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    Almost at the end of our angst run now!! But there’s still time left for me to cause some emotional distress before it is dkflgjdflgfd 😂

    Follow up to Day 5 - Cursed

    Also on AO3!!!


    Chloe missed Beca in a way that she had never thought it was possible to miss another person. The first month at her Grams’ had been suffocatingly lonely, Chloe had stayed in her room, too angry to be around her and not trusting herself to do something she knew she would inevitably regret. The only time she saw anyone was when her Grams sent someone with her next meal, which Chloe ate very little of. 

    Every day, Chloe wrote a letter to Beca. She couldn’t send them, there was no way to without her Grams finding out, and it wasn’t like it helped ease the pain her chest, but she felt like she still needed to maintain that connection, to remind herself of why she was doing this. Because the urge she got to climb out of her window and run back into Beca’s arms every night that she tossed and turned was so strong that she needed to remember that this was the only way to protect her.

    After a month, Chloe was surprised by a very welcome visitor.

    “Hey Chlo-bear...”

    Chloe looked up from where she had been staring out of the window, a tired but delighted expression on her face as her eyes met her father’s.

    “Dad...” Chloe breathed, “What are you doing here? Grams said I couldn’t have visitors.”

    “Oh your mom made a pretty good case...” He chuckled, Chloe able to hear the sound of her mom’s voice drifting from the living room two floors away.

    “Do you think I care about your damn legacy?! That is my daughter, you do not get to lock her up here because you don’t approve of the woman she loves!”

    Chloe chuckled softly, sniffing as she wiped the tears from her cheeks, “I take it Grams isn’t listening though?”

    “No kiddo...” Chloe’s dad sighed softly as he came and sat opposite her on the window set, “I’m so sorry.”

    “It’s fine.” Chloe shrugged a little, her head resting against the cold glass, “It means Beca isn’t in pain anymore.”

    “She misses you.” 

    Chloe’s eyes filled with tears as her eyes snapped to meet her dads, a small gasp leaving her lips, “You’ve seen her?! Is she okay?!”

    “She came to us the night you left.” Her dad smiled softly, “She wanted us to do something, to get you to come home, but most of all she wanted to know that you were safe.”

    Chloe bit her lip as her head fell back against the wall with a soft thunk, “I can’t come home dad... Beca was dying, she was in so much pain all the time I... I couldn’t keep doing that to her.”

    “I know.” Her dad reached out and gave her knee a gentle squeeze, “I told Beca that, your mom has been fighting with your Grams every day for the last month-”

    “Fuck you, you wizened old hag! You have no right to do this!”

    “As you can hear it’s going very well...” Her dad sighed, Chloe giggling tearfully.

    “I miss her so much dad...” Chloe whispered, “I- I don’t even have my ring anymore, Grams took it off me and threw it in the fire...”

    Chloe’s dad had to suppress a wave of anger at that. She might be his mother, but she had officially gone too far.

    “I wish I could help Chloe...” He shook his head, “But this kind of magic, it’s only passed down through the female line and I-”

    “It’s not your fault.” Chloe lifted her head to look at her dad, hating that he was carrying any kind of guilt, “Please, don’t blame yourself.”

    “I’m seeing Beca later.” His voice dropped to a whisper, “Is there anything you want me to tell her?”

    A soft smile spread across Chloe’s lips as she got up, reaching under her bed to loosen the floorboard that she’d hidden all her letters to Beca under, “I- I’ve been writing these. Just to try and explain y’know? If she’s not mad at me could you... could you give them to her?”

    “Of course.” Chloe’s dad quickly tucked them into the inside pocket of his jacket, “And she’s not made at you Chloe. Just the opposite. She misses you a lot.”

    “Just... look out for her for me?” Chloe could hear footsteps ascending the stairs, “She doesn’t have anyone else.”


    When her dad had come back a month later with a letter from Beca secretly stowed in his pocket, Chloe had burst into tears. Something about that familiar scrawl made her heart soar and that hole that she felt inside her seemed to fill a little. It was by torchlight under her sheets that Chloe read the letter that night, not daring to do it while her Grams was awake.


    Oh my god, you have no idea how happy I am to have all these letters from you... even if it’s taken me like two weeks to get through all of this rambling. I don’t even care, what else would I do now you’re not here? 

    I miss you so much... I get it, I get why you left but it’s like there’s this hole in my chest now you’re gone. I sleep wrapped around your pillow, how lame is that?? But it smells like you and that’s all I care about. I should’ve kissed you before you left, I should have savoured those moments with you more. 

    But I don’t want you to feel guilty Chlo, I’m sorry, that all sounds so awful... I  love you so much, I hope you’re okay living with the Wicked Witch Of The West. I swear if she’s hurting you I’ll come over there and kick her ass myself. You’re eating right? And sleeping? You get cranky without any sleep and you need to eat, I know you forget when you’re stressed...

    We’ll figure something out Chloe. You and me, we’ll work this out. Because I’m not going anywhere, I’ll wait as long as it takes, even if it’s years from now. I love you, that’s never going to change okay? I love you Chloe Beale. you are the love of my damn life and we’ll be together again, I just know it.

    Your dad said he’ll pass along as many of these as he can so I hope you’ll write me another thousand letters for me to read??

    I miss you.

    Love, always.

    Beca xxx

    It was the first of many letters passed between the two of them as the months wore on. Chloe would wait until her Grams was asleep before slipping downstairs to peruse her library of magical tomes, teaching herself in tiny snippets of the early morning. It was slow progress, progress that would be a lot faster if her Grams was teaching her, but Chloe refused to give her what she wanted.

    They had a plan, she and Beca had a plan. It was a long shot, and a long game, but if it worked... god it would be so worth it.


    Beca paced back and forth outside the house, her heart fluttering in her chest. This had to work, it had been two years of sneaky letters and long cold nights alone, this had to be the end of it... they’d planned this moment down to the every last detail, to every single possible scenario and thing that could go wrong.


