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  • gorbo-longstocking
    20.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    scooter... is gonna learn that being angry is okay right? like. learning how to deal with it is important

    YES! absolutely! the next “arc” (i guess thats what you could call it) focuses on their right to be upset and angry when theyre hurt. along with their general conflict avoidance.

    #asks#hiwthi related #its really hard to let yourself be angry when youve seen how destructive it can be #they need therapy sooooo bad #im sorry if it wasnt more obvious on that part 😭😭 /gen #this is my first multi chapter fic ever so im still fumbling a bit with planning and keeping things consistent #thank u for the ask though!! im glad you did so i could clear things up #:D
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  • ichiro51
    20.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    So i started a Violetta multi chapter fic, which is something I’ve been dying to do for a while now so that’s fun. It’s basically the studio kiddos becoming one big found family with super powers as I combine my love for violetta with my love for japanese mythology/folklore (technically i think it may have originated from china but im using the japanese names cause that’s what im most familiar with) No knowledge of the mythological stuff is required i will explain it all  

    #violetta #hopefully ill be able to juggle two multi chapter ongoing fics #look i told myself once i got to a certain point in my soy luna fic i would write a violetta multi chapter fic so here we are #and im super excited so lets go
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  • moominvalleysao3
    20.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    everybody shut up i just had a new fic idea

    #my fic plan doc already has 6 fics on it including two multi-chapters... #i also still have 2 requests that i need to write #AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA #blind channel fanfiction
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  • crystal-dee
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    lowkey hate fics where character and reader fight. character says horrible things, reader cries, and then they make up, and it's treated as like a cute little thing. like ??? idk maybe it's just me.

    #like ik people fight but...idkk it just doesn't sit right with me #like it's ok if it's in a multi-chapter fic and we can see the character's development and how they deal in the aftermath of the argument #but if it's a oneshot then no #I also hold grudges so you best believe I would not forgive my s/o immediately if they made me cry #.nonsense
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  • made-nondescript
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    SUCCESS! a whole page of tubbassador au fic outlined (using “outlined” roughly lol). i’m not even to the end of the first act just the establishing bits but that’s probably the toughest bit. really excited about what i have so far still !!!

    #never even tried to write a multi chapter fic with an outline and goals before #its very fun if a bit of a brain bender #could not for the life of me figure out how to outline it so i resorted to just. summarizing by event #chapter breakdown can come later i think
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  • autisticlancemcclain
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    a mother’s love: ch 1

    The excitement in the air was palpable. It had been so long since the team had been able to take a vacation – thanks, relentless empire of fuzzy space Nazis – so this trip to the beach was absolutely worth the sand that would be invariably tracked into the castle, to remain for eternity.

    Allura and Coran had been ready to go the second the vacation was announced, as they had all their clothes and belongings in the castle. None of the paladins had thought to pack a swimsuit to go check out weird vibes Keith felt in the desert though, so. They were considerably less ready. Luckily for them, Lance wasn’t only called the Tailor for how he could thread the needle with an aircraft – he was pretty handy with a sewing machine, too.

    For Pidge, he had created the ugliest swim trunks to ever see the light of day: made from a neon yellow fabric with patches of barf green-brown, and littered with pictures of grotesque weblums in every horrifying position. Just looking at them made Lance feel ill. Pidge, of course, loved them to pieces. He refused to make her a matching top, claiming the fabric made him want to fly straight into a mountain, and instead just used some plain black fabric to make a swim tee that was less abhorrent.

    Hunk was luckily less of a gremlin, and was happy with a pair of orange trunks that matched his headband exactly. Shiro got a pair in his favourite colour – a dusky pink – and was equally as satisfied. (Lance was originally going to do the same for Keith, and make him a pair in his regular emo colours, but he was struck by the divine urge to be a dick at the last minute and had embroidered ‘dorkass’ into the waistband of the shorts in the same maroon as the fabric. Keith did not know. Lance found great joy in knowing Keith was wearing around a pair of shorts calling him a dorkass. He couldn’t wait to tell him, after Keith had worn them for a couple hours and had to live with it).

    “Do you have to wear those shorts?” Allura asked for what was probably the fifteenth time in as many minutes. Pidge sniffed obnoxiously.

    “Lance poured his heart and soul into making me these wonderful shorts and all you’ve done is shit on them. I should tell him you have no appreciation for his art .”

    “If I actually did defecate on those abominations, I think it might improve them,” Allura muttered darkly, at the same time Keith lost his patience.

    “For fuck’s sake, we’ve been waiting here for, like, two hours! How long does it take Lance to throw on a pair of shorts and get –”

    “Throw on a pair of shorts?! Mullet, please. We are going to a public beach . I am looking like a babe or I am not going.”

    Six heads swivelled to the source of the sound, revealing Lance in all his glory.

    Lance had clearly taken the opportunity to treat himself. Instead of just making a pair of trunks and throwing on a t-shirt, like everyone else (except for Allura, who looked absolutely ethereal in an elegant white one-piece that matched her hair, and a sheer sparkly that ensured everyone that she was, in fact, royalty), he had taken the time to make himself a calf-length yellow sundress. He had also somehow fashioned himself what had to be the universe’s largest floppy sun hat, and – were those mom sandals?? Jesus Christ! They were.

    Pidge burst out laughing. “If by babe you mean MILF ,” she choked out, because she had zero shame. Shiro went scarlet.

    “Pidge!” he scolded, “You don’t just call people MILFs!”

    “What’s a ‘milf’?”

    “ I swear to God if any of you tell her what that means – ”

    Shiro didn’t have to worry about anyone telling Allura what a MILF was (at least, not at the moment. She and Hunk had an agreement, of sorts, as the resident gossips – they’d share all info at a later date), because the rest of the paladins were laughing too hard to get any words out. With the exception of Lance, who was doing his very best to appear offended but couldn’t quite manage it. At least being called a MILF was still kind of a compliment, no matter how backhanded. And he could concede to the point that he’s pretty sure he’s seen his sister-in-law wear a very similar ensemble, and she actually was a mom, so. Perhaps Pidge was right.

    “Whatever,” Lance said, rolling his eyes. Then he lit up. “Wait, if I look like a MILF, I’ll attract all the DILFs! Score!”

    Pidge, Hunk, and Keith sobered up immediately, laughter gone from their faces at the thought of Lance’s flirting. Shrio sighed.

    “How come you always ruin all my good jokes?” Pidge whined. Lance smirked at her.

    “Not my fault I’m funnier than you are.”

    “You are not –”

    Coran, sensing an impending argument and possible wrestling match, spoke up.

    “Perhaps we should make our way to the beach while there’s still sunshine, hm?” Everyone made a noise of agreement, and started walking towards the door. Shiro took a deep breath, closing his eyes. God. He could not wait to sit under the sun and sleep the whole time, leader duties be damned. Someone else could watch the troublemakers that were his teammates. Hopefully no one would drown, because Shiro was not monitoring that shit. He was tired . He needed a break . He was going to nap for six straight hours, and no one was going to fucking stop him –

    “Not a single fucking one of you is leaving this castle until I watch you put on sunscreen.”

    The pure conviction in Lance’s voice made everyone pause and turn to look at him. After a moment, Pidge broke the tension with a dry laugh.

    “Yeah, alright, Mom , sure,” she said sarcastically, turning around.

    Lance did not waste time entertaining her scathing wit. He pulled a bottle of SPF 80 from what looked to be actual thin air, and waved it emphatically at the paladins.

    “Since all of you refuse to care for yourselves,” he said, pausing to look pointedly at each of them in turn, “I suppose it will fall onto me. In line, children, hold out your hands. You must put it on your face and ears and neck and any exposed skin. No exceptions.”

    No one moved. Lance clapped his hands.

    “Chop chop! Form a line!”

    The paladins just blinked at him, gobsmacked. Keith spoke up first.

    “Where did you even get a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic? We’ve been in space for a whole-ass year!”

    “Yeah, and why are you only being anal about it now?” Pidge added. Lance glared at them.

    “I am responsible about my health, and had a bottle in my backpack when we were abducted.”

    Four pairs of eyes rolled in tandem. Lance insisted on saying they were ‘abducted by aliens’ when they left in Blue, because he was extra and needed to make sure everyone knew it. As if it wasn’t him who boarded Blue first. As if he did not see the glowing blue wormhole and immediately suggest they go through it. ‘Abducted by aliens’, yeah right – he boarded their ship and asked them to take him to their leader! It was a pointless argument to convince him otherwise, though. The paladins had tried dozens of times, to no avail.

    “Anyway,” Lance continued, “I used the fabricator to make more bottles when we first got here, along with shampoo and conditioner and stuff, all of which I delivered to your rooms. I have been under the impression that you have been dutifully using your protection from actual skin cancer like rational people, but it was recently come to my attention —“ he looked pointedly at Pidge, who had been burned so badly on the last planet that the skin on her face peeled off in one go like one of Lance’s face masks. He did not find that comparison nearly as funny and thought-provoking as she did – “That the four of you cannot be trusted to apply protection like grown-ups, and so you will be treated like my niece and nephew, who are the only ones in my house who still complain about, once again , actual protection from literal cancer. A known deadly disease caused by UV rays that is highly preventable. So, again: line up, children.”

    The paladins begrudgingly formed a line, sensing from Lance’s tone that although he was making jokes and speaking lightly, he was one-hundred percent serious. Lance was shaking his head and tutting at them as he squeezed a dollop of the white goop onto each of their hands.

    Allura and Coran recovered from their shock, exchanging horrified looks.

    “Human skin has not yet evolved protection from radiation?”

    “And you complain about the only protection you have?”

    “I’ll remind you that humans are only two hundred thousand years old,” Lance said to the Alteans, “So no, we haven’t really evolved superpowers quite yet. As for Allura’s point,” he raised an eyebrow at the other humans, who were beginning to look slightly chastised, “Some people are just plain stubborn.”

    “Okay, okay, you’ve made your point, we are wearing the sun protection, mother ,” Pidge said impatiently. “Can we go to the beach now?”

    Lance nodded. “As soon as I grab some water and snacks,” he said. This time, it was Keith who groaned.

    “Come on , Lance, I’m sure there’s water and shit on the beach, and I don’t want to wait the billion years you’re going to take to pack or whatever. Can we please just go.”

    Lance raised a judgemental eyebrow again, and picked up a bag no one had seen from a few feet down the hall.

    Jesus, bag might not be the right word for it. It had to be the size of Pidge! It was fucking huge.

    “What do you even have in there?” Pidge asked incredulously.

    Hunk had to agree. “I think you could actually fit the Green Lion in that bag,” he observed.

    “We’re literally only going to be gone for, like, ten hours,” Keith added. Shiro just sighed. Every moment of nonsense was one less minute of his tropical nap – minutes he mourned deeply.

    Lance’s haughty eyebrow had not lowered, despite all the complaining.

    “I notice that none of you brought a bag,” he said.


