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    PAIRING. jaemin x reader
    WARNINGS. language
    SUMMARY. kung saan kumalat na halos sa buong university niyo na may crush ka sa 2nd year pharma student na si jaemin na.

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    16.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Hello Future: Chapter One

    Pairing: Na Jaemin x f!reader (ft. Lee Donghyuck, and the rest of the ‘00 line) Genre: fluff, angst, time leap!au
    Is this going too fast? Yes, yes it is.

    Lee Donghyuck

    To, my high school self

    How are you doing? I hope you are fine. It must be confusing to recieve a letter randomly like this. That too, from yourself, ten years from the future. But please, listen to what I am going to say carefully and follow it. This is for your own good, I don't want you to repeat the same mistakes, I once made.

    A new transfer student is going to come to your class, very soon, I suppose, if the letter has reached when it's supposed to. His name is Na Jaemin. In appearance, Jaemin is handsome, almost too handsome. He has black hair, with bangs, and round eyes. He's tall, not too much, but he is. I gave you a whole description, just in case, because sometimes you can be quite dumb. He's very quiet. He'll keep his deepest scars from you even after you are good friends with him. You need to stop that.

    Urge him to tell you what's wrong. Urge him to smile more, be happy, and let go. But first, earn his trust. Befriend him.

    10th May, 2022, you ask him to walk home with you. Like you always do, with your friends. Make him feel like he's a part of it. Make him let go of his troubles, even if it is for a moment.

    The classroom door opened, and the students quietened down, the moment they saw their teacher enter. Donghyuck quickly slipped the letter back in the envelope, and took a look at it. He scoffed. He had reread the letter atleast ten times. “What is this, some kind of joke? How can a person know what I'm doing in my day to day life? Is someone stalking me or something? And how can he call me dumb?” He mumbled before slipping the letter in his bag and turning his attention back to the teacher.

    “Quiet everybody. Right. Today, I would like to introduce you to a new student.” The teacher said, and that's when Donghyuck noticed the boy standing politely next to the teacher. He was good looking and tall, but not too much. He looked shy and quiet. “It couldn't be..” Donghyuck thought. The teacher wrote something on the board. Na Jaemin, it read. Donghyuck shook his head in disbelief.

    The teacher put a hand on Jaemin's shoulder. “Would you like to say something to the class?” He said. Jaemin's eyes examined the room and the students, and he spoke up. “Nice to meet you everyone, I hope we get along.” He politely bowed. Donghyuck was minutes away from screaming.

    Jaemin looked exactly like how the letter described him. Tall and handsome, black hair and bangs. The teacher looked around the classroom, making him sit next to you. You met Donghyuck's eyes, and somehow both of you could read each other's mind.

    After class was over, you ran over to Donghyuck's desk.

    “You recieved a letter, right?” Both of you said in unison. “Yes! I knew it, I knew you got one too.” Donghyuck pumped his fist in the air as you gave him a "don't lie to me" look. “Alright, I didn't know it, but that's not the point.” Donghyuck said. “So is it true? Our future selves really wrote to us? I thought this shit happens only in movies.” Donghyuck said, shaking his head.

    He noticed you looking at him nervously. “Will it... Really happen to him? I haven't read the full letter yet.... Just up until that part....” You said, fiddling with your fingers. Donghyuck let out a sigh. “No. It won't happen to him. We'll prevent it. That's the whole reason we got these letters, right?”

    You nodded, but it seemed like you were trying to convince yourself.


    “A day into the school and you're already collecting girls.” Donghyuck says as he walks over to Jaemin's seat. You give him a disapproving look, as if to say ‘Is this how you are supposed to start a conversation?’ Jaemin glances at Donghyuck, and then over at the group of girls practically thirsting over him, who now, on being noticed, turn away, flustered. Jaemin looks back at Donghyuck, and gives him a small smile, shrugging. “I don't know. There's nothing special about me.” He says.

