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  • stefanyd
    20.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Apo speaking about how Porsche needs physical touch and comfort and then the special episode showing me THAT and now I'm not even a person

    #kinnporsche #if they werent in love before? theyre def in it now #its what he deserves #and i know there's much more of reality comong for them but in this moment? #they still had the time to *have* a moment #and thats lovely #the smiiiiles#the soooooft#my heaaaart
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  • theauthorlives
    25.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    “ i can FLY?! ” for ro from rhys

    S.onic Fandub Starters (Accepting!)



    "You sound surprised at this, my daring damselfly!" Roman laughed as he gestured to the noble winged steed before them. "I promised you a day in the Imagination you would never forget, and together, we shall touch the very sky that stretches out!"

    He quickly dropped down to one knee as he continued, "Besides, how can you learn how big this place is from all the way down here? With the help of Iridescence, this beautiful pegasus, you shall be able to see the Imagination in all its glory. What do you say - are you up for an adventure in the skies?"

    #starsadored #(BIG BROTHER RO HAS MY HEAAAART) #rov; a princely summon
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  • starryvoid111
    12.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


    this man... 😳 the other sp i had in mind were more chill but this one is DANGER! 🙈 nabxhdbd 🙈 let's not talk how he already bless my sight when i see him training in the garden, y'know..the whole no shirt thing..ksbfdh imagine when he will start doing it at home too when we will get married 😩 he will not leave my poor heart alone

    Holy moly you literally have a YA novel life right now??? :000 literally this instant arrange a marriage I can't take it any more

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  • poltergeiszt
    16.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    saw the batman with my dad n the first thing out of my mouth when we walked out was “finally a batman that cries to the smiths” (my dad (recovered smiths listener) nodded sagely)

    #*bruce wayne voice* BUT WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAAAAAKE #MY HEAAAART #I LOVED HERRRRR #the batman#shark talks
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  • bobrossstan
    28.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I'm this close👌to spamming all the Fexi writers asking for fluff fics because my heart can't take angst after this. I'll need like 1 month to recover

    #fexi #breaking my heaaaart #this was to much #i expected it #but too much
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  • goodieghosty
    19.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Whatever you do don't imagine young Roman going to sleep feeling lost and alone byt looking at the moon and smile just a little because somehow seeing the moon always made him feel like someone who loved him was looking at him. Like somewhere the person who would make him happy was looking at that same moon.

    F C K

    #my heaaaart #godsides au asks
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  • moonpastries
    18.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    u hear abt them too hoos

    #body horror#bugs #i just. love her a lot #gnc centipede princess of my heaaaart #doodles#touhou#momoyo himemushi
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  • pinkpizzapastaspiderprincess22
    03.02.2022 - 3 monts ago
    Don't you just love it when your muse decides to break the forth wall and dress up as the characters on her voice headcanon list?😌💖

    Ooc: Hello, 911? I have an emergency...I JUST BOUGHT THE CUTEST COMMISSION PIECES EVER OF MY GIRL!!!😆😆😆 SHE'S SO PRECIOUS, PRETTY, AND PINK!!! *Is literally tearing the fuck up irl at this god given gift😭😭😭* Can you believe Molly has a total of 8 voices? What a queen!👑 Thanking @jlaiyon for these!👍

    The girlies on my Molly voice headcanon list mean the world to me (catch me always reblogging images of them on here and using them as inspiration for writing my silly, sexy spider oc) and seeing Molly in their outfits makes me go ;u; ;u; ;u;! It's honestly the best thing ever!

    Definitely plan on remaking the list someday in the future and adding these pics in the post!💓💓💓

    Oh and a random headcanon cause why tf not, Italianese Molly is a female seiyuu and is the official voice actress for Star, Mabel, Pinkie, Unikitty, Lindsay, Juliet, Nui, and Mako in both the Italian and Japanese dub!

    Her vocal range is that cute and awesome!❤️

    #(THE WAIFU'S LOOKING NICEU FOLKS!) #(*CLENCHES CHEST* MY MOTHER FREAKIN' HEAAAART!!!❤️💖💗💓) #(SEEING HER IN THESE ICONIC OUTFITS IZ SO APPEALING???) #(IT'S LITERAL SEROTONIN 4 DA SOUL!) #(MYBABYMYWIFEMYGFMYSOFT CINNAMONAPPLEI'DDIEFORUGIRLISWEARIWOULD!😭😭😭) #(i love them all of course but I'd be lying if i said the lindsay one wasn't my favorite!) #(looking like a tasty bimborific treat!) #(baby girl's serving up smiles and looks!) #hazbin hotel#hazbin#hh#molly #molly (pink spider princess) #star butterfly#mabel pines#pinkie pie#unikitty#tdi lindsay#juliet starling#nui harime#mako mankanshoku #wow she sounds like me! (my voices for molly / the fourth wall) #LOOK AT THIS MASTERPIECE! (commission art) #ooo ooo ooo i have an idea! (headcanons) #gonna keep you in my pocket (stuff to save / reread) #art
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  • 1252291
    28.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    𝗢𝗙𝗙𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗘 ㅤ( E. YEAGER ) 🔞 * you don't have to read the original, but sequel to online

    after you received a random add on snapchat a few months back, you started messaging them regularly, only to find out that EY199's a lot closer than you both originally thought.

