Then he got scared and gtfo'd

    Chihiro kneeled in front of the bookshelf, weeping

    You reach for his hand

    "Hey, Chihiro...?"

    "Yes? What is it, (Name)? I'm here."

    "Can you... delete my browser history?"


    You couldn't give an explanation, as you were now dead

    He asks Alter Ego to delete it for him

    "Oh, my! Master, it looks like your (Name) has been searching up some... very interesting things-"

    "CLOSE IT-"

    Leon Kuwata 

    It was Sayaka

    You said her music sucked and she slapped you repeatedly with a gucci belt

    Leon held your body in his arms, crying VERY loudly

    "Hey, Leon?"

    "Yeah? What is it?"

    "Can you... Delete my browser history?"


    "HaHa it's jUst a PrAnK bRo-"

    You jumped up and started laughing at him

    Surprisingly, 10-15 slaps with a gucci belt aren't lethal

    Then Leon gets mad and pushes you down the stairs

    Now you're dead for real

    Then he opens your laptop and leaves it in the dining hall for everyone to look at

    Now he's gotten his ultimate revenge

    But now he's about to get executed for murder

    Kiyotaka Ishimaru 

    You broke Mondo's kneecaps with your laptop after an argument

    He was stumbling around in so much pain, and ended up taking a fall down the stairs

    And now, you're taking responsibility

    You turn to Taka with your final words

    "Hey, Taka?"

    He finds it hard to look at you

    "Yes, what is it?"

    "Can you go and delete my browser history? Thanks babe."

    He's v confused-

    Out of curiosity, he takes a quick look at your history

    "Wh-What?! These websites and images are not welcome in a school environment!"

    Out of panic, he hurls the laptop at the nearest wall

    No one will ever have to see your blasphemy ever again

    Mondo Owada 

    You insulted Hifumi's manga and he hit you in the head with a hammer

    Mondo found your body and was sad and pissed at the same time

    "(Name)?! Who the fuck did this to you?!"

    "I don't know... But... Lemme tell you something, Mondo..."

    "Yeah, what is it?"

    "Please delete my browser history... Thank you."


    And now you're dead

    After the trial, he just bangs his fist on your laptop and it breaks

    There, problem solved

    Yasuhiro Hagakure 

    Leon accidentally killed you when he was trying to kill Sayaka

    Yasuhiro found your body and got upset

    "(Name), no! I knew this was gonna happen!"

    "No you didn't."

    "You're right, I didn't-"

    You didn't wanna hear about his bullshit fortune telling so you decided to change the subject

    "Hey, Hiro?"


    "Make sure to... delete my... browser history...."

    "You can't be serious."

    "Dead serious, actually. Heh, get it? Dead serious?"


    But now, you were dead and Leon was gonna get smited for killing you

    He gets curious and takes a good look at your search history

    After a certain point, he's had enough and deletes it

    Hifumi Yamada 

    You were reading one of his mangas and the character designs were so hot that you got a nosebleed

    You ended up losing so much blood that you're on the edge of death

    Hifumi was so shocked when he found you

    "Damnnation! I never thought my talent would lead my wonderful S/O to their death! What have I done?!"


    "Yes?! I'm here! What is it, (Name)?!"

    "Make sure you... delete my browser history..."


    And boom! You're dead

    He gets curious and looks at your history

    Then he digs deeper and deeper

    Completely forgets he was supposed to delete it

    Kyoko Kirigiri 

    You killed Byakuya by putting poison in his food

    You had enough of his bitchyness

    As you headed off to your execution, you had one more thing to say to Kyoko

    "Hey, Kyoko?"

    Not gonna lie, she definitely considered poisoning Byakuya once or twice

    So she can't be TOO mad


    "Can you delete my browser history? Thanks."


    After the execution, she just deletes your history without looking

    Toko Fukawa/Genocide Jack

    Idek who would be the one to kill you in this scenario-

    But Toko found you laying in a pool of blood and fainted

    Genocide Jill popped up and freaked out

    "Who the fuck did this to you?! I'll kill them!"

