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  • blorbopaw
    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    its early morning so perfect time to talk about le clans.. 

    OK so jaggedclan :) they live in the mountains and tend to be pretty varied in appearance because they’re the most accepting of rogues, loners and kittypets so that brings in a lotta new genes and markings and etc :] actually sometimes the clans will send outsiders to jaggedclan if said outsiders want to join a clan. one thing all jaggedclan cats have in common tho is that they’ve got very strong hind legs !!! they do a lot of jumping up in the mountains !!!!!!! jaggedclan cats are usually pretty big, but its not uncommon to see smaller cats cause of outsiders tho !!!! since a lot of cats tend to be bigger, jaggedclan actually hunts really big prey sometimes :3 i havent decided what exactly that prey IS because erm idk where the clans are in the real world yet oopsie. for the festival, they usually bring gems or cool rocks as gifts and they ALWAYS bring a big ass piece(s) of prey that everyone can share cause they’re in charge of the feast. their form of like ermmm leader/deputy is actually a monarchy !! well sort of, the next leader isnt based off of like, who was born first, its more that they just see whos best fit for the position. they also have like this whole thing where they’re the “holiest” cause the moonsprings are closest to them! aka they see themselves as the luminary’s most specialest clan 

    marshclan is very WET they are that one gif of the cat that is wet. they are kind of like riverclan 2.0 but they’re cursed (L + ratio). they’re not ACTUALLY cursed, but everyone thinks they are because when the clans found the moonsprings, their med cats took the lichen from there to put back in their camp, but the lichen actually like sorta releases spores or whatever and makes them sick. so like every spring some cats will come down with whatever sickness the lichen is causing. but the other clans dont know that ofc so theyre just like “this is happening to u because u took shit from the moonsprings -_-” . marshclan is too stubborn to get rid of it tho :p . SO the marsh itself takes care of it for them !!!!! sometimes their camp will get flooded, so they move herbs and prey to some nearby hills that dont get flooded ! ofc they dont bother taking the lichen with them, so it gets washed away. they always replace it back when they move back into camp tho. obviously they can all swim !!!!! and they sometimes work in pairs to kill big birds (like erm herons and stuff, not eagles and such). for the festival they bring shells and flowers as gifts and are usually in charge of decorating the area ! for marshclan, usually the oldest cats lead the clan [unless they’re unable to], partially because of the lichen sickness (not uncommon for it to be fatal D: so cats living to an old age is seen as really good) and also partially because their very first leader [the cat that lead them to their current territory] was old as hell so they’re continuing that sorta tradition basically !! they’re a very very chill clan but do not argue with them they will end up tearing u to pieces @[email protected] (pov berryclan and marshclan were fighting over a strip of land and berryclan suffered HUGE losses) (fun fact that piece of land is now the place for the festival !!!!!! festival was created for peace :])

    yahoooooo berryclan they can do awesome things (like eat berries). despite living very close to twolegs + kittypets, they do NOT like kittypets !!!!!!!!! well its not so much that they dont like them (they’re perfectly friendly and all !! they wouldnt attack them or somethin like that) its just that they wouldnt really ever accept them into their clan. berryclan prides themselves on being cool and the best and a lot of the clan sees kittypets as soft and so theyre like “theyre not cool i dont want em :/” usually tho if the kittypet does something crazy cool theyll be like “oh ok shit yea ok come on in” and actually a leader was a kittypet once !! but once again its still pretty rare for kittypets to be let in :pensive: . rogues + loners are usually welcome tho :] ! they do need to still ‘prove’ themselves tho, just not to the extent that they expect kittypets to. jaggeclan has jumping, marshclan has swimming, berryclan has eating berries !!! jk but also true (berries are good if theyre low on prey, other clans usually cant handle them very well because theyre not used to the taste and find them gross!) ok but actually, berryclan is pretty fast !!!! they loveeeeee to race and apprentices especially love to race near the twolegs as like, a cool dangerous thing! their leader is whoever is the coolest and im not joking they have sorta like all these trials to go thru and whoever makes it the farthest or finishes is leader! it can definitely be overturned tho. for example, say a cat that almost no one likes makes it the farthest thru the challenges, the clan can straight up say “nah we dont like u.” and then they the leader spot will go to second place or third place and the clan will vote again! beyond 2nd and 3rd place, theyre usually not considered cause someone likeable enough usually gets top 3. for the festival, theyre in charge of organizing the events and they bring berries and trinkets as gifts! they bring berries to the other clans cause they think its funny to see them try to eat as many as they can lol 