    content: slight breeding kink, daddy kink, dubcon, filming, submissive reader, no protection, cunnilingus, fingering, slight choking. note: afab & she/her pronouns. // an: this is what eren looks like in this fic. thank u @glittrkink for being my beta! //  wc: 5.6k+

    minors dni please.

    The soft keystrokes of your roommate filled the otherwise silent living room. She was seated on the floor in front of you, her papers spread out on the coffee table, and spilling into the spaces next to her. Three pens were tucked into her bun - two that you added to the one she’d forgotten about putting in herself. In the last couple of days, the atmosphere had shifted; one of your roommates had effectively had a falling out with the others and was no longer coming home, while the others busied themselves with prepping for midterms.

    You were unbothered, though. You’d taken mostly electives of easy to pass classes after declaring that you deserved a break. Apparently the academic gods agreed, because instead of studying, you were laying on the couch behind your roommate, scrolling mindlessly through your phone, waiting for it to hit 8pm.

    It had been months since EY199 added you on snapchat.

    There’d been a time where he would work himself into your schedule. He’d send videos that you wouldn’t be able to open for hours, or messages where he wondered if he could, “see my pretty girl?” You’d missed each other occasionally at the beginning, but talking to him became a routine. Twice a week - sometimes three, if he was lucky - you’d lock yourself in your bedroom, stuff an earbud in, and spread yourself out for a man you’d never seen the face of. And really, outside of this, your talking was kept minimal.

    EY199 is typing…

    He was early.

    You pulled down your activity window, pausing the video you were watching, and waited until the second notification appeared on the screen. It was only 7:20pm. You turned onto your side as if it would hide your screen better from your roommate, who was busy scribbling something down to even notice you’d moved.

    EY199: hey pretty girl (user): hiii <3 EY199: what’re u up to? (user): not much. hbu?

    You anticipated his answer. It always went the same way, after all. He always sent a video afterwards, or at least a teasing photo. You left the conversation, returning to the video to wait the few minutes it would take for Eren to situate himself, distracting from the way your heart thumped quickly against your ribcage.

    The notification was wrong. EY199 is typing…

    Brows furrowed, you went directly back to the app, but didn’t dare clicking into the conversation while he was typing. You refused to show Eren that you basked in the attention he gave you, and waiting for him to finish typing a message seemed like showing him too much.

    EY199: don’t call me a creep, alright? (user): don’t give me a reason to?

    His uncustomised emoticon came up in the corner. The second you hit send, he started typing again, so you stayed in the chat.

    EY199: I might have to EY199: the hoodie u were wearing monday was from (school name) EY199: u live around there?

    Your face immediately heated, and heart dropped a little. You’d worn a cropped hoodie the last time he was messaging you, and hadn’t thought about how it stupidly displayed your school name across the front. After how careful you’d been to not have anything distinctive to show just who you are, everything felt like it was falling apart.

    (user): no. I know somebody that goes there. why? EY199: I live around there EY199: just wanted to see my pretty girl in person

    Without responding to Eren, you stepped over your grumbling roommate so that you could get to your bedroom. Turning the lock was the only familiarity in the situation that was keeping you sane when the rest of the world felt like it was going lopsided. The messages had closed when you locked your screen, so you fumbled to get it unlocked again, to find Eren had sent another message.

    EY199: sorry if that creeped you out. I didn’t want to say anything last time. needed to burn your perfect body to my memories if u decided not to talk to me after I asked (user): what if I did live around there?

    His response came slower this time, but it still came.

    EY199: wanna see you

    With your heart pounding in your chest, you wondered when and where. And within minutes, Eren was giving you the address to his apartment, and the regular time: 8pm.

    Cracked glass reflects a soft, blue glow against his face. His thumb hovering over the send button for a moment before he finally presses it. He’d already gone over the risks of inviting you over a thousand times; you could invite your friends, maybe even rob the place. Or you could show up, and neither of you were even half as much as the other expected. But fuck, if he didn’t think your body, at the least, was beautiful.

    When his phone buzzes, he checks the message and smiles a little before typing out a response.

