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    long story short

    chapter 1 -  i tried to pick my battles

    Lady Noire grinned down from the rooftops. The city of Gotham didn’t know how much to fear her yet, as she hadn’t been around long enough for them to see her full potential, so they all were greatly apprehensive of her. Or at least those that had seen her so far were afraid of her, and she had barely shown them anything so far. And those that still didn’t cower before her? They would learn.

    Currently, Lady Noire was an enigma to Gotham City.

    No one knew her goals, and no one knew why she had randomly appeared one day. It infuriated Batman to no end, or at least that’s what she’d heard from the few rogues she’d become friendly with so far. AKA Selina had started ranting about how much Bruce was ranting about Lady Noire at one of their girls’ nights (yes, Harley had insisted that they be called that).

    It wasn’t that she specifically wanted to be feared by the people of Gotham; although it did help her in her attempts to regain the lost miraculous that were all around the city. They were causing an imbalance in the city that made most of, if not all of, the crime and death occur, then she would happily accept this reputation that she’d somehow gained. 

    The worst bit about the lost miraculous in Gotham was that some of the rogues had their hands on them, which unfortunately, made them more affected by the imbalance than other members of the population. Even if they’d innocently found the jewels, just being around lost miraculous corrupted them until they’d become the cruel people they were to this day. 

    It wasn’t all of the rogues though, thankfully.

    She jumped from rooftop to rooftop, the movements quick and elegant thanks to the help she got from Plagg’s miraculous. She headed closer towards the base of operations she was currently staking out. She wasn’t too fond of a bit of light stalking, but it got the job done so who was to complain. 

    She dropped down onto the roof of the Penguin’s latest warehouse. He didn’t randomly buy the places, after all he liked to show off his money rather than spend it on things he couldn’t advertise. So when Marinette had found out about the place, she’d known that Lady Noire would be making a trip to visit.

    She started to hear rumours - mainly spread by Penguin himself - that the old man had come across an ancient object of unimaginable power, and that certainly fit the description of a miraculous. As soon as she’d even heard the tiniest detail, Lady Noire had put nearly all her attention on the case. Only checking on a few more things other than the more and more concerning case with Penguin.

    “Hey there,” said a voice, its owner hidden in the shadows, as she placed a camera that faced the main entrance to the warehouse. “Is the naughty little cat up to no good again?”

    She laughed slightly, “You have no idea what I’m up to, pretty boy.”

    “Thank you for the compliment. I didn’t know you could see my appearance when you’ve only heard my voice, might have to get that looked at next time I get upgrades to the suit,” he replied sarcastically, voice dripping with metaphorical poison. “But I’ll admit it. You’re right, I’m very pretty.”

    “Glad I could boost your ego,” she said drily. “Now could you please leave me alone. I have a job to do.”

    “While I’m sure you do, I’ll have to get you to finish this job another day. You see, I need to have access to this rooftop and every property that Penguin owns, and I can’t do that if you’re constantly all over them. Sorry.”

    “No can do, Red,” she told him stubbornly. This was her rooftop. (Well technically it was the Penguin’s but she’d gotten there first.) “Finders keepers and all that. And this job is a bit time sensitive, so if you don’t mind, your case can take place after mine is done.”

    “Not happening.”

    “Well, it’s either that or we work together,” she murmured. It was the only alternative solution she’d come up with, after all, both of them needed the same resources and the same locations. It did, unfortunately, make sense. “And as much as I’d hate to be working with one of Batman’s many lackeys, I kind of desperately need to finish this job. And you refuse to wait.”

    He shook his head, helmet looking a tiny bit ridiculous with the movement. “Not a chance.”

    “Sorry, I didn’t release the so-called ‘Great Red Hood’ followed every single order the Bat gave him.”

    “I don’t,” he tried arguing.

    She smirked incredulously, “Doesn’t seem like it to me.”

    “Fine,” he grumbled. “We’ll work together.”

    “Thank you,” she sneered. God. She wasn’t looking forward to working this case with the annoyance that was Red Hood. 

    “This case, and this case only. I don’t work with criminals.”

    She frowned, almost pouting at his words. “Hey. Isn’t that a bit rude. Weren’t you yourself at the top of the FBI’s most wanted list at one point?”

    “Indeed I was,” he confirmed, “but I got cleared by the Justice League, so now my record is squeaky clean.”

    “Well we can’t all be as lucky to have Batman as our father. Can we?”

    He choked. Just slightly. Just a tiny bit. Well, more than a bit but no one had to know about that. “How do you know about that?”

    “It’s obvious in how you all act,” she pointed out. “When I first came to this city I made sure to study all of you, and you just act like one big dysfunctional family that dresses like bats and fights crime together.”

    “Well that’s not creepy at all,” Red Hood muttered under his breath. “I’ll meet you at the top of Wayne Industries this time tomorrow? Does that work for you?”

    “Fine with me. Make sure to bring everything you have on the case,” she called after him after he’d already headed off. 

    She only had one thing to say about Red Hood at that moment in time.



    When she met him at the top of Wayne Industries the next night, she was a tiny bit surprised to find that he’d then taken her to one of his bases straight away. Or, at least, somewhere he said was one of his lesser used bases.She wasn’t sure if that was exactly true, not sure if she trusted him enough to believe that bullshit. 

    But he said that they could share their research here without the risk of being overheard. Marinette supposed that made sense. 

    “What have you got then?” Lady Noire asked as she dramatically dropped down into what was clearly his chair. It was big and spinny. She gave it a small bit of a turn to try it out, loud squeaking filled the room.

    She was going to have a lot of fun with this. 

    Red Hood, frowned and pulled over one of the spare chairs but didn’t say anything over her claim of the chair. 

    “Well, I managed to find where Penguin was holding some missing Crime Alley kids,” he informed his new partner in a proud manner. “What have you achieved?”

    “You really care about those poor kids, huh?”

    “Of course I do. I used to be one of them and I know how much they suffer. If I don’t help them, then no one will.”

    “Just because you don’t notice others helping, that doesn’t mean I don’t.”

    “You? But I’ve never seen you there, and neither have the kids have reported seeing you either.”

    “I have my ways.” Ways such as the combination of the fox miraculous and mouse miraculous to drop off food and supplies while using the fox’s illusions to make it look like a rare charity worker had dropped them off.

    “Did these mysterious methods also get you the information on Penguin that you have yet to share?”

    She huffed.

    “I have information that details that he’s found an incredibly ancient object of enormous power,” she responded in an equally stuck up tone. “Is that good enough information for your little bat brain?”

    “It’s excellent information, thank you. Do you have any ideas of what this object is or what it’s power could be?”

    “I have no idea what it’s power could be,” she shrugged, “but that seems more of a ‘I’ll figure it out in the battle and win’ situation. I have experience with that.”

    “Not so sure I believe you about that, Noire,” he shot back.

    “I’m pretty sure I have more experience in this situation. Sorry sweetheart,” she said condescendingly. “Hate to disappoint.”

    He snorted a bit, hidden by his overall laughter. “That’s bound to be false, kitten. You have no idea just how long I’ve been doing this for.”

    She spun in the chair, inciting a wicked glare from the oh so fearsome Red Hood. It certainly seemed like he wasn’t very fond of the squeaky noise his own chair made. Interesting. “Well, I happen to think you don’t know how long I’ve been doing this for.”

    “And how long is that kitty? Because from where I’m standing it seems like you came to Gotham to start a life of crime. No one had ever heard about you before now.”

    “"You’re not standing,” she pointed out like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Newsflash, it was the most obvious thing in the world.

    He stood, pushing his chair away with a scraping sound that went straight through her. “I’m standing now, and I still think that you were a random civilian before you came here that just so happened to get into an accident that unlocked her hidden meta abilities.”

    Lady Noire chuckled at his words. He couldn’t be any more wrong than this. “God. This is hilarious. Keep going,” she got out between moments of laughter.

    “Why should I?” He demanded, his body getting closer and closer to her each time she spun in the chair and didn’t end up in the same place she started. “You’re going to have to correct me anyway, so you should just tell me now.”


    “Fine,” she muttered, spinning in the chair yet again much to Red Hood’s clear disgust. “I’ve been doing this since I was fourteen, and I used to be a very public figure.”

    “How public?”

    Lady Noire shrugged slightly, “I only had a couple films made about me.”

    “Only? Who were you?”

    Marinette grinned, because that smile was all Marinette, “You would never have heard of me. Your lot never did.”

    “Us lot?” Red Hood asked, ever so curious about what she’d meant by that small comment. His lot? Who was his lot?

    She waved it off. “Forget I said anything.” It’s not like the Justice League had ever acknowledged their existence anyway, the group of super heroes probably didn’t know that Paris had their own heroes.


    She giggled as she spun in the chair yet again. 

    Red Hood’s glare had reached new homicidal levels. While it had been frightening before, it was absolutely terrifying now. If she’d been an ordinary civilian she would have passed out right there and then. “Stop!” He commanded, grabbed hold of the chair and forced it still.

    She wanted to groan and complain that he was being unfair, but she soon took another look into his eyes and decided otherwise.

    “Alright, alright,” she muttered, holding her hands up in the arm as a motion of surrender. “I’ll stop.”

    “Thank you,” he replied, with a grateful tone in his voice.

    Yes. She’d stop. For Now.

    [link to part 2]

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    Chapter Two

    Snow day

    A Heart of Ice - Jack Frost x fem!Reader

    Word count: 3408

    Summary: Jack causes mayhem, as per usual. You are dragged along for said mayhem, also as per usual. 

    Notes: forgot to mention, but this kinda alternates between Jack’s POV and yours (starting with yours, so you’re odd numbers and he’s even)... 

    Jack soared high over the city, riding the draft of wind as it rushed over the highest skyscrapers, the neon signs and road lights glittering like a sequined blanket beneath him.

    “Take me to (Y/N)!” he called to the wind, sending a stream of sparkling frost along the side of a power line.