    #fanclans#warrior cats #warrior cats fanclans #wc fanclans#jaggedclan#marshclan#berryclan #thats a lotta words nice lol #i heart my ocs
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  • were-all-madd-in-wonderland
    27.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    finally accepting that I'm gonna be mentally ill for the rest of my life is like. so weird but so comforting at the same time? It's like, yeah okay I'm gonna struggle but I'm not gonna be unhappy all the time. No matter what anyone says, my mental disorders aren't a figment of my imagination. I'm learning to live with them and yeah knowing that I likely have bpd and more is terrifying but it helps to finally know what it is yk?

    It helps to know I'm gonna be able to get help for it and learn to deal with it and being able to put a name to my issues feels like I finally don't have to wonder what the fuck is wrong with me or if I'm making everything up

    #feel free to ignore this short ramble i needed to get my thoughts into words so here i am
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  • skytlake
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    last night my very sleepy boyfriend informed me that i am his blorbo

    #so glad ive been teaching him tumblr words #my beloved#sky's rambles
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  • lloyds-department
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    none of my ocs are blorbos. I'm the only blorbo in Mango/Admin Universe lore as I'm the creator.

    if anyone ever calls one of my ocs a blorbo I'm going to personally go to your home, knock on the door, and if you answer if I'm going to just.

    put my whole hand on your face. Entire hand like a mf creature.

    #ferns ramblings #i am of course speaking in a lighthearted tone. i do not care but sometimes i see the word blorbo in my inbox too much. #skrunkly or something to that degree would honest to god be preferred
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  • twinklanders
    27.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    my mom just sent me a recording of her tv screen with a cze music channel playing dicke titten 💀 she knows me too well etc hi

    #jana txt#mom 🥹 #btw she was totally ready to sell me to rammstein multiple times in my life #literally her words once: ‘maybe they’ll finally take you with them and give you a job’ 😃🔫 #yes mom i would love that #also lmao the way she recorded specifically the synchronised slapping scene. okay
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  • daily-esprit-descalier
    27.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    Share one thing about yourself you ain’t proud about but is true…

    Trust is my most treasured commodity. More than money or love. If you fuck with my trust even once… if you make me question your intentions… if you outright lie to me… feed me half-truths… I will never truly forgive you, I will definitely never honestly trust you again, and… simply bide my time until any opportunity arises that I can utterly destroy you.


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  • softertune
    27.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago
    proof concept photos 📸
    #bts#ot7#we verse#kim namjoon#kim taehyung#kim seokjin#jeon jeongguk#min yoongi#park jimin#jung hoseok #oh my word jin with the chains #and the long black coats and hobi with his hair like that #they look so good! #photos #this has a very matrix vibe to it #jin looks like he's about to start dishing out orders and i for one would be first in line #also joon's undercut 🔥
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  • aydakisonguls
    27.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    İnsanlar değer görmek ister ve kimse değer görmek isteyip bunu belli etmeyenlere değer vermez. Yalnız tek başlarına ruhlarını gömmelerine göz yumarlar. Asıl sorun bu da değil değer görmek, sevilmek istediklerini nasıl belli edeceğini bilmediği için saçmalayınca onalara garipleştin derler. Sadece ama sadece ağlamayı unuttukları ve hissetmeyi bilmedikleri için garipleşi verir sevilmek isteyen insanlar...