    EY199: see you at 8 then

    He gets up after you pin the address to the chat, wandering around his bedroom aimlessly - picking up items here and there, trying to at least make it tidy. Black shirts are scattered across the ground, and posters adorn the ivory walls. As a last minute idea, he changes the light, trying to make it presentable.

    Your fingers felt frozen as they hovered over numbers. They were stiff when you pressed them, and the machine took a moment before it registered anybody was there at all. The ringing echoed in the small space for a moment, before green light shone on the door, and a loud buzz sounded.

    EY199 is typing…

    You held your phone tightly as you got into the elevator. He lived on the fifth floor, and directed you to go straight to the right when you came out of them, and continue down the hall until you reached the last apartment on the left. But still, you kept checking the message - appreciative for the little laugh you got when Eren sent one.

    EY199: that was you, right?

    (user): yup!

    EY199: ok

    God, you hoped he wasn’t a murderer; hoped that the naivety that something good or worth while coming out of this was worth the amount of stress that you were putting on your heart. It wasn’t like you hadn’t sent the address to at least one of your roommates, but what good is a roommate at the end if you’re already dead.

    The elevator door slid open, and you stepped off and headed down the hall. It was stupid to feel scared, right? You’d talked to him for months, and while you only knew his name, you knew him more than you’d known some of your exes. With a slow inhale, you worked yourself up to knock, then dropped your gaze immediately to focus on your feet. And when the heavy door opened, your attention shifted towards his feet instead.

    “Hey,” he offered. “Come in.”

    You swallowed around the lump in your throat. His voice was the same that you’d heard direct you towards so many orgasms - the same that moaned for you between whispers of being good for him. The memory made your cheeks heat up, and you said nothing because it felt like you couldn’t.

    “Fuck, you’re pretty.” Eren’s index finger pressed underneath your chin, despite it, your gaze remained casted down. “Are you gonna act shy now, princess? Thought you wanted to choke on daddy’s cock.”

    The teasing lilt in his voice was enough to make you lift your eyes to meet his. His hair was tied back, but strands still framed his face as a smile tugged at the corners of his lips. Eren’s eyes were hooded as they dropped, taking in the rest of your body now that you’d made eye contact with him. Still, you hadn’t said anything, but he hummed when you turned you lifted your chin a little more on your own accord.

    “Did you change your mind?”

    You shook your head, reaching out to touch him, breathing the soft admittance when black fabric bunched in your hand, “I still want you.”

    His smile grew more. The tattoo that looped around his arm was visible for the first time since you’d stepped inside; hand moving away from where it had been resting against your face. His hand twisted around your wrist, easing the soft grip you had on his shirt. The chipped black nail polish familiar - his body familiar, even when his face wasn’t.

    “Good girl,” he murmured. Eren’s hand slipped into yours, turning so that he could pull you further into his apartment.

    The apartment was bones; something thrown together by a bunch of young adults that were trying to survive together. His roommates weren’t home that you could see, but the evidence of them was everywhere. The only thing that made sense with him, was his own bedroom.

    The soft glow of red you’d seen in his videos, complimented by the low-lit lamp that was the source of light for the bedroom, illuminating his walls. Your gaze flickered across them for a moment to take them in, before you were looking back at Eren whose smile was still lingering as he let your hand drop so that he could bring his to your waist.

    His lips were surprisingly soft against yours, a harsh contrast to his growled promised, “gonna fucking ruin you.”

    A soft whine escaped you as his words acted like permission for your fingers to slip underneath the fabric of his shirt, breaking the kiss to pull it over his head. The layers stripped away until you were down to your panties, and he his briefs. Eren’s kisses harsher, more focused as he pressed you towards his bed.

    His tongue swiped across your bottom lip. The soft, unfamiliar taste of metal against your tongue elicited a soft moan, answered by Eren’s chuckle. He followed you when you dropped onto his bed; knees planting onto it, and his hands beside your head.

    Hips roll instinctively with a soft ache that comes with the promise of him. When you don’t make contact with anything, you whine into his mouth -– feel the way his smile curves against your lips as he breaks away to instruct, “use your words, [y/n].” A quick kiss presses to your jaw when you look away from him with a heated face. Another to your neck, “are you shy?”

    A shiver ran through your body before you rolled your hips again, “d-daddy, please.” Your voice reminiscent of the way it was when you tried to keep Eren a secret.

    “Please, what? You want me to touch you, pretty girl?”

    You burned under his gaze despite the way you nodded. A soft whimper escaped as calloused fingers ran against bare skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake. Your legs parted, earning a sound of approval from Eren.

    The fabric of your underwear dark, pooling with arousal. His cock twitched at the sight.

    Eren’s hand cupped around the curve of your pussy. Middle finger pressed against the soaked fabric, his palm pressed against your sensitive clit. You whined, rocking your hips with satisfaction of the slight friction.