    The wind rushed to comply, switching directions and plummeting down to the streets. He groaned as he recognised the route, but didn't do anything until the draft set him down gently outside a door, a small line of people stretching a few metres back, kept at bay by two bouncers. He’d had a feeling you’d be there, but there was always the chance you might not.

    Sighing, he slid past the bouncers and into the club, spotting you almost straight away. You were right in the middle of the dance floor, your hair and clothes floating around you like you were underwater. You were glowing, quite literally, lit up silvery-gold like sunlight when it shone through ice. He’d never get tired of seeing you like that. 

    As he watched, you flickered, appearing instantly on another part of the dance floor, sliding up next to a woman dancing on her own. You brushed a hand by the woman’s head, and she turned ever so slightly towards the bar at the back. Jack blinked, and in an instant you were at the bar, guiding a man’s eyes towards the dance floor and the woman who was still looking in the direction of the bar. You stepped back, smiling to yourself, and grabbed a tiny glass from the man’s hand.

    “(Y/N)!” he called, cutting through the crowd towards you. He tried to ignore the people passing through him, but he still shivered a few times.

    “Hey Jack,” you grinned, downing the contents of the glass and grimacing. “Ugh, that tastes like a fucking candy cane. Man, this dude was having a rough night.”

    “Yeah?” he asked, watching as the man got up and headed towards the woman.

    “Got dumped by his girlfriend of 2 years. I think he’s just looking for a hook-up.”

    “Well he sure is now,” he pointed out. “You gotta stop doing that. I was reading the other day–”

    “You? Reading? What’s next, pigs are gonna sprout wings?”

    “They might,” he argued. “Anyway, I was reading and I found this article. They’re calling it the “pandemic of hook-up culture” now.”

    “Good for them.” You reached around him, taking a glass of something from the bar top and sniffing it. You wrinkled your nose, then handed it to Jack.

    “What’s this?”

    You glared at it. “Low grade, cheap.”

    “You’re a snob.” He raised it to his mouth, but you snatched it back.

    “It’s spiked, you idiot.”

    “Then why the hell would you give it to me?”

    “I didn’t think you’d actually drink it,” you snorted.

    “Yeah, well not everyone is as stuck up as you.” he pushed his hair out his face, hoping to hide the blush he could feel creeping over his cheeks. He didn’t know what it was about you, but every time he was around you he ended up doing something stupid. It wasn’t that he was trying to impress you or anything, he  just… didn’t want you to think he was lame or weird. Maybe it was the whole Cupid thing, maybe he just liked that you stuck around with him. Either way, he liked being around you. 

    “I’m not stuck up,” you muttered, picking at the seam of your dress.

    “Come outside with me,” he said, taking your hand. “There’s fresh snow, you’ll love it.”

    “Why should I come out into that freezing cold stuff when it’s so much fun in here?” You bit your lip, leaning back on the bench and surveying the crowd before you both. Your eyes darted over the people, and you glowed even brighter.

    “Oh no, what’ve you got?”

    “You see through there?” you asked, taking Jack’s hand and pointing with it to a mass of people packed so tightly together he could barely tell them apart.

    “Yeah…?” He tried to focus, but you were so warm pressed against him and your hair kept floating up and tickling his face.

    “There’s a shit ton of attraction going on, I think they’re all drunk. Probably a group of friends or something.”

    “Are you gonna—”

    “Don’t need to,” you cut him off, grinning. “They’ll take care of it.”

    “Good for them, then.” He pulled away from you slightly, still watching the people. “Right?” he added when you didn’t say anything, glancing across at you. You were still watching the dance floor, but you were also not. You had the vacant look you sometimes got when you were out and you saw a happy couple, or a loving family. It was definitely sad, he just didn't know why.

    “I think we should go outside,” you murmured. “Show me the snow.” You grabbed his arm, leading him towards the door.

    “Wait, but I thought you said--?”

    “I changed my mind,” you interrupted, still pulling him behind you.

    “Uh, ok? Will you at least slow down?”

    You sighed, stopping. “Good to go?”

    “Yeah, all good.” 

    You set off again at a more reasonable pace, slipping out the door as the next few people entered the club. As soon as you were outside, you pulled a rolled piece of paper from somewhere on you, then a lighter.

    Jack groaned as he caught the scent of cannabis, dropping your hand. “Really, (Y/N)? That stuff stinks.”

    “Don’t care,” you muttered, placing it between your teeth and lighting the end. “I can do heroin if you like that better, maybe cocaine? I grabbed a bit of ecstasy while I was in there too, I can use that if this bothers you.”

    “Why not throw yourself off a building and be done with it,” he muttered. “You’ll end up dead any day at this rate.”

    “Wind always catches me,” you replied, completely deadpan. “Wind can’t catch me if I smoke myself to death.” As if to prove a point, a gust of wind blew the end of your joint out, knocking it out of your hand. “The fuck was that for?” you yelled, bending to pick it up. “It’s soggy now, thanks a bunch.”

    Jack couldn’t help laughing, though he stopped as soon as you shot him a glare. “Sorry,” he said, trying not to smile.

    “It’s not funny,” you grumbled, pulling a packet of pills out.

    “Don’t take that,” he said sharply, snatching them away from you.

    “I was just having a look. Jack, come on. Give it back.” You placed a hand on your hip, reaching a hand out to him.

    “No, you said you’d stop using these stupid things.”

    “I’m not! Why the hell is it such a big deal to you?” you snapped. “Love’s a drug, why can’t it do them? Besides, you can’t stop me.”

    “I’m your friend, (Y/N), I’m worried about you!”

    You snorted. “If I was in any danger, I’m pretty sure I’d have come across it by now. Now give those back.”

    “No.” He held them up, out of your reach.

    “Don’t be like that,” you sighed. “Just give them back.”

    “No, (Y/N).”

    “Jack.” Any trace of humour was gone from your face now, and he could see the outline of your shape flickering slightly, becoming indistinct. “Give that back to me.”

    “You’re doing the thing,” he said softly. “The flickery thing.”

    You looked around, then stomped your foot. Your shape solidified, and you sighed, sinking down on the sidewalk and hugging your knees to your chest. “Thought I’d gotten past that.”

    Jack looked around at the passers-by, everyone so oblivious to you both. Couples you’d made, families you were holding together just by existing. And they didn’t even know it. He crouched beside you, taking both your hands in his. You looked up, bright eyes meeting his.

    “Come on,” he said, “let’s go have some fun.”

    “Are you trying to distract me?”

    “Maybe?” he grinned sheepishly, pulling you to your feet. “Is it working?”

    “A little bit.” You looked away, biting your lip.

    “Good,” he pulled you with him into the street, stepping up onto a rising draft and pulling you after him.

    “Woah,” you gasped, grabbing his hand tighter as you rose swiftly into the air. “A little warning next time?”

    “Just follow me, you’ll be fine!” he called, hopping onto a racing current of cold air.

    “Fuck, Jack!” you screamed, losing your balance and crashing against him. “What did I just say?”

    “What did I just say?” he laughed, holding you tightly as the wind carried you through the night sky.

    “I don’t know, I was too busy trying not to die!” You were clinging onto him tightly, your hands knotted in the back of his jumper and your face pressed into his chest. He couldn’t help it, his heart sped up a bit.

    “Open your eyes,” he called over the rushing wind, “you’re missing the view.” Ahead of you, the sun was just visible over the curve of the earth, its golden rays making the clouds glow bright orange and pink.

    “Woah,” you breathed, relaxing your hold on Jack to stare at it.

    “Yeah, now hold on. We’re going down.”

    “What—” You broke off, screaming as he pulled you off the draft of air, falling freely down through the sky and towards the earth beneath you.

    “Calm down!” He laughed, grabbing both your hands. “(Y/N), look at me.”

    “Jack we’re falling! Do you have a fucking death wish?”

    “It’s alright, the wind’s gonna catch us, just like you said. Ready? Any minute now.” He grinned, and sure enough, a warm breeze enveloped you, sweeping you along the snowy streets.

    “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” you whispered.

    “Snow day?” he asked, then nodded to himself. “Snow day.”

    “No, Jack put me down I think I’m gonna puke.”

    “You’ll be fine, come on!” He raced between the wind currents, dragging you behind him and brandishing his staff at everything you passed. Frost bloomed over windows, street lights, power lines, shop fronts and anything else that got in his way. You reached the edge of town, soaring up over a snowy forest and a lake. Jack skipped along it, you still shouting various curses and threats.

    “There’s a kid, Jack!” you screamed, and he slowed down, jumping over him. His book fluttered from his hands, landing face-down on the ground. It was a magazine titled “mysterious times”, covered with pictures of various cryptids and other creatures you both knew were real, but humans seldom did.

    “What’s that?” you panted, snatching your hand from his.

    “Dunno,” he frowned. “Looks interesting.”

    “Yeah!” another voice shouted, and two more kids rushed past the one with the book.

    “Snow day!” the second one shouted, laughing.

    “You’re welcome,” Jack called after them, following along. He could see glimpses of you flitting along the ground beside him, disappearing and reappearing as you did that uncanny phasing thing. Why you wouldn’t just fly with him he didn’t know, it didn’t look very comfortable constantly teleporting between places. He remembered the first time he saw you do it. He was confused, and alone, and had just woken up from… whatever it was he’d woken up from. People kept passing through him, nobody could hear anything he was saying, he thought he was dead. Then you were there, across the street one second, and right in front of him the next. And you were glowing. He’d thought you were imaginary at first, then he’d thought you were a ghost, then he’d realised.

    “Guys wait up!” the magazine kid called, jerking him out of his thoughts. “Are you coming to the egg hunt on Sunday?”

    “Yeah!” one of his friends responded, “free candy!”

    “I hope we can find the eggs with all this snow!”

    “It says here that they found Bigfoot hair samples and DNA in Michigan! That’s super close!”

    “Here we go again,” one of them groaned, following through a gap in the fence.

    “You saw the video too, Claude,” the magazine kid said, “he’s out there.”

    “That’s what you said about aliens,” Claude laughed.

    “And the Easter Bunny,” chimed another one, making Jack stop where he was walking along the top of the fence.