    “What are you planning on drying off with? Sand? Especially you, Shiro – aren’t you napping? And for all the available water and snacks on the beach, Keith, I don’t see you packing any GAC. And you’re the most accident prone person I’ve ever met, Pidge, did you bother to bring a first-aid kit? And Hunk, buddy, you like to build amazing sandcastles and shit. Did you remember to bring a shovel?”

    The ensuing silence had Lance looking very smug.

    “That’s what I thought. None of you plan ahead, yeesh. You’re welcome . Now, come on – we’re losing sunlight! Let’s go!”

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  • randomwriting-misc
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Endangered | Chapter Ten

    Paul Lahote x OFC
    Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine 
    Summary: Vampires and wolves are not the only supernatural creatures to walk the earth, and they are certainly not the only ones in Forks, Washington when Charlotte Annabeth Swan, "Anna", moves in with her uncle after the unfortunate demise of her parents.
    Some may misidentify her as a witch, but that’s fine, she would rather them think that anyway. But the Volturi know the truth, and they are closing in on her.
    A/N: We are getting spicy here friends. 18+ warning for the end on this chapter
    Warnings include: penetration, fingering, oral (fem receiving), cursing, Paul being a simp
    MINORS DNI!!!!!

    Charlie made me cry one more time that morning, by ordering pancakes from the diner and bringing them home for me, continuing the tradition I was sure would be forgotten since Bella’s birthday. It was just us at the table, but that was okay, it was always just the two of us nowadays.  

    It's now almost 11:30, and I’m in front of my mirror, staring intently over the clothes I had on. I didn’t want to wear my usual jeans and t-shirt, but the corduroy skirt I was wearing hugged my curves in a way I hadn’t exposed in a while. I was more inclined to be bundled up lately, still not acclimating well to the cold. I had tights on, and after debating for a few more minutes, I figure that if I really get cold, Paul’s 108-degree body heat could help. Sliding an oversized beige sweater over my head, I tucked it into the skirt. Satisfied, I adjust Paul’s bracelet, so it wasn’t under the sleeve, I liked being able to see it.

    I added a gold pendant on a long chain that belonged to my mother. It was a sun stamped into gold, and the protection magic in it was actually hers. I am pulling on wool boot socks when I hear Paul knocking on the front door.  

    I rush to open it, but as I open my bedroom door, Bella walks out into the hallway at the same time, stopping me in my tracks.  

    “Hi,” I say as she looks me over quizzically. She nods, about to walk past me to the bathroom when she stops.  

    “Where are you going?” She asks, surprising me. I couldn’t remember the last time I heard her actual voice.  

    “Oh, uhm... I’m going to my birthday party.”  

    She flinches at the mention of birthdays, and I move to head downstairs, not wanting to cause Charlie more strife tonight by reminding her of the last time she saw the Cullens. As I reach the top step, she calls my name.  

    “Anna? Happy birthday,” there’s a tinge of regret in her tone, and I force myself to smile and say thank you.  

    Charlie has beaten to the door where Paul stands in jeans and a Henley shirt. They are engaged in what seems to be a meaningful conversation, Charlie’s hand on Paul’s shoulder. Charlie is speaking lowly so I can’t hear, and Paul’s face is void of any telling emotion. I clear my throat to announce my presence.  

    “Ready?” I ask. They both turn to face me, and I can feel the relief Paul feels from my interruption, followed by another emotion I can’t discern as he looks me over.

    “Yeah,” Charlie says, “I hope you have a good time Anna, be safe, be responsible, no peer pressure and all that.”  

    “Got it, Uncle Charlie. No intravenous drugs, just the tame stuff,” I say, walking over to Paul in the doorway, putting an arm around him.  

    “Haha, very funny,” he says dryly, “Happy Birthday kid, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

    Nodding, I grab my bag that was already by the door. I’m not sure how Paul got Charlie to agree to stay overnight with everyone, but I’m sure Emily had something to do with it. I say goodbye as we walk to Paul’s truck.  

    “You look gorgeous as always,” he says helping me up into the passenger seat, that same discernible feeling thrumming through my chest.  


    “Happy Birthday!” A chorus of voices greets me as I enter Emily’s house, making me shriek back in shock, then laugh. Sam and Jared are in front, with Emily and Kim by their sides, and scattered around the room are some of my friends from school, Mike, Eric, Angela, and Jessica. With Bella isolating herself so much, we had all banded together, bonding over our concern and feelings of abandonment from the other Swan. In her absence, Mike had even turned some of his flirty attention on me, I’m shocked Paul invited him.  

    Emily’s house has a gorgeous open concept, with large French doors leading to the backyard, where everything is decorated. Smiling faces crowd me one by one as they take turns giving me hugs. On the table, Emily has laid out an array of food, I can smell something on the grill in the backyard.

    I thank everyone and they shortly break off into smaller groups, Sam and Jared go back outside, and to my surprise, Eric and Mike follow. I turn to Paul, wrapping my arms around his neck in a hug.  

    “Thank you,” I whisper, “You were right, I would have been sad without celebrating today.”

    “Of course, love,” he says lifting me off the ground for a moment. When he puts me down, he tells me he’s going to check in with Emily and Kim, making sure there wasn’t anything else they needed help with, and instructing me to go see my friends, and to not lift a finger.  

    Jessica and Angela are giggling on the couch, and they pull me between them when I approach them.

    “Anna, you have been gatekeeping,” Angela says.  

    “Yeah,” Jessica chimeds in, “At first, I was kinda pissed when you kept blowing us off, but now? If I was surrounded by multiple tall, darks, and handsomes, I wouldn’t be hanging out with us either.”  

    I throw my head back in a laugh, “It’s not like that. I love you guys. I just don’t get to see Paul all the time with his schedule.”

    “Mhm, sure, do any of them have single friends or brothers?” Jessica asks.

    “Not that I know of, but if I meet anyone who fits that description, I’ll let you know,” I wink, sending them into another fit of giggles.  

    Paul steps out of the kitchen talking along with Emily and Kim, when his eyes land on mine, he winks, and I know he heard our conversation. Rolling my eyes, I lean back as Emily and Kim join us as he walks outside.  

    “Like I said, "Jessica whispers, “I get it. I don’t know what is about you Swan girls seducing the hottest people in town, but I would like some of it.” A small surge of jealously runs through me, but I laugh it off. Excusing myself, I go out to see the boys surrounding the grill.  

    “Are you all supervising?” I joke, pushing Jared away to stand next to Sam. Jared playfully shoves me back before letting me into the semi-circle the boys had made.  

    “Well, who else is going to make sure Sam doesn’t burn anything?” Jared says sarcastically.  

    “Are you doubting his mad skills?” I say, feigning shock. Paul's arms wrap around my shoulders from behind me, kissing my head.

    “We would never,” Paul says, a smile evident in his voice. Eric and Mike agree, and I’m happy to see everyone is getting along. Soon, the food is ready, and everyone comes outside as Jared starts a bonfire.  

    It’s a perfect afternoon, full of laughter and joy, something I was worried I would lack today. In the middle of Eric recounting a story about how Mike tried and failed, to surf a storm surge on La Push Beach, Paul nudges my shoulder, getting my attention.  

    “Come with me,” he whispers. Helping me up, I follow him to the front of the house.  

    “Where are we going?” I ask.  

    “One of your birthday presents just got here,” Paul says like that would explain everything. Before I could ask what he could mean, Jacob steps out from behind a car, and I freeze. I had missed him so much in the last few months but wasn’t willing to let him continue to act like that towards me.

    Looking at Paul skeptically, he nods, and I break out in a smile.  

    “Hey Anna,” he says timidly, “Happy Birthday.” I run to hug him, catching him off guard and he grabs onto me, the breath knocked out of him.  

    “Hi Jake,” I mumble.  

    “I owe you an apology,” he says sincerely, and I pull back from him.  

    “Yeah, you do, but later? I’m just happy to have you here as long as you can play nice.” I poke the center of his chest.  

    “Scout’s honor,” he says holding up his hand. I smile and grab his hand leading him back to the fire to introduce him to the new faces. Paul follows beside me, and I open a connection to him briefly.  

    This means the world to me, thank you so much.

    Anything to see you smile, he replies.

    Jacob is just in time for Emily to bring out the cake, and I hope that this will show him that there isn’t anything nefarious going on in our group. The rumor that Sam started a gang was absolutely ludicrous.

    The “Happy Birthday” song is loud and terribly off-key, but somehow it just makes it better. I laugh so hard I almost can’t blow out my candles, as cheers erupt around me at the table. Paul kisses me on the cheek and leads me away from everyone as Emily passes out pieces to everyone.

    “I wanted to give you your present,” he says softly, holding out a small, wrapped box.

    Curious, I open it, trying to not rip the paper, which makes him chuckle.

    Opening the box, my breath hitches, revealing a necklace. There’s a dainty gold chain, a singular pearl in the middle.

    “I wanted to give you a little piece of home to keep with you,” he says showing me the name of the company, located where I grew up.

    For the third time that day, a few tears fall down my face.

    “Thank you,” I whisper, “This is more than I could ever ask for.” He silences me with a kiss, taking the necklace out of the box. I turn around and lift my hair up so he can secure the clasp, before turning around. My hands find the sides of his face and I pull him in for another kiss, his soft lips against mine, he holds me close. His lips part slightly, deepening it as I run a hand through his hair.

    “I love you,” he breathes, breaking the kiss, peppering small pecks across my cheeks and nose. Suddenly, the discernable feeling from before clicks, love. I knew on some level we loved each other, but to hear him say it made my heart soar.

    “I love you too,” I admit, giggling as his lips ghost over a ticklish spot on my neck. Picking me up, my legs lock around his waist as he kisses me feverishly, hands steadying my hips. The feeling of love pulsing between us.

    I whisper his name as little breathy moans escape me, his lips making their way down my neck.  

    “Would you like to stay the night with me? At my place?” he asks, switching to kiss the other side of my neck, I lean my head back in a gasp.

    “What about-?”

    “He’s gone for the weekend, it’ll be okay.” He reassures.

    I nod and he lowers me back to the ground as rowdy noises from the living room are heard.

    “Let’s go back before the start wondering where you are.”  

    Flustered, we walk back to the group. I sit on the couch, and Paul walks over to help Emily. I pout at the distance, but Jacob sits down next to me.

    “Hey Jake,” I smile.

    “Hey, how ya holdin’ up?” He puts an arm on the back of the couch behind me, and I lean my head on him, turning to face him. His skin is warm to the touch. I wonder how long it’ll be before Jake is put through the change.

    “Surprisingly well, it would have been a lot worse without them,” I say, looking over at my friends. Sam is messing with the frosting, getting some on Emily’s nose as she tries to chase him off, Paul is talking to Eric and Jared, laughing about something I can’t hear. Jessica, Angela, and Mike are talking to Kim, with smiles on their faces.

    “You really like being around them?” He asks skeptically.

    “Yeah, I love it. They are really amazing Jake,” I say, crossing my arms and lowering my voice, “I don’t know why you seem to hate them so much.”