    Beca’s breath caught in her throat as she spun on her heel, tears in her eyes. A watery grin spread across her face as her eyes roamed over the achingly familiar red hair, the electric blue eyes, the soft smile that she had missed so much.

    “Chloe...” Beca breathed, hands shaking as she seemed to freeze for a moment. She couldn’t believe she was really here.

    Chloe ran to her, arms thrown around Beca’s neck as Beca’s wrapped tightly around her waist, sobbing into her shoulder as she held her as tight as she could.

    “I love you.” Chloe choked through her tears, “Oh baby, I love you so much...”

    Beca just held her tighter, too overcome with emotion for words as she breathed in the smell of Chloe’s shampoo. She loved that smell, GOD she’d missed that smell.

    “Let’s go home.” Beca mumbled into her neck, head lifting to rest against Chloe’s. “Let’s get you home Chlo, where you belong...”

    “Yeah.” Chloe nodded, pressing her lips into Beca’s for the first time in years, “Let’s go home.”

    “Chloe Elizabeth Beale...” 

    Chloe let go off Beca with a yelp, spinning on her heel as she pushed Beca behind her, nostrils flaring as she stared down her grandmother.

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

    “I’m going home Grams.” Chloe swallowed hard, hands clenching into fists, “I’m going home to Beca, and there’s nothing you can about it.”

    “You have doomed her.” Florence growled, twisting her hand, “I warned you what would happen.”

    Beca let out a loud shriek as a pain she hadn’t felt in years spread through her, forcing her to her knees as it spread up her arms, down her back, everything from the waist up burning as flames enveloped her. Chloe turned to Beca with fear in her eyes, hand resting just below her waist where the flames weren’t.

    “You’re okay baby.” Chloe whispered, “Just breathe for me...”

    Beca panted through her tears, gripping the grass underneath in her hands. It hurt so much, Beca had missed Chloe so damn much, but she had not missed this. 

    And then, as Florence watched in shock, the flames dampened and dissipated, Beca’s burns soothed and healed, and she slumped into Chloe’s arms.

    “What...” Florence mumbled, “H-How?”

    “Just because I didn’t learn from you doesn’t mean I wasn’t learning.” Chloe’s eyes were narrow as she cradled the still sobbing, shaking Beca to her chest, “You can’t hurt as anymore Grams. We’re going home.”

    “You think you’re strong enough to take me on?” Florence had recovered from her shock, furious as Chloe helped Beca to her feet.

    “I know I am.” Chloe’s jaw clenched as she supported Beca against her, “I’m going home now. Don’t ever come near me, or Beca, or anyone else I love ever again.”

    “Stop.” Florence watched as Chloe turned her back and they began to walk away from her, “I said stop!”

    Such was the force of Florence’s anger that it sent a wave of energy flying forward, hitting Beca and Chloe. They tumbled forwards, Chloe taking the brunt of it as they fell into a heap.

    “Ugh...” Beca groaned softly, Chloe like a dead weight on top of her, “Chlo... Chloe?” 

    Panic flared in her stomach as she saw the blood trickling down her forehead, eyes finding the rock that Chloe’s head had hit as they fell.”

    “No.” Beca mumbled, scrambling out from underneath her as she cradled Chloe in her arms, shaking her, “No Chloe, wake up... wake up!” 

    Chloe remained limp in her arms, Beca’s heart breaking in her chest as she pressed her fingers into the side of Chloe’s neck, praying for the impossible. She let out a loud sob when nothing could be found.

    “Chloe?” Florence moved forward shakily, tears beginning to well in her eyes.

    “GET AWAY FROM HER!” Beca held Chloe tighter, tears pouring down her cheeks, “LOOK WHAT YOU DID!”

    “I- I didn’t...” Florence shook her head, looking genuinely remorseful and bereft.

    Beca stroked Chloe’s face, lips pursed as her tears continued to pour like a torrent, “I’m so sorry Chlo...” She whispered, “I’m so so sorry... I should’ve never let you leave...”

    “Beca I-”

    “FUCK OFF!” Beca snarled, eyes blazing with anger, “YOU DID THIS! YOU KILLED HER!”

    Tears ran down Florence’s face as the reality of her actions hit her like a ten tonne weight. Beca was right. She’d killed Chloe, she had done this to her granddaughter.

    “I never meant...” Florence shook her head, words lost to her. What could she possibly say that would explain this, what reason could there possibly be to justify this?

    “Get away from us.” Beca held Chloe against her, shielding her from Florence as she glared hatefully at her, “I’m taking her home. That’s all she wanted, all she wanted was to come home. How could you have killed her for that?!”

    As a weeping Florence backed off, Beca continued to stroke Chloe’s face, rocking her still body gently in her arms.

    “I love you.” Beca whispered, “I love you so much Chloe. I’m sorry... I’m so sorry...”


    Florence stood on a hill above the graveyard, dark sunglasses hiding her red eyes from anyone that would look her way. Not that they would, no-one even knew she was here. She wasn’t supposed to be here, but they were burying her granddaughter today... 

    She watched the mourners huddled together, watched her son hold his weeping wife close, watched Chloe’s friends press together in an attempt to comfort each other, watched Beca drop to her knees as Chloe’s coffin was lowered into the ground as if she wanted to follow her in. 

    Her heart lay shattered in her chest. She had never meant for it to end like this, all she had wanted to do was protect her family line, protect their legacy... but in one simple act of anger she had been the one to doom it.

    Florence had seen enough as a woman with short blonde hair gently helped a sobbing Beca to her feet, holding her against her as Beca wept into her chest. It was time for her to leave.

    “I’m sorry Chloe...” She whispered, “I never meant for this to happen.”


    Beca sniffed as she got into the back of the car, followed by the blonde who had cradled her at Chloe’s graveside.

    “Did you see Florence?” Beca rolled her eyes a little, “I can’t believe she actually came.”

    “I know.” The woman next to her huffed, removing her sunglasses to reveal a familiar pair of intensely blue eyes, “But that’s why we had a funeral remember? Just to make sure we really sold it. And you definitely did, sinking to your knees like that? You always were dramatic...”