    “Well the Easter Bunny is real,” the kid protested, like it was something everyone should know.

    “Oh he’s real alright,” Jack grinned. “Real annoying, real grumpy, and real full of himself.”

    “You can say that again,” you snorted, appearing beside him.

    “Come on,” Claude groaned, “you guys’ll believe anything.”

    “Easter bunny, hop hop!” a little girl chimed in, stumbling down the front stairs as the kid grabbed his bike. She tripped on the last one, falling over and bursting into tears.

    “Mom,” he called, “Sophie fell again.”

    “You ok, Soph?” the mom asked, helping her up. “Jamie,” she called after her son, “hat. You don’t want Jack Frost nipping at your nose.”

    “Who’s Jack Frost?” he asked, and Jack felt his stomach do a flip.

    “No one, honey,” she said, “it’s just an expression. Like um… like Cupid. He doesn’t really exist, people just use him to get a point across.”

    “Wait what?” you spluttered. “Did she just…?”

    “Just an expression?” Jack echoed, scraping a ball of snow from the ground and letting his magic infuse every ice crystal.

    “Jack, no, come on.” You appeared beside him, grabbing his raised arm. “They don’t know any better, it’s fine.”

    “Calm down, I’m just gonna show ‘em a bit of fun.” He shook you off, hurling the snowball in the direction the children took.

    You groaned, running a hand through your hair in exasperation. The snowball hit Jamie square in the back, and he stumbled. In a flash, you were beside him, bending to check that he was alright. You glared at Jack as he landed beside you, but the kid was fine.

    “You’re lucky he didn’t hurt himself,” you growled.

    “Or what?” Jack teased, dancing away from you as you crossed your arms.

    “Who threw that?” Jamie asked, looking around at his friends.

    “This asshole, right here.” You jabbed a finger at Jack, but you were smiling now. The magic was already working, making Jamie’s eyes light up in anticipation.

    “Shut up,” Jack laughed, “you love me.”

    You didn’t say anything, just snorted and turned away. Jamie turned around, hurling snowballs at two of the other children.

    “Jamie Bennet, no fair!” a girl in a green beanie yelled, falling down as one hit her in the head.

    “You struck first!” he called back, throwing more snowballs.

    “Free for all!” Jack shouted, tossing one at you, who disappeared just when it would have hit. “Wait where did you…?”

    “Right here,” you whispered, your breath brushing over his cheek and sending shivers down his spine. You laughed, stuffing a handful of snow down the back of his shirt.

    “That’s not— You can’t— (Y/N)!” He whipped around, searching for you amid the frenzy of snowballs and running children.

    “That’s my name,” you grinned, flashing into view before him and throwing a handful of powdery white into his face.

    “You can’t do that!” Jack protested, readying a snowball in his hand.

    “Yeah I can,” you teased, “I just did.”

    “Oh, you’re going down.” He took aim, watching as you flashed in and out of view around the children and trees, shining against the background of pure white. He released the snowball just as you disappeared, aiming for where he thought you’d next pop up and crossing the fingers of both his hands. If he missed, he’d never hear the end of it.

    “Shit!” you exclaimed, stopping dead and turning to stare at him. There was snow in your hair, snow cascading over your shoulders and snow all over your face as well. “Nice shot!”

    “I know,” he shrugged, grinning at you. “Come on!” He slid over the snow, his staff’s tip skidding along and leaving a trail of frost. “All right, who needs ammo?”

    “Wait a second--!” you started, then broke off, your hand outstretched. Jack looked up, everyone had gone silent.

    “Crud, I hit Cupcake!” the girl with the green beanie whisper-shouted.

    “She hit Cupcake!” her friend said, pointing at her.

    “You hit Cupcake?”

    “Was that what you…?” Jack asked, gesturing to the angry girl raising a huge snowball over her head.

    “Yeah,” you winced, “that’s what I was getting at.”

    “Oh.” He grabbed a handful of snow, shaping it into a ball as Cupcake raised her snowball, then let it fly straight towards her face.

    “Jack!” you protested, “that’s not the best way to do it!”

    “How would you have done it?”

    “I dunno, not hit her in the face with a snowball? She just needs a bit of help communicating.”

    “Did you throw that?” Jamie asked.


    “Wasn’t me!”


    Cupcake took a moment, blinking away the snow before she burst out laughing, running towards the other kids. 

    Jack turned to you, gesturing to the train of laughing children racing through the snow. “It worked.”

    “Whatever you say,” you sighed, waking over to him. He put his arm around your shoulders, following the kids at a walk.

    “Come on,” he said, moving his hand to yours and breaking into a run, “let’s catch up with them.” He leapt into the air, pulling you with him as he slid along the slope.

    “Wait, Jack!” you shouted, almost slipping over.

    “Don’t worry,” he called back, “I’ve got you.”

     “No, Jack look out!”

    He turned back to face the front and cursed under his breath. Jamie was slipping on a slippery piece of ice, landing on his sleigh. He slid down the hill, around a corner and out over a bank, soaring through the air and towards the street.

    “That’s the street!” you pointed out, jerking your hand from Jack’s and flitting alongside the sleigh.

    “It’s alright,” he told the kid, “I got you, hold on!” He shot ice in front of him, creating a safe pathway through the traffic and along the street. Jamie screamed as a truck almost hit him, then again as he almost knocked a pedestrian over.

    “Get! Him! Off! The! Street!” you shouted between jumps, your voice frantic. If something happened to this kid, Jack was never gonna live it down.

    “I’m trying!” he shouted back, curving the path of ice around a corner, “stop doing that blinky thing! It’s distracting me!”

    “Jack!” you yelled, and he stopped. The ice curved up sharply, creating a ramp, and Jamie was flying right off the end of it. He soared overhead, weightless for a second, then crashed into a pile of snow at the base of a statue.

    “Yeah!” Jack shouted, landing above where he was turning over groggily. The other children crowded around, all expressing concern for their friend.

    “Jack Frost what the fuck was that?!” you shouted, appearing at the bottom of the statue, then next to him, then next to Jamie again. You were blinking in and out of focus, your cheeks flushed pink and your breathing heavy.

    “Uh oh,” Jack muttered. “He’s fine, he had fun, calm down.”

    “Did you guys see that?” Jamie asked, getting up as if to prove a point, “it was amazing! I-I did a jump, and I slid under a—” he was cut off abruptly as a sofa slid into him, knocking him to the ground.

    “Whoops,” Jack winced, looking from the boy on the ground to you, who now had your hands clapped over your mouth.

    “Cool, a tooth!” Jamie shouted, holding up what looked to be exactly that. He grinned, running to join his friends.

    “Dude, that means cash!” Claude shouted.

    “Yeah, tooth fairy cash!”

    “You lucky bum!”

    “Wait, hold on a second,” Jack called after them, jumping down to follow the group as they walked away. “What about all the fun we just had? That wasn’t the tooth fairy, that was me! What’s a guy gotta do to get a little attention around here?” He stopped as the kids passed through him, his heart sinking. It was always the same, he didn’t know why he kept thinking it would be different.

    “You’re so lucky—” you started, popping up in front of him. You opened your mouth to say more, but stopped. “Hey,” you said more gently, laying your hand on his arm.

    “Let’s just go,” Jack muttered, taking your hand.

    #jack frost #jack frost x reader #jack frost x yn #rise of the guardians #rise of the guardians fanfiction #fanfiction#fanfic #self insert fanfiction #Self Insert#multi chapter #work in progress #some angst#angst #angst with a happy ending #angst with a hopeful ending #angst with fluff #friends to lovers #friends to more #hurt/comfort#miscommunication#amnesia
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  • gorbo-longstocking
    20.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    scooter... is gonna learn that being angry is okay right? like. learning how to deal with it is important

    YES! absolutely! the next “arc” (i guess thats what you could call it) focuses on their right to be upset and angry when theyre hurt. along with their general conflict avoidance.

    #asks#hiwthi related #its really hard to let yourself be angry when youve seen how destructive it can be #they need therapy sooooo bad #im sorry if it wasnt more obvious on that part 😭😭 /gen #this is my first multi chapter fic ever so im still fumbling a bit with planning and keeping things consistent #thank u for the ask though!! im glad you did so i could clear things up #:D
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  • isabellafoster13
    20.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    New Story Coming

    I have decided to publish a new book once "The Celestial Princess and Her Suitors" is over. I have two that I have thought through and am confident that I can pull off. I am not sure which one I should publish once I finish my other one, so I will let you decide.

    Title of the first book: Fairy and the Criminal

    Description: When Midnight falls in love with Lucy, he can only think of one way to have a shot with her...

    By kidnapping her and showing her that he has changed.

    However, Lucy isn't very happy to have been kidnapped, especially not by a man that had tried to kill her and her friends twice.

    Will Midnight be able to bear his heart to the woman he loves? Will he be successful in getting Lucy to fall in love with him? Will Lucy remain defiant and manage to escape? How will she react to this new, kinder, gentler side of Midnight? Will she fall in love with him?

    Find out in this story that takes inspiration from Beauty and the Beast.

    Title of the second book: Quest for the Eighty-Eight Keys

    Description: When a hidden force tries to take over the Celestial Spirit World it is up to Lucy Heartfilia, as the last user of Celestial Spirit Magic, to collect all eighty-eight celestial spirit keys and save her friends and their home, while also protecting herself from the three mages that are trying to kill her. She is joined by Freed Justine and Rufus Lore to ensure her safety and success.

    What happens when these two male mages develop feelings for her? What happens when a certain former criminal joins them in an effort to truly redeem himself? What happens when this former criminal develops feelings for Lucy as well? Will the three men be able to fulfill their duties and keep their rivalry and feelings from interfering? Or will they eventually lose control of themselves and ruin everything that Lucy had worked hard to achieve? How will Lucy be able to deal with her three companions fighting when she doesn't even know why they are fighting? Will she be able to accomplish her goal? Or is it just too big for her?

    Find out in this story about saving an entire other dimensional world, and a love square between Freed, Rufus, Midnight, and Lucy.