    “They just act like they are in control like the Reservation is theirs and only theirs,” He says, “But hey, whatever makes you happy.” He throws his hand up in defeat. I can tell he’s still not happy about it all, but it’s better than having him hold animosity towards me.

    “Paul makes me happy,” I say confidently.

    “Well, let me know if he fucks up, I’ll defend your honor before saying anything snarky.”

    Laughing, I push him away, and he falls back dramatically.

    “Sure, I’ll keep it in mind Jake.”

    He laughs, and my heart warms to have Jacob back in my life, even if it might be a tentative process.

    As the sun sets, things wind down and people start to leave, saying goodbye to everyone on their way out. I try to help Emily and Sam clean up, but she shoos me away.

    “No, we got it. Go, I’m sure Paul wants some time alone with you,” she says with a grin.

    “Are you sure?” I ask again.


    “Thank you so much for everything today, Em,” I hug her, “it really means a lot. I love you all.”

    “We love you too sweet girl, I’m happy we got to help make today special for you,” she squeezes me again.

    Paul is leaning against the doorframe, silently waiting as I say goodbye and thank you to Sam. Paul has already gathered the presents, I haven’t opened yet in his truck from everyone at the party, and even Charlie.

    The couple waves us off as Paul pulls out of the driveway.

    ------------------------------- 18+ -----------------------------

    The air is thick with tension on the drive over, and the radio playing lightly is the only sound. Paul’s hand is on my thigh, the other on the steering wheel. My thoughts are chaotic, ranging from innocent to lustful. There had always been an unspoken intimacy with Paul, one of us was always touching the other without thinking about it too much.

    It’s not like either of us were particularly virginal, but it felt like first kisses, first dates, first anything held more weight with him. I didn’t want anything to be rushed, and we both had been so busy, that sex was something that I was comfortable waiting for until we were both fully present, with no distractions or worries to call us away.

    It was at the forefront of my mind now though, every touch of his thumb grazing my thigh felt like electricity through my body. There was a knot in my lower stomach, and warmth between my thighs. I was focused on breathing, trying to not make it so obvious how much he was affecting me.

    Paul’s emotions seem to match mine, but there’s a distinct feeling of anxiety that worries me. Pulling up to his house, he gets out and opens my door, just like always, but I stop him before he steps back, pulling him close. My breath stutters as my knees settle on either side of his waist. Something flashes in his eyes before he closes them, taking a deep breath.

    “Hey,” I whisper, “Everything okay?”

    He nods, forehead leaning against mine.

    “What are you thinking about so hard,” I question quietly. It takes a minute, but he finally admits his concerns.

    “I love you,” he starts, hands sliding up my thigh, over my skirt, “I want… this, but I don’t want to hurt you.” His eyes won’t meet mine with his confession out in the open.

    I tilt his head up, making direct eye contact, “You won’t break me,” I say.

    “You don’t know that.” His brow furrows, but I hold him steady, caressing his cheeks.

    “I do Paul, I trust you implicitly, with every part of me.” Lowering my hand, I guide his to my waist.

    “Anna,” he whispers.

    “Paul,” I whisper back, moving closer to him, the fabric of my skirt bunching up my thighs.

    “You don’t understand how much I want you,” he admits.

    “Then show me.”

    One arm wraps around my waist, lifting me out of the truck like I weigh nothing, as the other slams the door shut. He carries me into the house, and I’m too focused on him to really notice my surroundings as he pushes my back against a wall.  

    “Promise me you will tell me to stop if I hurt you.” He pleads with me.  

    I hold his face in my hands, “I promise, but you won’t.”

    I roll my hips into him slightly, and he groans at the friction, his head rolling back, giving me access to kiss down his neck. At his moans, I slightly nip at his shoulder as he emits a growl.  

    “Anna,” he says breathily.  

    “Yes?” I say, continuing to kiss his neck, hands slipping underneath his shirt.  

    “You’re killing me,” he moans.

    “Tell me to stop.”


    I lift his shirt, and he raises his arms, letting me take it off all the way. He catches my lips in a passionate kiss, holding me gently as he moves from the wall to what I assume is his bedroom. I kick off my shoes as he lays me down on a bed. I rest on my forearms, looking up at him.

    “God, you’re hot,” I sigh, making him smirk. Kneeling by the edge of the bed, his hands slide underneath my skirt, he pulls off my tights agonizingly slowly, kissing the exposed skin from my thighs down my legs. I swear I can hear my heartbeat.

    “And you,” he says, pulling my shirt up, kissing my stomach, “are absolutely perfect.” I lean up to take off my top, and once it’s over my head, he kisses me again, this time more passionate and needy. I wrap my arms around his neck and part my lips, inviting him deeper. I moan into him as his fingertips run up my sides, giving me chills, as he unhooks my bra and I let it fall off my shoulders.

    I trace down his chest with my hands, his hardened abs underneath them, down to his waistband. Unbuttoning his shorts, I feel him straining against his boxers as he takes a sharp breath when my hand slips underneath the elastic, wrapping around him.

    “Fuck, Anna,” he rasps.

    I smile, his reactions forming a tightness in my core. He takes a step back off the bed, letting his pants and boxers fall, and looks at me with hungry eyes. Pulling off my skirt, I can’t help but stare. It really was unfair how attractive he was, and my heart leaps when my eyes trail down to his hips, his impressive length hard against him.

    “Oh, fuck me,” I mutter, head falling back on the bed, “You’re unreal.”

    He lets out a small laugh and comes back to the bed leaving sweet kisses on my ribs and chest.

    “Are you sure?” he asks.

    “I’m so sure,” I say, running a hand through his hair.

    He grasps my hip tightly, and in response, a gasp rips through me, and he looks up in concern.

    “It’s okay,” I say, “I’m not that fragile.”

    Nodding, he kisses down the valley between my breasts, thumbs ghosting over my nipples, hardening them as his hands trail down, making me arch my back in a moan.

    “Rude,” I whisper as he continues down, nipping at my hips. Spreading my legs slightly apart, I inhale as his finger glides in between my folds, eliciting a moan from both of us.

    “You’re so wet me for, baby,” he whispers as one finger enters me slowly, all my words are lost as his tongue laps at my clit, sending a shock through my spine. I bucked my hips against him, and he moans, his voice deep, sending vibrations to my core. He steadies my hips with his other arm, pushing them into the bed.

    “Oh, fuck Paul,” I moan, and I feel him smile as his tongue moves in circles, and I continue to struggle to move for more connection. My hands run through his hair, and I’m pleased with myself when he moans when I tug at it.

    Pressure builds, and I feel myself tightening around his fingers, holding onto his hair, he’s relentless as the pressure breaks, waves of pleasure rocking through me. I’m breathless as he kisses back up my body.

    “I love you,” he says, biting my neck gently. I finally catch my breath, hands running down his back.

    “I love you too.”

    He kisses me gently, and I can still taste myself on his tongue. I can feel the tip of his cock, rubbing up and down the length of my entrance, and moan.

    “Please,” I beg, and a growl slips from him. He nods and moves to retrieve a condom from the bedside table, I take it from him, and he stands upon his knees. I slowly pull the condom over his length, purposefully taking my time as he stares down at me, biting his lip. Then, he lightly pushes me back on the bed.

    Slowly, he pushes in, stretching me out with every inch, I arch to pull him closer, bottoming him out in me with a gasp.

    “God, Anna,” he groans, “this is unfair.” He holds still for a moment, breathing deeply before moving out and back in one time.

    “It should be impossible for you to feel this good,” he says, an arm reaching underneath my back to pull me close to him, skin to skin.

    “I think that’s all you baby,” I say, my thighs already trembling around him.

    With slow movements, he finds a rhythm, whispering encouragements into my ear as he picks up speed.

    “You feel so good.”

    “Such a good girl for me.”

    “My pretty baby.”

    His words strike a chord with me, not only arousing me, but warming my heart, and once again he pushes me to the edge. I can feel how he feels even more now, bliss running through my body and his.

    I’m a moaning mess when his hand slips between us, his thumb brushing against the sensitive bundle of nerves, unraveling me.

    “Paul,” I cry, “I’m – I-” I stutter.

    “Fuck baby, me too.” He says, keeping the pressure on my clit, gasping when I tighten around him rolling my hips one last time.

    He collapses against me, breathing hard. Gasping as he slowly pulls out of me and laid next to me.

    I lay my head against his chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat.

    He kisses my head, hands lazily running up and down my back.

    “Are you okay?” He tentatively asks.

    “I’m amazing,” I say pushing his hair back, “You’re amazing.”

    He smiles, relieved.

    “Have I told you I love you?” He asks and smiles.

    “Maybe, but I don’t mind hearing it again.”


    Taglist: @abaker74 @sunsetevergreen

    #paul lahote#wolf pack #paul lahote x oc #paul lahote x reader #paul lahote x ofc #paul lahote imagine #paul lahote smut #twilight#twilight saga#twilight fanfiction #twilight new moon #new moon#twilight smut #sam uley's pack #sam uley#emily young #multi chapter fic #mike newton#angela weber#jessica stanley#eric yorkie#jared cameron#randomwriting-misc#rwm#randomwriting_misc#clh
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    1) Is the reader out to the office aka does Ricardo know he is trans? Ricardo suspects, but does not know until the reader tells him. It could happen when the reader gets injured, or it could be in a report after the reader goes to mandated counseling because of something that happened while the reader was on duty.

    2) How would you like this to play out in the LAPD?/What is the overall atmosphere about it? The LAPD's atmosphere would be mixed, and the reader gets treated well by some people, not so well by others.


    3) Where in his transition is OC if at all? The reader wears a binder and has a masculine appearance, and has started hormone therapy, but that's it.

    Ok, great! These will be very useful.

    Thank you for answering my questions! :)

    #ricardo morales multi-chapter fic #ricardo morales #law and order l.a. #inquiries answered#oc
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    @macgyvercairo I blame you all for this and sorry this is so freaking late. I got a late start 😜

    #i just finished my first ao3 fic #this is not my first fic tbh #i don’t talk about my Peter parker three book series that I started when I was 16 #macgyver #blood for blood #I’m so proud of my burnout baby #now to go wait for True North to be updated because when that’s finished I think I’ll die #shoutout to the Cairo Day prompts that sucked me in #it’s probably for the worst lol #cairo day 2022 #or my attempt at it haha #multi chapter fics are so fun but so hard #but I don’t think I could do anything other than that #annyywaaayy #i like to ramble when I’m nervous #which I’m not #I’m just happy to finally be done :)) #yay
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    Time isn't what it once was.

    What is?

    (Inspired by the lines from Joseph Brodksy’s “A Song”:

    "The handkerchief could be yours,

    the tear could be mine, chin-bound.

    Though it could be, of course,

    the other way around.")