    Beca laughed as she leaned over to press a longing kiss to her lips, “You know you love that about about me Beale.”

    “I do.” Chloe grinned, brushing Beca’s hair from her eyes, “And it was worth it... she won’t ever bother us again.”

    “Does that mean you can change your hair back?” Beca frowned a little as she twirled some of Chloe’s blonde hair her finger, “Not that you’re not really hot as blonde, I just miss your red hair...”

    Chloe giggled, snapping her fingers as Beca’s expression lit up with delight to see it return to it’s natural red state.


    “Perfect.” Beca cupped Chloe’s face in her hands, “Just like you.”

    “I love you Becs.” Chloe’s expression misted with emotion, “I never want to be apart from you again.”

    “Me neither.” Beca shook her head, “We won’t ever be apart like that again, I promise. Just you and me forever Chlo.”

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    due to recent events (at the time of this request anyway LMAOOOOOOO)

    i think its only right if you write a carlos x reader (could be fem or gn) crackfic where he shapeshifts into a rabid dog in defense of the reader because one of his friends tried getting on in his insult saying that the reader is stupid

    bonus if the reader is calmly doing something completely oblivious that a frothing rabid carlos as a dog is furiously chasing his own "friends" with a pocket knife on his mouth aimed at them is occurring behind them LMAO

    "rabid danger"


    —  Your boyfriend has always been the overprotective type, you know it. But unbeknownst to you, Carlos will go to any lengths to protect you, and yes, that includes shapeshifting into a dog with his mouth foaming and shit.


    — crackfic


    — gender-neutral reader, Carlos shapeshifts into animals. I do not speak fluent Spanish and all of the Spanish here is translated from google, feel free to correct me if I got something wrong though I will refrain from using too much Spanish.


    — rabid Carlos lmfao


    —  one fucking crackfic filled with fresh crack coming your way <333

    Being in a relationship with the one and only Carlos Madrigal was the best. You adore him with all your heart and soul and you're aware that he feels the same with you too, even if he doesn't show it that much. Carlos was...bizarre when it came to showing acts of affection. He likes to tease and insult you relentlessly playfully, luckily, you don't get ticked off by it. He enjoys playing pranks on you but not to the point to hurt you. And he loves to do these weird things like sticking his tongue out and hissing a snake every time something bothers him. When you would cuddle with him he'd unknowingly purr. Oh, and he likes to lick your cheek...a lot.

    Despite your lover's very unusual behavior, you love him just the way he is. Today was any other day, the weather was particularly amazing today so you asked Carlos out for a date. At first, he declines, you know he's not fond of public dates but then you pulled the magic trick on him and gave him the puppy dog eyes (his weakness) so he reluctantly says yes.

    You drag your boyfriend around town, buying food and chatting with each other. You two decided to have lunch at your local eatery. Carlos would play a prank or two by transforming either into a snake or an insect to watch you scream in horror. It was at that eatery did Carlos' friends showed up. They're a couple of dudes sneering at you but you were too busy eating your food. Carlos pipes up.

    "Ey, pendejo, what are you doing here?"

    "Just wanted to ask if you guys have room for three"

    "This is my date-"

    "Oh, sure! Have a seat Andrés!"

    You said with a smile. This guy, Andrés, along with his gang joined you two for lunch. They gingerly ordered food and interrupted Carlos' moment with you. He couldn't protest because of your kindness, you were always the kindhearted among you both so for your sake, he glues his lips shut. He glares at his friends as they keep hogging on all the fun.

    Midway, you noticed that you have ordered the wrong food but you can't take it back since you've practically devoured it already. You frowned and turned to your boyfriend.

    "Aw, amor, I ordered the wrong food but I can't ask for a refund because I already ate it"

    "So, you're telling me, you didn't notice that you ordered the wrong food when you started eating it?"

    "Lo siento. I was too hungry to notice"

    You pouted at Carlos, the latter lets out a sigh and rubbed his temples as he whispered a string of curses.

    "Ugh, you're such an idiot, [Name]"

    "I'll just go order the food I want right now! Oh wait, I have no money..."

    "And you're so stupid too"

    Carlos rolled his eyes and handed you some spare money, your eyes twinkled as you took the money and went to go order more food. The shapeshifter kept an eye on you. One of his friends chuckled.

    "So, you and [Name], huh? Never thought that would happen"

    "Well, it did, cállate Santiago"

    His friend, Santiago, scoffs and shoves food into his mouth. Carlos gives him a glare before checking on his lover, you were stumbling over your words while asking if it's possible to get a refund even if you have already eaten the food. Carlos groans and runs a hand through his curls.

    "Oye Carlos, why'd have to go out with [Name]? There's a lot of other choices out there but you decided to stoop this low"

    "It's none of your fucking business, Diego"

    Carlos spat at Diego, the boy shuddered as he saw the animalistic look in his eyes. Andrés listened to the entire conversation and let out a laugh, Carlos raised a brow at him and looked at him, dangerously.

    "Looks like [Name] isn't done getting their food yet"

    "I know, they're such a fucking dumbass sometimes"

    "Yeah, [Name]'s really dumb-"

    At the speed of light, Carlos slammed his fist on the table, merely breaking it. All three of his friends flinched and looked at him wide-eyed. One of the things that irritated Carlos Madrigal the most is whenever someone would talk shit about you. It was only him who had the right to do that, no other person is allowed to do it. Carlos is aware of how nasty he can be when he's jealous but he's more terrifying when someone dares to shit-talk you.

    "You fucking take that back"

    Carlos whispered with venom towards Andrés, the other watched as his features were slowly morphing into a snake. His irises turned into slits as he began to hiss at him, Andrés tried to say something but the fear in his system beats him to it.


    "Carlos you need to chill! ¡Cálmate, muchacho!"

    "Oh, you ain't calming me down, cabrón!"

    "Come on, compadre! I was just being honest!"

    "Oh yeah? Nobody gives a shit what you think, pendejo! But the moment you open that stupid mouth of yours and say stupid shit about mi amor I knew I had to fucking knock that head of yours to see if your brain's still there functioning!"