    Donghyuck smiles back. “I'm Donghyuck, but you can call me Hyuck. Say, wanna walk home with us?” He said, and before Jaemin could reply, he grabs him by the shoulders, taking Jaemin's backpack in his hands and leading him downstairs, loudly talking and laughing with him. Natural Donghyuck, you thought as you followed them with a smile.

    Jaemin didn't have the chance to even notice you, before Donghyuck finally let go of him after the three of you were outside the school building. “Hi, I'm Y/n.” You introduced yourself. Jaemin greets you back with a smile. Soon, you are joined by the rest of your friends. “I brought bread for everyone! Extra bread for the company we have today~” Jiwoo says excitedly, handing Jaemin a packet of bread. “Her family owns a bakery.” Renjun says, and Jeno looks at the package Jiwoo has given to Jaemin. “Ooh, melon bread? That's their best, I'm kinda jealous.”

    Jaemin took a bite of the bread, and his face lit up instantly. “It's delicious!” He exclaimed with a smile. It was your first time seeing him like this, and it was heartwarming.

    The six of you walked home together, and Jaemin was the first one to go, as his house was the other way. Donghyuck and Jeno were busy quarrelling while Renjun and Jiwoo tried to calm them down. No one was really listening. You turned to look at Jaemin standing beside you. “Well, I'll take my leave now. See you tomorrow.” He smiled, waving at you. You waved him back.

    That was the first time he had smiled at you.

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    Pairing: Boyfriend Jaemin X Reader

    Warnings: smut, oral receiving(m/f), recording, camera, fingering, bj, established relationship, dacryphilia, throat fucking, dirty talk, cum, soft, praise kink (A TON)

    Word count: 2.1k

    Had this written for a while, thought I'll share. Not used to soft but jaemin hits differently 🤧 anyways had to release before my depraved thoughts incoming soon x

    18+ no minors!

    Summary: Your boyfriend Jaemin loves photography, but he's yet to capture the most beautiful thing.

    "Babe," you spoke up, walking over to your boyfriend Jaemin as he's in bed flicking through his camera. Jaemin loved taking pictures for all kinds of things, nature, people he loves, animals, the whole lot. It was his favourite hobby. You noticed him how flattering the white shirt looks on him, feeling a bundle of wetness appear beneath already. God, your boyfriend was absoutely gorgeous, ethereal looking. Looking a dream, how did you get so lucky?

    "Mmmh, yeah baby what's wrong?" Jaemin speaks, rather focused on flicking through his camera with extreme concentration on what's on his screen.

    "I'm in the mood, babe" watching him slowly to see his reaction. Just as expected, Jaemin's eyes stopped looking at his screen and right at you, with wide smile. Easily telling how excited that made him feel, he needed some form of release after taking all them pictures and editing. It gets exhausting but it's worth it.

    In a flash, Jaemin came running as he began removing his shirt off. Right away, grabbing his hand on to your face as grips and locks his soft lips on yours.

    As you were going to speak, Jaemin already rushed his mouth onto your pretty lips. His hands already roaming around your body removing your clothing before he begins caressing your breasts as he kissed you softly.

    "God, can't get over how your lips feel babe," you spoke, having a firm hold on each other, as your nails pinched his scalp to tug his hair gently. A que for him to become rough, he became aggressive with his kiss bringing in his tongue against yours. His arms wrapped around you holding on tightly, almost suffocating yet needed. Jaemin darted his tongue against yours, swallowing the saliva, sensations for both of you were overpowering.

    "And I can't get over how lucky I am to have you pretty," he groans. Moving you with alongside with him as you made way from the table, he gently pushed you on to the bed with him, now hovering over your entire body as your arms were wrapped around his neck, diving in to kiss furthermore.

    He continues to kiss you, fingers stroking down towards your breasts, eager to have more. His large hands cupped both your breasts as Jaemin squeezes them tightly, pushing them upward as the kissing gets intense. He began to use his thumbs to tease and play with your nipples, which were already stimulated once he made his way with you. Your body arching from the sensations it was giving. His soft lips withdrew from your mouth, exalting small kisses making his way down your body as you moan softly.