    "Easy, Genocider. But I do have a favor."

    "Yeah? What is it?"

    "Can you delete my browser history? Thanks."



    Unfortunately, Toko didn't get to say goodbye

    Nor did she get to hear your final wish

    She switched back in time for the trial, but Genocider basically forced herself out after

    Instead of deleting your history, she reads into it VERY intently 

    She's not gonna delete it, but it'll be your little secret~

    Aoi Asahina 

    You killed Hifumi by drowning him in the pool

    Before you went to go get executed, you still had some unfinished business

    "Hey, Hina?"


    "Can you delete my browser history for me? Cuz, y'know, I can't."



    Even if you killed Hifumi, Hina decided to honor your last wish and delete your history

    She was curious for ONE second, then she threw the laptop into the pool

    Sayaka Maizono 

    She accidentally stabbed you instead of Leon

    As she held you in her arms while sobbing uncontrollably, you decided to say something witty

    "H-Hey, Sayaka?"

    "Y-Yes, (Name)?"

    "M-Make sure you... delete m-my... browser history..."


    You let out a final chuckle before dropping dead

    Oof, this one was actually serious-

    Before she got executed, she did as you asked and deleted your history

    But not without stumbling in on a couple of... things

    "Y'know what, I think I'm ready to die now-"

    Celeste Ludenburg 

    She tried to hit Hifumi on the head with a hammer, but hit you on the head with a hammer instead

    Like the previous scenario, she's weeping while holding your body close to her

    "H-Hey, Celeste...?"

    "P-Please... Call me Taeko. Taeko Yasuhiro."

    "Ok. Taeko?"

    "Yes, darling?"

    "Please... Delete my browser history...?"



    She's left in confusion while she processes the fact that she's gonna die

    During the trial, she eventually admits that she killed you

    She felt too guilty to deny it any longer

    But first, she has to delete your history

    She takes a quick glance at it, but quickly looks away and deletes it

    "Oh my..."

    Sakura Ogami

    Not sure who would kill you in this scenario either

    But Sakura holds your body close to her, trying her best not to cry

    You look up at her with a smile


    She looks at you, eyes glistening with unshed tears

    "Yes, my love?"

    You raise your hand to her cheek

    "Make sure you delete my browser history."

    Then you inhale your last breath and you're gone

    After the trial, she deletes your search history without looking at it

    She respects your wish, of course

    Mukuro Ikusaba 

    You were killed by Junko

    She shot you full of spears

    Mukuro completely dropped her persona and rushed to you

    You look up at her, eyes full of pain

    "Hey... Mukuro...?"

    You whispered it, it's fine-

    "Yes, (Name)?"

    "Make sure to delete my browser history... ok?"


    Then you died, and everyone else was left confused

    Mukuro then deleted your history, and vowed to kill her sister for what she did to you

    Junko Enoshima

    She killed you for the despair

    You kinda saw it coming, but it was still upsetting

    And as she laughed and laughed at the despair, you had one more thing to say to her

    "Hey, Junko. Can you at least delete my browser history?"

    "Lol NOPE-"

    She's gonna set up the laptop for everyone to see

    Hell, she'll use Monokuma to announce everything you searched throughout the whole school

    Oh the despair!

    #danganronpa x reader #danganronpa trigger happy havoc #makoto naegi x reader #byakuya togami x reader #chihiro fujisaki x reader #leon kuwata x reader #kiyotaka ishimaru x reader #mondo owada x reader #yasuhiro hagakure x reader #hifumi yamada x reader #kyoko kirigiri x reader #toko fukawa x reader #genocide jill x reader #aoi asahina x reader #sayaka maizono x reader #celeste ludenberg x reader #sakura ogami x reader #mukuro ikusaba x reader #junko enoshima x reader
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