    The shapeshifter hisses. Every one of his friends started bolting out to the door to escape him but Carlos was not having it. He momentarily lets out a loud groan as he reverted his form from a snake and then shapeshifts into a large Doberman with his pocket knife in his foaming mouth. Carlos now in dog form, growls and starts to chase after the three guys at full speed.

    Meanwhile, you're patiently waiting for your food to be cooked while oblivious to the chaos occurring behind you. Humming, you're thinking if you wanted to order some extra food for Carlos, you were about to turn around and ask him personally but debated against it. You placed your chin on top of your knuckles while Carlos chased his friends behind you, drool dripping down to his chin as he keeps the pocketknife steady in his mouth.

    "Here's your order!"


    You grabbed your food, you were about to witness your boyfriend terrorizing his friends until you noticed that the food you ordered didn't have the sauce you requested.

    "Excuse me? You forgot my sauce"

    "Oh, my bad, let me get it for you!"

    You smile and waited again. For some reason, you're oddly deaf to the blood-curling screams of Carlos' (ex) friends as he goes completely rabid on each one of them as a dog while frothing in the mouth. You're somewhat immune to what's happening in the background. Finally, your sauce arrives.

    "Here you go"


    With your food, you turn around to see....your lovely boyfriend sitting and patiently waiting for you, not a hair out of place. You grinned and sat across him, you gazed around to find his friends gone.

    "Hmm? Where's Andrés and the others?"

    "They left. Andrés' dog probably went rabid because he's a shitty dog owner who doesn't know when to shut the fuck up"

    You emitted a loud cackle at Carlos' supposed joke, your boyfriend softly smiles at you for it. He watches you eat your food and enjoys the rest of your date as he pretends that he didn't just shapeshift into a fucking Doberman, foaming on the mouth, chasing his old friends until they got tired and left them with bruises and cuts outside the street. No, Carlos is just an overprotective boyfriend who loves you with all his heart. Yes, definitely not the boyfriend who beats up whoever talks shit about you. Haha...there's nothing to see here.


    #encanto#disney encanto#encanto fanfic#encanto fanfiction#carlos madrigal #carlos my beloved #carlos madrigal my beloved #carlos madrigal x reader #carlos madrigal x y/n #carlos x you #carlos x reader #carlos x y/n #crackfic #rabid carlos supremacy
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    Fic Author Self-Recommendations

    Thank you @bnbc​​ for tagging me! <3

    When you get this, reply with your favourite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers. Let’s spread the self-love.

    Lol bare with me cuz I only write about Cyberpunk as of late.

    Gods & Monsters

    Mature | Hanako Arasaka/Male V | Bittersweet ending | Fluff and Angst | Manipulation | Developing Relationship | Falling In Love | Mutual pining | Running away Summary: V is dying, and dying person has nothing to lose. He makes an attempt of getting what he wants at the moment, and it’s company of no one else than Hanako Arasaka herself. Comment: Well folks, this is where my whole nomad fantasy begins.

    Highway Tune

    Work in progress (I will update it I swear) | Mature | Hanako Arasaka/Male V | Sequel to Gods & Monsters | Mental Breakdown | Slow Burn | Developing Relationship | Falling In Love | Character Development | Family Issues | Family Secrets | Romance | Possible Character Death | Running Away | Tags May Change  Summary: "In the world, there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." ~ Oscar Wilde Hanako has to face consequences of her decisions. Breaking out of the cage wasn’t easy, and functioning in the new world isn’t a fairy tale either. Comment: This is the part of the story that is featured the most in my pictures! Don’t let them trick you, this is not a happy sotry. But may have a happy ending, or not. Who knows? Not me. For real. 


    Mature | Hanako Arasaka/Male V | Established Relationship | Rivalry | Bodyguard | Jealousy | Possible Character Death | Assassination Attempt(s) | Light Angst | Canon-Typical Violence | AU | Post-Canon

    Summary: "I have enough threats against my family! My daughter came here in peace to negotiate the safety of all Euro Citizens, but her own life was threatened…"  Comment: This story was inspired by unused dat4mined scenario. I was angry writing it lol, but I like it for some reason now. Set in my Corpo AU ( #OTP: Vento Aureo) where my Vincent chosen the life in blaze of glory. 


    Work in progress | Mature | Hanako Arasaka & Yorinobu Arasaka | Hanako Arasaka/Male V | Family Drama | Protective Siblings | Established Relationship | Family Feels | Family Issues | Meet the Family | AU | Bittersweet | Light Angst Summary:  “ Hanako didn’t mention why she wanted Yorinobu to come. But it seemed important enough to make her ask him to come in the first place, knowing how hard it may be to keep the peace...” Comment: My little “What if...” story if game events didn’t happened! Yorinobu’s pov, family drama, and constant trobules. 

    Wiped Out!

    Mature | Hanako Arasaka/Male V | Estabilished Relationship | Fluff and Angst | Kissing | Rags to Riches | Hurt/Comfort

    Summary: "She only has a problem with unwanted attention in the media, gossips, and paparazzi whenever they go out. But V changed his whole lifestyle."

    V and Hanako sharing a moment in bizarre reality they created for themselves due to their decisions.

    Comment: My short story set in my Corpo AU  #OTP: Vento Aureo! I cherish it so much, as I consider it the opposite of Highway Tune. 

    Since I’m doing it way later, and I saw my cyberpunk mutuals already did it I’m only tagging my beloved friend and amazing author @myevilmouse​  ❤️ and feel free to join who ever wants! 

    #cyberpunk 2077 #cyberpunk 2077 fanfiction #my fanfics#my fanfiction #OTP: Vento Aureo #OTP: Highway Tune #Vinnako#hanako arasaka #vincent giovanna x hanako arasaka #male v x hanako arasaka
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    title: disintegration

    pairing: adora/catra

    rating: t

    word count: 1.6k

    summary: In which Prime drops off Catra and Glimmer onto a faraway planet instead of keeping them on his ship.