    Which do you think I should write? You have until the last chapter of "The Celestial Princess and Her Suitors" to vote for one of these. If you have any opinions, then don't be afraid to let me know.

    #fairy tail#lucy heartfilia#midnight#freed justine#rufus lore #freed x lucy #midnight x lucy #rufus x lucy #frelu#rulu#midlu#lufus#you choose #two multi-chapter stories
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  • ichiro51
    20.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    So i started a Violetta multi chapter fic, which is something I’ve been dying to do for a while now so that’s fun. It’s basically the studio kiddos becoming one big found family with super powers as I combine my love for violetta with my love for japanese mythology/folklore (technically i think it may have originated from china but im using the japanese names cause that’s what im most familiar with) No knowledge of the mythological stuff is required i will explain it all  

    #violetta #hopefully ill be able to juggle two multi chapter ongoing fics #look i told myself once i got to a certain point in my soy luna fic i would write a violetta multi chapter fic so here we are #and im super excited so lets go
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  • moominvalleysao3
    20.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    everybody shut up i just had a new fic idea

    #my fic plan doc already has 6 fics on it including two multi-chapters... #i also still have 2 requests that i need to write #AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA #blind channel fanfiction
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  • pretty-princess-greyromantic
    19.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Diana looked down at the paper. Usually right now she would be doing archery. But her dad said that she should do something else because she injured her hand.

    Diana don't get why she would need to change her entire schedule for it though. Diana now cannot do Swimming, and weight lifting as well because of this.

    So why wouldn't she be anxious? Diana looked around and breathed in deeply and then went into room 215.

    There was around 8 other people not including the teacher whom Diana assumed was Mrs. Lopez.

    Fuck. She knows no one. Deciding quickly to just sit between a girl with long blond hair, and a different girl with a curly bun in her hair.

    "It looks like everyone is here! My name is Mrs. Lopez and we have a new student today! Welcome Diana!" She said happily.

    One emo looking kid grumbled out something.

    "Emily, we all know you want to be here." Said a kid with light orange and purple died hair. "I know Lux."

    "Diana, you introduce yourself to the club." Mrs. Lopez said.

    Diana nodded and stood up taking 3 deep breathes. "Well, as you know my name is Diana, I'm from the country of Ukraine. And I am pretty sure i am Aromantic."

    "Ooooo! So your an immigrant?" The girl in the bun asked. "You can't just ask people that Julie!" Said an Asian kid as she slapped the other on the back of the head.

    "I'm sorry sis!" Oh. There sisters. That makes some sense. "Olivia! Don't slap Julie!" Mrs. Lopez said. The blond haired kid next to me whispered. "Hello. I'm Lily." Lily was wearing a short see-through skirt with a pair of jeans under it.

    As for a top Lily is wearing mostly yellow shirt where around 1/3 of it was grey. "Hello Lily, as you probably already know I'm Diana." She replied back.

    "Yeah, no shit sherlock. But anyway I use She/Her and Firefly/Fireflyself/Fireflys." Firefly said. "Okay, Lily. Is there anything you want to know about me?"

    Lily looked at Diana with a glint of of an emotion of which Diana didn't understand. "Do you have any siblings?" She asked. "I do not have any siblings, but I do have some cousins." Diana replied truthfully.

    "Oooo. What are your pronouns." Lily asked. "She/Her, but I guess I am trying That/Thats/Thatself."

    "Interesting. Do you know a second language?" "I do. I know Ukrainian as my first language." Diana said.

    "Right! Of course you do! You lived in the Ukraine!" Lily said forgetting. "Well, its okay?" Diana said not sure as to what to say.

    "So are you new here?" Lily asked all of a sudden. "No, I've been here since last year when I was a freshman."

    "Guess I just never saw you before." "You probably haven't, I do all honors and AP classed."

    "Oh! So that means you skipped a grade?" She asked. "Yep. I skipped the 4th grade." After talking to Lily for a few hours before Diana had to go home.

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  • spacelaserlulu
    19.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    My professor said my writing read like updates in a serial novel but little does he know I worship at the alter of multichapter ao3 fics

    #they keep me going #and especially if it’s a series #ao3#ao3 fanfic#fanfic#fanfics#fanfiction#multi chapter
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  • brunoboobies
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Memories - Leone Abbacchio x Reader

    Here's an angsty fic I'm still writing on ao3! Below is just the first chapter, which can be read as a standalone, but the full thing can be read on ao3 (3 chapters so far).

    Ao3 link


    The golden coat of the afternoon sun doused the room in a warm shade as you hummed a familiar tune peacefully to yourself.


    Leone sighed calmly as he sunk deeper into the warmth of your body, wrapping his arms a little tighter around your form. Sleep was tugging at his eyes and the lullaby of your voice was pulling him even further.


    "Leone?" You whispered, lightly massaging his scalp under his thick wavy hair.


    "Hm?" He mumbled, the drowsiness in his voice barely hidden as he looked up from your chest.


    The sight of his lazy sunset eyes and the clear tiredness in them made you chuckle.


    "Y'know if you want to sleep you should, don't force yourself to stay up." You kissed his forehead softly before stroking his hair. "You haven't been sleeping so well Leone, please rest a little." It became routine for Abbacchio to toss and turn all night in a failed attempt to fall asleep, sometimes accompanied by him trekking downstairs for a lonesome midnight drink to burn his throat, only for him to finally grasp that sweet bliss of sleep a few moments before sunrise where he had more duties in the day to fulfil. Some nights you would wake up too, and try your best to coax him back to the bedroom where you would hug and tend to him until he managed to drift off. Thankfully anytime you stepped in to help, insomnia was no longer a thing to him.


    The dark bags under his eyes were gnawing away at his youthful expression and quite frankly you couldn't blame him. With all that happened so recently, how he was only just finding his feet once more (though you weren't overly thrilled initially at the thought of him following Passione) but still being plagued with his past, his days seemed longer and nights shorter.


    Seeing him get tired brought a sense of relief that he had passed his limit and needed a reset.


    "Yeah...I will." He traced circles on your side with his thumb. "Just promise me you'll stay here with me." He whispered.


    These past couple of days, Abbacchio had been more attached to you, both physically and emotionally. He wouldn't want to sleep if you weren't there, he would wait until you were hungry before he ate, he cuddled and asked you for more affection as his need for intimacy grew. You were the only thing keeping him stable, the only person he felt safe around. At first, he was worried you found him clingy and annoying, but you reassured him that you were grateful for this time together, especially as his new line of work kept him busier and on edge.


    "Leone..." You cupped his cheek and grazed his cheekbone lightly with your thumb. "Of course I'll stay here with you." Your voice was like sweet caramel soothing his mind and soul. You leaned forward to kiss the top of his head as he slid under the thick cotton covers. "Sleep well mio amore."

    Abbacchio's eyes snapped open in shock as he felt what resembled his throat closing as stray tears streaked down his cheeks.


    Another dream.


    Another bittersweet memory.


    He wasn't lying with you in the warm afternoon sun as you lulled him to sleep, rather he had fallen asleep alone in the darkness of the sitting room while the static from the television whirred in the background, almost blinding him as he tried to adjust to the colour. He squinted at his phone as the time read "3:47 am" and he attempted to stand up from his awkward position on the sofa.


    He noticed Olivia fast asleep in her blue baby seat with her pacifier in her mouth, fidgeting slightly as her eyelashes fluttered.


    Abbacchio stretched out his back, walked over to the seat and carefully carried her out, trying to not wake her. She stirred before resting her head on his shoulder peacefully and wrapping her arms around his neck.


    "I didn't mean to leave you here bella I'm so sorry." The tears in his eyes hadn't stopped, especially now that he had set his eyes on his daughter who bore such resemblance to the woman he lost just a couple of months prior. The only thing keeping him sane was the existence of this small, beautiful girl who managed to fill an extent of the hole in his heart.


    The first week you had gone, he couldn't take care of her. He couldn't look at her, feed her, bathe her, rather Trish would take care of her for him. It hurt too much, losing you and being a failing father. It was only just a week ago that he began taking care of her fully during the day and night.


    But if it wasn't for her, he would've turned this house upside down in pure anger and despair and there would be empty bottles littered around as opposed to just stray toys. He was able to better himself because he knew he needed to be good enough to parent a child, to take on both roles and be as good as you were. Not that he ever thought he could.


    After all, you would never leave her downstairs with the TV blaring.


    He had contemplated moving her cot to his room to make things easier as he was the only one taking care of her, but he would rather not have his infant daughter see how distraught and restless her father was. So during the day, she would stay in the room with him, but at night he would remain alone.


    He walked into his room and pressed his back against the door, everything was so bleak now, so empty and emotionless without you. The floorboards seemed to creak more, the lights dimmer, the bedsheets, cold, crisp and void of any scent, no smell of breakfast, perfume, passion, just nothing.


    "March 27th, 10 pm." He mumbled as he changed into his nightwear with his back facing the bed, finally wearing a new set as the previous had been stuffed with tears, vomit and alcohol.


    He turned around to see your sleeping form under the covers, hair tied up neatly but with stray strands across your forehead. You wore that same cream coloured maternity nightgown you kept because of the comfort it brought you.


    He had convinced himself that he wasn't in denial by doing this, that rather, it was for Olivia's and his benefit that he would call out his stand at random hours in the day. He would tell himself that he was doing it solely because he wanted Olivia to remember your face, or because it helped him sleep better. Give any reason except the truth, that he didn't want to accept that you were gone.


    He opened your wardrobe and the fresh scent of flowers wafted into his nose. He made sure to clean your clothes regularly, using only the products you used on them to retain somewhat your natural scent. Moody Blues was usually cold when replaying, seeing as it had no blood flowing through it, so he would have to layer shirts, sweaters, scarves on it to mimic natural body heat anytime he replayed you.


    He pulled the black sweater over your head before sliding into the bed with you.


    "Mia amore." He hugged your doppelganger, pushing its head into his chest. He cried softly into the thick material as he listened to your quiet snores. "I wish...I wish there was a way to bring you back." He choked on his words as he kissed your face. He would do anything, even if it meant selling his soul, he would do it to be back with you, to have the real you.