    #i actually finished a multi chapter fic in a reasonable amount of time for once #so that’s something #but mick/keith generally isn’t my mètre and it’s definitely a new challenge to write #the rolling stones #keith richards#charlie watts #old married band #mick jagger#fic#my stuff#slash
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    Jason: Hey Timbers, heard you have a boyfriend now

    Tim: oh my god why

    Jason: which has me thinking, I can’t call you Timbers anymore unless you’re side by side with him, that’s like your celebrity relationship name now!

    Tim: …

    Steph, who reads fanfiction regularly: Ooooh like a ship!

    Jason, who has written Jane Austen fanfics on AO3 on the down low: a ship?

    Steph: don’t play dumb with me, Mr. “BingleysBussyBoy”

    #do I actually think Jason would have an account under the name BingleysBussyBoy? #no not at all #but I am awful at coming up with urls for MYSELF let alone coming up with one for a fictional character #so that was the first thing I came up with and I’m sticking to it #and yes steph found jasons fanfiction #she watched pride and prejudice and fell victim to the hand flex like the rest of us and flew to ao3 #she was reading a multi chapter fic and the authors notes were suspiciously similar to Jason’s rants #she read everything he put up and was very impressed #she bookmarked it all #her account is just ‘3ggplant3moji’ #jason todd#tim drake#stephanie brown#batfam#batman#timber#bernard dowd
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    Behind closed doors: collected oral histories of queer community in New York, 1930-1945. doi 10.1999/journal.amhistqstud.32557038

    by wobblyheadeddollcaper

    Chapters: 8/8 | Words: 9030 | Teen and Up


    Steve Rogers, supersoldier and inept historian, confronts the absence of evidence.


    James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers/Original Male Character(s), James "Bucky" Barnes/Original Character(s)

    Additional Tags:

    lgbt history, discussion of sex acts, 1930s gay bar, Academia, Kissing, historic racism and violence, Marriage Proposal, Post-CA:TWS, Not Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie) Compliant

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    FINALLY IM STARTING TO WRITING SMTHG. I started to write in my cellphone out of despair, something that i swore to myself that i wound never do it, but it was actually more easier than I expected and managed to write 600 words and the goddess of luck smiled to me and now my dad's laptop is going to came to my home every night so I can write in it!

    Anyway heres snippet

    #yes is a terukane fic #when i thought the moment of when i would go back to wrting i thought it would be a super emotional fic #maybe one of tcf or anything like that #but what i write? teru being fucking gay and pinning way too hard akane #good for him tho #also ignores the broken english in it. its still the first draft and after i complete this chapter i have to find a beta reader #also this is gonna be a multi chapter fic so wish me luck #writing#terukane
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    So at this point, I’m thinking that there are going to be two more full chapters for the Mafia AU (get ready for even more drama, is all I’m saying!), followed by a shorter epilogue/coda. When all is said and done, it might actually get to 25k, which is kind of mind-blowing, given that I originally wrote the thing as a ficlet-length prompt fill!

    #emma of normandy #king canute #canute x emma #fanfic#mafia au #i'm also impressed by the fact that i'm close to finishing #i do not have the best track record with multi-chapter fics #which is why i normally stick to one-shots #so yay me? :)
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    #ah yes. leaving a comment saying 'please continue writing' and not even leaving kudos or anything else #on the last chapter of a 55+k multi chapter fic that hasn't been updated in a while #SURELY will make me want to continue writing #yes i am grumpy and petty today so i am going to complain here #will delete later tho
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    Endangered | Chapter Seven

    Paul Lahote x OFC
    Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six
    Summary: Vampires and wolves are not the only supernatural creatures to walk the earth, and they are certainly not the only ones in Forks, Washington when Charlotte Annabeth Swan, "Anna", moves in with her uncle after the unfortunate demise of her parents.
    Some may misidentify her as a witch, but that’s fine, she would rather them think that anyway. But the Volturi know the truth, and they are closing in on her.

    True to their word, every morning someone met me at my driveway to drive me to school, and every afternoon someone was waiting in the parking lot to take me home. Most of the time it was Paul, whose broodiness could be felt a mile away, but Jared took me on Wednesday following the first fight Paul and I ever had Tuesday afternoon on the way home, when he asked if we were going to talk about what happened.

    “You can’t just throw away your life when someone else is in danger, Anna!” Paul shouted, first tight around the steering wheel.

    “Wow,” I said scoffing, “Real rich coming from you. You literally risk your life every time you go out to keep people safe from rogue vampires.”

    “I don’t have a choice in the matter,” he exclaimed.

    “Well, neither do I!” I yelled, my voice level rising to meet his  

    “Yes! You do!”

    “I won’t let another member of my family die at the hands of others Paul, two is enough!”

    That silenced him with a sigh, and once he pulled into my house, I jumped out of the car and rushed inside, ignoring him calling my name.  

    When Jared showed up to pick me up the next morning, I had been crushed and walked through my day in a haze. The pulling at my chest to see him was too much to ignore.

    Leaving school that same day, I walked out with my phone in my hands, debating with myself about calling him, when I saw someone leaning against my car. Even from across the parking lot, I could tell who it was.  

    I quickened my step and ran into his arms.  

    “I’m so sorry,” I said.  

    “No, I’m sorry,” he apologizes, holding me tightly. All of the pain pulling at my chest fades away and is replaced by warmth and bliss. When he pulls back, he chuckles.

    “There’s my blue-eyed girl,” He smiles, “When you’re mad it looks like there’s a storm brewing in those eyes.”

    “Hm, a convenient warning sign for you.”  

    He throws his head back in a laugh and, just like that, things are back to normal.

    Friday comes around faster than I expect it to. Jared’s smiling face waiting for me when I walk outside that morning.

    “Morning,” I greet him, tossing him my keys. He’s wearing a zip-up hoodie, my only request since this new arrangement started was that they please wear shirts. The stares I was getting from attractive shirtless guys driving my car were too much, the whispers obvious.

    “Mornin’” he grins, “Ready to go?”

    I nod, handing him a to-go cup of coffee as thanks for the ride. Bella had been taking her own truck this week, going to school early in hopes Edward would be there, and doing who knows what in the afternoon. I found it odd they had gone completely MIA the last few days but wondered if it had to do with the comedown of being tempted by human blood.  

    “Ready for the big date tonight?” Jared asks, helping me into the passenger seat. At this point, the action was completely unnecessary, as I gave up natural healing on the third day and spelled away the injuries, but I knew if he didn’t Paul would get into it with him.  

    “He told you about it?” Jared just gives me an exasperated look.  

    “Please, it’s literally all Paul can think about. That and how he’s going to manage to keep you from getting hurt ever again.”  

    “So dramatic,” I sigh.  

    “I wouldn’t beat him up too much about it, Anna. I’ve literally never seen him so scared before,” Jared justifies.  

    “I know, but I don’t want this to become I reason I’m treated like glass.”

    “There’s been a lot of vamp activity lately, the Cullen’s you might consider harmless, but these others… They wouldn’t hesitate. He can’t help it.”

    I sink back into my seat.  

    “Well, I already told him and Charlie I won’t be gallivanting through the woods anytime soon.”

    “Good. None of us ever want a repeat of that night.”

    “You know, I didn’t realize when I bonded with Paul that meant I was getting a gaggle of overprotective friends to match.”

    “Please, you love us,” he smirks.

    He pulls into the school parking lot, parking in a space near the back.

    “Are you picking me up too?” I ask, getting out.

    “No, don’t worry, lover boy will be here,” Jared joked.  

    I flip him off and say goodbye. They usually wait for the lot to clear before running back to the Res in wolf form.

    Once again, Edward and the Cullens were no-shows. Bella was obviously worried, it was as if without Edward she would fall into herself and spiral. I didn’t know what I could do to help, so I just gave her space throughout the day.  

    Paul was there was the day was over, just as promised. Hugging him, he picks me up and spins me, making me giggle. He’s dressed up a little more than usual. Rather than his usual random shorts and zip-up, he’s wearing a nice pair of flat-front shorts, a grey t-shirt, and a short-sleeve button-down over it with the buttons unbuttoned.  

    “Hey beautiful,” he says, kissing my head. He hasn’t truly kissed me since Sunday, but physical affection has always been normal between us.  

    “Hi handsome,” I reply, “Ready for our date?”

    “Almost, I figured we could stop by your place, let you change, and then we have to stop by Emily’s to grab something. She wants to see you and I would like to avoid her wrath for the next few days.”  

    “That sounds perfect. Do I get a hint at what we are doing?”  

    He shakes his head and opens the door for me.  

    “What’s the fun in that?” He quips.  

    Charlie isn’t home when we pull in, and I’m thankful to save Paul the lecture. Kissing his cheek, I tell him to wait while I run in to change.  

    “Oh! What should I wear?” I yell.

    “Something comfortable!”

    I nod and run in. I wanted to enjoy the last semi-warm days before the cold settles in for most of the year. I pull on light wash high-waisted jeans and a black cropped tank. I refresh my makeup and hair, checking myself over in the mirror. I throw on a cream-colored sweater and black sandals before making my way back outside, promptly heading towards La Push.

    Walking into Emily’s house, I’m instantly pulled away from Paul as Emily dotes on me in the living room, checking over where I was hurt. She’s reciting a spiel I’ve heard multiple times over from Paul and even Sam in the last few days.

    “Emily, it’s okay, see, not even a scar,” I say showing her the unmarked skin on my side. She pulls me into a tight hug, smothering me.

    “It was terrifying Anna, when Sam called, they didn’t even know if you were alive.”  

    “I know, I’m sorry," I say, not wanting to be dismissive.

    “It’s not your fault sweet girl, just please be safe,” she said pulling away. I watch as Paul sneaks into the kitchen and Emily smiles at me.  

    “And have fun today,” she says, “You two deserve it.”

    I blush and look down, “I will, anything you can tell me?”

    “Just that he’s nervous, and obsessed over every detail. It’s very cute, I never expected Paul to be like this. I’m forever grateful you two found each other.”

    Paul interrupts us announcing that everything is ready to go. I say goodbye to Emily with a promise to spend time with her over the weekend.

    “Are we headed to our final destination?”

    “We are,” he concedes.

    It’s a short drive to the familiar beach on La Push. Exiting the car, I interlace his fingers with mine as he grabs a cooler out of the back of my car.  

    “I didn’t even see you put that there,” I point out.

    He winks, ‘That’s the whole point baby.”

    We walk through the sand, my shoes in one hand and the other in his, and we walk along the shoreline.  

    “Is there a particular place we are going?” I ask, still aching to know.

    “Just shush and be surprised,’ he scolds.

    “It’s against my nature.” I frown.

    “I’ve noticed,” he says kissing the back of my hand.

    I’m clued into where we are headed when we make our way to a familiar and secluded area of the beach. We get closer and I gasp. There, on the rocky shore where Paul and I locked eyes for the first time is a beautiful picnic set up, complete with thick blankets and pillows facing the oceans. Lit candles are flickering around the picnic area, and some are set on a low table at the end of the blanket. I feel a tug of nervousness coming from Paul, and I look up at him, tears in my eyes.

    “Do you like-?” He starts, but I cut him off by kissing him earnestly. The arm not holding onto the cooler wraps around me and my hand finds the side of his face.