    #she ra#catradora#catradorafic#catradora fanfiction#fics#my writing #this was just a lil experiment with second person and it was a lot of fun to write!!
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    “I hope you got your shitting pants on.”

    *Also posted on ff.net.

    #negan x maggie #twd #negan x maggie rhee #negan twd#maggie rhee#maggie greene #the walking dead #twd fanfiction#rick grimes#michonne twd#jesus twd#soulmate au#soulmates #READ THE WARNINGS YOU FILTHY ANIMALS #not my image #baby rhee
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    Stepping forward, she reached out to Ren on her tiptoes.

    "You know Ren; you don't even have to pretend to be someone you aren't. Not with me."

    Lightly tugging his pink locks, smiling up at him.

    A soft flush spread across his face. "Wh-what do you mean, Rini?"

    Skipping backward, her soft brown eyes never left his blue ones. "I like you for you. So, please always be yourself with me."

    Sticking her tongue out, the sun's light caught the silver piercing. What a cute expression he's making, she mused.

    #14dwy #14 days with you #mc:rini #Ren x Rini #my new obsession #visual novel#yandere boys #i really wanna write a fanfiction but idk #why is she so cute
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    Hii, i want to ask you for a Todoroki x fem! reader scenario the reader have a water control and crystal quirk (i asked you a request about her before, she’s my occ). she’s feeling insecure about her relationship with him because of Momo, even if she talks with him she still have this feeling (that she hates). So she starts to study and train a lot to occupy her mind but he notices it and help her by comforting her (and a massage for the training). She even overwork herself and have the side effects (water: hypothermia (like she’s under a freezing lake) and crystal: it takes her stiffness out for a few minutes)

    im really sorry if it’s too detailed and i’d love to read if with a angst in the begging cause I love it and your writing is amazing as you are 🤩

    I don't really usually write stuff for other people's OCs, but it's fine since it's very subtle like this, I mean it's basically just a reader with a specific quirk or at least that's how I wrote it. I was also a bit lazy with writing this, so I didn’t use everything you mentioned, but most of it. Here’s the sort of previous part to this

    You had been working so hard lately. Trying your best with schoolwork and going above and beyond with training. It was an attempt to keep yourself busy, and it was working to a certain extent, but it still didn’t keep your brain from coming up with all kinds of theories about certain things. You were trying your hardest not to think about Yaoyorozu and Shouto’s friendship as something more, because they were friends, only friends. However you couldn’t help but feel a bit insecure. You knew he loved you, but you’d been betrayed before and even though you knew he was way different from your previous boyfriend, there was just something nagging at you.

    Todoroki had noticed you sort of retreating into yourself again. He wasn’t sure what the reason was exactly, but he decided to ask you about it the next time the two of you got some alone time and he could talk properly with you.

    The next day, you had PE and it had been decided that you would spar with each other using your quirks. You were paired with Yaoyorozu, by pure chance of course, but it still annoyed you a little. It went well at first, but then you started feeling a bit odd. You were feeling light headed and cold and you felt like your whole body was super stiff.

    “You’re super pale, (Name). Are you okay?” Yaoyorozu asked, just before you fell to your knees.

    “I’m-I’m fine. I think I’ve-I’ve just been over-over using my quirk lately” you stammered

    The rest of the class was gathering around you and Todoroki tried to help you up.

    “You’re freezing, your lips are blue too” he said and you could immediately feel the heat emanating from the left side of his body.

    You could barely move, your body felt so incredibly stiff and you felt like passing out. It was so tempting, but it also felt dangerous, so you fought the feeling.

    “You should get them to Recovery Girl” Yaoyorozu said.

    “Yeah” Todoroki nodded, and picked you up, starting to carry you out of the gym.

    Neither of you talked the whole way to the nurse’s office, you just let him carry you and snuggled closer to him for warmth.

    After Recovery Girl looked you over and told you to get some rest and take it easy for the rest of the day, Todoroki sat on the bed next to yours and just looked at you.

    “You really shouldn’t overwork yourself like this” he finally said.

    “It’s fine Sho, it wasn’t even that serious” you shrugged.

    “It’s not fine, and I’m pretty sure neither are you” Todoroki sighed.

    “What makes you think that?” you asked. He was of course right, but you were curious about what had tipped him off to your state of mind.

    “You’ve been pulling away from me again, and I’d like to know why” he inquired.

    “It’s just… Remember what we talked about last time? I know you’re just friends with Momo, but it just still bothers me for some reason. She’s amazing, and I’m just… me” you said, staring down at your hands.

    “And you being you is enough. You’re an amazing, kind and skilled person, and if you’re worried about Yaoyorozu, you don’t need to be, she’s just a friend” he said and grabbed your hand, giving the back of your palm a kiss.

    “You mean it?” you asked, looking at him with tearful eyes.

    “Yes, of course I mean it” he said gently.

    “I’m sorry I’m like this. It doesn’t mean I don’t trust you, I know it’s just in my head, but sometimes it just gets a bit convincing” you sighed.

    “It’s fine, I just wish you’d talk to me about things like this, before you overwork yourself while trying to distract yourself from the whole thing” he said, squeezing your hand.

    “I’ll try to keep that in mind” you smiled and he smiled back.

    #bnha#mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #todoroki shouto#bnha scenarios#mha scenarios#comfort #bnha x reader #mha x reader #bnha fanfiction#mha fanfiction
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    27.05.2022 - 48 minutes ago
    #kirby #bandana waddle dee #bandana dee#meta knight #okay soooooo i wrote an outline for it #brain please we need to focus on another fandom right now #i blame playing Kirby with my family for these brain worms #anyways the fic will be Bandana Dee centric #Bandana Dee goes from being unable to fight in Super Star Ultra to being able to defeat a Mr. Sandbag with a spear #writing midnight fanfiction #all pictures will be in the fanfic and thats about as much of the story as im saying #Some details in the pictures might be different tho we'll see #also ignore the bad shading #Forcing myself to finish the next chap of the thing before i post anything else
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  • kisameanslight
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    “Did it go that badly?” she asked sympathetically. She’s been pushing Miles to tell Alex about London for a while now, but he always said something along the lines of ‘I will, don’t worry about it’.
    “I didn’t tell him,” he explained, avoiding her eyes. “I went to Mr. Cooper, ask him if he could send me to New York instead.”
    Miles collapses on the chair and the tears immediately start running down his face again. Even Nick, who managed to keep himself together pretty well up until that point, just takes his hands to his mouth and allows himself to cry over his friend. 
    “What do we do now?” Jamie asks with a breaking voice. 
    “I’m afraid all you can do now is wait,” the doctor replies as gently as she can, with her arms crossed in front of her. “I will update you when we get any other news, gentlemen.”