    “You’re beautiful,” he whispered. You’d heard it so many times from him that you’d swear you could hear his smile in it, and now you could see that he was smiling down at you. “That feel good?” His hand was still for you - satisfied in watching you take care of yourself for a moment. “How many times have you touched yourself like this for me, hm? Humped your pillow for me, and told me how you wished it was daddy instead?”

    “Fucking filthy,” he growled, smile still climbing when your hips stuttered a little. Despite the words, he wasn’t a monster; his promises were just as fresh as yours. Eren’s hand retreated for a moment, making you whimper at the loss of contact.

    Eren’s index hooked under the fabric of your panties, bunching the fabric so that it fell between your folds. The fabric harsh against your puffy clit, drawing a moan. Green eyes flickered to meet yours before he purposefully dragged it against your puffy clit a few more times.

    “‘ren,” you warned, familiar enough with him for the quip to come out strong.

    He snorted, pulling the fabric to the side, exposing your soft pussy to him. Eren’s attention dropped between your bodies as he ran his fingers between slick folds. “So wet for me, already.”

    You wanted to cry from the way he circled his fingers on your clit, arching into the touch only to be frustrated when his hand left again, this time sliding down. He hummed, watching the way your brows furrowed as his middle finger dipped inside your drooling cunt. The stretch was small, and his finger pumped slowly inside your aching body for a moment before it was joined by his index.

    “Good girl,” he murmured, leaning down to swallow your soft gasps. You squirmed underneath his slow touch for a moment, lifting your hand to press against the back of Eren’s neck to keep him close, while the other found purchase in the sheets underneath you.

    Eren’s kiss sloppy, breaking away from your mouth so he could press messy kisses down your jaw, peppering them onto your skin.

    Promises, promises - so many fucking promises.

    When his teeth grazed your neck, you clenched around him, pulling a soft chuckle from Eren. His fingers buried deep, stilling for a moment so you could feel the stretch. Eren had memorised nearly every part of your body; watched you twitch, and the way you touched yourself, so that he knew how to play you, even when he hadn’t touched you before.

    A soft plea sat uncomfortably in your throat, cut off only by Eren pulling his fingers back for half a second before he was pressing them harshly back inside. You shifted underneath the shock of his palm slapping against your sensitive clit. Your moan enough to encourage him to do it again, until he was fingering you quickly.

    “Fuuuck,” Eren breathed, watching as your back arched, willing your body closer to his. The room was filled with your moans, getting louder each time his palm slammed against your clit; fingers covered in your mess, building your orgasm steadily. The soft flickers of release flashed across your abdomen, teasing, and making you whine his name.

    It was only when your hand left the sheet to grab onto his side that Eren curved his fingers inside of your pussy, catching the sensitive bundle of nerves that tipped you over the edge without warning as he purred, “cum for me, baby.”

    “Fuck, fuck,” you cried softly, nails leaving crescents behind in his skin as he abused the spot. His fingers sloppy as you released around the digits, slick dripping down his hand as your walls tightened. The back of your lids painted with different colours.

    When you started to squirm more, Eren finally slowed. His smile bright; satiated for a moment as he watched you relax into the sheets once more.

    “Mm, what a good girl,” he breathed, dipping to kiss across your collar for a moment. When he lifted again, your eyes opened to find Eren staring down at you. His fingers had left your soaked pussy, and were sliding against the curve of his tongue.

    You watched as he slipped his fingers across his tongue past silver jewellery embedded in his it, before his lips closed around the digits. His cheeks hollowed, tasting you with a satisfied groan. “Taste better than I imagined.”

    Eren’s fingers were still wet with spit as they curled around your wrist, guiding your hand between warm bodies. His cock strained against his briefs – leaking, and making you whimper as your hand made contact. Feigned innocence shone in your eyes as your fingers curved around the length, running across it a few times.

    His hips stuttered a little unwillingly, making him laugh softly.

    You giggled in return, still running your fingers across his covered length as you looked up at him. Almost impossibly, you’d forgotten that Eren had always wanted you just as desperately as you wanted him. He’d been the one to message you first - to show you just how desperate he was to cum from watching you, and only you.

    “Please fuck me,” you whispered, letting your fingers run across his leaking cock.

    Eren shivered underneath your touch, “yeah? Want me to claim your pussy?” Your fingers slipped underneath the fabric of his briefs. He was hard in your touch; heavy, and leaking. Pre smeared across the palm of your hand as you stroked him.

    Eren groaned, his hips pressing closer to your touch.

    “Take these off?”

    His hesitation was brief before he sat up to pull the fabric down his hips, freeing his cock from the confines. Underneath your stare, he rid himself of them entirely with a little smile - amused by the way your lips remained parted as you watched.