    For now, this would have to do.

    #reader insert #reader insert fanfiction #leone abbacchio#abbacchio #leone abbacchio x reader #abbacchio x reader #angst#mourning#multi-chap #multi chapter fanfiction
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  • milkovski
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    #i basically feel sick to my stomach every time i post even a small snippet of writing #you people releasing multi chapters and hundreds of thousands of words are stronger than [insert here]
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  • noellewrxtes
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    turn me to ashes

    pairing: itachi/shisui rating: m word count: 950 summary: The night Itachi's family was killed was the same night that he first let Shisui fuck him. warnings: Off-screen death and murder; a very brief description of the bodies ao3: link

    #noelle writes #i'm kind of sorry #one day i'd like to make a multi-chapter version of this #but i'm not trying to start any new projects rn either #so i did this instead #turntoashes
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  • crystal-dee
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    lowkey hate fics where character and reader fight. character says horrible things, reader cries, and then they make up, and it's treated as like a cute little thing. like ??? idk maybe it's just me.

    #like ik people fight but...idkk it just doesn't sit right with me #like it's ok if it's in a multi-chapter fic and we can see the character's development and how they deal in the aftermath of the argument #but if it's a oneshot then no #I also hold grudges so you best believe I would not forgive my s/o immediately if they made me cry #.nonsense
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  • hollybell51
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Chapter One

    A goodbye and a hello

    A Heart Of Ice - Jack Frost x fem!Reader

    Word count: 1093

    Summary: after having made some evaluations, you decide that it is time to break away from a certain very important person in your life, and hence make a new friend.  

    Notes: age limit is 15-16 (purely because of drug mentions and violence, more on this in the explanation section), and I just wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone under that reading this xx. It’ll still be here when you’re a little older, it won’t have changed or gone anywhere I promise. Please see the explanation sections, since I feel like this one does need a bit of a background and some justifications. 

    Masterpost/table of contents/chapter index


    Basically (Y/N)/you/the reader etc. is/are a Cupid, so powers over love (including romantic, familial, platonic and all other types). I kinda wanted to take that idea and run with it a bit, so when I wrote this I was like “hey, what if this character had like a kind of split identity?” so that’s what I did, like two sides of a coin (not actually different identities, more like personas/alter egos I guess). I couldn’t really find someone in Greco-Roman mythology to represent hatred, so I chose chaos/strife -- Eris/Discordia. Obviously Cupid is the Roman form of Eros, but Eros-Eris and Cupid-Discordia didn’t sound how I wanted it to, so we have Cupid-Eris. Please don’t crucify me lmao 

    Also, I mention “phasing” “jumping” and “disappearing and reappearing” a few times, which basically is how you/(Y/N) move/s, and I had it in my head as being like how Loki does in that Bifrost scene in the first Thor movie if that makes sense... anyways. Also I mention glowing or lighting up, which basically just happens when the whole power thing is being used or when you/her are/is happy... it all makes sense in my head but on paper (computer?) it’s much less coherent lol 

    On a more serious note, I need to address the drug references and content warnings. Because (Y/N)/you is/are somewhat an unstable character (I wrote this when I was an unstable character tbh), I wanted to give a sort of vulnerability/weakness to reflect that and where she/you is/are in life in this and the struggles that are faced...? I’m not saying drugs are bad, and I’m not saying they’re good or cool or anything like that (people can do what they want tbh, I don’t really care). I guess you could probably rate this M, maybe MA15, and I know that Rise of the Guardians is a kid’s movie but it’s fanfiction, I do what I want. 

    Ok, that’s enough from me, please enjoy!


    “Ah,” Pitch sighed, taking up a place on the log next to you. “You should have come tonight, (Y/N). It was wonderful.”

    “Yeah?” you asked, poking at the snowy ground between your feet. “Had fun terrorising villagers?”

    “Well yes,” he frowned. “I thought you would have enjoyed it.”

    “Mmm.” You tossed the stick aside, getting up and moving over to your small pile of possessions. You grabbed a small bag, tipping out some of the dried leaves inside and taking up a piece of paper. You rolled it into a joint, lit the end, and took a drag of the pungent herb inside.

    The thing about Pitch was that it was great at first, when he found you. You were alone, you’d been alone for about 5 years, and then he was there. He showed you how to embrace the other side of yourself, the side that wasn’t just Cupid. But gradually it was less “Eris and the Boogeyman” and more “the Boogeyman”. Nobody noticed the chaos and strife you created, it just became a by-product of Pitch’s fear.

    You’d made up your mind that afternoon, when the shadows had begun to lengthen and the sun started its descent towards the horizon, when people’s fear had permeated the air with its pungent tang and Pitch’s eyes had gleamed with anticipation. You had to leave. You wanted to leave. 

    Now, Pitch watched you from across the small clearing, his expression unreadable.

    “Want some?” you asked, holding it out.

    “God no,” he said, “you know I hate that stuff.”

    You shrugged. “I was just asking.”

    He was silent for a moment, then said, “Are you going to tell me what’s on your mind?”

    “What do you mean?” You sat down again, blowing out a stream of smoke into the cold night air.

    He laughed. “You’ve been avoiding me, (Y/N). I can tell, you’re nervous about something. You try to cover it up with that infernal herb, but that won’t work. So what is it?”

    “I don’t know what you mean.”

    “Yes you do. You never come out with me anymore, why is that?” He tilted his head to the side, studying you carefully.

    You took a deep breath, placing your joint to the side. “Maybe I’m sick of bringing hate and darkness wherever I go. Maybe I want a change.”

    “What do you mean? How can you be sick of it? The power I—we hold, how can you want anything but that?”

    “That’s just the thing,” you sighed. “It’s not my power, is it? It’s all yours, always you they run from. You don’t hear people screaming “run, it’s Eris!” do you? Nobody even knows I exist.”

    “I know you exist.”

    “I don’t want to do this anymore, Pitch. I’m tired of being Eris, I want to go back to…” you stood, turning away and picking up my cloak from the ground. You pulled it on, shoving your things haphazardly into your pockets.

    “Back to Cupid? You were weak, (Y/N), I made you strong. What’s love compared with the chaos you bring, the destruction! You can’t leave, (Y/N), what about me? What about all… this?” He gestured to the distant village, where you could still hear indistinct chatter and see the fires burning outside. As if those feeble lights would ever keep Pitch at bay.

    “I don’t need you to be strong, and I don’t want to be strong if it means I’m just going around wrecking things. You’ll find someone else,” you said tightly, “but I’m sure you can manage fine without me. Chaos, strife, hatred… they’re all things you’ll be able to create on your own.”

    “(Y/N), listen to me—” he started, getting up to follow you.

    “No, Pitch. I’m leaving, and you’ll be wise not to follow me. I’ve had enough.” You pulled your cloak more firmly around yourself, darting into the trees and towards the village.

    “You’ll come back!” You heard him yell after you. “You need me, (Y/N)! You’re powerless without me, you’ll fade away until nothing is left of you and then you’ll come running back!”

    You hurried on, your breath clouding the air. You could already feel his cloying darkness wearing off, and with a start you realised that you were physically lighter. You didn’t so much as walk, but flitted between trees like you used to, before you met him and had become the slinking shadow at his side. You breathed deeply, calming the butterflies in your stomach as you grew closer to the lights.

    By the time you reached the village, you didn’t even need your cloak. You cast it off, grabbing the few possessions you really needed in your hand. You could always find more of the drug somewhere, you didn’t really need food, and you would be fine without any of the other things for a while. You only needed your bow, and your arrows. You held up the weapons, watching the dull black surfaces as they slowly faded to a kind of dark silver. They’d be back to how they used to be soon, when they brought love and happiness instead of chaos and hate.

    You moved through the village silently, everyone around you completely unaware of your presence there. The people around were mostly adults, but you spotted a few children holding tight to their parents’ hands. A couple walked past, their arms tightly wrapped around each other. So much love, such new infatuation with each other you could practically taste it.

    Something freezing cold passed over you, and for a moment you thought it was Pitch, then you realised it was just a child. They ran on, completely oblivious to the fact that they ran directly through you.

    “Hello?” The shout caught you off guard. “Ma’am, hello? Can you hear me?”

    You darted around the corner, following the voice of a boy. He was standing in the middle of the street, his image flickering as people passed right through him.

    “Someone answer me!” he called, “Hello?” He looked around frantically, then froze, staring at you. “H-hello? Ma’am?” he waved hesitantly, approaching you. His bright blue eyes were wide, almost scared, under a fringe of palest silver hair. He didn’t look any older than about 16.

    “Hi,” you said as he drew nearer. “Who are you?”

    “You… you can see me? You can hear me?” He reached out a hand, gasping when you took it.

    “I can touch you too,” you smiled. “I’m (Y/N).”

    “I’m… Jack. I’m Jack Frost.”

    “It’s nice to meet you, Jack Frost.”

    Chapter Two

    #jack frost #rise of the guardians #jack frost x reader #jack frost x yn #fanfiction #self insert fanfiction #fanfic #rise of the guardians fanfiction #Self Insert#multi chapter #work in progress #some angst#angst #angst with a happy ending #angst with a hopeful ending #angst with fluff #friends to lovers #friends to more #hurt/comfort#miscommunication#amnesia
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  • made-nondescript
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    SUCCESS! a whole page of tubbassador au fic outlined (using “outlined” roughly lol). i’m not even to the end of the first act just the establishing bits but that’s probably the toughest bit. really excited about what i have so far still !!!

    #never even tried to write a multi chapter fic with an outline and goals before #its very fun if a bit of a brain bender #could not for the life of me figure out how to outline it so i resorted to just. summarizing by event #chapter breakdown can come later i think
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  • segasonichao
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Archive Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence

    Category: Gen

    Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog - All Media Types

    Tags: Silver the Hedgehog & Vector the Crocodile, Silver the Hedgehog & Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog & Everyone, Silver the Hedgehog, Vector the Crocodile, i'll tag characters as they show up but those two are gonna be the main players, Mystery, Apocalypse, Time Travel, uhhhh idk what to tag this as tbh, Tags May Change

    Summary: Silver travels back to the past, only to find the timeline's completely been rewritten. Silver teams up with Vector to try to figure out who's behind this mess, and what happened to Sonic, who seems to have disappeared without a trace in this new timeline.