    "Wait," Suddenly remembering something he stopped kissing and gets up abruptly, leaving you ever so sexually frustrated. What a perfect timing you thought.

    "Jaemin---ah, come back!"

    "I'm so sorry baby but I had to get this." He apolgised for leaving you eager finally arriving. But this time he had something in his hand, his camera.

    "Remember when I mentioned I am yet to capture the most beautiful sight to see?"

    "Yes I remember, wait-"

    "It's you, princess"

    You was surprised, in a good way. Jaemin is very particular on what he takes pictures and videos of, mostly you and his favourite things. However not in this context. He has never tried to make you feel uncomfortable, ever. Before you could even talk he rushes in first.

    "Ofcourse I respect if you don't want this because honestly, my eyes already have captured you baby," he flirts, giving you yet another slow kiss. Jaemin is so comforting in many ways and understanding which is what you admired in him, always.

    "God, nana I can't deal with you any longer," lips kissing against his hard. "You can capture it all. I'm all yours."

    You can almost feel how hard Jaemin was grinning through the kiss with your response, eagerness driving him crazy.

    Jaemin pressed the record button and faced the camera directly on you as you laid down, legs spreading out facing him.

    "Look at my pretty girl, i can't wait to ruin something pretty like her."

    He made sure his camera got the full view of what's infront of his eyes right now. Zooming in and out of your face and down to your gorgeous body, begging to receive some attention.

    Trailing his wet kisses down your body as he holds the camera in one hand, making sure your godly body is shown. His tongue running below with gentle licks before he sucks on your inner thighs. Your hands pull his hair as it hits your sensitive spots. A pool already growing beneath you, the red marks appearing slowly after he sucks. Doing so, he hears how loud and desperate your moans are getting. "My baby feels so good doesn't she?"

    "S-so good nana, want more" you winced out.

    "More hm?"

    He brings his fingers down to your pussy,  alongside the camera, camera focused on your pretty wet pussy. "Fuck, always so responsive to me baby. So needy mm, all mine," as he put one of his fingers inside of you.

    "Fuck, m-more."

    You honestly looked so pretty to Jaemin like this. Legs spread out wide, allowing him better access and a good show for his recording. He loves your face, the way your eyes roll and look utterly frustrated for more. He made sure the camera also witnessed your beauty.

    "Does my pretty want to feel more fingers deep inside hmm?"Jaemin teases watching you from above how desperate your becoming.

    He knows you want to but seeing you look frustrated makes you look even prettier, the way your eyes glint, looking under your fluttering eyelashes with your mouth slight open.

    "Yes please," you begged.

    "So obedient me. Be a good girl and coat my fingers with your cum." he demanded.

    You feel more fingers get thrusted in your wet core. Almost gasping at the sudden intrusion. You began to move your hips slightly for more pleasure, riding his fingers deep inside of you. He felt his fingers get soaked from the wetness dripping all over his hand, in awe on how wet you get.

    Jaemin brings himself lower, experiencing his hot breathe go down on you. It got you arching your back heightening the pleasure. His mouth made contact with your folds, spreading his tongue all over each crevice. Throat taking in all of your wetness as he swallows.

    "Can't get over your taste mmh, so intoxicating" he murmurs. His entire face and nose all up in you, not caring to even breathe. He just wants to see you dripping whilst he fucks you with his tongue and swallow you all up.

    Jaemin started to hum deeply onto your pussy and you felt the vibrations in your core.

    It got you so turned on, gripping his hair and pushing him into your core further. Rolling your eyes back, arching your back nearing the sensations of an orgasm.

    Giving it a good final lick, Jaemin penetrates his pointed tongue inside of your pussy. His camera became unsteady so he looks up and grabs your aching legs over his shoulders. Pushing you slightly towards him. With a tight grip on your legs, his tongue goes back and forth inside of you. His thumb present on your clit as he rubs away, releasing moans out of you.