    “Like it? Paul, I love it, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me,” I breathe out, breaking away the kiss slightly.

    “Well, I had a little help,” he admits, guiding me to sit down. Opening the cooler, he reveals all the food he brought, setting it on the low table in front of us. One by one he sets out all of my favorite things, sushi, fruit salad, sliced watermelon, sweet tea, my favorite type of chips, and Emily’s croissant sandwiches, with her famous chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  

    “Paul, this is amazing. You remembered all of these things?” I look up at him, amazed.

    “Of course, I did, just like I remember how much you love being by the ocean, and how I remember what I felt when I saw you here for the first time. It seemed like a good place for our first official date.”

    I lean against him, my back to his chest, as he wraps his arms around me.  

    “Tell me about it,” I whisper, and feel him take a deep breath.  

    “I was honestly terrified. I thought if I ever imprinted, I would feel like another thing had been taken away from me. I already dislike being forced into this life, how could I force someone else? But when I saw you, it didn’t matter what I did or didn’t like. It’s like my center of gravity shifted from the earth to you. I just wanted to be next to you, make you happy. And of course, you had gotten yourself hurt, so I was panicked, already worried I would hurt you in some way.

    When you told me you felt it too? It was a huge weight off my shoulders, not having to explain this all to you really was something I was dreading. And then you wanted to be around me? It felt right. I’ve felt like a burden a lot of my life, but I’ve never felt like that with you.”

    It’s silence for a moment as the weight of his words settles in.  

    “You know, even if you hadn’t changed, we still would have been soul bonded. It doesn’t change on my end if a person is human or not. Do you hate that?” I say, scared of the answer.

    “No, even without the imprint, you would be it for me, Anna,” he pauses, “Tell about it from your perspective?”

    “Well, things were hard beforehand. Moving here was rough, and discovering that the Cullen’s were vampires, the one creature my mom wanted me to stay away from so desperately? It was like I was constantly in survival mode. Gravity is a good way of describing it because suddenly, I needed to be near you,” I pause, handing him two soda cans, he opens one and hands it back to me, knowing I can’t do it myself most of the time and it makes me smile.

    “For a while now, my soul felt broken, and while I’ll still always miss my parents, it feels like I can be a person again. It was like I was a puzzle piece, trying too hard to fit into others, and then you along and fit perfectly. I can feel your emotions, which makes me feel grounded, which is why I have never bought into this narrative of you being so angry.”

    “I use to be. I was an angry kid. My parent’s divorce was pretty nasty, and then when my mom had cancer... I just felt angry at the world. And then, because of that anger, I became a part of the pack. Suddenly, my life wasn’t my own anymore.”

    “It’s a tough situation, no one can blame you for those feelings.”

    “Maybe, but I didn’t handle it in a healthy way. Now, just being near you calms me down, gives me clarity on my reactions and actions.”

    He kisses my head and holds out a strawberry for me to eat. I lean forward and take it from his hand with my mouth, earning a chuckle from him.  

    We eat and talk (and kiss) until the sun starts to set on the horizon. I take in all the colors in the sky and take deep breaths. Paul’s laying his head in my lap as I run my hands through his hair with one hand, the other is using some magic to make shapes in the sand.  

    “I don’t think I’ll ever get over how interesting your powers are,” Paul says. I smile and let the sand fall to the ground, shy that he noticed.

    “This is really beautiful,” I say looking out to the water.

    “Not as beautiful as you.”  

    “Cute,” I quickly kiss him, “but not true.”

    “I think it’s very true,” he stands up, holding out his hand to me, helping me up when I take it in mine.

    “You’re biased,” I mention, but he just shrugs, lifting me up and spinning me around. His amber eyes shine, and his tan skin looks like copper in the sun. I know he is handsome, but every once in a while, it hits me again and takes my breath away.  

    “You're going to spoil me Lahote, I would watch out.”

    “I think you might deserve it,” he kisses me on my nose, setting me down.  

    We walk to the water and I roll up the cuffs of my jeans to let the waves wash over our feet, watching the sunset, hand in hand. It is perfect, and Paul Lahote is the center of my universe at this moment.  

    Just as the last of the sun is almost below the horizon, we slowly pack up our things. I fold up the last blanket, holding it close to me as my phone rings. I answer it as I see its Charlie, at the same time, Paul’s phone goes off.  


    “Anna? Oh, thank god. Is Bella with you?” Charlie’s voice is frantic at the end of the line.

    “No, I’m in La Push on a date right now. I haven’t seen Bella since I left school,” I say, confused.

    “God, I’m sorry, can you please come home? I can’t find Bella.”

    “Yeah, I can. What do you mean you can’t find-”  

    “The rest of the police are here, I gotta go. I’ll see you soon Anna?” Charlie interrupts.  

    “Yeah, I’m on my way.”

    Hanging up, I look at Paul who’s getting off the phone as well.

    “Paul, I’m sorry, I- I have to go home,” I stutter.

    “I know, that was Sam. He’s going out to help look for Bella. I’ll drive you home.”

    I nod and grab his hand, walking back to my car as fast as possible.  


    Pulling up to my house, everything was illuminated by police lights and flashlights. I run out of the car and up to Charlie.

    “What’s going on?” I cry.

    “Anna?” Charlie sighs in relief “Oh my god, Anna.” He engulfs me in a hug.  

    “Uncle Charlie, what’s happening? Where’s Bella?”

    “She’s missing. No one has seen her since she left school, and she’s not answering her phone. Our neighbors saw her entering the woods.”

    My hand covers my mouth in a gasp, and I look at Paul. He kisses me on the temple and whispers to me.  

    “We are out looking for her now, I’ll go help.”

    Nodding, I kiss him quickly.  

    “Thank you,” I whisper, he just nods back. I turn back to Charlie, hoping to distract him from Paul’s disappearance. Harry Clearwater catches my eye and dips his head in acknowledgment, calling Charlie’s name.

    Billy Black is also here, and standing next to him is Jacob. He must have seen me with Paul because I can’t tell if he is looking at me in disgust or betrayal.  

    “What can I do?” I ask Charlie.

    “Just stay in my line of sight, please? I can’t have you in the woods to right now. We have people searching the trails near the house right now, and we will start a grid search soon,” Charlie is handling this better than I would have thought, compartmentalizing into Sherrif mode at the moment, “Have you heard from Edward?”

    I shake my head, “No, I haven’t seen him since Bella’s birthday party.”

    With an exasperated sigh, he goes back to the map on his car.

    I walk up to Harry, one of the tribe’s elders who had welcomed me in with open arms.  

    “Do you think they’ll find her?” I ask lowly.  

    “I do, Sam and Jared have been out since Charlie called me.”  

    I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding.  

    “Has there been any... other activity?”

    “Not this past week. Sam doesn’t think that's something to worry about right now.”

    “Thank god.”  

    “We’ll find her sweetheart, don’t worry,” he says, placing a hand on my shoulder. I thank him and stand next to Charlie, feeling useless.  

    Jacob doesn’t attempt to talk to me, and I suspect that’s due to his dad shooting daggers at him. I am tempted to read his mind but always felt like it was a violation of someone’s privacy. I avoided using it on people I was close to, and out of respect for Jake, I don’t.

    The minutes tick by, search parties come up empty, and Charlie continues to call the Cullen’s for answers, up until Billy speaks up.  

    “The Cullen's left town Charlie,” he says.  

    “ What? ” I shout. They left? After all that talk about protecting Bella, how much Edward loves Bella. I’m furious as it dawns on me. Did Bella go with them? Leave Charlie again?

    “Where’d they go?” He asks.  

    I don’t hear the answer, lost in my own thoughts on how to pick up the pieces that Bella would leave broken.

    “Charlie,” Jacob's voice cuts through my mind. Sam is carrying Bella out of the forest, listless in his arms.  

    “Oh god,” I say, running towards him behind Charlie.  

    “She’s alright!” he announces, and Charlie takes her from his arms. Bella curls into her father's arms like a child, barely awake, and tears silently fall down my face. The broken pieces are not Charlie, they are Bella. The Cullen’s abandoned her, and we will be here to try to put her back together.  

    Sam calls my name, breaking my stare.

    “Thank you,” I croak out. He wraps me in a hug. Sam is like the older brother I never had, while Jared was annoying and playful, Sam was caring, always looking out for me now that I was a part of his family.

    “Don’t thank me, I was just helping out,” He wipes the tears from my face, “I’m going to go find Paul, do you him to come over?”

    I nod weakly, “Yes, please.”  

    He sends me inside, but not before I see Jacob, staring at Sam with intensity, Sam just stares back, not backing down.  

    Bella is on the couch, still seemingly unconscious, while Charlie gets up to get water. I quickly recite a spell and check her over, but there’s no physical damage to repair, just looming darkness on her soul, something magic can’t fix.  

    I sigh and walk over to Charlie, who’s leaning on the counter, rubbing the exhaustion from his eyes.

    “She’s okay,” I say.  

    “She’s okay,” he repeats, like the more we say it, the more truthful it will be. There isn’t much else to say really, not until Bella wakes, and I can assess the damage down.  

    I sit with Bella as Charlie disperses the people in the yard, thanking them and saying goodbye. My eyes are heavy as I watch over her, still trying to understand what exactly happened when Bella starts screaming.

    “Bella!” I fall next to her, and Charlie rushes through the door. I shake her when she screams again.  

    “Bella!” Charlie yells, shaking her shoulders.

    Bella’s eyes burst open, and she hyperventilates as she looks around. Tears falling out of her eyes.  

    “He’s gone.”  

    Read Chapter Eight Here 

    A/N: Tag list open! 
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    Judging by how you wish Gabe should receive the same treatment Elena, Naomi and Mateo received, maybe you can fix it with some fanfiction. A multi-chapter fic or separate one-shots taking place between some EoA episodes. You don't need to do it right now (you've got Was Born to Lead to finish), but at least consider it, okay?

    I had it in mind! I've got some ideas for the "missing scene" fics, but, as you mentioned, I'm focused on writing WBTL now, besides I'm busy with school and start studying at the university this year, so I might get even busier soon.

    Anyway, I write whenever I have a very strong desire to write (otherwise I just can't force myself to do it. I tried to write with no inspiration, and it was horrible), so it's quite possible to expect new fics from me between the chapters of my Gabe fic, although I don't promise anything.

    Thank you so much for your interest in my fanfiction! I appreciate it a lot!

    #Ask me anything #You know considering my writing speed and the amount of ideas I have for my Gabe fic it may take me at least two years to finish it :') #Anyway my love to EoA is still super strong and I love my fanfic myself for now so I'll really try to keep writing it until it's finished #That's a challenge though #But honestly I really doubt I'll start writing a new multi-chapter fanfic #It actually may pressure a lot sometimes #And I simply have no ideas for a long fic now
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    Endangered | Chapter Four

    Paul Lahote x OFC
    Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three
    Summary: Vampires and wolves are not the only supernatural creatures to walk the earth, and they are certainly not the only ones in Forks, Washington when Charlotte Annabeth Swan, "Anna", moves in with her uncle after the unfortunate demise of her parents.
    Some may misidentify her as a witch, but that’s fine, she would rather them think that anyway. But the Volturi know the truth, and they are closing in on her.