    A soft ache shot through your body when his hands traced down the curves of it, stopping short of your underwear. He pulled them down your legs, throwing them to the side too.

    Your fingers ghosted along his hip. Admiration written across features as you looked at him; all sharp curves, littered with ink across his body. Eren remained still for a moment, letting you touch. Then your hand returned to his cock - wrapped around the girth, earning a moan from him.

    Eren noted the look of innocence. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you aren’t a little slut.”

    You smiled at his words, feeling braver when he leaned closer to you; you guided the head of his cock between your wet folds with a soft hum. The head of it a little pink, leaking pre onto your clit as he rocked his hips forward. “Just yours, daddy.”

    Eren grinned. A feverish, dangerous thing that you hadn’t seen before.

    “You’re a fucking tease,” he accused, pupils blown out as he grabbed your hips to pull you closer to him. Accustomed to the words, you giggled softly and let Eren replace your hand on his cock. The head of it tapped against your clit a few times, his eyes dropping between your bodies as he guided himself down - slipping between wet folds, until he was pressed against your entrance.

    He sunk into you slowly. The stretch enough to make your brows furrow as your nails dug into his side.

    “S’big, daddy.”

    “But look at how pretty you look taking it,” he groaned, pressing further into you. The dull ache was welcomed; filled you with enough warmth that you were whining for more. Eren’s eyes lifted to meet yours, his voice low when he continued, “your pretty little pussy is so tight for me.”

    Your body was pliant. Walls flutter around his cock as Eren fits into you entirely. His heavy balls sat nestled against your ass. When you reached for him, he complied; towered over you, leaning into your desperate kiss, fitting him even further into your body. Eren’s hand planted into the mattress for balance, but his other hand slipped down - rested against your lower stomach and pushed, reminding you of how deep he was.

    “Daddy,” was spoken breathless into his mouth, swallowed entirely by Eren as he pulled back until his hips snapped forward again. The bulge reappeared against his hand. He repeated the action a few more times until you were whimpering against his mouth.

    “Feel how deep I am, baby?” Eren’s nose bumped against yours, pulling you out of the haze enough to nod. “S’cause you were made for me. Made for my cock, weren’t you?”

    Your hand rested against his for a second as you nodded. His hand slipped from underneath to cover yours, making sure you could feel the way you fit around him - if only to feel how empty you were when he retreated. His cock slipping entirely from your aching cunt.

    “W-wait,” you begged, only to squeak in surprise when he flipped you onto your stomach. Eren’s grip harsh as he pulled you onto your knees properly. Grateful he didn’t have a change of heart, you rocked back against him when you felt his cock teasing your entrance again.

    Eren wasted no time. He slipped back inside with a groan, his hips flush to yours for only a moment - letting you feel how much deeper he was with the new angle.

    When he finally started fucking into you, your hands slid against the sheets, searching for purchase so you wouldn’t get pushed further up the bed. Eren’s thrusts were long; hips pulling back until you were nearly empty before he was snapping forward again.

    The lewd sound of his skin slapping against yours was complimented by your shared moans. The sound of your pussy dripping around his cock didn’t shock either of you; he thought the videos didn’t do you any justice.

    Your arms were weak from the brute force, threatening to give out underneath your body. Your knuckles turning lighter the harder you hold onto the sheets beneath you.

    Eren’s hands fit around your waist, holding you still as he snapped his hips against you. A moan slipped through your lips when his balls slapped against your neglected clit. He smiled, admiring the way you fought against his grip to grind back into him.

    “Dirty little slut,” he muttered, his hand leaving your body for a moment, only to return with a sharp sting against your ass. His cock twitched as you tightened at his words and touch. The first promises of release flashing through him. “Who’s this little pussy belong to, huh?”

    You didn’t answer at first. Not until his hand made contact with your ass again. “Y-you, daddy!”

    “That’s right, pretty girl. This tight little cunt belongs to me.”

    Eren drank in your moans - memorising them over again as his grip returned to your waist, holding you still as he started to fuck into you properly.

    You reached back, holding his thigh as your other arm held you up. Weak, and shaking, but still working. Eren swore under his breath, skin slapping against yours with every quick, concentrated thrust.

    “F-fuck, princess. You’re gonna make me cum if you keep squeezing me like that.” A beat, before he continued, “bet you needed this, huh? You needed daddy to finally fuck you properly. Couldn’t do it yourself anymore, fucking filthy slut. Always - fuuuuck - always fingering yourself, begging for me instead.”

    You moaned at the words, barely managing to affirm them with soft whines.

    “I know, pretty girl. You wanna cum all over daddy’s cock. Fingers weren’t enough for you, huh?” His smile was evident in his voice again. You squeezed around his cock purposefully, only to be fed by his moans and stuttering hips. “Fuck.”