    #silver the hedgehog #vector the crocodile #looooooo I know i have many other multi chapter works that need to be finished but this one’s different i promissssssse #sega official speaks #sonic the hedgehog
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  • autisticlancemcclain
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    a mother’s love: ch 1

    The excitement in the air was palpable. It had been so long since the team had been able to take a vacation – thanks, relentless empire of fuzzy space Nazis – so this trip to the beach was absolutely worth the sand that would be invariably tracked into the castle, to remain for eternity.

    Allura and Coran had been ready to go the second the vacation was announced, as they had all their clothes and belongings in the castle. None of the paladins had thought to pack a swimsuit to go check out weird vibes Keith felt in the desert though, so. They were considerably less ready. Luckily for them, Lance wasn’t only called the Tailor for how he could thread the needle with an aircraft – he was pretty handy with a sewing machine, too.

    For Pidge, he had created the ugliest swim trunks to ever see the light of day: made from a neon yellow fabric with patches of barf green-brown, and littered with pictures of grotesque weblums in every horrifying position. Just looking at them made Lance feel ill. Pidge, of course, loved them to pieces. He refused to make her a matching top, claiming the fabric made him want to fly straight into a mountain, and instead just used some plain black fabric to make a swim tee that was less abhorrent.

    Hunk was luckily less of a gremlin, and was happy with a pair of orange trunks that matched his headband exactly. Shiro got a pair in his favourite colour – a dusky pink – and was equally as satisfied. (Lance was originally going to do the same for Keith, and make him a pair in his regular emo colours, but he was struck by the divine urge to be a dick at the last minute and had embroidered ‘dorkass’ into the waistband of the shorts in the same maroon as the fabric. Keith did not know. Lance found great joy in knowing Keith was wearing around a pair of shorts calling him a dorkass. He couldn’t wait to tell him, after Keith had worn them for a couple hours and had to live with it).

    “Do you have to wear those shorts?” Allura asked for what was probably the fifteenth time in as many minutes. Pidge sniffed obnoxiously.

    “Lance poured his heart and soul into making me these wonderful shorts and all you’ve done is shit on them. I should tell him you have no appreciation for his art .”

    “If I actually did defecate on those abominations, I think it might improve them,” Allura muttered darkly, at the same time Keith lost his patience.

    “For fuck’s sake, we’ve been waiting here for, like, two hours! How long does it take Lance to throw on a pair of shorts and get –”

    “Throw on a pair of shorts?! Mullet, please. We are going to a public beach . I am looking like a babe or I am not going.”

    Six heads swivelled to the source of the sound, revealing Lance in all his glory.

    Lance had clearly taken the opportunity to treat himself. Instead of just making a pair of trunks and throwing on a t-shirt, like everyone else (except for Allura, who looked absolutely ethereal in an elegant white one-piece that matched her hair, and a sheer sparkly that ensured everyone that she was, in fact, royalty), he had taken the time to make himself a calf-length yellow sundress. He had also somehow fashioned himself what had to be the universe’s largest floppy sun hat, and – were those mom sandals?? Jesus Christ! They were.

    Pidge burst out laughing. “If by babe you mean MILF ,” she choked out, because she had zero shame. Shiro went scarlet.

    “Pidge!” he scolded, “You don’t just call people MILFs!”

    “What’s a ‘milf’?”

    “ I swear to God if any of you tell her what that means – ”

    Shiro didn’t have to worry about anyone telling Allura what a MILF was (at least, not at the moment. She and Hunk had an agreement, of sorts, as the resident gossips – they’d share all info at a later date), because the rest of the paladins were laughing too hard to get any words out. With the exception of Lance, who was doing his very best to appear offended but couldn’t quite manage it. At least being called a MILF was still kind of a compliment, no matter how backhanded. And he could concede to the point that he’s pretty sure he’s seen his sister-in-law wear a very similar ensemble, and she actually was a mom, so. Perhaps Pidge was right.

    “Whatever,” Lance said, rolling his eyes. Then he lit up. “Wait, if I look like a MILF, I’ll attract all the DILFs! Score!”

    Pidge, Hunk, and Keith sobered up immediately, laughter gone from their faces at the thought of Lance’s flirting. Shrio sighed.

    “How come you always ruin all my good jokes?” Pidge whined. Lance smirked at her.

    “Not my fault I’m funnier than you are.”

    “You are not –”

    Coran, sensing an impending argument and possible wrestling match, spoke up.

    “Perhaps we should make our way to the beach while there’s still sunshine, hm?” Everyone made a noise of agreement, and started walking towards the door. Shiro took a deep breath, closing his eyes. God. He could not wait to sit under the sun and sleep the whole time, leader duties be damned. Someone else could watch the troublemakers that were his teammates. Hopefully no one would drown, because Shiro was not monitoring that shit. He was tired . He needed a break . He was going to nap for six straight hours, and no one was going to fucking stop him –

    “Not a single fucking one of you is leaving this castle until I watch you put on sunscreen.”

    The pure conviction in Lance’s voice made everyone pause and turn to look at him. After a moment, Pidge broke the tension with a dry laugh.

    “Yeah, alright, Mom , sure,” she said sarcastically, turning around.

    Lance did not waste time entertaining her scathing wit. He pulled a bottle of SPF 80 from what looked to be actual thin air, and waved it emphatically at the paladins.

    “Since all of you refuse to care for yourselves,” he said, pausing to look pointedly at each of them in turn, “I suppose it will fall onto me. In line, children, hold out your hands. You must put it on your face and ears and neck and any exposed skin. No exceptions.”

    No one moved. Lance clapped his hands.

    “Chop chop! Form a line!”

    The paladins just blinked at him, gobsmacked. Keith spoke up first.

    “Where did you even get a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic? We’ve been in space for a whole-ass year!”

    “Yeah, and why are you only being anal about it now?” Pidge added. Lance glared at them.

    “I am responsible about my health, and had a bottle in my backpack when we were abducted.”

    Four pairs of eyes rolled in tandem. Lance insisted on saying they were ‘abducted by aliens’ when they left in Blue, because he was extra and needed to make sure everyone knew it. As if it wasn’t him who boarded Blue first. As if he did not see the glowing blue wormhole and immediately suggest they go through it. ‘Abducted by aliens’, yeah right – he boarded their ship and asked them to take him to their leader! It was a pointless argument to convince him otherwise, though. The paladins had tried dozens of times, to no avail.

    “Anyway,” Lance continued, “I used the fabricator to make more bottles when we first got here, along with shampoo and conditioner and stuff, all of which I delivered to your rooms. I have been under the impression that you have been dutifully using your protection from actual skin cancer like rational people, but it was recently come to my attention —“ he looked pointedly at Pidge, who had been burned so badly on the last planet that the skin on her face peeled off in one go like one of Lance’s face masks. He did not find that comparison nearly as funny and thought-provoking as she did – “That the four of you cannot be trusted to apply protection like grown-ups, and so you will be treated like my niece and nephew, who are the only ones in my house who still complain about, once again , actual protection from literal cancer. A known deadly disease caused by UV rays that is highly preventable. So, again: line up, children.”

    The paladins begrudgingly formed a line, sensing from Lance’s tone that although he was making jokes and speaking lightly, he was one-hundred percent serious. Lance was shaking his head and tutting at them as he squeezed a dollop of the white goop onto each of their hands.

    Allura and Coran recovered from their shock, exchanging horrified looks.

    “Human skin has not yet evolved protection from radiation?”

    “And you complain about the only protection you have?”

    “I’ll remind you that humans are only two hundred thousand years old,” Lance said to the Alteans, “So no, we haven’t really evolved superpowers quite yet. As for Allura’s point,” he raised an eyebrow at the other humans, who were beginning to look slightly chastised, “Some people are just plain stubborn.”

    “Okay, okay, you’ve made your point, we are wearing the sun protection, mother ,” Pidge said impatiently. “Can we go to the beach now?”

    Lance nodded. “As soon as I grab some water and snacks,” he said. This time, it was Keith who groaned.

    “Come on , Lance, I’m sure there’s water and shit on the beach, and I don’t want to wait the billion years you’re going to take to pack or whatever. Can we please just go.”

    Lance raised a judgemental eyebrow again, and picked up a bag no one had seen from a few feet down the hall.

    Jesus, bag might not be the right word for it. It had to be the size of Pidge! It was fucking huge.

    “What do you even have in there?” Pidge asked incredulously.

    Hunk had to agree. “I think you could actually fit the Green Lion in that bag,” he observed.

    “We’re literally only going to be gone for, like, ten hours,” Keith added. Shiro just sighed. Every moment of nonsense was one less minute of his tropical nap – minutes he mourned deeply.

    Lance’s haughty eyebrow had not lowered, despite all the complaining.

    “I notice that none of you brought a bag,” he said.


    “What are you planning on drying off with? Sand? Especially you, Shiro – aren’t you napping? And for all the available water and snacks on the beach, Keith, I don’t see you packing any GAC. And you’re the most accident prone person I’ve ever met, Pidge, did you bother to bring a first-aid kit? And Hunk, buddy, you like to build amazing sandcastles and shit. Did you remember to bring a shovel?”

    The ensuing silence had Lance looking very smug.

    “That’s what I thought. None of you plan ahead, yeesh. You’re welcome . Now, come on – we’re losing sunlight! Let’s go!”

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    She turned back to the child, who was watching her with wide eyes, fork hanging limply from her right hand.

    Clarice took a breath before addressing her, and what followed was an order.

    “Do not put that in your mouth.”