    And it’s finally here! Hope you like it :D

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  • i-might-be-in-over-my-head
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I feel so fucking empty all the damn time

    #i love fanfiction #sorry for being depressing #screaming silently#depressing post#depressing shit#kinda depressing#depressing quotes #tw depressing stuff #tw depressing thoughts #all alone#feeling alone#being alone #alone with my thoughts #always alone #i am alone #i feel alone #i feel nothing #i feel worthless #i feel empty #i feel sad #im empty#loneliest#so lonely
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  • mellarkandart
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    It was strange, to say the least, to see it in a child so young, suffering so much.

    A child whom Severus and the majority of the wizarding world had thought to be a spoilt prince with a heart beating contemptibly.

    Severus hated being wrong.


    Harry Potter is sorted into Slytherin, which automatically makes his problems Severus' problems. Like, more so than usual. Severus, being the ridiculously responsible professor that he is, has an important discussion with the boy.

    @badthingshappenbingo Hidden Scar

    #hidden scar #hurt harry potter #hp fanfic #harry potter fanfiction #pro severus snape #mellarkandart#fanfic#my writing#ao3 fanfic#harry potter#severitus#severitus fanfic#pro snape#severus snape #harry james potter
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  • feyre-darling92
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Sweet Nemesis Part 7

    Alright, you had to admit it. He had a good taste in clothes.

    The dress he had brought you was incredible. It was dark green, and the fabric it was made of was shining under the light, and the neckline was forming a deep V shape.

    And when you put it on, it looked even better.

    You put your hair in an updo and decorated it with golden pins.

    You got out of the bathroom and saw James putting on his suit jacket. You couldn’t help yourself starring.

    “Are you going to watch me dress? Because I don’t mind” he said and although you couldn’t see his face you could hear his smile.

    “I didn’t watch you, I just got ready” you rolled your eyes.

    He turned to face you and when he observed you better he looked surprised,

    “I-You look stunning” he managed to say.

    “Well, look at that. 007 lost his words. You too, by the way”

    “Thank you 005″ he said and you took the case Q had given you. You put on your communication earpiece and put your gun in the case you had on your tigh.



    When you arrived at his house you realised that you weren’t ready for this. You weren’t ready to see your parents’ murderer again.

    When you entered the ballroom voices filled your ears, and you felt a hand holding you by your waist. You had a role to play after all.

    “Are you ok?” James whispered in your ear and you just nodded.

    After a few minutes you saw him. He hadn’t changed at all, his long brown hair was tied back and his face unchanged through the years. Even though you had seen him seventeen years before, he hadn’t aged at all. He was now probably in his early fourties.

    His voice put you out of your thoughts.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to my home. Enjoy your evening”

    Everyone clapped and afterwards music began playing in the background, and couples started dancing.

    After about an hour you saw Kerres talking with an old man, he must’ve been one of the generals.

    And then he locked eyes with you.

    You tried to avoid his stare by turning around to find James but he was lost in the crowd.

    You observed the ballroom and something didn’t seem right.  There were too many guards around and you had the feeling that you were being followed by a few of them.

    You tired to lost them as the room was very big and had a couple of rooms and corridors but when you were about to get out of the room, going to search for other clues and information you felt a hand on your shoulder.

    “Why are you leaving so early, darling? You didn’t even dance” you heard his voice from behind you. He grabbed you and led you to the dance floor.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mister Kerres-”

    “Oh, please, dear. Why are you lying to me? Did you really think I wouldn’t recognise you?”

    “What do you want from me?”

    “Oh, I think that I should be the one to ask you”

    “C’mon, Adam. Did you really think that we wouldn’t learn about your organization?”

    “Darling Y/N, I was expecting you to know better”


    “We made sure that your pathetic agency would know about us. We were among you all along. We just picked the right moment”


    “But how, we would’ve-”

    “Seems that your agents aren’t really dedicated to your beloved M, are they?”

    “And what are you planning to do next?”

    “Make a dream come true. And as for you” he said as he saw that James was coming your way, “You will come with me, one way or another” he said and let you go, getting lost in the crowd.

    James stood next to you, “I heard everything. And I made sure M heard it too”

    “Good” was all you said.

    “M is currently trying to find the betraitors in the agency.  We also learned that they will strike in a week or so”

    “This isn’t enough. If we kill him, everyone who works for him will remain. What do we do?”

    “Find additional information about the organization, a list with the members, something”

    “Here there isn’t anything more. We have to search the rooms and-”

    “I searched them, there isn’t anything”

    “Then what?”

    He was ready to reply but he was interrupted by Kerres’ voice.

    “I would like to make an announcement. It won’t be boring, I promise” everyone laughed and he continued,

    “As you know, nowadays the world isn’t as we would like it to be. Look around you. People are dying, from hunger, bad conditions. The enviroment is being destroyed. The earth is slowly dying. And who is to blame for this? The citizens, the innocents and our children? Or the goverment?”

    It was the villain’s speech.

    “Help me save our world. They’re desrtroying it, don’t you see? Join us and help me rebuilt the world. A few people called me monster” he said locking eyes with you “and they regretted it. They were fools, they were blind. And they got what they deserved.

    You felt anger rushing through your veins. You didn’t know for how long would you be able to restrain yourself.

    James’ hand found yours and hold it tightly.