    Eren was fast, and hard. His fingers were bound to leave bruises behind on your waist. And that, you thought, was fine. You belong to him. Your eyes slipped shut for a moment, seeing sparks of white across the back of the lids, as you attempted to concentrate on the way his cock filled you.

    It’s enough of an excuse to why you hadn’t noticed Eren’s hand slipping around your body. An explanation for why you cried out when his hand wrapped loosely around your throat, pulling you up to your knees so that your back was flushed against his front.

    The new angle shifted his cock inside of you, pressing the crown of it against the bundle of sensitive nerves that had you tightening around him once more. Eren’s thrusts were shorter, more concentrated - complimented by your broken moans each time he filled you.

    Eren’s breath was hot against the crook of your neck as he growled, “gonna make a mess for me, again?”

    You nodded mindlessly, tilting your head back against him when his grip around your throat tightened more, bringing forth soft begs, “p-please, daddy.” Both of you had been close, but it’s your plea’s that made him merciless; fucking up into you until your eyes were slipping shut.

    Vision red from the lights slowly faded into white.

    Eren’s other hand slipped from your hip around your body. His fingers were messy as he played with your swollen clit, running circles over it and smiling when he felt your body shake against his. Your words slurred together; a plethora of words begging for him not to stop.

    Your hand came to grip at the one around your throat, desperate to find purchase anywhere, but it wasn’t enough. Instead, fingers carded into Eren’s hair, dragging him closer to your body, until he was thrusting a final time; cock twitching as he muffled his moan against the skin of your shoulder, spilling hot, thick cum into your tight pussy. His balls tight, and aching with release.

    A soft whimper escaped you, feeling uncomfortably–but so fucking desirably–full.

    Eren’s hips stilled, still buried inside of you while your walls fluttered around him with aftershocks of your second release. The man’s head lifted away from your shoulder, his kiss soft on the back of it as he praised, “good girl. Good fucking girl.”

    His laugh was breathless. Hand retreating from your throat, and down to your breast. Eren pinched one of your nipples, earning a sound of protest from you. Despite it, you arched into his touch. It wasn’t until he was pressing another kiss to your neck that your grip on his hair started to loosen.

    “I can still feel you tightening around me, princess. Wasn’t enough for you?”

    Brows furrowed a little, trying to process his words when your mind still felt blank.

    Wasn’t it enough for you? You’d been split open on his cock, and you’re full of his cum. Eren’s hands came to your waist - one sticky with your slick, and the other red from your scratches. Your head dropped forward to watch as Eren’s grip bruised your skin, keeping you upright as he pulled his cock from your fluttering pussy.

    He moaned breathlessly, his cum spilling from your abused cunt and dripping onto his cock instead. You answered with a soft moan of your own, unable to stop yourself from muttering, “don’t wanna waste it.”

    You knew he would scoop it up and press it back inside of you if you asked, but you didn’t. Instead, you dropped onto your shaking arms, free of his grip as you turned onto your back, desperate not to lose any more.

    Eren’s expression hadn’t changed. He watched your body hungrily as his fingers swiped over the cum left on his cock. The brunet leaned over your exhausted body, offering his fingers - satisfied when your own wrapped around his wrist, and brought the digits closer to your mouth. You moaned around them, tongue darting between them.

    He swallowed hard.

    It wasn’t easy for him to forget the way you had still tightened around his cock. If you wanted more, didn’t you deserve more? His smile grew slow; devilish as he pulled his fingers from your mouth with a pop despite your protest.

    Eren pressed a kiss to your mouth, tasting himself on your tongue. He stayed for a moment; licked into your mouth, and let you lick into his until your lips were swollen from it. His next kiss planted messy on your throat, then collarbone, until he worked down your body.

    Your legs closed instinctively when he was low enough, a soft whine escaping when strong hands willed your thighs apart again. “Don’t hide.”

    A hand comes to your breast, working over it a little as you watch Eren curiously. His arms hooked around your legs, keeping you pinned open for him as he stared up at you from between them. His eyes still dark, even more when his gaze dropped away from yours, and to your leaking core.

    Eren was slow, letting you watch as his tongue slipped from his mouth. The silver ball of his piercing dragged across your sensitive clit, making you shiver as your legs attempted to shut again.

    “Fuck, you taste good,” he promised again, lips closing for a moment to kiss the sensitive bud before he was adjusting once more. His arms planted properly against your legs, pinning you down securely. Eren’s thumbs were on either side of your pussy, pulling your abused entrance open for him.

    Instinctively, you reacted, pushing more of his cum from your body. Eren groaned as he leaned down, breath hot against your pussy before he licked the cum up.

    All it took was one taste before Eren was diving in.