    Over the last few weeks, most of my time was devoted to being on the Res in some way. Either at Emily’s with Paul and the pack or with Jacob, who was starting to question where I was running off to half the time. I am lying in bed, reading when I hear my phone go off.

    Paul - Morning sunshine, there’s a bonfire tonight. Would you like to join? I haven’t seen you in a while. ☹  

    I smile at Paul’s term of endearment before answering.  

    Me- You saw me on Friday silly. Will Jacob be there? I haven’t told him we are hanging out yet, and he doesn’t know about you or me. I don’t know what to say.

    Paul- Just tell him we are dating.

    Me- Is this your way of asking me out? It might need some workshopping.  

    Paul- Haha, no, it’s not. It’s just the easiest explanation for now. With how touchy you are, it’s sure to raise a few eyebrows.

    Me- Me? Touchy? Okay Mr. Can’t-let-me-walk-without-holding-on-to-me.  

    Paul - You’re clumsy, what can I say.  

    Me- I fell ONCE.  

    Paul - Yes, and almost fell down a whole cliff.  

    Me - It was a hill.  

    Paul - Mhm, sure.  

    Me- Fine, yes, I would like to go. But I have to back early. Bella’s birthday is tomorrow.  

    Paul - Got it. I’ll pick you up at 6.

    I set my phone down but get another text from him.  

    Paul - Oh, Anna? When I ask you out, I promise it’ll be more than just a text.  

    I let out a surprisingly girlish squeak before throwing my phone down. Heat rushing to my whole face. He said when, not if.  

    I don’t know when I came to the conclusion that I had feelings for fall beyond just a close friendship, maybe I always knew, but he was true to his words the day we first met. He was letting me lead us.  

    I text him back before getting out of bed.  

    Me- I’m looking forward to that.  

    Downstairs, Charlie is eating breakfast that Bella had made. He’s already in uniform, and he hands me a cup of coffee as I sit across from him.  

    “Thanks, Uncle Charlie.”  

    He smiles, “You’re welcome kid.”  

    “Did Bella already head out?” I question and Charlie nods with a sigh.  

    “Yes, Edward is apparently taking her hiking. Bella. Hiking.” He can’t hide his eyeroll and I laugh.  

    “Young love can do strange things to a person,” I remark and sip my coffee.  

    He grimaces when I say young love but shakes it off.  

    “Speaking of young love, you’ve been spending a lot of time out in La Push. Any particular reason why?” He’s trying to come off nonchalant but fails extremely to do so. I’m sure someone has said something to him. I choke back a laugh.  

    “Yeah actually, I’ve been hanging out with Paul Lahote.”  

    “Is that one of the boys who work with Sam Uley?”  

    I nod, not knowing exactly what he was told about them. He gives a curt nod.  

    “He’s a good kid, you should bring him around sometime.”  

    I narrow my eyes at him, sometimes I swear Charlie has a supernatural sense of his own.  

    “He’s actually picking me up at 7 to go to a bonfire. Maybe you’ll see him then.”

    Standing up to put his empty plate in the sink, he grabs his lunch from the fridge and winks at me.

    “Maybe I will. I’m glad to see you making connections here.” He gives my shoulder a squeeze before saying goodbye and heading out the door, the irony of his words lost on him.  

    I spend the morning cleaning up around the house and trying to finish my book, but a lot of anxious energy sits inside me.  

    Jacob Black was my best friend. He knew the pain of losing a parent when I moved here, and he knew how to handle being around me. Everyone treated me with kid gloves, but Jacob treated me like a normal person. I hated lying to him, and he already knew something was up. I didn’t want to spring Paul on him without warning. I set my book down after re-reading the same page over and over again and texted him.  

    Me- Hey Jake, are you going to the bonfire tonight?  

    Jacob- Hey! Yeah, I am. No offense, but how do you know about it? It’s a Rez thing.  

    Me- Paul Lahote invited me.  

    I wait as the minutes go by with no response.  

    Me- Jake?  

    It’s half an hour before he responds.  

    Jacob- Is he who you’ve been spending all your time with?  

    Me- I don’t spend all my time with him, Jacob. We started hanging out recently.

    Jacob - He’s trouble, Anna.  

    Me - He’s really not, I just wanted to be the one to tell you that I’m going with him.  

    Jacob - Wow, out of everyone, you were the last person I thought would follow Paul around like a puppy. Just as sad as the others.

    Me - Jake, please.  

    I don’t get a response after that, and my anxiety skyrockets. My panic attacks had started after my parent’s death but had finally subsided in the past few weeks.

    My chest tightens, and I put my head between my knees, practicing box breathing as I feel the walls caving in on me.

    In, 2, 3, 4. Hold 2, 3, 4. Out, 2 3, 4.  

    I’m cut off by my phone ringing, making me jump. The caller ID says Paul.  

    “Hey,” I say. My voice is hoarse.  

    “Anna?” He sounds frantic, “Are you okay?”  

    Immediately, I’m up and alert.  

    “What’s wrong?”

    “I… I just felt this intense panic and I knew it was you. Please, Anna, are you okay.”  

    “You could feel that?”  

    “Anna,” Paul interjects, voice tense.  

    “I’m okay, I’m at home,” I provide hurriedly, “I just talked to Jacob, and he didn’t respond very well. I started having a panic attack.”  

    He lets out a deep breath.  

    “You never told me you had those.” His voice is softer now.

    “I hadn’t had anyone since before meeting you, I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t be sorry. Can I come see you early? I know it’s only 3 but I don’t feel like I can be away from you after that.”

    “Of course. I’ll see you soon?’

    “Yeah, I’ll have to drive, so I’ll be there in about 20.”  

    We hang up, and I leave a message for Charlie at the station letting him know Paul would be here early.  

    I rush to make myself presentable. My hair’s natural curls had become frizzy over the last two days. Cursing, I frantically wet them and try to tame them to an acceptable level. I was already wearing an outfit I deemed presentable enough for a Sunday. Jean shorts and an oversized t-shirt. I tucked in the front and let the shirt hang to show my collar bones.  

    I hear Paul’s truck before I see it, and I race down the stairs.  

    I open the door before he knocks. He doesn’t even stop as he sweeps me up in a hug. My arms cross at his neck as he lifts me, so we are face-to-face. His arms are around my waist, holding me up.

    “Hey there,” I whisper.  

    He kisses my temple, an act he’s never done before but fills me with joy.  

    “I was so worried about you. I thought you were in danger,” He sets his forehead against mine and closes his eyes.  

    “I’m so sorry. I had no idea you feel what I’m feeling.”

    He finally sets me down but grabs a hold of my hand as he shuts the door.  

    “Until today, I had only been able to get a vague sense of it when we were together.”

    I lead him to the couch and push him gently to get him to sit. I go to sit next to him, but he frowns and grabs me again, pulling him onto his lap. Sighing, he lays his head on my shoulder.  

    “I’m sorry, I just need to be able to feel you and hear your heartbeat, know that you are safe,” he admits quietly.  

    I nod and rest my chin on the top of his head, placing my arms on his shoulders.

    “Don’t be sorry, this helps me too.”  

    We spend a few minutes surrounded by silence, as he thumbs circles on my waist, and play with his hair. I can feel his emotions calming.  

    “Jacob’s mad at me,” I whisper. Paul tenses a bit before raising his head to meet my eyes.

    “What did he say to you?”

    “Just that you are trouble and that I shouldn’t “follow you around like a puppy” and that I was “just as sad as the others.”

    Paul scowls at that.  

    “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Sam suspects he will eventually change, just like us. His dad is an Elder, so he knows about it all. Jacob just doesn’t understand.”

    “I know, but I don’t know what to do. If I wait for him to find out when he changes, he will be so mad.”  

    “Anna, he won’t understand now. And it might put you at risk.”

    I groan, “I am a bad friend.”  

    “No, you’re not. He shouldn’t condemn you just for being around someone he doesn’t particularly like.”  

    I fall back onto the couch, my head hitting a pillow, but the rest of me still on Paul.  

    “I hate this,” I mumble.  

    “I know, beautiful. It’ll be okay.”  

    His eyes dance over me, stopping at the spot where my t-shirt had ridden up, showing my stomach. I smirked at the hitch of his breath.  

    He cleared his throat with a cough and lightly rubs his fingers over my legs, giving me chills.  

    Falling into a comfortable silence, I hand Paul the remote as I grab my book, both of us content with just being with each other, with the stipulation of Paul touching me in some way, but I wouldn’t complain.  

    Charlie came home around 5:30, and Paul made sure he was on the other side of the couch when he walked in.  

    “Hi Uncle Charlie,” I said cheerily, trying to disperse my nerves.  

    Paul stood up, and I was suddenly grateful Paul had at least thrown on a shirt before coming over instead of just his usual cut-offs. Paul had me in height by more than a foot, but even next to Charlie, he towered over him.  

    “Sir,” Paul says, holding his hand out, “It’s nice to meet you officially.”  

    Charlie shakes his hand and looks at me, raising an eyebrow.  

    “Nice to meet you too, Paul. I appreciate the work you and Sam do, helping out the hunting for the animal responsible for the attacks on the Reservation.”

    “Of course, it's our pleasure to help.”

    Charlie huffs and I smile at him.  

    “Will you be out late? It’s a school night.”

    I shake my head, “No, I promise. Paul knows it’s Bella’s birthday tomorrow.”

    He nods, finding the answer acceptable.  

    “Don’t forget, Bella wants you to come over for her birthday dinner at the Cullen’s.”

    I can feel Paul’s knee-jerk reaction of anger from across the room.  

    “I won’t, Alice already dropped off what I’m supposed to wear. Apparently, my usual attire is “too casual.”  

    Charlie nods his head, directing his attention at Paul.  

    “I’m happy Anna’s found some good friends around here. Just be safe, okay?”

    “Always,” Paul says with a feigned smile. Charlie announces he’s going to go upstairs for a shower. Paul waits for him to be out of earshot before turning to me with a glare.  

    “You’re going over to the Cullen’s house.”  

    I whine and put a pillow over my face.  

    “It’s not a big deal,” I grumble into it, but Paul can hear me anyway. He sits next to me and pulls the pillow away, careful to do it gently.  

    “It’s a big enough deal that you didn’t tell me.” He might be a bit angry, but I know he is hurt more than anything.  

    “I just found out about it yesterday when Alice stopped by. I know you hate it, but they aren’t unkind to me. It’s not even about me, it’s for Bella. Honestly, they aren’t ever over-friendly with me, just polite. I don’t think they like me very much.”

    “I doubt they would try to be friends with you since Sam told them about us.”  

    I give him a look, “What do you mean told them about us?”

    “He let them know you were under our protection.”  