    "Mmm- gonna' cum...J-jaemin"

    Jaemin gets hard with his tongue even more this time with force, the camera is slightly shaking just as your legs are.

    "Want to see you ruined, look so good squirming underneath me, pretty." grunting as he focuses on getting you to cum so hard down his mouth.

    Although the camera is shaking, during the final moments Jaemin holds onto it and captures the gorgeous view of you cumming. Legs trembling from the intense orgasm as it rides all over you, mouth parted as your eyes close.

    "Did so well, look pretty so fucked out, look at this mess you created princess," moving his camera all over your gorgeous face down to your wet core. Cum leaks as it spreads all over and shines away. Such a hot sight. Jaemin already felt himself harden to the look of it.

    Just as Jaemin cleans you up by licking off your cum, you push him off down to sit.

    Beginning to return the favour back, you make sure his holding his camera.

    "Babe hold it up at this angle, it's my favourite angle."

    Jaemin replied as he laughed, "you look perfect in every angle for me, pretty."

    Before you started to undo his pants, you brushed your fingers over Jaemin's hard cock. You saw how eager he looked to have it out already. As you opened up, his sensitive cock shoots up.

    "So big and hard," you mumbled. Although you've seen his cock countless times it still feels like the first. He never says it but it makes him so happy to hear it from you, getting on your knees obediently waiting for that needy mouth to receive cock. His cock.

    You took his length inside your mouth as Jaemin gasped at the sensation. The way your mouth perfectly wraps all around him he can never get over that feeling.

    "That's my princess, take it so well" he smiled. You love whenever he praises you, pressing your thighs together yet again.

    Using your hand as your stroked and bopped your head to his entire length, you can feel Jaemin hissing as he looks down. Bringing his hand forward as he grips your hair. Moans escaing from his needy mouth.

    You looked up and began to swirl your tongue all over his length, stopping at his sensitive tip. Giving generous small licks on his tip only, knowing how weak he becomes over it.

    "So nice, love your pretty cock nana, wanna give all my kisses to it, make you feel precious, show all my love for you."

    Hearing your devotion and praise gets him further weak. Not only is his cock throbbing but he can almost feel the strings being pulled from his heart by your sweet words. He can feel his eyes almost water.

    "F-Fuck just like that, love the way your pretty mouth wraps and takes me in so obediently, my good girl." He tightens his grip on your hair, feeling overly sensitive to the pleasure emitting from his body. The drool rushing down to your chin, Jaemin moves his hips against your mouth further.

    "G-gonna cum fast if you keep doing that-" he groans. Witnessing the way your mouth take full control over his length.

    You can feel the tears bursting from your eyes as they fall with smudged mascara making you look the prettiest. Jaemin couldn't bare the sight and made sure he captured your beauty right there. Holding the camers tightly as he roughly thrusted his hips against your mouth, wanting to see you gag over his grith.

    His cock throbbing inside your mouth while he fucks in to your throat, you gagged at how heavy he felt. Looking above his gorgeous face and the camera, eyes filled with tears and ruined mascara as you look so innocently obedient, just for your nana. 

    "S-Shit, you look the prettiest sobbing on my cock down your little throat," groaning as Jaemin sinks his length to your mouth continuing to fuck deeper, you felt your throat swelling.

    His length twitching inside your mouth, his thrusting beginning to be sloppy as a sign he is approaching his finish. Lazily stroking inside before he speaks.

    "Gonna cum for you my pretty girl'' he grunts, just hearing that got you so needy to have his load. You notice how sweat breaks above Jaemin's forehead, head tilt back showing his prominent veins coming through his neck. Breathing deeply.

    "Cum on my face Nana, Make me look pretty with it," you urged.

    "Fuck-" he moaned loudly biting his lip so hard he can almost taste the blood. As soon as you said that Jaemin could not help but release his load entirely all over your face. His camera almost shaking and getting out of focus with him as he released. Grabbing the camera to re focus and capturing the most beautiful sight. He watched into it as you widened your smile, happy to have his warm cum paint your entire face.