    Fanfiction: Cometh the Hour 

    Chapter 5 of 10 now posted on Wattpad, AO3 and Fanfiction.net @myramcqueen 

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    Endangered | Chapter Ten

    Paul Lahote x OFC
    Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine 
    Summary: Vampires and wolves are not the only supernatural creatures to walk the earth, and they are certainly not the only ones in Forks, Washington when Charlotte Annabeth Swan, "Anna", moves in with her uncle after the unfortunate demise of her parents.
    Some may misidentify her as a witch, but that’s fine, she would rather them think that anyway. But the Volturi know the truth, and they are closing in on her.
    A/N: We are getting spicy here friends. 18+ warning for the end on this chapter
    Warnings include: penetration, fingering, oral (fem receiving), cursing, Paul being a simp
    MINORS DNI!!!!!

    Charlie made me cry one more time that morning, by ordering pancakes from the diner and bringing them home for me, continuing the tradition I was sure would be forgotten since Bella’s birthday. It was just us at the table, but that was okay, it was always just the two of us nowadays.  

    It's now almost 11:30, and I’m in front of my mirror, staring intently over the clothes I had on. I didn’t want to wear my usual jeans and t-shirt, but the corduroy skirt I was wearing hugged my curves in a way I hadn’t exposed in a while. I was more inclined to be bundled up lately, still not acclimating well to the cold. I had tights on, and after debating for a few more minutes, I figure that if I really get cold, Paul’s 108-degree body heat could help. Sliding an oversized beige sweater over my head, I tucked it into the skirt. Satisfied, I adjust Paul’s bracelet, so it wasn’t under the sleeve, I liked being able to see it.

    I added a gold pendant on a long chain that belonged to my mother. It was a sun stamped into gold, and the protection magic in it was actually hers. I am pulling on wool boot socks when I hear Paul knocking on the front door.  

    I rush to open it, but as I open my bedroom door, Bella walks out into the hallway at the same time, stopping me in my tracks.  

    “Hi,” I say as she looks me over quizzically. She nods, about to walk past me to the bathroom when she stops.  

    “Where are you going?” She asks, surprising me. I couldn’t remember the last time I heard her actual voice.  

    “Oh, uhm... I’m going to my birthday party.”  

    She flinches at the mention of birthdays, and I move to head downstairs, not wanting to cause Charlie more strife tonight by reminding her of the last time she saw the Cullens. As I reach the top step, she calls my name.  

    “Anna? Happy birthday,” there’s a tinge of regret in her tone, and I force myself to smile and say thank you.  

    Charlie has beaten to the door where Paul stands in jeans and a Henley shirt. They are engaged in what seems to be a meaningful conversation, Charlie’s hand on Paul’s shoulder. Charlie is speaking lowly so I can’t hear, and Paul’s face is void of any telling emotion. I clear my throat to announce my presence.  

    “Ready?” I ask. They both turn to face me, and I can feel the relief Paul feels from my interruption, followed by another emotion I can’t discern as he looks me over.

    “Yeah,” Charlie says, “I hope you have a good time Anna, be safe, be responsible, no peer pressure and all that.”  

    “Got it, Uncle Charlie. No intravenous drugs, just the tame stuff,” I say, walking over to Paul in the doorway, putting an arm around him.  

    “Haha, very funny,” he says dryly, “Happy Birthday kid, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

    Nodding, I grab my bag that was already by the door. I’m not sure how Paul got Charlie to agree to stay overnight with everyone, but I’m sure Emily had something to do with it. I say goodbye as we walk to Paul’s truck.  

    “You look gorgeous as always,” he says helping me up into the passenger seat, that same discernible feeling thrumming through my chest.  


    “Happy Birthday!” A chorus of voices greets me as I enter Emily’s house, making me shriek back in shock, then laugh. Sam and Jared are in front, with Emily and Kim by their sides, and scattered around the room are some of my friends from school, Mike, Eric, Angela, and Jessica. With Bella isolating herself so much, we had all banded together, bonding over our concern and feelings of abandonment from the other Swan. In her absence, Mike had even turned some of his flirty attention on me, I’m shocked Paul invited him.  

    Emily’s house has a gorgeous open concept, with large French doors leading to the backyard, where everything is decorated. Smiling faces crowd me one by one as they take turns giving me hugs. On the table, Emily has laid out an array of food, I can smell something on the grill in the backyard.

    I thank everyone and they shortly break off into smaller groups, Sam and Jared go back outside, and to my surprise, Eric and Mike follow. I turn to Paul, wrapping my arms around his neck in a hug.  

    “Thank you,” I whisper, “You were right, I would have been sad without celebrating today.”

    “Of course, love,” he says lifting me off the ground for a moment. When he puts me down, he tells me he’s going to check in with Emily and Kim, making sure there wasn’t anything else they needed help with, and instructing me to go see my friends, and to not lift a finger.  

    Jessica and Angela are giggling on the couch, and they pull me between them when I approach them.

    “Anna, you have been gatekeeping,” Angela says.  

    “Yeah,” Jessica chimeds in, “At first, I was kinda pissed when you kept blowing us off, but now? If I was surrounded by multiple tall, darks, and handsomes, I wouldn’t be hanging out with us either.”  

    I throw my head back in a laugh, “It’s not like that. I love you guys. I just don’t get to see Paul all the time with his schedule.”

    “Mhm, sure, do any of them have single friends or brothers?” Jessica asks.

    “Not that I know of, but if I meet anyone who fits that description, I’ll let you know,” I wink, sending them into another fit of giggles.  

    Paul steps out of the kitchen talking along with Emily and Kim, when his eyes land on mine, he winks, and I know he heard our conversation. Rolling my eyes, I lean back as Emily and Kim join us as he walks outside.  

    “Like I said, "Jessica whispers, “I get it. I don’t know what is about you Swan girls seducing the hottest people in town, but I would like some of it.” A small surge of jealously runs through me, but I laugh it off. Excusing myself, I go out to see the boys surrounding the grill.  

    “Are you all supervising?” I joke, pushing Jared away to stand next to Sam. Jared playfully shoves me back before letting me into the semi-circle the boys had made.  

    “Well, who else is going to make sure Sam doesn’t burn anything?” Jared says sarcastically.  

    “Are you doubting his mad skills?” I say, feigning shock. Paul's arms wrap around my shoulders from behind me, kissing my head.

    “We would never,” Paul says, a smile evident in his voice. Eric and Mike agree, and I’m happy to see everyone is getting along. Soon, the food is ready, and everyone comes outside as Jared starts a bonfire.  

    It’s a perfect afternoon, full of laughter and joy, something I was worried I would lack today. In the middle of Eric recounting a story about how Mike tried and failed, to surf a storm surge on La Push Beach, Paul nudges my shoulder, getting my attention.  

    “Come with me,” he whispers. Helping me up, I follow him to the front of the house.  

    “Where are we going?” I ask.  

    “One of your birthday presents just got here,” Paul says like that would explain everything. Before I could ask what he could mean, Jacob steps out from behind a car, and I freeze. I had missed him so much in the last few months but wasn’t willing to let him continue to act like that towards me.

    Looking at Paul skeptically, he nods, and I break out in a smile.  

    “Hey Anna,” he says timidly, “Happy Birthday.” I run to hug him, catching him off guard and he grabs onto me, the breath knocked out of him.  

    “Hi Jake,” I mumble.  

    “I owe you an apology,” he says sincerely, and I pull back from him.  

    “Yeah, you do, but later? I’m just happy to have you here as long as you can play nice.” I poke the center of his chest.  

    “Scout’s honor,” he says holding up his hand. I smile and grab his hand leading him back to the fire to introduce him to the new faces. Paul follows beside me, and I open a connection to him briefly.  

    This means the world to me, thank you so much.

    Anything to see you smile, he replies.

    Jacob is just in time for Emily to bring out the cake, and I hope that this will show him that there isn’t anything nefarious going on in our group. The rumor that Sam started a gang was absolutely ludicrous.

    The “Happy Birthday” song is loud and terribly off-key, but somehow it just makes it better. I laugh so hard I almost can’t blow out my candles, as cheers erupt around me at the table. Paul kisses me on the cheek and leads me away from everyone as Emily passes out pieces to everyone.

    “I wanted to give you your present,” he says softly, holding out a small, wrapped box.

    Curious, I open it, trying to not rip the paper, which makes him chuckle.

    Opening the box, my breath hitches, revealing a necklace. There’s a dainty gold chain, a singular pearl in the middle.

    “I wanted to give you a little piece of home to keep with you,” he says showing me the name of the company, located where I grew up.

    For the third time that day, a few tears fall down my face.

    “Thank you,” I whisper, “This is more than I could ever ask for.” He silences me with a kiss, taking the necklace out of the box. I turn around and lift my hair up so he can secure the clasp, before turning around. My hands find the sides of his face and I pull him in for another kiss, his soft lips against mine, he holds me close. His lips part slightly, deepening it as I run a hand through his hair.

    “I love you,” he breathes, breaking the kiss, peppering small pecks across my cheeks and nose. Suddenly, the discernable feeling from before clicks, love. I knew on some level we loved each other, but to hear him say it made my heart soar.

    “I love you too,” I admit, giggling as his lips ghost over a ticklish spot on my neck. Picking me up, my legs lock around his waist as he kisses me feverishly, hands steadying my hips. The feeling of love pulsing between us.

    I whisper his name as little breathy moans escape me, his lips making their way down my neck.  

    “Would you like to stay the night with me? At my place?” he asks, switching to kiss the other side of my neck, I lean my head back in a gasp.

    “What about-?”

    “He’s gone for the weekend, it’ll be okay.” He reassures.

    I nod and he lowers me back to the ground as rowdy noises from the living room are heard.

    “Let’s go back before the start wondering where you are.”  

    Flustered, we walk back to the group. I sit on the couch, and Paul walks over to help Emily. I pout at the distance, but Jacob sits down next to me.

    “Hey Jake,” I smile.

    “Hey, how ya holdin’ up?” He puts an arm on the back of the couch behind me, and I lean my head on him, turning to face him. His skin is warm to the touch. I wonder how long it’ll be before Jake is put through the change.