    I throw a pillow at him, but he just catches it.  

    “I can protect myself Paul, and, the Cullens haven’t done anything to me.”

    “That doesn’t mean they won’t. It’s just really a respect thing Anna, they know better,” he says pushing some hair out of my face and behind my ear.  

    “I hope you can feel how annoyed I am at you. That’s not fair.”

    He smiles.  

    “I can, but I can also feel how much you like it when I touch you.” He winks at me.

    I kick him, but he just throws his head back in a laugh.  

    “I’m going to go get ready. You,” I point a finger at him, “stay down here until I’m done being mad at you.”

    “That’s fine, I’ll just hang out with Charlie.”

    “Have fun with that!” I call over my shoulder and climb the stairs.

    It doesn't take me long to get ready, it was starting to get cold at night now as September brought us into fall. I pulled on comfortable jeans, fitted at the waist but loose on the legs, with a tight cropped Henley shirt on top. Grabbing a thick knit sweater for later and my high-top Converse, I deemed myself ready.  

    Downstairs, Paul seems to be having a pleasant conversation with Charlie. They both look up when I hit the bottom stairs.  

    One thing I love about Paul is the way he looks at me. As much as he can be tough and quick-tempered, when he looks at me, his entire demeanor softens, and he always smiles. It’s enough to make a girl swoon.  

    “You look lovely,” he says. I blush and thank him before grabbing my bag.  

    Charlie bids us good night and we head out, the closer we get to the beach the more nervous I am.

    “It’ll be okay Anna,” Paul says, his hand sliding into mine.  

    “I don’t want to get into it with him, but I don’t want him to ignore me either.” I frown.

    “Well, Emily will be there, and she misses you, so I’m sure your time will be preoccupied. He would be bold to say something in front of her.”

    “And in front of you?”

    Paul scoffs, “I dare him.”

    Read Chapter Five Here

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    Endangered | Chapter Three

    Paul Lahote x OFC 
    Chapter One | Chapter Two
    Summary: Vampires and wolves are not the only supernatural creatures to walk the earth, and they are certainly not the only ones in Forks, Washington when Charlotte Annabeth Swan, "Anna", moves in with her uncle after the unfortunate demise of her parents.
    Some may misidentify her as a witch, but that’s fine, she would rather them think that anyway. But the Volturi know the truth, and they are closing in on her.

    -Two Weeks Later-

    Nature is where the majority of Fae derive their power, time in nature made me feel strong and connected to my magic, and to my parents.    

    I needed to go to the ocean, as that was what my magic felt most connected to, probably from living on the beach and all of the memories I have there.  

    I knew there was supernatural activity in La Push, but it was one of my favorite places to be. You could feel the magic in the air if you are sensitive enough to it, and it was a comforting feeling. Jacob and I spent so much of our summer here in the water.  

    It's an added bonus that the Cullens are not allowed here, and I can gain some reprieve from their constant watch. I knew it was Bella’s doing, thinking she was helping me, but really, it put me on edge constantly.

    After a bit of meditation and relaxing on the beach, I started to walk along the coastline.  

    Walking past a secluded part of the beach, I feel the eyes on me before I can see them. They are in the forest line, watching me. The wolves… Alice told me about them. I don’t see why they were interested in me. Frowning, I pull my jacket tight against my body and turn around.  

    My luck was running out this week. I hadn’t had a run-in with anyone but Edward for the whole summer, and now I couldn’t turn around with walking into another magical being.    

    I kept walking, ignoring the eyes in hopes they will lose interest when I hear growling. There’s no one around me to see as a huge black wolf steps out of the tree line, teeth bared, looking straight at me in a warning. I freeze. Only his head and shoulders are visible, but the creature is massive. Immediately I open up a telepathic connection.    

    Is it one of them? He thinks. I look deeper into his mind and hold back a gasp. Sam Uley. Jacob told me about them, annoyed that he had lost friends to his “gang”.  

    I can’t tell, it smells vaguely sweet, but not sickly like the others. A different voice.  

    It smells like a vampire, and it’s walking freely on our beach. A third voice?  

    Are they with the Cullens? Violating the treaty? Sam thinks, his mind racing.  

    A group mind link, how interesting.    

    Slowly I raise my hands up.    

    “I’m not a vampire, promise. Not a threat.”    

    How did she know that? Sam thinks.

    Why is she so calm? Voice Number 2.

    Do we believe her?  Voice Number 3.

    Who is she?  Number 2 again.  

    “I’ll even prove it, look,” I grab the pocketknife from my bag and flip it open, getting growls from wolves I couldn’t see yet. I make a small cut on the top of my forearm, and blood pools to the surface.

    “See, not dead, just average,” I can tell my voice doesn’t sound as confident as I want it to be.  

    She’s obviously something, this is the voice Number 2, he sounds gruff and frustrated. A grey wolf steps out of the shadows next to Sam, looking as murderous as a wolf can be.  

    I looked them both over nervously, meeting the eyes of the grey wolf.    

    Suddenly, I felt a connection snap, like pulling a wire taught, between me and the wolf. It was so strong I fell to my knees, scraping them and my hands on the rocks on the beach.    

    “Fuck,” I said breathlessly. The wolf whimpers, his thoughts too chaotic to decipher at the moment. The grey wolf turns and runs into the shadows.  

    The other wolf leaves to follow, and I am left dizzy on the shore.    

    Did I just find a soul connection? Did he imprint on me? My mom had told me about this phenomenon in my education, that magical creatures all have some sort of connection to soulmates, whether platonic or not. My mom’s soulmate had been my dad. Shifters have imprints, vampires have mates, and fae have soul connections or bonds.  

    It’s like all of a sudden, things feel easier in that person’s presence. There’s a feeling of being whole when they are near and makes our magic stronger.

    It’s only a few moments that I am left trying to control my breathing when two bodies appear from the tree line. Two men, both shirtless, cutoffs low on their hips. The one with sharp features jogged towards me as the older one followed, frustrated.  

    They were both massive, even from afar I could see how tall they were, but not lanky, as they had muscular builds. I could tell the older one was Sam, but the other stared at me. I couldn’t focus enough to look into his mind to see who he was, but I had the same feeling for him that I did for the wolf. When his eyes met mine, I felt that pull again.    

    “Paul!” Sam yelled and he got closer.  

    He didn’t listen as he bent down in front of me, “Are you okay?”    

    His eyes were searching mine desperately. I nodded, my chest aching.    

    “I’m okay.”  My voice was a whisper, I couldn’t look away from him.  

    “Here let me help you,” He tentatively reached out his arm and waited to let me be the one to grab onto him. His skin was warm under my touch, even with the summer sun beating down on us, he felt warmer. His other arm fell to my waist, and he lifts me up without a struggle.

    “I’m Paul,” he said quietly.    

    “I’m Anna,” I said quietly back. We stare at each other for a beat. He seemed to be at a loss of how to continue, and through my connection, I could feel he felt slightly embarrassed and unsure. I decide to break the tension.  

    “So, you’re the wolf,” I said. His eyes widen and he looked at Sam worriedly.  

    “Well, it’s not like you guys hid it very well,” I said, and Sam glared at Paul, He tried to stop him from coming out to help me but couldn’t.  

    Sam looks at me cautiously.    

    “What are you?” He says, I can tell he is using his “Alpha” voice on me.    

    I shrug to avoid the question.    

    “Just different.”    

    To avoid him asking again, I look at Paul, whose eyes haven’t left me. I could tell the connection was felt on his side too. He was looking at my knees and hands, and I saw the blood from the rocks. I could feel his worry bubble up inside him.  

    “It’s fine,” I say, “I can take care of it later.” He nods and his expression changes to confusion.  

    “You know about us?” He asks.    

    “I knew there was a lot of magic in the area, but I didn’t realize you were shifters until the Cullen’s told me.”    

    Paul flinches at the mention of the Cullens.  

    “Paul.” Sam’s voice is tense.    

    “He wants to make sure you aren’t a danger,” Paul whispers, “But he can’t hurt you.”    

    “I know,” I am hesitant to continue, “I know about imprints, uhm, something similar happens to me, I can tell you feel it too.”

    That makes him smile.    

    “Will you come with me? To talk?”    

    I nod, the idea of leaving him made me uncomfortable at this moment.    

    He leads the way, holding out an arm to me. Holding on to him, I realize just how warm he actually is, and my eyes can’t help but wonder over him.  

    Short black hair, dimples, eyes like amber, and a jaw that could cut glass.    

    It’s not rare for Fae to find their “soul mate”, but I had never really considered it happening to me. Now that I am here, looking at Paul, I understand everything my mother ever said to me about meeting my dad.  

    Paul seemed nervous, and that was absolutely adorable.    

    “So, you don’t turn into an animal too, do you?” he asks on the way back to the beach parking lot.    

    I laugh, “No, sorry to disappoint.”    

    I know he wants to ask further questions, but suddenly we are met by another shirtless boy, frantically looking at all of us.  

    “Sam, what the hell,” he asks, I recognize him as Jared, one of Jacob’s friends. I immediately feel a little guilty for not making the connection sooner to what was going on in La Push.    

    Sam holds up a hand.  

    “Not now Jared, we are going to my house to figure some things out.”  

    Letting go of Paul, I take a step toward Sam.    

    “I’m not going to say anything about you all, you’re not the first shifters I’ve met.”  

    Sam faces me, brow furrowed.    

    “That’s exactly the problem. I want to know who you are and what you are doing here.”  

    Paul is in front of Sam in a second, I feel the surge of protectiveness from him.  

    “It’s okay,” I say, a hand on his arm, and as the tension in his shoulders fades, I can’t help but feel a swell in my chest.  

    “We all probably should get to know each other, right?” I announce, directing my attention back to Sam.  

    Sam nods once and instructs Jared to ride with him and Paul to go with me and follow him. I walk towards my Jeep.    

    “Know how to drive stick?” I ask playfully. Paul scoffs at me.    

    “Of course, I do.”  

    I toss him the keys and he catches them midair as he opens the passenger door for me.  

    Paul doesn't feel like a stranger, it feels comfortable and safe to be with him. Like I’ve known him my whole life.  

    “So, Anna... I haven’t seen you around here before,” he says, but really, it’s a question.    

    “I just moved over the summer. My uncle is Charlie Swan, the sheriff. I moved in with him and his daughter when my parents died.”  

    “I’m sorry,” his eyes are sad, but I shrug it off. I don’t like the feeling of pity from others.    

    “It’s fine, it’s been getting better. I spent a lot of time on the Reservation over the summer though, with Jacob and Billy Black. I’m surprised we didn’t run into each then.” That piques his interest.  

    “Are you and Jacob...?”  

    “Definitely not. He’s pining over my cousin, Bella.”  

    Relief washes over him and I feel my cheeks heat up.

    “What about you? Spend most of your time running with the wolves?” I challenge playfully.

    “Pretty much. I was 18 when I shifted for the first time, back then it was just me and Sam. Now we try our best to protect our people,” He provides.  