    You looked like a piece of art stuck on the long walls of a old museum. Instead now, you were in Jaemin's museum. An artist that captured the fine art in front of him that he painted away so beautifully.

    "So fucking pretty, the prettiest thing I've ever captured," he mumbles, rushing down towards you planting his kisses against your mouth, tasting a bit of himself on you.

    "And I'm all yours nana," continuing to kiss him away.

    ©2022 lostlovesoul11 all rights reserved.

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    chapter 5: physically alive… emotionally dead

    masterlist || previous | next

    pairing: jaemin x fem! reader

    synopsis: after getting ghosted by your crush in high school, you swore off dating in university, earning yourself the title of ‘the unattainable’. after 3 years you were convinced that there would be no way the two of you would ever cross paths ever again. well, that was until he announced that he was your boyfriend at a party.

    genre: social media au, fake dating au, college au, fluff, crack, mutual pining, acquaintances to lovers

    warnings: swearing, murder jokes

    taglist: open! feel free to send an ask or comment to be added :))) ~ @w0nderr @qghosty @luxebeautystyle @mafegarcia @watermelonxes @carelessshootanonymous @finmls @sassy-author @strdaydrp @her33n @haechansgfreal @smolpeyy @cupid-yuno @pckeia @icecreamjaem @xxxx-23nct @euphoricjaemin @calssunflower @fullsunld @dandelionxgal @luvrboyjeno @simtone @purpleheejin @yutensoul @tamakofever​ @yoonrimin​ @viagumi @rinrinslovebot @kkotjia @000rpheus @iwouldbangchan @leeknowsredeyeliner @user103843 @abcd-fghijkl-nopqrstuvwxyz @chocopie16 @hem-lyss @kudzzzz @bbnana @im-just-trying-to-survive-man @hyucupid @studywoo @luvenshiti

    #jaemin fluff #jaemin social media au #jaemin smau#jaemin crack#jaemin#na jaemin#nct dream#nct#nct jaemin#jaemin imagines#jaemin scenarios #jaemin x you #student jaemin #nct dream x reader #nct dream x you #nct dream imagines #nct dream scenarios #nct x reader #nct x you #nct imagines#nct scenarios #nct college au #jaemin fanfic #nct dream smau #nct dream social media au #nct smau #nct social media au #fem reader#kpop #jaemin college au
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    a man with some serious angles

    #him in this live #*** *** ** **** **** #08#na jaemin#jaemin#nct#nct dream#jaemin lq#nct lq
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    jaemin x glitch mode stages 💕 → happy belated birthday @ohoshi!!!

    #nct#nct dream#nctinc#jaemin#na jaemin #k.gifs #mine:jaemin#mine:comp #i'm sorry this is so late!!! i hope you enjoy~
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    Na Jaemin Instagram story updates

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  • crazyczennie
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    Hello Future: Prologue

    Pairing: Na Jaemin x f!reader (ft. Lee Donghyuck, and the rest of the Dream ‘00 line) Genre: fluff, angst, time leap!au Tw: Mentions of suicide, major character death (I'm so sorry Jaemin ily)
    Hi, shock number two ig.
    Decided to upload this today instead of tomorrow, I'm impatient anyway. Requests open, check out my Prompts Event!

    You stood on the mountain, enjoying the view and light breeze that blew through your hair. You closed your eyes softly, for a moment, a small smile forming on your face.

    “I'll hold him.” Donghyuck took the baby you were carrying from your hands. You let him, carrying the bags he was carrying before.

    Lee Donghyuck. Your husband. The father of your two year old son. You loved him, right? You loved him. That's why you married him. But deep inside your heart, you still thought of him. Of someone else.

    Donghyuck knew that. He was crazy in love with you, he loved the family he had with you. But guilt always overtook him. He knew you still loved him. Still thought about him. He had just taken you away from him.