    “Few of them were 00 agents. Y/M/N and Y/F/N Y/L/N thought that they could go against me. But they didn’t survive to see this. What do you say Miss Y/L/N? or should I call you 005?” he smiled and a gunfire was heard. You immediately drew your guns and tried to aim but there were people running and screaming so you had limited vision of the target.

    And when the room cleared you were circled by the guards and in front of you was Kerres.

    “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time”

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 ,Part 6

    #james bond x reader #james bond x y/n #james bond x you #james bond #james bond fanfiction #fanfic#my fic#my story#feyre darling92#feyre-darling92#sweet nemesis
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    delicate - chapter 12

    In which our lovely couple must contend with their respective families' reaction to the unexpected news of their courtship, while Sokka decides to take matters into his own hands.

    AKA, the chapter where Zuko, Lu Ten, and Sokka all share a single brain cell between the three of them and proceed to play Hot Potato with said brain cell.

    Basically, this chapter in a nutshell:

    And also this:

    I meant to have this out sooner, but the last two weeks have been... SOMETHING. I even had a COVID scare, though fortunately I tested negative.

    Anyways, please enjoy the latest chapter, featuring Sokka learning the lesson of "f*ck around and find out" is especially true (and painful) when you push a firebender past the limits of his patience...

    #the bromance between these dorks I swear #I had entirely too much fun writing this chapter #zutara #zuko x katara #zutara fanfiction#zutara fanfic #in which the author was shamelessly inspired by pride & prejudice + bridgerton #my fanfiction#my stuff
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    In more positive news, my Style parody (which parodies other fanfic cliches), just hit 1000 views on A03!

    In honor of the "milestone", here are a couple of concepts for the fic that didn't make the final cut:

    1.) I wanted to add Karen still being six years old while Kenny is sixteen. Not allowing Karen to age is fairly popular in fanfic. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an organic way to include it.

    2.) Tricia Tucker tends to be awkwardly shoehorned into fanfics and I wanted to poke fun at that. Originally, she was going to randomly appear and I was going to have Kyle break the fourth wall and say "I'm sorry, can I please revert to my canon characterization for a second?" and proceed to lay into her. I reworked that into my other fourth wall breaking fic instead.

    #south park fanfiction #south park fanfic #sp style#south park#my posts
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  • blueteller
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Yet another TCF fanfic! This time, it's a what-if scenario where Choi Han connects the dots about the dagger and confronts Cale about it in chapter 697.

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    Someone call @cece-ta​! The dorm power went out again...

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  • duesternis
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    wrote some hsmd filth, read it here

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  • fanatical-levity
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Oneirology of the Lowest

    TW- angst? Maybe?

    w/ Purple and King

        The evening was quiet. It’s not unlike King to be silent, but this was odd. They simply sat in the living room, not striking a conversation. Purple was sitting at a stool at the kitchen counter while King was at the couch. Purple watched him cautiously as if she’d startle him if she made any sudden moves. He didn’t seem to be bothered or troubled by anything. There was something on his mind he wouldn’t open up to her about. He notices her puzzled stare and glances behind himself. “What?”

        “It’s nothing.” She says and turns back to her phone.

        After a moment he looks back at the book he was reading. “Whatever you say.” He mumbles, but his voice holds an uncertain paranoia.


        Purple was in her bed, laying awake in wait for sleep to come- but it never did. She was restless. She looks at the clock.



        She would find something to distract herself if it weren’t for the automatic lights. Any lights left on turn off for the night at 11. Stupid schedule.


        She freezes. A silence more loud than quiet falls. She listens for anything besides her own heartbeat that started up at the sudden noise. She sits up slowly. “The heck-”

        A glass shatters and she freezes again. She doesn’t take her eyes off the door.

        An intruder.

        She grabs her phone on the bedside table and turns on its flashlight. She cautiously slides out of bed and makes sure she has her sword equipped. She steps quietly to the door.


        She waits for another noise, something, to tell her she’s not imagining this. She has her hand on the doorknob, unsure if she should open the door.

        “NO!” King yells. She recognizes the voice, even as faint as it was.

        Anger starts in her blood. Nobody touches her brother.

        She takes a deep breath and opens the door. She half-jumps out and holds her sword in front of her with one hand, phone flashlight in the other.

        She looks around.


        She starts through the house alone, adrenaline fueling every step.

        A door slams somewhere behind her. She spins around, uneasiness crawling through her bones. She starts nervously to the source of the noise.

        “PURPLE!” It’s an agonizing cry. She comes to a stop and redirects herself where the voice came from. “KING!” She calls back and starts in his direction.

        She slows to a saunter as she passes through the hallway, pointing her flashlight around. It’s grown quiet again, and she listens for King to say something. She stops at the end of the hall where King’s room is.

        The door is open.

        She shines the light inside of the room.

        Broken glass is scattered on the floor.

        The floor creaks behind her and she holds her breath. Purple quickly turns around. She catches a glimpse of the blue of a sword before she throws her phone at the figure.

        She hears the footsteps of the figure as it carelessly speeds in the other direction. “WAIT!” She yells as she collects her thoughts. She starts to run after the figure before she realizes her phone was left behind.

        That can wait, she is not letting this intruder get away. “STOP!” She calls after the figure. She slows down, realizing she’s lost track of where the footsteps led.

        It’s no use. Without the light, she can’t see anything.

        She feels around and stumbles upon the fabric of the couch. She made her way to the living room. The kitchen is across from here. There must be a flashlight in the kitchen. She takes a pillow for protection and has her sword ready as she starts toward where she assumes the kitchen is.

        “Please… Please Purple don’t…” King says weakly from the entry way beside her. “King?!” She calls in worry. “Don’t leave… Purple I’m sorry.” His words are slurred. She makes out his figure, and notices the sword he’s holding.

        She backs up a step.

        “King… I’m here, It’s okay.”

        “I.. I didn’t mean to!” He says in a trembling voice. She begins to grow concerned. “King you’re scaring me, what the heck is going on?!” A sob escapes and the tall stick falls to his knees.