    I nod, pulling a knee up to my chest in the seat,

    “Alice told me about the treaty,” I whisper.  

    “Hang out with vampires often?” He sounds a little sarcastic, but I can feel the uneasiness in his question.  

    I make a mental note to be sure to tell him about the empathetic connection I have with him now. It just now occurs to me it might be icky to rely on it before telling him.

    “No, I actually try to avoid it really, but Bella is with Edward, and they were paranoid about me, kind of like how Sam is paranoid now.”  

    “You said knew about imprinting, and that something similar happens to you? That it happened to you just now?” He sounds hopeful.

    I blush.  

    “Yeah, uhm, people like me often feel strong emotional ties to people they have soul bond with, and when I saw you, it was kind of like I was pulled to you. It’s a connection. I can feel it on your end too like I’m in tune with your emotions.”  

    “So, you know that I… imprinted on you?”  

    I nod.    

    “And you aren't freaked out or... disappointed?”  

    “No, not at all. I am a little shocked, but not unhappy at all.”  I can feel him settle at my response.  

    “Sam is going to keep asking about what you are,’ he says nonchalantly.  

    “And you don’t care to know?”  I raise an eyebrow at him.  

    “I would like to know, but I don’t want to make you upset.”  

    “It’s fine, it’s just a not-so-fun history lesson.” I shrug and lean back.

    When we pull up to a house, I see Jared already jumping out of the car and running up the stairs. Paul parks and runs around to open my door.  

    “Emily’s home, just… don’t stare, okay? It makes Sam upset,” Paul’s tone is cautious and a bit of sadness hits me.

    Even though I don’t quite understand, I nod and pull my bag over my shoulder.  

    Sam is standing in the doorway, speaking in hushed tones to a woman. She is facing away from us, so I can only see her long black hair. I see her smack Sam on the shoulder, and the look on his face looks like he’s being scolded.  

    She turns around to face us, and Paul’s warning makes sense. Emily is beautiful, and she is smiling at us brightly. The scars on her face must be a sore subject, I smile back at her, careful to avoid any negative reaction.  

    “Hi!” she says cheerfully, “I’m Emily.” She hops down the steps and wraps me in a hug. It takes back for a moment but I’m quick to hug her back with a laugh.  

    “I’m Anna.”  

    “You’ll have to forgive Sam, he’s a little much,” she whispers in my ear, “but don’t worry, I am so incredibly happy to welcome you to the family.”  

    My smile is genuine as she pulls away and grabs my hand. I can feel a sense of pride coming from Paul.  

    “Come on in, we can talk at the table. I made lunch.” Emily says as she leads me into the house.  


    Telling this story twice in a month is twice too many, I think as Sam stares at me. Emily had passed at lunch and gave a warning glance at Sam to let me settle before he interrogated me, and Paul set a first aid kit in front of me to take care of the cuts on my hands and knees. When I wave him off, he is not happy but sits beside me. Sam's stare grows heavier on me, and I can feel Paul getting annoyed. Sighing, I take a sip of the tea Emily has set out and begin.  

    “So, you’ve heard legends of all the creatures that go bump in the night, witches, vampires, werewolves, and shifters. This is what I would classify you all as, but please correct me if you prefer another term. Obviously, these are true stories for the most part,” I gesture to all of the boys at the table before continuing on.

    “Tall tales of krakens and sirens, they all have their merit. Including stories about Faeries. They are essentially creatures of nature and have magic that they get from nature.  

    They aren’t many still alive amongst the humans, just like there aren’t as many werewolves as before. The Fae were hunted by vampires for their blood. It’s like a drug to them, driving many of them underground and into hiding. My mother was a Fae, and she fell in love with my dad. William Swan.”  

    I can already tell Sam has doubts and he gives me an incredulous look.  

    “My parents died a few months ago. Now I live with Charlie and Bella. I’m sure you know him, he’s the Sherriff.”  

    “How do you know about us?” Sam says gruffly.  

    “Like I said, I didn’t specifically know that members of the Quileute tribe were shifters. I just could feel the magic here. My mom taught me about all the different types of supernatural creatures and how to identify them. I didn’t know about the wolves here until learning about the Cullens, and even then, I didn’t know who until today.”  

    “So, you’re claiming to be, what, a fairy?”  

    I grimace.  

    “It’s not something to joke about. It’s precarious and not something I need people talking about, especially in a town vampires call home.”  

    I sigh as his skeptical face doesn’t change.    

    “You know, I’m getting really tired of others making me prove what I am,” I mumble, “You don’t see me asking anyone to prove what they are.”  

    I grab a bottle from my bag full of ocean water I collected earlier.  

    “Emily, can I have a bowl?”

    She agrees and grabs a ceramic bowl, sitting it in front of me. I pour some of the water out into it and pour some onto my hands. Muttering a few words, the water shimmers with a slight glow as the small cuts heal, and I pour a small amount on my knees as well. All that’s left is small pink marks that will fade over the next few hours.  

    Paul grabs my hand in shock, finger running over them.  

    “Proof enough?” I ask Sam?  

    With a curt nod, Sam leans back in his seat with a sigh.    

    “You’re the first outsider someone has imprinted on. We can’t afford to be careful. Your scent is too close to a vampire for comfort.” He provides as an explanation.

    “I hope not, from what I’ve heard that’s not pleasant.”

    Emily and Jared are both staring at me, mouths slightly open.

    “What language was that?” Jared asks.  

    “That was Greek, but there’s a lot of other things involved in magic. Some Latin, some Fae Speak. A lot of it has been lost to time so there’s room for improvisation.”  

    I look over at Paul who’s still holding my hand. When I meet his eyes, he is smiling back at me.    

    “Hi,” he says.    

    “Hi,” I say blushing.    

    “Oh gross,” Jared groans, “get out of here with that please.”  

    Paul laughs and stands up, holding his hand for me to take.    

    “Wanna take a walk?”  

    I nod and take his hand, and we head I hear Emily scolding Sam again for being rude and I chuckle as we exit.

    We walk to the tree line around the house in comfortable silence. It’s gorgeous out here. It smells like rain and the forest is a deep green. We head down a cleared path within the forest. Paul clears his throat and brings my full attention to him.  

    “I don’t really know what to say, since you seem to know everything already. I always thought I would have to go through the stress of explaining it all and being possibly rejected. I know this might disrupt your life, and I will follow your lead on exploring this and whatever you want it to be.”

    My heart melts and I squeeze his hand tighter.    

    “I appreciate that, I think we should get to know each other a bit. Maybe this time we start by not exposing our biggest secrets to each other?”  

    He laughs and nods. His laugh gives me butterflies.  

    “That sounds great actually.”    

    “Wanna start with the basics?”  

    He nods.

    “Okay, let’s start with names and ages,” I suggest

    “Paul Lahote, 19.”  

    “When’s your birthday?”  

    February 18th. Your turn.”

    “Charlotte Annabeth Swan, 17, turning 18 on November 24,” I pause, “What’s your favorite color?”  

    “Green, like the forest, you?”  

    “Blue, like the ocean.”  

    He smirks, “Makes sense.”  

    “What about hobbies?”

    “Besides constantly running around making sure there aren’t any vampires around? Not much.”

    “Well, what do you like to be doing?” I press on.

    “I like working on cars. My dad owns the mechanic shop on the Res. What do you like to do when you aren’t running into every non-human in Forks?”

    I laugh, “I like being near the ocean, and being around friends. Oh, and I am a big reader.” He smiles down at me.  

    I nudge him, “Your turn to ask a question.” He contemplates for a moment before asking.

    “Where did you grow up?”  

    “Florida, we moved around a bit, Miami, Clearwater, Key West, but we were always by the water.”  

    “Do you miss it?”

    “I miss the sun, and I miss the beaches and the springs, but it was hard to be around all of those memories without them.”

    He bites his lip before asking his next question.  

    “Can I ask how they died?”

    My steps falter, but Paul’s arms are already there to steady me.  

    “I’m sorry,” he rasps, but I shake my head, saying it’s okay. He guides me to sit on a boulder off the path a bit, sitting next to me.

    “No. no, it’s okay. I know I was skimming over that earlier.” I shudder and take a deep breath.

    “They were murdered. They said it was a break-in gone wrong.”  

    “Anna… I’m so sorry.”

    Deflecting, I look away. He sighs again. I can feel his sadness through the connection.

    “My mom died recently too. Cancer,” he provides. This time, I am the one who is sad. This should be an uncomfortable conversation, and I shouldn’t want to tell him everything, but it comes naturally.  

    “I’m so sorry Paul.” He gives me a sad smile.

    “It’s okay, I wasn’t super close with her. I’ve lived here with my dad since I was 8.”

    “You’re still allowed to be sad,” I say.

    “So are you,” he challenges. I roll my eyes a bit, but there’s no malice.  

    Our hands are still intertwined, and honestly, it felt that it was such a natural thing to do that I didn’t notice how close we were until now. I can feel his questions about me appearing in his emotions.

    “Do you want to talk about it?” I ask.  

    “I thought we were avoiding deep dark secrets,” he says, nudging my shoulder, smirking to play off his eagerness.

    “Well, we kind of blue that out of water.” He lets out a huff with a grin.  

    “Sorry,” he apologizes.  

    I shake my head, “Don’t be, I like talking to you. If you have questions, you should ask. It’s not just you who has a connection to me, it goes both ways here. You deserve answers.”

    “Well, you explained that you can feel some of my emotions, and I saw what you did in the house. What else can you do? You know my whole, deal. Turn into a wolf, protect people from vampires. That’s pretty much it.”

    “I’m sure there is a lot more to you than what you are.” He opens his mouth to interrupt me, but I shoot him a glare, quieting him.  

    “I can do a lot. It’s hard to break it down. I just have to learn and practice the skill. I know a lot of defensive magic. My mother was always worried I would need to be able to defend myself. I can manipulate elements on a small scale without using spells, but I’m best with water. I learned a lot of healing magic lately, and I can use telepathy.”

    “You can read minds?”

    “Not all the time, it takes a bit of effort and intention to go into someone’s mind. I’m not just invading everyone’s privacy at all times.”  

    “Have you used it on me?” He questions.  

    “At the beach, I opened a channel with Sam, and by extension you, but other than that, no, I haven’t. I can feel your emotions most of the time, but that’s because of the bond.”

    That seems to make him feel better, and I note to not use telepathy with Paul, only in case of emergency.  

    “You’re powerful.” It’s not a question.  

    “Not really,” I say turning my head.  

    “No, Anna, really. I can feel it.”

    I groan and put my forehead on his shoulder.  

    “I don’t want to be. It’s dangerous to be like me. Without my mom and dad, I’m all alone to protect not only myself but my whole family.”  

    “Hey,” his voice is soft as he lifts my chin with his thumb and finger, “You’re not alone, Anna. I can protect you, in fact, I can’t not protect you. It’ll be okay. No one will hurt you.”  

    Looking into his eyes, I feel myself tear up. I pull him into a tight hug.

    “Thank you,” I whisper.

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