    “Surprisingly well, it would have been a lot worse without them,” I say, looking over at my friends. Sam is messing with the frosting, getting some on Emily’s nose as she tries to chase him off, Paul is talking to Eric and Jared, laughing about something I can’t hear. Jessica, Angela, and Mike are talking to Kim, with smiles on their faces.

    “You really like being around them?” He asks skeptically.

    “Yeah, I love it. They are really amazing Jake,” I say, crossing my arms and lowering my voice, “I don’t know why you seem to hate them so much.”

    “They just act like they are in control like the Reservation is theirs and only theirs,” He says, “But hey, whatever makes you happy.” He throws his hand up in defeat. I can tell he’s still not happy about it all, but it’s better than having him hold animosity towards me.

    “Paul makes me happy,” I say confidently.

    “Well, let me know if he fucks up, I’ll defend your honor before saying anything snarky.”

    Laughing, I push him away, and he falls back dramatically.

    “Sure, I’ll keep it in mind Jake.”

    He laughs, and my heart warms to have Jacob back in my life, even if it might be a tentative process.

    As the sun sets, things wind down and people start to leave, saying goodbye to everyone on their way out. I try to help Emily and Sam clean up, but she shoos me away.

    “No, we got it. Go, I’m sure Paul wants some time alone with you,” she says with a grin.

    “Are you sure?” I ask again.


    “Thank you so much for everything today, Em,” I hug her, “it really means a lot. I love you all.”

    “We love you too sweet girl, I’m happy we got to help make today special for you,” she squeezes me again.

    Paul is leaning against the doorframe, silently waiting as I say goodbye and thank you to Sam. Paul has already gathered the presents, I haven’t opened yet in his truck from everyone at the party, and even Charlie.

    The couple waves us off as Paul pulls out of the driveway.

    ------------------------------- 18+ -----------------------------

    The air is thick with tension on the drive over, and the radio playing lightly is the only sound. Paul’s hand is on my thigh, the other on the steering wheel. My thoughts are chaotic, ranging from innocent to lustful. There had always been an unspoken intimacy with Paul, one of us was always touching the other without thinking about it too much.

    It’s not like either of us were particularly virginal, but it felt like first kisses, first dates, first anything held more weight with him. I didn’t want anything to be rushed, and we both had been so busy, that sex was something that I was comfortable waiting for until we were both fully present, with no distractions or worries to call us away.

    It was at the forefront of my mind now though, every touch of his thumb grazing my thigh felt like electricity through my body. There was a knot in my lower stomach, and warmth between my thighs. I was focused on breathing, trying to not make it so obvious how much he was affecting me.

    Paul’s emotions seem to match mine, but there’s a distinct feeling of anxiety that worries me. Pulling up to his house, he gets out and opens my door, just like always, but I stop him before he steps back, pulling him close. My breath stutters as my knees settle on either side of his waist. Something flashes in his eyes before he closes them, taking a deep breath.

    “Hey,” I whisper, “Everything okay?”

    He nods, forehead leaning against mine.

    “What are you thinking about so hard,” I question quietly. It takes a minute, but he finally admits his concerns.

    “I love you,” he starts, hands sliding up my thigh, over my skirt, “I want… this, but I don’t want to hurt you.” His eyes won’t meet mine with his confession out in the open.

    I tilt his head up, making direct eye contact, “You won’t break me,” I say.

    “You don’t know that.” His brow furrows, but I hold him steady, caressing his cheeks.

    “I do Paul, I trust you implicitly, with every part of me.” Lowering my hand, I guide his to my waist.

    “Anna,” he whispers.

    “Paul,” I whisper back, moving closer to him, the fabric of my skirt bunching up my thighs.

    “You don’t understand how much I want you,” he admits.

    “Then show me.”

    One arm wraps around my waist, lifting me out of the truck like I weigh nothing, as the other slams the door shut. He carries me into the house, and I’m too focused on him to really notice my surroundings as he pushes my back against a wall.  

    “Promise me you will tell me to stop if I hurt you.” He pleads with me.  

    I hold his face in my hands, “I promise, but you won’t.”

    I roll my hips into him slightly, and he groans at the friction, his head rolling back, giving me access to kiss down his neck. At his moans, I slightly nip at his shoulder as he emits a growl.  

    “Anna,” he says breathily.  

    “Yes?” I say, continuing to kiss his neck, hands slipping underneath his shirt.  

    “You’re killing me,” he moans.

    “Tell me to stop.”


    I lift his shirt, and he raises his arms, letting me take it off all the way. He catches my lips in a passionate kiss, holding me gently as he moves from the wall to what I assume is his bedroom. I kick off my shoes as he lays me down on a bed. I rest on my forearms, looking up at him.

    “God, you’re hot,” I sigh, making him smirk. Kneeling by the edge of the bed, his hands slide underneath my skirt, he pulls off my tights agonizingly slowly, kissing the exposed skin from my thighs down my legs. I swear I can hear my heartbeat.

    “And you,” he says, pulling my shirt up, kissing my stomach, “are absolutely perfect.” I lean up to take off my top, and once it’s over my head, he kisses me again, this time more passionate and needy. I wrap my arms around his neck and part my lips, inviting him deeper. I moan into him as his fingertips run up my sides, giving me chills, as he unhooks my bra and I let it fall off my shoulders.

    I trace down his chest with my hands, his hardened abs underneath them, down to his waistband. Unbuttoning his shorts, I feel him straining against his boxers as he takes a sharp breath when my hand slips underneath the elastic, wrapping around him.

    “Fuck, Anna,” he rasps.

    I smile, his reactions forming a tightness in my core. He takes a step back off the bed, letting his pants and boxers fall, and looks at me with hungry eyes. Pulling off my skirt, I can’t help but stare. It really was unfair how attractive he was, and my heart leaps when my eyes trail down to his hips, his impressive length hard against him.

    “Oh, fuck me,” I mutter, head falling back on the bed, “You’re unreal.”

    He lets out a small laugh and comes back to the bed leaving sweet kisses on my ribs and chest.

    “Are you sure?” he asks.

    “I’m so sure,” I say, running a hand through his hair.

    He grasps my hip tightly, and in response, a gasp rips through me, and he looks up in concern.

    “It’s okay,” I say, “I’m not that fragile.”

    Nodding, he kisses down the valley between my breasts, thumbs ghosting over my nipples, hardening them as his hands trail down, making me arch my back in a moan.

    “Rude,” I whisper as he continues down, nipping at my hips. Spreading my legs slightly apart, I inhale as his finger glides in between my folds, eliciting a moan from both of us.

    “You’re so wet me for, baby,” he whispers as one finger enters me slowly, all my words are lost as his tongue laps at my clit, sending a shock through my spine. I bucked my hips against him, and he moans, his voice deep, sending vibrations to my core. He steadies my hips with his other arm, pushing them into the bed.

    “Oh, fuck Paul,” I moan, and I feel him smile as his tongue moves in circles, and I continue to struggle to move for more connection. My hands run through his hair, and I’m pleased with myself when he moans when I tug at it.

    Pressure builds, and I feel myself tightening around his fingers, holding onto his hair, he’s relentless as the pressure breaks, waves of pleasure rocking through me. I’m breathless as he kisses back up my body.

    “I love you,” he says, biting my neck gently. I finally catch my breath, hands running down his back.

    “I love you too.”

    He kisses me gently, and I can still taste myself on his tongue. I can feel the tip of his cock, rubbing up and down the length of my entrance, and moan.

    “Please,” I beg, and a growl slips from him. He nods and moves to retrieve a condom from the bedside table, I take it from him, and he stands upon his knees. I slowly pull the condom over his length, purposefully taking my time as he stares down at me, biting his lip. Then, he lightly pushes me back on the bed.

    Slowly, he pushes in, stretching me out with every inch, I arch to pull him closer, bottoming him out in me with a gasp.

    “God, Anna,” he groans, “this is unfair.” He holds still for a moment, breathing deeply before moving out and back in one time.

    “It should be impossible for you to feel this good,” he says, an arm reaching underneath my back to pull me close to him, skin to skin.

    “I think that’s all you baby,” I say, my thighs already trembling around him.

    With slow movements, he finds a rhythm, whispering encouragements into my ear as he picks up speed.

    “You feel so good.”

    “Such a good girl for me.”

    “My pretty baby.”

    His words strike a chord with me, not only arousing me, but warming my heart, and once again he pushes me to the edge. I can feel how he feels even more now, bliss running through my body and his.

    I’m a moaning mess when his hand slips between us, his thumb brushing against the sensitive bundle of nerves, unraveling me.

    “Paul,” I cry, “I’m – I-” I stutter.

    “Fuck baby, me too.” He says, keeping the pressure on my clit, gasping when I tighten around him rolling my hips one last time.

    He collapses against me, breathing hard. Gasping as he slowly pulls out of me and laid next to me.

    I lay my head against his chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat.

    He kisses my head, hands lazily running up and down my back.

    “Are you okay?” He tentatively asks.

    “I’m amazing,” I say pushing his hair back, “You’re amazing.”

    He smiles, relieved.

    “Have I told you I love you?” He asks and smiles.

    “Maybe, but I don’t mind hearing it again.”


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    Sorry gang for not being online much these past few days; its been scorching hot / humid and I’m getting over a headcold and severe migraine episodes. Hopefully new ac will fix this. Going to be drawing today since I’m waiting on a couple of things but if tonight it gets cooler I may write a bit. Also DEF gonna be adding a Twisted Wonderland verse for Mish here. I’m adopting Grim. Grim is baby. I will fight for him.

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    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    1) Is the reader out to the office aka does Ricardo know he is trans? Ricardo suspects, but does not know until the reader tells him. It could happen when the reader gets injured, or it could be in a report after the reader goes to mandated counseling because of something that happened while the reader was on duty.

    2) How would you like this to play out in the LAPD?/What is the overall atmosphere about it? The LAPD's atmosphere would be mixed, and the reader gets treated well by some people, not so well by others.


    3) Where in his transition is OC if at all? The reader wears a binder and has a masculine appearance, and has started hormone therapy, but that's it.

    Ok, great! These will be very useful.

    Thank you for answering my questions! :)

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