    Your hand returned to his hair, finding where your fingers had originally carded through the locks already. The low bun that he had was starting to fall loose as your fingers twisted into his hair, tugging as drool slid down Eren’s chin, mixed with your cum and his own seed.

    He savoured it. Rocked his hips into the mattress underneath him, and smirked when soft pants of, “daddy,” filled his bedroom once more.

    Eren kept you open, staring up at you as he concentrated on the way his tongue dragged from your leaking pussy, back up to your clit. To the way that your hips jerked each time the metal came in contact. Each time his lips closed around the bud, it was only for a few–far too short–seconds, before his tongue was returning to your entrance, and licking into it.

    He ate his cum out slowly.

    Wanted to be able to memorise the way you tasted mixed with him.

    Only when you started to get louder did he finally give in. He let one of your legs move a little more, cautious until it was hooking over his shoulder, settled on the top-half of the centipede tattoo that was twisted around his upper arm.

    “M’gonna - m’close,” you stammered, nails scratching against his scalp. Your hips lifted a little as you teased your own breast, your head falling back against the mattress once more, eyes darting across the posters hung on the wall behind you as you arched into his mouth.

    Eren didn’t let up. His tongue moving quickly, purposefully teasing the metal against your clit. His own brows were furrowed as he watched you - determined to make you cum on his tongue.

    Your breath was caught in your throat, barely managing to cry out as you squirmed under his touch - until finally you snapped again; tipping into another orgasm that had you grinding against Eren’s mouth.

    Eren moaned against you, unrelenting until your thighs were attempting to close around his head again. When he lifted, he wore a little grin. Lips shiny, and face dripping with your release. You wanted to be embarrassed - to look away, but you couldn’t. Settled into the bed again, you let your leg fall from his shoulder once more.

    He had a confidence about him that made him seem big. That when he towered over you, you submitted to him. Your head tilted as you looked up at him, lips parting as his middle and index squished your cheeks. Tongue rested above your bottom teeth, welcoming when Eren made eye contact with you. You knew what he wanted - knew what you wanted too, as a soft whine rose from your throat. Eren’s spit was slow dropping from his mouth to yours.

    “Swallow.” His grip eased, letting you close your mouth, only for you to open it again a few seconds later to let him see. Eren smiled genuinely, and leaned down to press a soft kiss against your lips, only to murmur, “good girl. You’re mine, aren’t you?”

    You nodded, tugging Eren down to kiss you once more before promising, “yours, daddy.”

    Monday nights were the best nights.

    You’d worked it out in your schedule at the beginning of the semester to not have any classes in the evenings, while the rest of your roommates did. Or, most of your roommates. But the one that shared the space Monday nights had a falling out last week, and moved out. The others had long disappeared from the apartment for class, leaving you on your couch, scrolling through different shows as you bide your time until …


    EY199 is typing…

    You picked your phone up, filled with a new layer of excitement now that you’d actually met Eren. Still, you didn’t open snapchat until his message was sent. With trembling hands, you smiled at the familiar screen. His little, uncustomised emoticon in the corner peeking out at you as he waited for you to respond.

    EY199: hey beautiful

    (user): hii daddy

    A soft hum escaped when he sent a link. He had a habit of sending you videos that reminded him of you; things that tended to focus the conversation. The page loaded slowly, and when it had, your eyes immediately fell to the title of the video: Fucking dumb internet slut.

    The red light of the stilled bedroom was familiar, along with the posters scattered across the walls. You pressed the play button, fingertips numb as you waited for the two figures to come on screen, unsurprised to find that the faces were blurred. Eren liked his privacy, after all. It should have felt like an invasion of yours, and not sent heat straight to your core.

    You shifted on the couch, your legs pressing together as you went back to the chat. His emoticon still present in the corner, waiting for yours to pop back up before he sends another message.

    EY199: like it?

    And really what was worse? The fact that he had filmed this, or that you were relieved that it was you that you watched him fuck?

    Your fingers hovered over the keyboard for a moment before you typed.

    (user): yes, daddy

    thank u sm for reading!! ahhh. it's my first piece of writing in a v long time, so any feedback is appreciated a ton, and interactions make me kick my lil feet. i just love hearing from ppl in general zlxkJRAILER. take care of yourself my sweet sweet friends while i throw a bucket of cold water over my head

    2 my sweet friends that asked to be tagged. i love you, i would die for u...sorry if u didn't ask and i just made an ass outta myself: @bagsyy , @ackermannsz , @6sens , @weepinglevi , @ahanoha , @alert-arlert , @monirei , @seraphdreams , @tetsunormous , @babyowl02 , @dilfphobes , @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein , @lazyezstudy , @dukina , @histarean , @crybabyddl , @manji-ro , @piecksz . + link to new taglist form!