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  • yourdorkmork
    27.05.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    I’ve been called adorable. I’m climbing the ranks. I can feel it.

    #『Mark my words』
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  • saphiratotheotherside
    27.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    Who Will Hold My Heart?

    Who will hold my heart 

    For just a second

    So I can breathe, taking shelter in reality


    Who will touch my soul

    And stand by me

    Caress my wounds with sensuality


    I’m not afraid of feeling

    Why is it that I pick the ones who are

    Terrified of the vulnerable blossoms of the heart


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  • docdracula
    27.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    writing will have you do shit like google "word for beg religiously"

    #on that note does anyone know a word for when you're begging but like....religiously LMFAO #my employer's opinions
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  • badgyalsaud
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #a message #some words my cousin shared with me a year ago #mom cousins >>>
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  • yourdorkmork
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I thought they were talking about me for na hot minute and then I remembered no one talks to me enough to feel that way skskdj 

    #『Mark my words』 #like that's on having no friends but still vibing
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  • arrowverse-next-gen
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Just stopped by to say that I miss your Late Night Gang fics!

    aw, i miss them too honestly. the multichapter stuff is fun but the complete nonsense of Late Night Gang is so much more fun

    I have ideas so i'll see about maybe bringing that back

    #because theres so many stories in my head #and i miss writing like 1k words and calling it done #so thank you for enjoying them #because that's motivation to bring them back
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  • an-absolute-travesty
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Sometimes I think about Dex and just brrrrrrrrr

    #he’s my favorite there’s no words to express how much I love this fictional character #he has been my ultimate blorbo since I picked up book one ok he’s great I love he #kotlc #keeper of the lost cities
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  • vimbry
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    reason #37 I’d love to know what koiwai translates/where he picked up yotsuba from: calls yotsuba by little term of endearment in that language

    #yotsuba #I'd say it's a headcanon that her dad started off teaching her whatever her original native one is and that's how they spoke for a while #but since azuma's outright said ''she's still new to japan and sometimes she gets words wrong'' thats pretty much the implication #my headcanon Extension of that tho is altho she almost exclusively speaks japanese now since she's immersed in it and that's convenient #but they do sometimes occasionally use her first one at home when it's just the two of them #she's bilingual but not quite as proficient in the first as when she was a lil baby
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  • sk8trniel
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    pick your fighter

    #konnard and mustard are basically the same word to my brain #so i cant take it seriously #no skaters were harmed in this exchange #bernard dowd#kon kent#conner kent#konber#konnard #yes i know its spelt with a c in french #superboy#dc
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  • saphiratotheotherside
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Bright New Start

    Feathers are floating 

    Here and there

    White as angel wings

    Multifaceted with butterflies


    I’ve entered a realm I don’t remember how

    It feels like an eternal life

    Magic symbols, symptoms of madness

    I’ve never seen it as something bad

    But rather as empowerment

    As sheer reality


    Free from the boxes or the walls

    Of human language

    That can’t explain it all 

    With definitions


    I’ve entered a realm 

    I don’t remember how

    But I’ve recognised your face

    As I’ve entered

    As if you had been waiting 

    There for me

    To swing by the ocean


    We are pirates now

    Captains of our golden

    Psychedelic & mystic boat

    We wander endlessly

    With passion & sensuality

    Don’t remember how

    It feels to be on ground 


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  • angelicabaddon
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i miss him and his dick :(

    #i don’t have any words for my behaviour
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  • dogcoded
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    the peacem*ker show is so fuckin wild 4 like many reasons but like just now an episode opened w a scene of a character havin flashbacks of their childhood trauma n then it goes immediately into the fuckin ridiculous dance number intro like i just got whiplash man but i cant deny im havin a blast !!!

    #ridiculous (affectionate) btw. it makes my day every time idk why shdhfj #if u wanna look it up its on youtube n im obsessed w it #btw I only censored it cuz everything seems 2 end up in the tags even if its just a word in the post now -_- #p
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