    Renjun and Jeno came back after parking the car, with a bunch of bags in their hand. There were five of you- Renjun, Jeno, Donghyuck, Jiwoo, and You. Climbing up the steps of the shrine, until you reached the hill. All of you gathered together. Splaying a blanket on the ground, the five of you feasted on the picnic lunch you had brought. Laughing, drinking, recollecting the old memories all of you had together.

    Later, the other's were roaming about, while you and Donghyuck stayed back to feed the baby. It was almost sunset.

    Donghyuck quietly sat by as you fed your baby spoonfuls of the food you had brought for him. None of you said a word. Donghyuck wished he could give you his utmost affections, he wishes he could display his love towards you without feeling guilty. That seemed too good to be true

    You looked up at Donghyuck and gave him a warm smile. Putting the things away, you let him take the baby in his arms. Your friends approached the both of you. All five of you stared at the sunset, the whole city was laced in a blanket of orange. It was beautiful.

    “I wish he were here to see this.” Donghyuck said, putting an arm around your shoulders. “He would've liked it.”

    Teary eyed, all five of you walked away from the spot.


    “I stole her away from him.” Donghyuck said, as he was driving.

    “Don't be stupid. You didn't steal anybody away.” Jiwoo scolded.

    “Come on, we wouldn't even be together right now if he was here.” He said. There was silence in the car, before you spoke up. “That's not true. Even if he was alive today, I would've been married to you.” You put a comforting hand on his shoulder, giving him a smile. He smiled back at you.

    Both of you knew that was a lie.

    Of course you loved Donghyuck. He knew you loved him. But he also knew you only loved him because of the situation you were in. You had grown to love him over the years. But your love for him couldn't be compared to your love for him.

    Soon everyone bid each other their goodbye's, and you and Donghyuck were back at your house. Your son was asleep, and the both of you were in your bedroom. Donghyuck was lying on the bed, scrolling through his phone, and you were attending to some leftover office documents.

    You could sense the tension in the atmosphere, you could sense Donghyuck's guilt. You didn't want him to be guilty. He had been down ever since the both of you had came back from the reunion with your friends.

    You shut off your laptop, climbing onto the bed next to Donghyuck. Donghyuck put aside his phone. You two sat there in silence for a minute.

    “Its not true.” You spoke up. Donghyuck looked at you, as you scooted closer to him, resting your head on his shoulder. “What you said in the car... It's not true.”

    “Its okay, I know-” Donghyuck started but you cut off his words. “No you don't.” You looked up at him, holding his hand.

    “I know I loved him. I know I still am in love with him. But you were there for me when he wasn't. You stayed, Donghyuck. I love you, both in different ways, but please, don't ever say that I don't love you.” You say, wondering if anything you said made sense or not.

    “I just- I just feel guilty.” Donghyuck says quietly, letting out a choked sob. “I wish I could do something for him.” He said. You kept quiet, knowing that nothing could really be said at that moment.

    “I- I know what we can do.” Donghyuck said, after a minute. “It'll be dumb, but atleast it'll help.” He looks at you, and it was almost like you could read his eyes. You nodded.


    “You and I both know that it will never work.” Renjun says, interrupting the silence between the group. “How can it? Sending letters in a bottle cannot turn back time.” Donghyuck let out a sigh. “I'm not saying that it will turn back time. Atleast let me imagine it will.” He said. Silence filled the room.

    “I agree.” Jeno said. “Atleast it will make us feel a little bit better, get it off our chests.” Everyone nodded. Renjun included.

    “Okay then. We'll do it. We'll write letters to our past selves. For the sake of feeling better.”


    Hello Future: Chapter 1⤑: ̗̀➛

    #nct #nct x reader #nct u#nct fluff #idol x reader #nct 127#nct dream #nct dream fluff #nct dream x reader fluff #nct dream x reader #haechan#haechan fluff #haechan x reader #haechan nct #donghyuck x reader #donghyuck nct#donghyuck fluff#fluff#jaemin#na jaemin #na jaemin x reader #jaemin fluff
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