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  • manyothermusingsofmine
    17.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    still the funniest conversation I've had was right after Wandavision had its big season finale or whatever and I was talking in a twitch chat about how I hadn't picked it up yet because "I have been baited by the inclusion of Evan Peters in a thing before." to which someone replied "Sshh no spoilers!"

    So basically I was right about this instinctive feeling that he was there to bait me and thus I was somehow treading into "spoiler territory" of a show that to this day I've /never/ watched.

    #like I lived through the Dark Phoenix debacle of OMG ARE THEY GONNA KILL QUICKSILVER?! #only for the movie to come out and give him like five words in total in the entire fucking thing #because why solve the open plot thread of Magneto being unaware that thats his son set up in pREVIOUS MOVIES #yES IM STILL MAD ABOUT IT #so like when he appeared in Wandavision I was kinda peeking into the fandom every once in a while #and that went -hows it going peeps?- -we think he's a red herring- -k bye have fun with that- #and like I hate it cause I love Evan Peters version of Quicksilver but Fox Entertainment #AND MARVEL with both him and Aaron #JUST KEEP FUCKING DOING HIM DIRTY LIKE- BRUH #LIKE -AGGRESSIVELY GESTURES AT EVERYTHING THE FLASH RELATED- WHY CANT YOU TREAT QUICKSILVER LIKE THAT #DO YOU JUST HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH A SPEEDSTER CHARACTER??? #like he's so often not even in the fucking /videogames/ like wkdndkwkenfjf qUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEAAAART
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    Dog dads & daughters 🥺🥰

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  • thedaughterofkings
    14.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Prince Psychopath hat seine letzte Rose oder sollte ich sagen Pfeil verschossen

    #Gott die zwei sind so gruselig #die Kicherei wie verliebte Teenager im Auto #WARTE#WARTE NOCH#my heaaaart#ahhhhhh#schießblockade vorbei #aber zu welchem Preisssssss #tatort#tatort saarbrücken#spatort #one more weeeeeeeek #helppppp
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    ↖️ He's a miserable liar, and he knows it. ↗️

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  • thrashtillimdead
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  • kanene-yaaay
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    Also ! Finally! After a very amazing fic where Hawks is a teacher at UA (so much angst but also so much fluff, ouch) I got extremely hyped about bnha again and I am finally watching the 5 season and aaaaaa I just can't wait to see more of Hawks so I can *try* to get his personality better and maybe write fics w him


    i MEAN his quirk is literally to have wings and being able to control each one of his feathers individually there is NO WAY I won't be thinking about tickling like come on now

    #also he seems like a teasy bastard (affectionate) #I also finally finished One Punch Man a couple of days ago and GOSH I'd forgotten how much I laughed while watching this anime #Geno Saitama King and Sonic the villain my beloveds 💛 #*spoilers from the beginning of 5 season from bnha* #bruh I didn't realize how much I MISSED Izuku rambling and smiling and beaming while watching his friends fighting in the class 1A x 1B #ALSO MONOMA CAN BE SO DRAMATIC THE *GESTURES* AND *POSES* HE CAN PULL LIKE OHMYGOOOOSH #Also loved Tokoyami's team fight or should I say 'carry Aoyama' #AND AJVSHVSJVEUVE YESHHHHH FIRST CRAZY SUPERPOWER FROM THE OTHER USERS OF OFA LETS GOOO #Poor Midoriya honestly :')) BUT URARAKA HUGGING AND CALMING HIM AND SHINSOU BRAINWASHING HIM TO HELP HIM CONTROL HIS POWER #My HEAAAART#So cute #aND HERE WE GO WITH ONE MORE CHAPTER OF 'AIZAWA CARES' WITH OUR CLASS DAD STOPPING SHINSOU AND HIS SELF-DEPRECING COMMENTS #not to mention we get a few seconds of him with his hair tied 👀👀👀💛 #we keep winning #Kanene being Kanene #random #I am sure there can be a way to make some Dadmight fluff about the fact that there is always a piece of AllMight w Izuku because of- #-their shared quirk. I am just not seeing it yet but I am sure this has fluff potential
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    #sometimes you cry listening to the pussycat dolls :I #the woooooooorrrld slows doooown but my heaaaart beats fast right noow #🥲#Spotify
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    “That’s not true at all. You haven’t been watching. Dagger is trying really hard.”



    #g speaks #g plays ffix #MY HEAAAART
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  • katsuraenrichmentmonth
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    Okay so 3, 21, and 77

    3: Nero forte by slipknot

    21: exile by soilwork

    77: up in flames by blessthefall

    #exile 💪💪 that’s the one where he’s like faiiiithless onnnnn my wayyy defenseless from my heaaaart
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    Tyler & Dylan 🥺💕

    ⬇️ details

    Important disclaimer 🐶:

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