        Purple feels for the kitchen counter and opens a drawer. Only utensils.

        She opens another drawer. Aha!

        Purple takes out a flashlight and clicks it on. “I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” He says shakily, and he tries to stifle a sob.

        She points the flashlight at him. Tears stream from his closed eyes.

        He’s asleep.

        She clicks the flashlight back off and sets it on the counter. “King…” He gasps. “No… no, no you’re…”

        “I’m here, King. You’re asl-”

        “You’re not… real…” He stands up. “What?”

        “You can’t be real. I…” His voice grows frightened, and he holds his sword out. “I killed you!” He starts up to her and holds the sword in the air. She holds the pillow in front of her, and he slices it down the middle. “King, I-I’m here! You’re asleep!” She tries to get closer to shake him out of his sleep, but he keeps swinging his sword around. “Put the sword down King!” She takes hold of the sword’s handle and rips it from his hands. He backs up against the wall, and screams of anger and agony escape with bitter sobs. She drops the sword and starts over to him. “I-I can still fix this please! I’m sorry!!”

        “King calm down! I’m here I’m okay! Please wake up.” She tries to wake him, but it does nothing. He slides down and hugs his knees as if he’s trying to protect himself. “This is all my fault this is all my fault…” He repeats in an acerbic tone. Purple sits down in front of him, empathy crossing her face. As a final attempt, she grips his shoulders and shakes him.

        He gasps for air and begins to sob uncontrollably into his knees. She sits back and doesn’t say anything else, heart nearly beating out of her chest. “King…?” He groans when he hears his name. “Please, no more of this, just let me out…”

        “King it’s Purple-”

        “No you’re not! Not the real one!” King uncovers himself and kicks her away. He stands up and she follows. “You think blinding me will-”

        She slaps him across the face nearly as hard as she can. He stops and feels where she hit him. “Sorry! I’m sorry-”

        “You’re… real?” He doesn’t move nor say anything for a moment, unable to find words to speak. He simply looks down at her silhouette, trying to make out details through the dark. Her eyes are open wide in surprise.

        He breaks from his thoughts. “You… should go back to bed…” Purple scoffs. “You expect me to be able to sleep after what just happened?!”

         He nods simply. “Can you at least tell me what the heck you were dreaming about?”

        “No. Go back to bed.” Says King firmly and starts toward is room. “Hey I woke you up, I at least deserve some sort of explanation.”

        “Quit it I’m not telling-”

        “You kept calling me. Said I was not real and I was dead.” He stops in the entryway, facing away from her.

        A silence.

        He sighs. “The battle in the Nether…” He begins. “Almost like that, but instead I was against all the people I’ve ever cared for. It replayed over and over again…”

        He pauses.

        “I was against you… the look in your eyes, I could tell you didn’t want to fight… but nevertheless I drove a sword through you and killed you just like the rest.” He looks down at the sword that he held during his nightmare, and turns around to face the worried Purple.

        “I killed all of them, and every time I saw the same mortified look. It’s sickening, but my body wouldn’t allow me to stop. I pleaded with every blood splattered bone in my body to let me free yet it was no use, it just kept going… They all kept coming back to life, walking with a blank face back to me, yielding no weapon. And every time- every SINGLE time, it would end the same way…” His words start to tremble. He looks to the floor. “It was so vivid, so real, I felt every emotion and felt every swing of the sword. Until you woke me up, I was convinced that it was real. I was seconds away from driving the sword into myself.” The last sentence is muttered out weakly, a strange tone for someone normally so strong.

        A rare emotion creeps into her. Sympathy. “I’m here, King, I’m okay… Look at me.”

        He looks up from the ground and meets her eyes. “I’m here, I’m alive. A nightmare is nothing but a nightmare. It can’t really hurt you.” She says, oddly trying to comfort him. “It can feel real, yes, but it’s only your mind playing tricks on you. If you fear it, it feeds off of that. You’re strong, you’re brave, I know you are. You can stand up to it, can’t you? Break away from the control that you feel it has over you.”

        “Yeah well what if it’s impossible, Purple?”

        “Try, King.”

        “But what if that fails?”

        “Then I’ll still be here for you.” Announces Purple simply. “I know I have a record for betrayals in that past, but you’re my brother. I’ll do my best to help you.” A silence falls as he ponders this. The slightest of smiles, unnoticed, crosses his face as he rolls his eyes. “…Thank you… Purple. Now go to bed.” King says solemnly as he begins again to his room. She makes her way back to her room in the dark, satisfied yet a little bewildered. Did he just say… thank you? She smiles with a sense of comfort over her after the fear and worry subsided.

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  • buckybeardreams
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    Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Side James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark Additional Tags: sexual ageplay, Mommy Kink, Mommy Steve Rogers, Diapers, Wetting, Blowjobs, Anal Sex, Non-Explicit Sex, Nipple Play, Omorashi, Dom/sub, Sub Steve Rogers, Top Steve Rogers, Service Top, Adorable Tony Stark, Bottom Tony Stark, Light Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Ageplay May 2022 Series: Part 11 of Daddy's Boy Summary:

    Steve gets to have some Mommy and baby time with Tony.

    #stony#stony fic#steve/tony #steve x tony #steve rogers/tony stark #super husbands#ironshield#stevetony#steve rogers#tony stark#iron man#captain america#marvel fic#marvel#mcu fanfiction#mcu #the avengers fanfiction #the avengers fic #the avengers #my fic updates #read on ao3
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    when I was in college (a whole fucking decade ago lol) one of my classes had an editor from a prestigious literary fiction magazine (whose name escapes me at this time) speak to us about breaking into the industry and she straight up said "oh yeah if you don't already have a way in you will Never be published in this climate because editors and publishing houses have no desire to find new writers because it's not a profitable industry anymore" and I think that ruined my life

    #OBVIOUSLY the industry is much different now bc apparently shitty reskinned fanfiction can get published but um #what a thing to tell a room of students in a creative writing program #hearing that and also having my mom tell me that nobody will ever care about my work sure did a number on me back then :c
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